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Clif High With Greg Hunter: Deep State Deception Tricks Us Into Thinking They’re Winning! - Must Video

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By Greg Hunter’s 

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct forecasts.  High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.  His latest correct forecast was made last month here on USAWatchdog when he said, “The FDA would not approve the Pfizer CV19 vaccine.”  The FDA told the public it was approved, but it only approved a Pfizer vaccine called Comirnaty that Americans cannot get.  Americans are still getting the “experimental” Pfizer version of the so- called vaccine, and Pfizer still has immunity from liability.  It was classic bait and switch and a total deception of the public.


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Clif High says, “Deception is their only weapon. . . . They are employing technology to trick us.  They employ bots through all the social media.  They employ scripts in all mainstream media. . . . They have farms of people paid by the CCP with rooms in China and people with 40 different cell phones in front of them with a computer that can feed all those different cell phones.  This is how they establish the persona of large crowds of people that are supposedly agreeing with or putting out the mainstream media talking points or reinforcing those.”

So, is the country evenly split for and against the Biden Administration?  High says, “No.  I can find about 12% of the population that will repeat the talking points and about 6% of the population that will do it consistently on their own unbidden.  6% are in the category of loyalists. Of that 6%, maybe half are true believers. . . . They are attempting to make you think it’s about 80% to 20% in favor of the Deep State.”

What’s the real sentiment in the country?  High estimates, “80% of the people in the country are against all of this at a passionate level.  The intensity of that 80% is ratcheting up.”

High says this is why you are seeing no masks being worn at college football games.  People have had enough.  High says, “You are seeing this at multiple sporting events.  This marker is being used to track the sentiment of people involved in Devolution.”

In short, large segments of the population will be waking up to all the lies and illusions that control their lives.  High talks about the big die-off of people who are “fully vaccinated” and how it is them who will need to be quarantined so they do not harm the unvaccinated public.  The biggest wakeup call will come soon from the economic system.  High says, “These things are coming in chunks, and we are just about at the point where the chunk called the financial system will fall all apart.  The big marker on that is going to be October 1, which is the end of the fiscal year for the federal government.”

High also talks about weapons from Afghanistan coming back home to the USA to arm Antifa and BLM courtesy of China.  High thinks what he calls “normies” will be getting a big cold bucket of water in the face soon, and things will change forever in how the public perceives what is going on in America.  High also talks about Australia and the atrocity that is coming that will make them go wild and fight for liberty.  High talks about all the millions of people who have gotten the shots and will probably die.  It’s going to be so bad that 2022 will be known as the year of the mass die-off.  High also talks about how many more people will wake up to the fact that the “USA was attacked” and that “we have been in an ongoing war.”  High also talk real numbers of people who have actually gotten the shots.  It is way less than the official numbers are saying, but for those people, death is probably coming for them.  Phony inflated vax numbers is one more deception at work, according to High, because “they are selling the death shot.”  High says the only thing that explains what is going on with CV19 and the push for injections is the “Deep State global criminals” are “killing people on purpose to depopulate the planet.”

High gives data and analysis on deflation, gold, silver, Bitcoin, a new U.S. currency as early as January 2022, Ivermectin and vitamins for protection, new side effects for the vax, funeral homes burying record numbers of people than ever, and the Arizona audit and why it is so important to get it perfect.

This is just some of what is covered in this one hour and 13 min interview.

In closing, High says, “This war is deception.  They have no real power.  They only have the power of controlling the mind through deception of words.  They are deceivers.  We have lived in a world of deceit where deceit has been rewarded by them.  We have been inculcated into this world, and it’s changing.  It is the most massive change in 2,780 years.  It is the change of the ages into the age of knowing, and we will know.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with data mining expert Clif High, and he gives us an update on future events and trends.

(What is written here is a fraction of what is in this 1 hour and 13 min. interview.

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After the Interview:

Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does commentary about his data mining research and gives free analysis on his Bitchute channel.

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    • DrKnow

      It doesn’t fool anybody with half a brain ! People say Trump, Trump ! Trump cut money for planed Parenthood , then funneled 200 million to places like sesseme street (owened by planed parenthood ) for muslim children !and thats just 1……If you can’t wake up by now …….when????

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Not only are they deceivers, they are replicators.

