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Trump - Carson 2016?

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That headlines probably sounds like a long shot no doubt.  But in light of Thursday night’s debate, I see a potential benefit to such a strong combination of GOP players.  Let me list them quickly:

1. Ben Carson is a far more likeable person than Trump.

2. Carson is soft spoken, thoughful, intelligent, and takes his time to deliver thoughtful responses to questions.

3. Like Trump, he’s an outsider to mainstream politics.  Like Trump, he takes a seriously hard line on US defense.  When asked about approving torture of enemies, he replied by stating we should let the military do its job in whatever manner that entailed.  Did he side-step that?  Yes, but in a way that let us know he believes, as he so eloquently put it, war is not politically correct.  And in all honesty, our enemies should fear us.  Fear is the primary weapon of peace, is it not?  Carson understands that as does Trump.

4. Like it or not, Carson is African American.  He is, by far, the most respected black man in politics these days and not so much by other African Americans…but by conservative whites.  Why?  Ask him and he’ll explain it to you.  Carson is the anti-Obama.  If anyone can restore race relations in this nation, Carson could.  He is a bridging type individual much like the charismatic Ronald Reagan.

So in essence, we find Trump and Carson on the same page.  But they deliver their messages very differently.  Put them on the same ticket and one will appeal to one side and the other to the opposite.  Such a team would be a unifying factor for not only the GOP but also a lure for fence-sitting Democrats.  And putting an African American in the White House who will do a better job than Obama will move mountains in regards to re-stabilizing race relations in this country.  And Carson would act to temper Trump’s brashness.  One is loud and one is quiet.  One gets things done directly and the other is careful and thoughtful before acting.  They balance one another out and would, without doubt be a dream team to throw at the Clinton campaign.  

What could Clinton hold up to counter such a force?  About the only thing she could muster would be a Hispanic VP running mate…and that rascist move would only tend to push many Democrats towards the GOP team.  

I’ve heard a lot of voices calling for Trump to pick a Hispanic VP himself…tapping perhaps Cruz or Rubio.  But while this seems to have some merit, I feel the problem lies with both these men’s records and ambitions.  Ben Carson just wants to make a difference.  Cruz and Rubio are career politicians.  So a Carson pick isn’t so much about race as it is temperment and having a fellow outsider backing you up.

Trump is smart…and despite his brash personality, I think we all know he is.  The “raising hell” show he puts on is just that.  He’s calculating and he’s cutthroat.  He uses the bumbling and non-rehearsed speaking to his advantage.  At times during the debate you will see the very intelligent man stand out, such as when he cut Rand Paul down with one sentence and ended his personal attacks.  He also quickly recovered and bounced back on the insults-to-women attack.  I believe he’s the only “outsider” who has the capability to enter the White House and get anything done.  But if he picks a Washington crony or a Governor as a VP, he is setting himself up for trouble.

Ben Carson remains his best option for a running mate.  And anti-Obama if there ever was one, Carson might very well be the best man for VP.

Just another editorial opinion.  Thanks for reading.

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    • JKnTX

      NO American grunt who has two brain cells that fire at the same time is going to approve of the torture of any “enemy combatant”. They can wind up in the other guy’s boots and they know that.


        You ever been a “grunt?” I have. And yeah, with American lives in danger, I would do what had to be done. If the enemy combatant didn’t want to deal with the consequences of war, then perhaps he should not have instigated hostilities against this country and its people. And as most of us actual former and current grunts will tell you my friend, we all expected to be tortured if captured. Our enemies seldom play by the rules. I’m not saying torturing people in wartime is a good thing. I’m just saying that sometimes the situation simply requires certain things to be done. Do you beat a bad guy with a phone book and save American lives…or do you pat him on the back and be his friend while you nation’s citizens suffer at the hands of his comrades? It is people like you, who are what’s wrong with the world. As Trump put it, we don’t have time for political correctness. “Political correctness” is not an American invention. I take high offense at your insinuation that our military is stupid. Having served myself, I assure you they are not. If politicians would leave them alone and let them do their jobs, America would have no enemies by this point. Did you know MacArthur wanted to take the Chinese out during Korea? Got sacked over it. In hindsight, maybe he was right. Don’t say you won’t do things when you’ve never been faced with the necessity to do them. That’s talking out your wrong-hole, if you know what I mean.

