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Benjamin Creme On How Lord Maitreya The World Teacher Will Show Us The Way

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The World Teacher Will Show Us the Way
By Jason Francis

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Scottish born artist, author, futurist and editor of Share International magazine, Benjamin Creme has been lecturing about the emergence of the World Teacher, Maitreya (My-tray-uh), for over 35 years. I had the privilege of interviewing Benjamin Creme by telephone for OM Times during his May 2010 lecture tour of Japan.

Jason Francis: Who is Maitreya?

Benjamin Creme: Maitreya is the head and leader of a group of (from our point of view) completely perfected Men: Masters of Wisdom, as They’re called. They are Men who have gone ahead of us in evolution and have finished the evolution of this planet. They don’t even have to be on this planet but many of Them remain and oversee the evolution of the rest of us—that’s Their role.

They are a kind of inner government of the planet. They know the Plan of Evolution, which is in the mind of the Logos of this planet: the great Heavenly Man Whose body of expression this planet is. They seek to put that Plan into operation through humanity and the lower kingdoms.

Many different religious groups see Maitreya as the One they are expecting. Christians await the return of the Christ who through Jesus said He would appear again— not when He would appear, but that He would come again. Maitreya embodies what we call the Christ Principle (the energy of love); not just transmits or channels it through Himself but embodies it in His own Being. And so He is the Christ.

Two thousand years ago He worked through Jesus. Jesus in the esoteric tradition is not the Christ but the vehicle for the Christ. The Christ Himself being Maitreya. This is the age-old way for a teacher to come. For example, 600 years before Jesus the Buddha manifested Himself through the Prince Guatama. And Guatama Buddha became known as the Buddha, but He wasn’t the Buddha. He was the vehicle for the Buddha, a body through which the Buddha worked. That’s the way the teachers have come to the Earth right up until this time.

This time it’s different. Maitreya has found a way in which He Himself can come to the world; not through a disciple like Jesus or Krishna or the way the Buddha worked through Guatama, but in His own Being. And so we have the return of the Christ in completeness and not working through a lesser Being.

Muslims await Him as the great Imam: the Imam Mandi. Hindus await Him as the return of Krishna, or some believe He is Kalki Avatar—the teacher for this coming Age. Buddhists await him under His name, Maitreya Buddha. Before He died the Prince Guatama gave a message from the Buddha, which was that at this time would come into the world a great Teacher by the name Maitreya who, by dint of His tremendous spiritual status, would galvanize and inspire humanity into the creation of a brilliant, golden civilization based, as He put it, on righteousness and truth. So for these last two thousand and a half years the Buddhists have awaited the return of Maitreya Buddha.

But they have no idea of the time. Some imagine it in 2,000 or 3,000 years from now, some in 200,000 years from now. I’m speaking from Japan, as you know, and the Japanese believe that the Buddha will indeed return as Maitreya Buddha, but it will be in 650,000,000 years, or something like that. So there is no hurry from their point of view.

My information is that Maitreya, the head and leader of our Spiritual Hierarchy, is the embodiment of all these expectations. He is the Christ to Christians; the Buddha to Buddhists; Krishna returned or Kalki Avatar to Hindus; the Messiah of the Jews; the Imam Mandi to Muslims. And many of them believe He is coming very, very soon, within two or three years. In fact, some believe He is already in the world. They are quite right. My experience is that Maitreya has been literally, physically, in the everyday world of our life, in the middle of our life, living in the Asian community of London since July 19, 1977.

JF: How did you become involved in the work of telling the world of Maitreya’s Emergence?

Benjamin Creme I was contacted by one of His disciples—a Master of Wisdom—way back in January of 1959. In a few months, March 1959, I was brought into the Hierarchy and had a great experience in which Maitreya said that He Himself was coming sooner than anyone thought possible.

He said it would be in about twenty years. In the event it was eighteen years. He said I would have a role in His coming (He didn’t say what the role was) if I accepted it. I was filled with His energy, the subject of tremendous power and love. It was a transfiguring experience. And so I said I’m your man, whatever it is I have to do I’ll do. So that’s what I’ve been doing since 1975: preparing the way for the return of the Christ (in Christian terms) although He is also seen by all these other groups under these different names.

JF You talked about a group of divine Men known as the Masters of Wisdom, the inner government of the planet. Where do the Masters come from and are They like us?

Benjamin Creme: They are exactly like us. They are like ordinary Men living in the world except that They have gone ahead of us in evolution. They haven’t changed Their physical appearance but They have evolved Their consciousness until They are like Gods. They have a God-like consciousness. They are divine in that sense but They see us as divine in exactly the same sense. They see no difference in Their divinity and our divinity. They see life as the sphere in which divinity exists. They see all of us as living in a divine and spiritual universe and They see the nature of all life as spiritual.

Maitreya comes as a great Teacher about the nature of life. He makes no difference 1 between His life and our life. He says: “Don’t worship Me. If you worship Me you are putting Me above you. And I am not above you. I am at exactly the same point. There is only divinity. There is no greater or lesser divinity. There is just one divinity and we all share it.” So He sees us as divine as He is. Only from a mental, or awareness, point-of-view He is far, far older then we are and has evolved to a point where He can demonstrate His divinity. We can’t demonstrate our divinity if we don’t even know we are divine.

JF: Speaking of the Masters as having gone ahead of us in evolution, you’ve talked in the past about meditation and service as levers of evolution. Is there a scientific basis to meditation and service if we are spiritually evolving?

Benjamin Creme: Meditation and service are prime poles in what we call spiritual advancement. We are all on a spiritual path and that path is known by the Masters because They have all traveled that path and have come, as far as this planet is concerned, to the end of the path. So They can teach us about the nature of the path, the way to the path, how to remain on the path and serve the path. Meditation and service are part of that experience.

When a person is ready to work consciously with his or her evolution, the soul, because each of us is a divine soul, prompts its reflection (that’s the man or woman on the physical plane) into taking up some form of meditation. And meditation brings the person closer and closer to the soul and eventually to complete at­one-ment with that soul. That’s the purpose of meditation: to bring the person into at-one-ment with their soul.

Evolution is really the process by which we become more-and-more identified with and express our soul. The soul is a reflection of the supreme, divine Being Who lies behind all manifestation. So the soul is perfect in every way and we gradually become more­and-more perfect as we become more-and-more like the nature of the soul. That’s what evolution is: the evolution of consciousness.

I’m not talking about the evolution of the physical bodies, which evolve from the animal kingdom. All of the kingdoms evolve from the kingdom below it: the first is the mineral kingdom; from that came the vegetable kingdom; from that grew the animal kingdom; and from the animal kingdom came the human kingdom. We owe our bodies to the animal kingdom. But we are not animals. We are human beings, something different.

That difference is that we are souls—reflections of souls. The soul reflects the divine and reflects itself further as the human being. And so we are really three-fold. We are human beings, men and women on the physical plane. This is a dense physical planet and we are in dense physical bodies but essentially that is the lowest aspects of ourselves. We are really the soul at a higher aspect, and at a higher aspect still we are divinity Itself.

JF: Why have Maitreya and the Masters returned at this time?

Benjamin Creme They have come to an end of a cycle in Their own evolution, which requires Their return to the everyday physical plane of Earth. They have reached this point individually where They don’t need to be in the world but as a group They have to prove Their ability to function perfectly and have control on all planes.

We have only slight consciousness. We have consciousness and a great deal of control on the physical plane. We have consciousness to a degree on the astral (emotional) plane but very little control. And we have only a slight degree, I may say, of consciousness on the mental plane and absolutely no control on that plane at all. There is awareness of being of which we cannot even begin to imagine but which is the everyday consciousness of the Master.

JF: Is the emergence of Maitreya and the Masters connected in any way to what is called the “New Age” or “Age of Aquarius”?

Benjamin Creme: Very much so. Not so much on the part of the Masters, but They are using this opportunity, since They have to return, to do so at this time because we are at the difficult transitional phase between the Age of Pisces and the Age of Aquarius. This is an astronomical fact; there is nothing mystical about it. It is the result of the movement of our solar system around the heavens in relation to the constellations of our zodiac.

Our sun with its planets makes such a journey in space, which takes approximately 25,000 to 26,000 years to complete. So approximately every 2,150 years our sun moves through the spheres of influence of the energies of one planet into the sphere of influence of the energies of another. For the last 2,150 years or so it has been in the Constellation of Pisces, the “fish”, and has come through that. We have been influenced by the energies and qualities of these energies and created this civilization, which is now, literally, falling apart, coming to an end. The energies of Pisces began to recede in 1625
and the energies of Aquarius began to come in during

Now these two energies are not exactly but more or less equal. And this is the great difficulty. If either of them dominated in potency there would be greater stability in the world. But the world is wrenching from one sphere of influence to another. When I say “the world” I mean the world of men and women. So the people of the world are divided into two groups: one, largely the older group, who are satisfied with or used to the quality and the results of the energies of Pisces. For instance, these energies of Pisces have conditioned every aspect of our life: the political, economic, religious, scientific, educational and cultural structures and institutions and are all the result of our Piscean experience.

The quality above all, which Pisces has given to humanity, is the quality we call individuality. 2,000 years ago individuals of course were there but only on a very small scale and they were always the people with power; the people who could rule the others. Humanity as a whole had only a dim kind of consciousness and did what they were told by people with individuality. Today, individuality is a mass phenomenon. Everybody today is more-or-less an individual; some very potent individuals indeed. So we have brought individuality to a point where it rules everything in the world. We’re all rulers in a sense and this is very difficult to cope with.

The incoming energies of Aquarius, on the other hand, work in an entirely different way. They are the energies of synthesis. As a result of passing through the age of synthesis, the Age of Aquarius, which will last about 2,350 to 2,500 years, the quality above all which we will be aware of is synthesis. And this will fuse and blend all the disparate parts of the world into a synthesis without destroying the individuality. That individuality is there and is ours to keep and is a great advance from what was before, but its overuse has created a separation in the world so that the wonders, the brotherhood, and the unity of the world are profoundly threatened today. In fact, the creation of the nuclear bomb is one of the greatest factors that have brought the Masters one by one into the world today.

There are about 14 Masters living in the world today, together with the Master of all the Masters the Lord Maitreya. There are 63 Masters connected simply with the human evolution. (There are many other evolutions, which have many other Masters.) Eventually, there will be about two-thirds of those Masters, about 40, who will eventually live openly in the world.

JF: Could you discuss what Maitreya means when He talks about honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment?
Benjamin Creme Maitreya says there are many ways to attain liberation. Liberation meaning awareness of the real nature of life, what the purpose of life is and the attainment of perfection. He says: “My way is the simplest way. Practice three things: honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit and detachment.”

He says that few people have honesty of mind. Most people think one thing, say something else and do something else again. So there is no direct line from what we think to what we do. Honesty of mind changes that situation until what we think is what we do. We are true to what we think.

He says sincerity of spirit can best be thought of when you have a deep talk with an old much-loved friend. And you are speaking from heart to heart. You are not trying to convince your friend that you are better than you are; not trying to put anything over on them; you’re not trying to be anything but completely true, honest and respectful in what you are to your friend. That’s sincerity of spirit.

It’s speaking from the heart, thinking and loving from the heart to the heart—a direct heart reaction, which goes past the mental gymnastics, which most people do when talking to someone else. They are trying to put themselves over on them and trying to get the person to think more highly of them. They want to be loved, to be liked, to feel comfortable, to be taken seriously. Everybody has a want in relation to other people. But to be utterly and sincerely yourself and speak from the heart to the heart that’s sincerity of spirit.

