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By American Freedom by Barabara
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Secession! Lakota Sioux Nation Leaves The Union!

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‘Last of the Mohicans Star’ still fighting for Indian independence nearly 40 years later.

President Barack Obama has an unexpected foreign policy problem – in the Western United States. The Lakota Sioux nation has seceded from the United States, according to a story on the anti-American website La Voz de Aztlan.
“We are no longer citizens of the United States of America and all those who live in the five-state area that encompasses our country are free to join us,” long-time Native American radical leader Russell Means said. The move potentially impacts the states of Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Montana and Wyoming.
Means has been a well-known Native American radical and actor since 1973 when he and others were involved in a siege in Wounded Knew, S.D. and Means proclaimed: “sometimes there has to be violence.” “In 1973, Mr. Means led a siege of Wounded Knee by Indians who alleged that the tribal leadership was corrupt. Two Indians were killed and one Federal marshal seriously wounded by resulting gunfire, and the episode divided many residents of the Pine Ridge Reservation,” The New York Times reported Dec. 30, 1990.
That siege took place only three years after the publication of the book, “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” a saga about supposed injustices against the American Indians in the old West. Wounded Knee itself was the site of the last fight between Indians and the U.S. Army during the Indian Wars. Means described the 1973 takeover as having “captured national attention when he led the 71-day armed takeover on the sacred grounds of Wounded Knee.”
He has continued his push for Sioux independence in the decades since. The Lakota declared independence in 2007, as well, with Means proclaiming: “United States colonial rule is at its end!” More


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    • Anonymous

      Does that mean they’ll stop taking handouts from the government too?






        • lindarosemary

          Here are just a few of the things you should know. Holding the BIA Accountable©

          It has been reported that:

          Information fed into the BIA’s computer system is disorganized and erroneous.
          An estimated $5.8 billion has not been collected (since 1979) from companies that pump oil and gas from reservation lands, thus robbing Indians.
          In some cases, money that belonged to individual Indians and tribes was deposited in slush funds through accounts set up under phony names.
          There are thirty recent incidents in which federal employees were allegedly involved in theft, embezzlement and fraud on Indian reservations, yet few were prosecuted.
          BIA sponsored Indian programs failed to improve the economies of reservations, and the BIA failed to provide quality education for Indian children.
          Housing programs are riddled with scandal, and housing in many areas is shockingly substandard.
          Indian health remains poor, with diabetes reaching epidemic proportions on some reservations.
          The BIA cannot manage its own money, or account for millions in equipment and supplies.”

          This has been going on for over a hundred years.

          In short, th ese are not handouts. It’s money that belongs to them.

      • Anonymous


        Do you mean like the way those Japanese-Americans put in concentration camps during the war took taxpayer ‘handouts’ of food and water? And FREE housing to boot?

        Or do you mean the way the Bikini Atoll natives took food and medicine ‘handouts’ after being forcibly relocated to an uninhabitable atoll so the U.S. could their island for testing atomic bombs? (But were still irradiated anyways)

        Frankly, I think they would just as soon have their two-thousand-year-old tribal lands back. You and your ‘handouts’ can get on the Mayflower and go back to your handout-free Europe. See? Problem solved. Everyone’s happy.

        • HfjNUlYZ

          @Paveway III Very well put indeed! So many people believe the bs hype they are being fed regarding so called handouts, history issues etc. (If they only knew the truth..sigh). :sad:

        • Anonymous

          @Paveway III. Agreed, very well put.

        • Anonymous

          I mean WELFARE so Indians can live in poverty, have illegitimate births, and drink themselves to death if they want to. It just shows what sin and paganism does for people

      • lindarosemary

        The BIA has been stealing money from the American Indian for over 100 years.

        • whitebear

          ?Supposed? injustices against the American Indians?

          Perhaps you should look to see which of the several thousand treaties made by the US Government were actually honored and let us know when you find one.

          The American Indians have been promised compensation for the murders, atrocities and theft of land for over a hundred years. Nothing has ever come of it.

          And I know of no one that has ever actually received a penny from Obama either. Just like the others there is only talk.

    • Banderman

      Good for them. I have been supporting the children of the Lakota Nation via charitable contributions for a while now; these people are obviously impoverished and need help.

    • Kaye

      When I lived in South Dakota, the last was in 1962, the natives only had medical. I do not know of a cash grant. We had neighbors, that did not grink or smoke; and they were raising grandkids. the elderly gentleman used old house paint to make beautiful paintings. His wife did bead work and wove baskets. We shared garden abundance with them and they paid with their handywork, It was truly a blessing!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      What the new Americans did to the Native population is about to happen to them now. A complete EO take-over of the American people. Karma is amazing.

      • lindarosemary

        What the Spaniards did to American Indians wasn’t exactly nice either.

    • Anonymous

      Wann’s know about Treatment of the natives communities by the us – Gouvernement






    • Michael Patrick McCarty

      Russell Means is a warrior for the light! Interesting timing too, it being 2012 and all. Makes me want to move to Montana and join the nation!

