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Photographic Evidence of Time Travel~An Introduction to the Work of Jane Tripp (Updated)

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Photographic Evidence of Time Travel~An Introduction to the Work of Jane Tripp
August 20, 2014, Updated July 5, 2018

Photographic Evidence of Time Travel~An Introduction to the Work of Jane Tripp (August 20, 2014)

June 30, 2018 Addendum: Announcing the electronic publication of Jane Tripp’s amazing new eBook, Photographs of Faeries - Real Faeries and Elemental Spirits Captured on Camera (to order the eBook)

The article linked below includes:

1. An introduction to the Trans-Time Photography of Jane Tripp,
2. remarkable, never-before-seen photographs of interdimensional beings from the Faery kingdom and
3. Trans-Time photographs of Pompeii residents trying to escape the volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in 79 AD. It’s hard to imagine that such photographs are even possible, but look at the photos and decide for yourself.

Jane Tripp’s Trans-Time Photography: Photographing the Far Past – How I Discovered it is Possible (June 30, 2018)

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[The article seen below was first published on August 14, 2014 to introduce the incredible paranormal and interdimensional photographic discoveries of Jane Tripp using PhotoShop image eidting software. It was updated on October 2, 2015 to include a tutorial on how to conduct this photo-eidting research yourself and to introduce Jane's history-changing eBook of Trans-Time photographs called The Pirates of Time. The contents of that unique eBook is explained in greater detail below.]

An Introduction to the Work of Jane Tripp

Jane Tripp is an artist, writer and researcher. She is also a psychic photographic medium. She can take a photo with a digital camera, and interdimensional beings will show up in that photo as clearly and distinctly as the image of an ordinary person. As a photographer of interdimensional phenomena, Jane’s curosity to know more about what is hidden within very old photographs – that were later to reveal strange anomalies – had taken her on a journey that eventually led to the application of PhotoShop image editing techniques that draw out and enhance images of people, animals, interdimensional beings, scenes of daily life in ancient Pompeii, and objects of advanced technology that are hidden within many photographs and video recordings. You might be surprised to know that anyone can learn how to apply these photo editing techniques and extract hidden images from within photographs and video recordings by studying Jane’s two FREE tutorials on how it’s done:

1. How to Edit Photographs and Discover Big Secrets by Jane Tripp (135 pages)

Tiny url:

2. Why You Should Edit Photographs by Jane Tripp (150 pages)

Tiny url:

Jane became interested in this phenomena due to the unusual discoveries she stumbled upon while using image editing tools found in PhotoShop to look at photographs and stills taken from video recordings. Experimenting with this software has allowed her to discover that there are multiple levels of hidden images within photographs, that go beyond anything that anyone could have imagined. Having been concerned over the years, with the many nefarious and covert operations that are being conducted clandestinely around the world, Jane discovered that she could actually see the results of some of these covert operations within photographs by employing image editing software.

Surprisingly, she discovered how to make visible in photos scalar waves and EMF waves being directed against her in her home, uncovering images of the actual radiation transmission patterns over her house. She was also able to cut through cloaking facades to reveal images of stealth spacecraft as well as various covert experiments taking place in the sky right right over her head, often revealing a great deal of intricate detail.

These same techniques can be used to recover hidden images from NASA published photographs, even after they have been airbrushed by artisans to conceal things that the government does not want you to see. In her 135 page How to Edit Photographs tutorial (above), Jane teaches you how this concealed visual data can be retrieved by anyone, using simple digital editing software found in PhotoShop.

While exploring the hidden images embedded in photos, Jane also discovered one of the most hidden black ops of all time – secret time travel operations and abusive experimentation. It started with Jane looking for suitable photos to produce a vintage photo calendar for a local market. Sifting through photographs from the historical archives of her town’s library, one of many 100 year-old photographs, in particular, had caught her eye. However, what she subsequently discovered in that photo was so shocking and disturbing, that it changed the course of her life and has resulted in the paranormal investigative work that she has been doing with Trans-Time Photography ever since.

