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By Jeffery Pritchett
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The Anunnaki Creation Of Eve - The God That Created Us Not Same God Who Expelled Us From Eden

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by Jeffery Pritchett  of

Written interview of Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.



1. Would you please go into your perspective of the Anunnaki creating Eve? Also could you touch base on Eve being Tiamat?


CHH: As Nibiru, a nomad or rogue planet, was attracted in the gravitation field of our solar system and started to orbit our sun, a group of Nibirians, lead by Enki, son of the king Anu, settled on Earth in search for gold—to spray the gold particles in their upper atmosphere and thus repair their damaged ozone layer. They became known as the Anunnaki, i.e. the ones who came down from Heaven/Nibiru (An) to Earth (Ki). The Epic of Creation (Enuma Elish) gives an exact description of the planets the orbits of which they crossed while approaching the sun and Earth (including the major moons of Jupiter and Saturn), a wealth of information that has been corroborated only with the Voyager space probes (1979-1989). The waves of arriving colons were put to work in the gold mines in South Africa in such terrible conditions that eventually they revolted against the Commander of Earth, Enlil, half-brother of Enki and legal heir of Anu. Enki, the head scientist in material sciences, then proposes to the Assembly of the Gods to create a worker (lulu, or Man) to carry on the workload and that his sister Ninmah (head scientist in life sciences) will perform the genetic engineering of a hybrid species, mixing their own genome with that of an earth-born bipedal hominid. Assisted by Enki, Ninmah set to work in southeastern Africa; her first successful creation was Adamu/Adam, around 300,000 years ago according to the tablets, corresponding with the sudden mutation of Homo Erectus, a stable species since 1.9 million years who mutated to Homo Sapiens between 400 and 200 thousands years ago. Ninmah immediately engineered some clones to work in the mines, then she kept upgrading the genome to create Tiamat/Eve and female clones. As genetic donors, Adamu and Tiamat are revered and they are raised by their Anunnaki ‘parents.’ At that point Enlil demands that the wondrous First couple be brought to him in ‘Edin’ (Sumer) and install them next to Enki’s property at the east of Edin, in a kingly garden that featured, among other fruit trees, a Tree of Knowing and a Tree of Immortality (like the garden of his father the King Anu on Nibiru). The identification of Tiamat as Eve is based on many similarities between the Sumerian (and Mesopotamian) texts and the Book of Genesis, such as in names (Adamu/Adam, Edin/Eden…), in the presence of the two trees, in identical symbols (Enki’s symbol is the Serpent of Wisdom), and in the near similar events occurring, but with a definite twist stemming from the addition of a moralistic outlook in the Genesis text, more recent than the Sumerian tablets by at least two millennia.


2. What do you mean that the god who created us is not the same god that expelled us from the garden of Eden?


CHH: Ninmah and Enki, with the help of the son of Enki that we now call Hermes, performed a new DNA upgrading in the Edin, this time on the living organisms (under anesthesia) of the adolescent First Couple, by grafting on them their own bone marrow. This upgrading brought Tiamat and Adamu up to the intellectual stage of self-consciousness (self-reference in cognitive terms) and gave them procreative abilities as well. This upgrading was consistent with Enki’s and Ninmah’s secret plans that had been, from the start, to create a “civilized Man” able to carry on the torch of their human species and civilization on Earth, envisioning that in the long-term humanity would be able to take the lead when themselves would be a decadent and dying species.


This chirurgical act was done in the Edin/Eden (aka Sumer), but without Enlil’s knowledge and approval, thus running contrary to his long-term plans, supported by the vote of the Assembly of the Gods, that were to create a slave barred from becoming knowledgeable and immortal. We see on a revealing Sumerian depiction that Tiamat, ahead of Adamu, has not only been able to make herself a loin-cloth, but that she has built a makeshift table presenting a neat geometrical grid of wooden sticks (exemplifying her new rational abilities). On the same depiction, we see that when Enlil, Commander of Earth, discovered that upgrading, he became so enraged as to put his half-brother, whose emblem was the Serpent of wisdom (in fact the two entwined snakes that he will pass on to his son Hermes), in tethers, until the Assembly decides to free him of course. Enki in tethers is accompanied by his snake symbol and the Sumerian pictorial words “Buzur,” meaning “knower of secrets.” Overreacting, Enlil expels the First Couple from Sumer, and they will be taken back to the ‘Land of Creation’ (as corroborated by the Book of Enoch), in southeastern Africa.


