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Israel Must Let The Lion Of Judah Roar

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Israel has been under a violent attack from Hamas, Fatah and the PLO for over a week. Here’s the real story, why it happened and what it means. 


As always, this comes from two sources…hatred of Jews and incitement and violence from Hamas, the PLO And Fatah and second, their new found ally, the Biden Administration which emboldened them to launch a full blown war. 

Let’s examine what actually happened here. In 1875,  the chief rabbis of Jerusalem bought buildings in the Sheikh Jarra neighborhood in north east Jerusalem. They registered their purchase first with the Ottoman Empire, who ruled the area then and later with the British, who took over after WWI. 

After 1948, when the Jordanian Army and their British officers ethnically cleansed East Jerusalem from all Jews, the buildings were leased to Arabs as ‘enemy property.’ When Israel liberated Jerusalem after Jordan attacked Israel in the ’67 war, the Jewish owners registered their buildings again with the Israeli Land Authority and started legal proceedings to gain control of their property. The Arab tenants, who weren’t paying rent, finally acknowledged after a 1982 lawsuit that the Jews owned the property but refused to leave and kept appealing, none of which were successful.


Enter Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the PLO. Abbas, who has been the PLO’s dictator for 16 years in what was supposed to be a 4 year term had finally agreed to an election. When the polls showed that Hamas would win, he cancelled the elections using  Israel’s insistence  that non-citizen Arabs in Jerusalem would have to vote online or go to Area A to vote, not in Israeli territory. 

So Abbas used Sheik Jarra as an excuse to incite riots and violence in Jerusalem, Haifa, Lod, Jaffa  and other mixed Jewish and Arab cities, claiming Israel was plotting encroachments on Al-Aqsa and using that quite successfully to incite terrorism. When you have a gift of $239 million from the Biden Administration and his handlers, you can buy a lot of terrorist thugs and the PLO obviously did. Never mind that giving the PLO this money since they finance terrorists who murder Jews violated the Taylor Force Law prohibiting funding terrorism. 

The Washington Free Beacon reported last March that “the Biden administration privately confirmed to Congress just before the attacks and violence  that the Palestinian Authority has continued to use international aid money to reward terrorists. But hey Joe and his handlers said the finding won’t impact its plans to restart funding.” And as we now know, it didn’t, US law or no.

 Joe Biden may say Israel has a right to defend itself, but his actions say something very different. Aside from giving the PLO this money in violation of US law, , he is also now funding UNRWA again,a UN organization that has been linked with Hamas and specializes in brain washing and indoctrinating Palestinian school kids in the joys of murdering Jews. Abbas’s book of Holocaust denial is required reading. And everyone of Biden’s appointments that have anything to do with foreign policy or the Middle East was filled with Israel haters, many of them who worked in the Obama administration, one of the most hostile to Israel ever. 

The Washington Free Beacon reported last March that “the Biden administration privately confirmed to Congress last week that the Palestinian Authority has continued to use international aid money to reward terrorists but said the finding won’t impact its plans to restart funding.”

What really made Abbas and Hamas really bold enough to start this war was the frigid attitude toward Israel by the Biden administration and his handlers, who now favor the ‘Palestinians.’

Hamas got in  because aside from having an arsenal of rockets, if an election was to be held, they wanted to be known as the more Jew hating faction.  A source of mine who would know  also told me that there is evidence that the rockets and other incendiaries Hamas had came from Iran, and that they also received some of the Biden money as well to pay for the rockets and other incendiaries. Over 1,000 missiles were fired at Israel just between May 10-12, resulting in loss of life and extensive damage, and sending hundreds of thousands of Israelis to bomb shelters.

So what does this mean for Israel? Simple, it is a much needed lesson and an opportunity. 

Lesson 1: Finish the job so it won’t need to be repeated.

Israel has had several major terrorist  attacks from Hamas to deal with since these terrorists took over Gaza. And they all have ended with ceasefires under pressure  from the UN, certain EU countries, and certain US administrations. The ‘ceasefires’ meant absolutely nothing. They were simply breathers for Hamas and Islamic Jihad to regroup and start the next attack, at a time of their choosing.

