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By Joseph Zrnchik for 5th Estate Media Email: [email protected] (Reporter)
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The FBI Has Proven the Government Is Not to Be Trusted - Or, How I Scooped the MSM on High Treason

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The FBI Has Proven The Government Is Not To Be Trusted – Or, How I Scooped The MSM on High Treason 

Since the DOJ and FBI under Obama, and in cahoots with Hillary, had decided to engage in a sham investigation, this led to Trump having to face Hillary’s fake dossier that was drafted in collusion with Russian intelligence and the security services of other foreign powers.  Money was paid to media outlets and various “news agencies” were simply all too eager to push anti-Trump propaganda.  But, if the FBI and DOJ had performed their duty as the law demands, then Trump would not be in a situation of having to defend himself over the fact that everyone knew the Clintons were crooks.  How is it that stating the obvious suddenly becomes Russian collusion?  Does anyone really think that Trump Jr. needed some Russian lawyer to tell him that HIllary was crooked? Does finding out about crimes rise to collusion or treason?  What did Trump give for the supposed Russian information?  he gave nothing more than a polite, “Thank you.”

The fact is that Hillary should have been indicted over the email scandal.  The Clinton “investigation” had no grand jury and allowed lawyers to sit in on other witnesses’ testimony so all the lawyers could get their clients’ lies straight.  The FBI issued immunity to everyone and had emails destroyed even after their being subpeonaed by a court.  The exoneration lettter regarding the non-indictment was written months in advance and before at least 15 key witnesses were interviewed, including even Hillary Clinton. Moreover, these individuals were allowed to answer questions without being recorded and without an oath being administered or being Mirandized. This was all done while these same individuals had Trump under surveillance for 1 1/2 years. The difference with which each investigation was conducted is shocking. The white wash of Clinton crimes involves deviations from normal procedure that are so far out of bounds as to be unprecedented in the annals of FBI and DOJ history.  The blatant disregard for basic procedures had even the FBI lovers, Agent Strzok and Attorney Lisa Page, assigned to conduct the “investigation”, calling it an “HQ Special” in their unguarded texts which elements in the FBI had been caught trying to destroy and now provide context to the crimes that were committed by the FBI and DOJ. 

If the emails between Strzok and Page had not been backed up by those who opppose the Clinton cabal within the FBI, this would have been another “astonishing coincidence” perpetrated by the vaunted FBI whose integrity, Comey claims, is beyond reproach.   Why does the establishment expect us to have faith in the FBI that has proven itself politicized and corrupted?  Why does the media, which knows better than to trust government, act obsequious when everyone knows the left has always distructed law enforcement? Suddenly the left takes every excuse made by the FBI and DOJ as absolute fact so long they are excuses made by elements of the deep state in their effort to get Trump or protect Hillary. Doesn”t the media understand how devoid of principle this proves the media to be to the masses?  CNN and MSNBC act as if they are little children engaging in name-calling.  It is an embarrassment to the journalism profession that all sense of objectivity on their part has been disregarded, but this is what media has become since it decided to become a partisan arm of Hillary Clinton and the DNC.

If Trump is as hated and despised as the MSM says, then what does that say of Hillary Clinton?  Trump not only beat her in the election, he disgraced her.  Now the MSM and Hillary Clinton have been promising evidence of Russian collusion.  They had 1 1/2 years of surveillance due to numerous perjured FISA warrants in which they named Carter Page as a probable Russian agent engaging in assisting a foreign power to harm the US, meanwhile it has been proven that Carter Page was a FBI confidential informant responsible for previously assisting in the conviction of two Russian agents.  But, according to the FISA warrant, Page represented a threat to the US and needed to be surveilled.  What nonsense.  Comey knew the Trump dossier and the entire FISa warrant was without merit, and so did Brennan.

