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A Critical Event Happened Right Before the Presidential Debate! Here’s What They’re Refusing to Tell You

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    • tatsmaki

      Large Nuclear explosion occurs in NYC on ET Sept. 27-28, 2016
      US Empire and EU countries suffer catastrophe
      Sept. 26, 2016
      The US site “before It’s News” dated Sept. 25, 2016, exposed that the nuclear explosion will occur in NYC ET on Sept. 26-28, 2016. And it becomes the major disaster since the so-called Sodom and Gomorrah. Photo: NY nuclear explosion
      According to a notice from the Creators, the IS faction causes the nuclear explosion in NY in retaliation of events in which the IS faction created by the Obama Admin has been betrayed by B. Obama. That becomes the disaster of radioactive ruin of the US Empire.
      It will be the nuclear boomerang catastrophe since the nuclear disaster in Hiroshima and Nagasaki by USAF in 1945 and nuclear explosion of Nuke Fukushima-1 in 2011.
      Radioactive fallouts scattering due to the nuclear explosion in NYC fall to the EU countries aboard the westerlies beyond the Atlantic. Thus, EU countries also suffer the catastrophic blow.
      [New info] Accordoing to a new notice from the Creators, the new nuclear explosion by the IS occurs on ET Sept. 27-28, 2016.

    • unidentified

      everyone can post an article on bin doesnt mean its truthful :twisted: :???:

      • The Clucker

        Same goes for talking to people in real life, like when my neighbor denied that it was his dog crapping in my driveway. I caught him in the act though. I figured out that if I pick them up and put them on his front step, the problem goes away.

        • P

          I’m laughing soooo hard that tears are falling! We had 2 neighbors in a previous state- one on either side of our house– one had a big dog and 1 had a small dog. I warned them both to please pick up their dog’s poop as I knew whose dog it was leaving poop on our yard. I did exactly what to you wrote, plus an additional step- I picked it up and went to their front door, then smeared the poop all the way to the sidewalk! Never had another “accident” in our yard again after that!… Now I simply bag it up and leave it at whoever’s front door- it only happens once! Believe it or not, there are laws here that make people submit their dog’s poop for DNA testing- that way, when people don’t pick up (as they should) they KNOW who it is- then they get a fine!! Bet that doesn’t happen more than once! Thanks for the chuckle!

          • The Clucker

            I’m glad you stuck it too them. You just gave me a great idea, but it’s probably illegal… put it in their mailbox?

            • ElOregonian

              Yup, that is illegal. Better to drop the poop on their front doorstep.

            • The Clucker

              I figured so. I thought opening a person’s mailbox was a federal offense, unless of course, you’re the postal carrier.

            • Eggzactly

              Its only Illegal when you get caught! How many times have you done 65 in a 55? Yep, same thing. :smile:

            • DRAUGR

              As kids we had a neighbor that was awful. One day she would say that it was okay for us kids to play in her yard. The next day she would come out screaming like a crazy person telling us to get out of her yard. every week it was something with her. One winter we got a really big snow. I got a great idea. Me and some buddies took snow and packed it into her mailbox. We would put a little in and the pack it with our bare fists. The heat from our fists would slightly melt the snow. After about a 1/2 hour the mailbox was packed. When you opened the door all there was was a solid block of ice. Of course the old bat called the cops. When they got there they couldn’t stop laughing. Several of us were questioned but no one was ever discovered even though it was obvious to all who the culprits were. It didn’t help that we couldn’t stop giggling. Even our parents thought it was funny. The best part happened about 4 or 5 days later. The temperature warmed up to nearly 70F. it does that in Tennessee. Freezing and snow one day and spring weather the next. We were all riding our bikes and there was the old bat out at her mailbox with an ice pick trying to carve out a hole for her mail. Mr. Duncan the mail man delivered and picked her mail at the door for over a week. He thought it was funny too.Today I’m sure that we all would be arrested for domestic terrorism and probably hate crimes. But that was back in the late 60′s when most people still possessed some common sense. We used to make pipe bombs too. We would ride our bikes to Kay’s Hardware and buy the pipe and blind caps for less than a dollar. We made our money cutting lawns. We did then the work that Americans just won’t do today. Dad had plenty of black powder for his rifles and we always had a supply. I picked up twenty feet of under water fuse from Perk’s Fireworks. They had it on a big roll and you could buy as much as you want. Drilling a fuse hole in the pipe was easy using dad’s drill. Off to the river we would go. we’d throw in those pipe bombs and watch all sorts of creatures float up after one went off. I really had a great child hood. Me and all my friends grew up got jobs and have families. Any brush with the law was minor. It saddens me today that the fun things we did as kids would now land us all some serious jail time. I think we all have gotten too uptight. I mean some of it is for a good reason but how did we let it get like it is today? This world now is awful compared to what it was to me back in the 60′s & 70′s. I miss it.

