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President Trump is a Trojan Horse

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President Trump is a Trojan Horse

     First, let me say I voted for President Trump and I am still glad he is in office rather than Hillary. I wrote two previous articles called “Is Trump the Real Deal or a Trojan Horse”, where I tried to come up with an honest assessment of how President Trump has done so far. I did not want to look at what President Trump was saying or what everyone else is saying about him, but the actual policies he has put into place. The fundamental question with President Trump has been from the time he entered the race about 3 years ago, now is which side he is on. Is President Trump really on the side of the people and against the globalist system, or is he a Trojan Horse secretly controlled by the globalist factions to continue the United States down the road towards joining the global government, that is about to implemented in the coming years?

     If you look at what President Trump did in the first 6 to 12 months in office, it was very much a mixed bag. He did some things that were completely against the globalist agenda, while doing other things that were right in line with what they wanted. While I want to believe that President Trump is on the side of the people and is really fighting to bring America back from the brink, in the last few months I think the evidence is now overwhelming that he is really working for the globalist system, just like most of the other presidents have in recent administrations. In some ways President Trump is like former President Reagan who I think was against the globalists in some ways, but also was being controlled by them in others. The last real president that was working for the people was Kennedy who was trying to get rid of the Federal Reserve and the fiat money system. Of course we know what happened to him. In this article I am going to lay out the evidence that shows who President Trump is really working for and unfortunately it is not good for “We the People”. I am sorry to say that President Trump is not going to “Make America Great Again” and that millions of people are still under the illusion that he will.

     While I explained this in one of my previous articles I think it worth repeating and that is this question. Did President Trump actually legitimately win the election or did he have help? many people including myself thought that the election would be rigged for Hillary to win, we have to remember one thing and that is the powers that be can rig the election either way they want. While I believe Hillary probably got millions of illegal votes and had machines rigged for her in certain states, I also think that there is good possibility that some of the machines may have been rigged for President Trump in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Michigan which gave President Trump the election. Those 3 states had gone Democratic in the last 6 Presidential election cycles and 92 of the combined 96 polls in those three states had Hillary ahead. Also most of the early exit polls that came out of those 3 states also had Hillary ahead as well. To think that President Trump could have won all three of these states when all the data was against him seems farfetched to me. Not impossible I suppose, but very unlikely. Everyone says all the polls were wrong, but that is not exactly the case. Only in those three states were the polls wrong. If you look at the Real Clear Politics average of polls for each individual state, in 46 of them the polls were right about which candidate was going to win that state. In Nevada the polls were tied and Hillary won that state, so those polls were neither right nor wrong. Also the national poll average had Hillary winning by about 2 points and she won by close to that amount in the popular vote. It was only in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan where the polls were completely wrong. So, you have to ask the question why only those polls were wrong and none of the other states? Was there different methodology used or did they just not poll enough of the electorate? We do not know, but the answer could be that the polls were right and President Trump may have had some help on the inside to get extra votes and I am not talking at all about Russia either. I am talking about the top globalists that run this world and pretty much have the power to rig any election they want. By having President Trump elected the globalists accomplish 2 objectives and that is to get rid of the Clintons, which were becoming too much of a liability and to silence the conservative side. If Hillary had won the conservatives may have started a revolution in this country and gone after the true people who are responsible for the mess we are in. I do not think Hillary was told about the plan and the media played their part by seemly doing everything possible to get Hillary elected, while knowing all along it would be President Trump that would win in the end.

     Since the election the illusion has continued with President Trump getting attacked by the media, the Democrats, and Republicans every day while he fights back. The Democrats got Mueller appointed to look into this completely fake Russia collusion story and everything President Trump does is criticized on a daily basis by the MSM, while the conservative/alternative media thinks President Trump can do no wrong and walks on water. While I do think there are elements of the deep state that want to remove the President from office, I do not think they will succeed because President Trump is being protected by the people that put him there, which are the top globalists.

