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By William Burke
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The Truth about "Magic"

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Have you ever wondered how “magicians” perform their “tricks”? Do you think it’s just smoke and mirrors? Or, is it something more? Is “magic” of a supernatural nature? 

“Magic” has been around for centuries and to this day, some people enjoy this as a form of entertainment. No matter whether you think you know about this topic or know absolutely nothing, this video is a must-see. In it, you will see a very important truth: “magicians” prove that a spiritual world exists. See actual video footage of the world’s top “magicians” such as David Copperfield, Criss Angel and others doing their “tricks” and listen to interesting commentary which exposes “magic” for what it really is: demonic activity and elaborate hoaxes from Hell.

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Article by Melina Burke

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    • Bacchus

      You are confusing witch craft with illusion. David Copperfield is an illusionist.

      • apache5

        I have a close friend who controls copperfields shows and ALL of it is illusion, NOTHING more, this person is very religious and would not be involved with it if it was satanic!

      • Lucifer Morningstar

        I Believe In Magic…

    • Jacko

      If you don’t understand what you see it must be spirits!

    • Ambicatus

      TRUE TRUE TRUE! they get these tricks from the grimoire of abramelin, which teaches how to invite a spirit, and how to make a deal with it, then your invisible buddy serves you in this world, but in the next world , you serve it xD
      not the smartest deal! but if you love fame an fortune an ho’s a plenty, then “demon magician” is the way to go! also simon magus, was one of these, and was killed in neros court while levitating, and one of the apostles said DROP HIM! and they did, and simon magus died.

      these are demon magicians, now watch all their allies come out the woodwork.

      o an bacchus, illusion, is LIES which is transgression of the “bear no false witness ”
      Commandment, so its still just as bad as witchcraft. do you know what else is as divination, and is as bad as witchcraft?

      1Sa_15:23 “For rebellion is as the sin of divination, and stubbornness is as wickedness and idolatry. Because you have rejected the word of יהוה, He also does reject you as sovereign.”

      • Bacchus

        Moses was said to turn his staff into a snake and to hold back the Red Sea. Jesus was supposed to have walked on water, turned water into wine and exorcised evil spirits. That all sounds a lot more like witch craft to me.

        • Crow (hex)

          Hee hee! You got him there bacchus.! Of course there are different types of magic, theres the entertainment kind, theres the evil black magic, and there white magic. These forms are not comparable- chalk and cheese!

          • Crow (hex)

            Sorry, I should have watched the video first before commenting. Some of it seems very supernatural to me, especially the levitation stuff! How do they do that? Can someone explain? Anyone else notice the demons are always whispering in the left ear. Unreal video, but very entertaining.

      • SirRalph

        Richard I think most people just marvel at the illusion and don’t really think it’s bearing false witness,I have seen a few people cut in half by magicians and I don’t for one minute think it has really happened

        • Ambicatus

          Dear SirRalph, Arr, i submit for thy perusal, a study done by my buddy, its very rad, and makes athiests sad, there is much evidence given, and all these tricks, many of which i am sure you have not seen, are comprehensively covered, especially the one on “americas got talent” where the man introduces his “invisible friend” , very interesting nonetheless:

          ANY kind of deception for whatever purpose is a lie. be it for amusement or gain, deception for no reason, is belial.

          • SirRalph


            Technically I don’t think it’s deception because I know the tricks are not possible,I am amazed a the skill of the performer and always try to figure the trick out..

            Does an actor lie when he plays a role,surely under your rules that would be deception.

      • Daughter of the Church

        Well said Richard! I give you my thumbs-up, so your comment does not get erased by either the unbelievers, or by the believers in the false gods, those latest having an ferocious hatred for whoever knocked-down one of their champion.

        Thank you for bringing the story of Simon Magus.

        On this subject of magic, if I may add a comment from your own comment:

        A. The unbelievers in the unseen, and in what may not be understood are up for a nasty surprise after the death of their body.
        B. The believers in magic have chosen the wrong gods, and already know what is waiting for them after the death of their body. From the interviews, and from the sinister representations of demons worn by the “magicians”, one can clearly understand that they dread death, when their time will be up, and when their lord and master will claim their soul.
        C. “Magic” is not only show-room and circus tricks, for it may extend to whatever is wished in a cheating manner. There is Money Magic practiced by non-scrupulous bankers. There is lottery magic, for yes, some satanist have won at games of chance. Have you hear of “beginner’s luck?”: this is an in-citation from a demon to sell your soul to the devil. There is show-biz magic: look at all those mediocre entertainers who suddenly had fame and fortune, until their demon claimed the soul, that often in a brutal way…. There is political magic, which explains why most politicians elected act as liars, traitors and murderers.
        D. Magic must be extended to the populace, so this explains the sudden surge of those scoundrel-stars. The devil or Satan has won the battle, for now the low-lifer’s practice “Magic” to their own low-life standards. How many sell their soul to make a pass at the next-door’s wife? How many sell their soul to have the desk at the corner-office? How many children unknowingly sell their soul in order to get bigger?

