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The Russian-Ukrainian Conflict – Part One

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Guest Editorial
Thierry Laurent Pellet for France-Soir
This was published on April 10, 2024 – 5:30 p.m.

A Well-oiled Globalist Plan?[1]

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict: Is this a globalist plan? The author of this two-part column, Thierry Laurent Pellet, is a serial entrepreneur converted to geopolitics, having spent a decade in the United States and one in Ukraine.

Ukraine has a little history: Ukraine’s only actual existence was between 1654 and 1720. Balkanization is underway and now seems inevitable. In everyone’s interest, it will never be nuclear.

Etymologically, in Russian, Ukraina comes from the particle U (border) and Kraina (territory). It is a geopolitical puzzle country assembled from scratch from the dismantling of the Austro-Hungarian empire after WWI (Transcarpathia, Galicia, Volhynia), Romanian (Chernovtsy), and part of the Russian territory (the South-West). of Russia, including Odesa… Donbas, Crimea) by the Bolsheviks without asking the populations concerned for their opinion. This is the crux of the problem. Associated with this is a heavy nationalist past, having participated in the darkest hours of history, like the symbolic heroes of the Maidan revolution, Stepan Bandera and Roman Shukhevych. Two characters, considered monsters, distinguished themselves during WWII by contributing, among other things, to the Babi Yar massacres and the feeding of the Treblinka extermination camp. Their names have flourished in many Ukrainian cities in the form of streets, avenues, squares, and boulevards. What a curious democracy.

Religious diversity is also essential in the development of the current crisis. Indeed, it offers strange perspectives regarding association, circumstances, and forces having nothing to do together, which will turn against each other in indescribable chaos. Without forgetting, the Russian-speaking ethnic factor is dominant in almost half of the population.

Addressing the current crisis solely from the angles of Mac KinderBrzeziński, or the east-west bloc presents an incomplete and deviant reading of the facts. This makes it possible to conceal the consideration of the interests of transversal forces established since then. Their main beneficiaries remain partially the same, and their final design is far from the conflict as we can perceive it.

When the Berlin Wall fell, Russian authorities were far from suspecting what was going to happen today, because the socio-cultural and historical links between Russia and its little sister Ukraine are close, so close that they are intrinsically linked to the heart of the family units constituting this same people (excluding the west whose characteristics have nothing to do with the Slavic peoples). That said, Russia had indeed taken certain precautions, notably the recovery of nuclear vectors (after the Chernobyl accident, the reliability of the Ukrainians not being their primary quality), and of course, the guarantee of access to warm seas by Crimea whose population he separation between Russia and Ukraine did not happen without chaotic periods. The post-KGB and Politburo takeover in the 90s was marked by a Wild West atmosphere where score-settling of all kinds took place every day, with many cars going up in smoke. This is how the most violent mafiosi were able to impose themselves and take political power to protect their “dirty business”. Moreover, the Rada was the scene of what was to happen “behind the scenes”. Regularly live on TV, we could see MPs insulting each other or beating each other like ragpickers.

In the 2000s, the Ukrainian political landscape was rather heterogeneous and far from “Ukrainian-centric”. Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko was of Armenian origin and did not speak a word of Ukrainian. Besides, the question arises: who speaks Ukrainian in Kyiv? Person! The only language that seems to be spoken fluently in these places is that of “corruption, endemic” at all levels of society, to the point of making specific African regimes “turn pale” with jealousy. In addition, Ukrainian society is made up of ethnic groups coming from many former Soviet republics, and this is due to the very functioning of the USSR. There are many Georgians there (they constitute one of the most violent mafias in the territory), Kazakhs of Russian origin. But on the whole, the population lives in good harmony, without real tension, with resentment fueled by the exasperation of those who shamelessly line their pockets. Nothing has changed since then, except the proportions, which have become indecent. Yulia Tymoshenko, muse of the Maidan, is a glaring example, having embezzled $2.4 billion through prevarication as prime minister through her own gas company. On the other hand, Jérôme Cahuzac’s millions make him look like a fourth-division dwarf.

Inhabitants of the Ukrainian province or the Ukrainian people?

