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Plan for Permanent World Capitol: Original Document and (Video)

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Written by Raptorman

The document presented , “Plan for Permanent World Capitol”, is off such scope and dimension it is hardly believable. More unbelievable still are the men who commissioned it and their context to history. This architectural conception for the new United Nations base of operations was done by famous architects Hugh Ferris and Wallace Harrison in 1946. It has been lost to time and there are only a handful of mentions of it anywhere. Yet its potential use as a historical artifact and as a rosetta stone to decode our past, present, and future is significant enough that it should be known. Vintage New World Order does not begin to describe this document and it has taken a lot of research to get an original copy of it. This is only a small sampling of what this document has to offer, go to to view all photos.

This article will detail the plan itself as well as many of the powerful historic characters that were involved in its creation, to understand them in the context of history and what that means for our present day. Through this process we will discover why this document has been “lost to history” and what other architectural mega structure it inspired. This will be covered in further articles.   Due to the power of the people involved and the in your face nature of it, this maybe one of only a couple copies in the world. One look at some of the names of some of the men who commissioned it may tell why.

      Nelson Rockefeller(Standard Oil, Chase Bank), Thomas Watson(IBM), Arthur Hays Sulzberger(NYT owner)   Winthrop Aldrich(Chase Bank), Robert Moses(The Power Broker), William O’Dwyer(NYC Mayor)                  

Too say the men who commissioned this document represented the ruling establishment of the day, and of today, for that matter would be an understatement. Dynastic interests represented here still hold the levers of power to this day. Arthur Hays Sulzberger’s grandson, Arthur Ochs Sulzberger, just retired as the head of the New York Times and Nelson Rockefeller’s brother David still runs the family empire 69 years later. The Rockefeller brothers basically ran the United States for decades and made the template for world government. Henry Kissinger and Zbigniew Brezinski, both well known Rockefeller surrogates, are still is active today. Chase Bank is now one of the top five largest in the world. Thomas Watson’s I.B.M. became a corporate giant spawning Microsoft and Bill Gates. With an artifact such as Plan for Permanent World Capitol one can look through time and extrapolate the direction of history.



Conditions during and after WW2 and the power that these men had to shape those conditions, paints a picture not unlike today with the open passage of world government(WTO,TTP,Agenda 2030). The formation of a world body such as the the U.N. had been on the agenda for a very long time and the ruling establishment, having set the condition for WW2, were convinced the U.N. would  be openly accepted by the people of the world. Look at the title “Plan for Permanent World Capitol”, this statement alone is about as bold as one can get. The League of Nations was one such incarnation that failed, due to distrust of a certain brand of “internationalism” coming from the Round Table groups at the time (Milner Group, Rhodes Groups, Royal Institute for International Affairs). The world body was not accepted by the nation states after WW1.

                       Above ground and underground facilities for thousands people and vehicles

The situation would be much different at the end of WW2, when high on the prospect that the world was brokeback from the war, the internationalists would finally have their world body. Never mind the fact many of signatories of this document had direct responsibility for the carnage of WW2. Thomas Watson’s IBM leased and maintained the Hollerith punch card tabulating machines to the Nazi regime used for the efficient extermination of millions. He received extreme wealth and even got a medal from Adolf Hitler, whom he corresponded with regularly.

Arthur Hays Sulzberger’s NYT has been widely criticized for suppressing news about what was happening to European Jews throughout WW2. It been reported The New York Times routinely pushed those stories to the back of the paper next to soap ads or didn’t print them at all. Charges of a the same kind were leveled against Sulzberger’s paper in regard to news of atrocities in Bolshevick Russia.

Winthop W. Aldrich , the uncle of Nelson Rockefeller, from whom he got his middle name, was president and chairman of Chase Bank from 1930-1953. Rockefellers themselves, of course, had a large stake in the bank as well. Many instances in the historic record point to the fact that Chase subsidiaries fully and enthusiastically cooperated with the Nazi regime to loot Jewish bank accounts and provided direct financial services to the Nazis through out the war. This is in official treasury reports. In fact it was Aldrich who accepted  Thomas Mcitterick, the former president of the Bank of International Settlements, as Vice President of Chase National Bank in 1946 right after the war. The B.I.S funneled looted Nazi gold and allowed the complete funding of the Nazi war machine. There is no need to embellish any part of this story it would seem.

Standard Oil subsidiaries gave assistance to the Nazi war machine. Standard Oil subsidiaries in South America provided shipments of fuel, on Panamanian flagged vessels, for the Axis war effort. Nelson Rockefeller was on the board of Creole Petroleum in Venezuela from 1935-1940. This at right before he was supposedly countering Nazi influence in S. America for the Roosevelt administration as head of the Coordinator of Inter American Affairs. A Tetraethyl lead additive was sold by other subsidiaries of Standard Oil for the German air force during WW2. Standard Oil held the patent on it and was the only company capable of producing it. The war would have ended very quickly without this key ingredient. I.G. Farben Corporation, the very heart of the German war machine, was the second biggest stockholder in Standard Oil next to the Rockefellers. In fact the precedents set by Rockefeller funded eugenics laws in America, also supported by Thomas Watson, were invoked as a defense for many Nazi defendants at the Nuremberg Trials. The history of the Rockefeller family’s grip on power is well documented and they are one of the main architects of our modern world. The biographies of the establishment represented are too vast to cover here.

