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Trump insurrection evidence, Hill death total, impeachment anger grow

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Shocking revelations and allegations about the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol by a pro-Trump mob along with details about a policeman murdered by the mob while protecting Congress are fueling bipartisan efforts to impeach or otherwise immediately remove President Trump, who along with his appointees are being increasingly suspected of facilitating the riot in order to reverse November election results.

nancy pelosi msnbc screengrabDraft language released so far of impeachment proceedings expected to be filed Monday by House of Representatives majority leadership tracks “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” language in the Constitution.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), right, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) are reported to have agreed — as they sought safety in the Capitol on Jan. 6 — on the dire need for Trump’s immediate removal via impeachment unless he resigned or his cabinet removed him under the 25th Amendment by formally declaring Trump unfit so that Vice President Mike Pence could finish the remainder of Trump’s term.

The forthcoming impeachment action is expected to focus heavily on Trump’s actions regarding the deadly Jan. 6 riot by the pro-Trump mob and the Jan. 3 tape-recorded call whereby Trump can be heard begging and threatening Georgia’s Secretary of State to “find” enough votes from the Nov. 3 election to give Trump at least a one-vote victory over Democrat Joe Biden.

Trump made clear in the call — one of 18 he reportedly attempted to the Georgian Republican Brian Raffensperger before getting him on the line — that Trump needed more votes quickly, despite three recounts showing Biden had won. Trump’s deadline was because Congress was scheduled to certify in a ceremonial act the nationwide vote totals in its formal proceeding on Jan. 6 that was disrupted by the mob.

The immediate public evidence from those two events was enough to shock and anger many opinion leaders, including three Republican U.S. senators reported on this publication date of early Jan. 10 as supporting the president’s removal in advance of Biden’s Inauguration date of Jan. 20.

That dismay has doubtless been bolstered by such other factors as the slow rollout of vaccine and relief aid during the coronavirus pandemic and also concerns that foreign powers might target the United States during a period of federal chaos and disputes. The ten living former U.S. secretaries of defense issued a joint letter last week urging the Department of Defense not to intervene in the election, a clear signal that they feared a coup.

But a major new factor over the weekend was increasingly recognition of the brutality and scope of the pro-Trump mob’s action. It resulted in the murder of a Capitol Hill policeman, the wounding of an estimated 50 others, plus the deaths of four participants the protest-turned-riot that ostensibly began with a Trump speech to a capitol tiescrowd assembled on the south side of the White House. The crowd then marched east on Pennsylvania Avenue a little over a mile to reach the historic Capitol building.

Most shocking to many has been new evidence of the brutality of some protesters — including discovery of pipe bombs, explosives and plastic “ties” (as shown by the white ones in the adjoining photo of a Hill intruder) that terrorists would use to take hostages.

There exists also significant but still-evolving evidence that parts of the mob action have long been planned by Trump, top aides and allies scattered through government, quasi-government and private organizations, including Republican office-holder funded by major corporations that are now facing heat for how their political donations were being used.

Some key Trump loyalists remaining in the administration during the current wave of their colleagues’ resignations deny or deflect the most serious allegations and evidence that a plot existed beyond what they call the legitimate outrage of Trump supporters that they have heard suspicions of election fraud. Trump has for months claimed fraud.

But none of the more than 60 courts hearing cases have found any significant evidence of it, and pressure has been growing to disbar or sue Trump’s leading attorneys making such claims. Dominion, one election software provider, filed a $1.3 billion defamation suit against Trump attorney Sydney Powell, and sought also her disbarment.

A few Trump supporters, including several in Congress or on Trump-supporting media like Brit Hume at Fox News, have hinted darkly (without providing evidence) that the biggest outrages in the Capitol riot were committed by leftists pretending to be Trump supporters. But that claims faces the obstacle, as seen below, that many of the rioters were captured on film bragging about their exploits and are familiar faces in right-wing and white nationalist activism.

This column provides an appendix of links to more than two dozen major news stories and commentaries on this topic published by mainstream and alternative ali alexander resized greg palastnews outlets. This editor, whose office is located within two blocks of the protest march route in the District of Columbia, has reported for years on the topic of election fraud and several of the leading figures suspected of corrupting elections.These tactics include propaganda via blogs, broacast and social media, plus courtroom efforts necessary to steal elections.      

As one of many examples, we helped investigate in 2012 a Republican operative named Ali Akbar, a convicted felon who helped found with the help of Republican patrons the National Bloggers Club. That “club” helped orchestrate a right-wing propaganda army when useful for the patrons’ election or other political interests, with the website Crooks and Liars providing an in-depth report excerpted below.

Akbar, now using the name Ali Alexander was a speaker at last week’s pro-Trump rally at the White House. Via his association with the affiliated Proud Boys gang of white nationalists, Alexander played a significant role in organizing sinister activities in both the Georgia and Washington political events last week, according to an expose published on Jan. 9 by investigative reporter Greg Palast, a pioneering investigator of election fraud, including illegal vote suppression of racial minorities.

The Palast story Why did the Georgia GOP Team up with a riot instigator? is illustrated by the Palast team’s graphic above, with Alexander shown in the upper right. This cutting-edge column by the former BBC investigative reporter and author of multiple books on election fraud is one of reports excerpted below with links to the original.

Another is the NBC News investigative report, Republican AGs group sent robocalls urging march to the Capitol by Laura Strickler and Lisa Cavazuti. It is another of the pieces suggesting that the march, mob action and failure of federal authorities to protect Congress with adequate security stemmed from a high-level plot to overthrow the elected government and certified November elections, not just the enthusiasm of ordinary Trump supporters recruited for diversion.

But many in the public have not needed investigative reports, detailed though they must be, to feel outrage at what happened, including the threats on Jan. 6 against elected leaders and staff posed by a mob that overwhelmed security and committed countless acts of mayhem and vandalism.

brian sicknickThus, excerpted below also is He Dreamed of Being a Police Officer, Then Was Killed by a Pro-Trump Mob, the New York Times profile of Brian Sicknick, left, the heroic the slain police officer, reportedly bludgeoned in the head by a fire extinguisher wielder by a rioter.

We have collected also photos and profiles of the four other dead, all Trump supporters who died advancing their cause, including Ashli Babbitt, right, ashli babbitta woman shot while trying to crawl through a broken door  that the mob had smashed to reach members of Congress who had been huddled for safety in the House Chamber moments before.

Highly relevant also are the accounts of how top social media platforms have suspended Trump’s use of their platforms.

Although he and his supporters are crying foul only a comprehensive look at evidence of a high-level plot using the platforms and military as two necessary tools can illustrate that the media giants’ actions need to be assessed as potential national security safeguards, not simply as subjective disagreement with Trump’s politics by Twitter, Facebook, Amazon, Google and other high-tech executives. 

The track record suggests that Trump supporters will disagree with that and other interpretations. So, their point of view is reflected also in a sample of the clips below. For this rapidly evolving story, the excerpts will be updated frequently for the next few days.

Justice Integrity Project Selected Appendix of ‘Election Fraud’ aud ‘Stop the Steal’ Riot News and Commentary

djt impeachment graphic

Note to Readers: Something similar happened a year ago, as indicated by the graphic above, but with almost no Republican support except a vote for conviction on one charge by U.S. Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah. Some excerpts in the selection below curated by Editor Andrew Kreig are unusually long because of the importance of the historical events described. Links are provided in all cases to the original, with credit to the authors and with an effort to omit at least some information for all but the shortest excerpts in order to encourage readership of the original, along with the context provided by the original outlet.

Content producers are encouraged, however, to request a shorter excerpt if desired and all readers, particularly subjects of the stories are encouraged to provide rebuttals, including corrections, plus important additional clips (in the format below), plus news tips for our further reporting. 

Jan. 9

Pressures Mount For Trump Ouster

U.S. Police, Capital Mob Riot

Virus Victims, Responses

Biden Transition

More On U.S. Elections, Politics

Trump Removal Pressures

djt nancy pelosi

ny times logoNew York Times, Live Impeachment Updates: A Muted Trump Faces an Impeachment Threat Next Week, Staff Reports, Jan. 9, 2021. Pat Toomey called the president’s actions “impeachable.” He’s the third G.O.P. senator to signal openness to his ouster or demand he resign. Here’s the latest.

pat toomeyAs Saturday dawned on a White House in turmoil, with President Trump unable to communicate on Twitter and other platforms, momentum for impeaching him a second time was rapidly growing among rank-and-file Democrats and some Republicans.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday threatened to impeach Mr. Trump unless he resigned “immediately” for inciting the mob attack on the Capitol this week, and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska became the first Republican senator to follow her lead.

“I want him out,” Ms. Murkowski (shown in a file photo) told The Anchorage Daily News. “He has caused enough damage.”

lisa murkowski 2 blue dressd oRepresentative Ted Lieu, Democrat of California, announced on Saturday that the articles of impeachment drafted by him and other House Democrats had drawn 180 co-sponsors.

“We will introduce the Article of Impeachment this Monday during the House’s pro forma session,” he said on Twitter.

With less than two weeks left in Mr. Trump’s term, the timing for an impeachment would be tight.

Yet the Constitution allows House lawmakers to introduce charges and proceed directly to a debate and floor vote in a matter of days, triggering a Senate trial that could take place even after Mr. Trump leaves office. If he were convicted, the Senate could vote to bar him from holding office again.