        So dear Richard, you are right by saying that those tricks are from the grimoire of Abramelin, so now world, let’s make room for Jizabel, Merlin, Agrippa in order to satisfy our own miserable lust!….. before the eternal torments come. Thank you Richard for going strait to the heart of the beast.

        Our Lord Jesus Christ while on earth, and while being lowered to the level of one of His creatures -mortal men, was still above all that “magic”. All His miracles were performed out of charity, and out of obedience, or simply because He was being asked. None was a show-off, only perhaps… when He cursed a fig-tree to death, but once again the fig-tree was not producing fruits, and therefore became consistent with His preaching.
        Our Lord Jesus Christ showed obedience until death, and so do the would-be imitators. The video shows a magician playing Russian roulette, others risking their life in the most perilous stunts. Those magicians seem made of the near-extreme human fortitude which aims at fitting the infinite degree of defiance of the fallen archangel Lucifer, unless… those poor magicians are now taken into the implacable game with demons, with no other way-out but to up the antes. Poor magicians. Poor wanabie’s, now prisoner from their own vanity….
        Jesus Christ is God, all others are puffed-up ready to explode.

        Once vanity -because it is all about vanity, has vanished, there is hope for eternal life. The example was first given by God and His Christ, but this was the God-man, so God, in His infinite goodness has given us an other example…. through His own Mother. Mary the Virgin became Blessed from the beginning because she has no vanity. The Saints now in heaven had exhorted their vanity through prayer and penance.
        May you all follow the holy examples. Amen

    • Lucifer Morningstar

      Sex Magic :evil:

      • Daughter of the Church

        “The Real Antichrist”:
        Your comment made in letters/picture and your smile partially hidden by the shade of the photo is worth a reply:

        Sex Magic works. It will warranty you plenty of sex. All kind of sex: plain or exotic; bigger; faster or slower; deeper; sweeter or painfuller; innocent to perv all the way down to bestiality; group or solo. You name it, it is magic! Then what happen when the apprentice wishes to stop? Either a slow and boring very long time, or a shameful disease (the pathogenic ones being the lesser to the heartbreaks)…. or perhaps an incessant sex prison with 72 broads for an eternity.
        Sex Magic, as all sorts of magic is tempting at first sight, but in the end it is no smile at all.

        • Lucifer Morningstar

          k :evil:

          • Daughter of the Church

            The Real Antichrist:
            Your reply made with the the eleventh letter of the alphabet, and with the identical picture of the initial comment which began of our conversation escapes my own understanding. This misunderstanding is a precursor to what might be ahead for us. You and I will probably be separated forever, with no possibility of communication ever. You will be on the side you chose, which is Hades, and, with the mercy of God, I’ll be with the holy angels into the Eternal Kingdom.

            • Lucifer Morningstar

              Cool story. Also if were actually smart. You’d realize that I only reply to you so my comment would be up top to be seen. :evil:

    • SirRalph

      It’s all illusion,nothing more than that

      Bian lian, or ‘changing face,’ is a special dramatic technique associated with Szechuan Opera in particular, “This change is brought about by having the actor wear several layers of facial masks, all painted on very thin paper.”

    • Man

      is this a joke article?

      Ever heard of james randy?

      • SirRalph

        I think it must be a joke article….

        James Randi would be laughing if he watched the video 😀

    • Zindex

      :arrow: I downloaded this video and went frame by frame at 04:11. You could clearly see the mask being pulled down, and the next mask was behind. He is using many thin layers.

      • SirRalph

        Well spotted Zindex I had another look at the Video and it is now simple how they do it,only one arm is showing and the other arm is tucked in side the garment pulling the masks off,you can see a pull strip if you look closely 4:30 ish

    • Factory Farms FEAR the MooCow

      There was that magician guy who supposedly “ate steel and metal” and then he died because some say the demons that pampered him with the ability to eat steel decided to leave and he died because the metal killed him, no power anymore.

      Eat More GMO :mad:

    • Klemens

      The Eucharistic Miracle of Buenos Aires

      • SirRalph

        I looked at the video and the devil is in the detail,the sample was sent for testing to a team of scientists who just happened to be a cardiologist / forensic pathologist and the confirmed it was heart muscle at this point it all becomes a little suspect me thinks

    • Alex257

      Card manipulations is demon activity? Seriously?
      I’ve been doing illusions and close-up-magic for over 20 years, and those tricks shown in these video’s are quite easy to understand (once someone shows you how they ACTUALLY do it – without demons, but with smaller, narrower, specially soft/bendable cards, powdered with talcum or suc, to slide more easily…

      The sword trick, well, without ruining it for those that like ILLUSIONS (stuff that looks like magic, but is far far from it) uses a telescope-type-sword, a motorcycle back-protecting-west, and another smaller telescope-pointy end, and the sword falls into its handle, and at the same time, the “magician” releases the spring-pointy end, coming “out of his stomach at the top” and yes, they use electonics to TIME these two events, as to make it look like the sword penetrates, which it doesnt… and the “magician” can balanse on top of the sword (only because of the motorcycle-back-protection that has a metalpiece (a hole,so to speak) that they place the tip of the sword into, and gravity does the rest…