Instead of a ceasefire, if Israel wants peace with Hamas, it will have to destroy them,  regain Gaza and resettle it. When you take away an enemy’s proximity to your border and their base it makes it very difficult for them to attack you. As I and  others said at the time, it was a mistake to give up Gaza and be lulled by false promises from the UN, the EU and President George Bush that they would commit to making sure it wouldn’t be a security threat to Israel. When Hamas took it over they did nothing of the kind, and Israel was stuck with a hostile terrorist enclave on its border. Note to Israel:Don’t make the same mistake twice. Do not make a ceasefire. Finish Hamas off once and for all and resettle it. Israel has the capability to make Gaza a Mid East Singapore. Let the Lion of Judah roar! Peace comes from victory. Open the Ramallah crossing to Egypt  and allow the current inhabitants who aren’t terrorists  to leave peacefully. And if Mahmoud Abbas starts whining to get Gaza back, tell him to get lost.

Lesson 2: Israel will have to re-examine their relationship with Arabs they have allowed to live in Israel. 

Lots of travelers to Israel have been surprised by the relatively peaceful co-existence between Arabs and Jews. But what has happened now means that Israel will have to take a good look at that. Let us not generalize. The Druse, Circassions, Christian Arabs and others have no problem living in Israel. It’s a better life then any of the surrounding countries would give them. Many serve in the IDF. But the lynching, the burning of synagogues, the riots and the arson in Jerusalem, Lod and other mixed cities shows us that a number of the Arabs in Israel have hatred in their hearts that was concealed until now, when they were hired by the PLO as shock troops. Again, Abbas felt comfortable ding this because he knows who is really running the White House. And he had the payroll available to prove it. He would never have dared do it when President Trump was in office, because President Trump had an ironclad support of Israel. And as you might have noticed, terrorist pay for slay attacks went down while Trump was in charge. And peace accords like the Abraham Accords brought peace to the region.

Actually, this attack from some of Israel’s Arabs has been signaled for quite some time. Israel has an Arab List Party which has ALWAYS been hostile to Israel. After the elections, those who won Knesset seats have always refused to swear in properly or to sing Israel’s national anthem Ha Tikvah. Several of them have been banned from Israel for espionage and support for Israels terrorist neighbors. None of the Knesset Arab members have said anything negative about the riots, the vandalism or the rocket attacks.  

Israel also has an Arab Supreme Court Justice who also refuses to sing the national Anthem or swear in properly. In Jerusalem, where massive Arab riots occurred, is anyone surprised? There are an estimated several thousand Arabs who live in east Jerusalem but rejected Israel citizenship. While the Arabs ethnically cleansed their Jews in almost every Arab Nation, the Israelis, after they recaptured East Jerusalem in1967 after Jordan attacked Israel, allowed these people to stay. A huge mistake. These particular Arabs are a huge source of crime, violence and what I can only call collusion with Israel’s enemies.During the period before Israel’s security barrier was built, many of them were happy to help Arafat’s suicide bombers hit their targets..civilians in markets, restaurants, you name it.  By their actions now, they have shown Israel that they are harboring bitter enemies who would be happy to see every Jew in Jerusalem murdered. No country can live with such a violent group of enemies in its midst. They need to be culled. No democracy can flourish with a fifth column in its midst. The same is true with Arabs who rioted and attacked Israeli police and civilians in places like Lod, Jaffa, Haifa and other mixed Jewish/Arab cities. They even burned down a synagogue. Simply put, the Jew hating Arabs need to be removed and those Arabs who did not riot, support Israel and  want to remain living there can perhaps be acceptable.

The alternative? More of the same. And that, frankly is suicidal.

