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New World Order Website Makes a Creepy Confession About the United Nations—A Disastrous Page Turner That’ll Usher In Federation Earth

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By Lisa Haven 


When one New World Organization starts talking about the United Nations and how they plan to dismantle it and bring in something “better”; then my alarm bells start ringing off the hook! 

Recently, the World Parliament website, which claims to be a democratic non-military government based establishment that will usher in world peace and solve all environmental problems, stated that the United Nations needs to be dismantled and that a new form of government should be established. But just what is this form of government they plan on initiating and who are the “people” behind the World Parliament? I believe you will find the answers to those questions absolutely jaw-dropping!! All that and more in the video below…. 



Here are just a few of the chilling statements from the World Parliaments Website: 

The statement below reveals their agenda to for a New World Order

“The World Constitution and Parliament Association is dedicated to creating non-military democratic Earth Federation under the Constitution for the Federation of Earth. Since 1958, the organization has worked through its worldwide membership to write and ratify the Earth Constitution in four international Constituent Assemblies. Under the authority of Article 19 of the Earth Constitution the WCPA has also sponsored 12 sessions of the Provisional World Parliament to date, building a new world order of freedom, justice, prosperity, and equality within the shell of the old, unjust world order.”   

They also plan to have their governmental leaders gain control of all WORLD affairs

“The World Constitution and Parliament Association offers an organization and a course of action by which people and government leaders who want peace and human welfare can gain control over world affairs for the good of all people on Earth.” 

Furthermore they want to establish their own World Parliament Political Parties, including only those who are progressive in nature: 

“Since the World Parliament is “a democratic non-military government based on establishing peace and solving environmental problems” it is only appropriate that world environmental and peace organizations have their own World Parliament Political Party as shown below:

World Parliament Peace Party  

World Parliament Environmental Party  

World Parliament Interfaith Party 

World Parliament LGBT Party  

Independent – No Party Affiliation

They also plan to institute an “Earth Constitution”: 

““The principle of unity in diversity is the basis for a new age when war shall be outlawed and peace prevail; when the earth’s total resources shall be equitably used for human welfare; and when basic human rights and responsibilities shall be shared by all without discrimination.” This principle of unity in diversity names the paradigm shift behind the Earth Constitution.”

Additionally, they intend to implement a new currency system by getting rid of the dollar and Euro; very Mark of the Beast Style:  

“Agencies of the provisional world government World Economic Development Organization (WEDO), Earth Financial Credit Corporation (EFCC) and Earth Federation Funding Corporation (EFFC) shall communicate with persons and groups that are seeking global standards and a world currency, for the purpose of building a network for launching the new currency system.”  

“Although in no way guaranteed to be pervasive, local currencies, or alternative means of value exchange, will be prevalent worldwide by 2020. The ability to use something other than the euro, dollar or other national currencies as the means of exchange within your own community is an increasingly likely option for us all.”  

Here is the breakdown of how they plan to establishing their new form of Government for “Federation Earth”: 


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    • Man

      NWO makes a website about their plans… yep… sounds legit

      • GoGo

        “Man” FYI TPTB consider themselves to be “gentlemen” and believe it is proper for them to give the GENERAL [IGNORANT] PUBLIC NOTICE of their future plans. This way you have no excuse for being ignorant. Research “THE LAW OF NOTICE”.

        • Anonymous

          hundreds of New Age NGO type spinoffs out there. Where she dug this one up, who knows? Who cares?
          Her specialty is distraction. Like Liarz Leahz and Duclos the Dunce, these 3 women will stretch anything to sensationalize and further their attention-whore fear mongering.
          Yet the most important, obvious- yet ignored subject- these bitches will not touch w/ a 50 ft pole: that the NWO is a JEWISH construct, brought in by Masonry which is ZIONISM for the shabbos goyim. Run 2000 yrs later by same Pharisees that Jesus condemned repeatedly in scripture; these 3 will NEVER address the Truth. One World Govt is the REBUILDING OF SOLOMON’s TEMPLE. It was Solomon who brought back black magic from Babylon and who forms the heart of the NWO mythology. Read Rev 2:9 & 3:9. Jesus told us all we need to know. Those who have eyes? Let them see… Lisa is not one of those.

      • freedomringsforall

        Actually they do but it is not this bs

        You can read about their plans on the Trilateral Commission website.

    • Syrin

      Is this the fantasy ramblings of some dude in his basement or is there some actual validity to this based on actual discussions between international gov’ts?

    • 2QIK4U

      War will be outlawed? Sound’s great

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#1,

      Charlie here. Worship of the earth is a PAGAN idea. Worshiping a negro didn’t work out. Worshiping sodomites didn’t work out. Worshiping migrants didn’t work out. They will do anything to get RID of your Constitution, your right to free speech and your right to defend yourself. Those basically two pesky rights that get in their way of world domination and a BOOT on your neck!

      And remember under liberals and communist the OPPOSITE will occur of what they say and they really do want a BOOT on your neck!

      You can easily win by staying FOCUSED on your Constitution and the rights enshrined in it. They can write and think of all the gobbledygook they want but will be unable to touch you if you stay FOCUSED on YOUR constitutional rights.