Photographic Evidence of Time Travel
Some people might remember the story of the cell phone spotted in an old Charlie Chaplin movie that hit the news in October of 2010. Irish filmmaker George Clark had noticed what looked like a woman using a cell phone in the 1928 silent movie, ‘The Circus’. He put the clip on YouTube (#2 clip), where it immediately went viral, scoring him a lot of publicity and interviews.

If the film did, in fact, have a time traveler in it, it’s by no means an isolated incident, nor is it the earliest example. Two years prior to the media interest that this Youtube story created, Jane Tripp already had acquired dozens of photos on her computer clearly revealing undeniable evidence of time travel operations, with some photos dating date back to the 1800s. …Editor

Time Travel: ‘The Truth & The Proof ‘ –  It’s About Time

by Jane Tripp

The time travel experiments I am documenting do not resemble episodes of Star Trek or Dr. Who. The discoveries I am exposing involve malicious black projects, far beyond top secret, which have caused unimaginable suffering to innocent people, including children and babies.

The truth is that although the treacherous people responsible for these time travel  experiments are guilty of treason, murder, and more, this sinister shadow-group can only continue to control finances and manipulate governments on a global scale ~ for as long as the majority of the world population remains unaware of who they are and what they are doing, along with their deadly, exploitative and potentially disastrous use of super-technology.

The scale of it all truly seems beyond belief, which is precisely why people have such a difficult time in accepting this phenomena as real. It’s much easier to dismiss the subject as nonsense.

But at some point they must believe it, because it’s all true.

I hope that disclosing my discoveries and also the techniques I use to uncover such clear evidence in my own work, will lead to many more people carrying out similar and perhaps even superior research in the interest of freedom: Freedom from all covert manipulation at the hands of those who are right now controlling and manipulating our reality to a great extent.

That is why I’m offering my three online tutorial books free to everybody, so the truth of this strange story will become apparent to anyone who takes the time to read my online books and examine the fascinating photographic images contained in them.

The three books offered here are designed to expose secrets – secrets so big, mysterious, and dark that they have cost the lives of many innocent people. There are some things, however, that no man or woman has the right to keep secret.

Perhaps the only good thing about pernicious secrets is that once they have been exposed, they are no longer secrets, and they begin to lose their power.

A shadowy and supposedly all-powerful group has been keeping astonishing information from us for a very long time.

Time Travel is taking place, and has been for many years

Some of you will say that this is rubbish and not possible, but the three online tutorial books (available below) have been written precisely for those who want proof.

Many knowledgeable people have bravely come forward over the years and have reported their experiences in taking part in covert time travel and teleportation operations. Although most of these stories are in fact true, these people unfortunately can’t provide tangible proof to their audiences other than their memories as evidence. But now, finally, for the very first time, the world is going to get the actual visual proof that time travel is occurring today.

Much of the money that has unaccountably disappeared is a direct consequence of trillions of dollars consistently being spent on time travel and other black-budget operations, while the world goes down under the weight of deliberately engineered disasters, poverty, disease, wars, and NWO control schemes.

When people realize the reality of time travel and teleportation, and discover that they can find and uncover the proof of these covert activities themselves, hopefully they will become part of a much larger network of people working to help make these black-ops publicly known.

In the end, people will demand transparency and full disclosure after they finally realize the depth and breadth of humanity’s betrayal at the hands of these pirates of time and re-writers of history.

The unfortunate truth is that the age of time travel is already upon us, but it’s being used for evil purposes, now and in the past. The first thing they did when they obtained the necessary technology for time travel was to weaponize it and use it against the people.

Despite the unfortunate circumstances of its present-day use, the knowledge that time travel technology exists and is a reality today also holds the promise of a tomorrow where people behave in a far more advanced and responsible way than now, and where technologies such as time travel and teleportation are used openly and responsibly, for the good of all. That time hasn’t arrived yet, but it will.

Many people have already lost their lives to disseminate secret information informing us exactly what – or who – keeps us all enslaved. People have been murdered in order to silence them, and quite often the world does not even know of their existence. The more people who see the irrefutable evidence I am offering, the better the chances are that the power that this secret holds over the world will come to an end.

I think we have all been misinformed about patriotism. Isn’t true patriotism really about owing our allegiance to all people everywhere on our home planet?