      Im sure that the creator of this video, would be able to find almost all the solutions, to the TRICKS that he included in this video, if he used youtube differently – or go to a local magic shop, bring a cash-load-of-money and buy the solution to ALL the tricks that this video shows (bring the video to the store – to show them what tricks you want) and they will provide you with the working solution, for all these “grand illusions”

      After 20 years of doing magic, being a member of the “magic circle” (magicians only club – where we share/sell secrets to each other – and try to fool each other, with even better solutions, to do the same tricks, only looking more and more “unreal” (even though it is real -a real trick -a real fraud)
      The only thing we do, is including extra unnecessary steps, or pretending to do all the steps you believe we do, but then we might sjip one or two steps, and thus, we’re two steps ahead of you, and you therefore dont expect whats coming, because the “magic” hapened a few steps back “switches/changes/steps missed or added” – there is NO MAGIC – No spirit magic – only really clever people – bending your perception – to make you believe you saw something (that you did not actually really see, the way it really went down)

      Also, hypnosis (a mental condition) is as magic as “watching a movie – and getting sucked into that idea/illusion of a world” – and then ther is NLP, coldreading, hypnosis, suggestions, subliminals, forced Selections (That appear random) and a nUmber of other tecniques, that are all, Psychology or physIcs…Duuh!

      I have met over 400 magicians in real life (more than what the producer behind this movie, ever met, im sure) and NONE of them comes even close to the magic he gives them credit for (no spirits, no angels, no demons, no ghosts) (but sometimes, hidden helpers, stooges, or likes)

      I cry inside – when I think of all the illusions that this person (video creator) has bought into – and that he actually takes on every single suggestion that the magicians have used, to make you believe it is real…
      One word for this …… but im not gonna utter it, as surely, some people must have read between my lines, and seen the subliminal messages that i’ve been giving away, as to utter the word, without uttering it… hehe

      • SirRalph

        if you ever have a spare hour,watch UK magician/mentalist Derren Brown… Very clever shows he puts together

        • Alex257

          I’ve already watched them al – Great Shows – but unfortunately NOT at all magic…
          He uses a clever range of mixed techniques; psychology, tricks, nlp,suggestions,hypnosis(stronger suggestions),placebo,subliminal’s and such… And he has also used these techniques on himself aswell, to improve the variety of SKILLS that he (alone) has – no ghosts or spirits there, either…. hehe

      • Architectoftruth

        What about that old black n white stuff where that Guy had a fencing sword poked through him time after time,from any angle and any side,if that ain’t black magic,I don’t know what is! BTW, he died.

        • Alex257

          He never claimed to be a magician – so thus – it is something else…
          But then again, there are people that can walk around in winterlandscapes in a shorts only,
          there is a person who can run for weeks (he only needs to sleep, run,run,slepp,run run,sleep
          There are people with less receptors for pain (as the one’s described above) and thus, they can do things that we, who feels pain differently, cannot…

          But magic – im really still not buying into its existence…

    • Alex257

      “David Copperfield is the most famous magician of history” – Wrong!
      -He’s an illusionist… And not the greatest at it…Just the most “in the spotlight” type person – Maybe he likes it.

      “David Copperfields admits that spirits are solely responsible for some of his magic”
      - Sure, but those souls are most likely still alive, or wrote down their life’s work before they dies (like harry houdini, as im sure that reference belongs to Harry H, as David Copperfields collects Harry items/magictricks/illusions/writings… And the people that David works with on a dayily/yearly basis, are also souls, helping him to create the illusions, sometimes they create all of the illusion, and thus, gets solely responsible for the trick , duuh…

      Stop buying into stuff, you obviously have NO-IDEA-ABOUT in the first place…


      Yeah most of them are illusionist

    • Vandermeer1

      What in the world are you smoking???? Stage magic is illusion, and has no spiritual component whatsoever… the magician misdirects the audience’s attention while he makes something appear or disappear usually from a hidden pocket, a trap door in a table, or somewhere like that. I have known many professional magicians, a few of whome showed me how their illusions work, and they will tell you that their art takes years to perfect… Why do you fundamentalists have to be constantly trying to stir up trouble where there is none? We have REAL issues with which to be concerned… terrorists in our streets, poison in our foods, and a changing climate. If you insist on being all cranked up about something, please pick something REAL :razz:

      • Jacko

        You haven’t noticed yet you shouldn’t come here (on BIN) for truth but for a laugh?

    • Alex257

      Okey – Lets explain just one of David Copperfields illusions – Walking through the wall of China!


      Notice the “Table/Platform” that he chooses to stand on, in order to be able to walk through the wall…
      Why is that needed? (First critical question you need to ask)

      Secondly, its not at ground level, it’s been buildt quite high, as they need stairs to climb onto the “Platform/Table”…
      Why is that? (sure, it is to prove that he did not use a tunnel underground, but is that the only reason?)