While Comey admitted there would have been no FISA warrant without the Steele dossier, and he told Trump that he was not being investigated, he then went to the press and leaked through an intermediary so as to get  justification for a special prosecutor.  All of this was a plan he thought was foolproof, but when Trump began exposing real crimes committed by Obama, Clinton and her sychophants in the DOJ and FBI, both agencies have since engaged in obstruction of justice and have been loathe to provide witnesses, testimony and documents so as to allow Trump to expose the criminal conspiracy being perpetrated against him. Then, it began making wild and baseless claims about national security that even the House Permanent select Committee on Intelligence knew and exposed as baseless.  It appears this time that the FBI was caught up in its own sting operation and was willing to lie to spy in hopes that it would eventually come up with something that would place Trump at such a lose that he would not be able to defend himself, but what they got was a big fat nothing burger.

While establishment politicians want us to believe this attempt to frame Trump is an aberration, or now seek to hide the truth of the corruption within the deep state, nobody is calling for the end of warrantless spying by the NSA or the curtailing of liberty-strangling legislation that has provided the deep state with absolute power that has been corrupted absolutely.  It seems the political establishment wants us to believe that if a citizen were mistreated by the FBI and DOJ, they would have the same remedies in place as does Donald Trump.  They want us to believe that Inspector General Michael Horowitz would stand right by us and deliever the 50,000 emails someone tried to delete between such FBI bad actors as Lisa Page and Peter Strzok so as to make people believe that if we were in a similar situation, where the FBI and DOJ were colluding against them, that justice would be sure to carry the day. 

The latest emails by Page and Strzok stated the initiation of a conspiracy to bend, influence, manipulate, and corrupt a sitting FISA Court judge, Rudolph Contreras, who after discovering their plot has recused himself from the Flynn investigation with the new judge, Emmet Sullivan, demanding all exculpatory evidence held by the FBI, again material the FBI has been loathe to submit.  Sullivan is the judge who took the FBI and DOJ to task for its criminal prosecution of Alaskan Senator Stevens.

Does anyone think anyone else in the US, except for the president, has the ability to send his staff over to the FBI and start reviewing documents that the FBI has been slow-walking over to the defense?  Does anyone think their lawyer would prevail over Rod Rosenstein’s insistence that the release of documents would be harmful to national security, an assertion that has proven to be demonstrably false and invoked only for the purpose of hiding FBI and DOJ criminality and corruption? Does anyone think Devin Nunes would be hard at work calling hearings, committee meetings and issuing subpeonas to get to the bottom of abuse they suffered at the hands of those holding animosity towards them because the success of their defense required evidence of animus and criminal activity by agents within the FBI and for which only the FBI itself held the proof? This is why the NSA must be curtailed and legislation for the national security state ended.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, former Under-Secretary of the Treasury, said, “All hell is breaking loose in Washington D.C. after a four-page memo detailing extensive FISA court abuse was made available to the entire House of Representatives Thursday. The contents of the memo are so explosive, says Journalist Sara Carter, that it could lead to the removal of senior officials in the FBI and the Department of Justice and the end of Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation.” Members of the legislature have stated in news headlines that the situation is “Explosive”, “Shocking” And “Alarming”.  It has led to transfers, demotions, firings and likely to be exhibit 1 on criminal qand civil prosecutions.  Yet, this is only a minor precusor to what waits in store for those Obama holdovers and Clinton sycophants who believed CNN when it said Clinton would win the election with 95% certainty.  It seems that last 5% can be a real spoiler and what caused such over-confidence that all measures of discreteness and operational security were discarded.  It was thought that even with Trump’s victory there would be enough conspirators in place so as to safely start collecting on that “insurance policy” for which Lisa Page and Peter Strzok had made payments and plans to collect on.  Collecting on the policy meant carrying out a conspiracy that they has previously “threw out in Andy’s office”.  It looks like the entire floor of the FBI got caught up in one big case of insurance fraud,  

The abuse of the entire authority and power of the US Government could not have been used in any greater method of criminality or corruption save Hillary had CIA wet boys show up and just summarily execute Trump in front of his family. If that had happened, there would have still been about 80% of the Democratic Party that would have cheered Obama’s and Hillary’s crimes as the media hid any connection to our government. The deep state would have covered it up in the same manner they did for the assassination of President Kennedy and our politicians in Washington would have looked for holes in the sand in which to stick their heads as they sat on that evidence for the next 50 years whiole allowing the deep state to bury evidence.

