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The Key to Unlocking the Entire Pandemic!

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The Key to Unlocking the Entire Pandemic!


I have been researching the Coronavirus Pandemic for over a year now, since it started in Wuhan China. As many of you know the Pandemic is being used for a much larger agenda by the Globalists running the planet. While there is a virus that came from the Wuhan Lab in China, the so-called pandemic has been way overblown in order to further a world-wide agenda by the elitists to set up a Centralized Global Control System or New World Order if you will. In this article I will explain the one rule that was changed by the CDC in order to make this all possible and it is the key to unlocking the entire plan of this pandemic. Without this rule change on March 24th, 2020 there would be absolutely no justification for masks, social distancing, lockdowns, and vaccines. This rule change to death certificates allowed the United States Government and I believe many other governments around the world to greatly inflate the number of Coronavirus deaths, which gave them justification for the massive social controls, they have put on the general population. There are 3 main reasons why all this is being done and that is to shut down small and medium size businesses, get much of the world vaccinated with a new technology called an MRNA vaccine, and to bring in a Global Centralized Control System on the planet, so the entire population can be tracked and controlled by a small group of people in charge of the world.

On March 24th 2020 less than 2 weeks after the World Health Organization declared a World-Wide Pandemic for the Coronavirus, the CDC in Atlanta made a rule change to death certificates that is one of the most critical policy changes in the history of the world at least in modern times. On a death certificate there are 2 parts. Part 1 is where the doctor lists the primary cause of death, while part 2 is where other contributing factors are put down. When the CDC looks at these death certificates, they list the primary cause of death on their statistics and then those numbers are reported to the general public. Before March 24th of 2020 a comorbidity was usually listed as the primary cause of death, unless someone got into a car accident, a plane crash, got shot, or something along those lines. A comorbidity is generally a long-term disease such as cancer, diabetes, leukemia, emphysema, heart disease and there are many others. Some can be less severe, but many of them are life altering diseases. When a person has one of these diseases for a long period of time, it will often shorten their life span by several years and the person usually dies from it eventually. Before a person dies however, their immune system generally starts to breaks down and they very often get a viral infection such as the flu, pneumonia, bronchitis, or a cold. When the person dies the comorbidity (long term disease) is usually counted as the primary cause of death, while the viral infection goes on part 2 of the death certificate and is counted as a contributing factor. The CDC then gets the death certificate and counts the comorbidity in their statistics as the main cause of death for that person, not the viral infection or other contributing factor that is on part 2 of the death certificate.

On March 24th 2020 the CDC made a little change to the way they counted deaths when it came to the Coronavirus. They likely made this change without going through all the proper procedures, which violated federal law I might add. This study in the “Science, Public Health Policy, and the Law Journal” explains how the CDC changed this rule for death certificates and why it likely violated federal law in the process of doing so (1). The change made by the CDC was that if someone tested positive for Coronavirus then the Doctor had the discretion to put that as the primary cause of death ire-regardless of what other comorbidities the person may have had. This goes against the way the CDC had been counting deaths for many years prior. An example of what I mean is if someone had Cancer and Heart Disease for 10 years, then 24 hours before their death that person tested positive for the Coronavirus. With the new rule change to death certificates, the doctor can now put down that he/she died of COVID-19 instead of the comorbidities the person was slowly dying from for the past 10 years. This new rule allows the doctor to reclassify the cancer, heart disease, and any comorbidity as only contributing factors to a person’s death, instead of the primary cause and thus could be put in part 2 of the death certificate instead or part 1. The doctor does have discretion to do this or not, but the carrot on the stick so to speak is the fact that the doctor and/or the hospital gets a bonus from Medicare each time they decide to put COVID-19 as the primary cause of death instead of the comorbidity (2). Most doctors, medical workers, and hospitals would have no problem making this change if their paychecks were going to be a bit larger next time. Many doctors started to do this in the US and many other countries I believe in order to inflate the Coronavirus numbers. I do not have any proof it was done in other countries only a strong suspicion based on the world-wide death numbers being reported.

