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Benjamin Fulford April 14, 2014 “Surrender Or Die,” That Is The Choice the US cabal government now faces.

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The criminal cabal that hijacked the Republic of the United States of America and turned it into a global pariah have been cornered to a point where they must either surrender or die. This is becoming obvious on many levels. For example, last week even the member nations of the globalist International Monetary Fund lined up 187 to 1 against the United States in an effort to get them to relinquish their veto control of that institution.

Even more troubling for the families that control the Federal Reserve Board has been the massive ongoing attack on their petrodollar. In particular, the situation in the Ukraine is turning into a historical cabal defeat.

President Vladimir Putin of Russia has begun insisting that Europe and the Ukraine pay for their supplies of Russian gas with something other than US dollars. The Europeans have little choice but to agree to this, thus sealing the fate of the petrodollar.

US Corporate Government President Barack Obama, working under orders from puppet masters like George Soros, tried convincing the Middle Eastern oil producing countries to drive down the price of oil and bankrupt Russia but was rebuffed.

Obama then turned around and went to the Chinese where, according to Chinese government sources, he offered to hand over to China control over all of South East Asia and Japan if China agreed to use the People’s Liberation Army to put pressure on Russia. The Chinese, however, are fully aware that Obama represents the same regime that tried to kill most of China’s population with ethnically targeted bio-weapons a few years ago and thus will not make a deal with them against Russia.

The Chinese however, are insisting that the United Nations move its headquarters to Asia and reform its security council so that it more accurately represents the population of the planet earth. They are also coming to the conclusion that the cabal has no intention of handing over control of the World Bank or the IMF so they are preparing to set up a new institution that will have far more funds available to it than both the World Bank and the IMF combined.

The Europeans, for their part, have begun supplying Tesla free energy technology to countries that do not have their own oil and gas resources, like India and Japan, as part of their move against the petrodollar. They want to make sure that there is an option other than a China/Russia or China/US petrocurrency for these countries.

It is in this context that Obama is coming to Japan later this month where no doubt he will ask the Abe slave government to help it attack China and Russia, something that will not happen because neither the Japanese military nor the Pentagon forces in Asia are about to go along with such a plan.

Few can forget the fact that Obama represents a widely hated pariah regime. Let us review exactly what sort of regime Obama represents by looking at its activities over the recent past. First of all, this regime remotely hijacked Malaysian airlines flight 370 and flew it, via Diego Garcia Island and Israel to Florida, where it was loaded with a nuclear weapon. This plane was then flown towards Holland where it was used as a threat against world leaders gathered there for a “nuclear terror summit.” The plane was stopped by the Dutch air-force and, the only thing this stunt accomplished, was further alienate the Europeans from the US corporate government.

After his threats failed, Obama asked both Iran and Saudi Arabia (as mentioned above) to help drive the price of oil down and bankrupt Russia. The Saudis, who would face revolution overnight if they ran out of money to bribe their population, are not in a position to drive the price of oil down. Furthermore, they feel betrayed by the Obama in places like Syria and have already publicly announced they are no longer a Federal Reserve Board client state.

The Iranians, who know full well the Feds have been trying to nuke them or bankrupt them for years, also refused to play ball.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has also decided to stop supporting the Nazi linked Muslim Brotherhood and is said to regret his past moves to support them in Syria and elsewhere.

It was in this dire context that last week representatives of the Rockefeller and Bush families had negotiations with a representative of the White Dragon Society. The Bush representative, a senior manager of the Carlyle Hedge Fund who personally knows George Bush Sr., tried to convince the WDS that “Bush was really not that smart or powerful.” He also said that the perhaps the ultra-rich should flaunt their wealth less.

The Rockefeller representative cited all the recent progress in computer technology, such as smart-phones with GPS and super-high resolution TV screens as proof the US cabal was doing a good job.

The Rockefeller representative was told that although these were nice things, they were a far cry from the future of inter-planetary travel we had all expected to have been fully underway during the 21st century. In other words, it is clear the planet earth is under quarantine because of the criminal mass murdering cabal that controls the US government.

