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Q News - Chinese Treason? - The Beginning of Their Downfall - Video

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JustInformed Talk

Published on Aug 16, 2019


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Diane Gamber

Diane Gamber6 hours ago

Craig, you are right and it is destroying my relationships with my biracial children. They believe the media lies and the “woe we are black” ales from their dad’s family. It is killing me. The used to be such happy kids. Now, they see me as a “white supremacist”. I am their mother. I am not the only one. A friend of mine adopted two children from Guatemala, legally, of course, and she and her kids are convinced Trump is going to deport the children, who are here legally. They are not just cutting the fiber of America, they are getting into American families and destroying them.


jmarie84086 hours ago

She’s posing for pics. That’s pretty ballsy for a rapest! She actually molested girls as well as recruitment! CIA operator, eh… prosecute her!


shophar6 hours ago

Military Tribunal for all of the guilty. That’s the only way to find justice for those children.

christian sandoval

christian sandoval5 hours ago

This is how many people want to slap Hillary 🔻

Anoni Mouse

Anoni Mouse6 hours ago

Slavery… No one talks about the whole irish villages stolen by arabs

Cheryl Pemberton

Cheryl Pemberton6 hours ago

I couldn’t give a fig about China; they’ve stolen and bribed and cheated US POOR, now it’s OUR TIME TO COME BACK!

Blue Rose

Blue Rose6 hours ago (edited)

Globalist countries work against Trump…UK, Canada, France. They’re goal was to depopulate. Obama, Clintons, Bushes all in bed with them.

Desiree LiveLinX

Desiree LiveLinX6 hours ago

When can we round up people like the Clintons and hang them? PUBLICLY


Snap-Brick-Toy-Review6 hours ago

thanks for putting up videos


Omegacube6 hours ago

And they tell us to not interfere in their country.


W M5 hours ago (edited)

Omar & Talib are an insult to my eyes & ears!! They are simply foolish haters! Fit only for prison…Gitmo!! We’re in the Storm….when the Storm is over, they’ll be gone.

Michael Whittle

Michael Whittle6 hours ago

Note to self : The beginning of the end has Begun ?……kek…… WWG1WGA….. just saying……m (UK)

Russian Bot.

Russian Bot.6 hours ago

islam is NOT compatible with the West. It is a violent political movement masquerading as a religion. Thanks to the treasonous actions of the EU and certain European leaders (Merkle) civil wars will erupt throughout Europe as the muslim population grows.

HighCard! 1

HighCard! 16 hours ago


Robert Moore

Robert Moore6 hours ago

If it was trump it would be on the front of every screen and paper in the world. Truly saddening.

Marlene Paul

Marlene Paul6 hours ago (edited)

Of course China wants Biden, they’ve been doing business with Biden’s son for a long time

Parinthian Quattropani

Parinthian Quattropani5 hours ago

Trump train 2020! Get on board or be the rails! 🚂🚃🚃🚃🚃


555katwoman6666 hours ago

The CIA has been corrupt from inception. They hide under the cloak of national security. They were performing illegal experiments on citizens just a few years after the CIA was formed. It is an evil organization and we should defund and disband it altogether.


thxfthr5 hours ago

I am done with befriending demoncrats. The existing friends I had that are demoncrats I disassociate from now. I don’t want friends if they approve of the Clintons or demoncrats.

Lenard Barton

Lenard Barton6 hours ago

Cory Booker is gay as the day is long


Trofski6 hours ago

When will that Nazi knuckle head Fredo break cover??

Jackie Meintjes

Jackie Meintjes6 hours ago

So that’s why China could start investing and taking over South Africa, they got it from USA. There is a reason why China is here in SA, and it’s not because of the nice weather.


.::Snickerpie::.6 hours ago

❤️💙🇺🇸The Great Awakening has begun🇺🇸 One day, very soon, President Trump will get the recognition and respect he so deserves for everything he’s done to save not only the country, but the entire world👏🇺🇸❤️💙 Without a doubt, he will go down as the greatest president in American history🇺🇸🇺🇸God bless President Donald J. Trump and may god keep him safe🙏🙏

Andrea Dgeorge

Andrea Dgeorge6 hours ago

Anyone that harms our precious children needs to be destroyed. That’s the worse thing i can think of. Hillary Clinton is a baby killer. She needs to be arrested NOW.

