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Why Work? Become an Illegal Alien!

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You CAN Still Live “The American Dream” — Become an Illegal Alien!

I know how it is.  You lost your job due to COVID, you’ve been laid off and you can barely make ends meet.  Or you were downsized by the emergence of “The Virus,” and now you’re living on the street.  Or maybe you owned a small yet thriving business, but as the original two week “flatten the curve” mantra began to stretch from month-to-month, and then more and more months were added, you simply couldn’t keep your small business afloat, so you had to close your business, and perhaps even declare bankruptcy.

I know you feel “The American Dream” is slipping from your grasp.  Even while you “know”, of course, that “We’re All In This Together”.  But eventually you found out that the people who really were in this “together” were the giant chain stores and the social media titans.  “They” definitely  were “…All in This Together” but somehow that “together” part seemed to exclude you and everyone you knew.  

Now, day after day, “The American Dream” seems to slowly recede further from your grasp.   You strain harder and run faster on the hamster wheel, trying to get a glimpse of how you thought your life would be at this point in time.  Yet new COVID restrictions like vaccine passports seems to emerge from nowhere, with the authorities playing dodge ball with the Truth, all the while collecting their paychecks like clockwork while expecting you to somehow stoically struggle yet still survive.  

You want your American Dream back; you want to taste and experience the secure economic reality you once enjoyed as you actually lived it while setting your sights on your life’s goals.  You cannot accept the possibility that the American dream has now become a chimera, fading behind the horizon as a distant vision.   So to help stoke the embers of your memory and reinvigorate your recollection, let me resuscitate one of the most common interpretations of “The American Dream” for you and see if you still recognize it.

“The American Dream” is not really complicated.  It is simply a desire to achieve and accomplish more than our forebears, to own our own home, to be able to pay our bills and enjoy affordable health care, to live in peace, harmony, tranquility and quiet security for ourselves and our progeny, and to have a growing surplus of funds in our bank accounts so that we may have a secure retirement.  It is based on individual freedom, liberty and responsibility, the smallest government possible, along with the enjoyment of the freedoms enshrined in our Bill of Rights, together with the desire to help participate in and improve our communities.  While there are additional fillips that can be added to that dream, these specific elements define The American Dream to most everyone I know.   Yet all of these facets of The American Dream seemed to have been “wiped out” by the emergence of The Corona Virus, perhaps deliberately…  

Due to the upheavals our global society has had to endure, you may think there is no way you could once again feel as if you were on track to enjoy the fruits of The American Dream — but you are mistaken.

There exists one foolproof way for you to begin to live the “High Life” once again, to feel that you are back on the road to success; to enjoy an ever higher standard of living, receive money for nothing, have your relatives enjoy your largess, get tax refunds for which you were never taxed, and enable your children — ALL your children — to participate in this  economic, social and cultural bonanza.

How can you achieve all of the above, without any real cost to you?  What do you have to do in order to receive all of this financial and cultural  “manna” from heaven,  now available to you and everyone like you who are clamoring to “Pass Go” and collect “free funds” while repeatedly running around the board game of life in America?

It’s simple, really.   Just cross the borders of The United States of America (Incorporated), renounce your American citizenship, and then enter and cross one of the borders of The USA, Inc. once more, while declaring yourself to be an oppressed “Illegal Alien” just looking for “…a better life.”

Think I’m kidding?  Then just consider, for a moment, the benefits you can claim as an Illegal Alien living in America, that are not even available to real citizens of the United States?   The list is staggering….

First of all, for breaking our laws for crossing our border illegally, you will be “punished” in the following manner:

— you will receive rental $ assistance or even free housing for you and your children

— you will receive food $ assistance

— you will receive free $ legal representation

— you will receive free $ medical care with no limit on the amount set aside for you, your spouse and your children

— you will receive free $ ground transportation, even free vehicles

—you will receive free furniture

— you can travel by air (with free First Class air fare!) with no identification requirements (no need for any kind of government issued photo ID), no searches and no seizures;

—you (and yours) will not be examined for the Corona virus, and you will be set free into the general population of The United States of America (Inc.) to go wherever you wish, without restriction, and without face masks;

—you will not need Vaccine Passports, since you never received “the COVID vaccine.”