        • LifeIs

          Here are some facts. We got driven out of North Korea. And flattening the place from the air and killing a large proportion of their civilian population didn’t win the war, either.

          Neither did the biological warfare attacks on China during this time.

          If you think torture “has to be done,” then you are, in your word, “stupid.”

          Its use in the modern world is to (a) make cowards feel brave and (b) to produce hatred to motivate folks to support wars.

          TRUMP’S use in the world is to be a 3rd party candidate, to split the Republican vote on behalf of Hitlery Clinton, the Queen of the Damned.

          It’s a trick to mask vote fraud.

          Political correctness is a Jewish Bolshevik invention. From their Soviet Union.
          And in case you haven’t noticed, the politically correct are the people doing the torture right now.

          And you’re supporting them. And the wars intended to bleed the US dry. Like I said,
          in paragraph 3.

          • FACTCHECK

            Biological attacks on China? Perhaps I missed that day in history class. My bad. Torture is a valid implement of war utilized to gain militarily important information from captured prisoners in an effort to gain advantage over one’s enemy. Torture is no different than shooting your enemy. Is killing our enemies also too PC for you folks? Let’s go put flowers in their gun barrels and see what happens. As one particular candidate put it so well, the military’s job isn’t to build nations and police the world. It’s job is to kill people and break things. In general, that would refer to people who would destroy us. And there are a lot of those people out there today. Our military and intelligence agencies have always practiced covert torture. Don’t kid yourself. I suspect most of you anti-torture pacifists have ever worn a uniform or had to face an enemy with a weapon intent on killing you. Our current enemies are chopping the heads of women and children off simply for refusing to believe the same religion they do. Do you think for a moment these men will show mercy to our own troops? When the ISIS dudes are knocking on your door…you’ll rethink that whole no-torture concept a lot. Men like these…they respect one thing and one thing only. Superior force. Why do you think Saddam was such a vicious SOB? He had to be. Everyone in Iraq had to fear him more than anyone else. It was the only way to keep control of all the various groups and nutcases. As Trump pointed out, when we removed Saddam, we created a vacuum in Iraq which has now become ISIS. Essentially we allowed this group to come to power by removing the one element they feared…Saddam! They will not leave us alone until they fear us as they did Saddam. You can turn your head and hide your eyes and pretend all you want that violence is not necessary to deter this nation’s enemies. There is a time and place for diplomacy, without doubt. But you cannot negotiate from a position of weakness. We had no peace with Japan until after the A-bombs were dropped. They are staunch allies now. We will never have peace with radical Islam until they are crushed and made to fear us. Look at history. I’m not saying war and torture are grand things. They are certainly not and I wish neither upon any man, woman or child. But as God said, there is a time and a place for all things. Finding leaders for this nation who know when to negotiate and who know when to crush an enemy — well that’s what we need. Currently we are a joke. We’ve gone from being the most preeminent force on this planet at the end of WWII to being a fat policeman of the world chomping donuts while the criminals run a muck. You don’t have to like Trump or Carson, but you have to admit the two of them are far more likely to do what has to be done than any of the others running. That was all my article was about originally. How this turned into an argument over war and peace, I have no clue. Oh wait…yes I do. It was because people like to get off-topic and pick fights over stupid points.

            • LifeIs

              Torture, and biological warfare, are crimes.

              And each of them is different from shooting people. Do I need to explain exactly how?

              And do I have to explain what it means, that the US now admits to experimenting with the exact methods that China accused us of using, in that time period?

              The use of cluster bombs, to carry insects, to carry certain diseases.