      Third, why does he only let us see his “shadow” pass through the wall, im sure the spirits could make a light-effect instead, but no,
      he chooses to use curtains, and lights, to show us that he “passes through”… Why is that?

      And why did they remove the stairs from the platform, before he went through? And from the moment he stepped off the stairs, and into his curtain-tent, you could no longer see him, and know that it is even his shadow that is “passing through” the wall, right….
      And a clever misdirection with th towel, that only a hand slips out to one of the helpers, makes it even more “certain” that he is indeed still inside the “curtain-house” on the “Platform/Table” – But is he? (thats another critical question for you)

      And, from the moment he “has passed into the wall” and to the moment the platform/table is shown empty, by helpers ripping away the curtians, it takes about 4-5 seconds – Why is that? (another critical question)

      When he reemerges on the other side, there is even MORE misdirection, as the helpers go up to the wall, and hold their “carpet” infront of the wall, and we see two arms, and a face, emerge from the other side? or do we? Look closely at the arms of the helpers, surely those arms are UNDER the carpet, and the helpers surely are moving around, so maybe the hands are INSIDE the middle of the carpet, and also the face, and maybe, just maybe, one helper controls the “face” with his arm, and the other helper controls the “hands” with his arm
      (PS: the two hands are connected with a stick, if you will, like this: #——# (#= hands)(–=stick) so they control his “emerging” or failed emerging…but at the same time, they move about on the platform/table, so that no one can see the movements that david actually performs, as he is climbing from the movable-stairs (inside it) and into the platform/table…

      The table/platform has the same design as some of the best “Cut-a-woman-in-half-tables” im sure all the “magicians” can verify this, upon closer inspection of the video, the stais, is also based on the same/similar concept, and thus, both the platform and the stairs, look thinner/smaller then what they really are… Please do a google search for “cut lady in half” and inspect all the tables that they use, or inspect davids table, when he cuts himself in half, same type table as this platform….

      So, they move the stairs, through a doorway in the wall, as they somehow only made ONE set of stairs, but remembered to make two platforms…

      And the light placement on the platform, makes it possible to enter/exit the inside of the “table/platform” in one corner of the table, and still you’re not visible, until you step into the light, and if you move diagonally on the platform, your shadow will seem to emerge outæ-of-the-wall, but this is a simple shadow-illusion…

      So there you go… One magic staircase, two magic table’s/platforms, and some light/shadow tricks, and you’re through….

      Its so easy, that even the one’s believing in magic, could do it, without magic…

      • Daughter of the Church

        Alex257: Your explanation of the “Passing through the Great Wall of China” is convincing enough that there was an illusion made, and that David Copperfield cleverly hid away on one side (of the wall) in order to reappear on the other (side). Alex, by your other comments, one can tell that you are of the trade, but you only unveil the classic magic-tricks, which you probably have done yourself. Can you explain the phenomenal ones? No!
        Your claim that there is nothing preternatural in all what Brother Michael Dimond shows in his presentation, is preposterous, because your own ego prevents you to admit that among the “classic” illusions there are some that do not come from this world. It is a case of Satan fooling the expert into playing his ultimate trick that “he does not exist”. Alex, can you explain the extreme risks which the most famous “illusionists” are willing to take? No, because, if you’d willed to go that far, in what is probably just a hobby for you, you’d be either famous or dead.
        Satan -and he truly exists, is using experts in illusion, like yourself, in order to fulfill a multi-target agenda. The main one being the devaluation of Christ’s greatest miracle, and the lesser being to make recruits among the children whose parents have been fooled into thinking that “Magic” is harmless.

      • Daughter of the Church

        One more thing Alex257:
        You are Christian, who has the hobby of “Magic”. You are a therefore a believer, who due to your hobby with making illusions, expresses reservations concerning what may not be verified. Nothing wrong with having reservations for a Christian. St Thomas the Apostle expressed reservations twice. The first time (in the Gospel) was about the Resurrection, and the second time (from the Catholic Tradition) was about the Assumption -of Holy Mary into Heaven.
        Alex, as a Christian you cannot deny the Miracles of Our Lord. Can you deny the countless miracles later done by the Saints’ intercession? Some of those miracles are very contemporary. I hope that you don’t call those (verified be the Church’s) miracles some mere illusions.

        Again Alex, as a Christian, you believe that Jesus Christ was carried away through the air by Satan during the Temptation, or that a man was once possessed by demons, which demons begged Our Lord to be permitted to lodge into a herd of swines, in order to avoid returning into hell. The demons are still around.

      • Daughter of the Church

        Lastly Alex257: As a Christian, who knows about the illusions of “Magic”, the devil is eager to maintain you as an unbeliever of his tricks, because if you were made aware that among the many classic illusions played, there are some preternatural acts caused by demons, then from that instant, your expertise could be detrimental to the devil. You’d become a devastating expert against the evil spirits, and a valuable expert for the Church of Christ.
        This is why you have probably never been attacked by demons, and why your innocent expertise is being kept dormant.