Detachment is the ability to live with an absolutely calm and unruffled emotional body. If you were to see the emotional body of a Master it is like a lake, a still lake with no wind and the water is absolutely still and unruffled. That is how our emotional body should be but in fact, as you know, almost everybody is pulled and turned daily by the movement of their emotions. The emotions tend to rule the expression of most people. So detachment is the ability to see yourself not as the person in the mirror, not to see yourself as this physical body with its emotions and thoughts and ideas of the mental body, but to be aware of yourself as in fact you are, which is a soul in incarnation.

JF: What are Maitreya’s priorities?

Benjamin Creme: Maitreya’s priorities are very simple. Maitreya sees the world as the home for everyone. He sees everyone as divine; every single person is a fragment, a spark, of the divine. And He sees what really pertains in the world. At the moment half the world is poor. Millions of people are starving to death every year in a world with a huge surplus of food. And nothing concerns Him more than this. He says: “Nothing so moves Me to grief as this shame. The crime of separation must be driven from this earth. I affirm that as My purpose.”

The “crime of separation” is the fact that people have a sense that they have no relationship other than with their immediate family, friends or the people of their own village, town or country. Other people across the world and who we don’t know are, whether we like it or not or know it or not, our brothers and sisters. Humanity, Maitreya says, is One—one group called humanity. The differences in color, religion, traditions and so on are only coincidental.

In the process of reincarnation almost everybody in the world has been through every race, every color and every tradition. So it’s nonsense, a crime, to separate humanity. That is the crime, the crime of separation, which brings about the complacency that allows millions of people to die in the midst of plenty. There’s more than enough food for everybody. And yet two-thirds of the world lives on a dollar a day, whereas millions of them die with absolutely nothing. They die of want and suffer and go from camp to camp trying to get a life for their children.

He says everyone—humanity is varied, but everyone— has the same needs. And what we need is enough correct food, the proper food for our bodies. Everybody must eat to live. It’s the nature of life. Everybody needs enough food; needs shelter from the elements; needs healthcare. Humanity has great ills from over millions of years of incarnation; and they need education. Food, shelter, healthcare and education are priorities for every single person on the planet.

That doesn’t seem too much to ask but there is no country in the world, not even the richest country in the world, which has all four of these as a right. Maitreya sees these as fundamental human rights that should be everybody’s.

Education is often thought of as learning how to read, write, do arithmetic and so forth. However, I can imagine that with the expanded consciousness of the Master education must have a far larger meaning then learning to read and write, as important as that is to learn. Could you discuss what education means?

Yes, this is true. Everybody, of course, has to read and write. That’s elementary education. Every young adult and child has to learn the mechanics of living in the physical world. So you learn to read and write. But They don’t call that education. Education for a Master is education of consciousness, so that people become aware of and give expression to who and what they are.

If you have the capacity you might become a Leonardo da Vinci, a Rembrandt or an Einstein—somebody extraordinarily brilliant. But only as a result of having the inner capacity in the first place and the education which gives the person the opportunity to manifest that. Everybody is divine so everyone has divine attributes. And education is the way of becoming aware of and giving expression to these attributes.

He says that under the guidance of Himself and the Masters over the next 2,500 years everybody on the planet will begin to evolve through the ability—by the reconstruction of our lives, including our educational structures—to express that which they are. He says everybody counts. Everybody is needed. Everybody has within him or her tremendous possibilities, acumen, awareness and talent. Only a fraction of humanity has at any given time the opportunity to give expression to that.
Under the guidance and stimulus of the Masters, He says that all people on the planet will give what they have, the fraction of the divinity, which is theirs and the creativity that comes with that divinity. What we call creativity, which makes a person a Leonardo da Vinci or a Rembrandt, is the result of the awareness of the divinity of which they themselves are a reflection. Creativity and divinity are one and the same things.

Until people become aware of their divinity and are freed from the weight of want that bears down on countless millions of people, they are given no opportunity to express that divinity and that creativity which lies dormant within them. Under the stimulus of Maitreya and the Masters there will be an extraordinary flowering in this coming time, over the next 2,500 years, of the innate creativity that every single person has.

JF Could you tell us about your book “The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission”

Benjamin Creme This is my latest book. I began my work with what I call the Space Brothers—the people who use the UFOs, as they are called, the Unidentified Flying Objects. They are very identifiable to me. They are the vehicles used by the people on our sister planets of our system. They all come from our own system: the large majority from Mars and Venus but also from Jupiter and various other planets.

Now that sounds crazy. Some people might think there is no life on Mars or Venus that we know of—you couldn’t live
there. Well, that is a misunderstanding. That is a statement made by our scientists, not because of their knowledge but out of their ignorance of the true reality of our physical plane. They postulate that there are three physical states or planes: solid physical, liquid physical and gaseous physical and above that nothing.

They are looking for something else, which their calculations tell them is there but which they cannot pinpoint, examine and experiment with. They call it “dark matter”. Dark matter is actually what the Masters call the etheric planes of matter. Above gas there are four (to us, as yet) invisible planes. And since they cannot be seen we don’t even register them; we think they don’t exist. They do exist.

If you went to Mars you would see nobody at all unless you had the vision, which encompasses the four etheric planes, each one finer and higher as it goes up. So the fourth is the lowest and the first is the highest etheric plane. And these are physical but etheric physical. Our physical eyes can’t see them unless we have etheric vision. In this coming time more and more children will be born with some degree of etheric vision and will see what as yet is unseen by the vast majority of humanity.

If you went to Mars you would—as scientists say, because they’ve sent probes to Mars and taken photographs—see a dead planet, but you don’t see anybody. In fact there are more people living on Mars, although it is a much smaller planet, than are living on Earth. It is possible because they are of etheric physical being. To themselves they are perfectly solid, physical and real. To us they are invisible.

The spacecraft that they make (of which they are the masters of space) are made mainly on Mars. Even many of the Venusian ones, the specifications are made on Venus but the actual craft are made on Mars. And they are made out of etheric physical matter. It’s physical but it’s etheric. It’s invisible in itself unless you have etheric vision.

It’s a question of etheric vision. We could have and will develop etheric vision. Some people have some degree of etheric vision. Our physical makeup is more or less complete. What we don’t have is etheric vision. Except a relatively few people have some level of etheric vision— perhaps the fourth and the third etheric plane. The second and the first are very fine and usually the last of all to be seen. When you have etheric vision you have the reality, which lies behind that vision.
All of the planets in our system are inhabited. In fact what we call “Man” exists throughout the whole of cosmos but not necessarily in the same physical condition as we think is the only one which can be called physical. Many are
physical in the same sense as we are, but most are in the etheric physical. All of the others in our own solar system are in the etheric and that’s why we think they are uninhabited.

The Space Brothers create these craft and they are here on a spiritual mission. They are not here for fun. They are here to help humanity. They are absolutely and totally dedicated to their spiritual mission. That’s why I call it “UFOs and Their Spiritual Mission”. And the “Forces of Light” are the forces of our own Spiritual Hierarchy now coming One by One into the everyday world from the inner planes—but they have never been elsewhere but in the world—and the Space Brothers coming together to help humanity.

Without their help this planet would probably be more or less uninhabitable. Their work is the cleansing—to an extent, they are not allowed by Karmic Law to do it completely—to some degree of the air, oceans, seas, rivers and land of all the pollution we pour into it or release into the atmosphere. The most dangerous of all of the pollution we release is coming from nuclear power stations. The nuclear scientists believe they have complete control over nuclear energy. They absolutely do not.

Above what can be measured (gaseous physical) they have not yet the technology to measure. They think that if there is nothing measurable it doesn’t exist. But the higher levels, which they today call “dark matter”, the etheric planes of matter, are there. And on the etheric planes nuclear radiation is pouring out of every nuclear power station in the world, every nuclear experiment, every nuclear bomb. It pours into the world a toxic gas, if I can call it that, which is above gas and is the most dangerous thing to Earth.

The Masters have recorded that the ills of humanity are worst at the etheric physical plane. The incidence of Alzheimer’s disease at a lower and lower age is the direct result of this toxic nuclear gas, which is affecting all humanity, breaking down the immune systems of humanity and bringing in wave after wave of new diseases, influenzas and toxicities, which we no longer have the capacity to deal with. So getting Alzheimer’s used to be an illness of old people but now middle-aged people indeed and even young people have become infected by this toxic result of the energy pouring out of the nuclear power stations.

The nations have plans to build even more power stations. The French, Japanese, Americans and so on see his as one way to deal with the carbon footprint, the heating up of the Earth. It would make it even worse. It would destroy humanity if they make any more power stations.

Maitreya is speaking openly and He has already appeared 13 times [Benjamin Creme is being interviewed on May 11, 2010] on an American television and gradually His words will be taken seriously. He is not working completely openly. He is incognito. He is not using the name Maitreya. He is appearing as an ordinary man, as one of us, but in fact it is Maitreya. When He is asked about the effect of nuclear radiation in the world I am sure He will be very clear how dangerous it is and that all nuclear power plants and experimentation and so on have to be stopped and dismantled for their children and their children.

JF In December 2008 your organization, Share International, sent a press release to the world’s media announcing that an unusual “star” would soon be seen around the world both day and night. Since that time many dozens of videos have turned up on YouTube showing an unusual “star” in the sky and Share International magazine has also been publishing countless photos of the “star” sent in by readers. You say the “star” is a modern day version of the Star of Bethlehem and is inaugurating Maitreya’s return. You have also said that there are actually four of these “stars”. Could you tell us what they are?

Benjamin Creme They are gigantic spaceships: one from Mars, one from Jupiter, one from Venus and one from a planet whose name has not been given. They are spacecraft (not ordinary UFOs doing their ordinary work, which is extraordinary), which do this special work vis-à-vis the ‘star’.

I have been told the four ‘stars’ will be in place until the Day of Declaration [the day Maitreya announces Himself to the world upon invitation], in the North, South, East and West, so that wherever you are in the world your area will be covered by a ‘star’. All you have to do is keep looking for them; they don’t appear all the time. People imagine you just look up and suddenly see them. It is not that simple. They are gigantic but they do not fill the sky. They are larger than planets and stars and they move.

Each ‘star’ is about the size of five football fields put together. They don’t appear all the time because they
have to recharge their batteries. So they move as close to the sun as possible to recharge their batteries that way. That takes time and then they return to position and move around. That is the thing about the `star’—it moves around.

JF: You mentioned earlier that Maitreya is being interviewed on American television but incognito. How are people responding to Maitreya when they hear Him speak and do we know how many have heard Him speak thus far?

Benjamin Creme I don’t know how many people have heard Him. Millions and millions have the opportunity to hear Him because it goes out on the Internet at the same time. I don’t know how many in fact have heard Him. But the effect according to my Master—I have not heard one, I don’t see or hear American television [in London, England]—is threefold. Some find what He has to say not what they like at all. They want the world to carry on this way that is, bringing it to a point where we will destroy all life on the planet, though they might not know it. They are afraid of change and they are afraid of that kind of change, the change of attitude that Maitreya is no doubt seeking to bring forward: the fact that humanity is One. We are brothers and sisters of one planet and under the one God and we have this planet as ours to look after and not to destroy.

Then there are those who, I am told, have already recognized—not necessarily Maitreya; they may not know Him as Maitreya—that Maitreya is not an ordinary man, not just simply one of us. They believe He must be sent from above to say the things He does say. He has brought new hope and new life into their hearts and they can only wait hopefully until He is declared before the whole world. Others see Him as interesting and touching.

Some have already, in the sense that they pray to Him, recognized His divinity. There are all these different kinds of reactions.

JF Will Maitreya be speaking on television in other nations?

Benjamin Creme Well, this subtle re-education of humanity will go on. Maitreya will—I don’t know when, but quite soon—finish speaking on television in America and will go to Japan, Europe, China, Russia, South America and so on. He will go around the world, appearing on television until most people will have heard Him and respond to Him and His ideas.

JF What is the reason behind His appearing incognito, or not mentioning His true status, during His interviews?