— you will receive direct financial assistance thru dozens of government agencies and programs which you, and only illegal aliens like yourself, are “entitled” to enjoy;

— your children will have a free school education, no matter how many children you may have, and they will also receive free breakfast and lunch along with it;

— your relatives (a limitless number!) will be able to join you after living illegally in America for a little over a year… and they can receive the same “free” benefits you received, enabling you to be the “King of the Castle” who made it all possible;

— you will receive favorable press and media, always the victim in need of assistance; and if you should happen to commit a crime, it will be either expunged or reduced into something meaningless; especially if it is against a U.S. citizen;

— you will receive “free” social security, even though you and your relatives may have never paid a penny into the system;

— your children will receive scholarships and “in-state” tuition to enjoy higher academic achievement without draining your own financial resources; their admittance to higher education will be prioritized over the children of U.S. citizens;

— and if you happen to live in New York City, you will be receiving $15 , 600 a year in direct cash payments because of the misfortune of finding yourself to be an Illegal Alien in New York, with payments made directly from the “democrat” controlled government of New York State.

All in all, it’s not a bad deal, is it?  At one time renouncing your citizenship was something you would consider as absolutely unthinkable, as would I; but now, with the “change” in our government — “trans”— sitioning from a democratic Republic to a corporate dictatorship — the thought of renouncing the bonds and remnants of a political coup don’t seem to carry quite the weight they once did.

Think it over… you and your friends and relatives could instantly become illegal aliens and start to enjoy the perks, benefits and rewards of illegal residency and yet still live far better than the average American “citizen” who is paying for you and yours while they struggle to somehow keep their head above water.

You might even grow fat and happy, watching with detached amusement as those remaining American wage slaves struggle to keep a roof over their heads while somehow providing for the welfare of their children, should they afford to have any.  One thing is sure; your progeny will be provided for far better than those of the average U.S. citizen, and again, at no cost to you!

Sounds like a deal, Neil?  Then time’s a wastin….

Vamoose on down to your nearest border, record the destruction and renunciation of your corporate “citizenship” on your phone, and become free to enjoy your new lifestyle courtesy of the remaining American tax payers.  Oh, and while you are tasting the fruits of someone else’s labor once you cross over to America, please stop for a moment and give thanks to the social justice warriors as well as their “woke” corporate counterparts, all of them thoroughly indoctrinated at our best Ivy League schools, who made your new lifestyle possible.

You see, it is the leaders of our corporations, foundations, schools, government and people like them who are totally severed from their American history, roots and values by an educational “mind control” system that earnestly began here in America with the emergence of The Frankfurt School in the 1930’s, that made this all possible.  

The Frankfurt School’s advocates came to America with one goal:  to subvert all the values of the United States that had made it prosperous and independent, and turn Americans against each other by emphasizing the differences of sex, ethnicity, race and economic class; and thereby create hatred, envy and resentment, in order to make this country a fertile ground for the poisonous seeds of Socialism, and then Communism.

The real goal, of course, was not to make Americans equally prosperous, but to make them equally wretched and poor, by destroying the middle class, re-writing American History as “racist” (sound familiar), destroying the roots of the American dream by denigrating and attacking its history (goodbye monuments and statutes) in order to make the populace rootless.
A people who are ignorant of their real history are more easily controllable and open to insipid “woke” propaganda, now spewed thru the channels of corporate radio, television, film and social media.

The Frankfurt School advocates penetrated and subverted our best teacher colleges in the mid-1930’s so that now, decades later, we endure the fruits of their labor on the riotous streets of Portland, Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, as well as our corporate board rooms, our corporate media and our government

An impartial observer of this scenario might be forced to conclude that there is some sort of  apparent “preference” for Illegal Aliens to enter The United States through illegal methods, and they would be correct.  There are now government and societal benefits available to Illegal Aliens here in the USSA that are totally beyond the reach of even prominent and wealthy American citizens.  The question remains why?   And the answer is simple: a Democrat majority and certain Republican RINOs want to subvert the American Dream to their own ends, and at the direct expense of current American citizenry, to bring to reality their own corporate trans-humanist global UN agenda here in America.  The “great replacement” of America has begun!  And you even get to pay for it!

Part of this globalist corporatist dream involves changing the culture as well as the cultural memories of the citizens of the United States.   Therefore, the controllers behind the curtain wave “free” gifts, benefits and perks as an attractive lure and dangle it in front of all the residents of the rest of the globe to entice them to come to America, enjoy its largesse, exploit its resources thanks to the red and blue socialists of our government, and then gradually replace the people who were born and raised here.