Already, Twitter’s move to permanently suspend Mr. Trump “due to the risk of further incitement for violence” has effectively scuttled his favorite method of communicating with the public, even as he retains his authority as commander in chief. Facebook and other digital platforms have limited his access.

As federal law enforcement officials on Friday announced arrests in connection with Wednesday’s siege, Twitter said that Trump supporters had been using the platform to plan similar attacks, including a proposed one on the U.S. Capitol and state capitol buildings three days before President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

In one of his last Twitter posts before being banned, Mr. Trump said he would not attend the inauguration. He would be the first incumbent in 150 years to skip his successor’s swearing-in.

Mr. Biden on Friday pressed ahead with his agenda, promising an accelerated response to an array of challenges. On Friday, the economy was said to have lost 140,000 jobs in December and officials across the United States reported more than 300,000 new coronavirus cases in a day for the first time.

In a sharp break with the Trump administration, Mr. Biden intends to release nearly all available doses of coronavirus vaccines soon after he is inaugurated, rather than hold back millions of vials to guarantee second doses will be available. He has vowed to get “at least 100 million Covid vaccine shots into the arms of the American people” during his first 100 days in office.

The Trump administration has shipped more than 22 million doses, and millions more are already in the federal government’s hands. Yet only 6.7 million people have received a dose, far short of the federal goal of giving at least 20 million people their first shots by the end of December.

It is unclear how many more Covid-19 inoculations the administration can deliver before Mr. Biden’s inauguration, particularly as more senior officials leave the White House in the wake of the mob violence at the Capitol.

Also unclear: what the Republican Party will look like after Mr. Trump leaves office. The wave of resignations by administration officials continued. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Agency for International Development said Saturday that Michael T. Harvey, assistant administrator for the Middle East bureau, and Hallam H. Ferguson, senior deputy assistant administrator in the same bureau, had both left the agency on Friday.

At a meeting of the Republican National Committee in Florida on Friday, the chaos of the past week was a mere afterthought. While the R.N.C. chair, Ronna McDaniel, condemned the attack on the Capitol, neither she nor any other speaker publicly hinted at Mr. Trump’s role in inciting the violence.

“We can’t exist without the people he brought to the party — he’s changed the direction of the party,” Paul Reynolds, a Republican committeeman from Alabama, said of the president. “We’re a different party because of the people that came with him, and they make us a better party.”

Democrats ask the Justice Dept. what they are doing to prosecute those involved in the Capitol attack, including Trump.

Democrats have asked leaders of the Justice Department for more information about what the department is doing to investigate and prosecute the attack on the Capitol, including the role that President Trump played in the attack.

Five people died in the riot, including a police officer, and dozens have been arrested.

Mr. Trump’s role in the carnage underpins the articles of impeachment that House Democrats have drawn up, accusing the president of inciting an insurrection. The U.S. attorney in Washington initially refused to rule out investigating Mr. Trump’s role in the riot. A day later, one of his deputies reversed his statement during a news conference.

“Don’t expect any charges of that nature,” Ken Kohl, a top prosecutor in the office, told reporters on Friday.

G.O.P. Senator Patrick Toomey says Trump ‘committed impeachable offenses.’

Mr. Toomey’s remarks came as Democrats are preparing to bring articles of impeachment to the House floor as early as Monday over Mr. Trump’s role in inciting a violent mob attack on the Capitol this week.

“I do think the president committed impeachable offenses,” Mr. Toomey told “The Journal Editorial Report” on Fox News. In the interview, Mr. Toomey said Mr. Trump’s “behavior this week does disqualify him from serving.” But he expressed doubts about the efficacy of impeachment with only 11 days remaining of the president’s term in office, and added that he worried that House Democrats might attempt to “politicize” the impeachment process.

washington post logoWashington Post, Trump faces mounting demands to leave office or face impeachment, Seung Min Kim, Josh Dawsey, Mike DeBonis and Tom Hamburger, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). President Trump faces mounting pressure for his immediate ouster after he incited Wednesday’s violent siege at the Capitol — an increasingly louder drumbeat chastising his actions that threatens not only to prematurely end his waning tenure but to put him in legal jeopardy once he leaves office.

democratic donkey logoIn Congress, a growing cadre of House Democrats is pushing to rapidly impeach Trump a second time before he is scheduled to leave office on Jan. 20. They are preparing to introduce articles charging him with inciting an insurrection and having “gravely endangered the security of the United States” and its institutions.

In public, Trump has come as close as he is likely to get to admitting he lost the election, acknowledging that there will be a transfer of power and confirming Friday that he will not attend President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration. But in private, the president has tried to rationalize his actions, saying he wanted only to encourage a large protest that would garner news coverage and rattle members of Congress — not for his supporters to actually storm the Capitol in the worst breach of its security since the War of 1812.

washington post logoWashington Post, Biden stimulus plan includes checks, jobless aid, Jeff Stein, Erica Werner and Mike DeBonis, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). President-elect Joe Biden said Friday he is assembling a multitrillion-dollar relief package that would boost stimulus payments for Americans to $2,000, extend unemployment insurance and send billions of dollars in aid to city and state governments, moving swiftly to address the nation’s deteriorating economic condition and the rampaging pandemic.

joe biden twitterThe package will also include billions of dollars to improve vaccine distribution and tens of millions of dollars for schools, as well as rent forbearance and assistance to small businesses, especially those in low-income communities, Biden said at a news conference in Wilmington, Del.

“We need to provide more immediate relief for families and businesses now,” Biden said.

“The price tag will be high,” he said, adding, “The overwhelming consensus among leading economists left, right and center is that in order to keep the economy from collapsing this year, getting much, much worse, we should be investing significant amounts of money right now.”

Biden said he would lay out the package in more detail next week. It would build on some $4 trillion in economic assistance Congress has already devoted to battling the devastating pandemic, including a $900 billion package President Trump signed into law last month.

Palmer Report, Opinion: Donald Trump held Senators hostage in the Capitol while calling them and demanding the election be overturned, Bill Palmer, right, Jan. 9, bill palmer2021 (12:03 a.m.). We all saw Donald Trump incite the domestic terrorist attack on the United States Capitol Building. And it’s since been revealed that Trump refused to sign off on the mayor’s request that the DC National Guard be sent in to retake the Capitol. But now things have taken an even darker turn.

bill palmer report logo headerCNN is reporting that while the Capitol was under siege by Trump-terrorists, and while Trump was refusing to sign off on sending the National Guard, he called at least one Senator on the phone and demanded that the election results be overturned. CNN is reporting that Trump tried to call Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville and instead reached Republican Senator Mike Lee, making his demand.

This means that if the timeline of events as we understand it is indeed accurate, Donald Trump was holding members of Congress hostage in the basement while calling them and making demands. This is way beyond merely inciting the attack, or even refusing to do anything to put it down. This is some kind of ransom situation. Trump allowed the Vice President, every Senator, and every House member to remain held hostage and in danger of violence, while he made demands. This is one of the ugliest crimes in American history – and Trump will never get out of prison.

NBC News, Investigation: Republican AGs group sent robocalls urging march to the Capitol, Laura Strickler and Lisa Cavazuti, Jan. 8, 2021. “At 1 p.m., we will nbc news logomarch to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal,” said the voice on the recording, which was obtained by NBC News.

An arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association, a national group representing the top law enforcement officers in their states, sent out robocalls encouraging people to march to the U.S. Capitol the day before the building was stormed by a pro-Trump mob.

“At 1 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal,” said the voice on the recording, which was obtained by NBC News.

The calls, which did not advocate violence or suggest the building should be breached, was sent out by the Rule of Law Defense Fund, a fundraising arm of the Republican Attorneys General Association. The groups share funding, staff and office space in Washington, D.C.

In a statement to NBC News, Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall, who runs the fund, said the calls were sent out without his knowledge.

“I was unaware of unauthorized decisions made by RLDF staff with regard to this week’s rally,” said Marshall, who assumed his role Nov. 10. “Despite currently transitioning into my role as the newly elected chairman of RLDF, it is unacceptable that I was neither consulted about nor informed of those decisions. I have directed an internal review of this matter.”

A website set up to promote the rally that preceded the Capitol incursion lists the Rule of Law Defense Fund as one of the participating organizations. The site has since been taken down.

Adam Piper, the executive director of the Republican Attorneys General Association, and Peter Bisbee, the executive director of the fundraising arm, did not return requests for comment about the robocalls, which were first reported by the watchdog group Documented.

A spokesperson for Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr, the chairman of the Republican Attorneys General Association, said he “had no knowledge or involvement in this decision.”

“Attorney General Carr has been working diligently to determine how this situation occurred and ensure that it does not happen again,” said spokesperson Katie Byrd. “The stance of the protestors was not consistent with Attorney General Carr’s position on election fraud. And, as he has been saying since moments after seeing news break, the violence and destruction we saw at the U.S. Capitol is unacceptable and un-American.”

microsoft logo CustomThe Republican Attorneys General Association raised more than $18 million in 2020 from several top corporations, including Pepsi, Microsoft, JPMorgan Chase and Comcast, the parent company of NBC News. Its supporters also include interest groups such as the NRA and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, which was its top donor in 2020 with a $750,000 contribution.

nra logo CustomMany companies that donated to the Republican Attorneys General Association also gave to the Democratic Party equivalent. Several told NBC News that spending money on this kind of recruitment for protest runs counter to the purpose of their donation.

Reached for comment, the Chamber of Commerce provided a statement from Harold Kim, president of the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform.