Creme He wants the people to respond to Him because they want for the world what He is advocating for the world, which is sharing, justice and peace. He says without peace there will be no world. If there is a major war it would be nuclear and would destroy all life— human and subhuman—on planet Earth. He says peace is essential. But how do we get peace? He says there will never be peace until there is justice in the world. So we have to create justice.

How do we create justice? He says justice will only come when there is trust. How do we get trust? He say there is only one way to get trust and that is to share the resources of the world. He says it is so simple. The answer is in our own hands. When we accept sharing we automatically create the trust, which leads to the end of injustice. And there is massive injustice in the world. Wars and terrorism are the result of injustice. People feel the injustice, they feel affronted and angry about the injustice of the world and rightly. A few countries, the G8 nations of the world, usurp and waste three quarters of the resources of the world.

Why should the people in Africa, parts of India and South America accept that they have nothing? That they starve to death? That they live miserable lives hunted by misery and poverty and want? Why? The world, Maitreya says, belongs to everybody, not just a few developed nations. He says the gap between the developed and the developing world is getting larger and larger. He says in that gap lies the potential for a third world war. That war would be nuclear and would destroy all life on Earth.

So we have a choice. We have free will. The choice is ours, but we have to make that choice. He doesn’t come to make that choice for us but to show what the choice is. The choice is to go on as we are going and destroy everything and all life on Earth or to accept the principle of sharing, create the trust which gets rid of the injustice and have the peace, which will come only as the result of the ending of injustice. He says while there is injustice there will never be peace.

We know where we are going; we know what we have to do. It’s up to us to do it. That’s the decision of humanity. He says we have to do it—every brick and every stone of the New Age structures must be put in place by humanity itself. We have to do it out of our own divinity. He will call on our divinity, call to that divinity to manifest that divinity. He says when you share you recognize God in your brother. “Step into sharing”, Maitreya says, “and step into your divinity”.

We don’t know the meaning and purpose of life. He comes to show us the meaning and purpose of life. It is to live life to the full with the greatest creative reality and all involved at the same level, all at the level of divinity, sharing the resources of the whole world, which He calls the most bountiful of worlds.

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    • Endtime

      Maitreya is the westernized form of what in real Sanskrit is Maitreyaha (the so called root form). E is always long in Sanskrit. If you now write that form in Hebrew letters, including an aleph to mark the length of the E, and then calculate the numerical values of the letters according to the Biblical numerology, it sums up to 666!

      There are pictures of this Maiterya(ha) in which he looks really demonic. I have a very hard time to believe that he is not a deceiver and not one of the many false Christs.+

    • Louis

      Sounds like Maitreya is serving a tray-full of malarkey. There is only one Lord: Jesus Christ, whose entire life was foretold by God’s holy prophets and, after redeeming the world with His Sacred Blood, arose from the dead and ascended into Heaven.

      Compared to Christ, Maitreya is nobody.

    • Aquarius

      Creme is a saint to spend his life preparing the public for the Christ. It is a thankless job, ridicule and hatred and fear piled high, just as Jesus experienced it. I almost seems that the folks who wanted Jesus killed are back again up to the same tricks.

      People should research what Maitreya is saying…that all men are subjectively One; that we are one family and if we are to survive on Earth, we must learn to live together peacefully. Maitreya will invoke the hearts’ love in all men on Declaration Day, to enable us to come together and create the fabulous future ahead.

      The only thing to fear is fear itself. Fear is the tool of evil.

      • StraightDopes

        > just as Jesus experienced it.

        THIS IS A JOKE, RIGHT??? Was benny creme or jeffrey or “lord maitreya” crucified?

        seriously – watch this and ask yourself is Jesus Christ would have ANYTHING to do with prayers made to Lucifer – which this woman recounts as an eye-witness!!

        • Awakenow2

          There is a great delusion on these people

    • McElchap

      Maitreya is the only religious “Master” with an office, SHARE International, in the United Nations headquarters in NYC. The UN building has only one chapel, maintained by the Lucius Trust, a Luciferian organization associated with Madame Blavatsky’s following. Freemasonry figures prominently among the UN cadres coming from nations all over the world, and masonry is a very Luciferian organization according to it texts. The UN, Masons and Maitreya all seek to unite the globe with one government, one religion, one currency…. a New World Order. Maitreya is not what Crème presents. :twisted: Maitreya should not be trusted. I will trust Jesus Christ and none other! :smile:

      • Aquarius

        Actually, McElchap, your info is not correct. Share International does not have an office at the UN, and is not in any way associated with the organization of the Lucis Trust, although the information given in the many books given by the Master DK and written by Alice A. Bailey, and that brave and much abused esoteric disciple, Madame Blavatsky, are basic to the foundation of the teachings of the Masters of Wisdom. Jesus, Himself, is one of these Masters, and works closely with Maitreya when dealing with Christians, wherever they are found.

        As you will find when you do your research, Maitreya comes to teach, not to found any government, any currency or any world order. He says, if you are a Christian, be a good Christian, if a Jew, be a good Jew, if a Muslim, be a good Muslim. Be honest, be sincere, and do the right thing. If you follow that teaching, it will take you straight to God.

        Fear is the most powerful tool of evil.

        • McElchap

          Aquarius! SHARE International most certainly did have an office in the UN building, at least did at one time not long ago, if no longer. (I research such things.) Also, I did not say Maitreya’s organization had any tangible link or association with the Lucis Trust, but YOU yourself make the philosophical link in your reply to me. FURTHER, you BLASPHEME to suggest Jesus Christ shared the values of Luciferians like Madame Blavatsky and Alice Bailey! Lucifer is fallen, Christ exalted! Maitreya sells :evil: New Age tripe contrary to the teachings of Jesus Christ. To suggest they are aligned is ignorant or dishonest! I am a Bible College graduate, and I can spot a deceiver. Repent! :roll:

        • Awakenow2

          AMEN!!!! McElchap, These people are here to decieve and maitreya is nothing more than a demon. Jesus Christ is the Way the Truth and the Life. This is where followers of Christ need to be rooted in their faith so they are not decieved.

        • Awakenow2

          The ascended masters are associated with the GFL too, another new age bunch who channel demons and encourage demonic possession. Do not be decieved, they are counterfiets

    • STAR

      humanity is living very dark times where injustices, corruption, the immense power of markets and endless destruction of our planet teach us that there is only one way, to live in harmony all humanity: sharing the world’s resources and goodbye to war. We are living the end of these times, we need a new model. humanity need help to figth against these negative forces so if great and wise men coming to help, I say: you are welcome.

      • King of Shambhala

        I’m the only messenger of the Apcoalypse not the Maitreya ot whatever.

        No one’s seen Maitreya just that old guy Creme, who’s a real “creme de la creme”.

        I reveal Obama’s the Antichrist and no one else does while providing the proof of it.

        Check out the proof Obama’s Marked by 666:

        • King of Shambhala

          Check this out:

          “The Man from Nowhere” is the name of the Antichrist.

          Obama’s the Antichrist because 666 was drawn in his hometown, Chicago, the day after Obama’s election in the Illinois State Lottery.

          Check it out:

          Obama – The Lottery and 666 – You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES?

        • Aquarius

          Hi King,

          I’ve seen Maitreya, as have literally hundreds if not thousands of people. If you read the letters to the editor in Share International magazine, you can find out for yourself. I think there are some posted on

          BTW, the antichrist is not a man but the energy of materialism. Hitler and the Axis Powers were exponents of the antichrist energy for this modern period, just as Rome was in Jesus’ time 2000 or so years ago. 666 is the mark of the Beast=materialism.

        • King of Shambhala


          Bullcrap. Creme says Maitreya appears once ever ten years or something but it’s just his method of making money.

          Obama’s the Antichrist, reveal tht and you’ll get to heaven.

          But spread it worldwide to everyone because the Apocalypse is worldwide.

          Spread this news fast or you’ll not be saved.

        • AxisOfEvil

          King of Sodombhala is a false christ.

          And a moron.

          And an animal abuser.

          Many people have seen this first hand

        • King of Shambhala

          AwakenNow2 and AxisOfEvil are CIA paid shills who heckle others articles 2 47 since years now.

          CIA pays them well.

          They’re the false christs of the Bible beware of them.

        • Awakenow2

          Shut up KOS you are a spiritually retarded fool who claims to be a messiah, go blow obamas horn you reject. You are just jealous because I haven’t commented on your redundant posts for a couple weeks….. go away :neutral: :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

        • StraightDopes

          King of Shambhala – come on now, KoS, that’s a wee bit silly. calling people “CIA paid shills” is kind of the BIN equivalent of Godwin’s Law. as far as i’ve seen, neither has claimed to be Christ or anything approaching that, so i’d rule out “antichrist” as well.

    • Laser Guided Loogie

      Can Maitreya pick stocks?
      Where does he see the bond market in a year?

      You know, what they say, the “lord helps those who help themselves?”

      Well, that goes for this Maitreya dude too!

      Give me a heads up on certain stocks, and I might kick a little back at ya, if you know what I mean!

      Even the Leader of Perfect Men (is that like the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen?) needs a bit of walking around money.



      • One Of Us

        Maitreya says stock markets of the world are gambling casinos, which inevitably eventually must crash, since they are based on inequality and run by greed. In 1988 he predicted a world stock market crash whic at that time began in Japan but only recently manifested globally. He calls market forces the forces of evil, because they have separation in-built in them, i. e. they presuppose that within the free market system everyone starts on the same grounds, which of course is not true, since there are poor countries and rich countries, poor individuals and rich individuals, to begin with. Any system or enterprise which is solely based on greed has in the long run no place in the world, which is increasingly moving towards global unity and true brotherhood of man. So in this respect, the phrase “the lord helps those who help their brothers” is much more accurate.

        As for Maitreya and money making, the answer is no, since he doesn’t need to eat and sleep at all. Being one of the masters of wisdom (their leader to be precise) he has total control over material dimension of life and therefore also of his own body. Such control and ability is a property of the fifth kingdom in nature, just as we humans, the fourth kingdom in nature, are far in advance of animals, due to our development of the mind.

        • StraightDopes


          Bonds, then? :wink:

    • whatever

      Go follow like stupid sheep or be your own leader and follow what you know is right.

    • Jeffery Pritchett

      My messiah is better than yours la la la Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!

      Just wanted to let some of you know the new Spanish Inquisition is hiring.

      Hide behind your fanaticism while your religions continue to spill blood on the streets through the ignorance of man.

      Yelp with your superstitions of devils and perhaps you can reinvent the witch burnings.

      Jesus would slap the S&%* out of you! I welcome all perspectives for discussion. To suggest yours is better is ridiculous. Its the same piousness that has the world in shambles. I find it disgusting and vile when others claim their superheroes are the only way.

      Jesus loves you but if you don’t choose Jesus you burn in hell with the maggots. Sounds like domestic violence. Its why I choose to walk alone but always sharing information whilst riding the wave.

      :twisted: Booga Booga

    • Rosemarie

      I love Jesus and I believe he is here to help us now – teach us how to love each other – turn the other cheek – solve the problems of poverty around the globe- teach us to learn to live together in peace – to overcome our fears – to look out for our brother.

      I read some of the teachings from Maitreya – they are positive and show wisdom.
      I enjoyed the interview ‘the structures have to be put in place by humanity’ that sounds fair – we can’t leave all the work to Jesus – we need to think about how we want the world to be -
      the evil of invading other countries – or education as to the evils of war! Feed everyone or stockpile our food until it decays??? Wouldn’t you rebel if there was no food? How would you react?? I don’t think Jesus would stockpile food. We need to think about what he would do to help and do it! Rosemarie

    • Hariom

      Great story. I like the way Mr Creme presents it, he leaves it up to the public to discover if there’s any truth to his words. It is hard to argue against sharing in this day and age, all other methods of poverty alleviation have foundered on the rocks of materialism and separation. I would certainly welcome a great Teacher, like Jesus or the Buddha, to guide us towards better human relations.


