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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on August 12 2022

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Battle for Maryinka: the situation on by the end of August 12, 2022

▪️At the end of July, the allied forces launched an offensive against Maryinka.

The front line in this suburb of Donetsk has remained virtually unchanged since 2014: for 8 years, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to equip a layered defense with strong points in the area.

▪️The attack on a well-fortified line came as a surprise to the Ukrainian command.

Therefore, already in the first days, the units of the NM DPR managed to seize positions near the ventilation shaft of the Shchurovka mine.

▪️After a week of fighting, by August 8, fighters of the allied forces knocked out Ukrainian formations from the dominant height on the waste heap of the Shchurovka mine.

For the next few days, fighting continued for farms on the southern outskirts of the settlement, which also came under the control of the NM DNR. 

▪️In connection with the breakthrough of the defense and heavy casualties from dense artillery fire, the Ukrainian command was forced to transfer reserves to the front.

At the moment, the front line runs through the center of the village to the east of Druzhby Avenue, where fighting is ongoing.

▪️The local population has actually left Marinka, so the allied forces continue to inflict massive fire damage on the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and suitable reserves.

Promotion in the village comes after the suppression of firing points: this affects the pace, but can significantly reduce human losses.

Battle of Peskiy: the situation at the end of August 12, 2022

In early August, the Allied forces launched an offensive on the Donetsk sector of the front. One of the goals was the village of Peskiy on the northwestern outskirts of the city, which in 8 years was turned into a solid fortified area. Because of this, all residents have long left the settlement.

Like in Marinka, the offensive of the Allied forces came as a surprise to the Ukrainian command. During the week, the DPR NM fighters first gained a foothold on the southern outskirts of the village, and then moved deeper into the development. The ruins of the feed mill and the St. Iversky Convent came under the control of the advancing units. 
The Ukrainian command was forced to hastily transfer the reserve to the fortified area, including the military personnel of the special operations forces. This made it possible to temporarily stop the advance of the NM DNR.

The Allied forces use superiority in firepower and actually burn out the identified positions of the APU in the building. At the moment, the Ukrainian formations really control only the north-western part of the settlement.

The Battle for Bakhmut: the situation at the end of August 12, 2022

At the beginning of the month, the units of the Wagner PMCs managed to break through the defenses on the approaches to the city and reach the eastern outskirts of Bakhmut (Artemovsk).

The advancing units managed to gain a foothold in the city limits in the area of Patrice Lumumba Street, but further progress is complicated by the deeply echeloned defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and minefields.

A large number of industrial zones and enterprises are located in Bakhmut, where Ukrainian formations have already placed defense nodes. In the future, this will prevent a rapid assault on the city as you move deeper into the development.

The artillery of the Allied forces regularly strikes targets identified by means of objective control. Suppression of firing points and artillery

The Battle for Soledar: the situation at the end of August 12, 2022

After heavy fighting last week, the Allied forces managed to approach the eastern outskirts of Soledar. During the clashes, the territory of the gypsum quarry of the Vostochno-Mikhailovsky deposit was taken.

At the same time, the advancing units of the LPR NM managed to gain a foothold at the KNAUF Gypsum plant. The territory of the enterprise was one of the nodes of the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the approaches to the city, and its capture opened the way for a further offensive deep into urban development.

In parallel, the fighters of the allied forces are fighting for Yakovlevka with the aim of capturing the village and reaching Soledar from the northeast.

The AFU transferred reserves to the city in order to hinder the advance of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the NM of the LPR.
Russian artillery and aviation regularly strike at the exposed firing points of Ukrainian formations in order to provide opportunities for further wedging deep into the defense of the AFU in the city.

Summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: the Russian army is advancing in many directions

▪️ In the Slavyansk direction, the Russian army is conducting offensive battles in the directions of Apiary — Bogorodichnoye and Tikhoe — Dolina
▪️In the Kramatorsk direction, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation conducted a reconnaissance in the direction of Belogorovka — Grigorovka.
▪️In the Bakhmut direction, Allied troops are advancing in the directions of Sporniye, Ivano-Darievka, Vyemka, Yakovlevka, Kodema, Vershki and Zaitsevo. In the direction of Pokrovskoye — Artemovsk, Russian troops are having success and are trying to gain a foothold.
▪️ In the Avdiivka direction, fighting in the areas of Spartak, Peskov and Maryinka.
▪️In the Novopavlovsky and Zaporizhia directions, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation fired and advanced in the direction of Egorovka — Pavlovka. 

SMO today:

- Putin held a meeting of the Russian Security Council – “military direction” issues were on the agenda, with Shoigu making a report.