“We are appalled at Wednesday’s incursion into the Capital, and did not support any efforts by the Rule of Law Defense Fund,” he said. “We do not support any similar activities now, and will not in the future.”

A Microsoft spokesperson said: “We condemn the actions taken by the RLDF and are raising our concerns directly with RAGA. Earlier this week, we spoke out alongside others in the business community regarding the violence that unfolded at the U.S. Capitol.”

A JPMorgan spokesperson said its political action committee donated $25,000 to the attorneys general group and none of it went to the Rule of Law Defense Fund.

Palmer Report, Opinion: These pro-Trump terrorists who invaded the Capitol had inside help, Bill Palmer, Jan. 9, 2021. We all knew Donald Trump’s goons would gather outside the Capitol. But it was reasonable for us all to expect that they’d be kept outside, and that if anything, they’d skirmish with law enforcement before getting arrested. After all, Trump’s goons are clueless disorganized idiots.

bill palmer report logo headerThese idiots clearly had inside help, and that’s the only reason they got in and any of this happened. Identifying the inside help is absolutely crucial. This isn’t merely some theory. It’s been widely documented by the mainstream media that the Capitol Police removed barriers for the marauders, gave them directions to certain offices, took selfies with them, and ultimately gave them an escort out of the building instead of arresting them.

The only way any of that happened was if certain Capitol Police were plotting with the invaders in advance, or if they were instructed by a higher-up to cooperate with the invaders. The good news is that with an operation this sloppy, and involving this many co-conspirators, and so many of them now having been arrested by the Feds, some of these in-over-their-heads idiots will soon start squawking about why they got the white glove treatment that they did.

ny times logoNew York Times, Live U.S. Political Update: Democrats Lay Groundwork for Impeaching Trump Again, Staff Reports, Jan. 9, 2021. ‘I Want Him Out’: Murkowski Is First G.O.P. Senator to Call for Removal.

House Democrats intend to introduce an article of impeachment on Monday charging President Trump with “willfully inciting violence against the government of the United States.” President-elect Joe Biden prioritizes the economy, saying there is a “a dire, dire need to act now.”

  • Furious Democrats, backed by a handful of Republicans, pressured President Trump to leave office after a violent mob attack on the Capitol this week.
  • Senator Lisa Murkowski suggested she may leave the Republican Party if it continued to align itself with Mr. Trump.
  • But the president struck a defiant tone. Behind closed doors, he made clear that he would not resign. Here’s the latest from Washington.
  • Biden pledges action to address the economy and the pandemic.
  • Pelosi asked the Pentagon about preventing Trump from using the nuclear codes.
  • A judge has blocked Trump’s sweeping restrictions on asylum applications.
  • Trump’s suspension from Twitter caps an online revolt against him.

washington post logoWashington Post, McConnell memo outlines how Senate would conduct second trial for Trump if House impeaches, Seung Min Kim, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). Based on the Senate schedule and timelines, the proceedings would occur after the president leaves office.

washington post logoWashington Post, Twitter permanently suspends Trump’s account, Nitasha Tiku and Tony Romm, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). “Despite our efforts to serve the public conversation, as Trump’s megaphone, we helped fuel the deadly events of January 6th,” the employees wrote.

Hundreds of Twitter employees demanded in a letter written this week that the company’s leaders permanently suspend Donald Trump’s Twitter account because of his actions surrounding the storming of the U.S. Capitol Tuesday, calling the company’s response insufficient.

twitter bird CustomIn an internal letter addressed to chief executive Jack Dorsey and his top executives viewed by The Washington Post, roughly 350 Twitter employees asked for a clear account of the company’s decision-making process regarding the President’s tweets the day that a pro-Trump mob breached the U.S. Capitol. Employees also requested an investigation into the past several years of corporate actions that led to Twitter’s role in the insurrection.

donald trump twitter“Despite our efforts to serve the public conversation, as Trump’s megaphone, we helped fuel the deadly events of January 6th,” the employees wrote. “We request an investigation into how our public policy decisions led to the amplification of serious anti-democratic threats. We must learn from our mistakes in order to avoid causing future harm.”

“We play an unprecedented role in civil society and the world’s eyes are upon us. Our decisions this week will cement our place in history, for better or worse,” the added.

In a statement, Twitter spokesperson Brandon Borrman wrote, “Twitter encourages an open dialogue between our leadership and employees, and we welcome our employees expressing their thoughts and concerns in whichever manner feels right to them.”

Twitter on Wednesday initially labeled Trump’s tweets about the election as disputed. But a subsequent video from the president — calling for calm while continuing to peddle disinformation — prompted the company to step up its enforcement actions.

Twitter ultimately locked the president out of his account for the first time, requiring him to delete his offending tweets — then wait 12 hours — in order to regain access. That came Thursday morning, and Trump issued his first public comments on the site later that night. Twitter said it would suspend Trump permanently if he continues to break its rules, putting users at risk.

washington post logoWashington Post, Trump pressured Ga. elections investigator in a separate call that experts say could amount to obstruction, Amy Gardner, Jan. 9, 2021
More than a week before he urged the Georgia secretary of state to overturn the election results, the president urged the state’s chief elections fraud investigator to “find the fraud.

 ali alexander resized greg palast

“Stop the Steal” Republican operative Ali Alexander, top right, is shown with two others in revelations excerpted below by investigative reporter Greg Palast.

greg palast, Investigation: Why did the Georgia GOP Team up with a riot instigator? Greg Palast, right, Jan. 8-9, 2021. “WE’LL LIGHT THE WHOLE SH*T ON FIRE!”

The star of the GOP’s get-out-the-vote door-knocking program in the Georgia Senate run-off, standing next to Alex Jones, was blasting his threat through a megaphone in front of the Governor’s home. “We’ll light the whole sh*t on fire!”GOP Operative: “We’ll light the whole sh*t on fire!”

Ali Alexander’s threat in December would become all too real when he repeated his performance on January 6 in Washington, DC.

georgia map 2In the U.S. Capitol that day, looking over the scene of screams, tear gas, and mayhem, Alexander said, “I warned you this would happen.”

Yes, he did. Nevertheless, the Georgia Republican Party’s Metro Atlanta Field Director Kevin Mason was more than happy to team up with Alexander. With his huge reach within the Alt-Right, Alexander could bring in a swarm of volunteers for the door-knocking campaign they desperately needed to hold back the looming Democratic victory in the US Senate run-offs.

The far-right celebrity was the magnet to draw scores of young enthusiasts to a January 3 training session at the DoubleTree Hotel in Roswell, an Atlanta suburb. The Palast Investigative Fund’s photojournalist, Zach D. Roberts, a specialist in white-fringe violence who’d been tracking Alexander’s pitch for mayhem across the nation, signed up.

Roberts, who joined up through Alexander’s website, StopTheSteal.US, was quite surprised to receive instructions, not from the right-wing group, but from Daniel George of the National Republican Senate Committee.

Why would the GOP team up with Alexander, a leader of the Stop the Steal extremists, especially after his well-broadcast warning of violence? The threat was not out of character. There are widely circulated films of Alexander with Proud Boys founder Gavin McInnes. And there is a video chat with Alexander yucking it up with a right-wing jokester holding up a giant flag with a Nazi Swastika flag.

republican elephant logoThat is, if “Alexander” is his real name. He adopted it after his reported conviction for a felony crime under the name “Ali Akbar.” [See 2012 column excerpted immediately below.]

Alexander is a shapeshifter, sometimes the eye-swiveling crazy, sometimes the dapper guest for Alt-Right podcasts. We cannot link to his most incendiary outlets such as because they’ve been taken down for inciting violence.

In Georgia, with Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes, a known white nationalist, Alexander hid nothing of his hopes for Washington on January 6. “Either they take Trump, prove that they won or they’re not going to hand them back the country again. We’ll light the whole sh*t on fire!”

To fire up its base, the GOP is apparently willing to cavort with the violence-threatening fringe. The Grand Old Party dismissed Alexander’s warnings. And they also forgot John Kennedy’s warning that “Those who ride the tail of the tiger soon end up inside.”

greg palast logo

Greg Palast (Rolling Stone, Guardian, BBC), shown above, is the author of The New York Times bestsellers, “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” and “Billionaires & Ballot Bandits,” out as major motion non-fiction movie: “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy: The Case of the Stolen Election,” available on Amazon and Amazon Prime.

 ali akbar mugshot

Crooks and Liars, The National Bloggers Club And Their Super PAC Friends, Matt Osborne, Co-authored with Alex Brant-Zawadzki and Bill Schmalfeldt, Research assistance by Melissa Brewer, Sept. 12, 2012. Ali Akbar, now President of the National Bloggers Club, is one of the conservative blogosphere’s most infamous characters. He began his campaign of notoriety with a crime spree in 2006, blazing a six-year trail of fraud. That’s him up there, in the mug shots.

Palmer Report, Opinion: Donald Trump just screwed himself even worse than you think, Bill Palmer, Jan. 9, 2021. If Donald Trump had behaved during the transition period, he probably could have convinced the judge in his New York criminal trial to let him serve house arrest at Mar-a-Lago, perhaps even let him out on bail completely, while awaiting trial. But now that he’s a documented domestic terrorist threat, the odds of his pretrial incarceration just went up.

bill palmer report logo headerI’d like to thank Donald Trump for doing more to destroy Trumpism this week than I ever could have done on my own. I’d like believe i’ve certainly put a dent in Trump these past four years, but he just took a sledgehammer to his own cause.