      Thank you very much for this great interview and fantastic article which covers up a very wide range of subjects related to the seemingly extraordinary events of this time !! I must say I have personally seen the « Star » on a trip to Tunisia, moving in the sky, becoming more and less shiny, disappearing, coming back, I was really astounded. I am also used to seing crosses and circles of light in some cities of our country, France, which have been reported as being other ‘signs’ of Maitreya’s emergence, if I understand well.
      It seems that from Ms Blavatsky, Ms Bailey up to Benjamin Creme, the world has been prepared to the time when it will have to make a great choice, a great decision and that the time of that great decision is nigh, considering that Maitreya’s TV interviews are constantly increasing. I also understand this will result in a momentous event called the Day of Declaration when « all eyes » will see Him. That day should not be far away don’t you think so ? Thanks again. Best wishes from France.

    • Hydroptera

      Very good interview with Benjamin Creme. We all have a place in the healing of our home, our planet, and it’s comforting to know there are Teachers here to guide us. Thank you for this.

    • Curt

      What an extraordinary – Hopeful – story! Part of the beauty of this ‘story’- this information – iseems to be the way in which it aligns with the Wisdom Teachings, and the teachings of the major faiths.
      It’s not the first time I have heard of Benjamin Creme and Maitreya, ‘the World Teacher.’ But without fail, every time I come across it, I find it inspiring. It also seems to make a great deal of sense- especially in a world so lacking in that quality.
      On YouTube, and I think also at their website, – I came across these words of Maitreya’s: “Without Sharing there can be no Justice, Without Justice there can be no Peace, and Without Peace there is no future for mankind” – and this, as well – “Take your brother’s need as the measure for your actions, and solve the problems of the world. There is no other course.”
      Y’know- ‘Works for me.’
      A good thing, as well, to be alive at a time when we might more fulsomely come into the experience, the realization of our own divinity and interconnectedness.
      Seems an unfailingly inspiring message. Glad I came across it.

    • John

      Many Christian fundamentalists have called Maitreya the anti-Christ. Any thinking person should consider that same people also believe that their religion is the one and only true religion, that everyone with different beliefs will go to “hell” for all eternity, while they (the Christian fundamentalists) sit around in heaven.

      The poor fools have heard the lies of Christian dogma so many times that they believe them. Christian dogma is a huge problem for the entire human family. As the Christian community & entire world will soon see, the Lord Jesus will work openly from the world stage reforming Christianity. He will eliminate the dogma & bs that fogs the minds of “even the elect”. He is sure to teach that the world’s great religions are meant to compliment each other like brothers & sisters in one huge family, not to compete with each other for business, like a bunch madmen.

      These days are marking the ‘end of the world’ as we’ve come to know it. The old wornout, corrupt world systems are falling apart. The time for war, for corrupt politicians, for poverty & hunger has past. It’s time to build a new world based upon the principles of ‘sharing, justice, brotherhood & love’. It’s time for the ‘kingdom to come, for God’s Will to be done, on Earth as it is planned in heaven’.

      I am very grateful for the work of Benjamin Creme & Share International. In a world gone mad, where the blind lead the blind, finding their work is like finding an oasis in a desert.
      In the words of one Master:

      “It is a fallacy to believe, as some do, that the main trend of Christ’s work will be through the medium of the churches or the world religions…He will use all available channels whereby the consciousness of man may be enlarged and right orientation be brought about…the churches are but one of the teaching avenues He will employ…

      The long divorce between religion and politics must be ended and this can now come about because of the high level of the human mass intelligence and the fact that science has made all men so close that what happens in some remote area of the earth’s surface is a matter of general interest within a few minutes. This makes it uniquely possible for Him to work in the future.

      He has been for two thousand years the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the Spiritual Hierarchy, composed of disciples of all faiths. He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to Their Founders–the Buddha, Mohammed and others. He cares not what the faith is if the objective is love of God and of humanity. If men look for the Christ Who left His disciples centuries ago, they will fail to recognize the Christ Who is in process of returning. The Christ has no religious barriers in His consciousness. It matters not to Him of what faith a man may call himself.

      He will not come as the restorer of any of the ancient religions including Christianity, but He will come to restore man’s faith in the Father’s love, in the fact of the livinginess of the Christ and in the close, subjective and unbreakable relationship of all men everywhere…

      His reappearance will knit and bind together all men and women of goodwill throughout the world, irrespective of religion or nationality.

      It is to the whole world that Christ comes and not just to the Christian world. He comes to the East and to the West…”


      • StraightDopes

        John – please watch the following brief video of eyewitness testimony, and ask yourself this: Would Jesus Christ be offering up prayers to Lucifer??

        educate yourself. don’t think you can shirk the responsibility for doing so on that Last Day by saying, “LORD, i just didn’t like the people who called themselves Yours.” it ain’t gonna work, bro.

        God Bless

    • Marc G

      One reads the comments below with some interest. Many of the ones critical of Creme and his information are filled with inaccurate assertions, false accusations and rather histrionic, fear-based (it would seem) statements. In contrast, in his inteview with Jason Francis, Creme is lucid, articulate, down-to-Earth and and quite eloquent in saying what he has to say. He puts forth some rather profound information in a clear and comprehensible way. I just find the contrast in Creme’s tone with the tone of his detractors intriguing. Lucidity as opposed to mild hysteria.

      • StraightDopes

        Marc G – Could you imagine the Elite using an inarticulate, stupid man as a spokesman? See my comment and link below.

        Benjamin Creme is OFFICIALLY, UNDENIABLY, an agent of the U.N. and global banking elite. He’s a “John the Baptist” for the coming False Prophet, whom he refers to as “Maitreya.”

        • Marc G

          Dear Straight Dopes: I am sorry, but Benjamin Creme is neither an agent of the UN, nor least of all a spokesman for the “global banking elite.” Everything Creme has ever said regarding economics calls forcefully for an end to the financial hegemony, and the monumental economic injustice, that group imposes upon the rest of the world.

          You’re right about Creme being articulate, but perhaps you should be familiar with what he has actually *said* over the years before before claiming, completely inaccurately, that he is “OFFICIALLY, UNDENIABLY” the kind of “agent” you say. He is categorically nothing of the sort.

        • StraightDopes

          Marc G – you said:

          ” I am sorry, but Benjamin Creme is neither an agent of the UN, nor least of all a spokesman for the “global banking elite.” Everything Creme has ever said regarding economics calls forcefully for an end to the financial hegemony, and the monumental economic injustice, that group imposes upon the rest of the world.”

          I could substitute the word “Communism,” “Communists,” etc for each time you used Benjamin Creme’s name, and that statement would ring *JUST AS TRUE,* wouldn’t it? Yet communism was a creation OF THE SAME CENTRAL BANKERS.

          Do you take these people for fools??? They’re supremely evil, and intelligent beyond your wildest nightmares.

        • Marc G

          “Do you take these people for fools??? They’re supremely evil, and intelligent beyond your wildest nightmares.”

          Agreed entirely. But Benjamin Creme is not one of them. Not at all.

    • StraightDopes

      Consummate NWO B.S.

      Maitreya is a literal Antichrist/False Prophet. How any awake person could not tell that this is Luciferian propaganda is beyond me.

      “The main channel or medium through which the messages of Maitreya are heard is the ‘esoteric’ Benjamin Creme, who is officially backed by the United Nations. In fact, Benjamin Creme is the editor of Share International Foundation which is accredited as an official non-governmental organization (NGO) by the United Nations, and the magazine, as stated on the inside cover of each issue, is published by Share International” in association with the Department of Public Information at the United Nations.” Creme and Share International are both intimately connected with a number of New Age groups including the Freemasons (Creme often lectures in Masonic halls), the Tara Canter of Hollywood, CA, the Theosophical Society, the Lucis Trust which also maintains the official UN “meditation room”.

      • Awakenow2

        You are right straghtdopes. I was wondering how long it would be before this group started posting on BIN. This group is going to decieve many. Here we go……

        • StraightDopes

          Jeff –

          If you do not “follow anyone,” can you explain how you came to interview Ben Creme?

          And why you’re asking such terribly hard-hitting questions, such as:

          >” Where do the Masters come from and are They like us?”


          >”JF Could you tell us about your book “The Gathering of the Forces of Light: UFOs and their Spiritual Mission”
          (2010)? (Gotta get the publishing date in there!!)


          >”Will Maitreya be speaking on television in other nations?”

          Yeah, sure Jeff. YOU don’t follow ANYONE. THAT’S why you’re interviewing Benny Creme, and asking such devastating questions.

          Take your New Age New World Order Messiah elsewhere, and stop mocking Truthers at a website that’s pretty much “Truther-dominated.”

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          Once again I do not see a reply button on your ramble you just gave about people trying to kill you. Paranoid much?

          I just wanted to say Mr Unabomber that I will have to use the pearls before swine sentiment here and only leave you with a few words.

          You believe what you want to believe and you think everyone is out to get you. How about cleaning up your own Christianity before you attack everyone elses belief systems?

          Homosexuals? lol Christianity is filled with homosexuals fondling children from Rome to psycho Mormon cults in the US OF A.

          Go clean them up and leave a message at the beep. Beep. When it comes to my time waste not want not. I’ve said what I needed to say. Its not been a pleasure.

      • Aquarius

        Inaccuracies in your quote suggest really old information mixed in with old and made up fundamentalist dogma to create a big bogey man using the potent tool of Evil – that is fear.
        Fear drives people to do terrible things to others. It overcomes Love, the central teaching of Jesus. It was the tool of Rome when the “elect” came after Jesus. Jesus caused the offices of the status quo to fear for their future power, so they made stuff up and nailed that great Teacher to a cross. It is what often happens to those who are Messengers of God.

        Christian church leaders say that if Jesus were really back, they would have known it first and delivered him to the people. But Jesus appears to Christian people as individuals all the time…the Church is rather behind the curve on this. Maitreya has appeared Christian groups in the form of the Teacher many, many times all over the world.

        • StraightDopes

          Hmmmmm, Aquarius – with a name like that, YOU wouldn’t have any proverbial “skin in the game,” would you?

          It’s very easy to say, “that quote is inaccurate,” and quite another to point out what those inaccuracies ARE.

          Are you DENYING that “Share International” is affiliated with the U.N.? Seems pretty impossible to doubt that.

          To call Jesus Christ “that great Teacher” is an option HE NEVER LEFT OPEN TO YOU. He WASN’T simply a “great teacher,” He claimed to be the One and Only Savior of Mankind – So either call Him a liar, lunatic, or Lord – but He NEVER claimed to simply be a “great teacher.” Your intentional twisting of His oft-declared mission is very telling, indeed.

          What IN THE WORLD a Black Jesus has to do with this, i have no idea.

        • Awakenow2

          YEAH!!! Let ‘em have it straightdopes, keep speaking the truth brother. Aquarius… no esoteric meaning in you name right? You are a NWO muppet, wake up

    • Aquarius

      “Straightdopes” wrote: “Hmmmmm, Aquarius – with a name like that, YOU wouldn’t have any proverbial “skin in the game,” would you?

      I think that humanity is in serious need of wise guidance right now, and that this topic is not to be treated like some academic discussion, so “yes” I do.

      It’s very easy to say, “that quote is inaccurate,” and quite another to point out what those inaccuracies ARE.

      I don’t think arguing with you is very interesting, nor does it lend light.

      Are you DENYING that “Share International” is affiliated with the U.N.? Seems pretty impossible to doubt that.

      Share International is not associated with the U.N., although Creme often speaks of the value and benefits of a world community center, where issues can be resolved peaceably.