Jason B

Jason B6 hours ago

Not beneath the concrete… mixed into the concrete and then poured. The concrete needs to be demolished and tested for human DNA and broken apart piece by piece for human remains.

Ronald Mcgrory

Ronald Mcgrory6 hours ago

Bent politician Bent actors ,Bent councils, Bent Labour party ,Bent rich people who don’t give a fcuk about the guy on the street ,bent FBI, Bent CIA, Bent M16, Bent M15 ..All bent the lot

Fk China-youtube Socialism/communism

Fk China-youtube Socialism/communism6 hours ago

remember 2 guys from Russia created google.

Regina Marie

Regina Marie6 hours ago

Its a fine line between playing a devil and being one..

Jay Dub

Jay Dub5 hours ago

Bush Sr. Being the Director of CIA and Bush family was know for smuggling Cocaine, and Son had enough time In Office.. they were building their shadow government

Dave Burnham

Dave Burnham6 hours ago

God bless you Craig

Pam Ironass Stites

Pam Ironass Stites6 hours ago

Childrens bones at Epstein Island.

Sherry Telles

Sherry Telles5 hours ago

So (H)illary, is a straight up Traitor.

Power fire walkinlight

Power fire walkinlight6 hours ago (edited)

The world elites are behind all the crimes going on in the world today, just imagine endless wars TERRORISM and drug sells, The politicians and their friends are the evil that is in the world , One wonder why they hate Trump so badly, He knows them all, and he is not part of them


me5 hours ago

After what Omar and Talib. said about Israel and Trump, give me one good reason why they should go to Israel at tax payers expense?

John R M

John R M5 hours ago

The First and the Last. The Beginning and the End. The Alpha and Omega. The I AM. My Lord J.C.The Son Of Man

Mark Tracy

Mark Tracy6 hours ago

Corey booker to open office against white supremacy? We all know there is virtually none and this is really a way to provoke a race war and divide the people. That would be an office that would be looking for people to point the finger at. How many innocents would have the finger pointed at them? Na. That is just an excuse for more power and to go after those with different views than the left.

Pam Ironass Stites

Pam Ironass Stites6 hours ago (edited)

Thank you Craig. I needed to hear that. I knew I was here tonight for a reason. I havent been getting notifications for a while, just off and on, I got one tonight and clicked. Thank you Father In JESUS NAME AMEN. ❤Craig GOD BLESS!!!!!!!!!!

Woke In So Cal

Woke In So Cal6 hours ago (edited)

Who else is here cause Joe Rogan gave @JustInformed Talk a shout out


R BICKERTON6 hours ago

Automatically forwarded doesn’t mean hacked. It means coercion.


vikingscott6 hours ago

China can be stopped from invading Hong Kong by refusing to sell one Chinese product in the USA if they move on hk! Easy peasy!

Dannella Thomas

Dannella Thomas6 hours ago

Faith of a Mustard Seed

Super Saiyan

Super Saiyan6 hours ago

China is deep state not the people but its government. This is the government that sells their own citizens organs on the black market. It’s about time.

MC Davis

MC Davis5 hours ago

The media is as guilt if not more guilty than the politition .

Jason Mavis

Jason Mavis4 hours ago

Where my fellow Nationalists at?💯

Ann Clouse

Ann Clouse4 hours ago

I love it when you pray and talk about God it makes all the bad news seem like a blessing amen

Karen M.Glass

Karen M.Glass5 hours ago

Her sever was not hacked from my understanding. She gave the classified emails through a back door!

Lance Fall

Lance Fall5 hours ago

Historians are members of the Elite class, and that’s why you’ll never hear the Slavery truth. The Elite were the Slave owners, not normal families as they would like you to believe. They don’t want all the blame.

