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Melissa Bryan, Billy the Kid's Wife

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Melissa Bryan, Billy the Kid’s Wife
Interview By: Belinda Bentley, Celebrity Psychic

Billy the Kid

Melissa Bryan, believes she was married to Billy the Kid in a past life. She gives detailed accounts of her memories that dispute what many believe really happened to him. She tells us when he died, how he died; was he left handed or right handed and gives details that even historians can’t agree on or figure out for sure. She has marriage certificates and other documents from doing a genealogy investigation into this. I don’t know if this really is the reincarnated wife of Billy, but I can say I do believe in past lives. Either way this is a fascinating story if you’ve ever had an interest in this outlaw, past lives or the wild west.

Billy was born William Henry McCarty, Jr on November 23, 1859 and according to history died at age 21 on July 14, 1881. He was rumored to have killed between 9-22 men, but back in those days stories were extremely exaggerated. There are eye witness accounts that say he killed one man in self-defense and that’s where his bad reputation came from and how he became an outlaw in the first place. He was a well liked man according to interviews at that time. His occupation cowboy, gambler, cattle rustler and then a man on the run.

Melissa, I’m intrigued. There is a lot I want to know. How did you discover your past life with Billy the Kid, and can you share what evidence you have to support it?

I discovered it actually quite by accident. I had received a Book on it that I still have in my Collection and had started to have memories after starting to read it. Flash backs and dreams of that time and place, but not based on anything I had read of. I just knew instinctively (I am also a Medium), what was true and what was false of the story. I then went on a journey to prove what I was experiencing (I swear I was very skeptical at the time), but everything I witnessed only brought more memories, nightmares and flashbacks. Which meant I had to search farther.

At age 14, I went to Santa Fe, NM and the Navajo Rez. Billy, his spirit self met me there, at the Cantina where we first met in that lifetime. He asked me to try to remember my last life with him. Then I had an NDE (near death experience), where I stepped out of my body and went to the other side. I was met by Billy and my family. I was made to come back and was asked to fill the mission to tell what Really happened back then and to make the dream of becoming a wealthy ranch owner. That when it is my time he will return for me. The Elders here in Taos at Taos Pueblo told me I am ancient soul, elder even before them and they, with my beloved great aunt Irene, encouraged me to search farther into my family’s history. What I found has enlightened and astonished me. I am Iroquois and Cherokee this life and was Navajo then. There are so many parallels between my current and former selves, it is funny. I even have photos of my current and former self. Side by side – identical. When I saw that photo, my jaw dropped, it just stopped me dead in my tracks.

All the memories came flooding back. It was the lady I saw myself when I had my NDE. I have photos, family documents, birth, marriage and death records. Also family trees and other documentation. I do family genealogy work for my family on the side. So much so, that I have large folders full. It would take me making a CD Rom collection or just flat out writing a book on it, to list everything I have. In a gun shop in Tucson, AZ., I found the Pistol that Pat Garrett put in Billy’s hand the night he died to frame him and make it look like he was armed. It still has the blood spatters eating at the Metal.

I continue to see Billy nearly everywhere. The most notable was this past December. I was going into town to run errands and when I was getting into my truck, the one that came out of the house behind mine was none other than blue eyes, with fast reaction time and ears that stuck out far. He saw me and smiled wide, blue eyes shining. I swear I forgot to breathe. Same sweet voice as I remembered. As he got close to the Post Office, I watched as he faded away feet to head. It turns out, Billy and I are 9th generation cousins by marriage in this life and I am descended of numerous famed names besides his.

What really happened? What’s the real deal you are meant to share? Is there anything specific you want to mention about the set up, who is to blame, and what really happened? The other thing is you mentioned being 14 when some of this was doing on, so how old where you when you first realized Billy the Kid was your husband in a past life? Do you feel your Native American background has anything to do with why the lifetime is so power in your memories?