        The devil is real, and some demons are supremely intelligent. One thing only can defeat Satan, and all the principalities and powers of hell: it is the invocation of the Precious Blood of Christ. This requires humility. You may pray the Blessed Virgin Mary, aka Seat of Wisdom, or Help of Christians, for understanding that you are currently playing into the Adversary’s hand.
        For your own homework, consider it to be an other hobby, study the discernment of spirit as taught by the Jesuits.

    • NWO for Dummies.

      No such thing as magic. Its like santa at christmas andthen there are curses which are not magic but pwerful forces from the hellish regions which have controlled the earth since the fall of adam. This is about to change with he soon return of Jesus christ on the clouds…everyone will see and adore him…all those that survive the next period of tribulation. get ready spiritually and remind yourself to do so each and every day right up to the end.

    • Pink Slime

      Yes, it’s called TV. Lights, camera, and your reaction, please… :lol:

      • Bacchus

        Exactly, It’s called Roll Up Roll up n give us yer cash. Now sit right down and let me entertain you.

    • Anonymous

      You don’t know do you. It makes you wonder don’t it?

    • Klemens

      These Magicians are dealing with demons! Magic is from Hell! Only one person deserves our devotion and love,and that is Jesus Christ!

      God created you to know him personally. Psalm 139:13-14 “You created every part of me and put me together in my mother’s womb.”
      John 3:16 “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that whosoever would believe in him would not perish but have everlasting life.”

      Jesus Christ is God’s only solution for our Sin.. For the wages of sin is death. He died in our place
      Romans 5:8 “But God showed hsi great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while were still yet sinners.”

      He rose from the dead:
      1 Corinthians 15: 3-6 “Christ died for our sins.. he was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day…He was seen by Peter and then by the twelve apostles.. After that he was seen by more than five hundred”

      Through Jesus alone we can know God personally and experience God’s love.
      John 4: 6 “Jesus said to them, ‘ I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.”

      We must believe in and receive Christ.
      John 1:12 “to all who received him, he gave the right to become children of God. All they had to do was to trust and believe in Jesus to be saved.”

      We receive Christ by FAITH
      God promised eternal life to all who receive Christ
      1 John 5: 12-13 “Whoever has God’s Son has life; whoever does not have His Son, does not have life. I have written this to you who believe in the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.”

    • Alex257

      Funny thing is, i am both a Christian, and a magician, and again, there are no demons or ghosts (helpers of another realm) to it…
      It is years of training, years of creative thinking, years of problem solving, skills, patience, practice, and discipline.

      Just like the faith that so many of you claim to understand fully…

      Did you all forget this little piece of scripture?
      James 4:12 – “There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the one who is able to save and destroy. But you–who are you to judge your neighbor?”

      So if your neighbor, a fellow christian, tells you -it is not magic (and I should know – doing it for 20+ years) then should you not trust your neighbor, maybe, perhaps?

      And if you wonder how I can have such a creative hobby, creating illusions and wonders, and be a christian, then I can tell you this…
      Because I know what I do can bring people joy, marvels, entertainment, pleasure, joy, creativity, ideas, a break from anything else, an even greater perspective of who god is, and all that he created for us to understand, and learn, like skills and ways of communicating idea’s

      Of course you have people, maybe without faith, or maybe with faiths leaning more towards the mystic or the occult, and they will of course mix this mystic, with their other hobby, magic, as they probably don’t put religion first, but has learned like anyone else, that the dark and evil, is both scary and exiting, and thus, they implement it in their show-personality… And some, don’t do that (like me)

      But thanks to “magic” or my small performances, I have been meeting lots of people, studying lots of religion, experienced things that can only be explained as follows; there is a master plan for me, and no matter what road I take, I will eventually meet the people planned for me to meet, I will help and influence, those that needs it, I can give a greater understanding about everything, to those that needs it, simply because I myself, has been given a great(er) understanding from above…

      It makes me sad, to see someone buy into illusions, as that is all that they are… Even the bible, as it talks about magicians at the time of the epoch the bible talks about, claims that they are not real – maybe there is something to that? just maybe?

      Like Daniel 1:
      19 The king talked with them, and he found none equal to Daniel, Hananiah, Mishael and Azariah; so they entered the king’s service.
      20 In every matter of wisdom and understanding about which the king questioned them, he found them ten times better than all the magicians and enchanters in his whole kingdom.

      Clearly enough explaining that magic, is anything, but magic… But the miracles of god, or a man walking with god, that is true magic, gods magic, or gods power and understanding…

      Or in chapter 2 of the same book, reading from verse 1 and on wards.. (but I’ll skip to the point).
      10 The astrologers answered the king, “There is no one on earth who can do what the king asks! No king, however great and mighty, has ever asked such a thing of any magician or enchanter or astrologer.
      11 What the king asks is too difficult. No one can reveal it to the king except the gods, and they do not live among humans.”
      12 This made the king so angry and furious that he ordered the execution of all the wise men of Babylon.

