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Republican Politicians involved with Klu Klux Klan uses domestic divorce case to target Whistleblower

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Maryland Republican Politics: Similar to New Jersey?

Are children of Democrat Bouno voters and children of Whistleblower of a Republican Governor not as important as Republican children?

Everybody has been following the New Jersey Bridge-gate story about political retribution leveled against political opposition of NJ’s Republican Governor Christie. However, there is an ongoing situation in Maryland that is very similar to NJ’s political pay-back saga. The similarities parallel in spitefulness: NJ Governor Christie and his allies against their political rivals, and the former MD Republican Governor Ehrlich and his allies similar aggression towards those who don’t drink the Kool-aid. In MD the antagonism and sometimes violence plays out for years.

We now know that in NJ political payback is the norm including the cruelty of having elderly, sick not be able to get to a hospital and making Kindergarteners sit in dead-locked traffic for hours. In MD we know about similar attacks on people who were wrongfully fired from State of MD jobs due to their political affiliations. Worse though, in MD, hundreds of foster children, without a doubt, suffered. The spectrum of mistreatment ranging from being neglected – sexually abuse – and murdered.

The mistreatment continued because former Governor Ehrlich wanted the MD foster children who were primarily children from Baltimore City, not to receive assistance because they “were not from a group of Ehrlich voters” stated by an Ehrlich top Aide. This is the similar quote of from Governor Christie appointee “they are the children of Bouno voters”.

We know about the MD foster children’s situation because of the whistleblower, Michelle Lane. Her name is now Michelle Lane (Smithwick). The link to one of the stories is below:



As it goes, Michelle Lane (Smithwick) is still paying the price for being that whistleblower in Maryland. Not only was she previously threatened of being fired, having interviews for new jobs suddenly withdrawn, etc., because of her previous history as a whistleblower, her skull was fractured by a Right-wing, Carroll County Sheriff’s Deputy, a few months after receiving substantial hate mail. In hate mail sent to Michelle Lane (Smithwick), she was threatened. She was told that she needed to move: that she was not welcome at her new residence in Carroll County, MD. At her residence, there was later property destruction; one of their horses was killed, and several other issues. When she did not move she was almost killed, suffering skull fractures and a moderate traumatic brain injury at the hands of the Sheriff’s Deputy for Right-wing Carroll County, named Michael Zepp. Zepp is shown in this picture receiving an award from the Carroll County Sheriff.

Due the head injury and then being diagnosed with cancer, Michelle Lane (Smithwick) and her two younger children moved in with the children’s father, Patrick Clisham in Baltimore County, MD. Coincidentally, the Clisham Family were former Gov. Ehrlich fundraisers and campaigners. With the oldest Clisham brother, Gordon Clisham being one of the earliest and was/is a substantial fundraiser for former Governor Ehrlich, plus Baltimore County Judges, Congressman Andy Harris, former Gubernatorial Candidate, Ellen Saurerbray, etc. Gordon Clisham has also bragged about “washing campaign money for Baltimore County and Harford County Delegate Patrick McDonough and is the founder of the Right-wing Northern Baltimore County Republican Club.

Again, the connection which is acrimonious between Gordon Clisham and Michelle Lane (Smithwick) is that she is the whistleblower from the Ehrlich Administration. Ehrlich lost his second term election much in part because of the information which Lane (Smithwick) leaked to the press.

Despite Patrick Clisham (the father of Michelle Lane’s younger children) being arrested on four counts of child abuse and assault and battery one, amazingly, Patrick Clisham’s charges were dropped by the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office, even though the charged by the Baltimore County Police Department. One of the Lane-Clisham children had a large bruise on his cheek and one side of his entire face was red and swollen.

The attorneys who represented Patrick Clisham are from the Law Office of John Turnbull, IV, in Towson, MD. John Turnbull, IV, is the son of the former Baltimore County Chief Circuit Court Judge Turnbull.