These people in government, the Clinton minions, are despicable and disgusting. The so-called “Deplorables” by Hillary would have never used the entire power of government to attempt a frame-up and bear false witness. No such attempt was ever made by the GOP against any Democrat in the history of this country. This event is an epically historical event that shall tarnish Obama, Clinton, the DOJ and the FBI forever, and rightly so. Historians will marvel at the way Hillary and her minions, Obama holdovers in the DOJ and FBI, committed treason by accusing Trump of treason. As they conspired to criminalize foreign policy by an incoming president, they committed the most egregious acts of perjury that would have been difficult to even image had not reality displayed it for all to see. Clinton and Obama holdovers used entire governmental agencies to engage in a criminal conspiracy. They had promoted the most partisan, anti-democratic and authoritarian lunatics to the highest levels of power within these law enforcement agencies and now we have seen what happens when corrupt politicians promote their cronies through the hierarchy.  I hate to state the obvious but absolute power does corrupt absolutely.

While not even a shred of evidence of Russian collusion exists outside of Hillary’s $12 million dossier that was obtained from Russian spies via former UK intelligence official Christopher Steele.  As mounting evidence of FBI foreign collusion, perjury, conspiracy, and official misconduct aggravated by the financial gain of Mrs. Ohr and Mr. Ohr of the DOJ presents itself, Hillary partisans continue to scream in shriller and shriller tones that Putin and Trump stole Hillary’s election. This is being done amid the continually escalating levels of evidence against the Clinton people involved as they seek cover by hiding documents, refusing to testify, dodging subpoenas, lawyering up, hiding behind national security claims, accepting transfers, major demotions, resignations and retirement. The case against Trump has proven to be all smoke and mirrors. 

Consider that when the DOJ and FBI decides they want someone, they will lie, obstruct, fabricate and entrap, yet neither could find one crime committed by Hillary is selling Russians 20% of US uranium in exchange for a $150 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.  Again, neither could find one crime as Hillary rerouted Top Secret and SAP intelligence to her private server the FBI later discovered had been hacked by foreign intelligence servers.  Then, the FBI hid this fact from the American people because Hillary partisans at the top levels of the DOJ and FBI decided they knew better than the American people as to who should be elected.  Yet, we call ourselves a democracy.

The FBI has 35,000 people in it. The DOJ oversees all the law enforcement agencies including the ATF and DEA, in addition to the FBI. Now Americans can see just how corrupt these agencies have become. What chance did Randy Weaver and David Koresh have against agencies run by the Clintons? What likelihood was there that truth would prevail as the FBI tortured and murdered Kenneth Trentadue under the auspices of OPERATION PATRIOT CONSPIRACY (PATCON)? After this torture and murder was committed, Eric Holder was brought in to “investigate” and the FBI was allowed to sanitize the torture chamber and destroy documents that were used as Trentadue was held in federal prison. This torture and murder was perpetrated in a case of mistaken identity as the FBI thought Trentadue was John Doe #2 in the OKC Murrah Building bombing.  There is nobody in Washington that is willing to go back and investigate that can of worms.  While power can defend itself as we see Trump hold the FBI and DOJ at bay, there was no chance Kenneth Trentadue had for receiving justice after being tortured and murdered while being interrogated in a federal prison.  There was no attempt made by Trey Gowdy to defend the victim or provide justice.  I am sure if he were there he would have been covering up the crime too.