              The US spent large amounts of money on that, during the Korean War.

              Did you learn in history class that some of our pilots confessed to the biological warfare attacks, when they were prisoners? We covered that up by threatening them with courts martial, when they got home. And by pretending they were “brainwashed.”

              Did you learn that China and North Korea launched a massive vaccination campaign, for soldiers and civilians, to protect them from anthrax?

              Anthrax they found on feathers, on spiders, and insects.

              Much more evidence is available to anyone who wants to look.

              Here is a current event you missed.

              British soldiers have been caught posing as Arabs and shooting Iraqis in the occupied city of Basra in southern Iraq.


              “More than 120 members belonging to the elite regiment are currently in the war-torn country” covertly “dressed in black and flying ISIS flags,” engaged in what’s called Operation Shader – attacking Syrian targets on the pretext of combatting ISIS.

              British commando units dressed as “ISIS.” On top of Obama saying we train them. On top of Israel providing them with medical care inside Israel.

              ISIS is attacking Syria and Iraq, ISIS is us.

          • FACTCHECK

            I didn’t miss history class. I teach it. Masters in World History my friend. Hate to pop your self-imposed bubble of superiority. Might want to read a person’s profile before you start “schooling” them. Please remove your tinfoil hat before you start blathering about fake arabs and anthrax. Anthrax is a naturally occurring disease. Finding it on animals is not proof of biological warfare. Please read:


            And just to counter your argument, there are military and scientific folks who have confessed to visiting Mars and alien planets too as well as working with aliens. I won’t say they’re batty. But I will say that I reserve judgement until hard evidence is presented. So do I think we might have used chemical or biological agents on the Chinese at some point. It’s possible. Is it part of historical record – no it is not. It is conspiracy BS.

            And again, I urge you to get back on topic. My post was about the possibility of a Trump / Carson team representing the GOP in the 2016 election. How you spiraled off into tinfoil hat land, I do not know. I won’t be responding to your posts further as you’ve gone off-grid as well as off-topic.

            I suggest you go write your own article if you’re so knowledgeable of events and stop spending time bashing other people’s posts. That’s what we call “trolling.”

            • CrowPie

              Typical, and just like something Trump would do. You expect to be able to be rude and name call (troll for instance) but YOU expect to be handled with care. Oh the double standard….even among men these days. Where has masculinity gone?

              Here is a point for you on your pushing Trump/Carson for President.

              I find them both wholly inadequate for the position. Neither are qualified.

              Trump is a Meat-headed, bankruptcy, casino cartel Mafioso. He is a blow-hole. Nothing more. He has no respect for ‘Real’ women. That is to say….the kind who don’t wear bathing attire on stages, and he did, in point of fact, “enrich himself through bankruptcy.”

              As far as Carson…..I know from experience that no medical doctor should try his hand at politics ….he will only make policy to aid his pocket and his friends. I know this because I have watched Alabamas current Gov. He also tends to lean heavily on the side of misogyny in his comments about policy.

              Since you tend to like both of these men. I don’t expect you will care at all for my comment.

              Go whine with Trump about how this wasn’t fair…

              And BTW…if Trump thought that debate wasn’t fair….what if Congress is pizzed at him and shuts down the gov……is he going to cry and throw a hissy fit about how some bimbo wasn’t fair then, too?

              Poor little baby.

              Oh well….it’s like you said……sometimes in war you just have to do what must be done.

            • LifeIs

              What I do here is called fact checking.

              ” Did you know MacArthur wanted to take the Chinese out during Korea? Got sacked over it. In hindsight, maybe he was right” is what you wrote.

              MacArthur “got sacked” after his invasion of North Korea was repelled, and he publicly advocated doubling down on stupid by expanding the war.

              He undermined the President’s policy. After steering the President into a military defeat. Yes, when your invasion force has to run away, it’s a defeat.

              The biological warfare program of the US in the Korean war era is documented. What we dropped on China is documented.