      So sure, magic is “real” but just if you for a moment imagine that it is (but only inside your head, until you understand it)
      If the bible so clarly tells us that “,magic” and “magicians” aren’t real, should we perhaps not listen to the bible? or?

      Just the thoughts of a christian that also is quite skillful with both his mind, and his hands and body… Thanks to whom? Created by whom?

      • SirRalph

        Well said Alex

        I marvel at skill of Magicians and when it’s done well it’s fantastic to watch especially when it’s performed live and we know there is know editing by tv producers for effect.

        It’s a wonder the guy who published this story on Magic uses the Internet ‘that could be the devils work too’

      • Sun Rabbit

        Definitely a plausible explanation you provided for that walking through the Great Wall of China trick but my first thought was that he was using a double or a twin. In fact, I think all of these tricks involving people disappearing & reappearing are using doubles or twins dressed the same.
        However, not all the “audience participants” are pre-arranged participants. Here’s what happened to me. This was 9th Av in the 30s NYC and some magician guy was doing all kinds of weird things there, and he selected ME for his trick. He told me to take my jacket off, then took my lit cigarette, and passed it straight through! I was horrified because it was a new jacket, but not only was my cigarette still lit, but there was no trace of any hole or burn mark whatsoever. Still can’t figure out how he pulled that one off!
        By the way, thanks for taking the time and effort for your previous posts!

        • Alex257


          He was using a “double” (but not necessarily one with an identical face)
          At the start of the tricks, the “double” is inside the “table/platform”, laying down, inside the platform/table that is designed VERY MUCH like the table (“steel plate”) that he uses for this trick:
 (this is his best version of this “tablble/platform/steelplate”
          (and if you go through that clip in slow motion, you as me, and anyone else, can see that the “steelplate” is indeed not as thin as it looks (from the correct angels)

          To imagine this design in your head, simply imagine the great pyramid of Giza (or any other pyramid) Then imagine that a giant hand started squeezing from the top of the pyramid, and downwards, trying to press the pyramid into a flat form (almost flat) – these tables has that shape, and if the borders on the sides of these tables, is measured, you’ll see they are between 4 and 10 cm thick (2-3 inches) at the egdes, and if you were to follow from the egdes to the center of the tables, they will be even higher at the center spot…
          See this image, you can quite clearly see it: ( )

          You see a few centimeters below the silver line, the silver line itself is a few cm thick, then the black part above the silverline is a few cm high, then you see clearly the “step-pyramid-design” of the table, layers upon layers, adding to the total thickness of the table – also keep in mind that the table is wider than any ordinary table (as is his platform and steelplate) Also, see the “box” that he covers himself inside (right before being sawn in half) see that it is not laying flat out, but it actually is pointing downwards, from right under davids body (on top of the table) and over the egdes of the table, and it all shows clearly, that the table is not flat, but rather a “step-pyramid” made in a clever mix of colors, perspectives, angles, colours and lighting… Also the tables feets are made to distort your perspective sense, even more… Very clever, but maybe 40cm thick at the middle (15 inches)

          More pics of this type table design:


          Also in the imploding building tricks, there is the best table (supposed to look like a steel plate) that he has created so far, see him emerge from inside the table in this part of the video:
          (PS: in this trick, the live feed, isn’t really live, and he is dressed like the workers, while running out of the building, infront of the cameraman, so you never see him, the breaking out of his ropes/chains/handcuffs are indeed real, just like I would do it, or Houdini, or any other escape artist (years of training – clever methods that enables you easier to escape the ropes/chains/straighjacket) and then he enters the table from below, hidden in plain view, of the other workers, also running past the table, aand infront of it, to obscure the onlookers view of the table as he slips under it, then the camera moves from the building, to the table, after he is already inside, and thus, he “magically appears on top of a steel plate” – yadi yadi

          If you look at this google search, you’ll see that most of the tables/platforms/boxes he uses in his tricks, follow this design – surely spiritual, hehe – or NOT …

        • Alex257

          If you were to cut a normal cigarette in half – insert a magnet at both ends of that cut – have some soft fabric in front of both magnets, and then fix the paper so that the cut edges look smooth, you should be able to convincingly display a burning cigarette as “partly passed through the jacket” your next step is to bring forward another “examinable” cigarette at the end of the trick, and also getting rid of the “cut in half” special cigarette.

          As I do similar tricks myself – I know that these are indeed quite simple to perform, as the jacket effectively can be used as a giant misdirection device (I could light another cigarette behind the jacket, if you’re in front of the jacket, staring at the “half-passed-through-cigarette” (and while you imagine a big hole in your new jacket)
          (there are “devices” made, that can set fire to anything, while making it look like the magicians have empty hands
          So, he would need two cigarettes to perform this trick, one special magnet-already-cut-cigarette, and then just a normal cigarette, and a diveice to light that up, while you’re looking at something else, remember, a magician always LEADS your attention, eyes, and mind to the place they want you to look, so as to not see the special moves they do at a different angle/place/perspective…

          Im 100% sure I could “push” any small object – through your jacket – while having you hold a grip around both my lower arms/hands, while i was doing it – still – you would never discover the devices, and the techniques that were used to perform it… (thats the way I use to do this type of trick – totally convincing – every time !!

