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Pedophilia in the Military: Lt. Colonel Michael Aquino and His MK Ultra/Monarch Mind Control Program Revisited

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“The uncanny attraction of the Third Reich – Nazi Germany – lies in the fact that it endorsed and practiced both dynamism and life-worship without end and to a world-shaking degree of success.”Michael Aquino

Memorial Day seems as fitting a time as ever to examine the dark underbelly of US military operations over the last half century as personified by the life of one Army officer whose near four decade long career reveals that not every US soldier has been fighting and dying for our freedom. Some have waged a top secret, near invisible war against humanity to suppress and destroy our freedom, and particularly target and destroy our children. One such man is Lt. Col. Michael A. Aquino.

A wealth of information on Michael Aquino’s subversive criminal activities comes from longtime investigative news analyst, reporter, and radio personality – the late Mae Brussel, who in 1987 as a masterful dot connector linked Lt. Col. Aquino and his satanic ritual abuse at the Presidio Child Development Center to countless other satanic rabbit holes… like his lifelong adoration for Nazi occultism. Aquino’s been known to play Nazi officer dress-up in full uniform regalia.

As both an occultist and history buff, early on in his life Aquino became a huge fan of Nazi leaders. Aquino’s mother as an apprentice had an affair with her mentor the famous sculptor Georg Kolbe in prewar Nazi Germany. In particular Aquino idolized the head of the Waffen-SS Gestapo Heinrich Himmler, whose Wewelsburg castle contained an enormous occult library. Like the SS leader before him, Aquino has been a black magick fanatic tied to satanic worship. While working directly with Pentagon Joint Chiefs of Staff, the top US military generals in charge of each of our armed forces ranking just below their civilian bosses the defense secretary and US president, as part of a NATO tour in October 1982, the then Major Aquino was alleged to have accompanied America’s top brass to Himmler’s Westphalian castle where a few decades earlier the murderous Nazi occultist performed many of the same satanic ritual ceremonies calling upon dark forces to elevate the Aryan race to battlefield glory and global dominance. And while both Himmler and Hitler admired the secret Jesuit Orders of Teutonic Knights, Knights Templar, and Knights of Malta, patterning their own Nazi forces after them, through Satan and the occult, they both sought to eradicate Christianity from the face of the earth. Satanist Aquino has similar sentiments.

Major Aquino fashioned himself as the “new” Himmler summoning in satanic rites his idol’s same dark malevolent forces from Himmler’s North Tower – the so called “center of the world,” purportedly to reestablish a new “order of knighthood,” tapping his secret occult knowledge and power to infiltrate America’s Joint Chief of Staffs if not America itself. The jury is still out over whether the top generals actually joined his satanic religion – the Temple of Set. But you can bet that a number of high ranking officers, especially in military intelligence and the government-at-large, have. Talk about the evil hidden hand of occult power.

Occult history writer Peter Levenda remarked how Major Michael Aquino made use of his several trips to Westphalia in order to create “a satanic renaissance”:

[Aquino] visited Wewelsburg in the early eighties and was duly impressed by Himmler’s occult fantasy, some of which was still intact. On one of his visits he performed a magical ritual in the North Tower of the castle, a ritual designed to unleash the power of Wewelsburg on the rest of the world: to jump-start the next phase of human evolution.

A November 3rd, 1987 San Francisco Chronicle article had this to say about Aquino’s castle ritual:

Nazis considered the black arts and satanic worship part of an ancient Germanic tradition. In his book ‘Crystal Tablet of Set,’ [Aquino] writes he performed the rituals to recreate an order of knighthood for followers of Satan.

The day before in November 1987 the San Francisco Examiner commented:

Michael Aquino claims to have reported directly to the Joint Chiefs of Staff… Expert of psychological warfare, Aquino wanted to use satellites for brainwashing the US public.

Because satanic ritual abuse of young children attending daycare at the San Francisco military post called the Presidio during the 1980’s is so intertwined with the high ranking Army officer and satanic high priest Michael Aquino, an in-depth look into his uniquely bizarre life and lengthy career is definitely in order here. Michael A. Aquino, born October 16th, 1946, is a retired career US Army officer (1968-2006) whose name is immediately associated with Satanism, mind control and PSYOPS, as well as pedophilia and child sex trafficking. Yet this retired lieutenant colonel has yet to ever be indicted, much less spend even one day behind bars. His story takes many enigmatic turns to perfectly illustrate how evil in America – long infested and infused in our federal government – is actually both rewarded and protected.

Upon graduating from the University of California at Santa Barbara in 1968 as an ROTC student with an undergraduate degree in political science, Aquino entered the US military with a second lieutenant commission, quickly moving into the Army’s psychological operations warfare. Michael Aquino returned twice to his undergrad alma mater for advanced studies in poly-sci at UCSB, earning first a masters and then a few years later a PhD degree in 1980.

From 1969-1971 Lt. Aquino was part of the brutal CIA run Phoenix Program in Vietnam that systematically engaged in propaganda, terror, torture and assassination to kill by some estimates of near 41,000 South Vietnamese citizens because the US, acting as judge and jury, deemed them minimally sympathetic to insurgency to full fledge Viet Cong militia members. Needless to say, thousands of innocent lives were callously slaughtered in the process. As mind control and propaganda war specialist, Aquino is of the mindset that the Vietnam War was lost at home due to the failure to properly condition and manipulate the American people into supporting the war effort. Most of Aquino’s career has focused on controlling the minds and perceptions of targeted populations including the American people through any and all means necessary, which of course involves embedded journalism (starting with the first Gulf War) and complete control of mainstream news outflow (that shapes public opinion), electronic and psychotronic warfare controlling the brain waves, thoughts, feelings, moods and behaviors of Americans (or any targeted population). As such, Aquino has been instrumental in fostering a new era of Phoenix program II currently underway right here in America, targeting US citizens as future enemy combatants in preparation for the controllers’ orchestrated insurgency and manufactured civil war on domestic soil. After all, the ruling elite’s ace in the hole has always been divide and conquer. Works like a charm every time, and no better than in 2017.

Back in 1969 in Vietnam, enemy RPG fire had been shooting down US helicopters at an alarming rate. So to avert continued disaster, Huey helicopter pilot Dale Seago, who flew propaganda missions with Lt. Aquino, stated they would purposely fly above cloud level with amplified ultra-loud speakers blaring at full decibel volume in order to ensure their message could be heard from the heavens while remaining invisible to targeted Vietnamese villagers at ground level below. The Satan worshipping lieutenant utilized black magick to allegedly evoke satanic spirits to provide the diabolical screams and hellish sounds to disorient, intimidate and frighten the suspected enemy.

Pilot Seago also stated that he once had a conversation with the satanic lieutenant where Aquino admitted to killing people “once or twice” in his past prior to combat experience). The pilot was struck by Aquino’s passing remark that during the act of taking others’ lives, Aquino said he remained emotionally detached when actually killing others, claiming “he had no particular emotional reaction to it.” This off the cuff confession is extremely telling considering evidence shows that the “Prince of Darkness” has murdered scores of children throughout his lengthy career while involved in the US government’s MK Ultra/Monarch program and its international pedophile trafficking network. But more on this part of his life later.

The Vietnam War permanently launched a marriage between Aquino’s Satanism and the US military, partnering throughout a marathon 38-year career the intelligence officer’s highly skilled expertise in propaganda and mind control with the US government’s psychological warfare operations, applied both domestically and around the globe. The satanic priest’s diverse areas of expertise rapidly distinguished him as a rising star in the military, especially in the government’s highly illegal, largely unknown black operations programs.

