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Interview with Byron Lacy, Alien Abductee and Author

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Interview with Byron Lacy, Alien Abductee and Author
Interviewed by Paul Dale Roberts, HPI’s Esoteric Detective
Halo Paranormal Investigations

Question: Thank you for this interview Byron. Please tell the readers something about yourself. Where were you born and raised? Provide us with your bio.


Byron Lacy was born in Burnet, Texas on March 21, 1950, to Jack and Colleen Lacy. He is a fourth generation Texan. Byron’s Great Grandfather, George W. Lacy, came to Texas in the early 1850’s. George and his two business partners donated the granite to build the current Texas state capitol. He also started a dog breed which is now called the Blue Lacy and is the state dog of Texas. Byron is a 4th generation abductee and had a relative that was institutionalized because she insisted little men came into her room at night sometimes, and spoke with her. He was first visited in 1956 when he was six years old, and the visits have continued all of his life.

Byron is an artist, musician, and writer. He has also spent 13 years working for the Texas Department of Human Services doing interviews of people for government benefits and worked three years for Texas Department of Child Protective Services as an investigator of child abuse allegations. Byron has used his knowledge from CPS investigating to investigate his own abductions and contacts.

Byron has written three books, all on Amazon. His poetry book is THE NIGHT IS A CONSTANT LOVER, and a SiFi novel, HEROES and VILLAINS DOWN THE HALLS OF TIME THE LEGEND OF SPINEY WHEEZER, and his nonfiction book CHOSEN: CHRONICLES of an ALIEN ABDUCTEE. Byron is also a musician and writes Experimental Electronic music on synthesizers, using inspiration from music introduced to him by aliens, and has nine CD collections of music on Amazon, and all other streaming services.

In 1976 Byron received a B.S in English. In 1977 he received a M.A. in Graphic art and in 1978 a M.F.A. in Graphic Art. Byron has had paintings and sculptures exhibited in galleries and Museums throughout the United States.

Byron now lives in Nacogdoches, Texas where he spends his time writing, creating sculptures and AI art, studying psychology, creating music, researching alien abductions, and helping abductees.

Question: You have recently written a book called “Chronicles of an Alien Abductee”. Tell us what inspired you to write this book?

Answer: In 2009 I discovered I was as abductee (now I consider myself a contactee) and after I got semi used to that idea I started talking to Derrel Sims (the alien Hunter) in Houston, by email. I started telling him about my marks, some events, and began to realize that the aliens had been in my life since 1956, if not earlier. I had many things, experiences, that had happen, and I began to make a list of the events. I had talked about these events (except for 1956) to people and they all thought that God, or Guardian Angels, or Spirit guides, had caused them.

I used pictures and documents, anything around my home ( I have always been a packrat) to get the dates correct. I used deep meditation and concentration to help me remember as many details as possible. This was not difficult as I had been telling people these stories, without the aliens. I was also emailing to Kathleen Marden at the same time, and she and Derrel both told me these events sounded definitely alien in origin and especially with the pictures of bruises and punctures which I received, as the occurred. At first I couldn’t bring myself to photograph them , and Derrel said this was common, but I forced myself and it became very easy.

After I finished writing this resume I realized it was very lengthy, and that it was the perfect outline for a book. I had joined a support group sponsored by Derrell, and I realized that I could write a book which would help abductees by showing them they were not alone, and also educate the public to the fact that were aliens, and UFO’s. I started writing the book in 2013, because I had to build up my courage. I had not told people in my area I was an abductee, except one or two, and soon everyone would know. Luckily me circle of friends had known me for several years and believed I was a serious and honest person, and they either believed me, or they refrained from telling me they didnt. The book was finished after two rewrites and published in 2015 by myself because I didnt want to wait on the publishing process.

Question: How many times have you been abducted? When was your first abduction?

Answer: It would be that I have been visited over a hundred times maybe over a 1000 times. My resume covers a total of 73 key events, such as the 9 times my life was saved, but there were several years when I woke up with marks, bruises, and punctures at least once a month, often twice. So this had been going on since 1956, at least once a month.

Question: Why do you feel you are being targeted for abduction?

Answer: At first I thought it would be so I would write my book. That was part of it but I never imagined the rest.

The day of this event I had been thinking a lot about what Carol Clark had told me during my first reading from her. She told me that I did not know what I really was. She told me that I was very special to the aliens (she did not mean the grays, for they are only “worker ants” for different races of aliens) and that is why they had saved my life eight times. She said I had a task to perform and they would keep me alive until my mission had been completed.

