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Was Trump Chosen by the Illuminati to Deceive the World? "Q" [Nothing Is a Coincidence]: Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret. +Videos

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BERTRAND DAILY REPORT The War For Your Mind & Soul Continues

By Capt. Dave Bertrand, Ret.

Friends and Associates:

We often hear from “Q” analysts and others that President Trump was selected by a “Military Alliance” a.k.a. “Patriot White Hats,” and was persuaded to run for the presidency to curtail the rising influence of the ‘Illuminati’s’ [Final] attempt to rein-in a ‘New World Order’ on the entire planet earth.

The planning for a Trump presidency was ‘prophesized’ well over 100 years ago and probably much longer than that, but what we are (now) seeing is an amazing revelation of reality that raises many questions as to who Trump really is!

Is Trump the New World Order villain, working on behalf of the Illuminati, a secret society that answers to their Luciferian god….put in-place by the Illuminati to deceive the world into believing there is a way out of Satan’s control / enslavement of humanity and at some future point (soon) will Trump deceive us?

Or…is the Illuminati, the vicious and dangerous Deep State cult [they are] by which Trump has been designated as the “Last President,” will he save America from certain death?

The important video below is alarming in the sense of its accuracy and detail of how ‘predictive programing’ works and has worked since television was invented, and how a series of books written, decades before television came into our lives targets our very existence today.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind and millions of others, there is a power of both good and evil beyond our human consciousness that controls the blue-print for each and everyone of us on this planet. You were meant to be born at this particular time and you have a pre-designated ‘exit’ time from earth.

Note: Is it any wonder why the Democrat Communist Party and their Satanic operatives are aggressively changing abortion laws in-order to murder born infants (humans) AFTER delivery? Ask yourself why…..

WE are either an experiment by an off-world race, or WE are prisoners in a fake reality….a test for each one of us to achieve a higher level in an afterlife, a chance to redeem ourselves from evil or allow our souls to be extinguished, thus ending any and all hope for everlasting peace.

“Q” [Nothing is a Coincidence]

Synchronicity, however….is around us and happening every single day. Every move we make, or any mental thought we have at any given time, there is an unnoticeable connection to something, a song, a chance meeting, or to someone in your life, an event as simple as the knock on the door, or a phone call you knew was coming within seconds of it happening. It’s also referred to as [ESP], a special connection between our mind & soul to things we cannot see or hear.

The theory of ‘parallel worlds’ with (our) souls living in multiple dimensions at the same exact time is proven by ‘quantum mechanics’ of which theorists believe we are experiencing events that vary from what we are experiencing here.

Death in this world might be as simple has a soul leaves this body and joins (our) other one in another dimension, an example presented on a PBS documentary where a young girl is riding a bike and is hit by a truck. Her soul instantly transfers to another (of herself) and she continues to ride her bike home unharmed and unknowingly. (IMO) I’d say that happens to some when their ‘exit’ time is accidently interrupted.

The BIG question is…..who or what is behind that special power (we all have but don’t recognize) that drives us along this path while the Illuminati plan our lives through ‘predictive programming?’

Christians and other religious sects on the planet have been programmed with an ideology that flies in the face of a Satan (Devil) based-on fear that you will be sentenced to ‘Hell’ if you do or don’t do this or that in your life.

Those on the other side, communicating with those gifted with ‘channeling’ emphatically confirm there is no Hell, but Hell is of our own making, the reality some wish to accept as the excuse for suicides or turmoil on themselves and others. Hell is a fear based fake reality created to control human behavior. Planet earth is sometimes considered “Hell,” and/or the 3rd level dimension above the 1st dimension and below up to 12 to 16 higher levels.

Others believe in NOTHING and their lives are basically meaningless, believing they were once a bacteria or fungus that grew from under a rock.

The spiritually guided folks believe there are two distinct powers of the universe, both good and evil, or dark and light, working in unison for the needed balance of life, just as a battery is worthless if there isn’t a negative and positive connection. You have to have both, or nothing can survive…’s the negative and positive (ions) that keep atoms together in everything we touch and see.

