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Remote Viewing the Next U.S. President

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Remote Viewing The Next U.S. President


by Brett Stuart | March 23, 2016

Austrian writer Peter Drucker once said, “Trying to predict the future is like attempting to drive down a country road at night with no lights on while looking out the back window.” Described as such, it would be quite the fool’s errand. Yet, what if Drucker’s metaphor is flawed? What if a dimension exists that contains information about approaching events? And what if anyone could learn to access this database with their natural cognitive abilities?

Laboratory remote perception experiments, carried out by the Stanford Research Institute, suggest that such a world exists. The physicists at SRI discovered that human consciousness is not only capable of accessing information about the past and the present, but also the future.

During the Cold War, predictive techniques were successfully employed under U.S. Army sponsorship. In one such case, a unit of trained viewers was able to accurately forecast the failure of a Chinese atomic-bomb test three days in advance. On another occasion, the team precisely described the early release of an American hostage in Iran several days before it happened. While most of the operational military targets remain classified to this day, the research suggests that Drucker’s country road may be navigable after all.

The Next President of the United States

In this ongoing SOR series of remote viewing projects focused on newsworthy events, the team investigates the next President of the United States. The presidential election has been underway since mid-to-late last year, and the winning candidate won’t be selected until early November. The race to the White House, even at this early stage, has been a spectacle to behold. Both front-runners, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, have struggled with a mountain of controversy.

 On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton continues to plead innocent of any wrong-doing while operating a private e-mail server during her appointment as Secretary of State. The investigation to date has revealed that over 100 of her e-mails contained classified information, which is prohibited under federal law. A reason for much of the controversy has been Hillary’s ever changing story. First she stated, “I did not e-mail any classified material to anyone,” but then recently added, “… at the time (the e-mails) were sent or received.” However, her critics have been quick to that point out that federal law requires that the sender of classified material properly mark it themselves.

The story continues to unfold, and new information presents itself every day. Clinton’s e-mail staffer, Bryan Pagliano, was recently granted immunity by the State Department, and Senate lawmakers are renewing their request to question him after he invoked his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination last year.

On the Republican side, Donald Trump continues to stir up an ever increasing amount of controversy. Trump has vowed to force Mexico to build an $8 billion wall along its American border, target and deport the 11 million illegal immigrants living within the U.S., estimated at costing the taxpayer a staggering $1 trillion, and has called for a, “total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on.”

The global reaction to Trump’s comments has been near total condemnation. A spokeswoman for the British Prime Minister called his remarks, “divisive and unhelpful.” Additionally, foreign diplomats from Europe, the Middle East, Latin America and Asia have levied complaints about Trump’s rhetoric with U.S. officials in private. One official stated, “We’ve heard expressions of alarm… in response to the anti-immigrant and anti-refugee sentiment as well as the general sense of xenophobia.”

However, the response within the United States has been resoundingly different. Trump is offering a message that has been unifying growing concerns between liberals and conservatives alike. Nearly 20,000 Democrats in Massachusetts renounced their party affiliation to register Independent or Republican ahead of the “Super Tuesday” presidential primary. According to State officials, the reason is simple, “The Trump Phenomenon.”

The results of “Super Tuesday” didn’t disappoint. In fact, in Michigan, more than 2.4 million voters turned out to vote in the primary, shattering the record set in 1972, when 1.9 million people cast their ballots. Trump crushed his opponents, obtaining almost 40% of the vote.

A statistical election model developed by a Political Science Professor, Helmut Norpoth, predicts that Donald Trump will easily beat the competition if he reaches the general election. Norpoth’s model concludes that Trump has a 97 percent chance of defeating Hillary Clinton and a 99 percent chance of defeating Bernie Sanders. According to the professor, the model has a near perfect accuracy rate predicting the past 100 years of American presidential elections.

Remote Viewing Group Summary

The following group summary details the SOR Team’s results for the following cue: “The next President of the United States of America.” I participated as project manager while Morgan Farrell, Dan Mann, and contributing viewer Michael Chung produced the remote viewing results under blind operating conditions – without any foreknowledge of the target. Each viewer completed their work independently from one another prior to group analysis, and the results were assembled with the acquired session data.
The target is associated with a man’s present state of mind, an event from the past, and his interaction with a large population. The work describes both a positive sympathetic side, and an almost intolerable negative side to the individual, as if two sides of the same coin.