Prior to his two year deployment in Nam, Aquino had become a Satanist. After a half dozen years (1969-1975) as a protégé within Anton LaVey’s Church of Satan (founded on 6/6/66) practicing LaVey’s Satanic Rituals, Aquino branched out on his own, leading a group of 28 Satanists growing disenchanted with the former carney’s Church of Satan carnival sideshow that would eventually include LaVey’s own daughter joining Aquino’s flock. Satanist con man Anton LaVey had been a San Francisco police photographer, and maintained a cordial relationship with SFPD until his death in 1997. As a consultant for Roman Polanski’s 1968 film “Rosemary’s Baby,” Anton had a part playing himself as a devilish rapist. His credentials included ties to the murderous cult leader Charles Manson, who a year later slaughtered Polanski’s famous actress wife Sharon Tate along with her three guests. Susan Atkins, the Manson disciple who stabbed the 8-month pregnant Tate to death had been employed by LaVey as one of his topless vampires in his Witch’s Sabbath. Also Hollywood hairdresser Jay Sebring, once a Church of Satan member, was among Tate’s guests murdered that night.

Michael Aquino’s own breakaway brand of Satanism, the Temple of Set, deemed purer and more honestly dedicated to the black arts by his followers, was founded on the summer solstice of 1975 in San Francisco where it still operates to this day. Aquino’s Temple of Set is based on the principles of pagan worship of the ancient deity Set from Egyptian mythology, the Egyptian god of chaos, disorder, violence and war, also slayer of his own brother Osiris, the pagan god of the underworld and death, worshipped by Aquino’s fraternal Illuminati organization – the Freemasons. Aquino asserts that the Judeo-Christian religious tradition is simply a blind faith scam in “sado-masochism.” Aquino’s satanic sect believes that humans are a consciousness distinct from the natural universe that can be utilized and bent to every Satanists’ own creation, will and “higher” purpose, ultimately to evolve into earthly gods themselves. Unlike other religions, Aquino maintains that Setianism refuses to subserviently bow down to any one authority or god, criticizing all major religions for believing in a monotheistic God that imposes its superseding will over all humans. Before a national television audience, the Dracula-in-drag Aquino arrogantly proclaimed on the February 17th, 1988 airing of the Oprah Winfrey Show:

We are not servants of some God; we are our own gods.

The career propagandist and mind control expert insists that his Setians do not submit to either Satan or Lucifer, but merely call upon the dark forces through hidden occult knowledge to assist them in egomaniacally becoming gods themselves. His perverse view of moral relativism grants Satanists the license to answer to no one or no god, that a Setian devotee can take advantage of exploiting others by utilizing their secret knowledge and power to accomplish their worldly ends as they see fit by any means at their disposal… although in interviews and writings Aquino always makes a special point to emphasize that at no time has either he or his followers as faithful law abiding citizens ever broken any laws. In fact he insists that everyone has illegally conspired to persecute him for his choice of religion. Yet it’s important to be clear that throughout both Aquino’s mind control black ops military career as well as high satanic priestly operations, by their very hidden nature, Aquino has always made his bread and butter thriving off “the art” of deception.

One defector who left his Temple of Set in 1995 had this to say:

There’s nothing innovative about Setianism; in fact it’s just one more ‘traditional’ herd-breeding religion… I’ve discovered that Setians do little more than revel in self-deceit… a mockery and distortion of truth.

It seems Aquino’s religious sect resorts to the same Weishauptian Illuminati strategy – engaging in blackmail and coercion as subversive means of controlling its members. Another former Setain concluded:

Aquino uses embarrassing information obtained while people are members of their cult to attempt to discredit or harass them later. This is among the most odious of their tactics. I was ‘outed’ and my workplace posted to the internet with the suggestion that people ‘pay me a visit’ in an attempt to silence my criticisms of their cult.

Yet another ex-follower had to procure a restraining order against Aquino for allegedly harassing her, calling early every morning for two months straight, pressuring her to return to his satanic fold, even showing up at her home banging on her door at 3 in the morning, yelling she’d “better watch out for his next move.”

Through Aquino’s 38 years in uniform holding above top secret clearance throughout, the Army officer attended or worked at the following schools and Department of Defense capacities: Industrial College of the Armed Forces, National Defense University, Defensive Intelligence College, Defense Intelligence Agency, US Army Defense College, Foreign Service Institute, State Department, Foreign Area Officer, NATO attaché, aide to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, US Army Special Warfare Center, US Army Intelligence School, the Air, Space and Missile Defense Association, US Army and Command College and instructor at the National War College. He’s also been a Green Beret officer, earned a second master’s in public administration in 1987 from George Washington University, worked as a Merrill Lynch stockbroker, and taught as an adjunct professor political science at Golden Gate University. Needless to say, with his puffed out chest pinned full of countless ribbons and badges of honor, Dr. Aquino has authored dozens of scholarly DoD papers (most notably Mind War) and books sold on Amazon, a regular commercial renaissance man of post-modern warfare. Once out of his military uniform in 2006, Aquino decided to don a new costume and “gig” as the 13thBaron of Rachane, Argyllshire, Scotland. Similar to Jacob Frank (1726-1791), who after years of sinning as a self-anointed satanic occult leader, messiah and fellow pedophile, in his later years he too opted to entitle himself the “Baron of Offenbach.” Regardless of century, birds of a feather…

A brief historical description of US military intelligence and CIA covert operations and projects that PSYOPS warrior and mind control expert Michael Aquino stepped into in the late 1960’s and early 70’s provides revealing clues as to the various covert programs that he embraced, shaped and projected forward through his long versatile career. What does it tell you when Washington’s OSS head (WWII CIA precursor) and first CIA Director Allen Dulles protected thousands of Nazis, providing new identities along with high paying jobs to America’s supposed enemy? Through Operation Paper Clip, Dulles secretly relocated up to 5,000 top ranking German officers and scientists to America. As the longest running CIA director ever, US traitor Dulles was fired by JFK only to become his prime suspect in the Kennedy assassination. It was recently determined that 9,000 high ranking Nazi war criminals were also safely transported to South American destinations in Argentina, Brazil and Chile.

Nazi doctors had already been experimenting extensively with mind control research at concentration camps testing barbiturates and mescaline. So even prior to the close of World War II, the US was busily harnessing Germany’s scientific talent, shielding Nazis from the Nuremberg trials to longtime employment in America’s nuclear and aerospace industries as well as in charge of covert federal black operations research. The most infamous, sadistic Nazi doctor of them all, Dr. Josef Mengele, the “Angel of Death,” who killed thousands at Auschwitz as part of his diabolical experiments, underwent a series of color-coded name changes from Dr. Black to Dr. Green, and then to Dr. Greenbaum, along with the likes of Dr. Stanley Gottlieb, becoming the “fathers” of the CIA’s MK Ultra and Project Monarch programs.

Projects Bluebird, Artichoke and MK Ultra were the early highly illegal, secret forerunners from which Aquino and his contemporaries inherited and massaged with their own advanced “innovations” through MK Ultra and Project Monarch. These programs from the 1950’s were guilty of exploiting nonconsenting Americans as their guinea pigs, including unsuspecting bar patrons, hooker-lured johns as well as an unlimited supply source of US military personnel, prison inmates, public health populations (with a racist proclivity for exploiting people of color), vulnerable foreign nationals and captured foreign spies throughout North America, Europe and Far East settings.

