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By David Lory VanDerBeek
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Will Payne & MailOnline Encourage Assassination of Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek

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In the last few days, I have been painted in an false, distorted light. A Mr. Will Payne of the MailOnline has taken it on himself as a reporter to encourage my assassination by making me the sole living source to blame for all the behavior for the Millers’ murder/suicide. Since his article came out I have begun receiving death threats. Quite simply, Mr. Payne’s article is filled with lies and complete distortions. Given that he appears to want me dead and did and said precisely everything he could to endanger my life, my family, and my colleagues at work, I would at least like to make a few comments on my own behalf since I am still alive at this point. I have two requests as a legally filed and nominated candidate for Governor of Nevada. My first request as a gentleman in a violently sick world is that if someone intends to act on Mr. Payne’s implied encouragement to kill me, that you only hurt me and no other person.  My second request is that before you ambush and kill me for the freely chosen crimes of two other solely responsible people, hear me out.

There is zero justification for people killing others whether they are police officers or anyone else. I am very saddened and disgusted by the behavior of Jerad and Amanda Miller. They claimed to be my supporters and yet did the very opposite of what I asked of my supporters: do not shoot at law enforcement. I told all of my supporters that if they violently engage law enforcement they will either die in the process or be hunted as terrorists. Violence is a lose-lose non-solution to problems. In fact, here is the speech where Jerad and Amanda Miller were present when I said these very things: Bundy Ranch Invasion Speech 04-12-2014. Nevada Governor 2014 David Lory VanDerBeek. Given that, I would like readers to consider some questions about the Millers.

Being that the Millers were so allegedly “inspired” by me, then why didn’t they follow my explicit instructions to not shot or show any aggression to law enforcement?

Being that they were Nazi white supremacists, why did they want to vote for me being a Jewish candidate for Governor whose grandparents suffered under the Nazi occupation of Holland during World War II and who often speaks against Nazi behavior in American government?

Being that they were violent Nazi white supremacists and I am a Jewish candidate, why wasn’t I their target or was it my campaign that was among their targets?

Being that they sold all of their property months prior, how did they come up with all the money to go on a gun and ammunition buying spree?

Being that they called, emailed, texted, and sent Facebook messages to me two months ago about the Bundy Ranch, why did all contact stop for nearly two months while they were planning an armed “revolution” of which they allegedly considered me the “leader”?

Being that they were alleged to be “supporters” of the Independent American Party, why did our party distance itself from the Millers having discovered their criminal background and one of our candidates Howard Scheff lead the effort to have them removed from the Bundy Ranch?

Being that they were such close followers of mine, why did they use the term “revolution” when I have repeatedly stated that I reject the idea of “revolution,” because I only support a peaceful Constitutional “restoration” of our current government?

Being that they were allegedly opposed to a police state as I had spoken against it, why would they commit the very type of crime that becomes the poster board rationalization for why the government should establish a police state?

Being that they went out of their way to claim to support my candidacy, why would they do the very thing that would most damage everything I stand for and all of my efforts at being elected?

Being that they previously wanted so much contact with our campaign, if they were financially desperate, why did they never ask our campaign or anyone else for financial help or resources?

Being that their neighbors said they were recently often heard uttering threats against law enforcement, why didn’t anyone call the police?

Being that the police are aware that they had contact with me, why haven’t they wanted to know about my contacts with the Millers?

I believe I can answer this last question. I called the police department to offer my number to the families of the victims and to allow the police to ask me any questions. I have not received a call back. Because the reality in America today is that we are under real time electronic surveillance, meaning that the police have no questions for me because they know I had NOTHING to do with Jerad and Amanda Miller’s crime. The police, with or without warrants, tap my home phone, work phone, cell phone, computer, lap top, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc. So, they already know that Jerad and Amanda never contacted me in any regard working up to their disgusting, evil, and cowardly crimes. As a candidate for Governor, I accepted long ago that I would be under constant government surveillance. I am grateful for it, because the police state surveillance proves my innocence in this case.

When I look at these murders, I do not see political behavior. I believe instead of blaming everyone else for Jerad and Amanda Miller’s behavior, I believe we should blame them. They did what they did. They alone are entirely responsible. They alone paid the ultimate price for their crimes. So, it really doesn’t not matter what their agenda was or how sick they were or how they rationalized their choices. They were guilty murderers and they were killed. None of their actions make sense. Nazi white supremacy and the Gadsden flag have no political connection. I do not see a “conspiracy” or a “false flag” in this crime. Jerad and Amanda Miller may have been mentally ill and also possibly under the influence of drugs. If so the Millers had a responsibility to seek treatment and not use drugs. I wish the Millers hospitalized themselves voluntarily. I wish people would have taken their threats seriously, but again we should not blame the neighbors for the Millers’ choices. I wish they would have contacted me in the past two months so I could done something to prevent the tragedy, but they chose not to contact me. I know my feelings cannot compare to the suffering of the people directly impacted by these murders. I can say that I am sickened by the crime. I am sickened to think that I met the murderers. I am sickened that they would associate their name with mine, although I could not care one iota for how this tragedy hurts my campaign because all that matters is the suffering of the surviving family members. The bottom line is that Jerad and Amanda Miller are solely responsible for their crime. Since when does everyone but the murderers themselves become guilty for the crime? So, if a person comes to a political event, takes a picture with me, and then commits a crime, then I’m responsible? So will every politician and celebrity now be guilty for every action of every crazed fan? 