      This, BTW, is what did in Adam & Eve. They did not remain FOCUSED on what God INSTRUCTED them but got carried away by the “wiles”, the sweet words. STAY FOCUSED.

      You also mentioned a World Service “Corpse”. Is that a body removal service that would occur under this fony federation? Wouldn’t be too far from the sweet truth.


      Charlie (speaking of not being too far from the sweet “tooth” grabbing a doughnut) :lol: :lol:

    • GoGo

      Lisa, I came across this “satellite?” site that gives a play by play about what’s in the works for this group:

    • Martus

      John in Revelation talks of the Beast that was, is not and will come again was referring to a Greek empire and the U.N. is that reemergence of that Greek empire. Democracy came from the Greeks and is the underlying principle of the U.N. and even the symbol surrounding the world is a Greek laurel in their logo.

      John was in the Roman empire and the Greek empire had collapsed.

      The one horned goat of Daniel is also referred to as a Greek empire and is pointing to the U.N. It has a prominent horn(superpower the U.S.). after the U.S. is taken out of the way then it will be ruled by the 4 horns who are the other permanent members of the U.N. security council who rule the U.N.. There are also 10 smaller horns/kings and in Revelation we are told they have power for 1 hour indicating that they are temporary kings. The U.N. has 10 temporary kings leaders of nations who are rostered out every 2 years.

      Daniel also goes into more specifics with the 10 kings. Once the U.S. is taken out of the U.N. the other 4 powers come into power, later the Antichrist standing Lionman will remove 3 of the 10 kings and then will be in charge of the U.N. so their is a structure change happening the U.N. but not until the U.S. is taken out.

      The 7 headed beast of Revelation also represents the UN. The Woman that rides the Beast is the U.S. and the 7 headed beast represents the other 4 permanent members. France who created the E.U. is represented by 4 heads as the EU is run by 4 presidents the other 3 make up the other heads China Russia and England. There also is the 10 temporary kings.

      • Ambicatus


    • unidentified

      the united nations is part of the new one world order despite what fake websites are claiming

    • Sinenomine

      Lisa, I know that you are passionate about what you do. And I understand that the organisation you cite can be conceived as a threat to our way of life, dignity, etc. But please don’t go so fast that you cannot read correctly. In reading incorrectly you give different meanings that are not there.

      The book and web site page is “One World Renaissance” not “One World Reconnaissance.” Your words completely change the meaning of the title of the book and web page. You make the mistake twice.

      The words you couldn’t read in the chart was ‘World Ombudsmen.’

      Reference the Long list in the diagram of World Government Administration. The list you read, 4th from the bottom “World Service Corps” you suggest is a World Corporation doing ‘things’ (whatever that means) for the people. “Corps” is a military word. This is more likely a reference to a “World Peace Keeping Force/army.” Which is more devastating than Corporations doing things for us. (Lets face it, all corporations ‘do things’ for us anyway, whether we like or dislike what they do, so no change there).

      You suggest that the organisation will be under an Anti-Christ figure. It is not absurd that such an organisation will need a presiding figurehead, but you must back up your statement with evidence, not just biblical prophecy, where on the web site is the presiding figurehead of which you speak? Snide remarks and assumption weaken your argument, they don’t boost it. And honestly I want you to be taken seriously. I understand and am behind your intent and wish you great success in your campaigns, but please don’t go so fast that you misread and misinterpret, it injures your argument and credibility.

      Peace and Goodwill.

    • Danika

      Lisa? Can you just STOP with the daily drama and give us something, anything, that proves you care more about humanity by the truth of love and light, than your constant fearmongering? A heartwarming story. AI’d even settle for a Biblical love story.

      I am tired of your incessant bad to worse, ‘everything is Fallen Angels and Satan’.

      • Ambicatus


        she cannot, speak against the edomites,. look at the offset eyes, and well, i think shes a moabite, this theory would be confirmed by her medical records, something like “irritable bowel” or someother gastric genetic ailment. she loves jews. and uses the “fallen” to obfuscate the truth. i dont this niv bitchh, at all, i infact hate her with passion, but i need her shoddy reporting, i want Achilles to come, so she can call him “the antichrist” its going to be funny. you heard it here first,. lyn an lisa, will call the man from Daniel 12:1,, the anti-christ, watch. so will the world media.

    • Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz

      Thank you, Lisa, for your wonderful commentary!

    • Ambicatus

      ill just make this poop better with a song.

      this is, symbolic, and for Clucker, cause now at least we dint waste data readin this irrelevant tripe

    • Syco

      That site is crammed full of hippy dippy new age bull crap, they are no threat to anyone or anything that you can’t make a salad out of. Go take your meds.


        You underestimate the insidious creeping effects of institutionalized fragility.

        • Syco

          One more reason to tell all the peacenics to eat a dick, lock and load!

          • BEEF SUPREME

            So your advice to hippies is to chow down on Chim Chong Wong before they pick up a rifle? What if there’s no time for humor before the call to open fire?

            You’re demoted, Lieutenant Syco. From now on, you’re Private Snowball. Do you like that name?

            Well there’s one thing that you won’t like…

            …we don’t serve fried chicken and watermelon on a daily basis in my mess hall.

    • albertan

      Piss on those demons. I won’t comply. Where’s the vote for their crap? Go to hell.

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