The intelligence community was bent on honing its clandestine skills collecting research on drug experimentation, working early with Big Pharma to test LSD and a number of other “truth enhancing,” mind control drugs; “refining” assorted torture methods that include sexual trauma, system and sensory overload techniques such as sleep deprivation, exhaustion, isolation, starvation, altered pain thresholds, persuasion, humiliation, use of electroshock, lobotomies, and inducing sickness under deplorable inhumane conditions that violate all international and Geneva convention rules and laws. In recent years a multiplicity of these sick variations of torture have been put to use all over the world. This has occurred because back in the early 1950’s the CIA and military intelligence made a secret pact with the Department of Justice allowing free reign in moral turpitude regarding use of unethical, illegal standards in its human guinea pig experiments.

Thus black ops was born within a “shady deal” climate (that over time’s only grown shadier) with little to no oversight from any branch of government. This rogue element operating with no accountability within the US shadow government also operating with complete impunity generates its vast, bottomless pit of funding wealth from various highly illegal, highly lucrative criminal enterprises – international drug trafficking from the 1940’s to the present, global child sex slave trafficking and arms trafficking. And that’s not even counting the $8.5 trillion the never audited Pentagon could ever account for in recent years.

Earlier barbaric techniques and applications from unethical CIA research were only further developed and enhanced during Aquino’s long tenure as a PSYOPS and mind control expert, as well as a Monarch trauma-inducing programmer, torturer and rapist. Throughout his four decade long career, Lt. Col. Aquino has been at the forefront of the CIA-military intelligence MK Ultra program, although in interviews Aquino smugly reminds us that the illegal CIA MK operation ended while he was still in high school, which “official” records specify was the year he graduated in 1964. However, CIA Director Richard Helms destroyed all MK Ultra documents by 1973 just prior to his resignation. But what Aquino won’t say is that overwhelming evidence of MK research persisted well beyond even 1973, using MK Ultra mind control techniques morphed into other programs and projects like Monarch.

In a 2007 Extreme Abuse Survey soliciting respondents who were ritual abuse survivors, 234 from the US and 83 from Canada admitted that they had been used in government mind control experimentation, and of the total 1,471 respondents, over half were born after 1964. 147 of them answered “yes” to the survey question asking in 2007 – a mere decade ago – if they were still being abused by mind control handlers against their will. So despite whatever program names were changed or allegedly terminated, it’s undeniable that the government abuse and its torture and trauma methods to this day remain ongoing, only far more advanced in technology. There exists very strong evidence confirming that MK Ultra mind control and its twin variant, the Monarch trauma-based mind control program, have only thrived during Aquino’s entire tenure as a US Army mind control expert, and is still very much active today. Yet Lt. Col. Aquino insists that not only was he never part of the MK Ultra program, but he actually has the audacity to claim that Project Monarch is nothing more than an urban legend myth.

The idea is to viciously and systematically induce such severe trauma in programmed children as well as adults as to cause the personality to dissociate from reality, in effect splitting it into a secondary or alternate personas in the slave-to-be’s psyche that is then programmed and activated at will by the handler’s gestures and trigger code-words. And despite his denial, satanic priest-career Army intelligence officer-Monarch programming wizard Aquino is infamous in the annals of modern mind control.

Vietnam veteran and retired Special Forces Captain John McCarthy once told the late activist-author Michael Ruppert:

MKULTRA is a CIA acronym that officially stands for “Manufacturing Killers Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Requiring Assassinations.”

Investigative reporter Anton Chaitkin maintains that the Monarch trauma-induced program is nothing more than:

The production of a horde of children in whom the soul is crushed, who would spy, whore, kill and commit suicide.

MK Ultra/Monarch victim Paul Bonacci also involved in the egregious Nebraska Franklin scandal endured nearly two decades of horrific abuse that included drugs, satanic rituals, rape, torture and murder. In 1999 Paul testified in a civil suit that 17 years earlier Michael Aquino had ordered the kidnapping of 12-year old paperboy Johnny Gosch in West Des Moines, Iowa. Bonacci was forced to lure the boy into the getaway vehicle to become yet another MK victim. Along with scores of other Omaha victims that were frequently abducted from Boys Town and brought to nearby Offutt Air Force Base for trauma-based programming, Bonacci was sodomized by Republican politicians in a massive scandal that led directly to both the Reagan and Bush senior White House. In 1984 Paul Bonacci was also flown from Offutt AFB, making a pit stop in Vegas to pick up journalist Gonzo and onto McClellan Air Force Base in northern California, and finally driven to the elite summer camp for powerful pedophiles – Bohemian Grove, where he witnessed and was forced at gunpoint to participate in a snuff film that included child rape and another young boy murdered.

Nebraska photographer Rusty Nelson, employed by up and coming Republican Party star Lawrence King, the pedophile kingpin behind the Franklin scandal, reported seeing King hand a suitcase full of cash and bonds over to a man identified as Michael Aquino. King told Nelson that, with Lt. Col. Oliver North, Aquino was part of the Contra arms for cocaine operation run by George H. W. Bush.

Two mind control survivors and former child slaves, Cathy O’Brien and Christine DeNicola, provided sworn testimony at a 1995 congressional hearing that demonstrated MK Ultra was active at least until the mid-1980’s, and that both victims were actually able to identify Lt. Col. Aquino as their sadistic programmer. So at least three witnesses under oath have bravely come forth to single Aquino out as their notorious MK Ultra/Monarch programmer and abuser.

As a courageous government whistleblower, Cathy O’Brien teamed with alleged former CIA officer Mark Phillips (some believe Phillips is still Cathy’s handler) who is credited with arranging her 1988 escape and helped deprogram Cathy. Both O’Brien and Phillips have gone public in recent decades disclosing how as a Monarch victim O’Brien was horribly abused as a little girl, starting with her own perverted Freemason, child pornographer father. Circulated mailed naked photos of Cathy caught the lascivious eye of local Michigan politician and pedophile Gerald Ford, already in deep with drug trafficking, child pornography and the Michigan mob, and later becoming America’s only nonelected VP and president. Protected by the 1947 National Security Act, Cathy’s incestuous father was granted immunity in exchange for selling his own daughter into a life of government-run slavery – the Monarch mind control program. Together O’Brien and Phillips wrote the 1995 book Trance-Formation of America.

President Ford was surrounded by fellow pedophiles, CIA Director George HW Bush, Ford’s Chief of Staff Donald Rumsfeld (if not overtly a child rapist, definitely a complicit enabler) and assistant Dick Cheney, all central figures in DC’s “good ol’ boys” pedo club. But they comprise the same criminal neocon nucleus that treasonously committed 9/11, murdered 3,000 fellow Americans as their “new Pearl Harbor,” in order to launch their preplanned “endless war on terror,” both of which still remain active today. As a young white slave, Cathy endured over two decades of sexual assault perpetrated on cue by the world’s biggest child raping powerbrokers, owned by Senator Robert Byrd who passed her out on loan to the likes of Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, George H.W. Bush, former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as well as the Clintons who O’Brien served as both their “presidential model” (referring to programmed sex servicing US presidents and other top elitists), as well as a Clinton cocaine drug courier.