James Black

James Black4 hours ago (edited)

This current Media and Dem movement is demonic .. period.

Cheryl Pemberton

Cheryl Pemberton5 hours ago

Several retorts are coming out, there are little childrens’ bones under concrete and around Little St. James Island!!



bryan inglis

bryan inglis5 hours ago

The Clintons have been in the pockets of the Chinese since the 90’s, remember all the Chinese nationals charged with campaign finance violations back in early 2000’s. imo the 4 billion to N Korea was also part of it



C. Galindo

C. Galindo4 hours ago

🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸TRUMP 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 It’s so funny because the left are white supremacist! they won’t get away with it for long people will wake up



Andrea Dgeorge

Andrea Dgeorge6 hours ago

There are great world leaders. Usa, Russia, north Korea, China israel. Hopefully all leaders want what’s best for their people not controlling them. Freedom is how all countries should govern.



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Henry Homes

Henry Homes4 hours ago

the dems are gonna all jump ship, and become RINOs…



Ellie from Franklin. Same as always

Ellie from Franklin. Same as always3 hours ago (edited)

Were you on Googles “list”? I am betting you are. I would wear that as a badge of honor.



Mr Biz

Mr Biz6 hours ago

“The hunters become the hunted”….”Changing of the old guard”. The hunter is the modern day business man/woman. DJT can hunt. “Dark to light”. New hunters. Fair hunters. The people will eat.



bogie barron

bogie barron5 hours ago

Cory Booker and his “girlfriend” have ties to Marina Abramovich…they are “spirit cookers”.



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Ronda Kelly

Ronda Kelly6 hours ago (edited)

Thank you for mentioning Veteran care, I was in the Montgomery ALABAMA VA ER last night. I have a hernia they found in January. {7 months of pure PAIN.} Now they say I need SURGERY. I am bed bound for 2 months. My son can not work, because he cooks to keep me alive. Bad VA CARE. I NEED HELP.



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Freedom American

Freedom American5 hours ago (edited)

Maxwell has lived the Elite life and had a pass for too long, she brought girls to Epstein, is that not a crime? She clearly has no shame at all ,if she had on a Maga hat someone probably would, what a world. and how dare HRC say a word, considering what she has done, I hope she hangs for her part in the pedo ring. When HRC is arrested along with all others involved, and they publicly announce her crimes, justice will be served.



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Cheryl Pemberton

Cheryl Pemberton5 hours ago

I LIVE In-N-Out, favorite burger! My Darling Granddaughter and I always get a double-double #2 with cheese, protein style (between lettuce instead of buns), grilled onions, extra produce (no charge), extra sauce; plus extra sauce for those fries!!!! We go once every month – yum!




ksanurse6 hours ago

Re Epstein madam – I would b very afraid if I was her. She’s to cocksure for her own good. Maybe she’s seeking being caught and witness protection.



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Antonio Howard

Antonio Howard5 hours ago

Socialism/Communism requires the lower class to rise up against the upper-class. Unfortunately for them, poor people live really well under capitalism. I have been all over the world, and I know this to be true.



Sharyn Leato

Sharyn Leato5 hours ago

I want reparation for the life of a Grandfather who lost his life fighting on the side of the Republic North to free your Grsndfather from slavery of the Democratic South. I want that reparation. So think about that for a while, hu?



Mike in Halifax

Mike in Halifax5 hours ago

If Trump is ever assassinated then we are going to have a real problem



Carol Shaw

Carol Shaw6 hours ago




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TheTuttleCrew5 hours ago (edited)

**ATTENTION- I went to Amazon to look up the book: “The Book Of Honor” by Ted Gup And the top review is by G. Maxwell from August 15, 2019… About: “A good friend of mine that died recently under tragic circumstances. Some saw it coming for quite a while…” Go read it before it is removed! I took a screen shot! Guys I am serious!!!



Cheryl Pemberton

Cheryl Pemberton5 hours ago

Most of my ancestors were Native North Americans. I should NOT have to pay either!!




mariaj2 hours ago

Well I sm saying it, every single one of them ARE TRUE!!