Lesson 3: Take control of the Temple Mount:

Israel did something very wrong after the Six Day War, courtesy of the leftist Labor Party who were in control at the time. When Israel was attacked by Jordan after King Hussein had promised to stay out of the way and then treacherously attacked Israel with artillery aimed at civilians, the IDF  retook East Jerusalem and ran the Jordanian army back over the Jordan River, where they belonged. For whatever reason, they ignored advice from the military and didn’t do the same to the Jordanian citizens living in Judea and know as ‘Palestinians’. Mistake number two was to allow Jordan to appoint a wakf to administer the mosque on the Temple Mount, the holiest site in Judaism. The wakh turned out to be nothing but trouble…throwing rocks down on Jews who were praying at the Western Wall, destroying artifacts that showed connection with Judaism, digging and damaging and causing a riot whenever any Jews were allowed on the Temple Mount. For a long time, they weren’t. Nowadays Jews who visit the Temple Mount get cursed, have rocks and bottles  thrown at them and sometimes are even assaulted.

The lesson in short form? When something is sacred and important to you, don’t give control of it to an enemy…or share it, and an enemy if a quiet one is exactly what Jordan is where Israel is concerned. What Israel and Jordan have is not a friendly relationship but a  ceasefire, which Jordan respects somewhat for good reason. Every effort to share holy places with the Arabs has ended up with vandalizing, violence and sometimes even death. 

The solution is rather simple. Tell Jordan that their Wakh members and their playmates  are headed home, and that in the future, Israel will create a committee of Rabbis,peaceful Muslims of proven loyalty and Christian clergy to create rules so that all faiths can visit the Temple Mount in safety  and work together care for its welfare. And the Temple Mount can never again be used as an excuse for terrorism, arson and violence.

Lesson 4: Forget about the two state formula and let the world know it.

Even after the hideous attacks on Israel, we’re still hearing nonsense about a ‘ two state solution.’ Here is a sample of the kind of peace loving folks  people like Peter Beinart,Joe Biden and Boris Johnson  insist that Israel has to live next to….. 

Hamas Political Bureau Member and former Minister of the Interior Fathi Hammad has a few things to sayabout peace and co-existance. According to the Middle East Media Research Institute , Hammad said this on Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV a week ago on Friday:

“People of Jerusalem, we want you to cut off the heads of the Jews with knives. With your hand, cut their artery from here. A knife costs five shekels. Buy a knife, sharpen it, put it there, and just cut off [their heads]. It costs just five shekels. With those five shekels, you will humiliate the Jewish state.” Hammad continued with a quotation from the Qur’an: “‘You shall find the strongest in enmity towards the believers to be the Jews and the polytheists.’” That’s Qur’an 5:82. Hammad added: “The Jews have spread corruption and acted with arrogance, and their moment of reckoning has come. The moment of destruction at your hands has arrived.” 

Consider that Israel actually made a number of  attempts to live in peace with the so-called ‘Palestinians’ who  made no attempts to do the same and instead gave Israel horrendous terrorism on a grand scale in exchange. So  it is high time Israel made public that they will not by any means accept a two state solution on their land, which according to the San Remo Accords and Article 80 of the UN Charter extends to the Jordan River’s west bank and includes all of Judea and Samaria AKA The ‘West Bank’.

To do so would amount to suicide.  

But,  for those who insist on a two state solution, like the UK’s Boris Johnson, I must admit their is a solution. Here it is…


I’ll tell you what BoJo. If you want a ‘Palestinian state’, the solution’s simple! Your country seems to love them, so why not bring them to YOUR Country, hmm? We all are aware how well Islamists have assimilated to the UK….peaceful, hard working, never on the dole, never any trouble, polite to your  women, a joy to have around. So here’s your opportunity BoJo to inherit some lovey people and even give them their own country! I’m sure you’ll just adore them. Do take them into your bosom, I guarantee you’ll just love them! And so will the Brits. You might even get a Noble Peace Prize. Barack Obama got one for doing nothing, so I think you’d really have a shot at it.
After all, big cities like London and Birmingham already have large Muslim populations  already, don’t they? London”s Mayor Sadiq Khan, who said terrorism is just something a big city should expect from time to time right after the London Bridge truck murders just got re-elected as mayor. Your new friends could just settle in London and be perfectly at home until you create their new country. And then both Israel and you will be all smiles.

Rob Miller writes for Joshuapundit. His articles have appeared in The Jerusalem Post, The Washington Examiner, American Thinker, The Los Angeles Times, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, The San Francisco Chronicle, Real Clear Politics, The Times Of Israel, Breitbart.Com, Yediot and other publications.


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