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Who is Really Running the World? Beyond the Deep State.

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Most people get their news and information from social media and mainstream media.  They not only have been indoctrinated with their propaganda but they also become spokespeople to spread that teaching to others.  THIS is who created the far left and is continuing to do so.  As a result these people can no longer think and reason.  They were taught to believe and obey, and like ignorant beasts this is all they can now do. 

The next level of information is the alternative media.  These brave independent investigative reporters have been called conspiracy theorists and rightfully so because they indeed do expose conspiracies, but that is not what the ignorant think conspiracy theorist means.  These reporters face constant ridicule, contempt, and accusations but they keep on digging for truth and corruption and continue to expose it.  And most of the time they are right. 

The next level f information is the “boots on the ground” type of information.  For Covid this would be the frontline doctors and nurses who Know what is going on but who lawmakers never consult.  Or it would be “real” economists who have already told us that we are headed for financial disaster unless debt and spending is reduced.  Or the military who run covert operations and are quite tight lipped with very few leaks but when they occur they are very reliable.   Or like environmentalists who understand the natural carbon cycle and are not fooled by climate change propaganda. 

Then we have the elite or deep state, or whatever else you want to call them.   The rich and powerful who think they have the right to own and control the world even though they have not received that mandate from anyone except themselves.  But they wield a lot of power because of their wealth and influence.  This is the most dangerous group and even though we know what they are up to, we are powerless to stop them. 

And then we come to the top of the power and influence pyramid.  THIS is who actually runs the world.  Please continue and see this through to the end or else your knowledge will stop at the Deep State and you will NOT understand the whole story.  The same as those who only use the MSM don’t understand anything beyond that.  They prefer to live in ignorance to their own demise.  

There are two explanations for the origin of life and the universe.  One is the Biblical explanation and the other is the scientific explanation.  They are very different from each other and not even similar.  Therefore, the first obvious observation is that they can’t both be right.  Either God created the universe and all that is in it, or the Big Bang did.  I used to believe the Big Bang did because that is what I was taught in school.  Even though it is All Theory it is taught as fact.   So everyone believes it for that reason, and Not because it was proven to them because it never was.  About 40 years ago I began to question the meaning of life and began to look at alternative explanations.  I was an atheist at the time but decided to see what the Bible had to say about it and after reading parts of it spent the next 7 years trying to disprove it.  I could not.  All I could do is believe it or deny it.  Just like the Big Bang and Evolution.  One either believes it or denies it but cannot prove it.  Therefore, that debate is still open as there is no proof either way.  Please stay with me on this.  I am NOT going to tell you what to believe, that is your business, but if you stay with me, you will see “the rest of the story”.  Otherwise you will stop at the DS and not see what is above that and how it all fits.  

If we consider the Biblical account a condensed version is this.  God created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them.  He created two humans, Adam and Eve who were the first parents and all humans came from them.  God gave them dominion over the earth and all that is in it.  God placed them in a beautiful garden that he created and told them they could eat from every tree except two.  The tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life.  The devil convinced Eve to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil to “increase her knowledge” and she did.  So did Adam.  What happened next is Very Important because it totally changed the chain of command.  They disobeyed God and obeyed the devil.  By doing so they gave the devil control over them and all mankind and the entire world.  The authority that God gave Adam and Eve they gave to the devil.  Since then the devil has been ruling the earth.  Yes, God wins in the end and yes he controls what the devil can and cannot do, but that’s another story.  I’m just going to tell you how that event affects the life we live NOW.  

Today in the world all humans still have the same choice.  Believe God or believe the devil.  God wants us to believe him and the devil wants us to believe him.  God stands for everything that is right, honest, fair and good, and the devil stands for everything wrong, bad, evil, and corrupt.  God ALWAYS tells us the truth, the devil tells us lies.  God cares about US.  The devil cares about himself.  God loves us, the devil hates us.  I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture.  I am Not putting the devil down and building God up, I am just telling you the Truth.  This is what God is like, and this is what the devil is like.  AND WE WILL ALL BECOME LIKE THE ONE WE FOLLOW.   If you follow the MSM you will be influenced by their teaching and become like them.  If you follow the alternative media your thinking will be like theirs.   If you are a rich and powerful elite you will think like them   This is just the way it is.  But the important thing is this:  YOU CAN IDENTIFY WHO SOMEONE SERVES BY THEIR ACTIONS. 

