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How to Make America Great Again

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   I wrote this letter to President Trump back in March, shortly after he was inagurated President of the United States.  The letter is very similar to one I wrote President Obama back in early 2009, shortly after he was inagurated. I never got a response from either administration.  I think this is the basic plan we need to follow in order to have any chance of saving this country, before it goes down in flames.  If Hillary had got elected President I think it would have been game over.  With Trump in there we have a slight chance of saving it, but it is still likely that the system will collapse very soon anyway.  Trump has started to do some of things I have outlined in this plan, but none of the major policies I talk about have been implemented yet.

      Please pray that Trump can accomplish at least several of the policies and ideas I outline below or it is game over again and the globalists will take the US down to third world status, while destroying our way of life.  Also please make sure you are right with God and prepared for the very likely potential of what is ahead.  Ask the lord Jesus Christ to come into your life, repent of your sins, and turn towards righteousness as much as possible.  After 22 years of research into this stuff I have come to realize, it is the most important choice we have to make in our lives to either stand with Jesus or stand against him. 


President Donald J Trump

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW

Washington DC 20500


March 26th 2017


To: President Trump;

How to make America Great Again


    Mr. President, I wrote a similar letter to President Obama, when he first got into office and of course he did not do anything that I suggested. I want to first say that while I voted for you, I was not a big supporter throughout the campaign. I was a Ben Carson supporter originally, so I am happy he is in your cabinet. While I agree with many of the things you have done so far, there a few things I disagree with, but this letter is not to complain about anything. I wanted to write and give my opinion about how to truly fix America, by getting to the root causes of the problems that this country faces. For decades politicians have picked around the edges of these problems, but never did anything to fundamentally fix any of them. I believe you are the last chance this country has to bring it back from the brink; otherwise it will implode from within. Although, I am not an expert I have researched and studied these issues for over 21 years now, so I think I have enough knowledge to talk about them in an intelligent way.


    The number one thing we need to do to save this country is to abolish the Federal Reserve System. The Federal Reserve is the biggest scam that this country has ever accepted. As you know it was set up in 1913 after the owners of the largest US banks at the time, met on Jekyll Island off the coast of Georgia. The bill was passed through Congress around Christmas of 1913, when most of the Representatives and Senators had gone home for the holidays. I believe it is Unconstitutional, because the Treasury gave its power to print money away to a private banking system. The Federal Reserve is a private bank with most of its shareholders, being the largest banks in the US and around the world. During the 2008 financial crisis those banks got most of the bailout money, because the Federal Reserve could not let them fail or their whole system would have come crashing down. The Federal Reserve creates fiat money out of thin air, and then lends it to the treasury. The treasury then gives it out to the government agencies as needed. The scam is that they charge us interest on our own money, so it can never be paid back. For example let’s say the interest rate is 10 percent and the treasury needed 100 billion dollars. The treasury calls up the Fed and asks them to print up the money, which they do. The Fed then sends the treasury 100 billion and charges 10 percent interest on it. The problem is, all that exists in the system is the 100 billion and not the extra 10 billion in interest that needs to be paid back, along with the principle. This means that the principle, plus the interest can never be paid back, because it does not exist. Even if every dollar, plus the electronic money were paid back to the Fed that is in circulation, it would only cover the principle and not the interest. The system would be bankrupt of any money at that point and no one would have a dime left in their bank accounts. The Fed set this up so the country would only pay the interest and the debt would continually rise, until the American people became debt slaves, which is where we are today. We need to get Congress to abolish the Federal Reserve and have the treasury take back the power to print money, so we no longer have to pay interest on it. This is going to be a tough thing to accomplish, because most of Congress is getting money from the large banks that own shares in the Federal Reserve. The other way to do this is have someone challenge the Constitutionality of the Federal Reserve in court and have it go up the Supreme Court. Hopefully they will rule it is Unconstitutional, but I am not holding my breath. If we ever want to be free from the global banking cartel we have to get rid of the Fed.


