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Musings After Midnight--"A Brief, Simple Explanation of Why Obama is Still President

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Hello, my good friends.

Welcome to another after midnight session of these chats where we gather together as concerned patriots to muse over the state of the nation. Granted, we have had little to be happy about for the past four years. From what I can tell, we are going to become even more distressed as Obama’s second term progresses.

And that is why these chats are more vital than ever and will become even more important as time goes on. We patriots MUST stick together. In fact, we must find a way to come together in some organized fashion so that we don’t splinter off into   impotent subgroups that have little influence or impact.

Presently we are disorganized. There are many patriots out there who are doing great things to restore the Constitution as the ultimate law of the land. But they are split among dozens if not hundreds of groups. Maybe that is a good thing. There are some positive points to having smaller groups where authority is spread out. But there is also something be said for coming together to fight a common — and very powerful — enemy.

These things we will have to flesh out as we proceed.

But at the very least we can discuss issues here.

More about that later in the coming days.

For tonight’s discussion I have some thoughts for your consideration that may help us forge a consensus as to where we proceed from here. I want to present a brief, simple explanation as to why Obama is still president.

You may wonder why I would want to focus on that since the subject appears at this point to be obvious to everyone and elementary to boot, a foregone conclusion. I know that various and sundry theories have been presented by various pundits as to why Obama won, and most of them have at least some merit. But it seems to me that the one thing missing is a comprehensive overview, a step by step understanding of the various components of the landscape in 2012 that led to this debacle. We need such a simple, easy to follow grid. For therein lies the seeds of our comeback as conservatives and patriots.

The way I boil it down is this: Obama is still president due to the following basic factors, all of which played a role in the 2012 election.

First, Obama and the Democrats successfully bought off millions of citizens with freebies, courtesy of the taxpayers.

It has been said that in Ohio, for example, the single issue that made the difference between an Obama win and a Romney upset was the bailout of the auto industry. That, in itself, is a bribe. Citizens in Ohio with connections to the auto industry were bought off by the Party in power in order to get their votes. It was a dastardly act as well, on several levels. Not only did they steal the money right out of the taxpayers’ pockets to give to large corporations in Ohio, but they stole the companies right out from under investors who had sunk multibillions of their own money into those companies, and then turned around and gave it to the auto workers union. That is ABJECT THEFT, a criminal act. But it worked. Corruption buys votes if the money is right.

Second, Democrats have used immigration policy to overrun the country with millions of new votes on the part of Hispanics who are sold out to all Democratic candidates. Being the Party of amnesty works, although it is a slap in the face to honest, non-criminal immigrants who are willing to stand in line and wait their turn like everyone else.

But the Democrats have discovered another interesting tidbit about the Hispanic immigrants. They like big government and all the freebies that go with it.

Is it any wonder that they oppose any and all attempts to make immigration fair and balanced, that no attempt is made to thwart the onslaught against our country from the south? Republicans have their own skeletons in the closet in this regard. They like the cheap labor, off the grid. That is criminal, every bit as much as what the Democrats have done.

And if you are a Libertarian Party member reading this, let me say something straight to you right now, until you change the travesty of supporting “open borders” like you’ve always done, you can forget me giving you the time of day. You are every bit as bad as the Democrats and Republicans.

We need a complete moratorium on immigration until we get this cleaned up. And we need to roll back the number of people allowed in here from the south. If you stand for big government, you know nothing about our Founders and the Constitution, and thus, you don’t need to be here at all. Go home.

Third, corruption was a huge factor in Obama’s “win.” I talked about this before in 2008 and got ridiculed and blasted by the so-called “pragmatists” who said there wasn’t enough voter fraud to make a difference. BULL. If you think that, you are nutty as a fruitcake.

This year, there are too many precincts that showed ZERO votes for Romney for this not to be due to fraud and vote tampering. And it just so happened in Democrat bastions of corruption such as Cleveland, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago. There are also major discrepancies and eyebrow raising stats coming out of Florida showing nothing less than abject thuggery at polling places.

Political analysts have stated that a changeover of only 400,000 votes in four states would have given Romney the victory instead of Obama.