However….the bottom line is simple to conceive.

Regardless of what one wants to call dark or light, God (or gods), and good versus evil, there are those that submit themselves to either side. Both sides are EXTREMELY powerful, because it’s not just the air we breath, or the temperature that surrounds us, it’s a connection to another dimension that HAS control of [our] lives on this prison planet.

If one wants to connect to the dark side, as the Illuminati do on a most regular basis for knowing the truth of what is coming, all one has to do is follow (their) ritual / worshipping techniques, and you can easily usher-in a spirit of demonic origin.

On the other hand, you can also contact the spiritual world of good, if you know the proper way of doing it. One example is the Ouija Board game, but note… a careless method that often brings bad spirits into one’s existence. Not recommended by any standard. Portals are real and the CERN project has mastered access to other dimensions.

The point being…..the so-called ‘Royal Families’ of approximately 13 globalist families, all worship Ba’al the Satanic god, and (also) involves [direct] contact with off-world races that are here on earth and light years away, or in other dimensions. Together, they plan the future of our existence with the ultimate goal of destroying all (non-essential) humans on this planet.

However, at the same time, there are off-world (benevolent) races attempting to save us from ourselves.

Together, these off-world beings have been setting us up for what we are seeing now, which is another indication that we are in the ‘End Times’ while a divided planet of humans are getting closer to an all out annihilation.

President Trump was meant for this time line and he is either going to bring peace to the world, or the Illuminati and the dark side of this universe will maneuver Trump into what THEY want, and HE might not even see it coming.

Therefore….prepare yourselves for anything and everything possible. This a great time to be alive, we are all witnesses for a reason and (our) spiritual growth depends on (our) actions. It’s the grand test, and we can either fail together or we can survive together. It’s all in our hands now, so pick a side…….


—Dave Bertrand

[email protected]

(Contributor: Cathy Cardoni)

John DiNardo analysis of the extraordinary video presentation below….

This is an astoundingly insightful expos’e of the world’s ruling elite planning major world events well in advance of their perpetration of these major events, such as the 9-11 attack.

Now, please ponder this idea: Who is the being, the superhuman being, the supernatural being whom these Illuminati elite worship? This superhuman being may be the source whose supernatural powers know of these future major world events all leading up to the Antichrist’s dictatorship over the entire human race.

Satan the Devil may know the future because God knows the future, and Satan may be attempting to usurp the rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ by prophesying these major events, passing this knowledge on to his ministers of evil, the Illuminati global ruling elite. This predictive programming of major world events leading up to Satan’s Antichrist’s dictatorship over the human race, may be the manifestation of the well known desire of the Devil to speak, act, and rule with prophetic accuracy, as the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God has prophesied and will so perform His own rulership over the human race.

Satan is always trying to copy the road to rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ. And to do so, Satan must prophesy major world events, and then perform them with precision accuracy in his endeavor to upstage the soon coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. JD

Donald Trump Is NOT Who You Think He Is ((100% PROOF)) (Or Is He?) – Video

SEE ALSO……………..

PROPHECY! Election of Pres Donald Trump Prophesied in 2007, Impeachment Attempts Prophesied in 2014 – Video

From the Desk of Capt. Dave Bertrand (Ret.) Your Comments Are Welcomed and Can Be Published Unless You Specify Otherwise.

Retired Int’l Freight Captain (DC-8 & B-727), Former (State) Law Enforcement, U.S. Customs (UC) Sector 5, Vietnam era Veteran (Korea), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University & University of Alaska (Undergraduate), Interests include Border Security, 9/11 Conspiracy, Government Corruption, New World Order, Freedom vs Communism, Secret Space Programs & UFO Encounters, Aviation, and Enjoy Living Off-The-Grid.

Read Past Bertrand Daily Reports: /v3/search/?q=dave+bertrand&sa=




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    • humaka

      Each its own actions decide self exit from earth, each it self allowing it self to do either good or bad, but surely it cannot be missed, anything that believe god’s or devils are controlling any human upon earth, is should be deemed insane, and is so, became so, simply by blaming all its own evil, inadequacies, abuses of others, upon something besides, it self.