In the past the only time a viral infection, which is what COVID-19 is would be counted as the primary cause of the death is if the person did not have any other comorbidities. This explains why the CDC says on their website under the Comorbidity section that only 6 percent of deaths from the virus were actually directly caused by the virus itself and the other 94 percent of people had an average of 3.8 comorbidities (3). This means that 94 percent of the people who died of Coronavirus in the US had at least 1 long term disease and most had 3 or 4 comorbidities. People who have a lot of comorbidities are in bad shape as it is, are usually elderly, and very often live-in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. We know from past statistics that at least half the deaths occurred in these facilities. I think the CDC has two separate numbers they are looking at for this virus. The first number is the one they release to public, which is all the deaths caused by the virus directly and the 2nd set is the one caused by one or more comorbidities and the virus was a contributing factor, but it is reversed on the death certificate going against previous CDC guidelines before March 24th 2020. All they have to do is look at the death certificate to figure this out. If Coronavirus is on part one as a primary cause of death and part 2 is blank, that person died directly of the virus, but if part 2 had cancer on it for example or another long-term comorbid disease, then that person died of cancer and the virus was a contributing factor. Since Corona is in part one of the death certificates in both causes, then the CDC can add but subsets of numbers to its statistics. Those statistics are released to the public showing a large number of deaths from the virus which are greatly inflated. This creates fear as the main stream media reports these numbers and the government can then use them to justify lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and vaccines. I think this is the most sinister scam ever pulled on the population in the history of the world at least in modern times.

If you look at the current coronavirus death numbers from the John Hopkins website as of February 22nd 2021 it says that there are 500,000 since February 6th of 2020 from the Coronavirus when the first death was reported in California. If you then take 6 percent of that number reported by the CDC that died directly from the virus you come up with approximately 30,000 deaths (4). John Hopkins does list the amount of people that have recovered from the virus, but they do it state by state so you have to add all of them up and try to figure it out. However, if you go to World O Meter it says that 19,144,140 people have recovered from the virus as of February 22nd 2020 (5). The CDC reported a few months back that the mortality rate from the virus for the population at large is 0.2 percent. If you look at Table 1 and read scenario 5 in the referenced link, which is the best estimate for the mortality rate by age group you will see the mortality rate listed by each age group (6). The only age group where the mortality rate is high is people over the age of 70, which is 5.4 percent. Anyone under the age of 70 the rate is 0.5 percent and less. If you take the 500K number however and divide by the number of people who have recovered from the virus it comes out to 2.6 percent so where is the CDC getting the 0.2 percent mortality rate from? Answer is they are using the 6 percent number of people who died directly of the virus, but did not have any other comorbidities. If you take the 30K number of deaths and divide it by the amount of people who have recovered it comes out to 0.16 percent, which is very close to the CDCs estimate of 0.2 percent. Early on in the Pandemic the CDC and other agencies were using antibody studies to determine the mortality rate, but now we have enough cases where that is no longer needed. In order to get the correct mortality rate that the CDC estimates however, we need to use the 6 percent number and not the total being reported by the media.

Another interesting point is a similar thing happens if you look at the entire world. World O Meter reports as of February 22nd 2021, that 2,485,295 people have died of the virus since the start of 2020 and 87,784,683 have recovered. If those were the real numbers it would mean that the current mortality rate globally is 2.8 percent, but if you take the 6 percent number reported by the CDC and apply it to the 2.4 million deaths worldwide, it comes out to approximately 149,118 deaths. If you then divide that number by the 87 million plus who have recovered worldwide it comes out to 0.17 percent. While I do not think every country on earth is inflating the numbers like the US is, I do think most of the large 1st world nations are and there has been a concerted effort to do so.

Think if all of a sudden tomorrow the main stream media news started to report the truth about this virus, saying we made a mistake and only 30K people have died in the US and 149K globally. People would be very upset understandably and realize that their governments and the media have been lying to them the entire time on an epic scale. With these numbers there would be absolutely no justification what so ever for lockdowns, masks, social distancing, or vaccines. What made this sinister plan all possible to proceed was the rule change made on March 24th 2020, which allowed the US government to greatly inflate the death numbers and cause un necessary fear to rule the population across the world (7). The CDC and World Health Organization knew very early through antibody tests that the mortality rate for this virus was very low, so in order to make it look like things were worse than they are, this rule change had to implemented or all their plans would go to waste.