Another very brave and intelligent former slave and survivor whose gone public having written books about her horrendous experience is Brice Taylor (actual name Susan Ford). Like Cathy O’Brien, Brice’s own daughter Kelly also was a Monarch program conscript. Brice Taylor’s story is told in her autobiographical exposé called Thanks for the Memories (1999). Her owner was the “revered” American legend comedian Bob Hope and her primary handler was Henry Kissinger. Brice was not only in constant demand as a presidential model, referred to as the “million dollar baby” from early childhood to adulthood, she was an enslaved sex toy to Presidents John F. Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

But Brice Taylor was a multi-purpose slave, also trained to possess a photographic memory. By rote she would be granted access to various secret files and then retain them in her head as a “mind-file,” the term her programmer Henry Kissinger coined. Long ago the Illuminati pecking order designated Kissinger as its Council CEO, the select group at the top of the power elite pyramid. One example of the brutal depravity and sickness Brice had to endure involves the “most dangerous game,” similarly depicted in the film “Hunger Games,” only as a naked slave she was given the head start to then be hunted down by a predator and then savagely raped. Taylor suffered this fate on Bob Hope’s Jordan Ranch at the hands of the particularly sadistic and cruel George H.W. Bush.

Taylor’s decades of slavery varied from being a presidential model to information courier to drug courier to spy and even assassin. And as such, despite her programmed tortuous imprisonment, she was privy to a wholly different world than ours:

The technology gleaned by the American leaders, medical professionals and scientists was and still is in the form of bio-electromagnetic frequency medicine, genetic engineering, mind control, brain research, near-death experimentation, paranormal/psychic experimentation, remote viewing, time and space travel and other advanced research that make our everyday human understanding look antiquated.

Secret societies rule America and the world. For the last century, multi-club members have been permanent fixtures in Washington. These secret Illuminati organizations are a pedophile breeding pool, be it by pure flesh and blood lust for children or by blackmail design. One system by-product still wielding formidable, behind-the-scenes power is Dick Cheney, a known member of Freemasonry, CFR, Trilateral Commission and Bohemian Grove. Donald Rumsfeld (Bohemian Grove, CFR and Bilderberg alumni), Paul Wolfowitz, (CFR, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission), the Bushes (all of the above plus Skull and Bones secret society and Clintons (ditto) and their crime family dynasty are all notorious primetime players representing the public front that acts as mere Illuminati errand boys, serving the special interests of their 13 ruling family bloodline masters, of course the Rothschilds and Rockefellers among them. A couple months ago evil globalist kingpin [and Trilateral Commission founder] David Rockefeller died at 101, and now Trilateral Commission co-founder Zbigniew Brzezinski is dead at 89, leaving just 94-year old ghoulish guru birthday boy Henry Kissinger as the sole high profile Illuminati public face left… okay, George HW’s still kicking, turning 93 in a couple weeks.

Lower on the elite’s rung but nonetheless still powerful in this private satanic club are the “New Age” soldiers of Satan, key military colonels and Monarch programmers like Michael Aquino, John Alexander and Jim Channon. Through satanic ritual rites and mind control techniques, Aquino and his cronies are able to evoke supernatural demonic forces to subversively promote the controllers’ sinister New World Order agenda, ultimately leading to tyranny and absolute control through engineered global war, planetary destruction, and total enslavement and impoverishment of the masses surviving the NWO depopulation plan.

Michael Aquino and his fellow cronies have worked directly under George H. W. Bush’s Defense Secretary Dick Cheney in the Total Information Awareness (TIA) program that featured global propaganda combined with a sophisticated mega-data-mining proposals. Later when Rumsfeld took over as Cheney and George W’s defense secretary, he resurrected the TIA and Aquino’s MindWar treatise co-written back in 1980 was once again in vogue in Washington, just in time for the neocons’ dual wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Getting back to the Monarch mind control slave system, it’s a small rotating circle between slaves and their masters. While still in high school attending her family’s summer vacation to the grand Wyoming Tetons, Cathy O’Brien was brought along for a prearranged encounter with then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney who raped and bloodied her with his oversized dick after playing the dangerous game similar to Brice Taylor’s trauma with HW. A naked Cathy was literally hunted down in the Rocky Mountain wilderness only to be raped and tortured by her demented, dick-flogging captor Dick. Cathy’s high school graduation from her sick father was literally selling her to new owner powerful Democratic West Virginia Senator Richard Byrd. Her father’s payoff was an enormous defense contract that instantly made him a super wealthy man with his criminality securely protected by “national security” interests. Daddy’s pimping and selling of his daughter to the world’s most powerful satanic evildoers proved to be a very lucrative enterprise.

A few years later while in her mid-twenties in the early 1980’s, Cathy O’Brien’s owner Senator Byrd sent her for more mind control torture training at Fort Campbell, Kentucky where she met her new programmer Michael Aquino. Cathy concurs with Mae Brussel, stating that Aquino was a “professed neo-Nazi” enamored with Heinrich Himmler’s occultism so much so as to inspire Aquino’s satanic church Temple of Set. That said, O’Brien maintains that her programmer’s only displayed “satanic power” came in the form of his high voltage stun guns he used on her regularly. According to Cathy, Aquino’s mind control programming was administered with “high tech” efficiency, quickly erasing her previous handler’s influence. Describing Aquino’s functional role:

Programming me according to Byrd’s specifications as his “own little witch” for sadistic sex, covert CIA drug muling, black mail, and prostitution operations.

There would be more programming torture sessions with Aquino on other military posts and a NASA flight center all in the state of Alabama. The NASA indoctrination gave Aquino access to the latest techniques at the time, like “sensory deprivation tanks, virtual reality, flight simulators, and harmonics.” Aquino also began utilizing all the latest mind control modalities on Cathy’s daughter by age two, with sexual assault and stun gun torture shattering her mind prior to her base personality forming. To this day both mother and daughter carry the physical and emotional scars of Aquino’s “work.” Her master Byrd showed up at the NASA site to impart more twisted and demented preferences to be programmed into his sex slave.

Byrd and Aquino also came up with the idea to use Cathy to make two instructional porno videos with two local Alabama cops filling in as porn star props, one titled “How to Divide a Personality” (trauma- induced alter personalities result in Dissociative Identity Disorder, formerly known as Multiple Personality Disorder), the other film title “How to Create a Sex Slave.” Because military intelligence officer Lt. Col. Aquino circulated in and out of multiple career assignments amongst a myriad of governmental agencies, universities, military and civilian programs, both secular and sectarian settings, he was the ideal mind control programming expert to act as liaison pimping mind control slaves through the vast array of federal civilian and military criminal organizations and occult groups.

After being prostituted out to black country singer Charlie Pride by her local handler, a country western circuit ventriloquist, the West Virginia Senator Byrd took out his racist wrath on Cathy, as if it was her fault, whipping and bloodying her to a pulp, finally to stop the bleeding ordering her to take a cold shower. Moments later while Cathy lay dazed and injured on the bathroom floor, Aquino then happened to show up with Cathy’s traumatized toddler daughter crying hysterically. Suddenly alert upon hearing her daughter’s frantic cries, Cathy opened the bathroom door to observe the monster Byrd molesting her two-year old daughter and the other monster Aquino disrobing to join in. This is just one episode of millions who have somehow endured the endless nightmare of daily suffering inflicted on victims of high powered government run sex slave trafficking rings.