     This may sound completely crazy, but in order to understand all of this you have to look at what Trump has done or hasn’t done for that matter so far. While he has given us some nuggets such as getting out of the TPP, the Climate Change Agreement, getting the individual mandate repealed from Obama Care, getting Judge Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, the tax cuts, and getting rid of some business regulations, the facts are that President Trump has done far more to further the globalist agenda then go against it. Some of the things he has done that fit the globalist agenda are sign 4 bills to keep the government funded, which also fully funds Planned Parenthood, Obama care subsides, and sanctuary cities. He has also advanced the surveillance state by resigning the Fisa bill even though the Democrats used the Fisa court to spy on him during the campaign. He also re-signed the NDAA which allows Americans to be held for any reason without due process. In the last Omnibus Bill there was a provision in it called the Cloud Act, which allows foreign governments to legally spy on Americans. Trump also participated in the cover up of the Las Vegas massacre, which anyone who has done an ounce of research knows that the official story was bogus. He has sold Saudi Arabia 300 billion dollars worth of arms, so they could continue the war in Yemen where 7 million people are currently starving to death. Yes, the same Saudi Arabia that was at least in part responsible for the 911 attacks. He has officially bombed Syria twice after two false flag chemical attacks that were falsely blamed on Assad. He has also supported the continued covert bombing of Syria by Israel and the allied forces. Trump has added Troops to Afghanistan, Syria, and the Eastern European border with Russia. While I completely support the peace talks with North Korea, I have a feeling this is all a ruse as well, because we know that Kim Jung Un will never give up all his nukes. If President Trump and Kim Jung Un can come to some kind of agreement to end the Korean War and bring peace to the region, however that would be a positive for the world for sure. None of the wall has been built yet and over the last two months 100,000 illegals have been arrested on the border. Out of those 100,000 about 75 percent were released into society under the catch and release program. The White House is blaming previous laws on this, but could easily stop the catch and release program with an executive order, which does not have to go through Congress. I am not a big fan of executive orders, but when it comes to defending the country from a foreign invasion force I think it would be justified. President Trump has not done anything to stop the UN Refugee Resettlement Program either, which is still bringing in refugees from the Middle East all the time. He also has done nothing to go after the Central Banking System, which is the head of the beast and needs to be abolished in order for America to come back from the brink. He signed an executive order to protect the large banks from any type of prosecution as well for poor financial decisions. President Trump has increased spending on the military rather than cutting the un-necessary spending. He has also greatly increased the debt and deficit as well, which makes things look better on the surface, but just makes the fundamentals more susceptible to a collapse.

     President Trump has taken credit for the stock market going up even though the system is completely manipulated by the Central Banks. Even the tax cuts were somewhat of a scam. While most Americans including myself did get a small raise in their paychecks, most of the money went to corporations. I thought it was good that the corporate rate was cut from 35 to 21 percent, but the truth is most of the savings for those corporations have gone back into the stock market through corporate buy backs. Because the Fed has said they were going to rewind their balance sheet and raise interest rates, which they know will crash the financial system, the government decided they needed another revenue stream, so they could crash it slowly instead of all at once. Most of the money saved by corporations in the tax cut has either gone back into the markets or has been announced that it will go back in soon. While the market has gone down about 10 percent over the last 4 months, because of the billions of dollars from these corporate buybacks feeding back into the system, it has not had a major crash yet, but that is coming. If President Trump and the Republicans wanted corporations to use the money to expand their business, hire more workers, increase research and development, and manufacturer more they should have put a provision in the law that said corporations could not use the extra money for stock buybacks. In the past it was illegal for corporations to buy back their own stock, but these days it is standard procedure.

     President Donald Trump has done a few things to keep the conservative base happy, but most of what he has done has furthered the globalist agenda. The people that believe he can do no wrong are under the biggest deception yet, that the globalists have ever pulled. It took me a while to figure it out myself, but now it seems to be all falling into place. While President Trump did get us out of the TPP, all of the other free trade agreements are still in place, which has caused American to lose most of its manufacturing base in the past few decades. This has caused the largest trade deficits in history and has increased our national debt to record levels.

     The biggest thing President Trump has not done is go after and indict any of the deep state operatives that have committed numerous crimes over the years. He has been in office for over 16 months and Sessions has not appointed a special council to look into the Hillary situation during the election. While we know the Russian collusion story is bogus, we also know Hillary and her people have committed endless crimes over the years and nothing has ever been done to her. President Trump has the power to order Sessions to appoint a special counsel to look into this and if he refuses, the President can fire him and get someone who will. So far Sessions has not appointed a special counsel with the power to issue indictments and President Trump has not ordered him too. This only suggests one thing and that is President Trump is controlled by the globalists and will not allow the crimes of the deep state to be exposed to the world. real Russian Collusion story is with Hillary and the Uranium One Scandal, but no one is looking into it from what I have seen. No one is looking into the Clinton Foundation either, which was run as a criminal enterprise for many years. While there have been Congressional investigations into the email situation and the FISA court warrant to spy on Trump, during the campaign, none of these committees have the power to issue indictments so they are basically pointless except to expose some of the cover-ups. Until we get a special counsel to investigate this with the power of indict people the Clintons and all of the deep state will continue to operate with impunity and under a different set of laws and standards then the rest of the American people. This is a disgrace and the only person with the power to change it is President Trump, but so far he has done nothing other than talk and tweet about it.

