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ISIS update 8/05/2016..Obama accuses Russia of failure in Syria

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Exclusive: Syrian army repelling terrorists west of Aleppo

Battle for Aleppo: Heavy fighting as Syrian army stalls rebel counter-offensive

Syrian War Report – August 5, 2016: Fourth State of Militant Offensive in Aleppo

Syria: CNN “Normalizes” Suicide Bombers and “Embeds Reporters” with ISIS and Al Qaeda “Freedom Fighters”

As the battle for Aleppo gathers momentum and the encircled terrorist factions respond violently to the strangulation of their supply lines and diminishment of their territory in eastern Aleppo, CNN goes to extraordinary lengths to obfuscate US connections to these terror gangs, romanticise the role of terror in Syria and even more astonishingly “normalise” suicide bombers and promote the re-branded Al Nusra as the new “moderates”. Al Nusra Front (aka Al Qaeda in Syria) under new nomenclature suddenly become ‘freedom fighters’ (sounds familiar) and the new ‘reasonable option’ in the US mainstream media and the US voting public barely seem to notice?

On August 2nd 2016, as the Syrian Arab Army made serious advances on the ground against the NATO and GCC-backed terrorist factions occupying the eastern sectors of Aleppo, the Al Qaeda affiliate in Syria, Jabhat Al Nusra made the announcement that it was changing the name of the group. Naturally, CNN ran with this story almost immediately. This re-branding also coincides with the agreement between Russia and the US to finally combine forces in combating Al Qaeda/Al Nusra fighting inside Syria. Here we can see the true function of CNN in the conflict theatre – to help sculpt the US government narrative – and to carefully nudgethe public perception along those lines……read it all here….

Syrian fighters blackmail Russia with dead Mi-8 crew

UN: ISIL atrocities may constitute war crimes, Genocide

Obama accuses Russia of failure in Syria

Obama: US will keep targeting Daesh ‘aggressively’

Iran’s Ayatollah: “The US Created ISIS” | Zero Hedge

Even as the Obama administration is embroiled in a scandal involving the paradropping of a crate of cash with $400 million in it in non-USD denominated bills to Iran, the same Iran continues to heap scorn upon the US president, culminating yesterday with Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khemenei, accusing the U.S. of creating and supporting ISIS as a means of creating conflict among Muslims and promoting a false form of Islam in the world.

In an English language Twitter account affiliated with Iranian Supreme Leader, the country’s highest authority, tweeted:

He alleged that the US aim of making and backing ISIS is to sow discord in Islamic Ummah, defame true Islam & promote Wahabbi Islam which is far from true Islam, in fact it is the religion of Saudi Arabia, some of the most ardent supporters of the Clintons. The claim is not the first time Khamenei has accused the U.S. and the West of creating the current conflict in Syria and Iraq.

Last December, Khamenei accused U.S. officials of sowing discord among Muslims by “creating terrorist groups like Daesh (the Arabic word for the ISIL) and other groups that have been created through the funding of the US affiliates and their political aids,” according to Iran’s state-run media outlet, Fars News.

Following prostate surgery in late 2014, he suggested America, Zionism and “the wicked government of Britain” created Al Qaeda and Da’esh (ISIS) as way to contain Iran, but that instead these groups “have turned on them.”

Ironically, the relentless attacks against Obama take place as his administration has spent the past few years cozying up to Iran brokering an agreement last July between the Islamic Republic and world powers to curb Iran’s nuclear program and lift international sanctions. It recently culminated with news of secret monetary paradrops coinciding with a prominent prisoner exchange. Obama has denied the money was paid as a ransom.

We are confident Obama will deny the ISIS creation allegations as well, despite the previously documented existence of a secret Pentagon memo which revealed that the US “created” ISIS as a “tool” to overthrow Syria’s president Assad.

Where do things stand in the fight against ISIS?

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Repels Terrorists’ Attack in Aleppo Province

The Syrian army troops repelled the terrorist groups’ attacks on their positions in Aleppo province, killing scores of militants.

The terrorists were pushed back in the Syrian army’s counteroffensive backed by the popular forces in the Southern part of the city of Aleppo.