Having said that, I want to take this opportunity to crystallize and clarify my feelings about the current state of law enforcement in Nevada and America, which I believe contributes to violence against law officers and which Mr. Payne alleges “inspired” the Millers. One goal of my campaign is the stop the encroachment of the federal government and the emerging American police state in our private lives. Specifically, I have spoken out against the use of no-knock warrants by police across America. A no-knock warrant is when police burst into a home unannounced in the dead of night while you are sound asleep and totally unprepared to understanding what is happening. Former Miss Nevada, Caleche Ranae Manos, was the victim of a no-knock search warrant at her home, which just happened to be the wrong address. She was sleeping nude when several male police charged into her bedroom. The answer is yes if you are wondering whether they still “searched” her in the nude. Would you distrust police after that if it happened to you?

Former Miss Nevada sues cops for wrong-address raid, making her stand nude

I have pointed out that not only is this behavior by police unconstitutional, it endangers the lives of all police officers. At a no-knock warrant search in Texas, the victim of the search justifiably thought he was being burglarized, so he shot the intruders who happened to be police killing one. The police were there because they were told the man had marijuana plants and guns, which all turned out to be legally owned. The victim of the search was charged with murder, though a Texas Grand Jury was forced to acquit him. If you were a police officer, would you think twice about going into a no-knock raid?

Murder Charge Dropped Against Man who Killed Cop in No-Knock Raid

I think this behavior by police is very egregious and stupid. Worse than that, every police officer who engages in these no-knock warrants foments hatred of police, which endangers all police. How many police officers need to get themselves killed before they stop using unconstitutional no-knock warrants? Mr. Payne wants me assassinated and thinks I am guilty of the Miller murders, because my opinion has been that if someone enters your home in the dead of night that you have a right and a duty to execute that person whoever it is. If someone enters your home with a gun at night and yells, “Police!” how do you know that is true? A few years ago a young man wearing a police uniform entered my wife’s home and searched it. It turned out he had stolen the uniform. Having said that, that scenario bears no comparison with the Miller murders in spite of Mr. Payne’s ranting. The Millers were not sleeping in their home during a police raid. The Millers were murderers who walked up to a police officer and shot them.

The other concern I have with the police is their being employed to carry out gun confiscation as State legislatures and the federal government take it upon themselves to make legal fire arms illegal and thereby subject to confiscation. Critics of mine keep repeating the meme that “no one is come for your guns.” I am accused of fomenting baseless fear. Really? Read this article: Connecticut in Turmoil as Gun Owners Demand Return of Rights. It begins, “A Second Amendment fight is brewing in Connecticut over new legislation that turned tens of thousands of gun owners into potential felons. The law, passed last April in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, put in place bans on magazines that carry more than 10 rounds of ammunition and on many types of weapons, including those that simply have the cosmetic appearance of assault weapons. The law also requires residents to undergo mental and criminal background checks and to register certain types of guns with authorities. The pro-gun group Connecticut Carry “calls on every state official, every senator, every representative to make the singular decision: Either enforce the laws as they are written and let us fight it out in court, or else repeal the 2013 gun ban in its entirety. We say: Bring it on,” the group said on its website in a memo intended to rally members.”

So, thousands of people in Connecticut who were previously law abiding citizens are now felons and therefore subject to no-knock warrant gun confiscation. Their State government is coming for their guns. Does my concern regarding gun confiscation still seem “baseless”? In the wake of the recent shootings in Nevada, how far behind will the Nevada State legislature and Governor be in following Connecticut’s example? The Nevada State legislature has proven they do not listen to the voice of the people on gun control. They passed a law for universal background checks on private gun transfers in spite of the 90% of Nevadans who opposed the law, but the legislature acted on the reaction to the Sandy Hook shooting in concert with the Connecticut legislature. Nevada is not as far from Connecticut as you might think.

Sandoval’s office barraged with calls to veto Nevada gun control bill

Thousands of people called Sandoval’s office against the law compared to only a few in favor of it. Sandoval vetoed the law primarily because he faces re-election and did not want to risk alienating 90% of Nevadans against the law. This is also interesting because Harry Reid claimed that 85% of Nevadan’s supported the law, which turned out to be a complete lie.

The tragic irony of gun confiscation laws is that when they are put into effect they will cause far more bloodshed than simply leaving gun owners alone.