Donald Trump’s subreddit has just been banned from Reddit. Do you know how badly you have to screw up in life to get banned from Reddit? YouTube has permanently banned Steve Bannon.

Palmer Report, Opinion: Donald Trump just got kicked off Twitter for the THIRD time tonight, Bill Palmer, Jan. 8, 2021. Shortly after Donald Trump got permanently banned from Twitter tonight, he tried rogue tweeting from the @POTUS account, which is supposed to be for government use. That only lasted about thirty seconds before Twitter cracked down, deleting his rant. Now it’s happened again on another account.

bill palmer report logo headerTwitter has now permanently suspended Donald Trump’s official campaign Twitter account @TeamTrump after he and/or his handlers used it to post the same rant that Twitter had just removed from the @POTUS account. That’s right, Trump has now been kicked off Twitter for the third time tonight.

At this rate Donald Trump’s next move will be to create a new account called “Ronald Trump” and hope that Twitter doesn’t figure out it’s also him. Trump is the dumbest villain of all time, and he’s getting dumber as the night goes on.

washington post logoWashington Post, Voting machine firm Dominion sues pro-Trump lawyer Sidney Powell, seeking more than $1.3 billion in defamation claim, Emma Brown, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). Dominion Voting Systems on Friday filed a defamation lawsuit against lawyer Sidney Powell, demanding more than $1.3 billion in damages for havoc it says Powell has caused by spreading “wild” and “demonstrably false” allegations, including that Dominion played a central role in a fantastical scheme to steal the 2020 election from President Trump.

For weeks, Powell has claimed that Dominion was established with communist money in Venezuela to enable ballot-stuffing and other vote manipulation, and that those abilities were harnessed to rig the election for former vice president Joe Biden.

dominion voting systemsIn a 124-page complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Dominion said its reputation and resale value have been deeply damaged by a “viral disinformation campaign” that Powell mounted “to financially enrich herself, to raise her public profile, and to ingratiate herself to Donald Trump.” The defendants named in the lawsuit include Powell, her law firm and Defending the Republic, the organization she set up to solicit donations to support her election-related litigation.

In an interview, Dominion CEO John Poulos said the lawsuit aims to clear his company’s name through a full airing of the facts about the 2020 election.

lin wood gage skidmorePoulos said he would like the case to go to trial rather than settle. “We feel that it’s important for the entire electoral process,” he said. “The allegations, I know they were lobbed against us . . . but the impacts go so far beyond us.”

Powell did not immediately respond to a request for comment. L. Lin Wood, left, a lawyer who has worked alongside Powell on post-election lawsuits and who says he is representating her in connection to defamation matters, called the lawsuit an attempt “to censor speech or try to intimidate people from telling the truth.”

capitol guns drawn

Police with guns drawn watch as rioters and vandals break into the House Chamber at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, in Washington. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite) (Source: J. Scott Applewhite/AP); A California woman was warned and then fatally shot as she and others in the mob shattered glass and tried to crawl up and through the hole in the door to enter the chamber where congressional members and staff had huddled for safety during the rampage. Dying also were four others, including a Capitol Hill police officer murdered while trying to protect government workers during the pro-Trump insurrection.

Virus Victims, Responses

washington post logoWashington Post, U.S. surpasses 300,000 daily coronavirus cases, Staff report, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). The United States on Friday surpassed 300,000 daily coronavirus cases, the second alarming record this week. The number, which roughly equates to the population of St. Louis, Pittsburgh or Cincinnati, comes about two months after the country reported 100,000 coronavirus cases a day for the first time, and one day after more than 4,000 people died from the virus, also a record.

The milestone comes just 65 days after the country surpassed 100,000 infections a day, signaling an explosion of cases as the pandemic rages across the country.

Back in early December when the country topped 200,000 daily cases, the head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Robert Redfield, warned the upcoming winter months could be “the most difficult in the public health history of this nation” due to the strain on the already overwhelmed health-care system.

Redfield’s somber forecast appears to have crystallized on Friday, as the nation reached a record of 303,373 cases in a single day, and it set yet another record of seven-day average cases 244,793 — surpassing Thursday’s average of 228,316, which had been the highest so far, according to data tracked by The Washington Post.

The country has reached consecutive alarming records this week. Thursday was the deadliest day since the pandemic started with more than 4,000 deaths reported on a single day for the first time.

Redfield, along with other health experts, has warned the total tally of coronavirus-related deaths in the United States could near 450,000 by February if people didn’t follow precautionary measures such as strict use of face coverings, avoid travel and social distancing.

Worldometer, World & U.S. Coronavirus Case Totals (updated: Jan. 9, 2021), with some governments reporting slightly lower numbers than the totals covad 19 photo.jpg Custom 2here):

World Cases: 89,480,116, Deaths: 1,924,550
U.S. Cases:   22,463,747, Deaths:   378,228 

ny times logoNew York Times, Live Updates: More Than 150,000 Are Fully Vaccinated in the U.S., Staff Reports, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). The number reflects those who have been given a second shot, according to a New York Times survey of all 50 states. Here’s the latest on the pandemic.

  • Ukraine, blocked from obtaining vaccines from the U.S., has turned to China.
  • Los Angeles is having its ‘New York moment’ with a harrowing rise in virus cases.
  • Biden pledges action on the pandemic and the economy.
  • False reports of a new ‘U.S. variant’ originated from Dr. Deborah Birx on the task force.
  • More than 17 million people near Beijing are under stay-at-home orders.
  • Iran’s supreme leader bans vaccine imports from the U.S. and the U.K.
  • A religious event in Manila draws thousands, raising concerns that it might become a super-spreader event.
  • A new study traces contagion on an 18-hour flight.

Deaths From Pro-Trump Riot

brian sicknick

ny times logoNew York Times, He Dreamed of Being a Police Officer, Then Was Killed by a Pro-Trump Mob, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Tracey Tully, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). The death of Brian Sicknick, above, a veteran and experienced officer, amplified the tragedy of the riots and undermined President Trump’s pro-police claims.

Brian Sicknick followed his Air National Guard unit to Saudi Arabia, Kyrgyzstan and a military base in his home state of New Jersey, all in the hopes of one day wearing a police uniform. It was a wish fulfilled more than 10 years ago when he joined the police department tasked with protecting the U.S. Capitol.

Then on Wednesday, pro-Trump rioters attacked that citadel of democracy, overpowered Mr. Sicknick, 42, and struck him in the head with a fire extinguisher, according to two law enforcement officials. With a bloody gash in his head, Mr. Sicknick was rushed to the hospital and placed on life support. He died on Thursday evening.

“Brian is a hero,” his brother Ken Sicknick said. “That is what we would like people to remember.”

The death of Officer Sicknick amplified the nation’s grief in the wake of the shocking attack on the Capitol by rioters, inflamed by President Trump’s calls to stop Congress from counting electoral votes and officially declaring Joseph R. Biden Jr. the winner of November’s election. One of those rioters, Ashli Babbitt, also died in the melee, shot by a police officer as she tried to push her way into the heavily protected Speaker’s Lobby, just outside the House chamber.

In all, five have died since the riot began, though three of them were not killed by hostile action. But the beating of an officer brought waves of condolences from lawmakers in both parties still reeling from the event. It also exposed one of the many contradictions of the Trump presidency in his final weeks in the Oval Office. A president who campaigned as a “law and order” candidate, boasting about his relationships with police unions and demonizing those protesting racist policing, incited a riot that led to the death of a member of the law enforcement community.

“It’s a bunch of” nonsense, William J. Bratton, the former New York City police commissioner, said of Mr. Trump’s pledges to the police, though he used a stronger word. “It was a misappropriation of the term ‘law and order.’”

Justice Department officials said during a news conference on Friday that they were investigating the circumstances of Mr. Sicknick’s death, but would not say whether it was a federal murder investigation. One official said that “felony murder is always in play,” but that investigators needed to complete their work.

washington post logoWashington Post, U.S. Capitol police officer dies after engaging rioters, Peter Hermann, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). Officer Brian D. Sicknick, below right, brian sicknickcollapsed after returning to his division office and was rushed to a hospital, where officials said he died Thursday night.

On Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) ordered flags at the U.S. Capitol to be flown at half-staff.

“The violent and deadly act of insurrection targeting the Capitol, our temple of American Democracy, and its workers was a profound tragedy and stain on our nation’s history. But because of the heroism of our first responders and the determination of the Congress, we were not, and we will never be, diverted from our duty to the Constitution and the American people,” Pelosi said in a statement.

capitol ties

An as-yet unidentified rioter, center, heavily disguised, invades the U.S. Capitol as part of the pro-Trump “Stop the Steal” protest carrying plastic “ties,” which are normally used by law enforcers to bind the wrists of suspects but which are used also by terrorists to subdue hostage victims.

washington post logoWashington Post, FBI focuses on whether some rioters intended to harm lawmakers or take hostages, Devlin Barrett, Spencer S. Hsu and Matt Zapotosky, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). FBI agents are trying to determine whether some who stormed the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday intended to do more than cause havoc and disrupt the certification of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, and they are sifting through evidence to see whether anyone wanted to kill or capture lawmakers or their staffers, according to people familiar with the investigation.

Dozens have been arrested, and Friday, officials announced charges against an Arkansas man photographed in House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office chair with a foot on her desk. But investigators also are working to determine the motivations and larger goals, if any, of those who had weapons or other gear suggesting they planned to do physical harm.