Meantime, the Syrian army and popular forces continued their military advances in other parts of Syria, including Damascus and Homs, over the past 24 hours.

Tens of terrorists were killed and dozens more were injured during the Syrian army’s operations in Syria’s key provinces.


Syrian army troops and popular forces repelled the terrorists’ massive offensive to regain control of the recently-freed al-Ramousa region in the Southern parts of Aleppo city, army sources said.

“The terrorist groups attempted to seize control of al-Ramousa region after losing its control in an attempt to open a supply route towards the Eastern and Southeastern parts of Aleppo and close the main way of Syrian army and its allies in the Western districts of Aleppo but they were forced to withdraw and the Syrian forces retook full control of al-Ramousa region,” the sources said on Thursday.

Also a military source said that after the terrorists were defeated at al-Modfaiya college near al-Ramousa village, other terrorists attempted to advance from the Northeastern regions through Sheikh Saeed district but failed.

The source added that war has become so hard for the terrorists, predicting that the militants groups will withdraw from the region in the next few days.

The army units also succeeded in repelling the terrorists’ massive raids on Manian village with the support of the residents, he said.

Meantime, the Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) freed more ISIL-occupied regions at the Center of Manbij city in Northeastern Aleppo.

After heavy clashes with the ISIL terrorists which still continue sporadically, the Kurdish forces could retake al-Haal Market and al-Sana’a district in Central Manbij on Thursday.


ISIL’s fierce attempts to advance in the international Salamiyah-Khanasser-Aleppo road in Hama failed after the rapid and tough reaction of the army and its allies on Thursday.

The army that was monitoring the ISIL moves near the road inflicted heavy loss and damage on the terrorists in a timely reaction and operations.

Also the Syrian helicopters and fighter jets pounded the ISIL bases in Soha village in the Eastern parts of Hama, killing tens of militants and destroying their military equipment.


The Syrian army continued hitting the terrorists’ military positions and gathering centers in Sweida province, and inflicted heavy losses on them.

The Syrian army carried out an operation against a gathering of the ISIL terrorists in the Eastern parts of Sweida province, inflicting heavy losses on them in arms and personnel.

Two of the ISIL vehicles were also destroyed in the operation, one of them equipped with heavy machinegun. Dozens of terrorists were also killed in al-Muftira town in the Eastern countryside of the province.

A unit of the army confronted the ISIL-linked terrorist groups as they were trying to move towards Tal Zalfa’a and Abu Harat in the Northeast of Sweida province.


Military sources in Homs city announced that the army units, backed by their allies, engaged in heavy clashes with the ISIL militants near Arak oil field in the Northeastern parts of Tadmur (Palmyra), killing tens of terrorists, among them foreigners.

The Syrian army units were also supported by the air force and artillery units which bombed ISIL’s centers in al-Sakhana town, several farms and supply lines used for transferring weapons and ammunitions, the sources said on Thursday.

They also added that tens of ISIL terrorists, including Arab and foreign fighters, were killed in the clashes and attacks while several military vehicles were destroyed, some of them equipped with heavy machine-guns.

Other reports also said that the Syrian fighter jets launched airstrikes on a number of regions near al-Sha’er oilfield in the Eastern parts of Homs.

Meantime, the Syrian army units pushed back an attack on a military post in Homs, killing a number of terrorists and injuring others.

The Syrian forces repelled the attack on a military post East of Talbiseh city in the Northern parts of Homs, killing tens of terrorists, injuring others and destroying their arms and ammunition.

The army and its allies also destroyed the ISIL gatherings and hideouts in Sallam Gharbi and Unq al-Hawa regions in the Eastern countryside of Homs province.

Deir Ezzur

The Syrian warplanes destroyed three positions and several vehicles equipped with machineguns and carrying weapons and ammunition for the ISIL terrorists in Deir Ezzur, a military source said.

The source explained that the airstrikes were conducted in al-Morey’ieh, al-Boghail’yeh, South of the Panorama and al-Jneineh in Deir Ezzur.

