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The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported

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Interview for “Before it was News”

Interview with Kathleen Marden and Denise Stoner on The Alien Abduction Files: The Most Startling Cases of Human-Alien Contact Ever Reported

1. Can you give us an overview of what we can expect to read in The Alien Abduction Files?

Kathleen:  In The Alien Abduction Files, we have presented two highly significant cases of alien abduction that are virtually unknown in UFO literature. In each case, the abduction experiencers were missing from their natural environment following a close encounter with an anomalous flying object. Both arrived at their destination hours later than anticipated. There was no prosaic explanation for their missing time. There is documented physiological evidence and eyewitness testimony that gives additional credence to the women’s reports. One has undergone psychological evaluations and personality screenings that clearly place her in the “normal” range of functioning. Both have medical records to back up their statements.

Subsequently, they had memories of being taken from their homes. Both have been unwilling participants in ongoing experimental procedures that appear to follow family genetic lines. Both witnesses have given detailed descriptions of the craft’s interiors and technology, medical procedures, messages from the visitors, and the types of ETs they have encountered.  

Despite some misgivings about the public’s reaction, my coauthor Denise Stoner and her husband have decided to finally step out of the shadows and go public with their alien abduction story. I investigated the Stoner’s two missing time events in Colorado and Florida, and documented my findings in the first section of the book. Denise added richness to the chapters with her vividly detailed descriptions of the events leading up to, during and following her abduction experiences.

Section 2 details my investigation of a highly significant multigenerational alien abduction that occurred in New Hampshire. “Jennie Henderson” has still not been publicly identified, because if her identity was revealed, it would all but guarantee her family’s financial ruin and loss of status in their community. Disclosure is not an option. Yet her richly detailed memories of abduction by non-humans are too compelling not to be shared. I had to proceed by fictionalizing her story just enough to preserve her anonymity, but at the same time to share the details of her story as accurately and honestly as possible. 

In addition to this, with Denise’s assistance I told the personal stories of several abduction experiencers, who like Denise and “Jennie” have endured astonishing contact experiences with what by all accounts are extraterrestrial beings. Most have conscious memories of a close encounter with unconventional craft and observing non-human entities prior to an abduction. Sometimes their neighbors have witnessed strange lights near some of their homes. When they realized the magnitude of what was occurring in their lives, many became fear driven, and certain places, objects, sounds, and lights brought on sharp recall of unearthly environments. Some have a strong desire to fully disclose this nagging reality that has disturbed so much of their lives.

A very important addition to the UFO abduction literature is the data concerning the results of our detailed survey “The Marden-Stoner Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers” Study.  The results indicate that abductees and contactees seem to share a number of characteristics and experiences not generally found in the non-abductee population, who were also questioned as a control group.  

Furthermore, we have taken the courageous step of discussing the possibility that the reported experiences are the result of something other than alien intervention such as out of body experiences, psi activity, sleep paralysis, hallucinatory states, personality disorders, dreams, confabulation and other explanations put forth by the skeptical UFO community.

2. Kathleen, you have written two books with Stanton T. Friedman and now you’ve collaborated on The Alien Abduction Files with Denise Stoner. Why do you choose to work with a coauthor?

Kathleen: I had no thoughts of seeking out a coauthor during the initial stages of writing Captured! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience.  My work was the outgrowth of a longtime dream I had to become a published author. At the outset I had planned to write my Aunt Betty Hill’s biography. But I decided to investigate her purported abduction, because I was familiar with the arguments that had been presented by skeptics that cast a shadow of doubt upon the reality of her abduction. Over the next 15 years, I methodically reviewed her files and transcribed the audio-tape recordings of the hypnosis sessions that she and Barney had with Dr. Benjamin Simon, over a six month period in 1964. I also interviewed Betty playing devil’s advocate and traveled with her along her close encounter route to the abduction site and to her home in Portsmouth, NH, over and over again. My investigation was exhaustive, but it lacked one thing. I had only superficially investigated the research that had been done on Betty’s star map, and knew that a full investigation would take months, if not years to accomplish. Therefore, I asked Stanton Friedman to work with me, to review my written material, and to contribute to the book.

Although Stan is a very busy man, I found him to be easily accessible with comments and assistance. Behind his professorial exterior is a warm, engaging and generous man whom I grew to admire. We discovered that our analytical minds worked comfortably and cautiously together and our writing style, though somewhat different, blended well. This led to our decision to  collaborate on another book, Science Was Wrong: Startling Truths About Cures, Theories and Inventions “They” Declared Impossible. It was published in 2010. The following year, we decided to collaborate on a third book, but Stan found that the demands placed upon him severely limited his time. Instead of waiting for his schedule to slow, I decided to work on a book about alien abduction. Some of my readers had requested a book that would assist them in gaining insight into the lives of abduction experiencers and this subject is of particular interest to me, so I decided to change course.