She told me I was from the star system Alpha Centauri, and more specifically my home planet was near Proxima Centauri, and that many souls from my planet had reincarnated upon earth at the same time as I, but most of them had been led astray by materialism and the lust for power and money. She said they were very proud of me because this had not happened in my case.

Later in the day I took a test on the internet which said I was more alien than human, and so I began to think about exactly what this might mean. Contemplating all of this, what Carol had said, what I have always felt, and the test results, this culminated in the following event which I will relate as best as I can recall.


I have been asking them to show themselves to me, to tell me what I am and what I am supposed to do, since 2010. They finally answered part of these requests on 3/8/2015. For me this was a peek experience, and the most important I have had to date, because I remembered a great deal of it.

(36.) Have you ever had the feeling of being watched much of the time, especially at night?

From looking at the text of the entire incident it almost seems that they had planned it all out ahead of time. I have felt several times that they had actually manipulated what I would see on some web pages, and knowing what I know about them this is certainly a possibility.

In 1999, before they took me to “the light” and gave me the opportunity to die, a strange transit appeared on an astrology web page stating that I might get the opportunity to have a NDE (near death experience). That transit has never showed up again, and since that was over 14 years ago, it should have because what comes around in astrological transits, goes around, and it always shows up again!

Another alternative is that they are very aware of astrology, the effects of the energies of planets and stars upon people, and they time what they wish to do according to these events. Perhaps this makes what they are doing easier for them.

If they had not planned it, then they were certainly watching me, listening to me all of the time, and coincidentally waiting for me to make this discovery, so when I did they saw that it was time to act. To me the entire thing seemed like a sort of reward for all the work I have done in the past, and for the realization I had come to.

Yesterday I took an internet test to see how much of me was alien and how much was human. It stated, after I answered the entire questionnaire, that I was 86% alien and 14% human. That pretty much sums me us as a hybrid. That could explain why they are so devoted to keeping me alive.

For several months now I have felt that I was not human. I have actually felt that way most of my life, but it simply manifested as a thought that I was different, or an outsider, from most other humans. This feeling has grown stronger and stronger over the last month.

I went to bed at nine to meditate on this, as it was on my mind all day. As I lay in the bed I embraced the thought that I am not a human. I kept thinking I am an alien hybrid. I thought that over and over, letting it become a realization on the intellectual and emotional levels of my brain.

I thought what if they do not look like humans? What if I look nothing at all like a human? I must admit that this thought bothered me for several minutes and I had to work through it. I realized that what I ever looked like in an alien body would not bother me any more than likening what I look like as a human bothers me now. It would be normal to me. Maybe it would bother me even less. I finally came to the conclusion that it did not matter. It was an intellectual and an emotional realization.

I thought what if they are going to take over earth? Then I realized intellectually and emotionally, who cares. I am an alien and if we take over this planet it doesn’t matter to me, I will be a part of the beings taking over.

I do not think that the conquest of earth is going to happen, but I think that I had to develop this kind of allegiance to who I really am. My hybrid, or alien side, had to be my center of allegiance.

In this process of thought, as it progressed, I realized that these concerns, most likely false, did not matter. What mattered was my losing my identification with the human form. I began to identify myself as being nonhuman. I began to embrace the thought that I was an alien being.

I thought intellectually that I AM an alien being, and I felt emotionally that I AM an alien being, and then a “door” in my brain opened. I felt something reach into my head at the back, just where the skull meets the neck, and it grabbed my consciousness and began to draw it out of my head and my body.

As I moved out of my body I felt my ego split apart from my consciousness. It wanted to go with me, but I knew that it could not for it is a part of my physical brain. I thought about how I been stripped of my ego when I had been taken to the light about fifteen years ago, and how it had been stripped away layer by layer, and it was a time consuming process. Now having a better idea about what was happening, I just let it go. I watched it recede into darkness.

The darkness was my physical body going into a deep trance, or even sleep. As the connection between my consciousness and my body began to disintegrate I thought that this must be what being in a coma would be like. I could feel myself being drawn very deeply, by some agent other than myself, into an extremely altered state of consciousness.

The last remnants of contact with my body and my ego disintegrated and I had no notion that I had a body at all. One could say my body was paralyzed, but it felt more to me as if it was completely gone. I had no awareness of it at all, and it did not bother me because of knowledge gained from my past experiences.

Then I was somewhere else. In this situation my body did not take part in the experience. In other words I was not using physical perceptive tools, but some other form of perception.