Sources on the ground also said that ISIL “Emir” in Husseiniyeh village, Turki al-Hassa’a, was killed along with seven of his companions in a military operation by the Syrian army troops.

The breakthrough helped the SDF forces to move towards al-Sour school and al-Tal district in the Eastern parts of al-Haal Market and al-Basetah village which were later liberated from the militants.


The Syrian army’s massive attacks on the members of a terrorist group in Dara’a al-Balad killed tens of them near the city’s cemetery.

A number of terrorists were killed and others were injured in precise operations carried out by units of the Syrian army in Dara’a province.

A military source announced that an army unit carried out intensive strikes against a terrorist group positioned near al-Bahhar cemetery in Dara’a al-Balad area.

The source added that most of the terrorist group’s members were killed in the strikes, others were injured, and a number of their vehicles and equipment were destroyed.

Another army unit destroyed a den of terrorists in the area surrounding al-Thaila hill in the Western part of Dara’a city.

Meanwhile, most members of a terrorist group linked to Fatah al-Sham (the newly formed al-Qaeda-affiliated terrorist group previously known as al-Nusra Front) were killed Southeast of Khazan al-Karak in Dara’a al-Balad, according to the source.

Another army unit destroyed terrorists’ fortified positions East of the Electricity Institution, killing a number of terrorists and inuring others in the vicinity of Bosra Square in Dara’a al-Mahata area.

UNHCR: ISIL captures up to 3000 fleeing Iraqis

Senior Commander Forsees ISIL’s Imminent Demise in IraqThe ISIL terrorists will be uprooted in Iraq in the coming months, a senior Iraqi volunteer forces (Hashd al-Shaabi) commander announced.

“The ISIL terrorist group will come to an end within a maximum three-month period,” Hashd al-Shaabi Commander Ali al-Yaseri said.

He noted that the Iraqi joint military forces are now focusing on other areas of Anbar province after purging terrorists from al-Khalediya Island.

In a relevant development on Monday, the Iraqi army took control of three more strategic villages from the ISIL in Anbar province in Western Iraq, and destroyed the terrorists’ military operations room in Albu Jarish region.

The Vinij, Haroun Baraziyeh and Omirieh in the Northwestern part of al-Anbar province are now under the Iraqi army’s control.

The ISIL’s military operations room in Albu Jarish region was also destroyed by the Iraqi army.

Meantime, tens of ISIL terrorists surrendered themselves in Albu Bali and Albu Obeid regions.

The Iraqi army also killed at least 70 terrorists, including snipers in the military operations in Anbar province on Monday.

The Iraqi joint military forces also destroyed three suicide vehicles in Anbar province over the past two days.

Reports said last week that commanders of the ISIL terrorist group have ordered their forces and family members to leave their last bases and strongholds in Western Iraq as Iraq’s military forces are preparing to launch massive military operations in the region, local sources said .

“The Iraqi military forces are preparing to capture the last ISIL strongholds in Western Iraq and the military equipment for these operations have been fully supplied and transferred, and we are waiting for the final order by the joint operations command center to attack al-Khalediya Island and Heet town in the Western parts of al-Anbar province,” Head of the Security Committee of al-Anbar province’s Council Rajeh al-Issawi said.

Also, a local source in Western Iraq said that the ISIL commanders and their families have fled the al-Baghdadi island in the Western parts of Heet, one of the most notorious ISIL bases.

The source added that ISIL commanders, fearing the Iraqi army and popular forces’ rapid advance, have fled towards al-Qae’m town in Western al-Anbar.

Rift Widens between Syrian, Non-Syrian Members of ISIL in Raqqa
Syrian Army, Palestinian Fighters Storm Terrorist Positions in Northern Aleppo
Syria: Jeish Al-Fatah Centers Hit Hard in Russian Airstrikes in Aleppo
Syria: Scores of ISIL Terrorists Killed in Failed Attacks on SDF Positions near Manbij
ISIL Terror Masterminds Arrested by Lebanese Army near Border with Syria

Aleppo: Gov’t Forces Beat Terrorists back from Key District
Fatah al-Sham (Al-Nusra) Getting Crushed in Aleppo, Loses 3 More Commanders


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