I had been working with Denise on some investigations and assisting her by facilitating her memory through hypnosis after she confided the details of her own alien abduction experiences to me. She is an excellent hypnotic subject and had detailed recall of her time aboard a presumed alien craft. As my idea for a new book came to fruition, I invited Denise to join me in writing about her own experiences. At first we made the decision to keep the names of all witnesses involved confidential in order to protect the individuals, their families, and others entwined in this multilayered mystery. Our days writing were well along when it was strongly suggested that we reconsider the confidentiality agreement. Denise and her family had kept their alien abduction story under wraps for thirty years and now had to make the difficult decision to step forward with the truth or retreat into the safety of perpetual anonymity.

We spent the major part of a month in negotiations through email messages and over the telephone before Denise made a final decision, although it was not without some trepidation, to step out of the shadows. I think that readers will be pleased with her important contribution to this book.

3. Kathleen, what are the similarities and differences between today’s abductions and those that occurred during the early days of alien abduction, such as your aunt and uncle’s abduction in 1961?

Kathleen: When Betty and Barney arrived home after their close encounter with a huge, silent, hovering UFO in New Hampshire’s White Mountain region, they discovered that the tops of Barney’s best dress shoes were so badly scraped that he had to replace them. The dress that Betty had been wearing was in fine condition when she dressed on the morning of September 19, but when she arrived home on the morning of September 20, it was torn in 3 places. There was a 2” tear in the stitching at the top of her zipper and a 1” tear in the thick zipper fabric. Additionally, the lining was torn from waist to hemline and the hem was torn on the same side. Scientists have found no acceptable prosaic explanation for the damage to Betty’s dress or the pink powder that destroyed it despite analysis in five laboratories. Rarely do we find this level of evidence in today’s abductions.

It appears that the non-human entities who intrude into people’s lives are making a concerted effort to carry out a plan as seamlessly as possible. Although the majority of experiencers consciously recall at least one close encounter while they are in an external environment, such as driving a car, hiking, hunting, etc, their subsequent encounters occur primarily in their homes, while they are in bed. Sometimes experiencers are returned wearing someone else’s clothing, or their own clothing is on backwards or inside out, but seldom do we find physical evidence that can be studied in a laboratory (with the exception of alien implants). Today’s investigators are more likely to find unusual patterned wounds or bruises, skin fluorescence, EM and magnetic field readings, and certain unique characteristics common only among experiencers, but not the general population. (See my report on “The Marden-Stoner Commonalities Among Abduction Experiencers Study” at ).

Betty discovered highly polished concentric circles on the trunk of her car that hadn’t been there the previous day. They were in the exact location where the Hills had heard buzzing sounds striking their trunk after the UFO shifted above their vehicle. They caused a compass needle to whirl. Magnetic fields are still being measured today in the vehicles driven by abduction experiencers. See Chapter 16 in The Alien Abduction Files for a similar report.

Betty and Barney were taken from their parked car down a path in the woods that led to the craft. Today’s experiencers are procured through a different process that involves technology so advanced that it seems unreal to many investigators. This process appears to have begun in the late 1960’s or early 1970’s, when experiencers began to report that they had been floated through solid structures to a waiting craft.

By many reports, the non-human entities’ reproductive experiments have expanded as well. Betty reported that a needle was thrust into her navel (presumably for the extraction of ova), and Barney recalled the extraction of sperm from his body. This process has been reported time and again by abduction experiencers. Over the years, researchers have gained insight into its purpose. Many of today’s experiencers have observed genetically engineered beings on the craft that have the combined physical characteristics of humans and aliens. This purported hybridization experiment is one of the more disturbing elements of alien abduction and is discussed in The Alien Abduction Files.

Although the alien intruder’s overall protocols have not changed considerably (telepathic communication, mind scans, procedures on a table, detainment for an average of two hours, paralysis, minimal communication, etc.), it does appear that experiencers have acquired some information about the alien agenda and technology. More and more experiencers are retaining conscious recall of their encounters and attempting to solve this difficult puzzle.

4. Kathleen, in the last section of the Alien Abduction Files you and Denise wrote about several additional abduction cases. Can you tell us about them?

Kathleen: Our publisher asked us to round out our book with several additional cases of alien abduction. The final section is devoted to others who believe they have been abducted. I have interviewed these witnesses, but have only done a preliminary investigation of their cases. Sometimes my preliminary investigation has spanned several years, but I have not yet acquired confirmatory evidence that meets the criteria for a real abduction. Like the majority of experiencers all have the earmarks of alien abduction. Some state that they observed a craft or non-human entities at close range and experienced “missing time”. Others recall nocturnal visitations dating back to childhood. Some remember their events in detail, whereas others have only fleeting memories. All have lived through an experience that to them defies prosaic explanation and their only explanation for it lies in extraterrestrial visitation.