The Bush representative was shown a hand-written note demanding that corporate media in the US start broad-casting the truth about 911 and 311 before the end of this month and that all funds stolen by the cabalists be returned to their rightful owners.

The rest of the contents of the note are not known but it goes without saying that a lot of powerful people have run out of patience and are demanding an end to Nazi trouble-making around the world.
The WDS is being inundated with demands that these criminals be rounded up and put in prison, if not killed outright, ASAP. They are proven mass murderers and any member of the CIA or Pentagon or other agencies who is in a position to do something about these scum must either act or it is guaranteed they will sooner or later be jailed as accomplices.

These people include George Bush Sr. and Jr. and their immediate family, Donald Rumsfeld, Michael Chertoff, Frank Carlucci, James Baker, Michael Hayden, General Richard Myers, Benjamin Netanyahu, etc. The Blood Moon demands either justice or retribution.


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    • upchuck

      Absolutely. Not to mention, we witnessed a similar situation to Ukraine happen in Bunkerville, NV. The global land grab has been in our backyard for quite sometime and now the fascist motives have been completely exposed. The tyrannical beast is in full view for all to see, everyone is well aware of exactly what is going on and what evil now looks like.

      Very interesting that Jack Lew / US Treasury is going to pay the one billion dollar European gas bill, just after the Bunkerville, NV five billion dollar land grab went south, is this a coincidence? I think not, someone wants their money back ASAP!!!!

    • shanchen

      Say of good! Obama’s incompetence, the world began to get rid of the main body of the United States. Personally believe that Russia will not replace the us as the main body. This world is a mess. Their partners to find their own interests. A few small countries also can’t get away from the main body of the United States. So, the us dollar is likely to maintain a period of time.

    • Rose

      Rockefeller and Rothschild are getting impatient with the Bush Cabal? Really? Your on the wrong side of history Fulford. They are all guilty including your commie Obama!

    • Anonymous

      Everyone knows that obama and the members of congress and the senate are all ” Puppets ” of the ” Puppet Masters .” Taking a closer look at Putin and the Russian government , shows that the ” Puppet Masters ” are well in control of that nation and it’s politicians also !

      Looking back at history , BOTH SIDES are controlled ( financed ) and ( armed ) by the
      ” Puppet Masters ” during all Major WARS ! There is $$$$ to be made to arm and then rebuild each country after the WAR !!!

      ” It’s nothing personal . It’s just business ! “

    • friends2you

      I wonder why for several hours this last end of the week there were huge planes twice the size of regular planes coming in one after another to Andrews Air Force base. This is not the norm for this area and only after dark.

      • WarAngel77711

        Weird movements of Chinooks here in CT…

    • Zed

      Good fellow Humans of Earth,
      Know this; Unless the top controllers of this planet put themselves in jail or kill themselves, nothing but more Human suffering and death is going to happen here.
      Zed out!!

      • WarAngel77711

        In the words of the great warrior poet Canibus…”The B2 bomb pilot…waiting for that long silence…then I will diagnose you with tinnitus”…tick tock tick tock tick tock

    • GBCIR

      You meat eaters in wilful ignorance are on notice. Benjamin Fulford has done his apprenticeship.

      Mother Earth CARES FOR HIM.

      DO YOU CARE?

      Here is NOTICE for those that DON’T RECALL;

      CAN YOU COMPREHEND “We’re talking about the things at the sharp end of the business. There’s none of this funny, woffy-soffy stuff that you guys all go on about. We’re very serious. We have ways and means of knowing what’s in everyone’s information, everyone’s computer, we don’t need a thing. We do it in a different way. We need no physical, material requirements at all. No machinery as you understand it. We’re the sorts of folk that don’t follow you after the heart attack when you’ve died. We’ll be on the other side to bother you again. Now be assured, we can bother them just as effectively after their deaths as their body. And don’t talk about torture in this life, talk about torture in lives that go on for thousands of generations. Do you understand what I’m saying? Do you understand the depths of what we are talking about?