      To call Jesus Christ “that great Teacher” is an option HE NEVER LEFT OPEN TO YOU. He WASN’T simply a “great teacher,” He claimed to be the One and Only Savior of Mankind – So either call Him a liar, lunatic, or Lord – but He NEVER claimed to simply be a “great teacher.” Your intentional twisting of His oft-declared mission is very telling, indeed.

      Hmm….when you finally do see him, you can ask him yourself. I would respectfully disagree with your remarks.

      What IN THE WORLD a Black Jesus has to do with this, i have no idea.

      I don’t understand your statement at all.

      • StraightDopes

        Aquarius said:

        >”I don’t think arguing with you is very interesting, nor does it LEND LIGHT.”

        Keep proving my point with the words you choose, Illuminist Jr.

        >”Share International is not associated with the U.N.,”

        O RLY? maybe you should read what i posted above – after all, it comes from BENJAMIN CREME’S OWN WEBSITE. Here it is posted again, in case you missed it:

        Sooo…. WHAT is the “TRUE SOUL OF THE U.N.”??????????

        >”when you finally do see him, you can ask him yourself.”

        i *could,* but i won’t need to. He’s ALREADY TOLD US what and whom He came for – and it certainly wasn’t to champion the cause of the hugely immoral, revolting-to-humanity United Nations.

      • StraightDopes

        Posting this New Age Illuminist garbage on BIN is like walking into a Black Panthers Party meeting and shouting “N1GG3R!!” over and over again.

        It’s disgusting in the extreme.

        Please, people, do your homework and find out who this “John the Baptist of Lucifer’s Savior” is.

        …Or did you think Antichrist would appear in the form of George W Bush, or Joseph Stalin??

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          I have to admit I find you completely nauseating.

          Everyone hold on tight StraightDopes is going to show us the way to the light and save us from the Illuminaughty and the evil Reptilian aliens from Zanzabarf.

          You are just another fanatical truther wanker who has chewed to much conspiro bubble gum and let it go to your head causing psychosis.

          You probably think victims from the Boston Massacre were all actors as well I presume. I notice you don’t share any information yourself from your profile. Just like to troll up and down the isles I guess right?

          False Prophet! Anti-Christ! Witch! Devil! Demon!

          Get a rope.. pathetic programmed rhetoric.

        • StraightDopes

          Cool diatribe, Jeff….

          Amazing how much you presume to know about me and my beliefs on such varied topics as the Boston Bombings, “reptilian aliens,” and the “planet Zanzabarf” (whatever those last two things are).

          As for Benjamin Creme, well, HE has a website and an awful lot of poor duped souls like yourself to get his message across, so there’s not so much guesswork in establishing exactly what HE believes, and i just posted a link so everyone could go see for themselves. I guess YOU are far different than I, and would eschew the term “Truther” as a descriptor for yourself….

          …which makes one wonder….

          ….WHAT EXACTLY are you guys doing here at BIN?

          OH, THAT’S RIGHT! seeing if you can drum up any more naive people for your cult.

        • Awakenow2

          It’s funny that Jeffery Pritchett can joke about the illuminati while advocating their agenda. Anyone who buys what the MSM is selling lacks critical thinking skills and is being controlled. And you say “False Prophet! Anti-Christ! Witch! Devil! Demon!” sarcastically when yes, that is the reallity. I know there will be many who fall for your lies, but the true followers of Christ will not be decieved and you will not silence the truth. No one ever said “get a rope”, but that is how all of you antichrists talk with your propaganda to push hatred toward true believers because you hate the truth and you wish to shut us up, just like the homosexuals hate being told that they are living a sinnful lifestyle. The truth offends them.
          When Jesus exposed the money changers and drove them out of the temple they started plotting to kill him and now the true body of Christ is exposing your satanic, luciferian agenda and the UN along with share international will try to kill us to shut us up. The federal government is already trying to remove Christians from the military… Why??? Because they want to kill us, that’s why.

          You new age occultists make me sick your lies are never ending and more deadly than a nuclear bomb. I pray you see the truth before it’s too late.

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          In reply to your last comment below here since I do not see a reply button on IT.

          I do not belong to Share International. Nor do I have any personal sentiments to share regarding M.

          I posted an interview and that is what I do when it comes to writing. I have interviewed Shamans, Christians, Witches, Voodoo Doctors, Pagan Druids, Satanists. Oh Satanists! Oh my I bet you would get your gooch in a knot over that one wouldn’t you? The list goes on and on. All welcome to their belief system’s perspective.

          Though I may share some personal sentiments regarding their belief systems you will not see me shouting about devils to them like a fool. Like for instance I find the Christian perspective to be a complete utter chaotic mess in many regards when it comes to the state of our world though I try not to blame Christ that most of his fan club is insane.

          Why am I here? I was invited here personally by the sites creators to be here for starters.

        • StraightDopes

          Sure, Jeff, and I’m sure Mr. Kitze encouraged you to mock Truthers on a Truther-oriented website too, right??

          When you interview Christians, do you ask them really hard-hitting questions like:

          “Tell me, WHY is that Jesus guy just so AWESOME??”

          This isn’t an interview – at least not in the tradtional news sense – this is you “fluffing the fluffer,” if you get my meaning. :wink:

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          StraightDope the only people I have mocked are the ones doing the Mocking sir.

          I don’t have a problem with all Truthers just ignorant ones. I am also curious where Truthers mixed their beliefs with Christian fanaticism at some point and became some weird psycho hybrid of blah.

          Its a lost cause you all most assuredly have more time on your hands than I have. I have work to do. Enjoy your troll of a day! :cool:

        • StraightDopes

          Way to answer not a single question, Jeff.

    • migrant bird

      I find this to be an interesting and inspiring story. What Creme says about awareness, evolution and life on other planets makes much more sense than what any of our so-called religions are teaching. Great interview!

      • StraightDopes

        When did YOU join the Maitreya cult, migrant bird?

        I like the way you phrased your “comment”/endorsement.

        It’s *almost* like you’ve NEVER HEARD of Ben Creme before….

        …almost :lol:

    • StraightDopes



      :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • Aquarius

      Creme’s interview really emphasizes the fact that the Masters are here now. It seems that the initiative for the Masters to appear openly…and for Maitreya to present His credentials on Declaration Day…is humanity’s to take up. Apparently we, everyday people, must want what Maitreya teaches…a simpler life in which no man lacks the basic necessities of life..nourishing food, safe shelter, effective healthcare and all the education needed for self-sufficiency. Surely these are not unknown ideals. Wouldn’t anyone want them for him or herself? I would. People need to eat three times/day to be healthy, and when sick we need medical attention. We need a safe place to live. We need to be educated in how to live fully and happily.

      When people say “we don’t need a Christ to achieve these ideals”, I wish I could say “well, why are they not the norm, then?” Why then is humanity at the brink of self-destruction, without a plan, without the united will to make a plan? Who will bring Israelis and Palestinians together in trust and peace? Who will ensure that a nuclear war, that will end all life on Earth, does not happen? Who will point the way to resolution of our energy problems, our environmental problems, our social/economic/political problems? Who, if not a man who speaks all languages, knows what is in each of our hearts and loves us still. Who?

      • Awakenow2

        The one you speak of is not maitreya, if you welcome these lies you welcome the beast.

    • StraightDopes

      Let me quickly explain to everyone who might be wondering why Jefferey Pritchett, and indeed the whole “Share International/ Benjamin Creme” cult OPENLY MOCK TRUTHERS:

      It’s because we’re the people who are awake to all the fraud, false-flags, financial rip-offs and debt slavery that the Globalists have to offer, and THIS is THEIR “Messiah.”

      Why would someone get on a website that is frequented pretty much by Truthers, and then openly MOCK them for being awake?????

      Well, because they’re DUMB ENOUGH to think that you’ll fall for this nonsense.

      When malware authors do things like poison pages and mail out malicious links and attachments, they’re not counting on EVERY person clicking the link, downloading the file, etc… they’re looking for, say, just the one out of a hundred.


      • Awakenow2

        I agree with straightdopes, these occultists want to eat your soul.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        LMAO Awake?

        You call how you behave being AWAKE? Regarding your using the N word scenario earlier. Who would even think like that unless they have issues to resolve? If being AWAKE is acting like you act towards others beliefs then please let me stay asleep in my slumber for all eternity. Because you give AWAKE a bad name.

        Let me school you on being AWAKE. Jesus, Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Buddha, Krishna, and yes even M I presume. None of them behave like you do like a pretentious nutter butter asshat.

        If you are an example of being AWAKE and enlightened.. LMAO what a let down. Next you’ll be calling people Sheeple cause its cool and hip.

        • Awakenow2

          Jeffery Pritchett, You think your funny as you mock people. If I comment on others beliefs I don’t mock them I only try to point them to the truth, it looks like you enjoy spending your time pointing people to false mystery religions created to decieve. I have a foundation that my faith is firmly planted on while it looks like you are an oppertunist. It sounds like you whore out your soul to whatever idea suits your mood best at the moment, not rooted in anything. Which is exactly what you have been programmed to do. You go with the flow and see how that works out for ya brother. You should do a little research on Nimrod and Semiramis before you go spreading anymore misleading spiritual information.

          Matthew 7:24-27
          New Living Translation (NLT)

          24 “Anyone who listens to my teaching and follows it is wise, like a person who builds a house on solid rock. 25 Though the rain comes in torrents and the floodwaters rise and the winds beat against that house, it won’t collapse because it is built on bedrock. 26 But anyone who hears my teaching and doesn’t obey it is foolish, like a person who builds a house on sand. 27 When the rains and floods come and the winds beat against that house, it will collapse with a mighty crash.”

        • StraightDopes

          Jeffery – For you to phrase your reply the way you did shows you to be what you indeed are. I didn’t use the “n-word,” as you daintily put it in your truly white-bred way – I said putting this story on BIN is like walking into a Black Panther meeting and shouting “N1GG3R!”, because that’s about the best analogy i could think of. What i meant by it, as if you didn’t know, is that you are AT A TRUTHER-ORIENTED WEB SITE, PROMOTING A LUCIFERIAN MESSIAH.

          It doesn’t get any clearer than that.

          >”Yes, even M i assume.”

          It’s cute the way you only use the first initial. Because – you know – you wouldn’t want to look like you actually ENDORSE this guy, right???


          Why not say, “Even Peruvian RaptorJesus, i assume,” if you’re NOT REALLY one of these cultists. After all, there’s just as much proof of Peruvian RaptorJesus (that last part is pronounced “Hay-soos,” of course) as their is of “Lord Maitreya.”

          If you want to try to paint me as a racist, you’re going to have an exceedingly hard time. But by all means, keep trying, if that’s your thing. It’s the only way you have to discredit the Truth, and the truth is that “Lord Maitreya” is an Illuminist Messiah, and Benny Creme is his “John the Baptist.”

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          Awakenow2 well you can rejoice that while your heaven walking the paved streets of gold in your cushy mansion with the white fluffy clouds and fat chubby cherubs. I’ll be in hell burning with the demon maggots because I didn’t grasp unto one particular religion and kiss its ass. But instead I believe there are many ways to the source of the Universe not just one. Unfortunately the one you represent is a mess and you should work on cleaning it up instead of focusing on little ole me if your so steadfast and sure of it. Good luck to you. You’ll have your work cut out for you. Maybe while your sitting on your white fluffy cloud God will give you a golden star sticker as well. The way you ramble about homosexuals and paranoid delusions of everyone being out to get you while judging other people it sounds like you might wanna work on yourself as well in the meantime.

        • Awakenow2

          Jeffery Pritchett, There you go again mocking me, for some reason you come across like you are snooty a Brittish freemason who thinks you are so smart and have all of this “secret knowledge”. And your description of heaven is stupid, for lack of a better word.
          You can hate the Church if you want, and I am referring to the body of Christ but he was hated before me so in doing so I recieve it as an honor. If you choose to go to hell as you stated in your comment then that is your own choice.