      • TurtleCreeWoman

        Russ Means is from Minnesota I believe, lol

    • Mr. Wonderful

      That’s it. I’m applying for political/cultural asylum tomorrow.

    • It's Me Again

      Maybe the govt. will give them a few billion dollars in foreign aid now instead of sending it to the muslim countries that want all of us dead. Sounds good to me since we took their land to begin with, send my tax dollars to the Lakota Sioux Nation instead of Egypt and Pakistan.
      I guess the Lakota Sioux have to threaten to kill all of us before obama will send them any money like he does with his muslim brothers.

    • lil'eaglehelper

      yea, america “as foreign as it gets…” – Smoke Signals….
      When crossing the border “don’t forget your vaccinations…”

    • lil'eaglehelper

      yea, the new amercuca “as foreign as it gets..” -Smoke signals
      when crossing the border “don’t forget your vaccinations…”

    • libertex

      This may be the first olive out of the bottle,if Washington doesn’t get it’s act together/as someone with Cherokee ancestry and as a libertarian Texan severely disillusioned with the federal gov’t. I greatly sympathize /if things don’t get better PDQ I’d like to cast my vote for Willie Nelson (another Cherokee brother) as the first president of the new Republic Of Texas!

    • londoner

      Good for them. Not before time.

    • TLiebling

      The sorry state of American Indian nations is a stark example ofvwhat happens when big government “takes care” of people.

    • TLiebling

      I am all in favor of secession. The national government is corrupt and the Union, as it has become, dissolved.

      • TLiebling

        I mean that the Union, as it has become, SHOULD BE dissolved.

    • King of Shambhala

      I hope the Lakotas spread the good news Obama”s the Antichrist.

      They can be a beacon of light for us all.

      Obama – The Lottery and 666 – You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?

    • Anonymous

      We conquered them in war. We let them live on some of their land. They really have nothing to complain about. It’s up to them to make something of themselves. They’re fully responsible for their own lives. They can live lives of sin and drunkenness and do that while blaming their problems on the white man but God knows the truth.

      • ThatGuy

        Is your God the same one as mine? Mine loves unconditionally and there is a whole thing about “doing unto others”, heard about those?

        Are ypou implying that your God supports war? Should the victors continue to punish the vanquished for being less brutal?

        Gos does know the truth, maybe have a second look at your religious doctorine if tyou are not in line. You should love all without condition, even drunks who are just escaping their own living Hell.

    • Little One

      I guess we can see how the mammon-hoarders will demonize the poor in the eyes of the mammon-cravers, making an enemy of the needy populace that their own greed and insatiable lust for more has created. In this way the “Haves” and “wannabe-Haves” rationalize the mass extermination of the so-called “worthless, lazy, leeches,” aka, Have-nots, who keep the Haves’ and wanna-haves’ visions of utopia from being realized.

      Of course, their deaths will be for their own good, too. Thank God that the stone the builders of this corrupt world reject becomes the cornerstone in His Kingdom — a kingdom without tyrants and predators and sickness and wealth-hoarders and, therefore, poverty.

      “Choose this day who you will serve. No one [person] can serve two masters. How long will the middle class waver between two opinions? If Baal [the god of mammon] is God, serve him; if God is God, serve him.” –1 Kings 18

    • Anonymous

      Is o’bama going to use this as a pretext to bring in Martial Law (to practice for he designating Martial Law over ALL of the USA)?
      Watch out!

    • Anonymous

      Perfect! Now maybe they can get illegal alien status and the government will give them everything and they won’t even pay taxes. But then the government will insist on making them citizens again. It’s a vicious cycle.

    • lil'eaglehelper

      The honesty and pride of the Native American still remains even through all the blood and sadness…a’hou…please stop with the bible thumping stuff. It has done enough damage.Religion is poison.

    • Xinthose

      Maybe instead of defaulting on my student loans, I can cross the border into their territory, lol. They already have their own license plates.

    • TurtleCreeWoman

      Well this is truly sad that so many are ignorant to the truth of American Indians. There is a reason why they are rarely ever in major media news. United we stand, divided we fall. I am a enrolled member of the Turtle Mountain Chippewa Cree in North Dakota. Russ Means does not speak for all Ogala Lakota, Spirit Lake People, or Turtle Mountain people, American Indians in general. I do not speak for all American Indians either. Keep in mind that my cousin is till in prison for shooting of a Federal Agent in a Federal Prison at the stand off in Wounded Knee. I have not heard of any of the Co founders of the American Indian Movement who was there fight for Leonard Pelitires release to this day.

      I can tell you that the US Goverment has a “Throw money at the Indians” yet it rarely trickles down to the Native People. Just in the headlines does a liberal politician brag that he got a large sum to help educate, house or help Native people to find that most is spent on the non Indian officials put in place to delegate the spending of the funds, pay there wages and such. This always makes Natives on Reservations look bad.

