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By Michael Tichenor
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Trump Is Dismantling The Cabal!! High Profile Arrests You Didn't Know About!!!! (Must Watch Video)

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 The MSM and the corrupt Powers That Be are hiding from you all The Great Things Our Great President has done and is doing!!! He is taking down these High Profile Pedophile Rings on Express Lane and we would never know about it because people like The Clintons and Gates are afreaid it’s hitting too close to home!!! 

In this video I give a list of arrests with factual evidence of the people that have been arrested that they have swept under the rug and so much more!! These people are Monsters and I expose all that they do without worrying about being censored because that’s what we need right now!! We have been coddled and have had things sugarcoated for long enough!! Come over to my YouTube channel for The TRUTH on so many subjects!! Even subjects that even most alternative news sources are afraid to touch upon!! Join “The New Way Of Thinking” Family and subscribe to my channel!! It’s only a click away!!! After this check out my most recent upload to this site called, “(Must Watch) The Cabal Is In Full Panic Mode Because Thier Events Are Failing!!! What’s Coming Next Will Be The Final Blow!!”. It is by far my best work yet and is a real eye opener!!! Much Love and Respect to All of You!!!

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    • Anonymous

      Trump is dismantling the cabal? dream on you fool.
      On Mar 13 Deep state’s own Trojan Horse Trump gave away his presidency to FEMA.
      On tues he gave the Keys to the Kingdom to the pinnacle of the cabal- Satanyahu.
      Look around at 51+ million UNEMPLOYED and a country in RUINS- BANKRUPT, yet spoiling for another war as payback to his zionist Banksters who bailed out his failed casinos.
      27 TRILLION in debt, illegals still flooding in, and this AntiChrist crimnal pushing his Mark of the Beast vax on us at Warp Speed.
      MORE WINNING ???
      u jakkass

      • Michael Tichenor

        Thank you, Anonymous, for your bravery!! And your misspelling!!! What would our world be without the super tough that hide when they walk down the street from people like me!!! You are a Gamma!!! I am an Alpha!!! We will always dominate!! You can believe whatever you like about what’s happening in this messed up world we live in now, but I know Truths you could never even dream of!! Your dreams are filled with the love of groups like NAMBLA and the likes of them!!! I will always tell the truth and I do not worry that creatures such as yourself could ever sway people from getting the truth from me!!!

        • Dboy

          Micheal ur a brainwashed shill. Trumps no savior quite the opposite. He is israels puppet. Don’t you know no president is has been pro Isreal as much as trump. Stop putting up stupid info about trump. He’s a joke. So r u.

          • Michael Tichenor

            I beg to differ!! I am prepared for any outcome!! Dboy!! LMAOO!! You Mad!!! Tell em’ why You Mad!!! My intelligence far surpasses yours or anyone you know!!! Trump is Trump!! If they wanted to deliver a final blow to this REPUBLIC, then, Shillary would have been the president!! They wouldn’t go to the lengths they have to have what’s happening!! Trump is just a wild card!! We hold the power and he knows it as well as the rest of the political nuances!!!The fact that nobody can think outside of the box is what is the most hilarious!! NOTHING IS AT FACE VALUE!!! I have people that are in the mix that tell me information that is the catalyst for my content!! I wouldn’t care if Trump was a puppet of Israel because he has leveled the playing field for Us enough so that we have a chance!!! He has played all your conspiracy theories about him and that’s that!! Go lick your wounds and come back when you have a valid, NON GAMMA, argument!!! When you people have your beliefs challenged all you can do is talk crazy with no valid factual evidence!!! I am and you’re not!!

        • Anonymous

          You dikless cunt. You’re not a man, you’re a pussy who clings to a daddy figure because reality is too tough for a wuss like you.
          grow up and Man up. Your daddy fantasy is a fraud who has sold you out. Go ahead and take his Mark of the Beast vax. Better yet- volunteer to test it.
          Daddy is pushing it thru @ Warp Speed.
          Daddy destroyed the economy, despite knowing that the pandemic is a hoax.

          • Michael Tichenor

            Cognitive Dissonance is such a magical thing!! When the brainwashed, such as yourself, have your beliefs challenged you get violent and have no factual basis for your arguments so you source share some video of OPINION based crap!! You call me names that are laughable!! I am FULLY PREPARED for any outcome!! The fact that Trump has made sure that child/human traffickers are taken out on such a grand scale is the most amazing thing; everybody should commend him for that!! No Man/woman is my savior, nor is any god belief system that everyone clings to like a lifeline makes me laugh!! You think that the system hasn’t been FU(*#D for so long that anyone could make some stupid ass video making anyone look like the bad guy?? I’ll tell you like I tell all you gammas, My Intelligence Far Surpasses yours or anyone else you know!! And my militant way of living makes me a dangerous individual when these other gammas, Bitch lives matter/new nazis antifa or you people come my way!! I Am and you’re not!! All events are hoaxes you parasite!! You have no idea what’s coming!! I know for a fact what is about to happen because I am part of the biggest revolution known to Man/Woman (the only 2 genders there is)!!! Try again you incompetent nothing!! I Am; you are NOT!!!