      But how can they fix it, god is not helping them, or the devil made them do it, but such be most only their own minds self righteousness fix.

    • Anonymous

      The Sirius way:
      I think one should listen to everyone and find out the flaws in their arguments, because it all doesn’t fit together, not at all.

      Both the “Jews” and Jesuits were evicted from almost every country in Europe; Isn’t is safe to say they are of the same agenda; working in cahoots?

      Leuren Moret Global chaos agenda – Jesuits Trump, Pope Mexico wall; Nuking USA; DHS Urban warfare

      Jew Christopher Jon Bjerknes – Secrets of the Satanic Sabbatean Frankists

      Jewish Nazis & the Protocols of Zion

      “Gestapo Müller”

      The Hyksos people were the so called Yehudim, the Shepard Kings; the Sephardic; meaning of the age of the ram, Moses (meaning son of in Royal bloodline/ JR)

      Why are both Jesus and Satan referred to as the morning star?

      1.) Lucifer, (Latin: Lightbearer) Prophet or a false prophet? /True prophet a Rebel that wins the

      King Arthur The Grail Cypher Ep.2 – Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion

      The Sumerians told this tale as a literal re-enactment of the 584- day Venus Cycle. Inanna,

      literally, translates to Venus. At the
      beginning of the cycle Venus (Inanna) rises as Morning Star. Then she is conjunct the crescent

      Moon about seven times
      (Seven Gates or Chakras). Next, Venus disappears, as she is within 10 degrees of the blinding


      To the ancients planets were considered to have been “in the Underworld” when they were was no

      longer visible to the human
      eye because of her proximity to the Sun—so it was that Venus (Inanna) enters the Underworld. Once

      Venus has passed behind
      the Sun and beyond 10 degrees of its glare, she re-emerges as Evening Star. Over the next eight

      months there are about
      seven more Venus Moon conjunctions, completing Inanna’s “ascent” from the Underworld.

      Procyon: Torch Bearer (the precursor of, the light of what is comming)

      Procyon’s heliacal rising was an important signal to the ancient Egyptians, since the heliacal

      rising of Sirius marked the flooding of the Nile, dumping rich silty soil on the farms lining the

      river. (Helical rising means rising at dawn, with the sun, personified as the Greek god Helios.)

      Procyon told skywatchers the inundation was coming.

      Procyon is the Little Dog Star

      In as above so below; the little god “star” on Earth = associated with a Prophet; used in

      Biblical analogy.

      The name Procyon came from an ancient Greek word (sometimes translated as Prokuon) meaning

      something close to “before the dog.”
      The phrase referred to the fact that Procyon (also called the Little Dog Star) comes into the sky

      shortly before Sirius (the Dog Star), which is the brightest star in the sky.

      see or listen to the fire in the minds of men with Jordan Maxwell.
      King Arthur The Grail Cypher Ep.3 – Ralph Ellis/Michael Tsarion

      Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology, Astrotheology Part 1

      Santos Bonacci The Ancient Theology, Astrotheology Part 2

      • Anonymous

        “Life is a dream for the wise, a game for the fool, a comedy for the rich, a tragedy for the poor.“ – Socrates.

        The World Revolution – Dr. Stan Monteith

        Socrates taught the young
        Greek nobility that they would have to rebel against this system at some point in time; in the future, they made him drink the hemloch for that.

    • No time

      Yup, I think so! Lol.

    • Anonymous

      The Priesthood of cybele,
      A Tranny or devoted to higher things ?
      The shadow Nazarene priesthood of today.
      We’ve All Been Hoodwinked & Bamboozled!

      WWE Homosexual Blackmail & Hazing Roddy Piper Exposes Pat Patterson, Lord Alfred Hayes, &

      Greatest Scenes In Film: They Live – Sunglasses

      • Anonymous

        I know where this all comes from, it is the corruption of the Primeval Adam.