FBI logoSome rioters, for instance, were photographed carrying zip ties, a plastic version of handcuffs, and one man was arrested allegedly carrying a pistol on the Capitol grounds.

“We’re not looking at this as a grand conspiracy, but we are interested in learning what people would do with things like zip ties,” said a law enforcement official, who, like others, spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the investigation.

No photos or videos that have surfaced so far suggest any of the individuals with zip ties tried to take hostages. One possibility being pursued by investigators is that some who burst into the building may be current or former law enforcement officers, or current and former military personnel, people familiar with the investigation said.

Some who participated in the larger pro-Trump protest this week do work in law enforcement.

Chris West, the sheriff of Canadian County in Oklahoma, for example, held a news conference Friday to dispute that he was the person pictured on social media who claimed he was inside the Capitol, according to a Fox affiliate there. West told reporters that though he did come to rally in D.C. as an “individual” and Trump supporter, he never set foot in the Capitol building and thought he was walking from Liberty Square in the direction of the Capitol when the violence began.

A sheriff in Bexar County, Tex., meanwhile, told reporters that one of his lieutenants ­— Roxanne Mathai ­— was under investigation after her Facebook posts appeared to show she was at the Capitol, according to a local ABC station. Mathai has not been charged with any wrongdoing.

rnc logoMany of the initial charges have been for unlawful entry, but authorities also found suspected pipe bombs outside the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee and the Republican National Committee, and they arrested the owner of a truck they said was spotted nearby with 11 molotov cocktails inside. The FBI is still searching for the person who left the suspected pipe bombs.

Adding to the investigation’s urgency, Twitter on Friday noted that plans for future armed protests have begun circulating online, including a proposed second attack on the U.S. Capitol and assaults on state government buildings Jan. 17.

Officials cautioned that there may be a variety of motives among those who broke into Congress, and they said that a key part of their investigation is determining whether any individuals or groups had planned in advance or were coordinating in the moment to commit violence against individual politicians. Others may simply have been caught up in the moment and committed rash, unplanned crimes, officials said.

capitol mob

Wayne Madsen Report (WMR), The anatomy of a fascist military-police coup in the United States, Wayne Madsen, left, Jan. 8, 2021. This editor worked for several wayne madsen may 29 2015 cropped Smallyears out of the U.S. Capitol complex, attending press conferences, covering hearings, and interviewing members, and got to know almost every nook and cranny.

On January 6, 2021 – truly a date that will live in infamy – armed marauders believing conspiracy theories were able to enter the U.S. Capitol unimpeded by Capitol police.

wayne madesen report logoThe reason was simple. They were aided and abetted in an attempted coup d’etat against the United States by top law enforcement officials of the U.S. Capitol, far-right Republican members of the Senate and House of Representatives, the Department of Defense, the Washington Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), elements within the Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Park Service and Police, Secret Service, and state-level offices.

The conspiracy to do exactly what was done on January 6 was advertised on social media, from Gab and Parler to Facebook and Instagram.

USA Today via Yahoo News, Florida man photographed carrying Speaker’s lectern in Capitol riot arrested by federal marshal, Rich McKay, Jan. 9, 2021. A usa today logoFlorida man photographed carrying U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s lectern from the House of Representative chambers during the riot at the U.S. Capitol was arrested late Friday, according to jail records.

Adam Christian Johnson, 36, of Parrish, Florida, was arrested on a federal warrant and booked into the Pinellas County jail Friday night, the records said. No bond was allowed.

Following the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday, where lawmakers had gathered to certify the election of President-elect Joe Biden, the FBI had asked the public for help identifying participants, given the proliferation of images of the riots on the internet.

Five people died in the riot, including a Capitol Hill police officer.

Johnson was one of those identified on social media and was identified by the Bradenton Herald as being from Parrish, a community about 25 miles (40 km) south of Tampa.

In addition to the arrest of Johnson, there were at least 13 people facing criminal charges in U.S. District Court in connection to the riot, and at least another 40 people were facing lesser charges in the District of Columbia Superior Court, a local venue.

Many of those individuals were arraigned on Thursday and released, with an order from the judge not to return to Washington unless it is for court appearances or meetings with their attorneys.

They included Cleveland Meredith, who was charged with threatening Pelosi as well as possession of an unregistered firearm and unregistered ammunition, and Richard Barnett, the Gravette, Arkansas, man who was photographed sitting at Pelosi’s desk and is also known as Bigo.

USA Today, Fact check: Claims of electoral fraud in Rome, dubbed ‘ItalyGate,’ are baseless, Camille Caldera, Jan. 8, 2021. The claim: Votes were switched usa today logofrom Trump to Biden at the U.S. Embassy in Rome. At 3:41 a.m. on Jan. 7, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed that President-elect Joe Biden defeated President Donald Trump — an act that marked the formal end of the presidential race, per USA Today.

Nonetheless, some internet users have continued to levy baseless claims about electoral fraud. This week, there were multiple videos posted to Facebook that alleged the vote count was changed in Rome.

Pages like Conversation Controversy and Trump Train News Media shared a 52-minute video in which Maria Strollo Zack explains the theory, dubbed “ItalyGate.”

“The theft of the election was orchestrated in the Rome Embassy, on the second floor of Via Veneto, by an employee, Stefano Serafini, foreign service officer of over 20 years,” she said. “Stefano Serafini coordinated with a General Claudio Graziano.”

“General Graziano is on the board of Leonardo — the defense contractor, Leonardo SPA,” Strollo Zack continued. “Leonardo used their military satellite uplink to load the software and transfer it over to change the votes from Trump to Biden.”

“ItalyGate” has quickly spread to around the internet. The three videos have amassed a combined 100,000 views and 7,000 shares on Facebook. An interview of Strollo Zack on America Can We Talk? on YouTube has also garnered over 400,000 views.

Conversation Controversy, Strollo Zack, American Can We Talk? have not responded to requests from USA TODAY for comment. Trump Train News Media told USA Today that they are not responsible for the content, since it was sent to the page to share.

Johnson told USA Today that “it’s clear from Italian newspapers this is going on,” though he provided no proof.

The claims in both videos on “ItalyGate” are baseless. They are also easily contradicted by statements from multiple federal officials who have found no proof of electoral fraud.

On Nov. 12, a national coalition of election security officials announced that “there is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised,” per USA Today.

ny times logoNew York Times, Rampage Weighs on Congressional Staff Members and Capitol Workers, Aishvarya Kavi, Jan. 8, 2021. The violence caused by a pro-Trump mob on Wednesday has shaken many who work at the Capitol. And some people of color say the law enforcement response reopened old wounds.

Some huddled in corners of the U.S. Capitol, texting loved ones. Others were glued to their televisions at home as their place of work was overrun by rioters who smashed windows, ravaged offices and tore down American flags, shocking the country.

For many congressional staff members and Capitol workers, in particular people of color, the damage wrought on Wednesday was visceral. It will be a long time before they feel safe again at work, they say, knowing that a building once thought to be among the most secure in Washington could be breached by a mob carrying, among other things, a Confederate flag and displaying anti-Semitic iconography.

“They came into our house with the worst of intentions,” said Tré Easton, a legislative assistant to Senator Patty Murray, Democrat of Washington. “You add, on top of that, this open bigotry in what are supposed to be hallowed halls? I don’t know if I can feel safe, just knowing that this is possible.”

The Capitol Police have come under fire for seeming, at times, to offer little resistance to the pro- Trump mob. While some experts defended their actions as prioritizing the protection of lawmakers over the securing of the building, many congressional staff members, along with custodial and food service workers, were left wondering whether they were safe.

Biden Transition

 washington post logoWashington Post, Biden, who ran on unity, now leads a party furious at GOP, Annie Linskey, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). President-elect Joe Biden, who campaigned on a promise to reach out to Republicans and unite the country, found himself Friday leading a party angrily bent on impeaching President Trump, forcing the resignation of GOP senators and making Republicans pay for their baseless challenge to the election results.

joe biden 2020 button CustomBiden, speaking to reporters in Wilmington, Del., essentially offered a divided response, calling some Republicans “shameful” and praising others for their “enormous integrity.” He said his goal of bipartisanship is, if anything, more achievable after Wednesday’s assault on the Capitol, citing Republicans like Sen. Mitt Romney (R-Utah), who he said has talked to him in disgust about the rioters.

“I think it makes my job easier,” Biden said. “We must unify the country.”

He sidestepped questions about a growing drive by House Democrats to impeach Trump, but he strongly suggested that Congress’s time would be better spent tackling his agenda. “What the Congress decides to do is for them to decide,” Biden said. “But they’re going to have to be ready to hit the ground running.”

washington post logotwitter bird CustomWashington Post, Twitter warns of new plans for violence, brewing again on social media, as reason for Trump ban, Craig Timberg and Drew Harwell, Jan. 9, 2021. The company described a looming “secondary attack” on the U.S. Capitol and state government facilities next weekend.

ny times logoNew York Times, Here’s who objected to certifying President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Karen Yourish, Larry Buchanan and Denise Lu. Here are the eight senators and 139 representatives who voted to sustain one or both objections.

washington post logoWashington Post, Chart: Who Joe Biden is picking to fill his White House and Cabinet, Staff reports, Jan. 8, 2020. One of President-elect Joe Biden’s very first tasks will be filling the top positions in his White House and Cabinet. In contrast to President Trump’s notably White and male Cabinet, Biden has promised to be “a president for all Americans” and build a Cabinet that reflects its diversity.

joe biden kamala harrisIn making his selections Biden (shown at right with Vice President Election Kamala Harris) is looking to appease factions of the Democratic Party from moderates to progressives and longtime allies to newer faces. Cabinet positions — with the exception of the vice president and White House chief of staff — will also require approval from a Republican Senate, unless Democrats can win two Senate race runoffs in early January.