      DO YOU?

      Wilfully ignorant meat-eating f-tards.



      • WarAngel77711

        You are a lier. If it is ok for you to STEAL peace of mind from others for STEALING, then who punishes you? Law of the Jungle: always a bigger and badder creature. Liar. Pathetic liar. You sound like a cult leader.

        • WarAngel77711

          Universal Law say you should be stolen from soon enough…tick tock tick tock tick tock

      • WarAngel77711

        How come the “torture” doesn’t work on me if I have so been “judged”? Mother Earth don’t care for me right? Hahahahahahahahahhahhahahhahah don’t drink the cult juice I hear it tends to mass suicides hahahahhaha

      • WarAngel77711

        Tavistock Foundation pays you for your nonsense huh? ANd did you know Anon was a CIA front? No, cuz you a fraud….your Highness Hahahahahahahhahaha

      • WarAngel77711

        CSM Moore passed on a lot…he was killed for it…do you know who I am? Think of the Mighty Hunters from the Book of Isaiah…tick tock tick tock tick tock

      • WarAngel77711

        But the First Amendment makes everything you do legally ok huh kook? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      • WarAngel77711

        Don’t you guys steal cars, taze pregger ladies, and use children not old enough to fight your fights for you? Sounds like a load of beautiful Righteousness to me HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH tick tock tick tock tick tock your Hignnessssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      • WarAngel77711

        So if it only shoots a frequency but not a projectile, even though the purpose is the same, it’s not a weapon right? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHA please tell this willfully ignant Taino meat eater more. Please. :cool:

    • WarAngel77711

      Say sumthin GB…but remember what you were told though la musica..”we got more”….. :cool:

    • SevenThunders

      Fulford is pure disinfo. His family has close ties to the Rockefellers. By the way when has even one of his predictions come true? He doesn’t even know how to perform disinformation properly. He needs to actually release some truth every now and then.

      Also he despises christianity, FYI.

      • Zed

        “Also he despises christianity, FYI.”

        You have a link or proof of this?

    • WarAngel77711

      GB got ways and means alright…technology and followers too dumb to ask questions or pay attention to detail….

    • WarAngel77711

      Or is hopeless and temporarily weak, just begging for someone like GB to swoop in and save the day with nonsense about rampages and big words that seem to make sense, answers in a world devoid of answers? If you had no money would they still do what you ask? Hmmmmmmmmm

      • WarAngel77711

        By the way…it doesn’t hurt…but It is ticklish heh heh. Did the gene pool out-evolve you and your dumbass followers? Oh so many questions, but the clock still ticks. A real second is about three seconds as we know now by the way. Why don’t you just tell your acolyte ass kiss brigade the empowering truth instead of filling their heads with fantasies about legacies, money, and control/mastery of nature and the afterworlds? Because ya pockets get fat huh

        • WarAngel77711

          You know, I’ve been watching the Red Sox for about…14 years now…you know what colors they wear? Red and white. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

        • WarAngel77711

          Get at me if you want advice on how to torture and break me…little doggie. A bone just for y’all AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

    • WarAngel77711

      By the way…when a device makes a refridgerator click…it doesn’t mean nature turned against me…it means you are trying your damndest to make some believe it so.

    • WarAngel77711

      Also, when you brainwash a kid to say certain things in front of people, it isn’t a sign of anything…it means the young ones are impressionable and look up to their caretakers….

      • WarAngel77711

        And yes, magic is real…no, cats and necklaces don’t stop those who know how to use it AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH say sumthing GB.

    • WarAngel77711

      America…the land of opportunity if you know how to play the idiocy of idiots huh GB?

      • WarAngel77711

        When I become conscious….hold on let me check….yup conscious.

