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Epstein Is Found and Alive

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EPSTEIN is alive, as I stated, in my emails, shortly after the announced LIE that he was “suicided/murdered”. He is safely in American MILITARYcustody and “singing like a Canary”. His next stop-probably Israel:

The Epstein report begins at the 7:40 mark. 

Do you notice the MSM and even Alternative Media are Not talking about this, so expect the Wealthy and Powerful PEDOPHILES, except for few “Useful Idiots”, are going to escape all indictments. Part of the deal Epstein is making with Trump, et al. in the Zionist-owned Government. Why can this happen?The majority follow the Mainstream, Ruler-induced narrative, in spite of Americacn protests to the contrary.Sheep can only do what sheep do. It is why our RULERS can rule.

Only FORCE will FREE us from the Houise of ROTHSCHILD.

Tell President Trump, no more Anti – Gun Laws. “Red Flag Laws” are just another and DECEITFUL (“War by Deception”) name for CONFISCATION, on behalf of the ISRAELI Rothschilds, who are now becoming a “little” nervous:

As Rabbi Goldberg stated a few months ago, BEFORE he was “assassinated”, ISRAEL is planning a War (“Direct Strike”) on IRAN for before November, of this year, 2019 and now Steven Bi Nun of” ISRAELI NEWS LIVE”, states the same and according to his Israeli Sources:

Iran WILL, along with others, in the region, such as Hezbollah, retaliate, at the right time. It has no choice and has that Natural and LAWFUL RIGHT to do whatever it must, to survive an attack from anyone.

Don’t be deceived by Zionist Ashkenazi JEWS…………

· Former Jew, Brother Nathanael August 26, 2019 @ 10:57 am

@Eileen Kuch AND Fort Nolan

“This is PURE Bullsh$t that American Jews despise Israeli Jews, and that American Jews put America first and Israeli Jews put Israel first. This is just another jew psyop. Do NOT fall for it.

American Jews WORSHIP Israel Jews, and only a few PRETEND they don’t like Likud, Bibzy, and the rest of the felons.

Trump has and STILL does listen to American Jews—I said it in my Video, “paid in full to Sheldon Adelson and tribe”—there is NOTHING GOOD that can come out of Jewry ANYWHERE, whether in JEWmerica, IsraHell, or jew rope around the throat Europe.

Jews are our misfortune, the world is slowly catching on.

In three years America will be ready for Brother Nathanael. I’m preparing. +bn”

Remember Brother Nathanael was a Jew, who convertd to Christiianity and I would suggest to those of you who think you know bettere than he – Were you a Jew, now talking about Jews, as he does, from his experience, who converted out of Judaism? Brother Nathanael stated once- “Judiasm is a Relgiion of DEATH” . I would add …….. “and Destruction” !

The Sackler Family (Jewish) – A Secretive Billion Dollar Opioid Empire

What is the CONNECTION between, the OPIOD/OxyContin Epidemic, HOLLYOOD popaganda, porno-style and violence ridden movies, GAMBLING Casinos, BANKS, MSM lies, WARS around this planet, especially in the Middle East, includiing against Palestinians, PEDOPHILIA, and the SEX SLAVE Trade using poorer and troubled Women?

They are all CONROLLED or MONOPOLIZED by ZIONIST Gangster Jews, especially those, from Israel (Russian and Polish), and FREEMASONS (House of Windsor) !

WHY Jews? If you understood the TALMUD, and their related perverted education of young Jewish children into ZIONISM,as I know it, you would understand.

If you cannot believe me, and Brother Nathanael, can you believe a Canadian JEW, Henry Makow, telling truth about his own people and their intent for American and other Gentiles: /strange/2019/08/anti-semites-are-being-tagged-for-extermination-2474118.html and …Jewish MOB Prostitution “houses” in Argentina, told by Jewish Iraeli Writer, GILAD ATZMON :

The HORRORS ,especially for Children, of ISRAELI OCCUPATION :

Finally here is some good news: BDS wins again-QUEBEC, Canada supports PALESTINIANS :



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    • Anonymous

      Fake news. If it wasn’t disinfo by the same criminals, Trump would be bragging about.

      • Freespirit

        :mrgreen: Can tou say “BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” ?

        • K¡llúḿ¡ńàṫ¡✝☪ ॐ ﷲ ✡

          baehh baehh, baaa baaa, bè bè, mbeeek mbeeek, mæh-mæh, mae-ee, mäh, meh meh
          - Evil can’t see Evil.? – All they need is the T.V. for the proof. -

    • larry4765

      Steven Bi Nun is an Antisemite. He is against Israel even though he is Jewish and against the US>

      • Anonymous

        piss off. anyone who tells the truth about Israel is an “antisemite”. the only group who never have to take repsonsibility for themselves- its all just “other peoples’ hate speech and racism.”
        grow up and start looking at reality as it is. 2000+ yrs of being tossed out of widely differing lands, w/ conflicting political and idealogical systems… wonder why? isnt it about time THEY start examining some reasons, instead of the discredited “we’re just ever-innocent victims who everyone attacks (because we’re ‘Chosen’). wake up

        • HypothesisFree

          Throughout history Jews have been forthright that they want a world of their own, and have a 2000 year history of infiltrating governments around the world.