The FBI not only sanitized the cell where the torture and murder took place, but they also destroyed all the sign-in logs and case paperwork to hide their crimes. They then tried to further hide their crimes by coating the body in makeup while photographing it as they sought court approval to cremate the body by falsely claiming the victim had AIDS before the grieving family members could assume control of the body. The body was beat from head to toe to include the bottoms of the feet. It was only because Kenneth Trentadue’s brother was an accomplished attorney and the judges had not yet known the depth of depravity that they would have to later cover up that allowed the conspiracy to be hidden from the eyes of the nation. This crime was covered up by Eric Holder, the same guy who threatened that if Trump fired Mueller impeachment would be imminent.  How the media can tell us we should trust the deep state as it lies to commit treason against a sitting president is beyond pale.

FBI handlers ordered informants being paid and controlled under the auspices of PATCON to go on vacation or not provide evidence by either disavowing knowledge or engaging in wholesale perjury as Jesse Trentadue fought in court for over 20 years to get to the truth behind Eric Holder’s FBI PATCON cover up. This was Bill Clinton’s FBI. It was almost to be Hillary’s FBI. I am sure Eric Holder would have been the Secretary of State had Hillary won. And, had she won, there was not a snowball’s chance in hell that any of Hillary’s, the DOJ’s or and the FBI’s crimes would have ever been discovered. This is why this article will also be doomed to be viewed by only 300 people on instead of being published in the mainstream media and allowed to expose our government for what it is.

Personally, I am glad all this has happened. It made it plain for even the most obtuse to understand that absolute power corrupts absolutely. This abuse of government by government would have succeeded spectacularly if Hillary had won. The rot and stench of the putrid and fetid diseased malignancy that was Barak Obama, Hillary Clinton, John Brennan, James Clapper, Michael Hayden, Eric Holder, James Comey, Rod Rosenstein, Loretta Lynch, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Sally Yates, David Laufman, Trish Beth Anderson, Michael Kortan, Bill Priestap, James Baker, and Bruce and Nellie Ohr would have been allowed to continue to metastasize as citizens suffered even greater acts of oppression perpetrated by a diseased rogue bureaucracy. These people thought themselves so superior to others that they believed it their right to usurp the authority of the US Constitution and the will of the American people through false witness, perjury, libel and slander, and even treason. All this was done, and continues to be done, with the complicity of the entire corporate media establishment save FOX News who finally realized just how despicable John McCain and Lindsey Graham truly are.  I would be willing to let 

All these players, whether they were on the giving or receiving end of FISA and surveillance abuses, still support unlimited spying by the NSA against the American people. All the things that disgusting creeps like NSA Director Michael Hayden and James Clapper said would never happen, still happened, and happened in such a spectacular manner that it ought to make the American people rethink their trust in the entire national security state. More to the point, it ought to make every American vote against every politician that supports FISA warrants, NSA spying, and PATRIOT Act anti-constitutional secret courts and warrantless surveillance. If this is what the criminals in US government can do even with the safeguard of having to get FISA warrants, imagine what they have done and will do to American citizens without having to get a warrant. This is what happens when the government is only allowed to hear one side of a case.

All of these crimes, from the Hillary’s email server scandal, to the server’s hacking by foreign agents, to the mass dissemination of Special Access Program and Top Secret intelligence to unauthorized individuals, to the covering up of Hillary’s crimes for pay-to-play State Department meetings, to the destruction of State Department documents, to the $150 million payment by Russian oligarchs to Hillary’s foundation to grease the sale of our uranium, to the using of false intelligence and a spurious dossier taken to the FISA Court by a corrupt FBI official whose wife worked on the Trump dossier with Russian agents that was used as the basis to spy on the Trump campaign, transition team and administration, to the FBI creating an “insurance policy” against Trump and later using it in an attempt to perpetrate regime change, all of this would have been hidden, covered up, quashed, and obliterated from institutional memory had Hillary won. This is the government Trey Gowdy, James Comey, CIA Director James Brennen, NSA Director Michael Hayden and Loretta Lynch not only want us to support, but demand us to slavishly obey and respect.