The real question is why are they doing this? The short answer is there are 3 main reasons. Reason number one is too shut down as many small and medium size businesses as possible across the world. During the lockdowns small and medium size businesses were the target of governments. While the large corporations were generally allowed to stay open, small and medium size businesses were largely shut down or had severe restrictions put on them. Large corporations such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, McDonalds, Costco, Sam’s Club, Home Depot, Lowes, Wendy’s, Burger King, Taco Bell, and many others were allowed to fully stay open during the pandemic, because they were considered “essential businesses”, while small and medium size businesses were not and had to close down. As a result of this many small restaurants, movie theaters, gyms, hardware stores, churches and other retail stores have gone out of business or are under severe economic hardship. In the US a large percentage of people are employed by small and medium businesses and these lockdowns have resulted in millions being unemployed (8). If people are unemployed for an extended period of time, they cannot pay their mortgages, rent, car payments, credit cards, and their monthly bills. In many cases people cannot even afford to buy food anymore. This has caused lines at food banks across the country to stretch for many miles on a daily basis. I read this past week that there are 40 million people that owe 57 billion in back rent or mortgages (9). The government did come in with some help for these people with 2 direct payments and extended unemployment benefits for several months in 2020. But none of this is nearly enough. In New York City one of the hardest hit places in the country by these lockdowns 92 percent of restaurants could afford to pay their rent in December (10). In short, these lockdowns are an economic catastrophe for the United States and the entire world. Some states such as Florida and South Dakota have fought against the lockdowns and have largely kept their economies open during the pandemic. In these States things are much better, but in states like California, New York, and elsewhere the economic damage maybe irreversible. Even if the economy was fully reopened tomorrow, it would take many years to get back to where things were before the pandemic began. Of course, there is absolutely no reason for these lockdowns and they are completely un necessary except if it is all part of a larger agenda.

The second reason why the governments needed to inflate COVID-19 numbers is so they can get everyone vaccinated. The 2 vaccines that have been approved for use in the US and many other countries of the world thus far are both MRNA vaccines. These vaccines are a new technology that has never been used on humans before and both were only tested for about 3 to 4 months in trials. During the trials there were 22 side effects identified by Pfizer and Moderna and has been reported by the FDA in their official data sheet on the vaccines (11). One of the 22 side effects is death and there are many other severe reactions that people are contracting on a daily basis now after getting the vaccine. One of the biggest problems with these vaccines is what is called an enhanced immune response (12 and 13). Here is a short explanation on how the MRNA vaccines work. The MRNA is the genetic code for the virus and it inserts into a person’s cells. The cells then start to manufacture or produce the spike protein for the virus. The spike protein is the part of the virus that sticks up from the main virus particle, when you see a picture of it on TV or the Internet. The problem with this genetic code is that the cells continue to produce the spike protein over a long period of time and no one really knows if it will ever stop for that matter. This can cause an enhanced immune response where a person’s immune system will start to attack the cells that are producing the spike protein within the body (14). If a person’s immune system is attacking itself this can cause all sorts of side effects to occur including bell’s palsy, seizures, heart and lung problems, liver problems, anaphylactic shock, and even death. Take a look at the adverse reactions reported by the UK from the vaccine so far (15).

One of the reasons to vaccinate people with these unproven, untested vaccines is for the pharmaceutical companies to make billions of dollars, which is happening of course. Another reason is part of the depopulation agenda that the elites have wanted to do for many decades. Bill Gates has said in public statements that reducing the population, through the use of vaccines would be good for the planet (16). On the Georgia Guidestones it says that the world’s population needs to be maintained at 500 million in order for the population to sustain itself on the earth into the distant future (17). The latest estimate is that the population of the earth is getting close to 8 billion people. If the earth can only be sustained if the population is around 500 million over a long-term basis, it means that 7.5 billion of us need to be eliminated. Could the vaccine be the start of the depopulation the globalists have been wanting to do for a long time? We will find out very soon. In the US at least 1170 people have already died right after getting the vaccine shots as of February 7th (18). The CDC says there is no link between the deaths and the vaccines, but there are reports of deaths and severe adverse reactions from the vaccines coming in every day all over the world, so these CDC statements are obviously false. Across the world many thousands mostly elderly people have already died right after getting the vaccines, usually within hours or days. Some doctors who study vaccines say that within 6 to 12 mounts millions could die or get very sick from these vaccines (19). Hopefully they will be wrong, but at least from the early data things are not looking good for humanity.