The person is presently engaged in placating a large population of people. It’s not unlike an actor stepping on to a stage to begin a play. The man is described as a gregarious individual; sociable and outgoing, while particularly bratty, prideful, and contemptuous. He often dresses in dark cloth, and holds a medium to large build, with a slightly disheveled and unkempt appearance. The person has a set of weary, piercing eyes, and regularly stands with his arms out from his sides, as if he can’t decide where to place them.

The man is very intelligent, and has a true comprehension of the present social climate. He has a precise understanding of the mechanics that drive world events. He is someone that doesn’t mince words, and is determined to the point of being bull-headed. He doesn’t restrain his speech or euphemize for the sake of politeness and decorum, which often results in reprisal. Interestingly, he typically refrains from speaking his mind, and is carefully devoted to playing the part of the outcast; a self-sufficient man.

This person is notably introspective, and often becomes lost in thought, as if gazing into a reflection pond. He regularly contemplates in front of an immense mirror, symbolically facing himself to measure his accomplishments, fortitude, and self-worth. At this juncture, he is trying to contain and control his excitement about some occurrence, while attempting to psyche himself up like a boxer preceding a fight.

However, internally the man is somber due to an unnatural threat; the risk of assassination, which forces him to confront his own mortality. As he stands gazing upon his mirror-image, he wills up strength, and forces himself to continue. The man views his endeavor as something like a personal quest even though he loathes destiny. While he outwardly projects high self-esteem, he regularly struggles with self-doubt and selfishness for the sake of self-preservation.
His interaction with the population is causing an existing structure to fall into ruin, as if it’s being turned on its head. To some, this is considered a tortuous situation, while others view the circumstances as bearable, but like living with a disease. The individual is also accompanied by congenial, but compulsory companions. It’s like these are minor actors in the play who surround the main character on the stage. The activity does not revolve around them, and they respond to the man in a reactionary manner.

A problematic event from the man’s past appears to be catching up to him. He was directly responsible for significant damage that occurred to a group of people near an overseas vacation resort located near the beach. A patchwork and insufficient job was performed while attempting to conceal and cover this up. It appears that the man capitulated to a foreign group, and granted them a substantial amount of money to keep quiet. The work describes that the individual was, in some way, responsible for the destruction that was left behind. There were many victims within a man-made structure when something resembling a pressurized garbage or exhaust pipe erupted.

The site appears industrial in nature, since various chemicals circulate under pressure. The equipment at the site is processing and mixing fluids similar to Miracle-Gro, which are analyzed and then held in storage. This material is useful for farming in rural areas, and was viewed as a good investment with a high potential for growth.

The details regarding this event have been exhumed and packaged for public presentation due to a myriad of private investigations. This has been done to vocalize and portray the man as a wretched individual, and is a means to an end. While the man is described as tense and panicked about this, his defense has already been developed and well rehearsed.

At some point, a cross-examination takes place that reveals a log or report tied to the makeshift cover-up. The individual is questioned about his involvement about the faulty construction near the retreat, the resulting loss of life, and the subsequent financial improprieties. However, it’s like the man has the ability to cast a spell upon his assailants. His enterprise is viewed as a masterpiece, adorned with some yellow and shiny thing; as if it has some magical quality.

Analysis of the Man

This project resulted in a particularly fascinating blend of personal and contextual information about the next U.S. President. Since the target search-term let the unconscious determine how the person of interest was described, it’s unsurprising that a controversial upcoming event was chosen to identify the target. Additionally, the information obtained about the demeanor and visual appearance of the individual doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

As the field of potential presidential candidates narrows with each passing week, it’s not difficult to match the information obtained with the republican front-runner. The work describes a man that doesn’t mince his words; an egotistical and impulsive individual that cares little for politeness and decorum. Sound like anyone we know?

While performing exploratory follow-on work, one viewer even produced the name “Donald Trump.” Recall that the viewers weren’t provided any information about the remote viewing project. The session data and resulting summaries were produced while operating under blind working conditions.

The work also provides a glimpse into the present emotional state of the outspoken business mogul. The remote viewing data pointed to a private somber attitude regarding the threat of assassination. This data point matches the past few months of Trump’s campaign, considering repeated calls for his death on social media. Since Trump’s overwhelming success on “Super Tuesday”, an increasing amount of despotic rhetoric has shown up on platforms like Twitter explicitly calling for his assassination.

Even the mainstream media has joked about Trump’s demise. For example, a contributing editor for VICE Magazine recently glorified would-be Trump assassins, and an article in the New York Times mused how Trump’s campaign would likely end with an attempt on his life. According to his former advisor, Roger Stone, Trump began wearing a bullet proof vest last October when it was reported that the world’s most wanted drug lord El Chapo had put a $100 million bounty on his head.