Rosemary Froman

Rosemary Froman6 hours ago (edited)

It sure is a shame that the public doesn’t see through it. All these politicians want is money. Wish they do some research on how much Nancy Pelosi makes. And all the others make really close to Hers income. As an example..



Harris Anne

Harris Anne5 hours ago

Think about this. By the time Epstien was arrested, Everyone on BOTH sides of the isle knew he was guilty. But a few liberal droids were STILL not ready to accept the fact that Hillary & Bill were evil on steroids. They thought the Clinton Cabal “KILL LIST” was a “conspiracy theory” … This is fkucking brilliant! Either way, Epstien would die for his crimes against children. Talk about 3-D chess. He gets what he deserves…PLUS it exposes Hillary’s mafiosa tactics!!!! After he got murdered by the Clinton cabal, The remaining few idiot droids got WOKE! My most liberal of friends said “Holy Chit, He was Arcansided!!!!”MSM Fake News is scrambling like plague ridden vermin on a sinking ship! I call this COMEUPPANCE & KARMA!!!

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Max lynette

Max lynette5 hours ago

That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute a new Government, laying its foundation such principals and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Declaration of Independence July 4, 1776

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Alan Hinckle

Alan Hinckle1 hour ago

You are forgetting the 18 spies killed in china because of the emails




epictrilogy1 hour ago

“It is NOT okay to be white.” Cory Booker 2019.



Sarah Delarosa

Sarah Delarosa5 hours ago

It’s NOT “freedom of speech,” when those in place to ‘represent’ us, speak against us, and knowingly support our known enemies. It’s called TREASON, which is STILL a hang-able offense!!!



Graeme Quinn

Graeme Quinn5 hours ago

The Senate Judiciary Committee has now released documents that contain information that verifies that yes indeed, then-Secretary of State Clinton was having all her emails copied and forwarded to a Chinese companies’ email account. So a ton of classified info that Clinton deliberately put in emails on an unsecured server were ALL being sent to this CarterHeavyIndustries [CHI] email account, and then forwarded from there to a PRN server. This is not speculation. Gov’t officials are saying this happened.  Comey went out there & said ‘no criminal intent’ & Hillary was allowed to skate.

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R P6 hours ago

It’s all about the belt and road initiative. China wants to put a stranglehold on prices and take a cut of every good traded in the entire world.



Gem Scarbrough

Gem Scarbrough6 hours ago

Isaiah 8:12 “You are not to say, ‘It is a conspiracy!’ In regard to all that this people call a conspiracy, And you are not to fear what they fear or be in dread of it.



Random and Warped

Random and Warped2 hours ago

I would wage a large sum that something is in the concrete



Kenneth Allen

Kenneth Allen2 hours ago

everyone should be anti israel. with that said great video



carla vos

carla vos6 hours ago

some ignorant dutch presenter on tv with her talk show, believes everything that is coming out in the msm, is a conspiracy theory . the ultimate stupidity of these ppl still a sleep………………….yes so frustrating..



Pam Ironass Stites

Pam Ironass Stites6 hours ago

I know GOD is in control. But theres no way we can let this go on if we have to go to DC I mean AMERICA this is SERIOUS!!! Some times ya gotta just say enough and if it takes STOPPING what your doing and really going and standing in front of these ppl and telling them ALL NO!!!!! FACE TO FACE WELL Then we may need to get up and go!!! As many across America as possible! WHEN IS ENOUGH ENOUGH?!!!!! IVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS OUT OF THESE PPL!!!!!!🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

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Lisa Weddington

Lisa Weddington3 hours ago

One of my favorite things I love to hear is what you say at the end, is a prayer and or explain how you try and explain it to us what it means.🤗 Best part I’m grateful for it all. Thank you God Bless



Truth Be Known Revolution

Truth Be Known Revolution11 minutes ago

Dude, I love your work, but please stop telling us how to watch all your vids on YouTube. We know how to work YouTube! You waste 5 mins at the beginning and the end of Every video.