Suddenly I was pulled to the strangest place I have ever experienced. I had the impression that I was standing in front of a plane, or wall which seemed solid and at the same time ephemerial, and it seemed to stretch into infinity horizontally and vertically.

In front of this huge wall sat three men on three thrones and something said to me “the council of three”. I had the impression that these beings were wearing robes, and had hoods on their heads. I had the impression they were humanoid and that they had light reddish hair, and beards. I had the impression that if they had been standing up they would have been around six foot four tall, or even taller, and that they were slender of build.

I felt that they were very wise. I could feel wisdom and knowledge in the very air around us. I could tell that it was their wisdom, and their knowledge.

The atmosphere around us was filled with vertical lines of light that almost looked like glass it seemed so solid. Spheres of light ran up and down these tubes of light. I also felt as if there were columns of amethyst in this place, and that they were trimmed in gold.

Though I did not have a physical body, though I was nonphysical, I could still feel my size, and I could tell that I was about the size of the end of a pencil lead. I was the same size I had been when they had removed me from my body and my ego to go into the light.

It is taking me far longer to write about the impressions I had of this place than it took for me to experience them. I was pulled to this place by one or all of these beings, and it was almost instantaneous. The other times I had been removed from my body had taken several minutes, and I was beginning to think that they had taken so long just for my own comfort. I felt that they knew I would understand more of what was going on now, so they just removed me from my body quickly.

The way it all seemed to happen was that I lay down to meditate. After about ten minutes I came to the full realization that my soul was alien. Instantly something exterior to me grabbed my consciousness and split it from my body and my ego. It took perhaps two seconds for me to since my surroundings as stated in the above passage, and then an intense “wind” of love began to flow all around me and through me and one of the beings spoke telepathically to me. I could tell that their minds were connected and he spoke for all of them. The one said to me “This is what we have been waiting for you to realize!”

His words felt very warm, and he radiated a happiness that flooded through me and made me even more aware of my accomplishment. The three beings flooded me with love and acceptance, and somehow I felt as if I had just made it home. Then the being, speaking for all of them, said “We are proud of you.”

They said more to me but I do not know what it was. I knew it while I was with them but it faded as I returned to my body. If it was important I am sure it is still inside of me now.

I have never felt so accepted, so loved, and so at home.

I was so happy about being in the presence of such beings. I was so happy that I actually knew I was with them, and that they had brought me here, and I finally felt that I had actually performed my part in this experience perfectly.

It was over as suddenly as it had started. I felt myself moving into my body, and then everything seemed to pause for an instant and I saw an object move towards me.

Question: Have any of your family members been abducted?

Answer: I was told by a psychic medium Marla Freeze at Wesley Strieber’s Dreamland Festival in 2009 or 10. that my father said I was 4th generation. Also during my first event my mother told me not to call her any more if they came because they would be gone, and I would have to learn too deal with them myself. That was 1956. In 1961 my father told me a female relative in the late 1800s had been put in an insane asylm because she insisted little men came in her room and talked to her. He said she died in there and you don’t want that to happen to you. That also means he completely remembered what happened in 1956 and it was my mother must have told him.

Question: What alien species abducted you?

Answer: I have seen Greys, two Mantis Beings maybe 3, Some very short squat wrinkled sort of men similar to ones in the movie Communion, and beings made of light.

Question: What are the alien’s agenda for the abduction?

Answer: I believe it is to teach me things, to protect me from harm such as automobile accidents and also diseases. I think they cured my cancer in 1952 which the doctor thought would kill me.

Question: Did the aliens conduct any experiments on you?

Answer: I think they have done procedures, but not experiments. Derrel Sims and another researcher stated that they seemed to like me because of the way they treat me. One psychic told me that some of my punctures were inoculation’s to protect me from other humans I would meet onboard ships.

Question: Would you say that the aliens are benevolent or malevolent?

Answer: I would say there are both, just like people, but I think the ones who visit me are benevolent.

Question: Right now, there is a lot of turmoil in the world. It appears that we are getting closer to World War III. Do you believe that the aliens will stop us from nuclear annihilation? There are stories that UFOs have shut down our nuclear missiles in Montana at one time. Will they do this again in the time of nuclear crisis?

Answer: I think the news media is making everything seem worse than it is. I believe that the aliens would prevent a nuclear war because I believe that a blast of such power can go thru many dimensions, and would also harm them. I think what we are seeing is an attempt of the super wealthy, attempting to assure their controls over the masses. All the products now are getting smaller. Portions of food, candy, paper towels, everything is getting smaller but the prices are higher. I blame this on the people at the top, the CEOs who make the most money. They want more more more. I have read that in ancient Rome the populations would leave a city because they got sick of the wealthy trying to take all of their hard earned money.