          • Sun Rabbit

            LOL! Yes! That does make sense. I definitely know he somehow bamboozled me by misdirecting my attention, partly because I was concerned about him stealing and/or burning my jacket, so I was fixated just on it.
            Also, he must have had really good powers of observation because he MUST have noticed I was smoking a Marlboro, because the lit cigarette I got back was ALSO a Marlboro (I checked), which means he must have had that cigarette sitting there prepared for quite some time! How devious.
            When I was a kid, I was an assistant one time for a school magic show and when you see a lot of these props up close you quickly figure out how they work. But when you see them from the perspective where the magician’s up on a stage a couple metres away you can’t. The grand finale of the show was when the magician disappeared behind a transleucent partition while holding it with both hands! Simple, the paper partition was actually TWO layers of paper, with his silhouette made of aluminium foil placed between the 2 paper sheets! Simple but effective.

    • Fridge

      Dynamo… DEMONIC magician

    • Daughter of the Church

      This piece, produced by Brother Michael Dimond is near perfect at exposing the Illusionists as having sold their soul to the devil, in order to perform their magic tricks.

      This splendid piece covers almost the whole world of magicians: It shows the Chinese face-changers, the super-stars of to-day, such as David Copperfield; Desmond; Chris Angel, and Dynamo or others. Then it shows the previous generations of the now dead magicians in the likes of Houdini or others. The video speaks also of the magicians of Farao who had a power joust against Moses, thus telling, since Moses won, that God is stronger than the demons of hell. So far, the presentation is perfect at demonstrating that all magicians have made a pact with Satan.
      Dynamo walks on water over the Thames River; an other changes water into wine; David Copperfield performs transportation in front of live crowds, and all sorts of wonders of that kind which trivializes the works of Jesus Christ Our Lord. Then, those super-star magicians claim to reproduce the miracles Jesus Christ, while admitting of the diabolical pact made. The magicians, in the end, claim to be Christs themselves. The paving of the way towards anti-Christ is thus exposed in a convincing way.
      So this video exposes the magicians for who they are, however there is an important omission in this video: Not a word is spoken about the joust between the “two Simon’s”.

      Simon the Magician (Act Chap.8, Vs.9-24) got into a confrontation with an other Simon: Simon Peter -of God, ended-up defeating the other Simon -of the devil. It occur in the Coliseum in front of a huge crowd. Simon the Magician levitated up to a thousand feet in the air, and upon the prayers of St. Peter, the magician crashed to his death at the feet of the emperor. This story is from historic chronic’s. Brother Michael Dimond knows, and yet, this important story, which is in direct relation with the subject of magic, is omitted. Why?

      The Dimond brothers claim that there is “no Pope” at the present moment. This is the sedevacantist dictum. Of course there is a Pope! this Pope is not Francis, as has been the six previous world-wide recognized anti-Popes since Pius XII. The authentic Pope is currently living in exile. He is His Holiness Pope Gregory XVIII, the exiiarch Vicar of Christ. The Dimond brothers have deliberately omitted to talk about the joust between the “two Simon’s” because this story precisely speaks of the stronger “magical” -truly spiritual, power of the first Pope Saint Peter, as well as the spiritual power of his current, and authentic successor.
      This video has the proverbial “99%” truth, but is in heresy for the remaining “1%”, because it persists in denying that there is a hidden Pope now. A Pope who is the hidden pastor of the Church in Eclipse. This is the why Brother Michael Dimond does not say a word, nor presents a single allusion to the defeated magician Simon who challenged the first Vicar of Christ Simon Peter. This video is one more time the denial of the greater temporal power of God above the demons of hell, and thus denies the eternal power of God and of His Christ.

      In conclusion, this video has the agenda of destroying the Church of Christ by blotting-out Petra -or Cephas, the fallible man St. Peter who was -and still is, the corner-stone of the Church.
      William Burke, by presenting this work you are -perhaps unknowingly, betraying the authentic hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church.
      This video is very well made, and obviously well funded, because made with the best video technology available. But let’s never forget that the Prince of the World is very powerful, and very rich on earth, and that he is the ultimate deceiver, who may deceive even the elects.
      The Prince of the World, who is the devil or Satan, dismisses his servants as mere cut-out once useless to the principalities and powers of hell. The magicians are dismissed once a younger one comes to the stage, this is demonstrated in this video. In the same way, the Dimond brothers will be dismissed, once useless to the slanderer, after the sedevacantists have accomplished their work of destruction.

      Post Scriptum: This is the poorly funded, yet only authorized web-site of the authentic hierachy of the Roman Catholic Church.

      • SirRalph

        Away from magic … I think Jesus would struggle to validate any church!