Several years later after George W. Bush Jr. thrashed up Cathy’s very young daughter’s body so bad while Dick Cheney sadistically raped Cathy, in a déjà vu of the preceding Byrd-Aquino abuse scenario, once again Cathy grew so distraught that she became unresponsive to her handlers’ cues, close to non-functional for “entertaining” the visiting Mexican president the next day. The Illuminati crime cabal was working on a joint project opening the Juarez border for drug smuggling. So Cathy had to be rushed to Monarch’s go-to programmer Michael Aquino again for some last minute emergency repairs. He took her to his old satanic stomping grounds at the Presidio and using a few hypnotic cues, put her into trance, and placed her in a sensory deprivation tank, essentially patching her up as damaged, yet still usable goods. Cathy was approaching 30, which for many becomes the dreaded drop off point, when your expiration date as an elite expendable commodity kicks in, especially for the presidential model type. The next night in Malibu Cathy played hostess delivering the scripted welcome message and fulfilled her sexual duty to the Mexican prez, and Bush’s Juarez deal like the Contra affair got greenlighted.

Cathy O’Brien’s shocking claims have never been legally challenged by any of her famous named pedophile criminals beyond Washington’s feeble denial. In the same way CIA Directors Bush senior “ended” CIA’s Project Mockingbird in 1976 (after being exposed by the Church Senate committee) and Richard Helms “ended” MK Ultra in 1973, after exposure by former slaves, both Mockingbird and MK Ultra only submerged deeper into the deep state underground. The true reality is that the CIA has never stopped controlling the US and Western press since the Cold War 1950’s, and mind control slavery, pedophile trafficking rings along with Mockingbird are bigger than ever now. Just like Obama signed an executive order officially outlawing the Cheney-Bush-Rumsfeld CIA enhanced torture rendition program, it actually continued under an obscure fine print window.

A longstanding pattern of deception in our shadow government is to publicly and officially say or do one thing, and then covertly, secretly do another. Don’t believe for one minute that the CIA’s MK Ultra or its Monarch program hasn’t been covertly breeding for many years now armies of super “soldiers,” presidential sex models and brainwashed superstars systematically programming mind controlled slaves, be they serving the elite’s agenda as trained assassins, terrorists, spies, entertainment propagandist tools or sex slaves, abused, tortured and even sacrificially murdered babies and young children at one end, or easily discarded, neutralized expendables later on at the other, they’re all victims under the same controlling twisted thumb of the demonic Illuminati elite.

As a highly organized hierarchical tag team, the CIA is a front for the Illuminati, and the CIA in turn is proficient in setting up fronts. Military posts including deep underground bases, NASA facilities, university research centers and hospitals are common MK Ultra and Monarch sites. Program operatives recruit children from pedophiles threatened with severe prison sentences or send sex slaves as honey traps for blackmailing parents, especially ministers. Mind control victims who’ve outlived their purpose are routinely murdered, or if a survivor regains lost memories and wants to leave or risks exposing the criminal operation. Also programmers often subliminally insert suicide cues and commands for expendables to self-destruct. Malevolent mad scientist labs are churning out Huxley’s brave new world of alphas (initial programming that includes installing photographic memory), betas (sex slaves), deltas (assassins), thetas (psychic killers able to cause aneurisms), gammas (trained deceivers), and Omegas (suicide programming). Just as the Nazi elite sought to develop the perfect Aryan race, Operation Paper Clip’s Nazi roots still permeate the present Illuminati MK Ultra/Monarch programs and remain in search of programming a master race utilizing the most advanced scientific breakthroughs, unbeknownst to the public, designed to enhance and maximize intelligence, strength and a wide array of special skills and talents.

A brief list of likely MK and Monarch programmed assassins includes JFK “lone gunman” assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, RFK “lone gunman” assassin Sirhan Sirhan, satanic cult murderer Charlie Manson, mobster Whitey Bulger, Reagan’s would-be assassin John Hinckley Jr., John Lennon’s murderer Mark David Chapman, Waco cult founder David Koresh, Oklahoma City bombing patsy Timothy McVeigh and Catholic anti-abortion clinic murderer John Salvi comprise a shortlist of probable MK Ultra/Monarch “super soldier” assassins trained specifically to carry out heinous crimes for the shadow government crime cabal.

An even longer list of suspected MK Ultra/Monarch entertainer slave victims (primarily actors and musicians), many of whom suffer from program-induced Dissociative Identity Disorder, include sex icon Marilyn Monroe, other blonde sex goddess and Church of Satan member Jane Mansfield, “Cuckoo’s Nest” writer Ken Kesey, serial rapist Bill Cosby, Truther Roseanne Barr, Kurt Cobain, Michael Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, Beyoncé Knowles, Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, actress Amanda Bynes, Justin Bieber, actors Shia Lebeouf, the late Corey Haim and Corey Feldman and comedian Katt Williams.

Demonically mind-controlled, sexually-charged female singer-slaves called “sex kittens” are typically elevated to superstar status regardless of their talent level if they make for highly influential social engineering pawns to spread to younger generation global masses a lowest common denominator message and theme that incessantly touts sexual promiscuity, gender confusion, chaotic violence and diabolical perversion through subliminal as well as overt satanic imagery and sound, in effect acting as Illuminati transmitters of mass mind control. Military psychological warfare, propaganda and mind control expert and satanic MK Monarch programmer Michael A. Aquino knows all about how the CIA and Hollywood are owned, operated and controlled by Satanists.

Author Henry Makow makes an astute observation:

Society is being subjected to the same type of trauma-based programming using constant war and atrocities that include Auschwitz, Hiroshima, the Kennedy assassinations, Sept. 11 and Abu Ghraib. We are being collectively desensitized on the one hand, and programmed to focus on sex, violence, trivia and empty social rituals on the other.

In what’s referred to as the 1992 Greenbaum speech, author, researcher and psychologist Corey Hammond summarized the purpose of MK Ultra and Monarch programs:

My best guess is that they want an army of Manchurian Candidates, tens of thousands of mental robots who will do prostitution, child pornography, smuggle drugs, engage in international arms smuggling, do snuff films, and all sorts of other very lucrative things. These Manchurian Candidates will do the bidding of their masters, so that eventually the megalomaniacs at the top believe they can create a Satanic Order that will rule the world.

A quarter century later, they more than got what they wanted. By the way after his talk, Dr. Hammond never pursued any more research or even spoke of the Monarch program again, which strongly suggests he was delivered a death threat to silence this disturbing, shocking reality from ever reaching mass public awareness. This level of dark secrecy, brainwashing and unpunished murder has been quietly unfolding, hidden in plain sight, while mind control Doctor Aquino operated both inside and outside the Defense Department that normally functions on a rigidly strict, need-to-know, compartmentalization basis. Yet in Col. Aquino’s case, always possessing highest top secret clearance, he has been uniquely educated, cross-trained, and granted the widest access to numerous diversified military and civilian government organizations and programs – all because the elite rulers deem him such a valuable mind control asset effectively promoting their diabolical agenda.

For 38 years Aquino was a central player in government black ops mind control programs that included advancing technological development and electronic use of remote controlled psychotronic and electromagnetic weapons. In recent interviews Aquino fondly recalls working with his friend and colleague Col. John B. Alexander who advocated using ESP, parapsychology, remote viewing, mental telepathy, psychokinesis and other New Age techniques as nonlethal warfare. Aquino took it offensively a giant step further, co-authoring with his then boss Col. Paul Vallely a 1980 paper called “From PSYOP to MindWar: The Psychology of Victory,” pushing for waging perpetual psychological warfare through propaganda and mind control against friend and foe alike, including the American people. The essence of what MindWar stands for is “the deliberate, aggressive convincing of all participants in a war that we will win that war.” MindWar’s co-author General Vallely retired in 1991 and has been a Fox News media pundit with his own patriotic “Stand Up America” website.