- Losses of the 14th Ukrainian brigade near Soledar amounted to more than 2,000, the remnants of the personnel were withdrawn to the rear areas – Russian MoD

- The strikes on the ZNPP could lead to a reactor shutdown, according to regional authorities, who do not rule out the plant being mothballed if Kiev continues its shelling.

- The position of the UN Secretary General on the ZNPP raises questions, there have been no signals to Kiev from his side, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

- The air defense team around the ZNPP has been reinforced amid the shelling, the regional authorities said.

- Ukrainian troops shelled the Stirol chemical concern in Gorlovka, the mayor said.

- Zelenskyy submitted to the Rada bills on extending martial law for another 90 days and general mobilization in Ukraine.

Update:Brimstone missile that was found at the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant. Brimstone missiles were given to Ukraine by the UK.

But the West can say Russia has fragments of Brimstone and has put them there…Circle of lies of ”empire of lies and hypocrisy” 

The United States will respond “quickly and seriously with additional sanctions” in the event of the regions of Ukraine becoming part of the Russian Federation and will not recognize their possible entry, an American official said.

The United States does not call on Ukraine to strike outside its territory during hostilities with the Russian Federation, the American official added.

The US official claims that the prospects for a diplomatic settlement will become more complicated if some areas of Ukraine become part of the Russian Federation.”Additional sanctions”…

The Ukrainian serviceman turned to President Zelensky and recommended to calm down the deputies of the Verkhovna Rada.

According to the military, it is they who are to blame for the fact that a war is going on in Ukraine, and martial law has been introduced in order to prevent people from gathering for rallies.

At the end, the Ukrainian military said that if his words were not heeded, then the military could come to Kyiv and restore order by conducting a complete cleansing of the authorities.

Fake news:
Russian troops are using thermobaric ammunition banned by the Geneva Convention in the DPR’s Peski settlement. The information is being actively circulated in major Ukrainian Telegram channels.

The fact:
Ukrainian propaganda workers are silent about the fact that the use of thermobaric ammunition is prohibited only against civilian targets, and that the village of Peski was long ago turned into a fortified area with no civilians left. The legitimacy of the use of thermobaric ammunition against military targets has been covered ( in the Western media.

There is no regular gas, water and electricity supply in Peski There are no shops working and 95% of residential buildings have major damage. As of 2019, only 9 civilians remained in the settlement. Since then, they had been evacuated from the area long ago. The 11th regiment and the Somali battalion of the DPR Militia now hold control ( of the village. Focal resistance ( by the Ukrainian armed forces has been recorded in the north-west. It was their positions that were hit by TOS-1A Solntsepyok.

It is important to understand that the TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower system is not subject ( to the requirements of “The Protocol on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the use of Incendiary Weapons” and is a legal and authorized weapon of the modern army.

UN: No one except Kiev’s envoy accused Russia of shelling #Zaporozhye NPP⚡️🔻

UNITED NATIONS, August 12. /TASS/. Ukraine’s envoy to the United Nations was the only participant of the UN Security Council meeting who tried to raise the question of Russia’s alleged shelling of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant (NPP), Russian Permanent Representative to the UN Vasily Nebenzya said.

“The representative of the Kiev regime was the only person to claim during today’s session that Russia was shelling the Zaporozhye NPP and the city of Energodar that it controls,” he said, adding that even the Kiev government’s western sponsors stopped short of doing so. “For the reasons of protocol, I would like to draw your attention to this statement, made by the Ukrainian side.”

In his words, attempts to accuse Russia of shelling the facilities that it controls are “too absurd to be heard from grown-up, respectable people present in this hall.”

The Zaporozhye NPP, located in the city of Energodar, is controlled by Russian troops. Over recent days, the Ukrainian forces have delivered several strikes on the nuclear plant’s premises, using, among others, drones, heavy artillery and multiple-launch rocket systems. In most cases, those attacks have been deflected by air defense systems, however, hits on infrastructure as well as in the vicinity of a storage facility of radioactive isotopes have been recorded.

Zaporozhye NPP received non-critical damage as a result of another shelling of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the operation of the reactors was not disrupted – the authorities of the Zaporozhye region. 

On the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP, from the point of view of nuclear safety, everything is in order, the level of radiation does not exceed the norm – the authorities

Our source in the OP told us that the Cabinet of Ministers made an analysis for the Office of the President of the power consumption when ZNPP is disconnected from the Ukrainian grid. In such conditions we will face a crisis of electricity supply this winter, because it will not be possible to rely on electricity imports from Belarus, as it was last year. The high percentage of depreciation of generating capacities and lack of coal is an additional negative factor in the government’s forecasts.