              That is what history is, facts.

              You also wrote that the US “would have no enemies by now” if the military were “allowed to do its job.”

              AND this gem: ” As Trump pointed out, when we removed Saddam, we created a vacuum in Iraq which has now become ISIS.”

              ISIS is the enemy of Syria and of the Shi’ite government of Iraq.
              ISIS was invented to attack those countries. It is a mercenary force of ours, supplemented by British commandos, and ours.

              ISIS videos all come from one source, the Israeli propaganda source known as SITE.

              ISIS is armed and supplied by the US. These are documented facts.

            • FACTCHECK

              Ms. Crowpie, I thank you for sticking to topic at least. I commend you for that and I respect your opinions on my article. I called the one fellow a troll because that’s what he was doing. He repeatedly argued a false doctrine completely off topic in some sort of bid to repudiate me. I’m an actual professor of history. I get a little miffed when the loonies start babbling “crazy” tinfoil hat stuff.

              I agree that Trump has certainly manipulated the system to his benefit over the years and he’s very much the blowhard. That’s why I advocated Carson, his complete opposite, as a VP candidate. It would level the man out some perhaps.

              Keep in mind that Louisiana’s Jindal also had a background in medicine…and Senator Rand Paul actually is a doctor. So there are a total of 3 in the mix with medical backgrounds. Carson isn’t the only one. I wouldn’t agree that all doctors are out to line their pockets. I would agree that most politicians in general are. So if these guys fall in there…well then…

              I get that you’re a feminist. I respect your opinion of Trump. He’s pretty offensive toward women at times. But please don’t toss me into that and insult me as well. I’m married with children and my wife would knock me out if I uttered some of the things Trump has said. I do not appreciate your opinions directed toward me in that regard.

              To an extent, the debate was not fair to Trump. I believe partisan debates are a joke though. They threw nothing of significance toward their Bush darling…and tried to pick literal fights between candidates all for ratings…which they got…25 million viewers, biggest non-sporting event ever televised. It was more of a professional wrestling event than a true debate. I miss the old days of quiet debates led by PBS news people. They were professional and fair.

              And just to set matters straight, I never said I was in love with Trump. I never advocated him for president. I was merely commenting that if he remains the front-runner for the GOP nomination, that Carson would be his best VP pick to go up against the Democrats. Quite honestly, as happens every four years, I find that I don’t really like any of the candidates enough to trust them with this nation. It comes down to a devil vs satan choice with me. They’re all useless and have personal agendas. I end up voting the one I think will do the least damage. So if it’s Trump versus Clinton, I’ll probably go Trump.

              Everyone reads what they want to read…hears what they want to hear. I just voice my 2-cents and then attempt to defend my opinion. Sorry if that somehow annoys people who don’t agree with me. I also don’t mind debating a point. But don’t attack me and accuse me of silliness and sexism. My article said nothing of that sort.

            • CrowPie


              Thank you for your reply and for noticing that I tried to stick closely to the topic as I know how it gets under your skin if anyone strays to far afield.

              Regardless of the reasons you called Lifels a troll, you still stooped to an unwholesome level of communication worthy of the likes of Morton Downey Jr., Jerry Springer and Geraldo Rivera daytime talk show guests. Theses behaviors have only recently been taken up by our ‘esteemed’ and regretfully elected representatives in D.C.

              Apparently the citizens of the U.S. just “LUV” this kind of insulting behavior…….or Trump would not have gotten this far in the race.

              You said that you think Carson would level Trump out as a VP.

              Right up until Carson disagreed with Trump. Then Trump would throw a hissy fit….and try to fire Carson or have him deported, assassinated, or otherwise done away with.

              As far as Jindal and Rand Paul as your ‘other two examples’ of medical doctors in counter of my comment that medical doctors should not be in politics…….I have always found them both wholly inadequate for their positions as well.