Pam Ironass Stites

Pam Ironass Stites6 hours ago

My trike won’t make it that far, its on one leg now. Its all I got!!! OH I WANTA GO!!!! ID LOVE TO SEE YOU ALL



shelia rogers

shelia rogers6 hours ago (edited)

HANK KUNNAMEN “God is not afraid of division those in this evil agenda will be swallowed up.” In old testament this happened to 3000 people but when Holy Spirit of Truth that came upon those in the upper room 3000 were saved. 365 times the bible says fear not one for every day. so fellow patriots fear not!🤣🤣🤣🤣 give praise for our goverment is upon His Jesus Shoulders but we need to lift up the Lord thru the Holy Spirit.

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Lisa Elliott

Lisa Elliott5 hours ago

Thanks Ctaig. Major Patriot gave a great summary. Blessings to you and your family! Your conference is coming soon!


Debra Fuller

Debra Fuller2 hours ago



Charlene Friedel

Charlene Friedel2 hours ago

Conspiracy Theorist “Fact Bringers/Factists”….LOL. I cracked up laughing 🤣


Ruben Cruz

Ruben Cruz3 hours ago

Dam I am latino and I am white supremacy…dammmmm new news for me…I will pass the message on.



cecil archie

cecil archie5 hours ago

Divide and conquer propaganda.



Shareon Rivas

Shareon Rivas4 hours ago

Every thing he said was true every question was accurate . period


Donna Sellers

Donna Sellers3 hours ago

Don’t ever apologize for telling thE TRUTH.




Shellb25 minutes ago

When you add in the CEMEX patten for making cement with blood! It’s really terrifying.


Alec Ohare

Alec Ohare6 hours ago

Those things are true!



james angeltown

james angeltown1 hour ago

Cathy Mccarthy 56 minutes ago Did you see Pelosi basically tell Borice that if Brexit happens USA wont work with them Tree sun

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Romeo Alpha

Romeo Alpha1 hour ago

Epstein and Maxwell were also mossad. Don’t be another Alex Jones.


Lady D

Lady D1 hour ago

Amen brother God bless you and your family. Great job.


Camille Riggan

Camille Riggan6 hours ago

Cory Booker, this is not like voting for class president in high school. This is serious business. You need to grow up some more before you even consider running for President. Maybe give it up ?????????



Don Smith

Don Smith6 hours ago

Where is the airport? Did he bury the airport and landing strip??? 🤔🤭😱🤯😳😳😳 is this the way the island 🌴 looked in 2012 ??? Can Google maps be way back machined??? 🤔🤭🤫



Harry Nasholts

Harry Nasholts5 hours ago

So did ilhan Omar have kids with her 1st husband if so he is the father/uncle all in one lol



Billy Bob

Billy Bob2 hours ago

Ref those emails and China – who said the server had to be hacked?? She (hitlery) was complicit in all her affairs, so she just had them forwarded…



Denis Russo

Denis Russo5 hours ago

If we owe reparations to slave descendents, then what the heck do we owe the American Indian??????



Buddy Lobos

Buddy Lobos23 minutes ago

Ms Maxwell was trying to tell us that Her & Jeff Epstein are CIA HERO’s.


Joey Bag of donuts

Joey Bag of donuts2 hours ago

I’ll go to war with the government before I pay reparations


Michael Jacobs

Michael Jacobs1 hour ago (edited)

it is called chinese takeout ! china was allowed access to the servers Then they (china) took out all our operatives h.r.c set us back 50 years

Read more


Moa Hunter

Moa Hunter5 hours ago

Yip C_a involved. That’s why he’s been untouchable. Concrete Evidence been covered up. No evidence on underground tunnels yet?


Christopher Greensides

Christopher Greensides5 hours ago

We’re not conspiracy theorists anymore! We are conspiracy fact… Er bringers… Er factists! Hahaha I’m sorry Justin but that was so funny. Great reporting tho dude, your doing great work, keep it up. Love and respect to you man.



Christian DeBerry

Christian DeBerry1 hour ago

There already is an office that combats so called “White Supremacists”…its called the FBI…what a joke he is!