Lt. Col. Aquino has long believed in a “coming apocalypse with annihilation except for a few elect,” unsurprisingly right in synch with the globalist agenda. And his revised 2013 MindWar edition has been ostensibly published to avert global disaster. Aquino refers to the war for the mind as “thought architecture,” created through natural or artificial manipulation. The conscious algorithmic linear mind is where most of our culture resides. But 95% of all of our mental activity is actually centered on the subconscious mind, engaging in pattern thinking. And it’s the subconscious mind that Aquino as a mind control expert is most interested in tapping into. Inflicting psychological terror and a sense of impending doom in the enemy is a strategic objective. Shaping and controlling populations’ perceptions subliminally by virtually any and all invisible means necessary, according to Aquino, assures victory.

In addition to calling for all-out propaganda, Aquino’s contribution to mind control warfare also stresses the importance of massive deployment of primarily nonlethal, hi tech pulsar weaponry used to unconsciously brainwash and invasively alter and control our thinking, moods, emotions, and subsequent behavior through artificially tapping into the electromagnetic field spectrum, using synchronized low frequency resonance to interact and control human brainwaves. Currently an arms race is unfolding that utilizes cutting edge technologies where numerous nations around the globe are advancing the potency and effectiveness of electronic warfare arsenals. Other types of weapons technologies in current development involve chemical, biological, kinetic and acoustic weapons, as well as informational techniques such as computer viruses. By attacking victims’ central nervous system and brain functioning, vulnerable targeted populations remain defenseless. Inducing heart attacks, strokes and aneurisms with remote controlled psychotronic weapons where actual cause of death is untraceable – the ideal NWO murder weapon of the future… increasingly used worldwide today.

If deep state MK assassination squads were ever to make a commercial, it might sound something like this: so why leave a sloppy, two bullet hole suicide-to-the-head, bloody mess when you can get away with murder by remote control, the fast, easy, clean, new and improved modern way?

Four years ago comes the Abreu Report assessing psychotronic warfare’s hidden dangers that as of NDAA 2013 repealed the Smith-Mundt Act making use of propaganda in the US now legal, no matter if the invasive delivery system harms Americans:

Psychotronic weapons are those that act to take away a part of the information which is stored in a man’s brain. It is sent to a computer, which reworks it to the level needed for those who need to control the man, and the modified information is then reinserted into the brain. These weapons are used against the mind to induce hallucinations, sickness, mutations in human cells, “zombification,” or even death. Included in the arsenal are VHF generators, X-rays, ultrasound, and radio waves.

Unethical testing of this controversial top secret, potentially very deadly technology as standard black ops research has been predatorily weaponized against unsuspecting Americans as well as foreign populations used as involuntary guinea pigs for numerous decades, particularly on targeted individuals around the globe for concentrated harassment, sadistic torture, mind and behavior control and even murder. Aquino is considered a top level knowledgeable expert on all of this New World Order criminality.

Moreover, the same sinister forces behind the aerial geoengineering, primarily focused in Western nations, is very much related to weaponized massive human mind control experimentation. In addition to purported weather modification and weather warfare purposes, the toxic heavy metals like aluminum and barium raining down on us now daily for decades in the form of chemtrail aerosol spraying that we bodily ingest through our skin, lungs, brain and food are designed to increasingly act as electrical conductors that enhance the potency of this black ops mind control weaponry. Electromagnetic waves emanating from nearby Ground Wave Emergency Network (GWEN) towers along with cell towers proliferating everywhere, strategically installed worldwide, in combination with ultra powerful High Research Active Auroral Research Programs (HAARP), also operating worldwide, directly interacting with our human brainwaves for purposes of eugenic population control as well as mind control, constitutes nothing short of a silent, invisible and sense-less 21st century NWO war against humanity.

As Michael Aquino explains it, his brand of warfare utilizing electromagnetic intervention as a “non-lethal” alternative, counters the conventional killing machine of war by artificially inducing a receptive mindset amenable to seeking conflict resolution through exploring a more rational, win-win means to achieving peace. Aquino also writes that “ionization of the air,” which is what GWEN and HAARP do, can easily be used to control an individual’s emotions. He asserts that breathing in negatively charged ionized air helps bring about “alertness and exhilaration” whereas positively charged ions induce “drowsiness and depression.” Though this may all sound good on paper or in his pious interviews, military black ops as part of the military industrial complex that historically advances cutting edge technology invariably applies it to the most destructive ends. Aquino’s “kumbaya” approach is not the real world we live in.

In the so called real world, minds of the masses have never been so dumbed down, polluted and controlled. People are increasingly unable to think clearly or critically for themselves. A growing segment of our population appears in a permanently dazed and confused, docile, subdued, beaten down state of mind, in effect the planetary rulers have already rendered millions of us expendable automatons. The weaponized miasma of electronic gadgetry and towers – cellphones, iPhones, “smart” phone/smart TV/smart meter technology is not only dumbing us down, it’s killing us. It poses both a lethal health hazard as well as delivers a dangerous population control mechanism that is working against our well-being 24/7 seven days a week. Constant bombardment from all this manmade radioactivity on top of the natural EM forces that are always operating in and around us, is alarming enough.

But add to this fray the plethora of new patents within the known public domain on so many mind control weapons on top of the black ops mind control technologies all currently being deployed against us without our consent or knowledge, even further microwaving our brains, and what we have currently going on invisibly right before our eyes is a slow burning radioactive holocaust minus the nuclear detonation. The result is America and other Western nations have become nations of confused lost souls, thoroughly deceived, misinformed and betrayed by their governments and lame-stream media, confused, angry, agitated, anxiety-ridden, combative, ready to do battle in a rush to judgment to blame others, yet without clarity of even knowing why. In short, with Trump the catalyst, the West is an incendiary powder keg ready to explode into full blown civil war. Again, the elite’s mind control spin on reality has its divide and conquer game plan never working so well.

While the transhumanist controllers replace humans with Artificial Intelligence and robotics, their eugenics’ “final solution” plan is to kill at least 90% of us off. And with a myriad of both soft and hard kill weapons of mass destruction at their vast disposal, billions of people on this planet are totally clueless and unaware that they are already marked for extermination through massive human genocide that’s been slowly underway for years. But as the masses learn of their murderous plot, starting with the grim, difficult to believe acceptance that since ancient times, our innocent children have been ritualistically sacrificed and slaughtered, fearing their reign of terror and enslavement about to come to an end, their war on humanity is presently being stepped up like never before.

Yet another unsettling revelation, it’s quite probable that the Tesla beam technology that is HAARP bouncing off the ionosphere and sending back earthbound supercharged ionized energy, may already be replaced by something far more sophisticated, powerful and sinister. This would easily explain why the previously notorious, top secret HAARP in Alaska has allegedly been shut down, with periodic open houses now being scheduled for public tours (next one August 17th), currently advertising itself as a strictly benign ionospheric research center. Though black ops now possesses breakthrough technology a half century in advance of what we can even think we know or imagine, these ultra hi tech, hidden mind control operations being waged against us today are extremely lethal, controlled exclusively by the same demonic elite that their Prince of Darkness Michael Aquino has faithfully served.