The third and main reason for the pandemic and inflated numbers is so the globalists can bring in their long-awaited New World Order. The current economic system that we have been living under for many decades is at the end of its lifespan. It is full of debt across the world and the global central banks cannot keep it afloat for too much longer. In 1913 the US congress passed the Federal Reserve Act essentially giving all power of currency creation over to the Federal Reserve Central Bank (20). In 1971 President Nixon took the US off the Gold standard that gave the Federal Reserve Central Bank power to print unlimited amounts to fiat currency not backed up by anything (21). Since that point in time the US has gone into debt at ever-increasing levels every year. Today the official national debt of the US stands at about 28 trillion dollars (22). Unofficially it is well over 100 trillion. Of course, this massive amount of debt can never be repaid and the only way to get rid of it is to reset the entire economic system.

Just about every country on earth these days is controlled by a central bank and all of these countries are in debt to the global central banking system. The bankers that run the World Bank, IMF, and Bank of International Settlements, want to reset this entire system and bring in a new one. With the new system they will be able to control the entire planet. In order to do this, they need a one world currency where everyone on earth is using the same money for transactions, wherever they are without exchanging it. With the invention of the new cryptocurrencies this one world economic system is within reach. The central banks of the world right now are looking at releasing a new digital global currency that they want every country to sign onto eventually (23). When the bankers have this new currency ready to go, they will stop supporting the current economic system, simply by not pumping fiat currency into it anymore. When this happens, the entire system will collapse and hyperinflation will ensue across the world. People will abandon the current system and welcome this new proposal that the central bankers will introduce. All debt will be wiped away, but in exchange everyone will have to give up everything they are paying mortgages or payments on to these bankers. Klaus Schwab who is the President of the World Economic Forum recently said “You will own nothing, and you will be happy about it” (24). This will happen when the world economic system is reset. Ever dollar you have in a bank account will be transferred to the new digital currency and they might give you an exchange rate of 10, 20, or 30 percent. We will all lose just about everything we have for the so called good of humanity. The world will change forever and the globalists will have achieved their dream of total world control.

The bankers will also set up a world centralized government that all national governments will have to submit too. One of the reasons that will be given for this new government is that we need to have all centralized rules to follow, if another pandemic or world catastrophe hits again in the future. Most people will be living in such turmoil that they will just submit to whatever the bankers tell them in order to get some semblance of normalcy and calmness back in their lives. Eventually most people will submit to a microchip in their hand or forehead (aka mark of the beast in the bible), so they can be tracked on every single transaction they make. If a person does something the government does not like, that person will either be punished or eliminated from society. This will be a complete totalitarian rule by the elites of the world.

All of this is possible because of an engineered virus on the world that has a mortality rate of 0.2 percent for the general population and a rule change that the CDC implemented on March 24th 2021. The rule change allowed the US government and most likely many others to inflate the Coronavirus death statistics. We know from the World Economic Forum’ strategic intelligence database that this plan started over 50 years ago (25). The WEF has a data base on their website with thousands of articles and documents explaining how this new world order will be achieved through the use of the Coronavirus Pandemic (26). The elites have been planning this for a long time and they will not give it up until their dream of a one world centralized government is realized.

We see that the Corona virus numbers have been dropping over recent weeks and more things are starting to open up, so people think we are going back to normal. The government and the media are also trying to make it look like the vaccines are working and they suppressing the information about the adverse reactions and deaths that have already occurred. Here is an article out of France saying that many healthcare workers are getting severely sick after getting vaccines (27). I think in about 3 to 6 months or so the numbers of Coronavirus cases will all of a sudden start to rise again. The reason the numbers will go up is because millions will get sick from the vaccine. The media and government will not say this however and blame one of these new variants as the culprit. They can also change the number of positive cases just by changing what is called the “cycle threshold” on the PCR tests. The higher the cycle threshold the more positive cases are detected, because the tests pick up smaller fragments of a coronavirus. These small fragments usually mean that the person is asymptomatic or they could have had one of the other coronaviruses (there are at least 7 by the way that effect humans including the common cold), in the past and the body still has fragments of it inside. If the test picks up the virus at a lower cycle threshold it usually means the virus is live within the body and often people develop symptoms. What is interesting is that in the middle of December the WHO issued a memo saying that the cycle thresholds on PCR tests should be lowered and in January they issued another memo saying that any positive test done recently, where the person was asymptomatic should be redone. Then all of a sudden, a couple weeks later on January 26th the case numbers started to fall dramatically (28). This paper explains cycle thresholds and how they work with regards to the PCR tests (29).