The left is rapidly becoming very powerful very evil and very corrupt.  In the US the Democratic party which serves the DS and Not the people has shown us time and time again how their thinking is very different from the right more conservative thinking.  So it’s quite clear who they get that from and who they serve.  Looking at the world we see that in most of it we have that same left right paradigm.  Each side believes that they are right and the other side is wrong.  Well, once again they both can’t be right can they.  Now I will show you how this all ties together.  This is the Most Important part of the story.  Once you see this you will have a clear understanding of Everything that is going on in the world and Why it’s happening the way it is.  

The devil’s goal right from the time of Adam and Eve has been to Rule the World.  He used to be God’s right hand man, but he wanted to “take over” and be the top dog.  So God expelled him from his inner circle and pronounced judgment on him.  He did not execute judgment at that time because he wanted this to be a lesson for everyone.  The angels that did not follow the devil would then get to see the effects of evil and be thankful that they made the right decision not to follow him.   Humans will have the same opportunity.  This way everyone will have an opportunity to choose rather than live in fear of being punished without fully seeing the effects of their actions.  So the devil KNOWS that his days are numbered.  He also KNOWS what his fate will be; he will spend eternity in the lake of fire.  So his goal is this.  TO TAKE AS MANY HUMANS TO THE LAKE OF FIRE WITH HIM AS POSSIBLE SO THAT HE AND HIS DEMONIC ANGELS CAN USE AND ABUSE THEIR HUMAN SLAVES FOR THEIR OWN PLEASURE FOR EVER AND EVER.  HUMANS WILL BE THEIR REWARD, PLAYTHINGS, AND SLAVES.   This is why he wants to control the world and amass as many followers as possible.  Not only to get back at God, but also to beat, torture, rape, and abuse us.  Their twisted thinking actually gets pleasure doing this.   Have you noticed that pedophiles have the same mindset?  Have you noticed that communist regimes do too?   Have you noticed that the DS also wants to own and control us.  Have you noticed that our rights and freedoms are rapidly being curtailed? Have you noticed how many people are totally brainwashed and believe in Satanism, Communism, and the like?  Have you noticed how much violence and terror is in the world?  It all comes from the same source and for the same reason.  

This is all happening because the whole world is being set up for the arrival of the devil and his angels who will rule over the whole world for the last 3 1/2 years of the Great Tribulation before Jesus comes back with his heavenly army and puts an end to them.  This is the Battle of Armaggedon that you may have heard about.  The final battle between good and evil.  And this is when the devil’s judgment will be executed and he will be cast into the lake of fire along with his demonic angels and all his human followers.  THIS IS WHAT THE END GAME IS AND EVERYTHING THAT IS HAPPENING ON EARTH IS FOR THIS PURPOSE.  

Understanding this makes it much easier to understand WHY things happen the way they do.  For example let’s take the recent US election.  Most of us know that it was a fraud, an “in your face what you gonna do about it” corrupt crime.  And as of now it has still not been fully resolved.  Some think it’s over, Trump is gone for good, and others think that this was a set up and he will return and put the DS in jail and set up a new Republic and so on.  In view of what I have just stated above, here is how I saw this unfolding.  If Biden wins, we are that much closer to the start of the Great Tribulation as he will speed it’s coming.   If Trump wins we will get a short reprieve before that happens.  We CANNOT STOP the Great Tribulation, Armaggedon, and the rest of it from happening, it’s just a matter of When it will happen, but this is one of the many markers that can give us an idea of how close we are. 

So in summary.  The devil and his demonic angels are ruling the earth as a “shadow dictator type government”.  He uses his followers on earth to prepare the earth and humans for his arrival (DS, WEF, Covid, Communism, etc).  He will rule the earth for the last 3 1/2 years before Jesus returns (mark of the beast 666, wars, starvation, etc).  He will be a ruthless leader and many people will be killed.  The devil and his angels will be defeated at the Battle of Armaggedon and Jesus will set up His Kingdom on earth.  Jesus’s followers will live in His Kingdom and the devils followers will live in his kingdom (the lake of fire).  That’s how it’s going to happen and each person gets to make their own choice as to where and with who they will spend eternity.  No one makes that choice for them.  These events have all been set in stone and will happen exactly as written.  No one can change that.  All we can change is who we wish to serve.   You can find out more about all of this Here.  

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