Question: Do you feel we are getting close to disclosure?

Answer: Yes, it seems to be happening now. I have been working for it since 2015 when I published my book ; Derrell Sims, Kathleen Marden, lots of singular people including myself have been trying to set the foundation for it.

Question: Do you have an alien tracking device somewhere on your body?

Answer: I am sure I do, they have saved my life on the spur of the moment, however it could be that they know psychically when these events will occur. However, I did terminate one of their implants with frequencies, and they came and replaced it during an episode of missing time for me but I do not know what it was for.

Question: Why do you feel aliens have targeted you for abduction?

Answer: Because I am one of them. They do it to give me information on a subconscious level, to protect me, and to keep me healthy.

Question: Describe the crafts that abducted you? What does it look like inside the craft?

Answer: One craft that I remember was very plain. It had e hammocks in the main room I was in, and then the examination room only had an examination metal table in it.

Question: Did the aliens take you anywhere? Another world? Another country? Underground base? Not that I know of. This is what happened:


Journal Entry 4/24/2009
Last night after my performance at the Country Kitchen I was so wound up that I could not get to sleep, even though I was exhausted. I decided that I might as well meditate, and that might relax me enough to be able to go to sleep.

I use a meditation CD from the Zygon Company. I fell so deeply into a trance that I was not aware of my breathing, or heart beating, or anything. It was so intense that I had to rise out of the trance towards wakefulness just to make sure I was breathing, and my heart beating. After I was sure of this I settled back down and fell more deeply into the trance than before.

There were no phosphines in my eye sight. It was total blackness. Then I felt something press down on top of the mattress and move my bed. At first I thought my cat had jumped up onto the bed, but then I remembered she was outside.

Suddenly wide awake I jerk my eyes open. I am not looking at my bedroom; I am somewhere else, somewhere I have no memory of ever being before!

I am very confused for I am lying in some sort of hammock, but it is connected from the sides rather than from the ends, so it does not sink down in the middle.

I look up at the ceiling trying to see how far up the hammock goes, how it is connected but there seems to be a sort of fog that keeps me from seeing all the way to the top. I know what it is; they have answered my request and I am on one of their ships!

I look up at the ceiling again but still I cannot see the connectors for the hammock, or whatever they call it, because it is not very bright in here, and because of this strange fog .

I am lifting my hands above my head, and arching my back up as I lean my head backwards to look out of the end of the hammock. I am afraid to move too much so I am taking hold of the edges of the opening to the sling and tracing its shape, now rubbing my hands against the sides of the sling and the material feels a lot like it is a cross between leather and parchment, yet I get the clear impression that the material has never been alive. Thank God for that.

I lower my hands down by my side and notice that I am lying on what feels like blankets. This seems strange, so I pick up the edge of one of the blankets and pull it up near my face so I can see it better in the dim light.

It looks like regular old earthly cloth, maybe wool or cotton. The blankets, for I see that there are three of them, are not spread out neatly but rather all bunched up and rumpled so that there are a lot of ridges and bumps under me, and they are not comfortable at all. I straighten them out underneath me as best I can. I am still a little bit wary about moving around a lot, because at the moment I do not know if I am ready to come face to face with the aliens.

I look at the blanket again, the top one, and it looks like a faded red color. It is in bad disrepair, the edges are frayed, and there are a few holes in it, this is obviously not a new blanket. The next blanket down is a bit thicker, and maybe not as old, but it is still really worn like the top one.

The bottom blanket is white, feels like flannel, and it looks like it has some kind of pattern on it, like flowers, or maybe animals of some sort. It looks like a child’s blanket!

(As I am working on this today, 2/23/2015, this gives me a sort of emotional response and makes me want to cry, like the child in me is confused or frightened.)

I look down towards the other end of the sling and then I lift the blanket up that is partially covering me, and I see that I am naked, just like I was when I crawled in bed to meditate. I remember that I had been meditating and that now I am not in my bed, not even in my house. Thank God the room is warm so I don’t have to lay here in an alien space ship buck naked and shivering.

I have to keep telling myself to calm down, and looking at things seems to help me to achieve this. I am ready to get down out of this sling, since no one seems to be coming to get me, and I am scooting my body up to where I can grasp the edges of the opening, and I pull myself half out of the sling, then turn a bit, fighting the blankets which are trying to wrap around me, and I am out with my bare feet slapping the floor.