If in a few months the numbers and people in hospitals start to go up all of a sudden it will be, because people are getting more severe cases of the virus. If they keep the cycle thresholds low like they currently are it means that people are actually sick and not just having an asymptomatic case. As I said before the media will say it is a new variant that is resistant to the vaccine, when in actual fact it will be people getting sick from the vaccine itself. This will be justification for new lockdowns and possibly new vaccines to combat the so-called virus variants. This will probably be the time when the globalist bankers allow the collapse of the current economic system and will introduce the new system shortly thereafter. They will claim that capitalism failed and now we need a new socialist system, so this will not happen again in the future. In reality the bankers engineered the collapse through the use of unlimited fiat money printing across the world. If the US had never allowed the central bank to take over money creation from Congress and Nixon had not taken the US off the gold standard in 1971, capitalism would be working just like it is supposed to and everything would be fine. For all those that say capitalism does not work, why do we have millions of people trying to get here every year from all over the world? Capitalism has got more people out of poverty then any other system every created by mankind. The problem comes when the bankers and politicians come in and corrupt the system not letting it work as is supposed to (aka crony capitalism).

If you are a Christian and believe the prophecies of the bible as I do, you know this is all leading to a 7-year tribulation period, in which God will judge the nations of the earth for the sins they have committed over the centuries. During this time a world leader will come to power, which the bible calls the antichrist. This world leader will be in charge of this newly formed World Government and will rule from Jerusalem. The question is what should we do about it? While this is most likely the prelude to the final 7-year tribulation that is about to take place, the fact is we do not know with 100 percent certainty that this will happen at this period in time. I do think we should still stand up against this madness by not following the rules the government have put in place. People should stop wearing masks, not social distance, open up their businesses, churches, gyms, organizations, and not take the toxic vaccines. While this is happening in some places across the world it is not enough and the globalists are winning the battle at this moment.

I think in order to stop what they are doing the only thing that can be done is for billions of people to stand up in unison across the world and just not comply with these unlawful orders any longer. If enough people did this all at once the globalist would have to change course and postpone their plans. Unfortunately, however I do not think this is the going to happen on a large scale and believe this is the time for the New World Order to rise up and take over the world. Bible prophecy seems to confirm this when you start to study it at a deep level. Unless something dramatic happens soon, to change the course of events taking place, we are on the short road towards the tribulation period.

If this is the case then the most important thing to do is get your spiritual house in order and comes to terms with what you truly believe in your heart is correct about eternity and where you will spend it. If you do not believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to forgive you of your sins, please do some research very quickly and come to your own conclusions. Just seeing that is going on around you should be cause for concern and should give you some gumption to want to search out the truth about eternity and where you will go when you leave this earth.

If you have come to the conclusion that the bible is real and you want to be a true believer that Jesus Christ is who he says he is, please pray the prayer below or something

Accepting Jesus Christ into your life is very easy and does not require someone to have a degree from bible school. All you must do is believe that he died on the Cross for you and that he is your Lord and Savior and the savior of the world. If you have come to this conclusion please pray the prayer below or something similar. Remember you must truly believe it in your heart or else it does not work.


Lord Jesus I am a sinner. Please forgive me. Come into my life and cleanse me of my sins and unbelief. I believe in you and in salvation through the blood of Jesus. I turn from sin and trust in Jesus alone as my savior. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.


If you prayed that prayer for the first time, let me welcome you to the family of Christ, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Please get a bible if you do not have one and try to get set up in a church or a group of believers in order to grow in your new life. You need to turn away from past sins, and start to practice repentance. The holy spirit will guide you and start to change you from the inside out. We live in incredible times and I think we are very close to the final 7 years beginning, so there is not much time left of so-called normal life. Everything is about to change in a drastic way, so please learn as much as you can ASAP and get ready both spiritually and physically for what is coming.





  11. (page 17 of the pdf shows the side effects).


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