    • Barry

      Clif nailed the FDA not “approving” the mRNA gene therapy product. Both of these guys are worth listening to. But, fuck John Trolls anyway.


    • Anonymous

      I just bought a bottle of NAC from Swanson. Made an online purchase. Now I want to look for Ivermectin, even though I have never been death jabbed.

    • 13OldOak

      “We the People Have Spoken” Those who have eyes to see need to see and those that have ears to hear need to listen. Our voices are growing louder. The men and women on the land and soil, the true Americans are here for all of you. Our numbers are steadily growing. We are beckoning for Americans and Patriots to come home to the land and soil.

      Believe it or not on Aug 1, 2021 – the Civil war was formally ended. You have no idea how important this is. We are no longer at war and all EO’s by the Federal government’s president of the phony US corporation, fraudulently “acting” as the US government are null and void.

      Your intentions are good, but your standing is likely not correct. As long as you consent to be in the US Federal Government corporation, you are owned by it. US Citizens are owned by the corporation posing as the “Federal Government”. The Federation (which the federal government is named after) is made up of American Nationals and American Citizens (living men and women). The Federation is the real unincorporated Republic form of Government operated by self-governing Americans. And we don’t need a new Declaration of Independence – the original is all we need.

      Correct your status, come home to the land and soil. All value is derived from the land and soil. This is what our forefathers died for, this is what they are trying to steal from us. Come learn to self-govern. Help us properly…

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        When you REALLY wake up you will stop bullets in the air.
        You are just trapped in another layer of BS.

    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Truth, Lies & Prophecy – Clif High w/ James Delingpole (Video)
      8 September 2021

    • Debamboozler

      “Keep your eyes on the skies.” Fr. Malachi Martin (Vatican-cided)
      Avert your gaze from the deception and lies.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        Isis in Jewish Gematria equals: 198:
        Isis in English Gematria equals: 336:
        iIsis in Simple Gematria equals: 56: (11)

        Comet in Jewish Gematria equals: 188: (addition of the K takes this 198)
        Comet in English Gematria equals: 336:
        Comet in Simple Gematria equals: 56: (11)

        They have used comets to encode numerology many times in the past. It’s interesting that they have a K2 added on this one after just seeing a K added to ISIS.

        In Jewish (198) comet K2 equates to Big Pharma.

        Comet also has Come ET connotations. And there’s some 17 in the mix.

        • Fake News = The False Prophet

          Panstarrs K2 is fully loaded but I can’t be bothered to get into it.

    • Debamboozler

      Cliff has 99% immunity to deception, however, that 1% error may prove fatal.
      His method is evaluating the garbage coming out of the cyber world, but fails to notice the deception within.

      • Fake News = The False Prophet

        And the ‘deception within’ would be what exactly? Or are we to not have the ability to evaluate your statements?

        Perhaps you are cultivating some sort of wise man come guru speaking great truth’s but hidden behind a veil of ambiguity persona?

        I don’t know about 99% immunity to deception either. I’ve seen Clif misinterpret and get things wrong a number of times.

    • Lavada

      Yes, Clif, the shit is going to hit the fan soon. The New World Order Jews are rushing their agenda along. The 4 years of Trump slowed it down as “their” stooge, Hillary Rottweiler Clinton lost. Now they have to make up lost time. Just look to the damage that Beijing Biden has done to the U.S. in less than 8 months. I have been waiting over 40 years for the brain dead American sheep to wake the hell up. Too many years of apathy, ignorance and indifference. Things still aren’t bad enough for the herd to get off their asses while the government is reaming their rear end. You get the government you deserve.

      “YOU SHALL HAVE ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, WHETHER OR NOT YOU LIKE IT, BY CONSENT OR BY CONQUEST.” FORMER FDR AIDE, JAMES WARBURG (CFR), in testimony before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee,17 Feb 1950 “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller- 23 Sept 1994… BIRTH CONTROL TODAY, GUN CONTROL TOMORROW, MIND CONTROL THE DAY AFTER, THEN WE REST.

      “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature” Anonymously commissioned Georgia Guidestones

      “If I were reincarnated I would wish to be returned to earth as a killer virus to lower human population levels.”
      Prince Phillip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Duke of Edinburgh, leader of the World Wildlife Fund(1984)

      “In order to stabilize world…

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