This apparent endgame scenario hasn’t even touched on the planetary controllers’ willful scheme to dumb down and damage the population through mindless education and nefarious social engineering, nor the diabolical poisoning of humans with fluoride, mercury, vaccines, chemically processed GMO foods, Big Pharma toxicity, severe habitat degradation and destruction from pervasive air, water and soil pollution, dying oceans from runaway Fukushima radiation and other less known nuclear leaks, and currently well in process we have the making of the earth’s sixth life extinction. This war on humanity is lowering our lifespan, altering and damaging our DNA, making us infertile, and ultimately walking toxic waste dumps. Throw into this current genocidal mix, the ruling elite’s long planned agenda for global economic collapse, world war and potential nuclear holocaust, and no one escapes doomsday earth alive… of course that’s only true if we allow the pedo-infested cabal to continue destroying us. Knowing more of us are waking up and are finally onto them, the Satanists are becoming deathly afraid and though their power and influence is still immense, they’re desperately ratcheting up tensions worldwide for their big kaboom.

Meanwhile, the likes of Lt. Col. Aquino have openly infiltrated and recruited legions of loyal satanic followers into and within the US military ranks, making the armed forces a safe sanctuary for Satanists. Because of Aquino’s “contribution to mind control development,” his sins against children have been given a free pass by the cabal pedophiles running the world. With the Department of Defense officially recognizing both the Church of Satan and Aquino’s Temple of Set as simply “other” religions, the pied piper has singlehandedly legitimized Satanism. Moreover, Aquino was even requested to pen the latest 2002 revised edition of the US Army chaplain manual to further secure his brand of sorcery religion in our armed services. Consequently, satanic cults have been flourishing within the US military ranks for some time, fueled by insane Washington neocons’ brutal nonstop war policy that only helps recruit Satan’s growing army, parasitically preying on hundreds of thousands of Post-Traumatic Stress Disordered American combat veterans as conveniently vulnerable victims.

Under Aquino’s leadership, both mind control as well as Satanism in the military have become institutional trademarks. With Aquino’s Temple of Set reported to be loaded with military personnel who are practicing Satanists, it’s really no accident that satanic ritual abuse of children has been documented at over 10% of the 300 US military daycare facilities. Feasting on a constant fresh supply of young children’s flesh and blood literally offers demonic bloodsuckers their life sustenance that in turn feed the lower, dark, demonic forces inhabiting them, along with the elite hybrid bloodline families ruling our planet and their bootlicking, psychopathic puppets following their genocidal marching orders.

The Michael Aquino story became a central theme in Mae Brussel’s weekly World Watcher radio broadcast series as again she was the ultimate dot connecting analyst of her time, exposing the Nazi-Washington-Satan-pedophile thread linked to so many nefarious government activities unfolding throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s, that sadly and prophetically still operate even more so today. Unfortunately in 1988 Mae’s life was suddenly cut short at age 66 by a super aggressive cancer after receiving death threats during her final year uncovering the satanic lieutenant colonel and his leading role in the Presidio ritual child abuse scandal.

In an eerily related matter, last year another muckraking journalist from the UK, 39-year old Max Spiers, was also abruptly killed under extremely suspicious circumstances, a week after warning his mother to ensure that should anything happen to him while attending a conference in Poland that a thorough investigation be conducted. He died a horrible death vomiting a liter of black bile while, like Mae Brussel, also looking into Aquino’s sinister past and rampant pedophilia in the US military.

In the final months of her life, Mae Brussel’s research had unveiled a couple more anomalous leads, two pieces of high turf property in Marin and Sonoma Counties just north of San Francisco worth $3.2 million, left to Michael Aquino by his mother Betty Ford Aquino, a Set Temple high priestess herself until her death in 1985. Aquino’s Marin County inheritance is located just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge not far from the Presidio in high-end San Raphael, leased to, of all entities, Project Care for Children and the Marin County Child Abuse Council. A December 6th, 1987 Marin Independent Journal headline read “Satanic cult has bizarre links to Marin.” It turns out that Aquino’s wife Lilith has a sister Lynn Butch and her husband William Butch identified by the Marin County clerk to be “founders of two satanic cult groups: Dark Star 9 Pylon and Mata Mates.” Linda Blood, a one time member of Aquino’s temple as well as his sister-in-law’s Pylon cult, wrote in her 1994 exposé The New Satanists that pins and needles are poked into dolls (just like voodoo) in a satanic ritual intended to cause the death of targeted victims.

To come full circle right up to the present, it seems decades of unaccounted for ritualized sex abuse against children by San Francisco’s “Prince of Darkness” has only infiltrated, corrupted and spread further into Marin and other northern California counties. Earlier this year an anonymous longtime Marin County resident who worked in child social services for two decades has come forth with her alarming observations. Many of the commonly diagnosed mentally ill young people she counseled turned out to be satanic cult abuse victims. Recent reports have been surfacing that indicate child sex trafficking and satanic ritual abuse in surrounding SF Bay counties that include not only Marin but Sonoma and Napa Counties as well are saturated with powerful satanic cults that have penetrated and are now controlling local law enforcement, county government officials, judges, and even social services for children and families, including the two Aquino inherited, Project Care for Children and the Marin County Child Abuse Council.

St. Vincent’s School for Boys and Marin County Hospital have also been identified as specific satanic hubs for abuse. The Marin County Family Court was embroiled in scandalous controversy in 2010 when a judge and court official were caught purging records and tampering with evidence. For years the affluent county has notoriously maintained a highly organized child sex trafficking ring. Marin County Hospital is alleged to be using Big Pharma drugs to experiment on satanic cult victims. And of course drugs have long been a mind control weapon right along with torture and rape. The child system insider also claims that pregnant female breeders from the satanic cults “feign” psychotic episodes to secure a 72-hour hospitalization hold in order to undergo secret births and abortions. And aborted fetuses and live undocumented babies are then commonly used in satanic child sacrifice and ritualized abuse.

The Marin County mental health worker stayed overnight at a residential group home and determined that levels of outside electromagnetic EMF waves beamed into the building were off the chart, confirming microwave mind control experiments conducted on the residents. She made a private video documenting her shocking discovery and then found two “mentally ill” patients standing outside her door, waiting to reprimand her for learning what she was not meant to know. The group home residents were actually trauma induced Monarch mind controlled “super soldiers” programmed to be satanic slaves. The insider even became privy to microchips implanted under their skin near the ear. Because she had obviously penetrated the satanic system’s cover, her life suddenly took a dark turn as police began following her, the IRS began investigating her and her car tires were repeatedly slashed. Finally, the anti-NWO activist concluded that the recent irrational wave of violent anti-Trump protesters in Berkeley and elsewhere in California could easily be comprised of MK Ultra slaves programmed by both MSM propaganda and this artificial electronic mind control technology. More incidence of San Francisco’s Prince of Darkness striking again?

