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6 Astonishing Irregularities That Are Evidence of a Hollow Moon Space Station

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Thursday, August 27, 2015

6 Astonishing Irregularities That Are Evidence of a Hollow Moon Space Station




The majestic natural satellite has been the source of curiosity of countless people. It brightens up our dark nights and provides a way to navigate for our ancestral fathers.

But over the years, as our understanding of the space has increased, we found some astonishing information about the moon that led to more questions than answers.

Is the moon actually Earth’s natural satellite? 

The new information has led to speculation that it might actually be an extraterrestrial technology transported here to survey mankind’s progress and the impact we have on planet Earth, or maybe something entirely different.


The reason why the moon was brought here remains to be a huge source of speculation, something we will hopefully find out in the near future, but for now we have the following information that dispels the previous notion that it is a natural planetary body:

1. The Moon Predates the Earth

It was initially believed that the moon was formed when an external body crash-landed on Earth. A part of the debris from the crash accumulated into what we now know as the moon.

There is yet another theory stating that when Earth was formed, the remaining dust came together to form a heavenly body that revolves around the Earth.

However, when surface materials from the moon were brought back to Earth by the astronomers, the results led to startling discoveries, as the moon rocks and dust predated our planet, which is around 4.53 billion years old.

The material comprising the moon turned out to be around 5.3 billion years old and the dust even older, dating to about 6.3 billion years.

Hence, the moon must have originated somewhere else.

2. The Moon’s Density

We know for a fact that the Earth’s density is 5.5 gm/cm3. Surprisingly, the moon’s density was found to be 3.34 gm/cm3, around 3.34 times the density of an equal volume of water.

This was explained by the renowned NASA scientist, Dr. Gordon Macdonald in 1962. He stated that if our astronomical data is to be deduced, we come to the conclusion that the interior of the natural satellite is hollow.

3. Moonquakes

A few years after Dr. Gordon Macdonald’s theory came to be, in 1969, the team of Apollo 12 landed on the moon. During their decent, they landed in a rough manner onto the moon’s surface, around 40 miles from their intended destination.

The crash resulted in an artificial moonquake, which had startling characteristics. Upon impact, the moon started to reverberate just like a bell would, which we all know is hollow.

The reverberations lasted for more than an hour. The same phenomenon was again witnessed when Apollo 13 landed on the moon and its impact caused an even greater seismic activity, which lasted for more than three hours.

This led to the conclusion that the moon is unnaturally light for its size and possibly doesn’t even have a core, which would otherwise significantly increase its weight.

4. An Unnaturally Perfect Orbit

We all know that the moon orbits around our planet in an almost perfect circular orbit, but still technically elliptical.

This unnatural orbit couldn’t have been captured by Earth’s gravitational force, as we can clearly see in the substantially elliptical orbits of the other satellites in our solar system.

This further fuels the speculations that the moon was placed in its current position and orbit by an intelligent mind.

5. A Stationary Orbit

Another weird thing about our moon is that its orbit around the Earth is completely stationary. Meaning that it doesn’t spin on its own axis as all of the other moons in our solar system do.

This is why every time we look up at the moon, we see the same side of it — the side that faces Earth.

6. Unexplainable Center of Mass and Geometric Center

Another thing about the moon we have been unable to scientifically understand is the discrepancy in its center of mass, which is around 6,000 feet closer to our planet than its geometric center.

This discrepancy should, according to our understanding, cause the moon to constantly wobble — yet, it remains steady.


Since we have discovered all of these discrepancies with the moon, we have been constantly trying to figure out how it maintains its uniquely circular orbit, without a spinning axis and without wobbling.

However, despite all of our efforts to understand these anomalies, we have yet to come up with a conclusive answer.

The hypothesis that highly advanced extraterrestrials have hollowed out the moon and placed it in an almost perfect orbit around our planet, gives birth to even more wild speculations.

We know for a fact that the moon is primarily responsible for the tides, seasons and even some earthquakes. The moon is also known to influence our sleep and even our mood.

So we can draw the conclusion that the aliens that brought it here knew exactly what they were doingand it was part of their agenda to influence life on Earth via the moon space station.

It has also been speculated that Earth is now a prison planet and the moon a space station for alien guardians. Even more interestingly, author David Icke has speculated that the moon is an important part of the matrix deception that kept mankind enslaved for millenia.




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    • Laser Guided Loogie

      The Moon is not older than the Earth, it’s about the same age as the Earth, 4.5 billion years old.

      Apollo 13 did not “crash land” on the moon. If you recall, they had ” a problem” went around the moon and came back to Earth.

      The Moon, DOSE rotate. It’s just tidally locked with the Earth so that its rotation faces the same side all the time. If it was “stationary” we would see different faces of the Moon as the Earth rotated.


      • LifeIs

        The thing about Apollo 12 and 13….the third stage of the Saturn V rocket, i don’t remember the name/number of it….was what propelled the lander to lunar orbit….and that empty third stage was deliberately aimed at the Moon, to MAKE a moonquake…

        …to be detected by the seismograph deposited by the first lander.

        The “hard landing” was the planned impact of the empty 3rd stage.

        (I’m not saying human astronauts ever left low Earth orbit….but there was an unmanned vehicle that relayed radio transmissions, took TV pictures of Earth from a distance, and landed some instruments on the Moon.)

        I’m not believing the “tidally locked” explanation of why the Moon’s spin is synchronized with its orbit. I think only Iapetus -the moon of Saturn– is like that. And if “tidal forces” were responsible, you’d think a lot of other moons would be like that.

        And why is the spin of Venus synchronized with Earth’s orbit around the Sun? At our closest approach, the same of Venus faces us. It’s not gravitational tidal forces doing that.

        As for the age of the rocks, I think Immanuel Velikovsky pointed out that one of the methods used had to be fraudulently used, because the lead would have escaped from the rocks, been baked out at daytime temperatures.

      • LifeIs

        same side of Venus I mean.

      • PaulTarsuss

        Ken, a baseball tied to a string and swung around your head also ‘rotates’. Of course, you see just the one side. But such rotation, though apparent to the ‘outside’ observer and unapparent to you, cannot lay ‘solid’ claim to both orbital AND spin momentum.

        And apparently there is no shortage of ‘scientists’ who fail to discern the difference.

        Also, gotta chuckle at the “4.5 billion years old” w.a.g. One would do well to remember that these are among the same class of brain trusts that gave the world the gift of “evolution.”


        Good Journeys

    • CrissCross

      Government Trolls Are Using ‘Psychology-Based Influence Techniques’ On YouTube, Facebook And Twitter! :wink:

    • Thane36425

      If aliens were capable of building a space station like that, it would have been far easier for them just to have landed on Earth and built the same structures on the surface. They would have had much less trouble with life support, providing food, etc.

    • DK

      I prefer my hollow artificial orbiting habitats to be far larger.

    • Man

      #2 reasoning is so dumb….. you do know that the density of something is to gravimetric forces

      The moon has a lower gravity so the average density is lower

    • wunmansho

      Heaven was in the moon but they have relinquished it to the beast…because there is going to be something new soon

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