The floor is as warm as the air, and it feels like it is metal or something very hard at least. It doesn’t give beneath my feet. It doesn’t feel like the floor in my house.

I cannot see a source for the light in the room, it just seems to be here, almost like it is floating in the air. I cannot see the walls very well, or if there are any corners, and I cannot see the actual ceiling very well, because of the fog in the room.

I am reaching up to take my glasses off to clean them and I realize as I touch my face that I am not wearing them. That can account for not being able to see details at a distance, even if there was no fog.

Suddenly I hear a sound from outside the room and my heart begins to race; they must be on their way in here. I am looking about for a place to hide but there is none. I do see that there are three slings, not one, and that they are all empty. I think I might get back into one of the slings. The world seems to go away and me with it.

Everything goes black… including my consciousness. It was like I didn’t exist for a moment and then the next moment I found myself on a table, like an examination table in a Doctor’s office. I looked to my left and I certainly was not in a doctor’s office, I was on board the ship and there were three very strange little beings standing near the foot of the bed, looking at me, just as they had when I was a child. They were Grays.

It was shocking because I didn’t know how I had gotten there. I had the thought that this was no dream, this was no vision, and it was all very real. I realized that not only could I see things; I could feel things just like I could in the other room. Just as suddenly my perspective changed and I was looking at myself from my bed in my bedroom, rather than in my body on the table.

I could see myself on this exam table and there were three grays at the end of the table, and a being which looked like a praying mantis wearing a robe. He was about 6 to 7 feet tall, and I had never heard of this creature before. His head was more like a triangle than a sphere, with the broad side at the top. He was standing back near the wall behind the side of the exam table, and was partially shrouded in darkness.

The me on the table wanted to fight, to run, to cry, to scream…somehow the Mantis knew this and he thought into my mind and said “do not be afraid”, and the rising tide of fear that was beginning to fill me disappeared. The “me” that was lying in my room was also affected by him; that “me” was also calm. I could not be afraid if I had wanted to. He could command me as if I were puppet.

With great effort I managed to open my eyes, and there appeared to be no one but me in the room. Most of me did what he told me to do but there was still this rebellious side to me that wanted to escape.

At this point I actually felt I was in two places at the same time; in my bed, and on the ship. I found it curious that while the Mantis was controlling me in the vision, it was bleeding over and he was also controlling me in the bed. What he told me to do in the vision that I was “seeing” I also did in my bed. I had a vague realization that I had heard his voice before, and that it had also been when I had experienced this deep trance state.

At this point I was aware of myself in the vision and in the bed at the same time, though I was not aware of my breathing, or my heart beating.

Very suddenly the point of view narrowed to show only me, and it was in x-ray. The three small beings were still in the room, and the Mantis, but I could not see them. My point of view and my presence also, shifted, and now I was firmly in my bed, looking at the vision ( or was I), and I could see that there was something being placed about 12 and a half to 24 inches into my intestines. I could actually feel this in my body, but there was no pain, just a strong pressure.

Then the event was over, and I turned on my side and went to sleep. That in itself was pretty amazing considering how difficult it is for me to fall asleep, even without such a wild experience.

In the morning I woke up, and for a moment I was in a really good mood, and then the waterworks started. They started without me even thinking about what had happened. I wrote the following immediately after I managed to stop crying for a moment, while still in bed.

Now it is morning and I cannot stop crying…I have these bouts. It’s like I don’t even know why I am crying…like it has been locked up in me, this crying and anger and fear for no telling how long, and now it is all being released. I think it was locked in me before the event in the vision happened.

Not that I am aware of. They have taken me and my car for brief amounts of time and put us back down in a different place.

Question: Have you dealt with the Men in Black?

Answer: No.

Question: Have the aliens been with us since the beginning of time?

Answer: Since our beginning I believe. Time itself doesn’t really exist, it’s a measurement based on the movements of our sun.

Question: Are some aliens from the future?

Answer: I do not know.

Question: Are some aliens interdimensional?

Answer: Yes. I was taken into another dimension where the Light Beings exist and from which I come.

Question: For the aliens that come from other worlds, what part of the constellation are they from?

Answer: I don’t know.

Question: Bryon, I want to thank you for this splendid and informative interview. Can you tell the readers where they can find your book? Also, is there a way for readers to contact you by email or website?


My email is [email protected]

Im on Facebook and this is the best site to see my work and to go to instant messenger on

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