Billy the Kid’s Wife

The set up was that he was blamed for some murders that he never committed, that some people he knew did commit. Who is really to blame, is Pat Garrett, who was a tool of the wealthy and powerful. Also, Lou Wallace who was the head of the Santa Fe Ring is to blame too, yet he is moved on now. He approached me from spirit, begging my forgiveness. We made our peace. It is just that night, it is claimed I saw everything and that wasn’t true. I was in the kitchen at the Maxwell Ranch. I was making our supper. We had been together that night after Billy got off work. He was a Cowboy for the Maxwell’s. When it all ended up, he died in my arms. I had to clean everything up because I was a housekeeper for the Maxwell’s. We were headed for Mexico the following morning. Paulita was my cousin and she never would have betrayed me like that. Likewise, Billy never touched any other women. He was on the run. He couldn’t be around people. What most don’t realize is that Billy killed Windy Cahill, but it was self defense. He was being beaten to a pulp. He didn’t have a choice. If he had not have done that, Windy would have beaten him to death. Our kids (there were 4 of them), would not have had a dad. Billy was a good and heavily honest person. When I saw the photo of myself from my last life, that is when I first remembered it in full, then about 3 years later I obtained a book written by a descendant that alluded to it and was taken to the very location it happened. About a year later I found the record that finally tied everything together.

My Native America heritage could possibly have something to do with such strong memories. In Native Philosophy, we are all one and everything past and present affects the future.

In reality, if all of this is indeed true, this is a love story for you. A man you loved so deeply is waiting for you on the other side, waiting for you to fulfill a mission so you can come back home. It’s very romantic and yet seems tragic that you would have to wait so long…

Billy and I ran together, fought together, loved and lived together. We had a great 11 years of marriage. We wed Feb. 11, 1871, so recorded in Santa Fe, NM archives. Our marriage was quiet and secret. Only those closest to us knew of the ceremony. It was after dark, around midnight, no flowers, bells or finery. It was quick, it was small and no one else knew of it. We never told a soul. All there was were candles and lanterns for Light. Blankets were put over the windows to hide what was going on. We left on horseback for our honeymoon. We went to Clovis, NM.

Always traveled by darkness, so as not to be seen. It was a promise I had made to Katherine, Billy’s dying mom, that I would be his wife and would care for him as she would have expected.
It was Katherine’s passing that really set Billy off, aside from his employer’s passing at the hands of the very crooked Santa Fe Ring.

Between those two things, he just went crazy a bit, I guess you could say. However, who could blame him for wanting Justice to be done? Little did he know, he was dying too. The TB had him in its grips as well. To this day, I still Love him. Always have, always will. I will fulfill the mission, one way or another. He always wanted to be wealthy, powerful, settle down, just us and our children. We were planning a larger family, but never got the chance. Our last son was born 5 months after his dad’s passing.

There is a big debate about Billy being left handed or right handed. A movie about him was called “The Left Handed Gun,” because of a picture that could possibly be a mirror image. Can you clear that up for us?

Right handed, but he was actually Ambidextrous. Right Handed with pistol and left handed with rifle.

Melissa Bryan

According to history, Billy the Kid died when he was 21. You say you spent 11 years together, so according to you and your past life memories, when did he died exactly?

He was actually 27 almost 28 when he passed. He was ambushed and killed. Shot in the back with the family hunting rifle by Pat Garrett, in our Bedroom, not in Pete Maxwell’s room.
We had just recently moved to the large house from the former hospital building. I had been promoted to a house servant, which back then was quite a bonus. To live in the big house was quite the big thing. I was also a nanny for Pablita, my Cousin, whom I had helped raise and was like a daughter to me. Billy and I had been together that night. He had just gotten off work, cowboying for Pete Maxwell. We took different routes back to the big house, so no one would see us together. It was a move meant to protect each other. I went to the community cocina or kitchen. He came in a few minutes later.

Our kids were playing at my feet. I was 4 months along with our last child at the time. He was hot, dirty and exhausted. Our kids perked up, calling for him, one around his waist, the other two in his arms. He hugged me with them, we spoke in hushed Spanish, so no one would hear our plans. We were leaving for Mexico the next morning. Everything was packed and ready to go. I had left our overnight bag in our room. Also, Pete, being my Boss, had said he was not feeling well and I gave the O.K. For him to lay down in our room, as I was also the closest thing that they had to a Doctor. I had told Billy that Pete had butchered out a steer that same day, Billy said he would go get some meat, the last ingredient in that night’s Meal and would also go get the bag and go say good-bye to Pete, collect his pay and we would eat and leave. So, I gave him the knife he had in his hand.