Beyond the melancholy attitude towards his personal safety, the project describes how Trump often becomes lost in introspective thought; constantly measuring his achievements while berating himself for failures. Trump views his journey to the White House as personal destiny, and even though he loathes it, he perfectly understands how to appease the population to win the election.

Analysis of the Event

On March 6, Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz said on CBS’s Face The Nation, “I can’t tell you how many media outlets I hear have this great expose on Donald, on different aspects of his business dealing or his past, but they said, ‘You know what? We’re going to hold it to June or July. We’re not going to run it now’”

Cruz suggested that one of the reasons that the media helped create the Trump “phenomenon,” giving him hundreds of millions of dollars in free advertising by televising every press conference, is because they believe he won’t be able to beat the Democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton in the general election.

Cruz continued, “All of the attacks on Donald that the media are not talking about now, you’d better believe come September, October, November – if he were the nominee – every day on the nightly news would be taking Donald apart.”

The SOR Team and I believe that it’s a very good postulate that the “bombshell” story described by Cruz, and currently withheld by investigative journalists, matches our contextual remote viewing data. The team’s work describes a myriad of private investigators revealing a problematic event from the man’s past to the public, which has been done to portray him as a wretched individual.

The event is described as a foreign investment gone terribly wrong. Construction near a vacation resort resulted in a man-made chemical disaster when a pressurized exhaust pipe erupted. The remote viewing data indicates that the man was directly responsible, and to make matters worse, he attempted to cover it up, capitulating to local demands by granting large sums of money.

At some point in the future, a cross-examination will take place as a result of this activity, which suggests that the individual may have broken the law. However, the viewers also describe a developed and well-rehearsed defense that has been prepared in advance. While the result of the legal proceedings wasn’t determined by the SOR Team, it does describe the man as being able to enthrall his assailants, as if by magic or a spell, reinforcing the idea that his enterprise is a masterpiece, adorned with his shiny, golden symbol.

Concluding Thoughts

Remote viewing the future presents a number of philosophical quandaries. If one can describe something before it happens, does the future already exist? Are all the events within space and time set in stone, and if so what ramifications does this have on free will? If it’s possible to remote view a future decision, does that mean choice is an illusion?

A scientific model to properly understand this observable phenomenon has yet to be developed, and predictive remote viewing is still experimental at best. As remote viewers we can only write down what our unconscious determines is relevant as it navigates through a theoretical, non-physical dimension of information. Should this directory or database exist outside of time, it might explain how obtaining accurate information is possible.

Interestingly, remote viewers are not the only group observing the malleability of time. Physicist J. A. Stratton describes an effect known as “time reversibility” in laboratory controlled electromagnetic field experiments. This results when an “effect” occurs preceding its “cause.” Stratton writes, “This function leads obviously to an advanced time, implying that the field can be observed before it has been generated by the source. The familiar chain of cause and effect is thus reversed.”

While the ability to view the future may go against every natural instinct, the case continues to build for its existence. Remote viewing results obtained by the SOR Team about the next U.S. President overwhelmingly line up with and match the Republican front-runner Donald Trump. As the general election draws near, we’ll have to wait and see if the controversial “bombshell” matches the team’s contextual data. Time will tell, but perhaps it never had exclusivity to the tale.


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    • Ralban

      Crappy article. I saw it years ago. A rocket taking off, on the side in big letters. Trump already won.

      • Medusafern

        Crappy? Could you write better? I’ve been following the Remote Viewing phenomenon for a number of years, reading about the work of both Ed Dames and Courtney Brown, and this RV team sounds just as highly trained and skilled to me.

    • Judge Roy Bean

      No one knows the future in detail unless a true prophet of Yahweh and it was given to the prophet to right even when the prophet does not always understand the content himself.

      • plsnogod

        don’t be silly.

      • Large Fuck Driver

        Seems the Judge is just another thieving, hooked nosed edomite.

        But then again, aren’t they all.

    • knowing

      this is a great article. trump was never in consideration for no.45. reality of the next president was cast in stone couple of years ago. everything else is ENTERTAINMENT. trump has played his role well but inevitably, the final applause is reserved for someone else. :cool:

    • Betty Liberty

      Trump screwed up some business deals. Hillary has major blood on her hands.