              I am not a feminist and do not appreciate the implication. I am however a person who expects that EVERYONE should be treated according to these two verses. If not because your Christian, then because of Human decency.

              Colossians 4:6 Let your speech be always with grace, seasoned with salt, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man

              Luke 6:31
              Do to others as you would have them do to you.

              The fact that you have a wife and children does not exclude you from being a misogynist…..and you wouldn’t have to utter the words or phrases to be one. Just your support and vote IN FAVOR of a misogynist potentially makes you a misogynist. So….chew on that.

              The debate was fair. Every candidate is different. Each candidate must be asked different questions because they have different LIVES and different agendas. Not all of the candidates have filed bankruptcy FIVE times. It was a relevant subject. Not all the candidates have made sexist statements. Live with it.

              I never said you loved Trump either…..

              But you ARE saying that you’ll chose a WOMAN hating, FIVE time BANKRUPTCY filing, Pocket Lining Casino Boss who attacks, name calls, cannot control his own mouth during a debate within his own party over a Woman who was Secretary of State that with-stood hard grilling by Congress and never once stooped to name calling.


            • LifeIs


              Of the methods listed, several were used here.

              To evade facts.

              But, saying one’s own remarks are not the topic is a new one.

              You’re only fooling yourself.

            • FACTCHECK

              Seriously? Crowpie dogs me out for calling Lifels a troll and then she turns around and calls me, and I quote, a “misogynist” – and for those of you who don’t know what that means, she’s nicely called me a sexist pig, woman hater. Where have I insulted any women in this article to merit that? You say it’s because I support one that I am one. First of all I never said I supported Trump. Not once. Not even slightly. My article very meticulously stated facts surrounding Trump and his candidacy within the GOP circle. I then made some pointed comments about Carson being a potential VP for him. I never yelled, “Let’s all vote for Trump” nor did I say, “I love Trump.”

              I am rather enjoying the fact that you two trolls [oops did I use that word again?]…YOU TWO TROLLS…who have not a single article to yourselves, seem to be quite obsessed with my tiny piece that has garnered less than 150 readings. Why is that? Hmmm? Why do neither of you have any articles here yourselves? Hmmm? Because you are trolls. Let me give you a link to the definition of an internet troll:


              In Internet slang, a troll (/ˈtroʊl/, /ˈtrɒl/) is a person who sows discord on the Internet by starting arguments or upsetting people, by posting inflammatory,[1] extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community (such as a newsgroup, forum, chat room, or blog) with the deliberate intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.

              And just for the record, CrowPie…don’t use religion to justify the destruction of free speech in this country! You sound like a serious democratic troll who’s hounding pro-GOP members. Nobody on this forum is going to support someone who’s wielding that kind of crap. And yes I called it crap. Banning or restriction of free speech is un-American and unconstitutional. If you have the right to call me a sexist woman hater without cause, then I get to call you a feminist liberal troll. That’s exactly how fairness works. Don’t like it, too bad. Don’t start name-calling people. Using “big” words does not reduce the insult.

              I have never been a sexist but I see now why some people get annoyed with feminists. I didn’t even do you anything and in fact tried to communicate nicely in response to your comments and I got name-called for it. Thanks…really. I actually complimented you staying on topic and for NOT being a troll. Then you go “super-troll” on me without provocation.

              Well now that I’m through with my personal rant. Let me close by saying you’re wrong. Trump has not filed for bankruptcy five times. That is illegal. You can only file once every ten years. He has owned companies which filed for corporate bankruptcy protection on five different occasions. Check into the other moguls of this nation and you’ll find he’s no worse than anybody else. And as for dogging on people who do use bankruptcy…I’ve had to file it myself after a divorce years ago. Careful how you sling that particular axe as there are more than just a few Americans who’ve had to rely on that protection. So no, good chance we don’t frown on Trump or anybody else for using it.

              Stop writing essays and articles on my article. This is a comments section. If you have that much to say, go write your own article and send me a link so I can come troll it for you.

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