   In my opinion the second thing we need to do is go back to a gold standard of some sort. In 1971 President Nixon took us off the gold standard and since then our debt and inflation have skyrocketed. Once the country was taken off the gold standard, it meant that the Federal Reserve was free to print unlimited amounts of fiat money and it was not backed by anything. Before that inflation and the debt was kept under control, because the money in the system could not exceed the amount of gold and silver we had in reserve, unless the price of gold and silver was raised or we increased our gold reserve. While the dollar has lost 98 percent of its purchasing power since the Federal Reserve was put into place, back in 1913 most of that loss had been since 1971, when we went off the gold standard. I am not sure how much gold the country has left in Fort Knox, because there has not been an audit done in decades. I think we need to do an audit, and then go back on the gold standard in some form at least. People argue that if we were on a gold standard there would not be enough money in the system for everyone to have some. I would say it just means that the prices of everything would be dramatically reduced like they were in the 40s and 50s where a gallon of gas may have only cost 25 cents or so. Yes, there would be less money in the system circulating, but everything would cost much less as well so there does not have to be as much. People think they are wealthier if they have more money, but it is all relative and depends on how much things cost. I would argue that the average standard of living has actually gone down for most Americans in recent years, because inflation has gone so high that most people have to work endless hours, just to be able to afford the basics for survival. Decades ago American families could get by on one income and afford to pay for a house, their child’s college education, a couple of cars, and retirement. Today American families rely on 2 incomes just too barely get by. 58 percent of Americans today don’t even have 500 dollars in emergency funds if they need it. order to get back to a sustainable standard of living we need to bring back the gold standard, which will bring inflation under control. This will bring everyone’s standard of living up and will help families in a lot of ways. If we could go back to relying on one family member’s income to survive, the other person could go back to taking care of the kids instead of having the government run schools, TV shows, internet, music, and movies do it for us. The kids might start learning the basics in life again and not be completely incompetent when they grow up.

     The third thing to do and I commend you for starting this process is to secure the border and figure out what to do with all the illegal’s that are here. Building the 722 miles of wall and hiring more border patrol agents is a great start. I think we have to finish the wall and that would probably take an act of Congress. Once we get the border under control and can stop or reduce illegal immigration down to a trickle, then we can work on fixing the rest of problem. My idea is to first deport any illegal that has committed a crime (other than just the crime of coming over the border) and any one of them who is on public assistance of any sort. Once these people are gone we can work on the people that are here illegally, but are just working and trying to provide a better life for their families. My solution for these folks is to get them registered and give them some type of temporary green card or visa worker status. This might last for something like 5 to 10 years or whatever Congress deems the right amount of time. During the temporary period of time they have to pay taxes and can apply for citizenship, but have to get behind the people that are already in line doing it the legal way. y can also apply for an extension of time if needed on the temporary worker status program. This should satisfy the liberals and others who want them to be able to stay here permanently. y would have the opportunity to do so, but would have to do it using a legal process. I also think the best way to pay for the wall is to tax the money, which these people are currently sending back to Mexico to help out their families down there. If we put a small tax on that money the wall could be paid for in a few years and it would not cost the American people anything.


     The next thing to do is to bring back Glass Steagall. This law was put into place after the great depression to keep the commercial banks separate from the investment banks. Bill Clinton repealed this act in 1999 and it was partially responsible for the financial crisis we went through in 2008-2009. By repealing this law it allowed commercial banks to invest people’s mortgages and other financial instruments into the very risky derivatives market. Once the financial crisis hit, people with subprime loans could no longer pay their mortgage at the higher interest rates and the system started to implode. Banks and other financial institutions that were overleveraged into risky derivatives nearly fell apart and would have if the government had not passed the bailout bill. Since 2008 the derivatives market has only gotten larger and it now by many estimates is over 1 quadrillion in notional value worldwide. In the Dodd Frank bill that was passed after the financial crisis there is a provision that puts the US taxpayer on the hook, if the derivatives market collapses like it nearly did in 2008. This is more money than the entire worlds GDP combined by many times. We need to rain this market back in and a good start is bring bring back the Glass Steagall Act.


    I would say is to repeal all of the free trade agreements and start bringing manufacturing jobs back to this country. By some estimates we have lost as many as 30 million manufacturing jobs, since NAFTA was enacted back during the Clinton administration. Most of these were good high paying jobs and by losing them, it has destroyed the hierarchical order of the way the economy used to run. Many of these jobs were the so called middle class jobs that people keep hearing about. The people that used to work in these jobs or would be there now are today in either low paying jobs, such as retail or some kind of management position. Because so many of the middle class work in these lower paying entry level jobs, it means that many young people who would be doing these jobs are not working. A huge segment of the middle class jobs no longer exist. An economy can no longer be robust if it does not produce products anymore. We rely on other countries like China for most of the goods we consume and it has cost us trillions in trade deficits over the years. I want to thank you for getting rid of the TPP, which only would have made things worse and for starting to negotiate with companies to bring manufacturing jobs back to this country. I still think we need to get rid of NAFTA, GATT, CAFTA, get out of the WTO and any other free trade agreements we are involved in. Allow tariffs to go back up on goods coming into this country, but do it in an incremental way. I think you start out with maybe a 10 percent tariff and slowly bring it up until company’s overseas start seeing the benefit of bringing back manufacturing here.