    • The Thinning Veil Report







      • knowing

        I completely agree with you, except of course with your name-calling. I understand that we all need to vent out our frustrations somehow but I don’t think that’s the way to do it.

        • bstuart

          Well said.

          Additionally, just because the State of Reality Team decided to use remote perception techniques to peer into the future and forecast the next President of the U.S. doesn’t they don’t understand that the entire election process is a “dog and pony show”. In fact, I would say the project highlights this fact quite well.

        • bstuart

          Well said.

          Additionally, just because the State of Reality Team decided to use remote perception techniques to peer into the future and forecast the next President of the U.S. doesn’t mean they don’t understand that the entire election process is a “dog and pony show”. In fact, I would say the project highlights this fact quite well.

    • tonyw

      I am sure we all earnestly pray that Donald triumphs over the beast (hillary)

    • my2pesos

      Remote ~ RE: Mote* – - – A tiny piece of a substance…(A Speck)
      Remote ~ RE: MO ET
      Remote ~ Rome ET
      View ~ VI We
      Viewing ~ Vie Wing

      • my2pesos

        Vying ~ VI ‘y’ NG
        Vying A ~ VA ‘y’ Gin

    • Leaping Lizard

      Remote viewing has proven to be fairly accurate when performed by highly trained and skilled people.

      The multi-dimensional universe is a much “bigger” place than most imagine. The Schrödinger Cat paradox appears to specify that every tiny event necessitates that the Universe split into separate timelines that exist concurrently, and with different realities. Physicist Tom Campbell deals with this question in a coherent fashion in his three volume set “My Big TOE (Theory Of Everything). Campbell, for the most part, leaves all the mathematics out, and the ideas are accessible to the lay public. Unfortunately he chose to write the books as an 800 page logical proof, so stylistically it is unpleasant reading. He does give lectures on youtube that are far more accessible and I recommend them.

      To make it very brief, Campbell stipulates that at any moment in time, the future consists of multiple time lines. Each timeline has a certain probability. As the point of the present advances, the other timelines collapse, while new future ones appear. Campbell differs from many other Schrödinger Cat theoretical physicists as he stipulates that the Universe has a conservative consolidation impulse, and the timelines below a certain minimal probability get reabsorbed prior to the collapse of the present point.

      Reality is a construct of consciousness. The physical universe is a manifestation of consciousness, and Newtonian based science has it ass backwards (though there is a nefarious agenda behind this error). To a large degree every human individual constructs his own reality, though in our third dimensional universe, thought forms are much slower to manifest than in higher dimensions. There is also a group consciousness which determines the probability of a consensual reality timeline probability from manifesting, an example of which is the selection of the next US president. However, all humans have free will and can change their intention projections if they wish to. As with statistical thermodynamics, the larger the group, the less likely the future timeline probabilities will change prior to the present time point manifesting. The larger the group determining the timeline, the more stable the probabilities.

      Remote future viewers have the possibility of accuracy by tuning in on and reporting the highest future probability timeline. They can be far more accurate than say a Las Vegas bookie, because many unknown factors are integrated into the higher dimensional timeline probabilities than is commonly or even uncommonly known.

      • bstuart

        I couldn’t have put it better myself. Very insightful and well said. I’ll have to pick up Campbell’s book.

        • urdivine

          Before reading Campbell’s book, you may want to keep these Truths in mind.

          1] The idea that we have a future or a past in an illusion. There is only here and now.
          [the civil war IS being fought right now]

          2] Therefore any concept of free will leading to a “future”, various timelines or not, is also an illusion.

          3] 40+ years ago I deeply pondered this question of destiny & free will when my Master said that “free will and destiny are one and the same”.

          4] Even if we accept, on some level, that there are future timelines of which may use our so-called free will to experience our so-called future, then AFTER that “choice” is taken, then it is True that there never was or ever could be any other choice but the one chosen. Meaning, free will and destiny are one and the same.

          Anyway, just some stuff to think about

    • IdPnSD

      A high level yogi can see all the past present and future events anywhere in the world. In fact, there are about 800,000 palm leaf booklets in India, that describe precisely and in details the destiny of that many people living now in our world. These booklets were written more than 10,000 years back by yogis with the power of divine vision.

      It is very well known in both Vedas and even in Bible that all events are already written in the universe. There is nothing called freewill. Even a physics textbook says that things do not happen, they are already there, and we just pass through them as time passes. The German philosopher Nietzsche said that universe is eternally recurrent, that means, the same you will live exactly the same life, in the same way, infinitely many times.

      For more details take a look at

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