The political story is a nut shell is that Adele Turnbull, Esq., wife of, and who works at her husband’s Law Offices of John Turnbull IV, is the go-between, henchwoman of Patrick Clisham’s defense attorney, John Turnbull and Gordon Clisham, GOP fundraiser and older brother of Patrick Clisham. Adele Turnbull uses her MD Bar Association standing with the Towson, MD District Court System to verbally and in writing submit fabricated evidence and make fraudulent and slanderous information to the Towson Court Commissioners and in front of Towson District Court Judges to get Patrick Clisham’s four child abuses charges dismissed and an assault and battery in the first degree dismissed.

The attached audiotape of Patrick Clisham is heard telling his kids to “call him anytime”. Patrick Clisham is also asked to not continue to lie or have one of his attorneys Adele Turnbull give false statements to Court Officials that it is Michelle Lane (Smithwick) calling when their children are actually calling Patrick, because otherwise they will be too afraid to call him anymore. Patrick says “I won’t”. He apologizes to his kids and says “this is all crazy”. Patrick Clisham also says that he is being forced to do these things. He says “it’s not me”. When asked who is doing this he says “it’s the lawyers” Adele and John Turnbull. 

What is most abusive to our Judiciary System is that several people were told that political fundraisers were promised to Adele Turnbull for John Turnbull by Gordon Clisham and his wife Sandy Clisham and the Northern Baltimore County Republican Club if they “took Michelle Lane down”. As a result Adele Turnbull proceeded to lie in court, smear Michelle Lane, and slander the Lane-Clisham children’s’ Board Certified Pediatric Neurologist to diminish Michelle Lane’s credibility in court. This has actually worked to get Gordon’s younger brother, Patrick Clisham child abuse charges dismissed.

The objective then becomes: criminalize Michelle Lane (Smithwick) even if she violates Lane (Smithwick) and her children’s civil rights, which should result in Patrick Clisham’s charge dropped. 

Nefariously, we know that Adele Turnbull collaborated to create a carefully planned and orchestrated conspiracy with the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department to harm Michelle Lane’s credibility. Again, the Right-wing Carroll County has only one political party within its borders, extremist Republicans and where the Klu Klux Klan is also alive and well.

The collusion has a quid pro quo for the Right-wing, Carroll County Government. As they all partake in the “plan” to harm Michelle Lane (Smithwick’s) credibility, as doing so marginalizes her Law Suit against Carroll County, MD for fracturing her skull and giving her a traumatic brain injury – just for fun because they found out whom she was in relation to former Gov. Ehrlich.

Michelle Lane now has Parkinson’s disease and a seizure disorder from the skull fractures created by Deputy Zepp. Together, they all help each other, with an essential reason that she, Lane (Smithwick) ended Ehrlich’s political career by her whistleblowing.

Adele Turnbull was been seen by dozens of people in a state of joy and thrill in getting Michelle Lane arrested on completely made-up and trumped-up erroneous charges, using false information and her MD Law License to promulgate the maliciousness.

In this audiotape, which lasts for over 43 minutes, Patrick Clisham is heard primarily talking to his kids. Plus, Michelle Lane is overheard telling Patrick Clisham when he continuously questions his kids about why they don’t want to talk to him, that his children are now afraid to speak to him because they are scared that he and Adele Turnbull will lie in court again, and get Lane (Smithwick) rearrested for them having talked to him. Because the tapes are not immiscible in MD Courts they have gotten away with their fraud, thus far, and that is why we are releasing them over the Internet.

In this linked tape: Patrick Clisham apologizes for the illegal arrests of their mother in front of them. He says “I’m sorry guys about all of this” and “it’s not me… it’s the attorneys”.



More tapes are to follow where Patrick Clisham is audiotaped stating “that’s the plan” to get Michelle Lane (Smithwick) arrested and re-arrested every time she drives from her residence in Northern Virginia to Maryland to answer more of Clisham and the Turnbull’s trumped-up charges. In some of tapes which will be released later, Patrick Clisham is taped stating “I can’t control this woman (Adele Turnbull) she’s out of control”.

“That’s the plan” said by Patrick Clisham sounds just like “Time for traffic in Ft. Lee” from Bridgette Kelly, former Gov. Christie Aide.