The landscape thus described allows us to understand that it is preferable to understand these people as inhabitants of the Ukrainian province rather than Ukrainian people, whose interests in living together have been forced by history and the conflicts constituting it. However, two significant blocs clashed within it , with the majority of Russian speakers on one side and Europeanists from all sides on the other. The latter has had a solid nationalist tendency (Turchinov, Avakov, Yatsenyuk, etc.) since the end of the 2000s and seem more interested in their interests, short-term personal profits, rather than in the efforts to be made in the general interest of the population…

The growing and embarrassing nationalist-banderist component originated in football hooligan groups. Without a visible political imprint during this period, it nevertheless took dangerous root during WWII (Second World War) in the people of Tiagnibok, Parubiy, Yarosh, rising stars of neo-Nazism. Thus, those who try to sell the existence of the uniqueness of the Ukrainian nation are either ignorant people who serve the message that has been prepared for them or manipulators whose intentions are hidden. The latter has different sources, from intellectual or financial corruption to “NATO” careerism solicited by these famous transversal organizations whose intentions are described later. The pretexts for the arrest of Timoshenko are justified from a legal point of view, as well as the corruption (which Yanukovich championed through his actions of raids on small businesses) to justify the “bloody clash” of Maidan’s excellent back. Indeed, on one side or the other, what resembles criminals in an organized Rada gang were all the same from this point of view. However, this is of little importance if we do not take into account the interests of external forces who saw in Ukraine a tremendous opportunity to destabilize Russia. Both from a political point of view and to promote its dismantling to place large international groups under supervision, thus allowing them to take control of the substantial wealth in its basement. It is necessary to specify that until the 1990s, the CIA, like successive Secretaries of State like (Kissinger), always drew a red line, even red lines, concerning Ukraine. Only Obama decided to go beyond this tacit ban. The USA defined the same ban regarding the intrusion of foreign forces into its most direct perimeter (Mexico) or the Cold War Cuban crisis.

During this transitional period, after the Cold War, Russia proposed Eurasian integration to Germany several times. The Anglo-Saxons highly feared the creation of this potent economic bloc. Merkel systematically refused it, the USA probably keeping her “on a leash” given her past close to the Stasi. Thus, the geopolitical bloc of the European Union entered into competition with the future Eurasian Economic Union (whose ancestor was called the CIS or community of independent states), which was formed by the former Soviet republics under the influence of Russia. The two blocs had common interests (access to energy resources) with the US.

With the general scene of the current crisis thus set, we can clearly understand the pivotal role that Ukraine played between these two major entities. Of course, identify the sudden interest that the European Union could show in its rallying and its economic interest with the blessing of the United States.

It seems simple, but appearances are deceiving. This plan was to hide a poisoned gift that would only be revealed much later: the “ Fuck the EU ” pronounced by Victoria Nuland during the Maidan clash will therefore be the symbol. The preparation for the Maidan coup began with the pretext of Timoshenko’s imprisonment with the survey of the scene during Euro 2012 by members of MI6 who protect British financial interests visible throughout Ukraine. Timoshenko’s political party was close to Merkel’s CDU from 2012. Of course, to enhance the vampire ball, the shadow of Soros looms large, and who does not fail to leave his mark, thanks to a host of NGOs springing up in Kyiv from all over Europe. French and Polish people work hand in hand and are very close to a nebulous relationship between Hollande and Macron. Soros and his NGOs spend lavishly, paying the demonstrators ($200/month).