3. Could you share some thoughts on Zecharia Sitchin with us and how his work influenced your work?


CHH: Sitchin was not only an expert on many ancient Middle-Eastern languages (including Sumerian) but also a biblical expert in Israel prior to his settling in the USA. He was the first scholar to understand the ancient texts without the blinkers of conventional science, the old paradigm being unable (until recently) to accept even the existence of intelligent civilizations in the universe; and given that our solar system is of a medium age, the statistics imply that many exo-civilizations are enormously more advanced technologically than us. Sitchin took the 3500 years old tablets’ accounts for real, when the Anunnaki stated they had given a kick to our human evolution. The presuppositions of the old paradigm were that a whole civilization came into being suddenly in Sumer about 4000 years ago, full-blown with the ecliptic divided in 360 degrees and 12 constellations, historical records of the Anunnaki wars and the lines of kings and queens in main cities, mathematics and geometry, metal mining and forging, writing and a form of printing, cities with gorgeous gardens and irrigation canals, complex architecture and art, garments and jewelry, poetry, law-code, etc. These ingrained assumptions made the majority of translators wholly unable to grasp aspects of the Anunnaki integral science, namely their space technology, genetic engineering capacities, and diamond-size computers monitoring whole infrastructures.


4. Would you go into suppressed sexuality through the ages and how Eve took the blame for it all?


CHH: As an ethno-psychologist having studied ancient cultures and religions, it’s crystal clear that the more you go back in time and the more sexuality is held as sacred and revered. Not only its birth-giving aspect, but the ‘sacred marriage’ as the conjunction of the two fundamental forces of the universe (as in the divine couples, the yin-yang, the king and queen in Alchemy…), and the interplay of the feminine and masculine aspects of any human being’s psyche, as the psychologist Carl Jung has shown. And finally, the sexual organs themselves are deemed sacred because they represent the divine life-forces of the universe, creative and at work, such as in the Shiva Lingam and Shakti Yoni in Hinduism. Furthermore, many eastern religions, as well as ancient shamanic religions, have a path of knowledge based on sacred sexuality, or Tantra, its highly spiritual goal being to attain the perfect state of unity and fusion with the cosmic consciousness and an inner realization of one’s full potentials. As for Sumer, not only the Anunnaki had a free and rather exuberant sexual and emotional life, but when Inanna, grand-daughter of Enlil, became “the first among the gods” and reigned as the Queen of Earth for a whole cycle, she was the one to start the ritual of the sacred marriage (sacred sexuality) in her own temple in Akkad. In this ritual, a goddess (herself) or a High Priestess would mate with an outstanding earthling man, thus starting bloodlines of the future kings and queens, High Priests and Priestesses of Sumer and Akkad. This custom was later adopted in the temples of many gods and goddesses, and we have traces of it not only in the Celtic feast of fecundity Beltane (during which many a Celt king and great Knight was born), but also in the more ancient Mystery cults in Egypt and Greece.


So that, when we ponder the fact that very ancient Sumerian texts describe how Enlil expelled the First Couple from Edin, we can’t consider for one second that the reason for his fit of rage would be that he deemed sexuality a sin. The reason, veiled but still worded out in the Book, was the fear, all along and until after the Deluge, that the new humanity would come to compete with them, the Anunnaki lords. Sexuality as a sin, as well as the Serpent symbol as satanic, are recent creations of the patriarchal era that saw religion switch from a family of gods to a sole deity, male, and increasingly more remote from us poor humans. And that’s how Eve took the blame, the adolescent girl at a pre-rational stage of development, wholly unable, in all logics, to distinguish good from bad before she ate the fruit of knowing good and evil, and yet accused of the evil deeds that men living millennia later projected on her. That projection made women live in hell for two dozen centuries afterwards.


5. It seems like to me that these alien gods who created us are egomaniac sociopaths kind of like the alien in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus. Are there any alien gods out there who truly have humanity’s best interests in their hearts?


CHH: I couldn’t agree more for some of the royals and I have devoted a full chapter showing the kind of ‘human-condition’ flaws they exhibit in the tablets—no wonder since we must have (my estimate) about 90% of our earth-human genome handed down to us by the Anunnaki. Fortunately for us, though, some of them have had the interests of humanity at heart, and specifically our three creator gods—Ninmah, Enki and Ningishzidda/Hermes. All along the tablets we see them teaching the first earthlings the whole gamut of sciences and social know-how including priesthood and governance, and very early on (in pre-Diluvial times) Ninmah gave the governance of her city Shuruppak to a line of ten earth-human kings (and their queen and consort) from Adam/Adapa to Noah/Ziusudra (similar to the lineage of ten patriarchs figuring in the Book).


6. What do you think about the Noah story and what god was in charge of making that happen and wiping us out and what about the Nephilim who were wiped out? Could you go into your knowledge on this?