Mario T

Mario T3 hours ago

Spot on!! CIA runs the country! They are the real enemy of the people!



Chattykatty Cole

Chattykatty Cole2 hours ago

Craig your doing a great job! Keep up the great work.


Laura s

Laura s55 minutes ago

AMEN!!!!!!!!!!! GOD wins. This is great. What a nail biting story. Talk about sitting in the edge of your seat. Amazing. I have to remind myself to breathe. Wow.


David Fee

David Fee1 hour ago

DONALD Trump will go down as the greatest president we will ever have the privilege of seeing .God BLESS AMERICA and DONALD Trump SEMPER FI AMERICA


Frank Cooper

Frank Cooper5 hours ago

i am and never will be responsible for my fathers or grandfathers bias or racial attitudes there was persecution of different ethnic groups in the so called west in the past and every nation participated in many crimes and injustices against their fellow humans…..this is history.



Jade Cryingwolf

Jade Cryingwolf4 hours ago

Y’know Craig … when you said all the rooms beneath the temple … I couldn’t help but think of “Hostel”. Ugh.


jeanette strauss

jeanette strauss53 minutes ago

They are ALL going Down. I cant wait ❤️🇩🇰🙏👍🏽👏👏


Open eye

Open eye2 hours ago

Q told us a long time ago that we have more than we know, We have it all! Future proves past! WWG1WGA 🌏 👍 😉


W Collins

W Collins4 hours ago

Deplorables, Supremacists and Racist too ????


Laura s

Laura s1 hour ago

Hillary is criminal #1 She’s definitely not Tammy Wynette.


Timothy Archer

Timothy Archer31 minutes ago

LOL. Even the truth, is “racist”, now! 😆

Read more


James Gunderson

James Gunderson3 hours ago

How many informants in comunist china have been killed via hillary’s e-mails?, and shouldn’t they be added to the clinton body count?


Sybil Kelley

Sybil Kelley42 minutes ago

Treason! They are all guilty! Demand equal justice, because, we would have been prosecuted and thrown under the jail long before now!


Mii Kou

Mii Kou4 hours ago

Beautiful Prayer 🙏 as usual. How about a parter channel?


Laura s

Laura s1 hour ago

God bless you Craig. Honestly. You are a warrior. Please don’t ever stop. And please be safe.


dboyd W

dboyd W49 minutes ago

Corey Booker reminds me a darker skin bald version of Forest Gump but without the charisma.



BRUDAS Dm5 hours ago

These people give Satan a bad name. Trust me when I say this. He will not approve. 🔥



Mephistopholese46 minutes ago

the MSM is attempting a soft coup against the president what point does it become sedition!


james angeltown

james angeltown48 minutes ago

Michael W. said: Note to self : The beginning of the end has Begun ?……kek…… WWG1WGA….. just saying……m (UK) kek

Read more


Denise Fernandes

Denise Fernandes2 hours ago

Yes, it is a conspiracy….NO THEORY,,,,,just fact, I hope they are all squirming!!!



SPIDERDRAGONfly3 hours ago

whenever someone brings up reparations I always ask them what about the Indians jackasses. these people have gone so off the rails. great work brother very much a fan of JIFT



View 4 replies


ChangingSkies-Sweden5 hours ago

Craig! We are conspirscy realists, dear Patriot! Be proud of yourself! ❤️


pamela lynch

pamela lynch43 minutes ago

Both ohma n ahlib hold b Frankened an at the very least senshurd! I kno the spelling is inkorrect b4 folks think im illiterate! Algoes u kno!


Sheri S

Sheri S20 minutes ago

OFC Biden wants to build up China. I’m sure it was part of the deal his son got on his “visit.”🙄


Mike V. Paradigmless

Mike V. Paradigmless16 minutes ago

South America would go broke if they had to pay slavery reparations



TAC W41 minutes ago

Conspiracy FACT BRINGERS…..not correct grammer but AWESOME!!!!


Sheridan Rose

Sheridan Rose6 hours ago

Right on point! Thank you!