Over the years a wealth of incriminating evidence has uncovered the mark of the Satanist Aquino’s criminality. Another MK Ultra mind control slave who as a young adult was programmed by his handler Aquino participated in the abduction of a 10-year old boy named Kevin Collins, forced into a child sex trafficking ring in San Francisco in 1984. The boy was then taken to a Marin County location and victimized with child pornography, then ritualistically raped and murdered as a satanic human sacrifice led by the high priest himself at Bohemian Grove. Sonoma County’s Bohemian Grove, the infamous elitist summer camp amidst the redwoods is said to be satanically operated by a coven obviously linked to Aquino. Though normally MK slaves are programmed to be unable to recall their role in past crimes, years later after losing 50 pounds through some major fasting, the MK victim’s memory was jarred and guilt compelled him in 2012 to submit an affidavit to San Francisco police and courts fully documenting the Collins murder operation in which he’d been an involuntary participant.

While daily news of the Presidio scandal implicating Aquino was breaking nationally, his involvement in satanic ritual abuse surfaced yet again in a police report submitted to law enforcement that graphically details a gruesome November 1987 incident in Sonoma County. Per the report a group of near dozen adult pedophile Satanists and a half dozen young children were forced to witness the alleged racist torture and bloody molestation of a little African American girl linked directly to Aquino’s child sex abuse ring operating out of Santa Rosa. On a police videotape six child victims aged 5-8 described the rape, torture, murder and cannibalism committed by the same Santa Rosa satanic ritual abuse ring. Despite child victims identifying Aquino from a video lineup, he was never charged. In fact, charges were dropped against all the adult participants other than the two satanic cult ringleaders who were tried on 34 counts of child sexual abuse. After a plea bargain deal was reached in the 18 month old case in September 1988, Charlotte Thrailkill was sentenced to 14 years in prison and her husband Daryl Ball 24 years.

On behalf of other Aquino victims, David Shurter, an MK Ultra mind control survivor, longtime Omaha resident and author of Rabbit Hole, a book chronicling his abuse, also identifies Michael Aquino as his MK programmer. A half decade ago he teamed up with private investigator and child victim advocate Doug Millar to mount a public campaign to have Michael Aquino investigated, arrested and brought to justice. With former Los Angeles FBI station chief, the late Ted Gunderson, considering Millar to be the nation’s expert on Aquino’s years of criminality, in 2012 PI Doug Millar contacted the California state attorney general, the district US attorney office, and Sonoma County’s Santa Rosa DA offices and its police chief, submitting ample evidence calling for an impartial grand jury investigation and indictment of Lt. Col. Michael Aquino.

For all their valiant efforts, as of July 31, 2011, Gunderson was dead with rumors circulating he’d been poisoned for nationally exposing the Illuminati and Satanism. Millar was illegally arrested and harassed for daring to challenge Aquino, and David Shurter has been mercilessly persecuted for his part in exposing Michael Aquino and satanic ritual abuse. As of late, Shurter is being pummeled so severely with daily psychotronic microwave warfare that this week he’s recording EMF readings at his home hovering near or higher than 1,000 mG (50-100 mG considered the normal safe range). The 50-year old Shurter maintains that the crime cabal protecting Aquino is mercilessly radiating and torturing him to death.

Legal attempts to hold Aquino accountable were not just initiated in northern California. Armed with friends in high places such as former CIA director William Colby as well as Ted Gunderson, 17 year Nebraska state senator, author of The Franklin Cover-up and attorney representing child victims of Michael Aquino, in 1999 John DeCamp also filed formal charges in a civil suit against the Nebraska scandal’s Lawrence King, his client Paul Bonacci awarded $1 million. Both Paul Bonacci and Johnny Gosch’s mother Noreen testified in court, singling out “the colonel” as Paul and other children referred to him, for ordering the kidnapping of Johnny Gosch. Since 1984 Noreen Gosch had embarked on a tireless search for her son, interviewing 35 Monarch mind control victims. She laid it out in court in February 1999:

Well, then there was a man by the name of Michael Aquino. He was in the military. He had top Pentagon clearances. He was a pedophile. He was a Satanist. He’s founded the Temple of Set. And he was a close friend of Anton LaVey. The two of them were very active in ritualistic sexual abuse. And they deferred funding from this government program to use [in] this experimentation on children… Where they deliberately split off the personalities of these children into multiples, so that when they’re questioned or put under oath or questioned under lie detector, that unless the operator knows how to question a multiple-personality disorder, they turn up with no evidence… They used these kids to sexually compromise politicians or anyone else they wish to have control of. This sounds so far out and so bizarre I had trouble accepting it in the beginning myself until I was presented with the data. We have the proof. In black and white.

Career Army officer Aquino’s name came up in the commission of a litany of crimes in still other places as well. After the 1988 appearance of Aquino on the Oprah Winfrey Show exposing Satanism, Michael Aquino was recognized by 800 of his sexually abused victims and MK ultra slaves from eight different states across the country reporting him to the police and FBI. Yet another northern California location lies a few hours north of San Francisco where children identified Aquino among their Satan worshipping abusers living in Fort Bragg in Mendocino County. As early as 1984 and 1985 charges of satanic ritual abuse were levied against owner-operator Barbara Orr of Jubilation Daycare Center in Fort Bragg. Children stated that they were abused at the center as well as taken to two local churches, one of which they maintain that Michael Aquino was present during the satanic ritual abuse. Though the case was investigated by the Mendocino County Sheriff Department and 400 pages of documentation were submitted to the DA’s office, no charges were filed against Orr, her employees or Aquino.

The Mendocino County seat in Ukiah had three more children accusing Aquino with the police chief backing up their claims:

The children are believable. I have no doubt in my mind that something has occurred.

Despite so many courageous family victims and MK Ultra survivors, along with child advocates and committed eyewitnesses who have demanded police and grand jury investigations and provided thousands of sworn statements and testimony, and so much compelling evidence to courts of law in multiple states exposing Aquino’s decades of satanic abuse and murder, all have proven unsuccessful. The FBI has sealed off all files on Aquino citing “national security” reasons. This is how the Illuminati cockroaches never get their due, always the national security card. It’s certainly not the security of the millions of pedophile victims. The US crime syndicate always protects the criminals only, never the people. America’s two-tiered justice system is a sham. Because Michael Aquino has the lowdown dirt on hundreds of powerful VIP’s atop the federal government and military brass within the international pedophile empire operating today, it remains very doubtful that Aquino will ever be prosecuted for his demonically despicable crimes against humanity. We’re still waiting on the Clintons.

In recent years the 70-year old Aquino has undergone two colon cancer surgeries. During the second operation, the colonel almost died on the operating table, prompting him to hurry up and write MindStar, his latest book exploring the potential of the human soul. A number of internet media outlets are now embracing this aging “Prince of Darkness,” recently showcasing him in multiple interviews tapping his ”brilliance,” as he touts his “nonviolent” methodology intent on resolving international conflict and achieving lasting peace on earth and world harmony. Aquino and his friends seem bent on weaving his webbed legacy of benign wisdom and humanitarian service, proving that misunderstood Satanists can turn out to be good guys after all, if we can only suspend our preconceived notions and prejudices… along with the cold hard truth.

This rather long presentation addressing the crimes of Michael A. Aquino hasn’t even touched on the lieutenant colonel’s Achilles Heel, his major role involving satanic ritual abuse uncovered at the Presidio in November 1986. Stay tuned.


Joachim Hagopian is a West Point graduate and former US Army officer. He has written a manuscript based on his unique military experience entitled “Don’t Let The Bastards Getcha Down.” It examines and focuses on US international relations, leadership and national security issues. After the military, Joachim earned a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and worked as a licensed therapist in the mental health field with abused youth and adolescents for more than a quarter century. In recent years he has focused on his writing, becoming an alternative media journalist. His blog site is at

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