We were staying with my cousins, it was at their home, that he had left his pistol and gun belt, so was also unarmed. He must have heard screams coming from the vicinity of our home, assuming it was me, being roughed up again by Pat and his men. He went to see what the trouble was and to protect me and our family. It seems Pete had left our room and grabbed and tied up my cousin Pablita instead. He saw the men, asking who they were and then was shot and killed. I heard the shots but didn’t think anything of it, as Beaver Smith’s Saloon was just down the street a bit and was always rowdy like that. One of the boys in town came running, telling me Billy had been shot and killed. I stormed from the kitchen, thinking that this was one of Billy’s Practical Jokes. I was clearly not amused. When I saw the townspeople around our room crying and talking quietly, my heart sank. I knew something was wrong. They tried to keep me from going in, I knew I had to see it. He was there, bleeding badly, a large hole in him. I knew he was dead or dying. I screamed, ran to him. He took his last breath in my arms. I was sobbing, inconsolable. The blood soaked into my night dress, but I didn’t care. It was horrible. I can never erase this from my memory.

Special Note: My family – my dad – Paul Marceau Roberts, Rosemarie Roberts, mother; Sharon Diane Roberts, sister and me visited Billy the Kid’s grave in New Mexico. I have always felt I had a connection with Billy the Kid and many people do not realize that Billy the Kid was a lawman, before he was an outlaw. He was a Regulator. Another interesting note is that Brushy Bill Roberts made claim he was Billy the Kid on his deathbed.
G.H.O.S.T Founder
HPI Senior Lead Investigator
G.H.O.S.T Founder
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Date: April 10, 2012, Tuesday. Location: Blue Oaks Century Theaters, 6692 Lonetree Blvd, Rocklin, CA – Lori Schulz and I reviewed the latest movie ‘Hunger Games’. Okay, I admit, the drama is superb, the action hit the mark. But, the concept of kids killing kids in a futuristic society? Did our society in the future disintegrate to such a level that we get satisfaction as children murder other children, so that one can be the victor? I see enough kids killing kids on Discovery ID. Hard for me to fathom that children and teenagers find the series of books on the Hunger Game as entertaining. The heroine Katniss Everdeen is only sixteen years old and she volunteers, so that her younger sister who was selected, does not have to enter the games. She is forced to rely on her hunting skills and exceptional instincts to survive in a hostile environment created by her government. Her drunken mentor and former victor Haymitch Abernathy is more of a cheerleader than a personal trainer as she will be facing highly-trained Tributes who have mastered the games their entire lives. I better not give away the ending, because most of you will probably want to see this movie. I must say the acting was good, the costumes of the these futuristic characters were enjoyable to watch and I only wonder if District 12, where Katniss is from, will ever be the same again? Oh yeah, there will be a sequel. With a rating from 1 to 5, I give this movie a solid 4. Paul Dale Roberts

April 12, 2012, Thursday: Christina George and I met up at the Regal Natomas Marketplace Stadium 16 to see two movies. John Carter and 21 Jump Street. Both movies were exceptional! We enjoyed the way the creator Edgar Rice Burroughs met up with his creation John Carter of Mars. The Mars scenery was spectacular. The action was over-the-top. We laughed our butts off with 21 Jump Street and it was nice to see Johnny Depp (a former 21 Jump Street regular) show up, only to be killed off with a gun shot to the neck. I didn’t see that one coming. Afterwards we had a nice steak, mashed potatoes, vegetables dinner at Applebees in Natomas and talked about the movies we just watched! I gave both movies a 5 out of 5! Paul Dale Roberts

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    • LuckyBlueEyez

      She may be mistaken by the amount of years but there is a possibility that spirits move about and are able to manifest themselves in any of the living. There are many unexplained activities or feelings many of us experience in our lives. Whether it is a sudden cold draft, a feeling of a hand on our shoulder or perhaps a deep sense that someone is watching us, are indeed a presence we cannot see or hear but the sense we hold that feels a spirit is near. I have personally felt times I have seen a place, person or experienced an action that I know I have felt before. I cannot explain when, how, or why but just that it happened. I stop in my tracks and think to my self “I have done this before” or “I have been here previously” although I know I haven’t. It is a weird feeling but there must be an explanation. Are we created to live a life, and then die? Perhaps there is reincarnation and that is the reason for these familiar experiences. Who are we and what life have we lived before? Memories that come to the forefront, although vague at times and prominent at others, can be truth in times past of restless spirits that have refused to rest.

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