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AG William Barr Knows the Steele Dossier Was a Campaign Finance Issue for Democrats - Video

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H. A. Goodman

Published on Jun 29, 2019


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H. A. Goodman

Pinned by H. A. Goodman

H. A. Goodman18 hours ago


cannabis connoisseurs club

cannabis connoisseurs club18 hours ago

The fact that Hillary’s attorney did not list the dossier as a campaign expense is also a felony tax crime. Supposed to be listed as such and wasnt.

Paul Faria

Paul Faria18 hours ago

I hope all this comes out soon H.A. The country needs to see what the Democrats have been doing.

H. A. Goodman

cannabis connoisseurs club

cannabis connoisseurs club18 hours ago

Funny how the dossier expense wasn’t categorized on her tax filings as a campaign expense by her attorney. Ah oo, sounds like another criminal charge.

H. A. Goodman

Tim Drumm

Tim Drumm17 hours ago

No civil words can paint an appealing picture of HRC. How anyone with horrid political instincts can waste a Billion dollars on a losing, weak kneed, campaign effort…belongs in some other career.

David Lewis

David Lewis17 hours ago

Hillary vs Trump 20/20. In this corner we have the Golden boy in opposition corner we have the Golden Mu Mu all gloves are off rematch 20/20

Beverly Antonia

Beverly Antonia17 hours ago

She’s running to stave off indictment/prosecution.

Firm Grip

Firm Grip17 hours ago

H.A. as usual, love the Billy boy impersonation! Have an amazing weekend!

H. A. Goodman

William Stanfield

William Stanfield14 hours ago

Just say it.The Democratic Party is history,they are full blown Communists nothing else.


SuperDeathgate17 hours ago

Yo. Just cancled youtube premium. Will be switching to bitchute and LBRY. See you there

Bruce Tomaszewski

Bruce Tomaszewski16 hours ago

Here’s why HA is right about a 2020 run by Hillary is coming. Both Dem debates were so bad that the party has no choice. Take the immigrant healthcare question. That can’t be walked back during a debate with Trump…but looks good to far left. Hillary comes in, goes more center and loses again.

Erik H526

Erik H52618 hours ago

Hello H.A., Have a great weekend!!

H. A. Goodman


LibertyMatrix17 hours ago

Thank you, Judicial Watch!


G I18 hours ago

You get the crooks via money trail.

KittySunshineBandit 123

KittySunshineBandit 12317 hours ago

Why are they ? Saying this info came from Russia. This info did not come from Russia. What, do you think we are stupid.

Jarhead leatherneck

Jarhead leatherneck15 hours ago

Why don’t someone just throw water on her. I’m melting I’m melting LOL

David Pumpkini

David Pumpkini17 hours ago

If you spent $1.2 birrion darrars and lost, then you too would be pissed until 2020. This is like GDP of Haiti over 5 years.

Sun Shine

Sun Shine17 hours ago

If Hillary does not end up behind bars I will really believe there are two tiers of justice ….for all these years Hilary is living high on the hog when she is a criminal…lock her up….

Jack Hackathorn

Jack Hackathorn17 hours ago


joseph Buck

joseph Buck16 hours ago

My cell phone on its own it’s 17 megabytes per second Hughes Network I’m only getting ,0.40

loco uno

loco uno18 hours ago

if the Russians did interfere in the elections to help Trump win then we should thank them because of Hillary would have won we would have been under dictatorship with her as president if she just didn’t sell the country to the highest bidder oh I’m sorry donor

Reggie Abernethy

Reggie Abernethy16 hours ago

Yes they lost to Trump, who’s not even a Republican AND that’s the point….he’s NOT even a Republican.

Winning Winning

Winning Winning17 hours ago

Sessions /Huber ran out 2 1/2 years of Trump term doing nothing , Horowitz delivers 1 super softball report of no bias in the government against a Trump. Now Barr/Durham only have to stretch out investigations for 1 1/2 years hoping Trump is voted out. The swamp is not going to go after the swamp , especially the CF that takes out a huge % of the federal Government . If Barr was serious a SC would have been appointed long ago Justice comes when the patients of the patriots finally runs out and they take it to the next level. In the meantime , the assault on the middle class is over FOR NOW


chewyismycopilot16 hours ago

You should just get a hat that says she’s running again and never take it off

Donald Mcauliffe

Donald Mcauliffe17 hours ago

I did not vote for jimmy carter l knew better but l believe President ford won not jimmy carter

Jeff Mills

Jeff Mills17 hours ago


hidden4 time

hidden4 time17 hours ago

Love your Harry Caray impersonation.

James P

James P15 hours ago

I think you’re right…That mental patient would set up campaign headquarters and run it from jail and still blame Russia..