 CHH: Sticking to his visionless plans of the lulus remaining slave workers, Enlil, the Commander of Earth, got enraged by the multiplication of the human race and especially by the Igigi/Nephilim (the Anunnaki astronauts working on the space station in orbit and that of Mars) who, following their chief Marduk, had claimed the right to have spouses and families, and decided to marry women earthlings. (Marduk, son and heir of Enki, had indeed fallen in love with the earthling daughter of a High Priest, and got the assent of his parents for marrying her.) The Atra-Hasis Epic recounts that Enlil made two dire attempts at getting rid of humanity, the first one by a pandemia and biological agents, and the second through drought and starvation, and that both failed by virtue of the intervention of Enki. Undeterred, Enlil planned to achieve his goals at the next perigee of Nibiru, because some scientists had calculated that the planet would pass so close to Earth as to create a massive gravitational pull, and a world-wide tsunami and deluge that, in all probability, would erase all life on Earth. Enlil assembled the royal family and obliged them to swear to not disclose the fact of the coming cataclysm to the earthlings. Enki, as hard as he tried to avoid it, was forced to give his word but, intent on saving the seed of humanity, he will warn his beloved disciple and blood son, the king Ziusudra/Noah, and instruct him in constructing a submersible—the Ark—, while Ninmah will gather a databank of the genomes of animals and plants. Another gruesome fact is that, ahead of the cataclysm, all full-blood Anunnaki were offered by Enlil to either go back to Nibiru or else orbit around the Earth until the water recedes. Yet, he adamantly forbade that the wives of the Igigi, as well as all their children, get onboard the spaceships and be saved; Marduk pleaded in vain for saving the life of his beloved and his men’s families. Most of the Anunnaki royals stayed in orbit and came back. We may assume that Marduk and the Igigi (bypassing again the tyrannical orders) hid their families on the base on Mars that he had been the one to build with his father in the first place.


In the light of this ghastly and appalling Sumerian account of the plagues and Deluge as a means to obliterate humanity, it becomes crystal-clear that Enlil’s overriding aim and sole ‘moral’ code had been all along to preserve the purity of the Nibirian race.


7. What are some falsities that carry enormous consequences for us all?


CHH: Here are the most consequential falsities: the distortion of our past history, while obviously the editors of Genesis mused on vastly more ancient texts from Sumer, in order to fit so many past events into the monotheist frame; the blame on Eve and women for a deed that another god staged and which was highly beneficial to humanity at large; and of course the erasing of the feminine from the divine dimension and cosmic consciousness, with the drastic and dire effects on the daily lives of women that, millennia later, we are still grappling with.


8. Why do you think there will be no apocalypse and why do you think the good evil duality has never existed?


CHH: This is the crucial question regarding the leap in collective consciousness happening now on Earth. It’s crucial because it’s exactly the way the shadow powers and monotheists religions have tried to format and frame forcefully our minds and psyches: in terms of wars and antinomy. However, the leap means to reach a more global and complex outlook—one able to distinguish the relativity of concepts, especially that of ‘truth’ and ‘good’.


Interestingly, the historical accounts in Sumerian and Mesopotamian tablets (dated as far back as 3500 BCE and thus predating by 2 or 3 millennia the oldest biblical writings) state clearly that at first there were Lords on Earth who decided to create a hybrid species ‘to their image’ in order to serve them. And indeed the words for ‘worshipping’ both in Sumerian and in Hebrew meant “to work for the lords;’ in brief: to worship meant to serve the gods in a literal sense.


Of the royal family commanding the earth, each member of the older three generations built first his/her own temple, and then, when the earthlings had multiplied, a city around, whose inhabitants perforce venerated the god/goddess of the city.


Studying the tablets, we can see that there was a clear overlap of meaning between “enemy” (always another royal in their city) and “evil.” Whoever was willing to stay neutral or non submitted to this particular lord and city was by definition the evil enemy and of course even more so when this lord was the King of Earth and Heaven and Commander of Earth, Enlil.


Thus we see clearly described in the Erra Epos that the sin of the “sinful cities” of nowadays Palestine and Israel, including Sodom, who were nuked by the clan of Enlil, was strictly to be the dwelling of his enemy nephew, Marduk, and his followers.


We have come, mostly through science and philosophy, (1) to realize the relativity of any truth and good and (2) to move beyond a ‘me versus others,’ either A or non-A, view of the world, that is, beyond a dualistic and schizophrenic outlook so as to welcome the complex and paradoxical nature of reality.


In this light, the so-called “apocalyptic and final battle between Good and Evil,” always conveniently set in the future, is only the projection, voluntarily fear-inducing, of an obsolete and limiting view of reality.


Let’s remember that the goal of an explorer of consciousness in eastern religions has been described in ancient treatises of the Vedanta philosophy as moving beyond duality and reaching a harmonized inner state, able to make us aware of the cosmic consciousness pervading the universe.