Vladimir Rogov, a member of the Zaporozhye Provincial Administration Council, said that the bombing of the Zaporozhye nuclear power station would stop if the Ukrainian army was expelled from the population centers of Marganets, Nikopol and Tomakovka.

The office of President Zelensky issued a command to withdraw local administrations, military registration and enlistment offices from Zaporozhye, Nikolaev and the cities and towns of Donbass and take out all the documentation. 

WaPo Reports: “On the Kherson front lines, little sign of a Ukrainian offensive”
“Waiting on weapons deliveries, Ukrainian gains on the ground have stalled…”

▪️”there is little sign that a major counteroffensive is brewing;”
▪️”The enemy [Russia] has significantly increased its artillery along the entire line;”
▪️”Lacking the basic artillery and armored vehicles needed to progress, Ukraine has focused on operations far behind the front lines;”
▪️”Ukraine doesn’t have a sufficient number of weapons systems for a counteroffensive;”

WaPo also claims Ukraine was behind the “mysterious attack” in Crimea despite Ukraine not even taking credit for the blast and zero evidence for such a conclusion at this time.

This is after weeks of on-and-off claims by the Western media that the “offensive” had already started.

A few conclusions:

1—With the liberation of the Severodonetsk urban agglomeration and the crushing of the Bakhmutka cauldron (both, in turn, consequences of the blooming of the Popasnaya tournesol), the Allied Forces had won significant tempo and were progressing rather rapidly in the direction of Artyomovsk (Bakhmut), Soledar, and Seversk (from multiple directions). At the same time, the offensive on Slavyansk was also gathering pace, with breakthroughs at Dolgenkoye and in the Sherwood Forest and on the south bank of Seversky Donets across from Svyatogorsk. There was little forward movement in the Krasny Liman/Raigorodok direction, as the forces that had succeeded there earlier were split between the Svyatogorsk and Severodonetsk fronts. But no matter, success was palpable. One could almost taste Ukrainian collapse.

2—The first sign of the change in the pace came when the victorious Russian units that had liberated Lisichansk were sent for rotation and well-deserved rest. The Lugansk units were unable to develop the offensive at Seversk and, despite entering the city on many occasions, could not remove the entrenched Ukrainian positions on the commanding heights outside the city, could not retain the nearly-secured bridgehead in Seversk, and were forced to resort to positional battles, particularly as Slavyansk reinforcement came to rescue the Ukrainian units that were seriously considering retreat.

3—The second, and this time critical change of pace came from the Russian command reacting to the perceived threat of the Great Ukrainian Kherson Counter-re-offensive. The rested troops did not return to the Artyomovsk-Soledar-Seversk front en masse, but were largely routed to defend Kherson.

4—As I suspected at the time and as I repeatedly stated, the Ukrainian counter-offensive was either impossible, in view of lack of reserves and equipment, or a feint to distract from another offensive direction or from the Russian plans in Donbass, or, more likely, equal large doses of each. The Kherson counter-offensive was as impossible then, as it is now, as it has been since the beginning of the conflict, as it will continue to be for at least another year to a year and a half.

5a—Unfortunately—although entirely unintentionally—the Kherson counter-offensive indeed worked as an element of psychological warfare, as recently claimed by Mikhailo Podolyak. Beggars are not choosers, and the mortally wounded Ukrainian regime will take any success—even an accidental one like the above—as a sign of a major victory. In the end, the Ukrainian offensive became a figment of Arestovich’s imagination. Unfortunately, it also scrambled the immediate plans of the Russian command in Donbass.

5b—Do not listen to Strelkov. Do not listen to me. Look at the map, at the battles, at the strategic depth. Strelkov was wrong—Kherson was never in any real danger. I was wrong—but only to the extent that I thought that the Kherson counter-offensive was a real feint, when it turned out to be mostly an accidental one.

6—As troops now continue to be re-deployed, as the threat in Kherson is increasingly confirmed to be illusory, the front will start (has started) moving again. The operational pause of 2-3 weeks was a loss of tempo. I doubt Russia will make this mistake again.

That’s all from me. More later.

Kherson is safe. Repeat after me.

To add something to my esteemed colleague text. Not only we restored operational tempo, but we managed to inflict substantial losses to Ukraine battle groups deployed in defence of said places. We also managed to force them to commit reserves which they collect with such difficulties.  Those reserves are in grinding machine as well, and some are already being spent. We will not licitate with casualties numbers but it is certain that they are in thousands. We are breaking their spine right now. Expect good news next week.

Zelensky is waiting for EITHER a tribunal or a return to comedy shows in supporting roles – Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

“Allied Russian forces are taking steady steps forward”

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More of atmospheric fighting from Pesky.

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