        • StraightDopes

          Jeffery – Sorry to butt in when i’m not being addressed directly, but i consider this Family business:

          NO REAL CHRISTIAN would rejoice in ANYONE being lost for eternity. And i wouldn’t EVER suggest ANY “religion,” and i’d bet neither would Awakenow2. As for the rest of your post, you are simply casting light on the REAL problem – SIN. SIN is what it is when mankind decides to do things like initiate war, impoverish nations and individuals, lie, kill, destroy, etc… THAT IS the problem.

          SO – you think Benny Creme (U.N. puppet, as i’ve shown IN HIS OWN WORDS) and “Lord Maitreys” is going to change that??? LOL – NOPE.

          What REAL Christianity is about is ANTI_RELIGION. Jesus Christ was the greatest anti-religionist Who ever lived. RELIGION is man’s set of laws for being “good enough” for God. REAL Christianity cedes the point that we could NEVER be good enough for God – God Himself recognizes this, and provided a Way for us by taking on human form and DYING FOR US, so that WE may be seen by Him as Righteous, even though by our deeds we are FAR FROM IT. So, JESUS takes OUR penalty, and in return gives us the Righteousness that is in Him alone.

          i hope that at least gives you the REAL Christian perspective, rather than the nonsense you see in this lying world being sold as “Christianity.”

          Take care :wink:

        • Awakenow2

          Once again straightdopes hit the nail on the head. God bless Brother

        • StraightDopes

          Awakenow2 – you, too, bro

          AND may He Bless Jeff Pritchett, Jason Francis, and everyone else reading this story and comments…

          C’mon guys, start STUDYING! i’m not one who thinks personal education, knowledge of trivia, or learning these seemingly obscure, unimportant things verbatim equals or leads to Salvation – that is God Alone’s to give – but surely it can’t HURT.

    • Awakenow2

      I’m sorry you take take salvation as a serious subject, it is probably the most serious topic any of us will face in our lives. When people post decietful stories that mislead I take it seriously. I hope the best for you Jeffery Pritchett, and I do not wish hell on you or anyone else, that is why I would expose ben creme and maitreya as the liars that they are. Eternity is a long time to suffer consequences of being mistaken. I have done my research and I can tell straightdopes has too. If you choose to take this subject matter lightly that is your choice, but we will call a “spade a spade”

    • StraightDopes

      Jeffery – Your “interview” of Mr. Creme, and the lack of real questions, speaks more authentically than your posts when it comes to your beliefs. Be thankful that Awakenow2 and i are at least OPEN about OURS.

      if pointing out that Benny Creme is a dyed-in-the-wool, card-carrying U.N.-sponsored PUPPET is “religious abuse” in your mind, then i shall “religiously abuse” whomever i like.

      Please take a look at my post above, and what REAL Christianity is about.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        Doper its good to know you and Awakenow can hold hands in heaven.

        If you actually read the interview you would know this is just shared content and not my interview. Yes I have my own interviews I do with different folk but this is me just sharing exclusive content. Your comment proves that you didn’t even read it before you judged it.

        I am not interested in being assimilated in your belief system or anyone else’s belief system. So sell crazy somewhere else we’re all stocked up here.

        As for the NWO and Anti-Christ and Apocalypse this and that and yadda yadda. I hope it happens soon so all the Christians can get their apocalypse wank off fantasy of death and oblivion so they’ll finally shut up and be satisfied at the oblivion their belief system has created.

        These comment threads are a prime example of what is wrong with humanity. Fare thee well this is my last post. I am choosing to move unto something SMARTER. :idea:

        • StraightDopes

          The reason i referred to it as YOUR interview, jeff, was YOU SAID it was YOUR INTERVIEW above – when mentioning also interviewing Christians, Satanists, etc. – i wondered why the initials were different, but assumed you were using a pseudonym in either the article or the user name.

          That 4th paragraph in your post is, unfortunately, all too often descriptive of many self-professed “Christians,” who don’t seem to quite understand what the world is in for as that time approaches.

          As for “selling crazy,” well, let me hasten to point out that I WASN’T THE ONE WHO POSTED THIS NONSENSE AT BIN ADVOCATING A LUCIFERIAN MESSIAH. YOU are “selling crazy,” NOT me. And i wouldn’t want you “assimilated” into ANYTHING – i’m not the “Borg.” If i say the sky is blue, and someone agrees with me, are they, too, being “assimilated”?

          And WHAT, praytell, is “smarter” than trying to sell a phoney New Age Luciferian Messiah on BIN???
          :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink:

    • Leila Videla

      Benjamin Creme does an amazing work, and in just a few years, we all will be aware of that. Meanwile, Maitreya is giving TV intervews, and there is so little time to the Day in which He will declare Himself.

      • StraightDopes

        There goes that “megaphone” app, again :lol:

        • Awakenow2

          This is the zombie apocalypse and Leila Videla is a zombie……. yes master…. yes master

        • Aquarius

          I tremble to ask, but do you really think you can stop this story? You seem very upset that this interview and its contents are being discussed publicly. Would you want to embargo this story?
          Do you want to silence the thoughts of people who think this story is hopeful? What America to you want for the future? Whose speech do you want to dominate, and whose do you want to silence? Why do you think you should be the ones to play god?

        • StraightDopes

          Aquarius – i guess awakenow2 and i are as impotent to stop “lord maitreya” from appearing as ben creme is at MAKING HIM APPEAR.

          Let me ask you, aquarius – HOW LONG has ben creme been going on about this guy’s “imminent appearing’?

          please, aquarius, and everyone else, read up a bit on ben creme, share international, and his VERY, VERY REAL LINKS AND ALLEGIANCE TO THE U.N.

        • Aquarius

          StraightDopes wrote: “Aquarius – i guess awakenow2 and i are as impotent to stop “lord maitreya” from appearing as ben creme is at MAKING HIM APPEAR.

          As you should know by now, Creme’s job is to make this information known. Knowing the nature of some men, exemplified in these comments, it is fortunate for Creme that his job does not include delivering Maitreya and the Masters.

          SD wrote: “Let me ask you, aquarius – HOW LONG has ben creme been going on about this guy’s “imminent appearing’?”

          For over 30 years.

          SD wrote: “please, aquarius, and everyone else, read up a bit on ben creme, share international, and his VERY, VERY REAL LINKS AND ALLEGIANCE TO THE U.N.

          What links are you talking about? The link above is to an interview with a UN dignitary. Share International magazine interviews people who are doing all kinds of things to improve the lot of humanity. I think you are missing the point here. Share International is not linked to the organization of the UN. You imply that SI is maneuvering at the UN. That’s pretty funny. I suspect that YOU would like to be maneuvering at the UN.

          The idea of having a place where countries can come together in cooperative meetings for the good of the planet and humanity is, IMV, a wonderful idea that should be sustained where possible. The fact of the maneuvering for dominance and corrupt management in the UN as currently exists, does not nullify the value of the idea. Maitreya comes to awaken the human heart to, as He says, “cleanse this world of hate”.

        • Awakenow2

          What aquarius is preaching does not agree with what Jesus Christ taught.

          John 15:18-19
          New Living Translation (NLT)

          The World’s Hatred
          18 “If the world hates you, remember that it hated me first. 19 The world would love you as one of its own if you belonged to it, but you are no longer part of the world. I chose you to come out of the world, so it hates you.

          If you put maple syrup on dog poop it doesn’t make it pancakes. Your sugar coated lies are still lies.

        • Aquarius

          Hatred is the product of fear (borne of limitation and ignorance).

          Fear is the mechanism by which evil exists.

          Love is the answer. “By Love alone will this Earth be sustained”: Maitreya.

        • Awakenow2

          Which is why I don’t hate, I refuse to let anyone combine the truth with lies, which is what this whole maitreya thing is about, trying to munipulate the masses by using their faith against them. Most “religious” people don’t take the time to study what they say they believe, they would rather have someone tell them what to believe and that is what this maitreya is all about. Saying you are creating peace by combining all religions together, when the intention is to rob people of their individuality. The ascended masters are demons, the galactic federation of light is associated with them too. I am well aware of what is happening and I will expose the lies every chance I get.

        • StraightDopes

          WAY TO GO, Awakenow2!!

          Were that we had a few thousand more like you! :grin:

        • StraightDopes

          Ben Creme is ENTIRELY a creation of the United Nations and the Global Elite that run it.

          his purpose is to usher in the long-prophesied “False Prophet,” in the form of “lord maitreya.”

    • Thomsley

      Sharing, Justice and Peace for all will help Save Our Planet.

      • StraightDopes

        There goes “Lucifer’s Megaphone” again.

        Never knew there were SO MANY dedicated Luciferians here at BIN.

        or, if someone’s using Gigbucks…

        …OR, worse…….

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          History has shown us that through the dawn of time that those usually who are yelling DEVIL. Are indeed the true Devils.

          From the crusades to the witch burnings to the genocide of the American Indians to countless other tragedies done in the name of those proclaiming to be the children of Christ.

          Yet they are anything but that but instead wolves in sheep’s clothing.

          Wouldn’t it be something if all the ones judging this article and yelling ignorant things like Lucifer’s Megaphone were actually being Christ like.

          I know at this point the Maitreya folks here seem more loving and kind and compassionate and knowledge filled then those claiming to be of Christ.

          God I think you and Jesus are great but how come your fan clubs are so freaking crazy? ha ha ha

        • StraightDopes

          Please everyone take notice that Jeffery Pritchett equates criticism of Lucifer’s U.N.-SPONSORED “Messiah” with things like burning people alive.

          BUT, he wants you to know that he is IN NO WAY advocating this “lord maitreya” stuff. He is merely saying that anyone who points out that he is a U.N. creation is a nasty, evil, Fascist-Communist IslamoChristoFacist Wolf, who needs to “find a rope” and kill themselves (see comment above).


          :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

        • Awakenow2

          :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    • am123

      “For many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.”

      —Matthew 24:5

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        Even the devil can quote scripture they say.

        • Anonymous

          And parrots.

        • StraightDopes

          Yes, jeffrey – when Satan quotes Scripture, though, it’s OUT OF CONTEXT.

          i don’t think there are too many ways to interpret what am123 quoted, and the original conext was speaking of THIS VERY THING!

          please stop equating exposing the U.N.’s own “messiah” with things like burning people alive or – lol – being the devil himself. you’ve said both of those things.

          it REALLY doesn’t sound like you’re the impartial journalist, just presenting the story, jeff

        • Awakenow2

          Has anyone seen maitreyas super occultic “greatest sign”? Wow if that doesn’t prove that he has created the “one world religion” that is needed by the UN and elites I don’t know what would, other than the unity theology that he has crafted so carefully. People that are not rooted in their faith are going to be easily decieved by this message. How many people actually really know what they say they believe? We will find out soon.

        • StraightDopes

          what is said “greatest sign,” Awakenow2 ?

        • Awakenow2

          It is all the major religious signs combined in one surrounding the hexagram (seal of soloman) it’s combining all faiths in one. Just like the UN luciferian agenda wants. Satans master sign.
          Here’s a link from maitreyas websight, this is the so called greatest sign, I call it idolitry

        • Awakenow2

          I have read a large amount of maitreyas theology and it is definitely the BEAST religion, and I think it’s a very good possibility that maitreya is the false prophet preforming signs and wonders. We’ll see, if he ever reveals himself. Come on, if maitreya is a real being bring him out, let him start teaching…. or are there still too many real followers of Christ that can expose him for the demon he is?????

          Luke 8:16-17
          New Living Translation (NLT)

          Parable of the Lamp
          16 “No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or hides it under a bed. A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house. 17 For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

          So why is maitreya hiding?