Susie Williams

Susie Williams15 hours ago

They pay for zero crimes. Period. And it won’t change.

matt applebaugh

matt applebaugh17 hours ago

My extension 🍆😂

joseph Buck

joseph Buck16 hours ago

H a Goodman you know I love but to connect to the internet I’m having to use Hughes satellite and man I cannot believe how slow it is

John Vincent

John Vincent17 hours ago

H.A. – Remember when President Trump scared the sh*t out of Comey by saying that Comey better hope our conversations were not taped 🤣🤣🤣

Normando Binkier

Normando Binkier17 hours ago

Gees, this scandal is like putting together a 5,000 piece puzzle.


lanesworld13 hours ago

🤣🤣🤣🤣 When they lose again, they’re not going to take it well! 🤣🤣🤣

frk smit

frk smit16 hours ago

It’s weird seein people go about their biz,as if it’s all just politics as usual, completely unaware that it’s only a matter of time before madame cyberhack willbe n the mix🗯 +

candace mac

candace mac11 hours ago

Biden moves like an “old dude” which he is .Clinton just fell down a lot.

Rodrick Adams

Rodrick Adams14 hours ago

I agree with you about Medicare for all it’s not affordable but if the medical community and pharmaceutical companies wasn’t out to make their stock holders rich and the food companys didn’t use chemicals that hurt us and the poison in sprays and workplace and so many things done differently it could be possible but people are greedy and more so than compassionate it will take time to change


ШΛЯPΛТH42 minutes ago

William Barr knows that nothing will come of this.


SpysL1KEus15 hours ago



Catlady5816 hours ago

Giant bowel movement! Perfect!

John Publius

John Publius17 hours ago

Comey said he is the arbiter of classified information not the President.

Zenny Nequin

Zenny Nequin16 hours ago

I dont know how to break it to HA…Those are not photos of Hillary behind him

Guy V.

Guy V.17 hours ago

I think what many people don’t realize, is that the reason why many people run for office, is the campaign law that states you get to keep 10% of donated money that comes in. If Biden takes in $10 million, he keeps an easy $1m.

jane toscano

jane toscano18 hours ago

Sounds like the chickens have come home to roost! And, the worm has turned, taking bites out of the fruit of the poisonous tree!

juan perez

juan perez17 hours ago

the government is harrasing its power to its last juice it squeezed and constricting everyone in it sounds like new world order make no exeptions its here

intel ex6

intel ex616 hours ago

Russian cyber attacks against this nation have been taking place since the dawn of the internet but the notion that Putin sanctioned a state sponsored cyber attack targeting John Podestas emails is rather unlikely.

Roberta Trasp

Roberta Trasp17 hours ago

What ever happened with AOC and her FEC problems?

cary joslin jr

cary joslin jr15 hours ago

Christopher Steele is talking😎😎😎


DevastationMtrsports10 hours ago

The campaign finance violations are curious. i havent watched yet but seems like nothing at all has happened leagally or investigative by FEC…

David Pumpkini

David Pumpkini18 hours ago

What they did to Bernie Sanders is beyond evil. If DNC is a cesspool of corruption, then this is the disease they will spread across the country if elected. I still think God intervened to prevent Hillary from winning. But can we count on God again for 2020? Lets do our part to the max.

janice plott

janice plott13 hours ago

for Pete’s sake–we know that Barr knows and Durham knows. They are looking at it, they are investigating it but are they doing anything with all of the criminal they have in their possession? Maybe someone knows something like action that I missed. If so, please tell me. I get tired of the same old BS every day.


islandnites10 hours ago

:-) Triple six up’s (WoooHoooooo) thx H. A. Jimmy Carter joke most president ever. Even Millard Filmore was a more successful potus than Jimmy.

Mr. B

Mr. B13 hours ago

H.A. when is the last time you seen hiltard even stand???? Hillary aint runnin

Eddie Lee

Eddie Lee17 hours ago

Bernie Sanders was probably told he may get caught up in the Arkansas flu epidemic if he didn’t back off being cheated.

Alvin Prettyman

Alvin Prettyman17 hours ago

the Golden MOO MOO is just a decoy … Big Mike is running


DOVE16 hours ago

The really sad thing is that everything is rigged….

Kingara Kingara

Kingara Kingara16 hours ago

who in congress is in on the russian hoax

Craig Vanantwerp

Craig Vanantwerp17 hours ago

Bill reign your dog in. You’re weak.

Harry V

Harry V13 hours ago

I am waiting for the indictments to get started to prosecute and her hit gang.

Mr. B

Mr. B13 hours ago

Hillary is thinking about what they have on her not runnin for prez

Winning Winning

Winning Winning17 hours ago

H A GL With Barr

Donna Warren

Donna Warren17 hours ago

CNN says paying for it is ok.