      Now if you have ever been bailed out by the US Government raise your hand?, now you can see why We still have poverty on reservations, lack of employment due to federal laws on establishment of businesses on Indian Lands. With the high unemployment many gladly take a job and proud to get one with medical coverage for there families. If a Biz that makes parts for computers wants to build a company on a reservation they will run into a brick wall trying to take advantage of labor there by the Federal Gov. Its not that Indians would not gladly come to some terms on biz, they would invite it, yet its the Feds that stand in the way. Indian Land is not actually there land to use to prosper, land to fight for freedoms from birth to death, and I am in my 50′s now.

      Being the only light complected kid in my family, non Indians have been more comfortable to speak there mind on the situation. I have gotten jobs much easier, and while living on a reservation I bleached my hair blond to see how I would be treated lol. I have said for years that one day non Indians will see how myself and my Elders have been treated. You now figure out how the media lies, your rights being stripped away in secret.

      In World War II, a whole lot of Natives rallied to join the Military, these relations where not even considered US Citizens leagally. Close to the end of the War the US finely granted American Indians US citizenship due to pressure. To this day maney Americans have American Culture in there own culture, not even knowing who they got this from, and like a proud Lakota Elder said when he shook a Goverment Officials hand, “We are all relations.” I heard this myself. So remember the high number of my People that fought in War for Our Country. We believe in freedom, I have never been to a Indian reservation that does not have a Christian Church. It was only in 72 We gained rights to practice Our Spiritual beliefs and I am not speaking about using drugs, they are banned from Powwow’s in the Great Plains along with alcohol. When the Bible says “Raise your voices in song to the Lord.” This is what we do. We did this before we even seen a Bible, we honor All Vets and carry a American Flag onto the Sacred Powwow Grounds before the Grand entrance of the dancers. We are more American than Mc Donalds Apple pie. So do not judge untill you know the people and how God was banned from us, the consequences. As I do not judge the generation before me of any American. Its not for lack of people trying to speak the truth, but the lack of people who listened.

    • Anonymous

      Old news. And one of the tribal presidents (there are several individual tribes that make up the Lakota people) announced that Means was an independent spokesman and had no official standing with any of the tribes.
      I doubt it since this happened in 2007. I haven’t checked to see what’s going on lately or looked to see how many nuclear sites we have in their area.

    • Anonymous

      This is old news and one of the tribal presidents (there are several individual tribes that make up the Lakota people) announced that Means was an independent spokesman and had no official standing with any of the tribes.

    • KingOfTheCamp

      The indians got screwed over & nearly wiped out, I find it hilarious that blacks are at the forefront of social injustice issues when theirs still things called native americans walking around in very small groups in this country, Just remember african americans, you can go home, you did not have that taken & stolen from you & your heritage, american indians will & always shall be in bondage until the day the land is given back.

    • Banderman

      “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee,” a saga about supposed injustices against the American Indians in the old West.” See the game the media plays? When the media yammers endlessly about ‘civil rights violations or slavery involving black people”, the media always and forever speak in dogmatic. absolute terms, no question about it, the alleged discrimination HAPPENED whether or not it can be proven or even if there is any collaborating evidence to support the claims. With the Indian Nation, (or Caucasians, Chinese Americans, or Hispanic people for that matter) they speak in terms of “supposed injustices”. What a crock.

    • truthseekerinmo

      Indian tribes have been screwed out of their tribal lands and their material wealth
      in the form of oil and precious metals for hundreds of years. Westward expansion
      caused Indian/white wars and killing of thousands of men, women and children.
      The Cherokee, a proud people were rounded up like cattle and literally driven from
      the lands they had held for generations. They died of brutal conditions in winter
      weather without enough food or clothing. If the Lakota Sioux had enough
      numbers they would take back their ancestral lands. When you are of native
      American heritage you understand the injustices. Native Americans are among some
      of the poorest people in the nation. They would prefer not to rely on government
      or any other help. Like the Cherokee many Native Americans have chosen to make
      their own governing bodies and handle tribal issues. For many Native American tribes
      moving West meant death literally. I suggest people posting ignorant uninformed
      comments do a little research into their family tree, my guess is you too have Native
      American roots. Osiyo. :roll:

    • ImprobabilityDrive

      Ignorant and Native American – sounds like antinomy..
      With all my heart and soul I wish you to rebuild Your Nation and Culture.
      The Spirit is on your side Native American People.

    • Monticello

      Yawn…they are as racist as they come.

    • bustedbowl

      the plan is working perfectly…

      First we declare Secession.

      Then we sell land to china and russia, open casinos and take over from the inside out..just like the nazis did to amerika.

    • GQuinlan

      “a saga about supposed injustices against the American Indians in the old West”

      Really!?? :shock:

      Surely there is not one person alive on planet earth that does not know undoubtedly that there were horrible injustices committed against the American Indians.

      That is the most ridiculous statement in this article.

      What was this person thinking!?

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