We also know that Adele Turnbull asks a member of the same family to represent her in another child abuse case when the Lane-Clisham children’s pediatrician called social services that there had also been sexual abuse. Turnbull gets both child abusers Patrick Clisham and Betty Joan Harding to call the children liars and go on the attack of the children’s mother, Michelle Lane (Smithwick).

To jump backwards to the beginning of this political drama for a minute, despite the attempts to completely undermine Michelle Lane (Smithwick) during the Protective Order Hearing, the newly appointed Judge Thomas did implement a Protective Order where there was a finding of abuse by Patrick Clisham against the children and their mother, Lane (Smithwick).

After Clisham is found to have been physically abusive, John Turnbull (whose father was the Chief Circuit Court Judge at that time) says or, maybe even threatens the newly appointed Judge Thomas, he’s going to “take this to the Circuit Court”. As a result, Judge Thomas implements a no-contact of Michelle Lane (Smithwick) without a finding of abuse to Patrick Clisham. However, the children were later allowed to call Patrick from Michelle Lane’s phone number, according to a modification of the Protective Order made approximately sixty-days later.

Incidentally, at one of the made-up charges against Michelle Lane that she was on Patrick Clisham’s Carroll County Property in February 2013, during the time of the Protective Order – guess who was the only witness? It is a woman who is a relative of the Public Information Officer for the Right-wing, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, named Theresa Daigle.  It’s the same Carroll County Sheriff’s Department that beat Michelle Lane (Smithwick) so badly that her skull was fractured causing a traumatic brain injury, Parkinson’s disease and a seizure disorder. The police report from that attack was more fabricated evidence to protect the vicious beating of Lane (Smithwick).

During this Carroll County, MD, Kangaroo Court Hearing Theresa Daigle said she was “spying on you (Michelle Lane Smithwick) for the Sheriff’s Department”.  It’s obviously and surely not a coincidence that when Michelle Lane (Smithwick) went to this court hearing that Judge Green and Carroll County Assistant State’s Attorney would not allow her the first, legally required postponement of the case so that Michelle Lane (Smithwick) could hire legal counsel. She instead was forced to act as her own attorney, of which she is obviously not. She is a registered nurse. Lane (Smithwick) did have evidence and could prove that she was not and could not have been in Carroll County, as former Public Information Officer’s relative Theresa Daigle, stated. But, again, Judge Green would not provide a postponement.

The statement “I’m spying on you (Michelle Lane Smithwick)” for the Carroll County Sheriff’s Department’s Officers relative is actually the second time that exact statement was made in a Carroll County District Court Hearing by a different relative of that county’s Sheriff’s Department’s Public Information Officer’s relatives. The other time was by Theodore Daigle.

It’s no surprise either; guess who was at this, aforementioned hearing? Adele Turnbull. She was there delighting in her orchestration of a Body Attachment of Michelle Lane (Smithwick), which is a civil arrest warrant from Baltimore County where Adele Turnbull has done most of her dirty tricks.

It’s also not a big surprise at this point that these circumstances are driven by the ambition of the Turnbull’s to achieve advance fundraising promises from the Clisham’s if they got the younger brother off on the child abuse and assault and battery charges. They did violate a victim of domestic violence and abused children civil rights. When there is blood in the water, as the mother is recovering from cancer and a traumatic brain injury they seem to find it fun! Adele Turnbull was heard by someone saying “this is hilarious”.

Most significantly, all of the players in this political saga including: Gordon Clisham and his wife Sandy Clisham, Patrick Clisham, John Turnbull, Adele Turnbull, Carroll County Government, Carroll County Sheriff’s Office, Betty Joan Harding, et Al, play a role which is primarily harming Michelle Lane (Smithwick)’s children as they advance their own political/legal agendas.