5. Denise, why did you decide to come forward with your story at this time?

Denise: I have thought this over for a very long time. I have discussed this with my co-author and mentor (Kathleen Marden), my family, and close friends. It was impossible for me to come forward any earlier due to the type of work I did and my husband’s career. My mom and dad had careers that would be affected and that made many lives involved in the choice I would make had I done this any earlier. We are retired now and my mom has been retired for many years. My dad passed away in 1995. I have always felt a need to help others and this book will offer another place for experiencers to go, learn more about others like themselves,  perhaps allowing some semblance of familiarity in their lives. Should others be considering “coming out” our book will be more food for thought to help them in their decision making.

6. Denise, why do you think that other experiencers are hesitant to step out of the alien abductee closet?

Denise: There are many individuals who are political figures, in the public eye, or hold jobs where credibility is a factor. Many employers would not want their employees to be advertising the fact that they have been taken by alien’s from another planet. Their spouses may be in the same place and their children would go to school to be teased and bullied. Others are not the type of people to consider this experiencer thing as a real possibility, even though all the evidence points in that direction. Sometimes there are no friends ready to support these people. No one should toss their hat in the abduction ring without an individual willing to do the investigation and provide support to them through the investigation and research. This person should be well trained in abduction studies and be there for the long haul, as it can take years to follow one person through the most unbelievable conditions imaginable. These are but a few of the reasons why others don’t step up to tell their stories.

7. Denise, what advice would you give to others that are thinking about writing about their abduction experiences?

Denise: I would advise others to document their experiences very thoroughly, take their own photographs of anything unusual such as marks on their bodies that were not there one night when they went to bed, but the next morning suddenly find bruises the length of long thin fingers or perfectly round punched out areas of skin. Attempt to recall consciously as much as possible rather than rely upon hypnosis. Write that information down. This is the best information I could give another experiencer other than the fact that they could attend a good support group to see what others have to say regarding their search for the truth.

8. Would you describe the entities you met and share your thoughts about them? Did you feel they were friend or foe?

Denise: I have always had one main entity and would call him my escort or guide. He is there every time I am taken and has been since my very first abduction at age 2 ½. Although he resembles the Greys that are small in stature at 3 ½ to 4 ft. tall, my guide stands at least 5 ft. tall or more and can remove pain and give some kind of comfort that removes fear when aboard a craft. The entity I call the doctor is more reptilian or insect-like and looks all together different. He is very tall and extremely intelligent. He operates the equipment that is used on my body. He observes me closely. I have spent many hours attempting to come to some conclusion as to whether or not they are friend or foe. To be truthful, I have no answer and must say I am truly on the fence and must remain there for the time being.

9. Denise, what has life as an experiencer meant to you?

Denise: Personally, I would have to say that after a lifetime of experiences, this has had a profound effect on many areas of my life as a whole. As a child there was no question in my mind that I was visited by beings and taken to a place I was unfamiliar with. Since I was a child I totally accepted this. As I grew older and my knowledge of the world grew, I realized what was happening to me was not “normal”, didn’t appear to be happening to everyone, and was not spoken about in every day conversation. As a young woman and mother I certainly had some trauma following what appeared to be missing pregnancies followed by visits to crafts where I was shown fetuses in vessels that could have been mine. No more nighttime visits, I was taken during the day and had no choice in the matter. This was part of my life. Now as an older and wiser woman, I have spent my days deciding how this has changed my belief system. I have a sense of peace and somehow know that this is my own truth and I would not give any of it back if I could.

10. Kathleen, where can we purchase The Alien Abduction Files and your other books?

Kathleen: All of my books can be purchased at bookstores everywhere and online at and You can purchase autographed copies of my books and DVDs at Denise offers The Alien Abduction Files at

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      lets face the facts, alien abductions occur, and a lot of humans have been targeted. lets get this info out and open up our minds to try and figure out why this is happening and and what they want from us.

    • whataboutyou

      I would recommend that people with such experiences turn to much more serious media as this website and much more competent people as you can find it here.Personally, I’m interested in this page to see in which way conspiracy theories moves in the social field. Hardly anyone will take a story posted on portals as this seriously outside of conspiracy ”fans.” Eve more.Personally, I do not work in UFO area, I started paying attention to this area about a year ago. But i have quickly notice, that the entire UFO field has of the main problems that is based on many, many fakes, nonsense, and conspiracy websites as this one, where they change practically every topic into nonsense, from generalization, fake – artificial stories, fear mongering, poor knowledge, religious beliefs, all kinds of self proclaimed messiah…i could go on whole day. This is very harmful to serious subjects, as is UFO field.

    • t1y6

      i wanna get abducted by aliens. i mean my life has been a little boring lately and i have always wanted to go to space but just cant afford it right now. does anyone have any info on how i can contact these aliens?

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      Once upon a time…………………………..

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      there is a great article on Dark Skies & alien abduction here!

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