While the FBI claims to save us from terrorism, their tactics serve to entrap only individuals who would never have committed any violence without the government’s instigation. “They’re manufacturing terrorism cases,” Michael German, a former undercover agent with the FBI who now researches national-security law at New York University’s Brennan Center for Justice, told The Times. “These people are five steps away from being a danger to the United States.” This being five steps away means that prior to entrapment by the FBI those targets had no means, motive, ability, desire or plan to engage in terrorism. It has been that the FBI literally sought out mentally challenged people, radicalized them, provided them with training, offered them money, and then provided the target and material to carry out terrorism.

All of these crimes were being perpetrated as the CIA again failed in epic fashion.  Just as the CIA promised Saddam had WMDs where none existed, the CIA missed the fact that Russia is one to two generations ahead of the US in air defense, cruise missiles, anti-ship missile and nuclear missiles.  Its Armada tank is a better tank than the M1 Abrams and its 5th Generation fighter is said to be superior to the F35.  Russia has developed hypersonic weapons and unstoppbale 100 mph underwater nuclear missiles thousands of times more powerful than Fat Man and Little Boy that can navigate across the globe.  Where was the CIA while all this was going on?  And, where was the FBI when the boy who threatened to kill people at school was turned in even by his own parents to the FBI as he was left unmolested to kill 17 adults and children in a school.  Yet, these people want us all to surrender our privacy when they have failed so miserable at providing security.  It seems our intelligence agencies are only interested in spying on us and those it demms a threat to their unchecked power.  US intelligence agencies cooperate with the intelligence agencies of foreign powers so they can circumvent the US Constitution by authorizing outsourced spying on Americans.

Operation PATCON was one another operation in which the FBI had fully infiltrated Elohim City and Timothy McVeigh’s group only to lose control as Eric Holder also did during Operation Fast and Furious. This is why Trentadue was tortured and murdered in a case of mistaken identity and John Doe #2 was never officially looked for while a dozen CCTV recordings remain lost of Timothy McVeigh’s vehicle delivering the bomb to the Murrah Building. For Eric Holder to admit to there being a John Doe #2 would be to expose Trentadue’s torture and murder and cover up by Holder. It would have also exposed the FBI torture and murder of the culprit the FBI eventually did catch, that being Richard Lee Guthrie. He died three days before he was to speak to the media and expose the motive behind the FBI killing of Trentadue.

All of America is at risk because of the government we have decided to elect. It matters not whether it was Republican or Democrat. The entire political establishment not only allowed to have happened, caused to have happened, and are dread to expose what has happened, but they continue to support the people, institutions and means by which institutionally cloaked criminals will be allowed to continue to have happen what has happened. Imagine the carnage if the Trump administration garnered the type devotional maniacal lunacy that Hillary’s sycophants in government and media proved her. What a revolting group of people the leadership of the FBI must be to desire to be subservient to someone like Hillary Clinton even to the exclusion of justice and in violation of the US Constitution they swore to uphold. But, these individuals are exactly the type of people who are exactly like Hillary Clinton. They believe the ends justifies the means, that they should be allowed to decide for themselves what laws to follow, that the rules don’t apply to them, and that they should remain unaccountable.

Our leaders have committed crimes against the world, waged war against the world, and want to rule the world. Maybe when those people like Clinton and Trump are no longer elected and we no longer wage war on the world and perpetrate regime change, then we will no longer need a security state to protect us against the foreign enemies they create and the internal ones they fund to conduct domestic regime change. Maybe when we end regime change abroad will its implementation be less attractive domestically. But, I guess people in government believe they must keep their criminal enterprise going so as to have their past and future crimes remained buried under power and privilege.



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