      • WarAngel77711

        The only hatred is for liers like you who do the most despicable things to those who need the most protection and prey on the most vulnerable in order to stay fed. Bitch. You are scum of the Earth.

      • WarAngel77711

        About that conscious thing…I thought you and you formulas were the answer to the bad consciousness out there? What happened? It changed? In the span of 12 hours? Do your followers know yet?

        • GBCIR

          Math is math – it cannot be denied.

          Yes, the world is a f’d-up mess. I’ve lived in enough countries to know. Including U.A.E., Saudi Arabia and Iran. I’ve sailed the oceans with wife and Children. I fly, freefall skydive, dive and yet I KNOW nothing.

          However, I DO see many unhappy people. People are suiciding all around me. The other day a family friend killed her children and then herself. All to ensure the Father wouldn’t have the children after she was gone.

          But I DO try to see “rainbows” as you state.

          Here’s ONE reason why;

          My Dad has just cured his cancer using the Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil. The “hospital” castrated and radiated him then told him to go home and DIE! I say to family they tried to KILL him.

          It’s the truth – if we are being honest with ourselves.

          I would suggest to you the cannabis oil is REMEDY. Regardless of the HELL you saw in Iraq – I think it would help you and ( me and EVERYONE… )

          Also, I don’t WANT any followers. I DO NOT believe in money


          You and I are EQUAL IN LIFE.

          You should watch this

          • WarAngel77711

            We are not equal…because I am willing to do what you are not and I am willing to face that which is for what it is without lying to myself about.

            • WarAngel77711

              Maybe if you are lucky a good amount of the rest of your genetic predisposition will follow suit? Law of the Jungle says smarter+stronger = a certain part of the food chain, regardless of the current Sun.

          • GBCIR


            Ya get what you give.

            And Some of us can AMPLIFY.

            Get help Brother – start the cannabis oil REMEDY before you go full-psychopath and start killing.

            I’m guessing your comments have been noted by now.

            Wish I could have helped you.

            Good bye.

            • WarAngel77711

              Ok retard. Bye.

            • WarAngel77711

              You need help. Your beliefs are insane. For your sake, you are peaceful. Any other way, they’d never let you out luny bin section of prison.

            • WarAngel77711

              I’m guessing you are going to ELF me some cancer. Or not. But the threat of it might sure show me huh

            • WarAngel77711

              Give me what I’ve given then. Be honest about it. Pretty please?

            • WarAngel77711

              It is sure is interesting how you claim not to judge but then judge us equals. I like that. A bit of hypocrisy to go with our ass being shown, delicious.

            • WarAngel77711

              You are too easy. An interesting sidenote, we don’t much about as much math as there is to know. But you do cuz aliens…and stuff……

            • WarAngel77711

              That thing only has a range of about 200-500 meters. Maybe I should go hunting? naw, you people got a lot coming. I’ll chew this metaphorical popcorn instead.

            • Anonymous

              Do you ever shut up? I would hate to be the one living with you.

            • WarAngel77711

              Amplify with technology. Fraud.

          • WarAngel77711

            Why don’t you actually read about that? Gets you farther as far as learning. You can watch something all day, it is only objective. You can read, the words have to touch your soul/mind if you are able to comprehend a given language, because your brain needs to do a sort of interpretive dance called imagination. It leads to higher IQ and stuff…promise.

    • WarAngel77711

      But no one’s fighting or anything, even though psychological warfare is still warfare AHAHAHAHAHAH you ain’t that dumb GB but you sure know how to spot those who are huh

    • WarAngel77711

      iT’S A BAD economy…good pickin’s for followers huh GB

      • GBCIR


        do you want to KILL me?

        • WarAngel77711

          Do you want me to say YES?

        • WarAngel77711

          That is what you are looking for isn’t it? A answer equal to the definition of yes?

        • WarAngel77711

          Why don’t you judge yourself the correct answer?

        • GBCIR


          No I do NOT want you to kill me. I LIKE LIFE.

          But there are some that think they have the right to kill and murder.