Once confirmed, they will be instrumental in carrying out his goals and setting the tenor his presidency. We’re tracking the people who Biden has already named and the top contenders for unfilled roles.

  • Washington Post, Biden still planning to be sworn in on the steps of U.S. Capitol two weeks after mob attack, Emily Davies and Matt Viser, Jan. 9, 2021. 

More On U.S. Elections, Politics

ronna mcdaniel djt Custom

ny times logoNew York Times, In Capital, a G.O.P. Crisis. At the R.N.C. Meeting, a Trump Celebration, Jonathan Martin, Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). Party members at a gathering of the Republican National Committee endorsed President Trump to lead the party forward, despite turmoil in Washington.

In Washington, Republicans were dealing with a burgeoning crisis in their ranks, with high-profile resignations and bitter infighting over how to deal with an erratic and isolated president. But at the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting on Friday, most party members were operating in a parallel universe.

rnc logoIn a chandelier-adorned ballroom at the seaside Ritz-Carlton here, there was no mention of President Trump’s disruption of the coronavirus relief package or his phone call to the Georgia secretary of state demanding that he help steal the election, both of which contributed to Republicans’ losing control of the Senate.

And while the R.N.C. chair, Ronna McDaniel (shown above with Trump in separate file photos), condemned the attack on the Capitol, neither she nor any other speaker so much as publicly hinted at Mr. Trump’s role in inciting a mob assault on America’s seat of government.

Even as the president faces a possible second impeachment proceeding, this collective exercise in gaze aversion was not the most striking part of the meeting. More revealing was the reason for the silence from the stage: Party members, one after another, said in interviews that the president did not bear any blame for the violence at the Capitol and indicated that they wanted him to continue to play a leading role in the party.

“I surely embrace President Trump,” said Michele Fiore, the committeewoman from Nevada, where Republicans have lost two Senate races and the governorship since 2016. Ms. Fiore, who was sporting a Trump-emblazoned vest, said the president was “absolutely” a positive force in the party.

The fealty to Mr. Trump was made plain on Friday when the state chairs and the committeemen and women who make up the R.N.C.’s governing board unanimously re-elected Ms. McDaniel, Mr. Trump’s handpicked chair. They also reappointed her co-chair, Tommy Hicks, who was first appointed to his post because of his friendship with the president’s eldest son.

Mr. Trump is the first president since Herbert Hoover to preside over the loss of the White House, the House and the Senate in a single term and will be the first since Andrew Johnson to boycott his successor’s inauguration. That hasn’t yet fazed the Republican rank and file.

“This room, they’re in denial, and that’s on the record,” Bill Palatucci, a committeeman from New Jersey, said during a break in the Friday session, acknowledging the “damage done to the country” and the Republican “brand” this week.

But Mr. Palatucci was a lonely voice of dissent, at least in public.

Sen. Josh Hawley, a first-term Missouri Republican, gives a fist salute to the pro-Trump mob outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 (photo by Francis Chung).

Sen. Josh Hawley, a first-term Missouri Republican, gives a fist salute to the pro-Trump mob outside the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021 (photo by Francis Chung).

ny times logoNew York Times, Senator Josh Hawley, who drew condemnation for challenging the election results, defended his decision, Catie Edmondson Jan. 9, 2021 (print ed.). The day after Josh Hawley became the first Republican senator to say he would indulge President Trump’s demand that lawmakers try to overturn the election, a reporter asked if he thought the gambit would make him unpopular with his colleagues.

“More than I already am?” he retorted.

Even before Mr. Hawley lodged what was certain to be a futile objection to Congress’s certification of the results, the 41-year-old senator — regarded as a rising Republican star who could one day run for president — was far from the chamber’s most popular lawmaker.

His insistence on pressing the challenge after a violent mob egged on by Mr. Trump stormed the Capitol to protest President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s victory, endangering the entire Congress and the vice president in a day of terror that left at least five people dead, has earned him pariah status in Washington.

But while Mr. Hawley’s role in the riot may have left him shunned — at least for now — in official circles, it may only have improved his stock with his party’s djt maga hatbase in his home state, which remains deeply loyal to Mr. Trump.

His fellow Republicans in the Senate lined up to blame Mr. Hawley for the riot. The editorial boards of major newspapers in Missouri accused him of having “blood on his hands” and called on him to resign. His publisher canceled his book deal and his erstwhile mentor called his efforts to get Mr. Hawley elected to the Senate “the biggest mistake I’ve ever made.”

“But for him, it wouldn’t have happened,” former Senator John C. Danforth of Missouri, the Republican elder statesman, told The Kansas City Star of his former protégé’s role in the riot.

Mr. Hawley has remained defiant, arguing Wednesday evening that the electoral count in Congress was the proper venue to debate his concerns about fraud in the balloting, though he never made a specific charge of wrongdoing.

republican elephant logo“I will never apologize for giving voice to the millions of Missourians and Americans who have concerns about the integrity of our elections,” Mr. Hawley said in a statement. “That’s my job, and I will keep doing it.”

But many Republicans dismissed his effort as grandstanding intended to further his own political ambitions. Some Democratic senators demanded his resignation. And on Friday, Mr. Biden said that Mr. Hawley and Senator Ted Cruz, Republican of Texas, were part of “the big lie” that had animated Mr. Trump’s refusal to concede, invoking Joseph Goebbels, Nazi Germany’s minister of propaganda.

djt march 2020 Custom

ny times logoNew York Times, Trump’s Legacy: Voters Who Reject Democracy and Any Politics but Their Own, Trip Gabriel, Jan. 9, 2021. Interviews with voters this week show that President Trump’s subversion of democratic values will have enduring influence within the Republican Party.

 ny times logoNew York Times, Parler Pitched Itself as Twitter Without Rules. Not Anymore, Apple and Google Said, Jack Nicas, Updated Jan. 9, 2021. Google and Apple told Parler, a social network popular with far-right conservatives, that it must better police its users if it wants a place in their app stores.

parler logoParler is one of the hottest apps in the world, a social network that has attracted millions of far-right conservatives over the past year with its hands-off approach to policing users’ posts. And with the news that President Trump had been kicked off Twitter and Facebook, Parler was the odds-on bet to be his next soapbox.

But just as it has been gaining new clout, Parler is now suddenly faced with an existential crisis.

apple logo rainbowOn Friday, Apple told the company that it had to step up its policing of the conversation on its app — undercutting its flagship feature — or lose its platform on iPhones. Several hours later, Google suspended Parler from the Play Store, the main way to download apps on Android devices, until it better polices its app.

In an email to Parler, Apple said it had received complaints that people used the Parler app, which mimics Twitter, to plan Wednesday’s deadly riot in Washington. Apple said it had determined that Parler was not “removing content that encourages illegal activity and poses a serious risk to the health and safety of users.”

google logo customA day earlier, John Matze, Parler’s chief executive, had said in an interview with The Times about Wednesday’s melee that he didn’t “feel responsible for any of this and neither should the platform, considering we’re a neutral town square that just adheres to the law.”

In its letter, Apple referenced his stance and added, “We want to be clear that Parler is in fact responsible for all the user generated content present on your service and for ensuring that this content meets App Store requirements for the safety and protection of our users.”

Apple gave Parler 24 hours to comply before the app would be removed from Apple’s App Store.

Google said in a statement that it had pulled the app because Parler was not enforcing its own moderation policies, despite a recent reminder from Google, and because of continued posts on the app that sought to incite violence.

DJT lisa murkowski

Palmer Report, Opinion: This is a game changer, Bill Palmer, Jan. 9, 2021. Timing is bill palmera funny thing. When Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski, above right, called for Donald Trump’s resignation today and threatened to leave the Republican Party over him, we were all instinctively expecting Trump to fire back at her on Twitter. Murkowski surely knew it was coming, and didn’t care.

bill palmer report logo headerBut then the bombshell dropped last night, squarely on Donald Trump’s head. After he was temporarily suspended from Twitter but then misbehaved again after getting his account back, Trump got banned from Twitter entirely – permanently. There are a lot of implications here. One of them is that he never got a chance to fire back at Murkowski. And now he’ll never get to tweet mean retaliatory things about another politician again.

This means that if some Republican Senator wants to unload on Donald Trump going forward, there will be no easy or immediate way for Trump to fire back in retaliation. If Trump can’t harm them in this way, it should make it easier for Republicans to attack Trump whenever they want. Even if some of them only do it for self-serving or backside-covering reasons, the path still just got a lot easier for them.

This is a potential game changer. Any Republican coward who’s spent four years wanting to lash out at Trump, but has been too fearful of retaliation, now gets to take free pot shots at Trump. Let the games begin, if any of these cowards want to play.

Editor’s Note: The following reports are drawn from sources not normally cited here but appear to provide more details about deaths during the Capitol rioting than available elsewhere, at least at the time of publication:

kevin greeson via parler

MeBere, Kevin Greeson obituary died at riot US Capitol Washington DC, Roni Sianturi, Jan. 9, 2021. The family of an Alabama man who died at the capitol during the violence on Wednesday says he was not involved in the protests, but went to express his support for President Trump.