And never forget my friends the numerous reports we received indicating that machines registered votes for Obama although the voters had pushed the Romney button. THAT is unconscionable, and no investigation has been launched into it. That is but one more example of the current thugocracy.

And then fourth, Obama won because Romney was not the right man for the job.

Now let me say this clearly at the outset. I believe Mitt Romney is a good and decent man. I saw nothing from him but integrity, honor, truth, and goodness in this campaign. He is obviously an admirable human being, a great father and faithful husband, an excellent and skillful businessman. And so convinced I became that he is basically a good man that I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt about some of his past votes. I was willing to accept the premise that people can change their minds about issues. Reagan did. Others have done so. If he has become pro-life and is sincere, I applaud him for it. If he now believes in the Second Amendment along with its own stipulation that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED,” then I can affirm him in that change of heart.

But still, I did not and do not believe he was the best candidate to go up against Obama. He was too soft, too accommodating, too willing to ascribe honor on the part of an opponent who has shown himself to be nothing but pure evil. We needed a hardnosed conservative who would have kept the heat on Obama from day one, and then never let up. We needed a much clearer differentiation between the two candidates. One is a progressive who implements elements of Marxism and Fascism. We needed a candidate who was the diametric opposite. Ron Paul would have been much better than Romney. So would Sarah Palin. Say what you will about Palin, but she will NOT back down from a fight. She will take the truth right to your face, like it or not.

THAT is the type of conservative we need at this dark time in our history. A truth-teller. One who speaks harsh truth to power. One who stands for smaller government and lower taxes and reductions in spending.

I never believed that Romney went far enough on these issues. I said so in 2007, I said it again in 2009, and I have preached it constantly since this campaign began. The one thing I did not do was to continue criticizing Romney once he became the nominee. No one can accuse me of not doing everything in my power to make sure Obama lost and Romney won. Once Romney got the votes at the Convention, I put all my energy into getting him elected in order to make sure we would rid the country of this scourge called Obama once and for all.

But it all fell on deaf ears. The early warnings about Romney were ignored. The incessant warnings about Obama since 2007 were also ignored. Thus, America will get what it deserves. Let the sane, astute Americans beware. We are in for a ride from hell due to the insanity of our fellow citizens.

Now, the Republican elitist establishment, and some very misguided faux conservatives such as Ann Coulter, sold us a bill of goods about Romney just as they did with McCain four years ago. The result was just as I predicted. LOSSES!

We cannot afford to do this again. In fact, we could not afford it this time.

So, as fine a man as Romney may be, he was not the right candidate for our message.

That’s about it, in a nutshell. Four basic reasons why Obama is still in the White House. Obviously, my friends, we are going to have to do things very differently going forward. Unfortunately, the RINOS are already saying the GOP will need to move further to the left.

Now what sense does THAT make? We already have the Marxist Party (Democrats). Why do we need Marxist-lite? That is about as stupid as any hammerhead I have ever heard attempting to drool and blather his way through political philosophy. People who say such things should have their heads examined.

Why would having Marxist-lite be successful when you can just go ahead and vote for the real deal, the whole enchilada, by voting for the Democrats?

The only winning formula is to provide a clear alternative, the diametric opposite to the Marxists.

Now obviously we are going to have to figure out a way to present our message in fashion that is appealing to groups we need in order to win. For example, although Hispanics like big government, they also like the conservative values that we espouse. We can capitalize on that. How? I don’t know. That’s where you come in. Together we are going to need to hammer out a game plan that will win.

I know that some believe none of this matters anymore, that civil war is our only recourse. And while I do not disagree with that, I want to constantly seek for other options. I don’t want to go to war. For one thing, you never know how such a thing will turn out. You may not get what you bargained for, and you will quite possibly come out with something much worse than we have right now.

Thus, those who believe we have passed the point of no return may well be right. War may be inevitable. But is is not my first choice, not even my second choice. I will accept it if this is our fate and do my part as a citizen who loves our Constitution. But I will always, always seek ways to save this Republic in a manner that does not involve war.


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