          I’m just curious if you are prepared to judge someone you don’t know and then execute them.

          Like a drone pilot or going to a battle field and shooting people you don’t know.

          It is only possible to do these things if you are unconscious and taking orders…

          It’s NOT the order maker that gets the REALLY BAD KARMA. It’s the person DOING the KILLING that is in BIG trouble.

        • WarAngel77711

          How about you ask the aliens for the answer? So paranoid AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

        • WarAngel77711

          The beautiful thing about this country is the right to believe what you want I guess..I’m an Iraq war vet….so you’sa tellin’ me I deserve to die right?

        • WarAngel77711

          You and your legion of low-IQ monkeys must be my bad karma huh?

        • GBCIR

          NO ONE deserves to die.

          Did you kill anyone in Iraq?

          I’m NOT judging you.

          I’d look after your kids (if you have any).

          You and your Family would be safe with me.

        • WarAngel77711

          You are a liar. And what if I did? What you gonna do?

        • WarAngel77711

          My family….mmmmm….you look like a real big shot to any followers right now by the way.

        • WarAngel77711

          So I guess by your logic the Nuremberg Trials were just a kangaroo court huh?

        • WarAngel77711

          What do followers know about targets speaking of judging the unknown hmmmmmmmmmm?

        • WarAngel77711

          Oh no I forgot…killing is the root of all evil even though Law of the Jungle says…what it say? Ever watched animal planet? No? Maybe you think cable is brainwashing?

        • WarAngel77711

          What about those who believe in reincarnation and got dealt the Ace of Spades in their birth hand so to speak? Hmmmmm? Guess they part of the problem huh

        • WarAngel77711

          That’s nature fault and you the Great Corrector huh your Highnesssssssssssssssssssssssssss

      • WarAngel77711

        Do you have any clue what the real world is like? Or does the sky always have a rainbow colored hue in your mind?

        • WarAngel77711

          You know I went like this with one of the acolytards for about 4 days once. Do you punish them for anything that, while quite real, doesn’t fit in with what you want them to perceive?

    • WarAngel77711

      Also, it’s amazing how that thing has to retarget me after quick movements. Yay mind power! So check that wiki link, I think you’d be surpised to learn the Blood Moons aren’t as uncommon or prophetic as one would think.

    • OBAMA | HYBRiD 01

      U MUSTHiNK The Cabal
      Is NOT Beyond This BUTT Hole
      Place called Earth / :D WiLCOCKnows🔚

    • dougy33432, i’m going to get started in the southeast and northeast

    • Don't be hating!

      Fulford and his disinformation campaign. Noted!

    • PeterPan

      Hmmmmmm……the murdering bass turf dick Cheyney is not mention. That mother picking murderer needs to be publicly castrated.
      Fulford…….if the WDS has any integrity at all they will IMMEDIATELY destroy every single cabal member,their families, and any and all supporters of the,
      Humanity needs to make a very loud and strong message to anyone even remotely thinking of engaging in this sort of behavior.
      Also, anyone working for a 3 letter gov. Agency that has been willing to harm the American or world people while “just following orders or just doing their job” must also be immediately executed. There is NO EXCUSE FOR THEIR BEHAVIOR.
      I am responsible for the well being of 26 lives, in addition to my own. I provide everything they need.
      IWOULD NEVER DO WHAT ANYOF THESE PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH THE 3 letter agencies and the cabal are doing.
      I therefore demand that they be done away with as a brutal example of what the price is for this type of behavior.

    • Unicorn

      Jack Lew, when you have a Jew at every position of importance you get tyranny.
      Remember Learner a Jew and the list is way to long to key down.
      Obama is a Rothschild backed president and a Marxist groomed from his childhood.

      These kind of Jews are diabolically opposed to all that is Christian and out to destroy it while also raping the assets and profits of this world for their power base and pleasure.

    • Unicorn

      Oh but their power will be broken and the chains removed and them exposed for what they are, indeed a righteous day ahead. :arrow:

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