That may be the true definition of brotherly and sisterly love, caring for people, in fact for all life, with no thought for borders, race, creed or any other differentiating factors, and instead celebrating the differences with joy.  Living in this way, secrets are no longer necessary or even desirable.

I want to thank you all in advance for your willingness, as intelligent and open-minded people, to comprehend and understand the gravity of the amazing things you are about to see and read. I also wish to urge your subsequent courage and cooperation in spreading this extremely important, beyond-top-secret information, until it isn’t a secret any more.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ken Adachi for kindly hosting these documents on

Jane Tripp

Jane’s brand new eBook (June 30, 2018), Photographs of Faeries - Real Faeries and Elemental Spirits Captured on Camera (267 pages),is currently on sale for $17.95 ($10 off the regular price of $27.95) . You can read a description of the book here and order here

Gallery 1 – Elves, Gnomes and Goblins ………………………….. Page 11
Gallery 2 – Small Fairies ………………………………………………. Page 27
Gallery 3 – Animals, Insect Forms and Birds ………………….. Page 50
Gallery 4 – Mythic Figures …………………………………………… Page 66
Gallery 5 – Structures, Scenes and Vignettes …………………… Page 96
Gallery 6 – Elemental Forms ………………………………………… Page 134
Gallery 7 – The Shining Ones and Ancestor Spirits ………….. Page 166
Gallery 8 – Ring Dances – a brief preview ………………………. Page 242
Gallery 9 – Inside the Home …………………………………………. Page 254
Gallery 10 – Micro-Craft – a brief preview …………………….. Page 256
Contact Jane Tripp ……………………………………………………… Page 263
Information about Jane Tripp’s work …………………………….. Page 263
Trans-Time Photography …………………………………………….. Page 264
Links to Jane Tripp’s work ………………………………………….. Page 263, 266-67

A Word about the Alternate Spelling of Faery and Fairy (from Jane Tripp)

To avoid confusion it must be pointed out that although the words ‘faery’ and ‘fairy’ are up to a point interchangeable, they have quite different connotations.

The term ‘fairy’ has in modern times been associated with very small beings possessing gossamer wings who flit among the flowers. This notion has been repeatedly reinforced in popular media and art over several hundred years and more recently in film as well. Nature and elemental spirits are not the same as faeries.

Although faeries do come in all shapes and sizes, they are generally as large or larger than humans, but it is also true that they can be vastly larger or smaller than we are, and the faery races are also extremely diverse and proficient at shape-shifting. It’s very important to realize that they are a genuine people who live side by side with us, although mostly invisible to our eyes.

The term ‘faerie’ can also be used to refer to the faerie races collectively, as in ‘the faerie are fine musicians’, or to their point of origin in the world of faerie, as in ‘the realm of Faerie’. This photographic catalog of faeries also includes images of nature spirits, elementals and ancestor spirits.

The Faery Book in Progress

The book ‘Digital Seer – Photographing the Invisible Realms of Faery’ will cover all the familiar aspects of faery lore but it will also explore some rarely tackled aspects of the world of faery as well as some brand new discoveries and concepts. As a sensational bonus the subject matter will be illustrated with genuine transdimensional photographs of real faeries and elemental spirits as well as their Otherworld habitats.
 Trooping and processions (transdimensional photos available)
 Interdimensional gates, portals and vortexes (transdimensional photos available)
 Bees and birds – their Otherworld folkloric connections
 The relativity of size in the faery realms (transdimensional photos available)
 Magnetic fields and magnetic anomalies
 The UFO connection (transdimensional photos available)
 Micro-craft (transdimensional photos available)
 Faery technology and glamour (transdimensional photos available)
 Shape-shifting, plasma and holography
 Landscape, acoustic resonance and quantum entanglement
 People trapped in stone and landscape – what do the legends mean?
 Missing people, missing time and abductions
 The Wild Hunt (transdimensional photos available)
 The Coming of the Fairies by Arthur Conan Doyle – one photograph is real
 Faeries and the dead (transdimensional photos available)
 The ancient ring dance is still carried out by humans and faeries. What is it and what does it accomplish? (transdimensional photos available)
 Dark matter and co-walkers

© Copyright 2014 -2018 Jane Tripp &  All Rights Reserved.

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