All the ingredients are there: an actual military siege of Maidan Square, blocking the main arteries of the city, a gigantic sandbag wall, pallets, and barbed wire strategically placed to channel the Berkuts (Ukrainian CRS) into a trap descending from Malaya Zhitomirskaya. Their barracks are on the same street, 80 meters from my apartment. Tea laden with captagon (amphetamine used by ISIS) is distributed free of charge to neo-Nazi activists Azov and Praviy Sektor. “ They were trained in the CIA camps in Arizona,” a person close to Trump told me, describing a transfer meeting between John McCain and his team. Russia did not see this disaster coming; its ambassador in Kyiv, not having done his job, was fired for it. The tripartite proposals made in Kyiv remained silent on the part of the EU through a combination of arrogance and underestimation of the problem, even though they would have been the most viable solution for Ukraine. It should be remembered that Russia supported this state financially for 27 years, and the sum of 140 billion dollars is mentioned. We can, therefore, imagine the annoyance of the Russians seeing the Ukrainians spit in the soup when their energy needs are directly linked to them. Why then does Kyiv, with two neo-Nazis and a simple-minded boxer (Tiagnibok, Yatsenyuk, and Klitschko), sign the association approval, which brings absolutely nothing to Ukraine on February 19 during the Sochi Olympic games. Russia offered a “hell deal”: a 60% reduction on gas if necessary and 14.6 billion in the purchase of Ukrainian treasury bonds on the financial markets (fraud impossible). The European Union offered cash that would land directly in the banks managed by the oligarchs (including the famous Igor Kolomoisky, having bought the shares of Sergey Tigipko to control PrivatBank completely). All they had to do was help themselves and redistribute a portion to “generous donors” in an almost perfect scheme of embezzlement of European public funds. This is how Kolomoisky, cited in the Panama Papers, got his hands on $5.6 billion to buy, among other things, a sumptuous chalet in Courchevel, his daughter living there all winter. This happened when the IMF sent $15.6 billion at the beginning of the 2000s… “ They did pshiiit ” Chirac would have said, without any trace, like the $16 billion sent by the EU recently. “Lost,” but probably not for everyone. Some members of the Ukrainian government are buying real estate all over the world right now.

What remains surprising and incomprehensible is that despite the signing of the agreement on February 19, the demonstrators unleashed themselves on Maidan the next day, and the killing began. “ The same bullets are killing protesters and Berkuts,” says Olga Bogomolets, the doctor based in the Ukraina Hotel. For his part, Igor Smeshko, formerly of the Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU), declared afterward: “If we want to arrest those who organized this butchery, all we have to do is go to the Rada .” His two sons were in the square. This is how, on February 21, we see the future president of the Rada, Andriy Parubiy, speaking to the snipers being exfiltrated at the exit of the Evropa hotel ( film: Ukraine is on fire ), snipers coming from Georgia and recruited by former President Saakashvili, protégé of dear Glucksmann (whose partner Salamé’s father is a great friend of Soros). The circle is complete. The Sarajevo scenario unfolded wonderfully, hundreds of deaths on the square, hundreds of Berkuts representing the legal state burned alive and shot dead, long live “ Ukrainian democracy,” “ slava Ukraini ” and Chrystia Freeland’s grandparents (Nazi collaborator during WWII) are very proud of the work accomplished.

On the other hand, accepting this killing, the massacres and torture that followed throughout Ukraine, particularly heinous in Odesa, Kharkiv, or Mariupol, opens an extremely dangerous Pandora’s box: that of accepting the same type of behavior in Europe. If European governments accept such massacres without anyone being incriminated, why can’t we do the same? Why should there be double standards? Would Ukrainians be exempt from constitutional rights and duties because they satisfy specific geopolitical strategies far from our real economic interests? Did those who organized this madness think that Russia would let it happen without reaction? Did they believe Russian speakers would accept a takeover without saying a word? In any case, all this looks like a planned plan, the declarations of Merkel and Hollande at the start of the conflict. After the brutal attack, on February 20, 2014, in the town of Korsun (a town southeast of Kyiv) by Praviy Sektor militias, of six buses of Crimean families on vacation fleeing Kyiv, Governor N. Poklonskaya called on Vladimir Putin to trigger the peninsula’s secession. However, This significant fact has been passed over in silence by the Western press, proving that the plan executed is not spontaneous but planned methodically throughout Ukraine. The massacre of May 2, 2014, in Odessa is also evidence of this. The Russian army ensures Crimea votes by referendum and its security since it has always been there, and a large part of the Ukrainian navy joins the Russian fleet, with a guaranteed salary required.

The second part will be published tomorrow, focusing on the post-Maidan fascist shift.

Published and Distributed by permission of Author.

Contact: [email protected]

[1] Author of “Ukraine, Entrepreneur Spy”, he presents his vision of the facts as he experienced them , and which do not always correspond to that which many media try to show you. This major geopolitical crisis requires in-depth knowledge of the history of Europe, but also a more holistic understanding of the world, the intrinsic economic mechanisms and the forces present. A man of international networks, his expertise and integrity are recognized in many circles, including the military. Follow on twitter/X @GlobalGeopol The author of this two-part column, Thierry Laurent Pellet, is a serial entrepreneur converted to geopolitics, having spent a decade in the United States and one in Ukraine.


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