          A History of the Jews, a list of expulsions for 2000 years
          [slave trade, prostitution, pimping, violation of civil law, ritual murder, counterfeiting, usury, murder, infiltrating governments/treason, etc. - welcome to the New World Order of Luciferian parasites!]


          Jews are NOT Israelites/God’s Chosen people who have always tracked their genealogy on the fathers side, but rather the Jews and even their ancestors tracing all the way back to the Canaanites have tracked their genealogy on the mothers side, and are correct when THEY [Jewish rabbi's] state that Jews are an entirely different species of humans.

          Something Paramount They Did Not Teach Pastors In Seminary – This Will Rock The Christian World! – /v3/religion/2019/2546470.html

          • HypothesisFree

            WAKE UP PEOPLE!!!

            I currently have 3 articles being bl-OK from showing up in the TOP 50 ARTICLES list. I do not know if I should be PROUD or FURIOUS! The common denominator is that they DO NOT want you to know that Z-ion-must Je-woos/Ser-punt/viper blood-line are the worlds NUMBER ONE ENEMY in control of your governments and actively gene-ohc-iding/trae-fi-king ANY-AND-ALL NON-JE-WOOS/Rep-til=ians!:

            1) Sex-etortion World Order – Is Eps-tee-in Pee-do-file Operation A Mos-sad Front? [This one was sens-tored from the VERY MOMENT it was published, and then 30 days later was allowed to show in the TOP 50 ARTICLES list for 2 days after which it has since been bl-OK again]
            - /v3/new-world-order/2019/8539.html

            2) Trump/Kushner Plans to Be-head C-X-tians in the Name of Pea-ce! – Sens-tored from displaying on the TOP 50 ARTICLES list within 24 hours of adding the FOLLOWING UPDATE:
            - /v3/christian-news/2019/2580229.html

            UPDATE [August 18, 2019] Hol-lie-wood Je-woos Made An EXPLICIT Movie About Hun-T-NG Down C-X-tians! [Jump to the 34 minute mark and then watch til end] This presentation ALONE proves beyond reasonable doubt that Trump/Kushner along with many other Z-ion-must Je-woo Leaders plan to GENE-OHC-IDING C-X-TIANS between the years of 2020 and 2025, after which TWO-THIRDS of the United States population [including non C-X-tians] will have been GEN CIA DIED!!
            - https://www.see-link-above

            3) No-clear Strikes Within USA Coming – Z-ion-must Timeline Leaked [After several months of being sens-tored it surpizingly started showing up again]
            - /v3/new-world-order/2019/8453.html

            • HypothesisFree

              BOMBSHELL! Was Melania trafficked by Epstein and INTRODUCED TO/SOLD to Donald Trump? All this and more in the following Trunews presentation:

              Zorro Ranch Update: Edward Szall’s Interview with NM Radio Broadcaster Eddy Aragon
              - /v3/new-world-order/2019/8539.html

          • TRUTHY1

            Not quite 2000 years … King Bulan was the first of his pagan tribe to adopt the religion of Judaism. At that time, everybody had to be the same religion as their king, so every member of his shamanistic tribe was now a JEW:

            People aren’t interested in the truth. They are only interested in the lies that make them comfortable. Interesting pastimes that steer them clear of thoughts about their ultimate destination.
            America is clearly the evil empire, and yet most Americans deny it, they pay no attention to it.

            America is the evil empire, and for the past 200 years, being driven by foreign Jews to its doom. These no politician on scene that I know of who is not participating in this project to destroy the United States.

            They all have Jewish money coursing through their veins.

            They say there’s a difference between civilized and savage.

            During the Babylonian Captivity, the real Jews were taken to Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar colonized Samaria with counterfeit “Jews.”

            After the Bar Kokhba revolt of 135 AD, Emperor Hadrian cleared the Holy Land of all Jews–both real and fake….The real Jews either believed in the Jewish Messiah and became Christians or disappeared from history forever. The Babylonian Jews moved to Hispania and renamed it Sepharad. From that time onward they always referred to themselves as “Jews” . . . and never as Samaritans.

    • Mina

      Where you differ from the MSM is that you acknowledge this information to be unsubstantiated and provided by anonymous sources, but you sink to their clickbait level by calling it “news” instead of what it is…mere hearsay.

      • Anonymous

        “circulating in the Kremlin” – the opening line of CIA fake David Booth aka Sorcha Faal. Dave Zublick is the next worst con after Jonathan Cahn

    • DangerWillRoberson

      yeah man he’s slamming back beers with elvis! :razz:

    • dakota

      If the govt is giving Epstein a new facial identity and name, then Epstein is NOT going to testify against the major world leaders and players. They will use some minor sacrificial lambs only.

      Thank God he is not dead? You gotta be kidding. Thank God??????????

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