    • Anonymous

      Dump IS the cabal, you dumb shit. :cool:

    • DON ROBER>to

      [“WHO is sailing on The Ship of Pirates of the Royal Admiralty Land&Sea under the Flag of 322 Skull&Bones at the Top-Mast and the Doublekey-Flage at the Grand lodge of the stern of the Ship? And who is at the moment the glamourous Captain at the Rudder sailing trough " The Red Fog over America" with " The Masks of the Red Death"????

      Who else is on that ship, at the moment as demoted as crew members, only currently employed below deck? So who creeps and flutters around on deck and orders the sails and who blows strongly into the sails and who pushes strong waves against the ship to prevent it from given directed course?

      And who plays storm and LORD and where should the real harbour be and what do the collected slaves, chained to blue chains, expect in the different decks, from the lowest poor deck to the luxurious decks, with Hellywood-entertainment-screens, instead of clear-windows, not to see the truth, where from morning till night 1001 fairy tales of war and peace in their trade war are inoculated by blue red and white indoctrinators with their stolen David-Star, that the route leads to the promised paradise?

      Iceberg-free, guaranteed, but also only verbally behind the Black M.A.S.K. And when the whole ship is analyzed and researched in all its historical objectivity, from bow to stern, from keel to hull to mast tips, then the question inevitably arises as to who owns the ship, who is-are the owner(s) and who is (are) the investor(s) and what is the contractual relationship between them and who finances everything with his private commercial products and who are the sharks in the sea to be fed by them?

      At the moment the red or blue 33rd degree ScottishRiter and Appolyon Fan and the Jesuit Brothers white and blue with their Brotherhood are working in the wheelhouse and are in command of the ship, but the route and the port are determined by others, announced as the New-Full-AI-Digitalized-Chipped World-Order. What did Captain TRUMP say? ...

    • Anonymous

      Can we spot an accomplice?

    • Michael Tichenor

      Anyone who denies that my content is all factual is either a bot or has been brainwashed by the corporate MSM and are doing exactly what they want you to!!! Trump has been in their circles for decades and joined groups and everything you might come up with to say he’s the “Bad Guy”!! I have done extensive research on everything I include in my videos!!! To call me dumb and a fool is just ignorance on behalf of your anger and rage you have from not following your dreams and doing what you HAD the potential to do!! I laugh at these comments because I am very intelligent and have become a creator which was my dream!! That is what it’s all about!! And to be a great creator we must use factual evidence and our God given potential to be intuitive and empathetic!! I know that Trump has been i these circles for decades and after John Trump, his uncle, took over Tesla’s papers that’s when the Plan started!! Many will try and put a spin on the Qanon phenom but all it is is a research directive!! To expose corruption!! Trump honey potted these evil creatures and is playing them all!! Believe what you want, but they know that belief is what manifests reality so they tell you what to believe to fit their agenda!! Be a sheep or be a Free Man or Free Woman!!! Sheep are comfortable in their ignorance and You Are The Reason we are in the situation we’re in now with all these fake pandemics and racist BLM/Antifa fascist groups getting away with murder!! You will be next on their list too for virtue signaling!! They hate white people that promote their groups more than anything because they know you are liars and worthless to us all!! You do not belong anywhere and you will soon be nothing!! That’s ok because you are wasting our air!!! Or you could break free of your stupidity and choose the right side!! Use your critical thinking skills and stop allowing people like Rachel, I’m a fake LGBTQ, Maddow do your thinking for you!!! You are Sheep that are ruining the life of so many!!

      • Anonymous

        You come off as a Buffoon, Michael. Qtard also? Still waiting on those barges to arrive at Gitmo?

    • Dboy

      Trump is no savior. I’m sick of all u disinformation spreaders on bin lately. How much is :lol: :lol: Trump paying u or are you that stupid?

      • Michael Tichenor

        You and your people are the problem, DBOY!!!! I and so many like me are going to dismantle your way of life in the next 3 months!!! We know where all of you are and we are lying in wait to make sure you are detained and brought to justice in whatever form we see fit!! The Great Reset is upon you and This Great President has made sure that our 2nd amendment stayed in place just for this reason!! You were all temporary uproar!! We Will Be Talked about for Millennia!!! Thank you for doing exactly what we knew you would!!! I had a feeling one of you would comment here!! We were told a few of you come here to troll!!! You compromised yourself and your friends!! From your location we now know where the rest are and your little VPN doesn’t work!!! So predictable you New Age Radicals are!!! :wink:

    • Anonymous

      Return to sound money. Balance the budget, pay down the debt. People need to learn it is better to put your trust in the Lord than to put your trust in man. It is better to put your trust in the Lord than to put your trust in princes. Psalm 118.

      They need to learn that government is NOT the savior. Men fail them.

      The sooner that message is promoted and accepted, the better off we will be.

      The first thing I would do is send the bulldozers to the Fed after rescinding the Federal Reserve Act. Return to a gold standard for temporal needs.

      And buy the eternal gold as specified in Revelation 3.

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