     While this is much of the evidence showing that most of what Trump has done so far, goes right along with the globalist plans, the biggest evidence that Trump has been controlled all along is who he has picked in for his cabinet. Trump initially picked Manuchin, General Mattis Cohen, Haley, Pence, Devos, General McMaster, Sessions, Perry, and Preibus as some of his cabinet picks and most them are part of the deep state. Now he has replaced some of them with General Kelly, Haspel, Bolton, and Pompeo which are more globalists. There are probably a few like Ben Carson, Scott Pruitt, and maybe Linda McMahon who are not part of the deep state, but for the most part his cabinet is full of deep state and globalist people. The people who defend Trump say he has to have some of these people in there, because they are most experienced or whatever other excuse they come up, which makes no sense at all. President Trump campaigned or draining the swamp, but as soon as he gets into office, most of his staff end up being swamp people. There are plenty of people he could have hired for these jobs outside of the current system, including people that worked for him in his global business empire, but chose or was told not to. This is all because it is a complete illusion that President Trump is not part of the system.

     The one person I want to focus on here however is Wilbur Ross who is President Trump’s Commerce Secretary. I did not even realize that Ross was the Commerce Secretary until I heard a you tube channel called Black Stone Intelligence Network, talk about it a few weeks ago. Wilbur Ross is a top agent for the Rothschild Global Banking Cartel. If you do not know who the Rothschild’s are you might want to do some research, because they are one of the top globalist families worth Trillions of dollars. Ross bailed out some of President Trump’s businesses back in the early 90s and now Ross is the Commerce Secretary. Notice how the media talks quite extensively about most of Trump’s cabinet on a daily basis, but never says a word about Ross. Since the Rothschild’s control much of the main stream media they will not allow them to talk negatively about one of their top agents who has been working for them many years. fact that Ross is in the cabinet and the main person negotiating the trade deals is pretty much all you need to know in order to figure out, which side President Trump is on. President Trump was also bailed out by 72 of the top bankers in New York City during the late 80s so the Trump Empire would not collapse. Trump even talks about this meeting in his second book called “Trump Art of the Comeback“. Whenever these bankers get involved in anything, you can bet that they always want something in return for the billions of dollars President Trump got from them. y gained control of President Trump at that time and kept him in their back pocket until a time like this, when they needed him. The globalists have been doing this for a very long time and leave nothing to chance with regards to keeping their power in place. y planned for President Trump to run and win the Presidency a very long time ago. President Trump is just doing their bidding just like most other Presidents have done in the past.

     If you follow bible prophecy like I do, you realize President Trump has actually speeded up many of the prophecies talked about for the end times. Jared Kushner who is in charge of the Middle East Peace Deal has been working on it for over a year now. From many reports that have come out this plan is almost complete. When the peace plan is complete and the signing takes place it will divide up Jerusalem and give the Palestinians a state. I believe this is the peace plan talked about in Daniel 9:27, which when confirmed later by the Antichrist will bring in the final 7 year tribulation. While I support President Trump moving the US embassy to Jerusalem, I also think it is the start of the fulfillment of Zachariah 12, which says in part that Jerusalem will become a cup of trembling for all the nations. We have seen all the activity by the Muslim countries and rest of the world, ever since President Trump announced the embassy move. I also think President Trump will go to war with Iran and help Israel completely destroy Damascus, which will fulfill the prophecies of Psalm 23 and Isaiah 17. President Trump is completely following the globalist plan for the Middle East, which will bring the Antichrist onto the scene and the world government into place.

     Those that still believe President Trump is in there to bring America back to greatness and give us a 4 or 8 year reprieve from the New World Order, you are under a complete deception and have to snap out of it, before it is too late.

     As I say in all of my articles the only way to make it through what is coming and go to heaven on the other side is to accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior. If you are interested please say this prayer or a similar version of it which is at the end of the article. It is the most important decision that anyone can make in this world, so please do your own research so hopefully you will come to the conclusion that what I am saying is true. Please do it soon because time is running out. Because President Trump is not the person he campaigned on it means that time is very short and we do not have much longer until the New World Order comes into full implementation. I think we did get a bit more time with President Trump being elected, because Hillary would have collapsed the system most likely already, but with President Trump in there they had to keep the game going a bit longer. The globalists were not completely ready to implement the final stage of their plan yet, so they kept the manipulation going a bit longer with President Trump, but I think that time is almost complete now, so please prepare for what is coming.

     If you have made a decision to follow Jesus Christ today, please pray this prayer in order for the Holy Spirit to enter inside of you and begin your transformation out of sin and into Righteousness. You will still make mistakes and sin, but you will also see changes toward a better life and want to change your actions to refrain from sin as much as possible, if you truly follow what Jesus said in the bible to the best of your ability.

Lord Jesus;

     I am a sinner. Please forgive me. Come into my life and cleanse me of my sins and unbelief.  I believe in you and in salvation through the blood of Jesus. I turn from sin and trust in Jesus alone as my savior. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

     If you prayed that prayer for the first time, let me welcome you to the family of Christ, through faith in Jesus Christ alone. Please get a bible if you do not have one and try to get set up in a church or a group of believers in order to grow in your new life. We live in incredible times and I think we are very close to the final 7 years beginning, so there is not much time left of so called normal life. Everything is about the change in a drastic way, so please learn as much as you can asap and get ready both spiritually and physically for what is coming.


God Bless


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