9. This is a wild card question. What would you like to share from the book that our readers might find interesting?


CHH: Thanks for this opportunity! I want to share what I sense about our immediate future. All the signs are that science is trying to patch up a gaping hole in its knowledge, in domains in which information, in my opinion, had been forcefully suppressed for a long time before emerging suddendly in the present time at a great pace. Here are a few: the astronomically high probability of exo-planetary intelligent civilizations (EPICs) in the universe, lots of them statistically bound to be vastly more advanced in their technology and science than us; the ‘discovery’ of nomad or rogue planets 100,000 times more numerous than suns, and the likelihood of part of them having an atmosphere and moons; 95% of the energy in our own universe (meaning 95% of the stuff of reality) are still unaccounted for and an ‘unknown’ to our physics (the only certitude being that dark energy is of a nature wholly beyond energy-particles, EM fields, and spacetime); the fact that consciousness and psi are not constrained by EM fields and the spacetime manifold; the religious and then scientific lid that had tightly sealed off all signs of an advanced civilization existing on Earth before the Deluge as well as the accounts of our alien ancestors engineering humanity’s genome (as analyzed in the present book); the cover-up on age-old contacts with aliens and recent interactions with visiting EPICs as well as with alien survivors of crashes. And we must add to this load of information (suddenly becoming not only available but a sheer scientific evidence) the growing number of people who think that intelligent life on exo-planets is likely, 56% of Americans according to the 2008 Scripps UFO Poll.


All of this has to be understood (by the psychologist I am) as a surging wave in the collective unconscious indicating that numerous people are attuned to a pre-contact of sorts; this, in its turn, makes the official recognition of, and actual Contact with, EPICs a very near outcome. And this means that Contact is so near now, it is already unfolding, that we have to weigh any crucial issue—I’m talking here about global governance and religious groups stands—in the perspective of this imminent Contact. We have to ask ourselves: “Let’s see this issue as if I was 10 years from now, receiving the daily news from the galactic federation on my computer or TV screen: How will I look having taken this stand?”


10. What are you up to next book wise or projects wise and also any links you’d like to share with us? Thanks for this interview.


CHH: The work on DNA of the Gods, while a tough process, had a totally unexpected effect on me afterwards: it generated an incredible sense of liberation, as if I had dispelled some dark shadows, a baggage from a long forgotten past I hadn’t even known I was carrying. And then came the vision of the meta-dimensions of the universe before the Big Bang, that fitted perfectly with the Semantic Fields Theory (a theory of nonlocal consciousness) that I’ve been elaborating and expanding since the nineties. So that’s going to be my next book.


Chris H. Hardy, Ph.D.

Author of DNA of the Gods

Ph.D. in ethno-psychology


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    • Gil Carlson

      Our government has been working with aliens on DNA experiments for years under Dulce Base.

    • LichKing

      A deal was made technology for human abductions. They grabbed alot of young girls to extract
      eggs . Fortunately when they are satisfied with what they have they will usually leave you alone.

    • Endtime
    • Elva Thompson

      In a duality there will always be the ‘good god’ and the ”bad god’. Both of these so called gods are nothing more than inter dimensional demons, vivisectionists and geneticists. Their experimentation resulted in the loss of our multi dimensional consciousness.
      The ‘gods’ enslaved a spiritual being in a contrived geometric prison of flesh and closed off 90% of our DNA.
      Only idiots worship such clowns!

    • Gods Child

      You should check this video out

    • Godzilla

      Doesn’t the ancient aliens series on history channel discuss all this and much more? Still its interesting to see this article with so many details. We have been left completly in the dark about our past, present and future.

      I bet high level masons knew all this a long time ago, especially the illuminati. It makes you wonder how FAKE the education system around the world TRUELY IS, and why people even bother attend classes. This is especially true with college where you have to pay lots of cash and get into debt just to land a good job and pretend to be educated.

      Ufos and aliens are not a distraction to the truth movement. To the contrary it puts everything into perspective. So many truthers in the past have distanced themselves from the so called fringe, but slowely AA theory is gaining traction. It takes time to deprogram everyone from false information.

      Thanks and may I once again recommend the dulce pappers by branton. Its not just about the alleged dulce base, it covers a broad range of controversial alien related topics. I wouldn’t really call them aliens though since they have been here longer than we have.

      • Doggoneit!

        They’ve been around a lot longer than we have indeed. If you’re interested there’s a document called: Lucerta Files.

    • Jango

      Pure Lies and Deception meant to turn people away from God so they could end up in the lake of fire with the devil who is behind this crap. Don’t believe a word of it. Believe God who loves you and sent his son to die for you so that you could spend eternity with Him.

      • Jeffery Pritchett

        Yea but if you don’t go 100 percent Jesus you burn in hell because God loves you so much. Go egg the Flat Earth!

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