        • Aquarius

          Awakenow2 wrote: “It is all the major religious signs combined in one surrounding the hexagram (seal of soloman) it’s combining all faiths in one. Just like the UN luciferian agenda wants. Satans master sign. Here’s a link from maitreyas websight, this is the so called greatest sign, I call it idolitry

          surely you must realize that this is not a Share International source. I haven’t searched this site, so cannot really comment on it except to say it is “” and not

        • Awakenow2

          Yes I know what website it is. It is the same new age teachings with more information specifically about maitreya and his theology. Go ahead check it out, it promotes maitreya in a very positive way to those who are not rooted in their faith it is a trap for sure. So what do you really know of maitreya if you haven’t studied his THOTH and testimony? Could it be that I have more knowledge than you on this maitreya? I know the enemy and this is an agent of the enemy

        • Aquarius

          Surely you aren’t saying its OK to range far afield from the article, and the subject of the article at the very top of this page? It is illogical and un-authentic to assume that any source using the name “Maitreya” (and there are quite a few), on this apparently controversial topic, is “the” source of Truth.

          Share International is the expression of one of the Masters of Wisdom, through Benjamin Creme. That is its authentic source. On this thread, we are talking about the interview with Benjamin Creme on the subject of his information about Maitreya and the future of the world. It only seems reasonable to stay focussed on that and not go to hurling bombs from sources unknown.

        • Awakenow2

          Surely I am saying the theology of this ben creme and maitreya are the topic of this discussion. What you don’t want to defend the theology you are endorsing? Don’t play games with others peoples salvation, because that is the only thing I am willing to fight for, eternal souls are the only thing that’s important in this life. So either you do or don’t support the theology of ben creme and maitreya. So what is it aquarius?

    • mbs

      I have enjoyed listening to and reading Maitreya’s messages and teachings for years. They are simple and profound. They show the way forward towards a world that works for all, including the living ecosystems that support us and the lower kingdoms, the plants and animals. I know humanity is capable of wonderful things, and with the Masters of Wisdom working openly and providing guidance, people of goodwill will finally and cooperatively overcome the power and greed that is holding all of us back.

    • Stēkō

      Jesus is the way, the truth and the Light, NO ONE comes to the Father ( Almighty God, YHWY ) except through Jesus ( Our ONLY Creator, Redeemer, and sanctifier ).

      I believe you are Ernest and sincere, that your strongest desire is to spend eternity with your creator. I desire you no ill, but rather I seek only to succor you an advantage, therefore I must, if I love you, and I do, tell you in no simple terms, there is NO OTHER WAY INTO ETERNAL LIFE EXCEPT THROUGH BELIEF UPON THE LIFE AND PERSON OF JESUS CHRIST. Nothing, no one else will get you where you want to go.
      I pray you have received this in the Spirit of light and truth in which I rendered it unto you.
      I am steadfast in Christ Jesus, without whom I do nothing good.
      God Bless

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        How do you know Maitreya and Jesus Christ are not buddies? They may play interstellar golf together on Sundays.

        • StraightDopes

          MY guess would be they’re not, because Jesus isn’t a big fan of the United Nations, nor its phoney messiah masquerading as Him.

          To be a bit less flippant, ” My sheep recognize my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”
          JN 10:27

        • Stēkō

          Thank you for your reply, JP

          For starters, they could be but that is entirely dependent upon the behavior and words presented by the Theosipist maitreya . And according to what you say he says, it’s impossible for Jesus to do ought but deny him, for the Theosipist denies Jesus. ” any who deny me before men, him shall I deny before the Father.”
          So, no, they could be friends, but maitreya has not met the conditions in that he teaches other than Jesus as the Way, the truth and the light. That’s not to say maitreya or you couldn’t become friends with Jesus, all it takes is repentance and believe in the name of Jesus ” neither will I condem you, go and sin no more .
          So in answer to your question I can definitively state that Jesus can not be contrary to Himself, for He is the Word made flesh; they are not golf buddies, nor anything but Creator trying to reach the wandering and lost. That is of course assuming materya isn’t demonic, as the spirit with whom Alice A. Bailey spoke too most certainly was/is; in that case it’s simply a matter of past heavenly friends separated forever by the father of lies, Lucifer/ Saw-Tawn/ the adversary.

          And to answer the question in your heart : slim to none and slim packed up and left on the command of Jesus.

          I am Steadfast, who doth no good thing save Jesus through me doth do it.
          God Bless ( with cause )

    • Turquoise

      Thank you for “Benjamin Creme on How Lord Maitreya the World Teacher Will Show Us the Way.” It’s a fascinating and believable story that explains much about the enormous difficulties in the world today, as well as the the most intelligent and genuinely lasting way to resolve them. The information Creme offers is potent and transforming. In fact, the world could transform in a fairly short time if everyone began to live with the principle of sharing that Creme talks about — sharing leading to trust leading to justice leading to peace.

      Just imagine living in such a world and having helped to create it!


    • Channel of Light

      Great article.

      What is seen here is that…there is much deception and misdirection involved in this supposed master called Benjamin Crème.

      That there is no actual trace connecting ancient organizations to this individual Ben Crème.

      What is seen clearly is that essentially, this individual Mr. Crème is linked with the Rothschild empire, but removed enough to give the appearance of being independent.

      The purpose or intent behind this promotion of this individual Mr. Crème is to bring about a unification of religions so that forces around the world of religious orders may be brought together under the influence of this individual so that a New World Order may emerge.

      And that, this individual Mr. Crème has been groomed and conditioned for this part for some time. What is seen is that something called the “Lucis Trust” is being used to promote the so-called ‘Maitreya” or Messiah for this age. One needs to understand that the Lucis Trust was originally called the Lucifer Trust; that it was part of that network associated with what the Christians refer to as the Satanic Hierarchy.

      What is also seen is that often the members of such organizations do not recognize or realize they are being used. And that, the funding for the Lucis Trust, much of which came from the Rothschilds, is also something to think about. It is important to understand that the One World Order could care less about religion; they are simply trying to include all groups according to their particular inclinations and interests into the One World Order in order to get voters, or constituents involved in the New World Order.

      If you can get a particular church to endorse the New World Order, you have brought in perhaps millions of people in one quick stroke of the pen. And so, it appears that this is a kind of political activity that is happening, wherein each time a group comes into the New World Order, they also divorce themselves from the Constitution of the United States which guarantees freedom of religion and other human freedoms and this is basically what the New World Order wants to happen.

      As you embrace it, you sell out your rights to other things that have been given or earned by the struggle of many individuals over the previous centuries, and you turn to that which is but another form of tyranny in new clothing.

      With respect…


      • no2lies

        Will Maitreya help me justify hating jew, gays, blacks, and women, like Jesus?

        • StraightDopes

          no2lies – i don’t know what “church” or pseudochristian you’ve been around, but i’d suggest you run far away from them.

          Care to show us where Jesus taught anyone to hate anyone, in His own words?

          Of course not, because you can’t.

          i Pray you actually come to find out Who Jesus really IS – there’s no way you’d make such a ludicrous comment. BUT, just as jeffrey sort of paraphrased the Ghandi quote a few comments above – you may have met too many “christians.” sad.

      • Awakenow2

        @Channel of Light, I can agree with your statement. You seem to possess the critical thinking skills required to discern some truth in the sea of lies.

      • StraightDopes

        light – excellent post. you hit the nail on the head. yet, somehow, folks like Jeffrey think there’s nothing at all strange with groups named “Lucis” (formerly “Lucifer”) Trust.

        As a matter of fact, i would guess he thinks you’re a witch-burning fascist devil crusader for even bringing it up, and he may even suggest you hang yourself…. because Jesus is “hateful,” but “lord maitreya” is pure LOVEEEEEEEE*

        *(until you criticize him or his cultists)

        • Jeffery Pritchett

          I am kinda curious how you go about scientifically evidence wise figuring out who works for Lucifer or not.

          Do you hop on your My Little Pony warrior steed and ride a rainbow to the other side? And see Lucifer there whispering to these individuals from Candyland? :lol:

          I am not British by the way I was born in America in Georgia. I am a southern gentleman. I have to wonder also if any of you have girlfriends as much as you are both camped out here trolling as well.

          I also run a paranormal radio show at do you know who Mabus is? :twisted: I have about a million listeners. I am actually doing a positive show on Christ this Saturday night. Go figure right? Now let me go I have real life things to do besides sitting on comment threads playing my Messiah is better than yours. :grin:

        • Awakenow2

          Good for you Jeffy, I didn’t know who you were, but now I do. I was a paranormal investigator in KCMO for full moon productions, but then I decided those weren’t the spirits I wanted to be messing with. Good luck to you and your investigating the mysteries. I have a solid understanding of those things, but I really don’t care for your nasty criticism. I hope you find some answers :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

        • StraightDopes

          Jeffrey said:
          >I am kinda curious how you go about scientifically evidence wise figuring out who works for Lucifer or not.

          well, when they name their publishing house AFTER LUCIFER (“LUCIFER Trust, later renamed “Lucis Trust), THAT’S a pretty good indicator, don’tcha think??????? :wink:

        • Awakenow2

          You are right Straightdopes, then when you see that the UN bases their policies off the theosophical societies principles and you realize that the lucifer trust and the theosophical society are basically the same thing all this starts to make allot more sense. All the information is available for those who want to look for themselves. Bavlatski and Bailey are honestly and openly satanic so was Albert Pike, Dr. Adam Weishaupt. If anyone doesn’t know the names I just mentioned, please take the time to see for yourself. We have been lied to for centuries, even thousands of years. We are headed for tribulation and our only hope is Jesus Christ.

        • StraightDopes

          Please read:


          (that’s one LOOOOOONG link!)

          ANYONE who is in the least bit familiar with Theosophy will know that Lucifer plays a significant (and POSITIVE) role in their world view. Ben Creme is, by his own admission, quite fond of the Theosophical society of Blavatsky and holds their teachings in high esteem.

          I mention this because jeffrey is busy asking how one knows Creme, et. al are in league with Lucifer, as if he doesn’t know these things. Well, i’ll give him the benefit of the doubt: maybe he DOESN’T know these things.

          Once an honestly mistaken man is informed about something, he either ceases to be mistaken – or he ceases to be HONEST.


        • Awakenow2

          Good link StraightDopes, I’m pretty sure this maitreya is the guy who will announce the man of sin. Like I said before though, why is he still hiding? I think it’s because there are still people like us who have critical thinking skills and are firmly rooted in Biblical truth and we will shout the truth to anyone who will listen. That is why the military is trying to get Christians out of the ranks, because it’s really hard to brainwash a real follower of Christ. You know they want to use the military to round us up and silence us, and with most people just going with the flow they are going to continue to demonize Christians and kill us. The tribulation is coming sooner than most think

        • StraightDopes

          Awakenow2 – yeah, i keep saying “antichrist” but what i really think (and mean to say) is that maitreya is the FALSE-PROPHET prophesied LOOOONG ago. That’s why Ben Creme says he will work miracles, etc. Essentially, in the Last Days emerges a “Satanic Trinity,” according to Bible prophecy:

          DRAGON = ANTI-GOD

          If you were playing chess against God, you’re best bet is to imitate HIS moves, and that’s precisely what Satan does.

          If anyone here is interested in researching this topic, I’d suggest reading through the Book of Revelation, and goo – err, STARTPAGE the terms “satanic trinity.”

        • Awakenow2

          The enemy does love to mirror Gods plan. He has been doing it for thousands of years. We know how this ends though. I think there is a possibility that prince william of whales is the man of sin and maitreya is the false prophet. I am not saying for sure, but there is some pretty good evidence when one looks at the esoteric symbols surrounding both of them. Time will tell :neutral: :neutral: :neutral:

    • Anonymous

      I have been following this story for some time now, along with subscribing to Share International Magazine. I have been comparing the information given out about Maitreya to the events that have been taking place around the world. I believe that there is a lot of truth to what is being said about him. To all the “end timers “, this is not the end of the world, but the end of a different way of life. We are ending the old ways of existing on this planet and are creating a wonderful new way of sharing that will benefit all mankind. Hurray for the individuals who have the courage to speak out on the important things in life!