10ft5x45 minutes ago

These Creep State Cabal Blackmailers that had a stranglehold on our government have lost their grip, everything is now slipping away from them, and spinning out of control.


Cathy Mccarthy

Cathy Mccarthy2 hours ago

If I had the old encyclopedia I would take pictures of definitions of these , so they knew it was not me just typing a opinion.. And start a circulation of the true definition


Michael C. Callahan

Michael C. Callahan2 hours ago

So desperate to win anything, will say anything, will hurt everybody for their evil goals. Hang tight we win.



mariaj2 hours ago

Posted on Twitter JE seen at military base in Germany! He was sedated! The white hats have hiim!


N 5150

N 51501 hour ago

Please do not teach a works based salvation. Once your saved, you are always saved.


John Biss

John Biss3 hours ago

They want a civil war, thinking conservatives don’t have the balls.They be wrong


Gerdie Albers

Gerdie Albers3 hours ago

The DEMOCRAT party is full of BLACK SUPREMACISTS ASWELL AS the MSM…!! China didn’t hack anything…there was a constant open line towards HITLARY ….her e-mails were EASILY ACCESSIBLE….!!


Mobile only

Mobile only6 minutes ago

Yes that is exactly the agenda all across the world. They say that quite often but people can’t hear 👍


Joanne Goodwin

Joanne Goodwin4 hours ago (edited)

Exactly what they have done in South Africa where they are justifying murdering white farms and stealing their farms.Q says they want you divided by race


Helen Hickey

Helen Hickey23 minutes ago

. Send them pity and Love, because our learning the TRUTH is the ONE THING they cannot stand! GOD WINS!


Lawrence Smith

Lawrence Smith2 hours ago

101 on how to brainwash people. Its almost surreal watching people being sucked in by this driven narrative.


Misty Kimm

Misty Kimm1 hour ago

Oh I think theres an investigation going on about the squad and how they came to power. Remember it was all soros. I absolutely think trump already ordered the investigation already.


Tim Miller

Tim Miller35 minutes ago

Yes the Clowns are a globalist swamp!


W Collins

W Collins4 hours ago

CIA ??? Aren’t they forbidden operating within the USA ????


Barbara Supkow

Barbara Supkow4 hours ago

I think the extreme left are the ones who should be locked up and put in the crazy house and banned from guns!!!!!!


Brett Garland

Brett Garland13 minutes ago

Cory Booker does not seem to realize that there are already agencies and laws that combat any revolutionary organization.


nancy more

nancy more4 hours ago

If you think the whole world is against you and it is, are you really paranoid?


Gigi Bellia

Gigi Bellia5 hours ago (edited)

Dem candidates make Al Sharpton look reasonable #CancelFredo


knight mare

knight mare4 hours ago

We are all peasants, they are the barons,we haven’t really moved on from the dark ages they just painted technology and fake choice over it all to give us the illusion we are free.



Westerly Sunn

Westerly Sunn4 hours ago

If they don’t swing, we ain’t got a hair on our @$$


Laura s

Laura s1 hour ago

Haven’t we always felt something was happening. It really started to spin when they snuck Obama in


Erik Gour

Erik Gour5 hours ago

Call it whatever you want. It’s just starting to get good now. Popcorn ready!!


Judas Priest

Judas Priest6 hours ago

Now can we get her?!



Jed Phykitt

Jed Phykitt1 hour ago

The majority rules this nation. Isn’t that what freedom is all about? Isn’t that why we get to vote. The majority wins. These extreme leftists are once again posing. It will backfirie Logical thinking.


Delina Youngs

Delina Youngs3 minutes ago

I agree with major Patriot questions !


John Varnell

John Varnell1 hour ago

You do know we are all a part of the AIA Anono’s Intelligence Association

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APeX Interview - Superior to Colloidal Silver from Lee Canady on Vimeo.

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    • Slimey

      Chinese are stupid and brutal. :lol: Their DOWNFALL.

    • truck driver

      Once communist party is disabled china will go back to being Walmart again




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