When Adele Turnbull egregiously lied and made inexplicable statements to another state’s governmental workers, in Loudoun County VA, stating that the Sinai Hospital for Children in Baltimore, MD’s immensely well respected, and sought after, Pediatric Neurologist and Lane (Smithwick) were trying to poison the Lane-Clisham children. Loudoun County, VA Officials actually had to spend money getting outside Medical Specialists review and assess the children. Adele Turnbull’s malevolent accusations have been found to be totally false, by Independent Physicians. That is not a surprise though! This is just another major fraudulent act which this professional bully/ mean girl, Adele Turnbull made to “take Michelle Lane (Smithwick) down”. Defamation and fraud are a low that is not too far beneath the Turnbulls to reach.

Sounds like NJ Governor Christie style political pay-back?

However, Michelle Lane (Smithwick)’s legal problems are not over. Despite Michelle Lane (Smithwick) being illegally incarcerated for five months at the Baltimore County Detention Center, MD for Contempt of Court with a sentence of 999 years, on the fraudulent accusations made by Adele Turnbull. Patrick Clisham claims that the Turnbulls and his brother Gordon Clisham are literally forcing him to go along with the Turnbulls plan because Patrick is afraid that he will go to jail or prison for child abuse charges and be raped. However, Lane (Smithwick) served more time that those criminally charged with drug distribution, third offense DWI, theft, assault and battery, and even child abuse.

The attached tape however, proves Turnbull used her law license to lie to the court and that she and Patrick Clisham deceptively orchestrated Lane (Smithwick’s) incarceration. The Contempt charge relates to the Protective Order Hearing brought against Patrick Clisham for his abuse of the Lane-Clisham children, and of Lane (Smithwick). At the end of what became an unprecedented seven hour hearing where the Turnbulls called witnesses who, by no accident, were from Carroll County Government, all of whom held no relevance to the case but, were only there to slander Lane (Smithwick).

Someone whose identity remains cloaked at this time at the Baltimore County State’s Attorney’s Office is attempting to send Michelle Lane (Smithwick) to Prison, not just jail, for the following reasons:

•The Lane-Clisham children called their father Patrick Clisham but, Adele Turnbull and Patrick repeatedly went to the Towson Court Commissioner’s Office and made the erroneous accusations that Lane (Smithwick) was repeatedly calling him. However, this audiotape shows that those accusations were fraudulently made against Lane (Smithwick).  

• Patrick’s daughter emails him. She asks for a new puppy and other things. She gets a puppy from Lane. Then the child starts emailing her father pictures, a video of her new puppy, and other chatter. Patrick Clisham and Adele Turnbull swore to the courts commissioner that these emails somehow came from Lane (Smithwick).  Another arrest warrant is put forth for Lane (Smithwick) now accused of electronic harassment. In this call, Patrick Clisham acknowledges that she sent him emails, and Patrick Clisham thanks his daughter for emailing him.

• Despite there being a finding of abuse by the only judge who heard all of the real evidence, during the Protective Order Hearing, where the police officer testified that the boy had: a bruise on his cheek, reddened, and a swollen face from Patrick Clisham repeatedly punching him. The boy told the police officer and the Emergency Room workers that his father hit him, and in MD Police or medical people can testify for the child of what they were told by the child about the abuse. Michelle Lane (Smithwick) was in fact, defending her son from being anymore severely beaten by Patrick Clisham and it is irrational that Lane is charged with battery and Patrick Clisham has all of his charges dropped.

Are these children not important because they are the children of a whistleblower, like the “children of Bouno voters” who sat in traffic for hours for political pay-back?

What can be done?

1. Contact the Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger’s Office- 410-887-6600 or email- [email protected] Tell him he is trying to prosecute the wrong person.

2. Contact the Department of Justice and ask for a DOJ investigation including all emails between the Carroll County, MD Government, the Turnbull’s, etc., are released for a thorough review by the FBI’s DOJ Office- 410- 265-8080 or email- [email protected] including the fabrication of evidence by Adele Turnbull and the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office.

3. Contact the Washington Post Metro Desk at- 202-334-7300 or  email-  [email protected]  The Post can listen to the audiotapes because of one-sided taped calls being acceptable in court from VA. Whereas, in MD law restricts the audio tapings being used as evidence in a court room unless there is a wiretapping order.

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