One of the four (later five) people who died during the U.S. riots on Wednesday was Kevin Greeson (shown above in a photo via Parler and at right), of kevin greesonAthens, Ala. Greeson, 55, was one of three who died of medical problems. Police also shot and killed a woman from California (and a policeman died).

Kristi Greeson emailed a statement to WKRG News 5, the sister station of CBS 42, saying, “He was excited to be there to experience this event-he was not there to engage in violence or rioting, nor did he condone such actions.” His wife says he had a history of high blood pressure and suffered a heart attack. “Our family is devastated.”

Related story: MeBere, Kevin Greeson tasering and heart attack, Roni Sianturi, Jan. 8, 2021. He died in the U.S. Capitol after tasering himself mistakenly and getting a heart attack. A pro-Trump crowd marched to the United States Capitol and assaulted it while vandalizing and assaulting police officers.

Outlets say that one of the individuals who died in an emergency probably played a role in their own death. News 1130, as well as other news outlets, claim that [Gleeson] died after mistakenly shocking himself with a taser [in the groin area], which caused him to have a heart attack.

rosanne boyland

MeBere, Woman trampled to death at Capitol riot, Roni Sianturi, Jan. 9, 2021. The woman trampled in the Capitol riots had a flag of ‘don’t tread me.’ When a few rioters started pushing people, Rosanne Boyland, 34, shown above in crowd-sourced photos, was killed in the crush, her friend Justin Winchell said.

“They essentially created a panic, and the police, in turn, push back on them, so people started falling,” Mr. Winchell said. “I put my arm under her and pushed her out, and then another guy fell on top of her, and there was just another guy wandering around (on top of her). There were people stacked two-three deep…people just crushed.”

Desperately, paramedics attempted to revive her, but were unable to.

Pictures from earlier that day showed her bearing the “Don’t tread on me” flag. The so-called Gadsden flag dates back to the American Revolution, but has been co-opted as a means of protesting government interference by conservative groups.

Mr. Winchell, from Georgia, said he did not blame the riot on Donald Trump. “I’ve never tried to be a political person but it’s my own subjective opinion that the president’s words incited a riot that killed four of his biggest fans last night and I conclude that we should invoke the 25th amendment at this time,” he said.

“Our family is grieving on every level for our country, for all the family that have lost loved ones or suffered injuries, for our own loss.”

A legislative mechanism authorizing the cabinet to expel a president if he is found unfit for office is the 25th amendment.

benjamin philips

MeBere, Benjamin Phillips obituary death at Capitol, Roni Sianturi, Jan. 9, 2021. On Wednesday, Ben Philips (shown above at right) rode to Washington in a white van, smiling at the steering wheel as he described the day’s significance.

“To be honest, it seems like the first day of the rest of our lives,” he said, ready to denounce what he claimed was a stolen election with crowds of other Trump supporters, including a party he brought to Washington from Pennsylvania. “They ought to name Zero this year, because something’s going to happen.”

After suffering what fellow demonstrators said was a stroke in the nation’s capital, Philips, 50, of Bloomsburg, died that day.

Without him, the group of Pennsylvanians he assembled returned on a peaceful, somber ride home, following a violent day when the Capitol building was targeted by insurrectionists incited by President Donald Trump’s false allegations of election rigging. One of the four people who died in the chaos was Philips. There’s no evidence that Philips himself took part in the Capitol raid.

Philips, a computer programmer who founded a website for Trump supporters on social media and arranged transport for several hundred people, arrived in Washington about 10:30 a.m. with the party.

Honesdale group member Gordy Smith said he and others were calling Philips when it was time to leave and he hadn’t arrived. One of those calls was answered by the Washington police, telling them that Philips suffered a stroke and died at George Washington University Hospital.

“They were all shocked,” said Smith. “It was a very somber home drive.”

Before dawn Wednesday, the party left for Washington, sleepy but happy, from the Bass Pro Shop in Harrisburg and picked up additional passengers in York. A separate van was operated by Philips, trailing behind the bus. He split off to find a place to park once everyone arrived in Washington and the party went to hear Trump talk near the Washington Monument.

“That was the last time we saw him,” said Smith.

No one from the Pennsylvania party, Smith said, was with him throughout the day. Police in Washington did not immediately answer requests for more detail about the death of Philips. The department reported that three more people died outside of medical emergencies, including Philips, in addition to one woman shot by police inside the Capitol.

It was a surprising end to a day for the Pennsylvania party, most of whom had met Philips that day, which started out peacefully but turned into a Capitol uprising, with some of them fleeing the region once things became violent.

“The event seemed to be spreading an important message until ignorance began,” said David Stauffer, a member of the York party. “As far as I have noticed, those people who broke in did not fit the pattern of the day’s protesters.”

ny times logoNew York Times, Woman Killed in Capitol Embraced Trump and QAnon, Ellen Barry, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Dave Philipps, Jan. 8, 2021 (print ed.). After 14 years in the military, Ashli Babbitt bought a pool supply company and delved into far-right politics.

ashli babbittAshli Babbitt had been preparing for this day, the day when world events would turn her way. When a discouraged friend on Twitter asked last week, “When do we start winning?” Ms. Babbitt had an answer: “Jan 6, 2021.”

Her name will now be connected to that date, and to shaky footage showing a crowd of rioters smashing glass on the door leading to the Speaker’s Lobby of the Capitol.

At the front of that crowd is the small figure of Ms. Babbitt, wearing snow boots, jeans, and a Trump flag wrapped around her neck like a cape.

“Go! Go!” she shouts, and then two men hoist her up to the rim of a broken window. As she sticks her head through the frame, a Capitol Police officer in plain clothes fires a shot, and she falls back into the crowd. Blood starts pouring from her mouth.

A day after Ms. Babbitt’s death, as part of a mob storming the Capitol amid counting of Electoral College votes, a portrait of her is taking shape.

Ms. Babbitt had left the Air Force after two wars and 14 years, settling near the working-class San Diego suburb where she was raised. Life after the military was not easy. After briefly working security at a nuclear power plant, she was struggling to keep a pool-supply company afloat.

As a civilian, she found herself newly free to express her political views. Her social media feed was a torrent of messages celebrating President Trump; QAnon conspiracy theories; and tirades against immigration, drugs and Democratic leaders in California.

“You guys refuse, refuse to choose America over your stupid political party, I am so tired of it,” she said in a video message posted on Twitter, addressing California politicians. “You can consider yourself put on notice. Me and the American people. I am so tired of it, I am woke, man, this is absolutely unbelievable.”

The people close to Ms. Babbitt have all responded with shock. Her husband, Aaron Babbitt, 39, told a Fox affiliate in San Diego that he had sent his wife a message about 30 minutes before the shooting, and she never responded.

Her brother, Roger Witthoeft, 32, said Ms. Babbitt had not told her family that she was planning to go to Washington. But he was not surprised that she would protest.

Her social media accounts suggest that she also, increasingly, embraced the conspiratorial thinking of QAnon, which has asserted that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by an elite Satan-worshiping cabal, and that it was up to ordinary people to reinstate Mr. Trump.

She retweeted a post that promised a violent uprising that would lead to Mr. Trump’s second inauguration.

“Nothing will stop us,” she wrote on Twitter the day before her death. “They can try and try and try but the storm is here and it is descending upon DC in less than 24 hours …. dark to light!”

 derrick evans

 West Virginia House of Delegates member Derrick Evans, left, is given the oath of office in December, 2020. Authorities have announced his arrest in the fatal rioting that occurred in the nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6 that resulted in five deaths and more than 500 police injured.

WSAZ News, Delegate Evans announces resignation from House of Delegates, Staff Report, Jan. 9, 2021. Delegate Derrick Evans, who was seen on video with rioters going inside of the Capitol Wednesday, has announced his resignation from the West Virginia House of Delegates according to a spokesperson. The Wayne County Republican’s resignation goes into effect immediately.

“Delegate Evans was unfortunately a part of the events this week that threatened what has historically made America a beacon for the rest of the world: the peaceful transfer of power,” said House of Delegates Speaker Roger Hanshaw in a statement.

“In announcing his resignation, Delegate Evans said he accepted responsibility for his actions and apologized to those he’s hurt. In this time of overheated, hyperbolic political rage, I think that’s a good first step for us all to take right now.”

Palmer Report, Opinion: The insanity continues, Ron Leshnower, Jan. 9, 2021. Two days after Trump’s seditious mob stormed the Capitol, President-Elect Joe Biden offered a reminder that sane and competent leadership is only days away. After introducing his economic team on Friday, Biden responded to a question about unity: “We need a Republican Party. We need an opposition that’s principled and strong. I think you’re going to see them going through this idea of what constitutes the Republican Party.”

In a democracy, the idea of a political party governing without opposition is not realistic. Nevertheless, the Democrats are poised to hit the ground running and transform the country into something magnificent. As Biden pointed out, this is because the Republican opposition has become both profoundly amoral and, thankfully, weak.