Sounds like it is straight from the pages of an Ian Fleming novel but this is all mainline history. Bringing up these points illustrates the fact that these men are proposing a Permanent World Capitol in 1946, after a war largely fueled by their business interests, out of which they achieve their long term goal. This is the Hegelian Dialectic of causing a problem to offer a solution that benefits your interests. (Problem+Reaction=Solution). It makes you wonder if the globalists should be allowed to run a lemonade stand, let alone a world government. There would be the U.N. none the less, in one form or the other.

                                                              Domed General Assembly Building                       

Examine the conception carefully and notice the amazing scale as well as key architectural themes, clues will be left along the way for any fan of architectural history that would like to know what other mega structure this inspired.


        Reflecting pools, metal wind sculpture, marble walkways and Domed assembly hall                                

There were many locations wanting to host the U.N all over the world in 1946. No one had the leverage of the eastern establishment, represented by the force of the Rockefeller family and Nelson Rockefeller. The first choice was Plan for Permanent World Capitol, a huge complex of grandiose vision and scale. It was to be serviced by a Trans Oceanic Airport, just being built at the time, and have sprawling grounds for World Government officials to live in luxury. Secretary General would also have a mansion on the  grounds. Facilities would be provided for the Economic Social Council to tell you what to eat,where to work and what to think. A General Assembly to pronounce U.N. edicts and a Trustee Council where the people that make the real decisions would meet. The stakeholders of this world government, of course unelected, would decide whats best. If a nation didn’t go along with the program, there was the Security Council to take care of that. A world wide radio communication network was to be established with repeater stations all over the world for central command and control.

                                                                      Permanent World Capitol


Capital buildings would  form a complex  nearly 400 acres in size and cost 65 million dollars in 1946 money!  Made of slab marble with flowing water falls surrounded by reflecting pools it would have been a sight to behold. Interesting that this entire plan, from start to finish, shows tremendous hubris, and offers glimpse into the mindset of the ruling class.

          Symbolism Translation: Complete Defeat of Uncivilized Mankind, offered as tribute to the Goddess, by Illuminated or civilized Mankind.  Note: Mankind is drowned with a broken sword as the Goddess stands atop a pedestal held up by tortured slaves.

A trans oceanic Airport was to service the giant complex that could “handle the airships of the present and future”. Idlewood Airport was just being built at the time and is now known as J.F.K. International Airport. There were to be docks for an international navy. It was all to be protected within a matrix of secured corridors. A concourse would run underneath the entire complex, that could hold thousands of people and vehicles. Within the capitol walls the U.N. would enjoy complete diplomatic immunity from all national laws and be exempt from all taxes. All of this would be a futuristic city for the stakeholders of the world and would serve as a potent symbol of the power of the globalist vision. A capital without equal in human history to wield complete control over humanity and bring the world into a more civilized state.

                       Trans Oceanic Airport (Now J.F.K. International Airport) and Secured Corridors

The security matrix is presumably for those who are not stakeholders and do not agree with being civilized. Encompassing huge areas for the security of officials and surrounded by lush gardens and terraces, there was to be a buffer zone from any residential area to keep out  “all unfavorable influences”. All of this was in keeping a pledge to “world law” as was written by Mayor O’Dwyer in the text of the plan.

                                                                 400 acre building complex

This particular plan was not adopted, in favor of a far more scaled down and low key approach, as was openly discussed at the time. Nelson Rockefeller was head of Psychological Operations for the U.S. government and appreciated the value of public relations.   Eventually the Rockefeller family donated the land not far away to be the “U.N. Headquarters”on Turtle Bay. However that did not stop the U.N. from using the Flushing Meadows facilities to house their operations from from 1946 until 1952. This was the former site of the 1939 World Fair and it was here that the United Nations established the state of Israel and launched the Korean War.  A U.N. Headquarters, not Permanent World Capital, was a more fitting title at the start of the 1950s because of the public sentiment at the time, due to open pronouncements such as this one! The Korean War was also making American public very weary of internationalists schemes. There was a time right after WW2 when the globalists announced their plans in public and quickly realized they were not very popular. No wonder Americans protested globalists advances at the time. Articles and books were written because our grandfathers were trying to warn us. Through a historical artifact such as this we can see the naked intent of the globalists and how we got to our current position.

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      citing Jewish lies about WWII Germany is not credible. The Nazis did take Jewish money,money they had stolen. Do you even know who the communists are,were? Who ran the Weimar Republic? Stole everything? They are called Jews.

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        Simply relaying the context of the figures that signed a real document for historical purposes. Show your original documents.

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      it’s interesting but barely relevant today

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