        To much wealth and in fighting about the ‘word’

        • Daughter of the Church

          Sir Ralph: You have it all backward in your comment.

          Jesus Christ has built his Church on a cornerstone named “Petra” (Rock or Stone), after the fisherman Simon-Bar Jonas. This church is the Roman Catholic Church, and therefore it is the valid Church. On the contrary to your statement, it is not to “Jesus” to validate any church, but it is to man to enter the valid Church.

          “Too much wealth in fighting about the Word”, is a false argument against the valid Church of Jesus Christ -which is the Catholic Church founded on St. Peter’s shoulders and which currently has a Pope in exile as its pastor. If prelates “lord it to their charges”, then it is those prelates personal problem. The institution of holy Church must continue unaffected, and certainly does not justify any deviation towards any “church” or sect, those latest being totally invalid, because not from God.

    • Anonymous

      The last person to know ANYTHING about magic would be a christian. They are literally programmed to be afraid of EVERYTHING.

      • SirRalph

        Very true words Anonymous…..

        No such thing as the supernatural and demons,I released myself from the dogma of being afraid a long time ago.

      • Daughter of the Church

        Anonymous: Please bare with my two fold answer:

        1. Catholics are not afraid of magic, because they are supposed to have nothing to do with it. The world of to day should be afraid of magic, because it has lacked the presence of an authentic Pope since October 26, 1958. Since this terrible day, the world has been left defenseless against the powers of hell.

        2. Catholics (authentic Catholics who are currently in union with the exiliarch Pope Gregory XVIII), on the contrary to what you state, know everything that matters about magic: their humble prayers, which are bound with the Vicar of Christ and his authentic hierarchy, are bound in heaven, and are hear by Jesus Christ Our Lord.
        Catholics deal with Satan’s temptations at all time. They are charitable to the point of accepting all the trials send by God, if it pleases Him.

        • SirRalph

          How about the previous Popes,do you have any views on them…..

          Let me think,the Catholic Church claims to be divinely guided,how about all the people that died in the inquisition

          They claimed the printing press to be the work of the devil,let alone what they did to William Tyndale who translated the bible in to English,strangled and burnt at the stake!

          The list is endless and you know it

          • moonman

            Well said Ralph

          • Daughter of the Church

            The Pope is infallible. What does that mean? That he is faithful to the dogmas of the Church. If the Pope becomes a sinner: the Judge will give him his just sentence. If a Pope becomes a heretic, God has, is and will remove him from his charge. In the entire history of the Church, there has never been a Pope who has been able to act against the dogmas. Never! because a Pope is designated by the Holy Ghost, God.

            All so-called “Popes” who have been heretics were agents of the devil, and time has shown those heretics to have all been usurpers -anti-Popes, while an authentic Pope was being forcefully silenced. This has been the case for the Church since October 26, 1958 when the authentic and newly elected Pope was put in jail, while an anti-Pope going by the name of John XXIII began his work of destruction.
            The authentic Pope remained in jail for 31 years, while the heretics kept on presenting anti-Popes who continued their work of destruction. Anti-Pope Paul VI for example, is the one who forcefully loaded the seminaries with homosexuals. Anti-Pope John-Paul II is the one who said that all religions are equal. Why did those enemies of mankind allowed the authentic Pope to remain alive for so long in jail? The answer is that there cannot be more than one Pope at the same time. After the death of the authentic Pope on May 2, 1989, an authentic Pope, designated by the Holy Ghost, was elected secretly. This current Pope is not in jail, but is unable to reverse the damage done at the present moment.
            The devil is ruling the world, because the infallible Pope is currently living in exile. The Pope, by the supernatural designation of God, is the sole man on earth who may stop all the evils.
            Among those evils are the slanders such as the revisionism about the inquisition, the collective brain washing by the devil, and now the general mesmerising of the population by the magicians.

            • Man

              according to the Catholics the whole system of the pope conclave is where they choose a new pope as they will be divinely inspired to do so by god

              So how do you know who the authentic pope is? It might be the devil speaking to you

            • Syco

              Bahh just a who has the biggest hat contest.

    • joem789

      Anyone who actually believes that magic is real has been spending way too much time watching TV, news, or is just plain stupid. Nobody has the power to harness magical energy, be a “child of Satan”, or anything similar. GOD made all of us as mere mortals. None of us can do magic. For thousands of years there has been lies and trickery to make fools out of people. Just like the first “foolin” that revolves around the Adam and Eve story. The evil in this world is all about making fools out of us. To make us believe in things that are wrong or false. The REAL term for magic is PRANK. Because that is what it is. The word illusionist is a man made term to legitimize a job of fooling people. Magician. Illusionist. Actor. Whatever. They are all an abomination to what is good and right in the world. And for people to support these things tells me that the Bible is right when it demonstrates how the world is always full of idiotic fools.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been performing magic for the last 25 years and this video is an insult to those of us who have put in countless hours of practice to hone our art to make it look like “magic”. The real seceret to magic is simply that you

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