I think some people believe that I am to blame for anger against police in Nevada, so I have a few questions. I ask these questions with the understanding that no matter how angry people might feel towards the police, nothing justifies killing police officers. However, police officers must understand that when they engage in illegal activity they foment public distrust of all law enforcement.

Have the Las Vegas police officers in recent years engaged in any controversial activities?

Could anyone reasonably be expected to be upset with police officers in Las Vegas?

Could it be because LVMPD have killed two veterans in recent years?

Could it be because LVMPD ordered West Point Graduate Erik Miller to place his gun on the ground and then shot him when he began to follow their instructions?

Slaying of Army veteran shocks friends

Costco shooting victim’s family drops lawsuit against Las Vegas police

Could it be because LVMPD had to settle a lawsuit for shooting an unarmed veteran, Stanley Gibson, in his car seven times?

The tragedy of Stanley Gibson’s death began days before he was shot by police

Stanley Gibson’s widow says Metro settlement will allow her to help others

Could it be because LVMPD have been caught sexually assaulted a woman and then arrested her for trying to speak out?

Cop Sexually Assaults Woman Then Arrests Her & Judge Turns Her Back

Could it be because LVMPD have been caught stopping people in traffic to take their money?

Nevada deputy accused of illegal stops, confiscations on I-80

Could it be because the LVMPD leadership are complicit in at least four murder cases, which I have helped Det. Gordon Martines to expose?

Retaliation rages against Sheriff Candidate Gordon Martines by LVMPD

LVMPD retaliation continues against candidate Gordon Martines

Could it be that these media attempts to link myself and Gordon Martines to these police slayings are behind the scenes retaliation for our work to expose LVMPD corruption and murder?

Could it be that the current Sheriff Doug Gillespie chose not to run for re-election because he does not want to risk being indicted in office during his next term because he has been named in a federal lawsuit by Det. Martines?

Could it be that my work in exposing criminal activity in government is the real reason behind the Mr. Payne and MailOnline’s call for my assassination?

In fact, here are some references to Gordon and my work together to expose criminal activity in the LVMPD.

LV Police Dept Threatens to Murder Det. Gordon Martines. Clark County Sheriff 2014 Las Vegas

LVMPD Murder Conspiracies Det. Gordon Martines. Clark County Sheriff 2014 Las Vegas

Det. Gordon Martines David Otto Esq. Fight Government Mafia. Clark County Sheriff 2014 Las Vegas

I have also worked with Det. Martines to expose the multi-billion dollar theft of public money in which our current Governor Brian Sandoval is complicit and to be subpenaed.

Governor Brian Sandoval Helped Steal Two Billion Dollars from Nevada. David VanDerBeek 2014 Read the lawsuit for yourselves. If you helped steal two billion dollars such as Brian Sandoval and an opponent was exposing your crime such as myself, would you try to silence him using the media? Would you want him dead? This is not to mention all of Det. Martines’ and my work in exposing Harry Reid and Brian Sandoval’s complicity in the Bundy Ranch affair.

I am as disgusted as another observer of the Miller murders of two LVMPD officers.

But does that mean, I am supposed to apologize for exposing the criminal history of LVMPD, Harry Reid, and Brian Sandoval, which I have been striving to expose? I suppose my life and death are a game to reporters like Will Payne to be played out with on his keyboard. My final words are for him and his newspaper.

Dear Mr. Payne & MailOnline,

I recognize your total commitment as British foreigners to the tyranny that is surging over our nation. I recognize that you have no investment in the outcome or future of America and therefore nothing to lose in coming to my office and after promising me that you would not blame me for these murders, doing precisely that. I recognize you for taking pictures of me so any potential assassins will find me that much more easily. I recognize you for doing everything in your power to intensify the suffering of the victim’s family’s and our Nevada community. I have no anger towards you. I simply recognize that you represent everything that is wrong with our world and you are totally and unabashedly committed to ensuring that NOTHING CHANGES in the ruling establishment that is plunging our nation into financial and political destruction. Our nation has been robbed of its wealth by elite politicians working in conjunction with large corporations and banks. This same ruling establishment has ensured their control by steadily establishing an NSA American police state. This same ruling establishment will continue to initiate financial disasters which will cause further suffering across America while passing laws to expand the power of the very people responsible for these financial disasters. These financial disasters will cause mass social unrest and violence far, far exceeding those of past random gun violence. The bottom line here is that my understanding and exposure of the political reality of America is the motivation behind these media attacks. You are a liar, but I recognize you are not a coward. I also am not a coward. None of your distorted lies and propaganda about me will stop me from going forward in restoring Constitutional limited government, free markets, natural rights, rule of law, and civil liberties, which are the foundation of American greatness. You would not sympathize. You are British. However, I might have expected you to understand as a human being what you have done. Should anything happen to me as a result of your remarks, I would simply like my family, the public, and law enforcement to be able to contact you for information at the phone number 646-385-6489, email will.payne@mailonline, and office address 42 Greene Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10013, which you provided to me.




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