          • Eggzactly

            I took it a step further. I waited till they got hard and got a old golf club and when my neighbors were outside, I waved to them and chipped those turds right back into their yard while they were watching me. It got so bad I had to pop poochie in the butt with a 1 pump Daisy bb gun I had got for my kid. That resolved the dog pooping in my yard. As a matter of fact he avoided it altogether!

            • DRAUGR

              When I was a kid nobody kept their dogs locked up. Most stayed at home but many of the younger dogs would follow us everywhere while riding bicycles. Everybody knew each others dogs and as long as they were not viscous or got into the trash then no one cared where the dogs went or where they pooped. Everybody had a dog so it was just a part of life. Things are so much different now. Sometimes I feel like I live in another country. Most of change has not been good.

        • 1 darkstar


    • darlin51

      That was the same double in the debate as the one who walked out of Chelsea’s apt. after the 9/11 dog and pony show

    • cj

      I don’t believe that was actually Hillary Clinton, but a double or clone.

    • DRAUGR

      Taking Michael Savage off the air just before the debates was a stupid move by who ever did it. If I owned the company I would immediately fire those involved. If I owned the company and it was my decision I would shoot myself. By taking Savage off the air he is going to get ten times the exposure he would normally have gotten. If left alone he would have just been another conservative talk show host rambling on about Clinton’s health which is old news anyway. Furthermore he would have looked rather silly when Hillary got through the 90 minute debate without any health issues. But now,, since he was taken off of the air he is the victim of a great far left liberal democrat conspiracy. Savage is proof of censorship by the liberal democrat left. Now he has a huge platform with all the proof in the world to discredit the liberal far left democrats and their media censorship machine. Now everything from a fart in the wind to a lightening storm is going to be censorship from the vast far left liberal democrats. Now one more reason out of thousands why you can’t trust democrats. Way to go guys. You really gave your cause a huge kick in the nuts, or whatever you have down there. Conservatives and myself all over the country thank you. If there is one thing that can be said about liberal democrats is that they are predictable. No matter the odds, given a choice the liberal democrats will always pick the wrong thing. What a bunch of idiots. I can’t stop laughing.

      • Anonymous

        Why Savage is a zio-pig. TBBP.DGIT.

        • Eggzactly

          Savage is a winner and apparently you are a Loser. :wink:

          • The Real Deal

            Savage is a filthy Jew playing you for a fool. He’s got you believing he’s a conservative when in fact, he’s an Israeli firster. Israel owns America and it’s propaganda machine that’s pumps out brainwashing garbage that you fall for day in, and day out. I’m glad that whiny Jew is no longer allowed to spew his lies.

    • Real Expert

      Here is what I refuse to tell you Click bate Lisa…

    • Pink Slime

      Hello Angle#1,

      Charlie here. Is that true? Did they really kick MS off the air because of that? I didn’t see it reported. Perhaps tomorrow. But if they did then this really shows the MSM (or their owners) cannot be trusted anymore to do neutral reporting.

      If you don’t get it that means we are on our own. Anyway, that is what you should gear for if the globalist take control of our government. We are the last standing man and in their way now. Hillary’s election will be the proof.

      But a note about the debate which I did not watch since you know Charlie does not consider Hillary a viable or even a legal candidate. But I can tell you one thing. Donald needs to get stronger on the next two debates or the tide will turn on him. Donald must not respect EVIL. This lady is evil. He should tell it like it is. Do this and he wins.


      Charlie (and two more doughnuts) :lol: :lol:

      • The Real Deal

        Hey look, it’s pink slime here to perv out on Lisa again. You must be a really fat ugly douchebag to perv put on a a skinny big nose tw*t like her. You got problems, son. Enjoy your hot pocket, son.

        • i am David

          You seem lonely Mr. Deal

        • Pink Slime

          Ummm no. I think you do! :lol:

          Thanks for trolling…… :lol:

          • Pink Slime

            :!: Above massage was for The Real Dear. :lol:

            • i am David

              by my book Charles

      • Eggzactly

        He was taken off the air on terrestrial radio, ABC in NY is his largest market. I was listening to him on Tunein app when it happened. They not Savage but Cumulus radio I believe said it was a ‘technical glitch’ :wink:

    • BonBon94

      Did anyone notice that Hillary didn’t drink any water during the debate? If she truly has Parkinson’s this may be a key. Parkinson’s patients have difficulty swallowing and if she did that on air, she could go into a coughing fit. Something to watch in the future.

    • Vic

      Anyone notice in the Video photo that Hillary’s podium had a larger lit up panel than Trump’s one which shined more on Hillary and less on Trump. Things they will try to do to make Donald Trump look the lesser person.

    • rudrdude

      The same bias is happening to the O’Reilly factor on youtube. Try doing a search and see.

    • Anonymous

      Oh dear – what was that so-called “Critical Event” before the debate???? Once again, we have a come-on title and nothing relating to it even mentioned. False advertising!!!!!

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