After the riots were quelled, you would think Congress would reconvene to finish the ceremonial job of vote certification. Instead, Republican Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz decided to hold the legislative branch — and America’s democracy — hostage in a different way, keeping everyone up until dawn for a perverse debate over the same seditious objections that led to the violence.

bill palmer report logo headerIn the meantime, Democratic Congressman Andy Kim was on his hands and knees clearing the Rotunda of broken flags and furniture, cigarette butts, body armor, Trump flags, and more. Despite having just endured the tragedy of burying his son the day before, Democratic Congressman Jamie Raskin showed up to fulfill his role in the peaceful transition of power—only to join colleagues in fleeing for his life. As Raskin later told The Atlantic, “The president is a lethal danger to the American republic and the American people. There has been nothing like this since the Civil War.”

Before the attack began, the Republican Attorneys General Association sent robocalls urging people to join a march that was widely expected to turn violent. “At 1 p.m., we will march to the Capitol building and call on Congress to stop the steal!” the AG group encouraged, according to NBC News. As rioters stormed the Capitol with weapons and zip ties shouting “Hang Mike Pence!” while urinating and smearing their own feces around them, Hawley and Cruz shamelessly sent emails to fundraise off the lunacy.

At the Republican National Committee’s winter meeting on Friday, members went on record to insist that Trump was blameless for the attack and claimed he should continue playing a leading role in the Republican Party, according to reporting from The New York Times. Despite the humiliating Republican loss of both the presidency and the Senate, the RNC governing board unanimously reelected Ronna McDaniel as the chair.

Over the next year, Democrats will indeed have an opposition that is neither principled nor strong. As we watch the Republican Party hobble along, splinter, or dissolve, we will know that such are the consequences for a party that has embraced a fascist and spread dangerous lies about the election. Under a Biden-Harris administration and with a Democratic Congress, there is no doubt that America’s best days lie ahead.

New Yorker, An Air Force Combat Veteran Breached the Senate, Ronan Farrow, ronan farrowright, Jan. 9, 2021. ProTrump protesters in the Senate Chamber. As insurrectionists new yorker logostormed the U.S. Capitol this week, a few figures stood out. One man, clad in a combat helmet, body armor, and other tactical gear, was among the group that made it to the inner reaches of the building.

Carrying zip-tie handcuffs, he was captured in photographs and videos on the Senate floor and with a group that descended on Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office suite. In a video shot by ITV News, he is seen standing against a wall adjacent to Pelosi’s office, his face covered by a bandana. At another point, he appears to exit the suite, face exposed, pushing his way through the crowds of demonstrators.

A day after the riots, John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at Citizen Lab, at the University of Toronto’s Munk School, notified the F.B.I. that he suspected the man was retired Lieutenant Colonel Larry Rendall Brock, Jr., a Texas-based Air Force Academy graduate and combat veteran. Scott-Railton had been trying to identify various people involved in the attack. “I used a number of techniques to hone in on his identity, including facial recognition and image enhancement, as well as seeking contextual clues from his military paraphernalia,” Scott-Railton told me.

Brock was wearing several patches on his combat helmet and body armor, including one bearing a yellow fleur de lis, the insignia of the 706th Fighter Squadron. He also wore several symbols suggesting that he lived in Texas, including a vinyl tag of the Texas flag overlaid on the skull logo of the Punisher, the Marvel comic-book character. The Punisher has been adopted by police and Army groups and, more recently, by white supremacists and followers of QAnon. Scott-Railton also found a recently deleted Twitter account associated with Brock, with a Crusader as its avatar. “All those things together, it’s like looking at a person’s C.V.,” Scott-Railton said.

Palmer Report, Opinion: These pro-Trump terrorists who invaded the Capitol had inside help, Bill Palmer, Jan. 9, 2021. We all knew Donald Trump’s goons would gather outside the Capitol. But it was reasonable for us all to expect that they’d be kept outside, and that if anything, they’d skirmish with law enforcement before getting arrested. After all, Trump’s goons are clueless disorganized idiots.

These idiots clearly had inside help, and that’s the only reason they got in and any of this happened. Identifying the inside help is absolutely crucial. This isn’t merely some theory. It’s been widely documented by the mainstream media that the Capitol Police removed barriers for the marauders, gave them directions to certain offices, took selfies with them, and ultimately gave them an escort out of the building instead of arresting them.

The only way any of that happened was if certain Capitol Police were plotting with the invaders in advance, or if they were instructed by a higher-up to cooperate with the invaders. The good news is that with an operation this sloppy, and involving this many co-conspirators, and so many of them now having been arrested by the Feds, some of these in-over-their-heads idiots will soon start squawking about why they got the white glove treatment that they did.

BuzzFeed News, These Black Capitol Police Officers Describe Fighting Off “Racist Ass Terrorists,” Emmanuel Felton, Jan. 9, 2021. Two Black officers told BuzzFeed News that their chief and other upper management left them totally unprepared and were nowhere to be found on the day.

The first glimpse of the deadly tragedy that was about to unfold came at 9 a.m. on the morning of the insurrection for one Black veteran of the US Capitol Police. But it didn’t come from his superiors — instead the officer had to rely on a screenshot from Instagram sent to him by a friend.

“I found out what they were planning when a friend of mine screenshot me an Instagram story from the Proud Boys saying, ‘We’re breaching the capitol today, guys. I hope y’all ready.’” The officer, who asked to remain anonymous out of fear of retaliation from his superiors, told BuzzFeed News that it was just a sign of the chaos that was to come, which saw officers regularly finding themselves unprepared and then outmanned and overpowered by the mob.

The officer said that while the department’s upper management had been telling them to prepare for Wednesday’s storming of the Capitol like they would for any other protest, that Instagram post sent a clear message: this wasn’t going to be just some kind of free speech protest, this was going to be a fight.

Management’s inaction left Black police officers especially vulnerable to a mob that had been whipped up by President Donald Trump, a man who has a record of inspiring racist vigilantes to action. One of the most defining videos of that day was of one of their colleagues, another Black officer, trying in vain to hold back the tide of rioters who had broken into the building and were hunting for Congressional members.

BuzzFeed News spoke to two Black officers who described a harrowing day in which they were forced to endure racist abuse — including repeatedly being called the n-word — as they tried to do their job of protecting the Capitol building, and by extension the very functioning of American democracy. The officers said they were wrong footed, fighting off an invading force that their managers had downplayed, and not prepared them for. They had all been issued gas masks, for example, but management didn’t tell them to bring them in on the day. Capitol Police did not respond to BuzzFeed News’s request for comment about the allegations made by officers.

andy kim ap photo by andrew harnik

Rep. Andy Kim, D-N.J., cleans up debris and personal belongings strewn across the floor of the Rotunda in the early morning hours of Thursday, Jan. 7, 2021, after protesters stormed the Capitol in Washington, on Wednesday. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik), Opinion: The hypocrisy of the GOP is beyond astounding, Anthony Daniels (Member, Alabama House of Representatives), Jan. 9, 2021. Republicans in Congress and across the nation played a direct role in setting the stage for Wednesday’s attempted coup at the United States Capitol. They did so deliberately through an extensive and unrelenting campaign of lies about the election. They repeatedly lied about the results. They lied about fraud. And now they are lying about an act of domestic terrorism.

The last group to storm the U.S. Capitol were British soldiers more than 200 years ago. On January 6, we witnessed a homegrown attack on one of our most sacred institutions and an attempt to overthrow duly elected leaders in favor of a losing candidate. Comparing it to other instances of unrest is a continuation of that disinformation campaign. Calling it anything else is merely a cowardly attempt to avoid responsibility.

mo brooks oThe hypocrisy of the GOP is beyond astounding. It is criminal. Republicans like Congressman Mo Brooks, right, goaded the mob to “start taking names and kicking ass” in the morning, only to try to distance themselves from the “un-American” attacks later that day.

The very people who added gasoline to an explosive situation and lit the match, then hide under their desks when the flames erupted. Talk about cowardly. Talk about un-American. Today, the party of “law and order,” the party that supposedly respects the heritage and time-honored traditions of this nation, incited violent attacks on law enforcement and encouraged the desecration of our seat of government. Congressman Brooks and any who joined him should resign now. If not, they should be removed from all committees or leadership positions.

The peaceful transfer of power every four years is what truly makes our nation great. The attempted disruption of that sacred exchange today reminds us that our Democracy is under attack., SPLC calls for investigation into Alabama AG’s role in Capitol protest, Dennis Pillion, Jan. 9, 2021. The Southern Poverty Law Center is calling for an investigation into the role a group headed by Alabama AG Steve Marshall played in organizing a rally at the U.S. Capitol that turned violent, resulting in five deaths and the takeover of the U.S. Capitol by a pro-Trump mob.

Marshall said earlier this week he has ”directed an internal review” after reports that the policy branch of the Republican Attorney Generals Association — a branch headed by Marshall — played a role in organizing and promoting the protests around the U.S. Capitol Building. Marshall said that decisions were made within that group without his authorization but did not specify further.

The SPLC Action Fund issued a news release Saturday saying that the Alabama Ethics Commission and Alabama State Bar should investigate the matter, not Marshall and the RAGA.

“Attorney General Marshall’s account of his involvement in Wednesday’s insurrection is not credible,” SPLC Action Fund CEO and President Margaret Huang said in a news release.

“He’s asking the public to believe that he was completely unaware of his staff’s work to organize the rally and insurrectionist efforts urged by the disgraced President Trump. It appears he is lying to his constituents – the Alabama people – and the American public at large about the outcome of the 2020 election and his role in the failed yet deadly coup.”

Steve Marshall says he’ll investigate Republican AG group’s role in Capitol conflict

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