There is no thought given to the criminal element who may slip through our borders, or the international terrorists, or the sick or the ill with infectious diseases.   There is no thought given to those who come here — not to become American citizens — but to suck from the teat of the American government and culture, while sending our money and its purchasing power extracted from the American taxpayer back to their “homeland” outside of our country.

And if you dare raise your voice to question or protest this unequal state of affairs, you are, of course, branded as a RACIST on social media; and perhaps even “doxxed” or “cancelled” so that you cannot even support yourself or any family you may have had.

But hell…. Why go thru all that agony when the answer, the solution,  is just sitting there right in front of you!   Forget all that guilt trip stuff about other people working to support you and your relatives and start living and enjoying the good life instead of struggling to pay someone else’s bills.  

After all, if “woke” imbeciles in our government want to give all these benefits free to Illegal Aliens, then it would be wise to make your final arrangements, tie up your loose ends, and come on over to “the other side” — the newly emerging American majority —and become an official Illegal Alien by following the steps I have just outlined!  You won’t regret it, and if you ever get nostalgic, I’m sure there will always be an eventual “…Path (back) to U.S. Citizenship”… should you choose to relive the good old days.  

Of course, I’m not serious.  The real American Dream relies upon a bold, independent spirit that eschews handouts and “free” benefits that someone else is taxed to provide.  The real American Dream does not include someone else paying for your bills, goods and services, nor does it include receiving all these benefits, perks and entitlements “for free.”   There is no “free.”  Someone, somewhere pays for all the “free” goodies currently laid at the feet of all the illegal “entrants” who are coming to America due to Joe Biden’s stupidity and direct invitation.   That someone, of course, is you!

It’s not an exaggeration that while everything I have described  could be considered a bad dream, or even a living nightmare, the truth is that the perks and benefits I described are available to all Illegal Aliens, while being denied yet paid for by American taxpayers.   This unequal equation is very real!   It is all the more outrageous that the U.S.  government ignores the desperate needs of its own citizens while rewarding foreigners with benefits paid for by taxpayers who are forbidden by law to enjoy any of them!

It is a living nightmare for all U.S. Citizens, especially our half million homeless and veterans living on the street, or under viaducts, or in tents or cardboard boxes every night.   They are the ones who have been truly abandoned by our government, and it is a national scandal totally ignored by the “woke” socialist scum who populate our government and media as they look forward to merging with Communist China and the adoption of their “social credit” system to further tighten the screws of control on the rest of America.

We are now living thru a distorted horror house mirror as we watch our America slip from our view.   Our votes, our businesses, our livelihoods and our culture is being rapidly subverted and replaced.  Our wealth is being taxed and squandered, our National Guard is made to sleep on concrete floors while guarding the cretins who runs our government in DC as they gladly provide hotel rooms to Illegal Aliens, and our children are being programmed and essentially brainwashed to hate America because we are “RACIST.”

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to come to America; it is still a blessing to live in what was once rightly described as The Land of Opportunity.  That is why I still want an America for Americans, not an America for the remaining population of the entire planet.  

In other words, America should welcome anyone who comes here because they cherish its values and highest aspirations.  We should welcome anyone who wants to adopt this country and follow our laws, rules, traditions and customs and not engage in any illegal activity; just as we should continue to welcome genuine political refugees.

Illegal Aliens are none of these.  They all come here to have “…a better life.”  But what is not ever added to this equation is the last part of the sentence: “….at the direct expense of all existing U.S. Citizens!”

Our current immigration system is a legal absurdity; far too lengthy, complicated and far too expensive.  There should be a way to streamline it for honest immigrants who want to genuinely become participatory members of the American Republic.  Yet while making citizenship more accessible and less costly, we must always emphasize that American citizenship is “The Pearl of Great Price…”, brought about by the guiding principles of The Constitution of the United States at the cost of much blood, treasure and sacrifice.  

I cannot ever imagine having to renounce my citizenship, and I hope you will never find it necessary to renounce yours.  Rather, this hypothetical exercise  has only one purpose: to help you focus on your American Dream, while highlighting the socialist/communist obstacles that currently oppose it and seek to prevent you from achieving it.

It is time, therefore, for you to engage in the reclaiming of The American Dream, your American Dream.   And I hope, despite the constant subversion of our body politic, that we can reverse that subversion so that we may both still achieve it!


Copyright 2021, LCVincent, All Rights Reserved
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