    • raburgeson

      Best to trust no one. Rumor has it he was picked by the military. The question remains it it military patriots or the military/industrial complex?

      • humaka

        Best all should trust only their own team spirit, making sure that team spirit, nobility, cast not the first stone, ever.

        And even after they throw 3, unless one hath supernatural powers already, which any would know in advance, if they did, turn the other cheek.

        For that which call another evil, shall be deemed evil it self, by all realms, above this one, hence no help cometh for these, but them self.

        As it has always been, per their own book, that they worship and protect more than other humans.

        Such a sad.

        Hate versus love.

        CHURCH versus STATE

        Dems globally, of STATE, pubs globally, of CHURCH.

        See bigger, to stop bigger.

        Divine wisdom be gone from all pubs.

        Switch parties.

        Gain wisdom.

        What little be left, anywhere.

    • Windwarrior7777

      Bertrand’s essay is excellent and provides much food for thought. The video however is pure hyperbole…or in simpler terms pure dissassociated “horshit”. The world trump has been around and commonly used for hundreds of years related to the card game Pinochle. It would not be a far stretch for anyone even vaguely familiar with the game to imagine the use of the name Trump as it refers to taking or making what is referred to as a “trick” in the game of Pinochle. as in” trumping” or controlling your opponents. Furthermore if anyone really investigates the history of Jesus and the formation of the Holy Roman Church (the root of all christianity) one would soon discover that the church was a creation of a murderous evil Emporer of Rome ( Constantine) who with his scribes fictionalized the New Testament to his liking as a document that allowed his church to provide him with full power over a failing Empire and then proceeded to mercilessly murder, pillage and destroy hundreds of thousands of members of other early Christian” sects and destroy their historical religious documents and doctrines until know other opposition existed. The last documents found being the well hidden “Dead Sea Scrolls. He even flattened the City of Gnoss the “Vatican City of the Gnostic sect killing every living thing in the entire city and obliterating any sign that it ever even existed. So much for “Christianity and its origins. Furthermore when asked Jesus NEVER said that HE was the one and only son of god….nor did he ever say he was the Jewish CHRIST all were waiting for. Having been raised as a devout Catholic…let me state the TRUTH clearly. “The bastard son of Mary.known in his youth as Jesus of Miriam…is NOT the CHRIST and is not the only “begotten” son of GOD. WE have been duped for 2000 years by a false religious organization created by man and Satan…which it has served admirably. I give my homage and my life to GOD and the living intelligent creative force of love that IS God. Not to the legend of a returning antichrist named Jesus….Remember that Satan /Lucufer’s best weapon….has ALWAYS been DECEPTION.

    • grayeagle40

      On YouTube Mark Taylor quote “I trust Q” “Mark Taylor Update January 18 2019 — MY THOUGHTS ON Q”
      Editorial Page:

    • Amanda B

      Don’t you think the programming being attempted here is to lead us away from Trump? I don’t think this is evidence that Trump is an issue. I think this is evidence the Globalist have foreknowledge of events to come and this is their ditch effort to try to stop the reality coming their way. Why would Trump be depicted as evil in every example if he was genuinely for the globalist and they were using this for predictive programming. Wouldn’t they try to convince us Trump was good, so we follow him to the slaughter house. These examples would be telling us the opposite. The Simpson’s episode clearly states that Trump is evil and some how this female; namely Hilary; is the righteous one. We know our reality tells us Hilary is evil! We have seen this first hand. This video could do unspeakable harm if it is wrong.

      • Amanda B

        Sorry for the horrible punctuation!

    • Slimey

      How come I didn’t see you come out with stuff like this with the Negro sodomite – obama?

      You remained quite for 8 years. Negro got your tongue? Or are you trying to spread the left narrative that only white people are bad? Have you ever looked into the history of the “darkies”?

      Yeah, that’s what I thought. :neutral:

      • Slimey

        Oops! “Ouite” should be “quiet”.

        Looking for new editor. So far no takers. Celery is good and includes doughnuts. :lol:

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