Dane Ryan

Dane Ryan15 hours ago

Just in case he doesn’t know some of the things you say he knows I hope he listens to you to tell him what he ought to know..

pony girl

pony girl15 hours ago

Luv u my fellow

Linda Bowles

Linda Bowles15 hours ago

Have a great weekend all 🇺🇸🇺🇸

James Watson

James Watson15 hours ago

33K yoga emails…

Carol Selfridge

Carol Selfridge15 hours ago (edited)

I am writing in Andrew Yang. I am tired of the old dogs. It is time for fresh , intelligent ideas that come with Younger candidates. I changed to Independent and I will never pick a party again. Both sides cater to the wealthy only.

Karen Camille

Karen Camille12 hours ago

Hi H.A.



S O15 hours ago

Killary 2020


Cathye Jackson

Cathye Jackson15 hours ago

Russia wanted Bernie Sanders elected.


al jbug

al jbug18 hours ago

Cool pics HA .


joseph Buck

joseph Buck16 hours ago




overcloth15 hours ago

Hillary spent campaign money on colostomy bags, a big no no.


Jeff Gibson

Jeff Gibson16 hours ago

How cheap is Hillary? Hillary is so cheap she used to take an income tax deduction for donating Bill’s used underwear to charity. Fifty cents each. No offense to all you others who do the same thing.



Becky Barns

Becky Barns16 hours ago

I read Bernie got a new house out of the deal. By the way, whatever became of Bernie’s wife? Wasn’t there talk about her engaging in some criminal activities?


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joe hackenstuff

joe hackenstuff17 hours ago

How can she run if she doesnt debate?


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Henrik G

Henrik G17 hours ago (edited)

Gimme a break. Why do you defile McCarthy by comparing him to the Democrat crime syndicate? The difference is that there was actually a grain of truth to McCarthy’s Red Scare. 😄


James Williams

James Williams4 hours ago

Like a good commie Bernie sold his soul to hillary for a lake house. If he can b cheated n gives up everything for money we the people don’t stand a chance.


David Bruce

David Bruce16 hours ago

Please please boost Tulsi Gabbard for the primary. I’m switching parties to vote for her in the primary. A little karma for the demagogues. Thanks.


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R. Cogburn

R. Cogburn16 hours ago

After 20 years of political life what have the Clinton’s actually done for America? Combined? Actual policy? Too bad The Vast Right Wing Conspiracy to destroy the Clinton’s was not real.


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Sun Shine

Sun Shine18 hours ago

I think she is running again to become all those who are running are almost as bad a her..hard to believe but they are all losers…



Sherri Rouse

Sherri Rouse9 hours ago

Nobody stole Bernie’s nomination. That bitchboy took a dive! Hillary paid Bernie off and he took the money and ran. Bernie is a parasite, and that is what he has done his whole political career


Brenda Canavas

Brenda Canavas17 hours ago

Hi H.A. I think this is their strategy to blame others for their own sloppy criminal behavior. They are all Losers now.They killed off the Democrat Party at those debates raising their hands to give free healthcare to illegals.


Silas Ash

Silas Ash17 hours ago

Get a life. You’re wasting your time. There is no justice



jx14aby17 hours ago

Can’t you get your point across in less than five minutes? I’m not sitting her for almost a half hour listen to you blather on.


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Lily Powell

Lily Powell2 hours ago

I hate Mexican advertising !! This is America !! I refuse to speak or interact with stupid forced b s ads!!!get a brain fools !! This will never be mexico !! Thank God !!!



danny whitney

danny whitney8 hours ago

of course they paid for it with the DNC money that was pretty obvious and known all along there nothing but lying corrupt garbage the Democratic party is nothing but lying corrupt communist socialist trash they’re not liberals they’re garbage they’re the scum of the earth trying to destroy the American people’s lives and their country we’re not going to allow it to happen they’re disgusting scum and we know it and we’re going to get him out of office there garbage

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curt wehrmeyer

curt wehrmeyer16 hours ago

Larry Klayman just announced Robert Mueller has been indicted. Check out Freedom Watch.


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Mike McGarrity

Mike McGarrity16 hours ago

Trump Facebook Flipped Mueller! Why didn’t Mueller find the Russian Facebook Flip Democrat Flippers? Mueller got Facebook Flipped! How can you find the Flippers if you already been Flipped? Then Barr redacted Russian Dem Flippers in the Mueller Report because Barr got Facebook Flipped too! By 2020 all Dems will be Flipped!



Sledcat17 hours ago

Clinton Deep State is FINISHED! Only because Someone had the BALLS (Trump) to Stand up to the Fuckers!



Linda Fasching

Linda Fasching17 hours ago

She needs to go to prison



TheDame Truth

TheDame Truth18 hours ago

How can any intelligent person respect Progressives??? They are inane, insane, juvenile, venal, delusional & moronic. Jus’ sayin’…with all due respect…and all that…🤣🤣


TheDame Truth

TheDame Truth18 hours ago

Bernie is a hypocritical corrupt lying bought off hump, political hack & moron



cannabis connoisseurs club

cannabis connoisseurs club18 hours ago

Says 0 views 5 likes. Such Censoring Scum youtube is. We will still win. Ty H.A.




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