      • Awakenow2

        @Anonymous, does the term “BEAST” mean anything to you? Hey man, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is….. don’t take the bait, please, please, please don’t do it it’s a trap.

    • Wizenheimer

      This story reminds one of a Spiritual version of the Bob Dylan masterpiece, “Ballad Of A Thin Man”

      Benjamin Creme forgot to mention Lord Maiteyaha and his entourage will be staying at one of George Soros Mansions while “in town”.

    • energygain

      Crème says ” I was filled with His energy, the subject of tremendous power and love. It was a transfiguring experience. And so I said I’m your man, whatever it is I have to do I’ll do. So that’s what I’ve been doing since 1975: preparing the way” Even if you were filled with this energy of power and love, how many of us would say, “I am your man”. Crème is truly remarkable to do all he was asked and find a way to tell this story! I heard the story on the internet and immediately felt it was likely true, because who on earth would tell it? Its completely thankless, as you will see from these comments, people of all stripes attack you, there is no money to be made. Why else would you tell it unless you knew it were true and were filled with that power and love. I travelled to New York to see if on meeting Crème, the facts still felt true. They were more than validated. Crème is able to transfer his own energy of love to others although he doesn’t discuss this at all, one merely experiences this completely beneficial transfer as a blessing.Creme is very matter of fact, says, don’t take my word for it, do your own research. His meditation groups in NYC numbered 250 people during which the energy is one of calm, peace and love. You have to go to London now to meet and meditate with Mr Crème. If you are passing through be sure to go. The videos on give a pretty good idea of what my experience was like. If youre interested, have a look. By no means take my word or his, see for yourself. It is really the only way anyone can learn anything.

    • StraightDopes

      interesting stuff:

      is this man demon-possessed?


      • StraightDopes

        Also, while watching that video, keep in mind the Bible verse about “he who restrains,” because it *may* be quite relevant – it’s from 2nd Thessolonians:

        5 Don’t you remember that when I was with you I used to tell you these things? 6 And now you know what is holding him back, so that he may be revealed at the proper time. 7 For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way. 8 And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming. 9 The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. 11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

        • Awakenow2

          I think you have made a very clear statement with 2nd Thessolonians here. The powerful delusion is upon many people. I do find it strange that many of the commenters on this article I don’t recognize and I have frequented this website for almost a year. The lucifer supporters are not the usual ones on bin, they came here just to push this agenda and recruit as many as they could, hopefully our warnings are heeded

    • StraightDopes

      watch this brief video on “maitreya”

      “maitreya and the Christ are one in the same individual, and he works for Jesus by OVERSHADOWING JESUS 2000 YEARS AGO IN PALESTINE…..” etc. etc.

      keep in mind “project blue beam” when he talks about everyone hearing him in their heads, in their own languages.


      • Aquarius

        But, again, this is not a Share International source. But if you must troll the internet for all the ugly material, you are a big boy and no one can stop you. Just remember karma. Everything you or anyone of us thinks, says and/or does will come back for you to experience and resolve. It is the Law of Cause and Effect, and like the Law of Gravity, it is always in play whether anyone chooses to take it into account, or “believe” it or not. I’m just sayin’…its up to you.

        • StraightDopes

          Aquarius – now THAT is EXTREMELY disingenuous. This is EYE-WITNESS TESTIMONY of someone who is recounting their own FIRSTHAND EXPERIENCE with BENJAMIN CREME, who, if you hadn’t noticed, is the subject of the article we are all commenting on.

        • Aquarius

          Yes the presentation of fundamentalist Christian spin…presenting the “Anti-Christ”. Right.

        • Awakenow2

          aquarius says, “Yes the presentation of fundamentalist Christian spin…presenting the “Anti-Christ”. Right.?
          There you go demonizing Bible believing Christians, that’s what you mean by fundamentalists right? We take the word of God literally right? Wow, you go ahead and blend your religions, I’ll take Jesus thanks.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        I have chosen to no longer discuss or debate. It just leads to nowhere really. And I don’t care enough to continue. I simply just shared an interview I do this with many different people I work through from publisher contacts. One day it could be about Bigfoot and another day Alien abduction, and another Shamanism etc. I have also shared interviews regarding Christ in the past that most assuredly put him in a fantastic light.

        All of this back and forth cockadoodie I find draining really and a lot of it I feel is coming from ego more than spirit.

        I am busy talking to a woman who is beautiful like a sunflower reaching to the heavens. Time much better spent.

        But my point I wanted to make as you see me posting less and less on these threads is as follows.

        Thank you all for your posts and comments be they incessant ramblings or divine providence. You have made this controversial interview just about #1 on BIN when it comes to comments.

        I hope you all have a peachy weekend.

        PS I am wondering if some of you are cybernetically attached at the hip to your computers. Go out get some fresh air breathe in some mother nature! GO on now! You can do it! Fare thee well.

        • Awakenow2

          Thanks man, I’m stuck at work for another 1/2 hour and then I will be back tomorrow for twelve hours. The only reason I comment on this is because I have researched it, and I have probably researched many other things you have as well, and I have my opinion and I am rooted in my faith and I will defend the truth at all times. You will see me around this site. Shalom to you Jeffy :neutral: :neutral:

        • StraightDopes

          best wishes, Jeff, for you and your female friend! Thanx for the article – i’m glad it got the number of comments that it did, as it’s a topic that definitely needs some discussion!

          don’t ever take anything i say too personally – it’s all done in the spirit of debate, and, for me (and others, like Awakenow2), defense of the Truth.

          i am not *yet* completely merged with my computer, but, should the U.N., benny creme, and lord maitreya get their way, i most certainly would be – so again, i thank you for the debate.

          and really nice meeting you, too, Awakenow2. you’re one well-learned brother! :wink:

    • Aquarius

      Someone asked “why is Maitreya hiding’?

      The short answer is that as opposed to what we all do every day, Maitreya and the Masters, will not infringe human free will. They must be invited by humanity to come forward publically, as they are, and present credentials so that we will know beyond doubt who They are.

      The representatives of humanity are the members of the media, and it is through the major media that the invitation must come so as to not infringe human free will. Maitreya is VERY careful on this point, and that is why He is speaking incognito on tv, now in Russia after having done so in the US, Mexico and Brazil. He is waiting for the invitation. So far, the media has given this historic and momentous event scant attention.

      • Awakenow2

        That someone is me I keep asking why maitreya is hiding? He’s waiting for an invitation eh? Well by all means come on out and start your teaching. I would love for him to step out into the light and be tested with scripture. If he truly has so much to offer let him say so. Once again,

        Luke 8:16-17
        New Living Translation (NLT)

        Parable of the Lamp
        16 “No one lights a lamp and then covers it with a bowl or hides it under a bed. A lamp is placed on a stand, where its light can be seen by all who enter the house. 17 For all that is secret will eventually be brought into the open, and everything that is concealed will be brought to light and made known to all.

        They say a vampire cannot enter your home unless invited. It is also said that a demon cannot possess a host unless invited. But if he were truly from God he would serve his purpose openly.

        • Engineer

          Cream reminds of another brain washed demonic character. Anybody remember Jim Jones, like in Jamestown. YES, THE EVIL JIM JONES. That bastard killed over 900 people spewing the same garbage. Both seemed to have the same mindset. FOLLOW ME, I LOVE YOU, THE CHRIST SPOKE TO ME, I WILL LIBERATE YOU. Do a Google search and read up on him. When you think about it..who else would listen to this new age garbage, except maybe atheist or agnostics. Looks like he came out of an old Jim Jones rerun spreading whatever school of thought they shared with their great master BETRAY-US. By the way, the REVEREND Jim Jones was a Jesuit inductee. Maybe Creme shares the same views as the Jesuit Vatican Pope does.

        • Awakenow2

          @engineer, I think you are right, this is like jim jones on a much larger scale, they are aiming for the whole planet on this one. It’s a kind of spiritual genocide they are trying to commit here for sure.

        • AxisOfEvil

          With all due respect, this is in no way worse than the crusades, which were fought because of THAT book, which everyone quotes from.

          Sorry, but that’s how i feel.

        • StraightDopes

          Axis – the “crusades” were NOT fought “because of [the Bible];” that’s utterly asinine. They were fought perhaps as a response to the Muslim Conquests, or at the decree of a spoiled man in a fancy hat ONCE AGAIN CLAIMING TO STAND IN THE PLACE OF JESUS CHRIST (“vicar de Christi”), but they were NOT fought because of the Bible.

          THAT’S like saying obama, bush, etc are destroying the nation because the CONSTITUTION tells them to, since they CLAIM to be acting in accordance with it.

          That argument is just plain nonsense.

      • anon

        I can’t believe people are still following and buying into this garbage. Ever think Benny boy is a charlatan ? I’ve knew about shareintl since 2000 Ben is getting old and this is his grand finale. He doesn’t work but I’m sure he lives well off lies.
        Maitreya has been doing interviews for years now and is said to be seen by millions on tv and online yet I can’t find one interview on YouTube ,and don’t say raj Patel because he wasn’t in brazil and is now not in Russia . Time to face the facts for both sides there is no Ben creme maitreya.

        • Dave77

          If you don’t believe any of it, why are you still following this story after all these years? For an event that occurs once in 2150 years, 30-40 years to spread the news is not that long.

          You seem to be desperate to get other people to not believe in it – are you afraid of something?

          Why not just keep an open mind and see what happens? In the meantime, it is not a bad idea to follow Maitreya’s message of justice, peace and sharing with others – surely you have nothing against that?

        • Aquarius

          Creme lives the precepts of Maitreya’s teaching: honesty of mind, sincerity of spirit, and detachment (that is detachment from one’s own emotional reactions ). He practices harmlessness,
          and so is the subject of many slurs and lies, perpetuated mostly, oddly enough, by those who profess to follow the Bible.

          Love overcomes all evil intent. Love is all there is. Love makes the world go ’round. Love your neighbor as yourself. “By love alone will this Earth be sustained”: Maitreya, the Lord of Love.

        • StraightDopes

          Aquarius said:
          “and so is the subject of many slurs and lies, perpetuated mostly, oddly enough, by those who profess to follow the Bible. ”

          Yes, very odd, isn’t it, that we Christians would not be on board with someone who LIES ABOUT JESUS CHRIST, HIS IDENTITY, WHAT HE SAID, AND HIS OFT-PROCLAIMED MISSION.

          Truly, truly baffling, isn’t it?


          c’mon, Aquarius – you know EXACTLY why Christians are opposed to FALSE CHRISTS.

        • StraightDopes

          Aquarius ALSO said:
          “Love overcomes all evil intent. Love is all there is. Love makes the world go ’round. Love your neighbor as yourself. “By love alone will this Earth be sustained”: Maitreya, the Lord of Love.”

          When it comes to the epitome of LOVE, i’ll take JESUS, and you can keep your phony, LYING imposter. Did maitreya willingly give up his life for a death on a tortuous cross, to demonstrate HIS “love”?

          Or, why not ask the 900+ dead souls of Jonestown?? – THEY were “loved” to DEATH.

        • StraightDopes


          Sorry – just feeling a bit nostalgic. :lol:

    • raf010

      A great interview! Benjamin Creme explains breefly and plainly about Maitreya and the Masters of Wisdom, about our three-fold nature (personality, soul and spark of divinity), and also about this unique moment in the History of Mankind, in which all of us are about to experience the spread of brotherhood among all human beings, so that all and all of us may have access to food, education, health care and shelter, thanks to the stimuli given by the presence, message and growing cosmic energies distributed by Maitreya and the other Masters of Wisdom. We will get to understand and experience that all humans are part of a unique family, and we need to be fair and equal. We are really one, all together. Enjoy the interview!

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