    The next thing we need is too dramatically reduce spending in the federal government. Last year we had a 1.4 trillion deficit if you look directly at the treasury numbers. I know the media said it was something like 500 billion, but they leave many things out as usual. I like the cuts you made on your budget bill, but I do not think we should be adding 54 billion to the defense budget. While I am all for a strong military, I think spending 600 billion a year is more than enough. There was a report that came out the other day, and it said there was something like 125 billion being wasted every year by the defense department. If we can cut down on the waste it is more than enough money to make the improvements to the military. I also think we should abolish the departments of Education, Energy, and EPA just for starters. We should get rid of or at least drastically reduce many of the entitlement programs we have. I still think we need to take care of people, who are truly disabled, and our vets, but anyone who is able to work needs to be working and not being taken care of by the people. I am sure there are hundreds of other programs, which can be cut from the budget that are unnecessary. We need to get to a balanced budget or we will have to default on the debt in the near future. If we default the whole system comes crashing down and it will make 2008 look like a walk in the park. Another thing we could do is bring back some of the troops that are stationed all over the world. We have troops in 177 nations and I do not believe we need them in all of these places. Once we defeat Isis in the Middle East let’s get out of there, except to help Israel if needed. We have had troops in the Middle East fighting in one capacity or another, continually since 1991 and we need to end these endless wars. I also don’t think we need to go to war with North Korea, Iran, China, or Russia like some in your administration have advocated. Going to war with Russia and China is a complete act of insanity. North Korea and Iran I think we can control with sanctions and by talking to them. Obviously North Korea is the most precarious situation and I think we need to watch them closely, but let’s try to tone done the rhetoric. I believe the Military Industrial Complex is trying to push you into starting another war, but I think we have to take a measured approach to all this. We cannot afford to have another war right now. Also, I know Obama started the building up of forces in Eastern Europe against Russia, but I think it is time to end that and de escalates the situation. I do not trust Putin at all, but I still think he is not crazy enough to start a nuclear war against us, unless he feels like we may invade his country.

    I also think we need to bring the country back towards righteousness and away from sin as much as possible. I think we need to defund planned parenthood, end abortion or at least restrict it as much as possible, overturn the gay marriage decision, bring back prayer in schools (voluntary of course), overturn the transgender bathroom policies and try to promote two parent nuclear families again. I applaud you for the wonderful family you have brought up. Your family is great and I would love to see families go back to having loving relationships again, like most did decades ago. You taught your kids to not drink, smoke, or do drugs, and the value of hard work. So many families out there are broken and a large part of it is by design. The liberals and politically correct advocates want the state to raise the kids instead of good mothers and fathers. By having the state raise children they can be indoctrinated, into anything the authorities want them to be. Many kids do not have the ability to think for themselves anymore and make sound decisions in any aspects of their lives. We need to end political correctness, because it is destroying the very foundation that this country was built on.

    I also think we have to become energy independent and I thank you for allowing the Dakota and XL pipelines to go through. The more oil and natural gas we can produce the better, because we can get off our dependency on foreign oil. We also need to repeal Obama Care as you know and get us back to a sound healthcare system. While I am happy Congress did not pass the Ryan plan the other day, I don’t think we should give up on this. We need to first actually repeal Obama Care, which the Ryan plan did not do, then pass a law with a few simple provisions. First it should say there is no mandate and it should take away the subsidies. Then it should allow a person to buy across state lines, which opens up the free market. It should also expand health savings accounts, reduce restrictions on insurance companies, and say that insurance companies cannot deny people coverage with pre existing conditions. I was one of the millions of people that lost my plan when Obama Care came into being and now I am on a patient pay plan that only helps out, if I go into the hospital for something catastrophic. The Obama Care plans in my state are not good at all and I would have to pay a lot more and get a lot less coverage then the old plan I used to have. The Democrats want Obama Care to implode, so they can bring in a single payer system and bring all Americans under government healthcare. I think there is an element of the Republican Party that wants this too, so they can have more control of our lives. There is also an element that wants free market healthcare which will drive down premiums, deductibles, and make health insurance better for all. We have to make sure that free market healthcare wins in the end or we will go down the destructive path that Europe and many other countries have gone down.

    Of course there are many other smaller things we need to do, but I think this gets at the heart of the matter. I want to thank you again for all the good things you have accomplished already and I pray for your protection quite often. I think if we can accomplish many of things I wrote about in this letter we can truly make America Great Again and hopefully avoid the destruction of this country, which is coming if we do not. I believe America is still the greatest country on earth, but it is in great danger of losing that status in the near future and if Hillary had been elected it would have been game over.





Kyle Gulla

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