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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on August 17 2022

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Attack on Donbass: situation in eastern Ukraine by the end of August 17, 2022

▪️In the north of Kharkiv region, fighting is going on along the line of contact,
➖In the afternoon, reports were received that the RF Armed Forces had established control over the border villages of Stognii and Baranovka, there is no confirmation of this information yet.
➖Russian missile troops and artillery launched a series of strikes on targets in different parts of Kharkov.

▪️Fights are underway for the village of Mazanovka in the Slavic direction, intensive artillery preparation is underway in the surrounding forests.

▪️There are no significant changes in the front line in the Soledar direction:
➖In the evening, unverified reports appeared about the advancement of units of the 6th Cossack Regiment of the LPR deep into Soledar and the capture of several positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
➖ At   night, Ukrainian MLRS HIMARS attacked a residential building on Lenin Street in Pervomaisk near Luhansk from the Bakhmut area. Two civilians were killed and several more were injured.

▪️In the Donetsk direction, allied forces continue to advance on strongholds of Ukrainian formations:
➖Units of the 100th NM brigade of the DPR advanced in the direction of Nevelskoye and knocked out the Armed Forces of Ukraine from a stronghold in a forest plantation southeast of the village.
➖Units of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the NM of the DPR are fighting in the area of     the village of Nikolskoye, Pavlovka and Vladimirovka on the outskirts of Ugledar.
➖Ukrainian artillery shelled residential areas of Donetsk, as well as Makeevka, Gorlovka and Khartsyzsk.

▪️Russian artillery again struck at targets in Nikopol, from where Ukrainian formations are shelling the territory of the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. In Energodar, two gunners were detained, who were correcting the fire of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the nuclear power plant.

▪️In the Krivoy Rog direction, the artillery of the Russian airborne troops attacked Potemkino and Vysokopole. Two company commanders of the 60th brigade of the Reserve Corps of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were killed.

The battle for Donbass, victory here is the key to the whole of Ukraine.

A group of thousands of Nazis is concentrated in this direction. For many years, Ukraine has been preparing for war here and has strengthened its position well. Villages such as Sands, which were close to the line of contact, were turned by the engineering troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine into impregnable fortresses. Everywhere well-planned lines of defense in the form of trenches and fortifications, well-filled with concrete. The territory was not only mined, but hidden self-powered surveillance cameras were everywhere. Plus, for eight years, every square was shot.

In fact, it was almost impossible to break through the enemy’s first line of defense. But patience and work will grind everything. So it is here: our artillery methodically dismantles the enemy’s fortifications. Under heavy pressure from artillery and aviation, the enemy psychologically breaks down, and our attack aircraft come into play, entering the trenches under cover of fire. Often, those who survived under artillery strikes no longer offer resistance.

In addition to strikes against enemy positions, our artillerymen have to conduct constant art duels, since Nazi artillery strikes cities and towns of the DPR in a terrorist way every day. Now the front is in full swing – and our units are moving forward.

After taking Pesok, our units went to Vodyany, are fighting for Pervomayskoye and are approaching Nevelskoye. The capture of these settlements will make it possible to block Avdiivka from the western side.

In order to slam the cauldron, our units must advance in the Gorlovka region and block Avdiivka from the north, it is squeezed in the forehead from Donetsk and Yasinovataya.

To the north of Gorlovka, an enemy fortified area was taken on the way to the southwestern outskirts of Artyomovsk. There are assault actions in the New York area and the battle for the release of Zaitsev.

The enemy defenses in Ugledar were breached, the Marinka-Ugledar road was cut. The key waste heap of the mine in Maryinka was taken. We now have height, which means fire control over the territory.

The liberation of Donbass is, first of all, the loss of at least 40% of combat-ready units for Ukraine. And this is not counting the mobilized, who are driven here every day by trains. They are not spared and put in packs. I communicate daily with the prisoners – many of them are on the front lines for no more than a week. Before the arrival in Donbass, they had not even heard about the losses. When they come under pressure on the front line, the desire of this contingent disappears immediately. Those who survive after a few days, most immediately desert, the rest surrender.

The offensive in the Donbass is developing without haste, and therefore without unnecessary losses. The destruction of enemy artillery and personnel is proceeding systematically, and supply routes are being cut. As soon as there is an understanding that the enemy is squeezed out in the direction, our attack aircraft go there and liberate the settlement.

@Rybar Reports: The Elimination of a Ukrainian forces’ unit near Nevelskoye.

After the liberation of Peski, the Allied Forces units built on their success and marched onwards to other Ukrainian defence nodes near Donetsk. The 100th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigade is engaged in the offensive on Nevelskoye.

The video captured the moment when a whole unit of Ukrainian militants was forced to retreat from their positions as a result of competent actions of the Donetsk People’s Republic’s fighters:

First, artillery fired incendiary ammunition into a wooded area, forcing the enemy’s men to abandon their hideouts.

Shortly afterwards, the position was targeted with mortars. Once in an open field, the Ukrainian troops began to sustain heavy casualties: The unit lost control and ceased to exist as a combat unit.

Such coordinated interaction between artillery batteries and UAV/drone crews ensures that identified targets are accurately hit and provokes the enemy to retreat from its equipped positions.

This is one of the components of a successful Allied offensive in the Donbass.

It appears that as serious pressure mounts on southern Donbass, Ukrainian units have been moved from Seversk to plug the gaps from Artemovsk down to Peski area. In doing so Seversk has become increasingly exposed and Russian units appear to be advancing again towards the city. This is the Russian game plan with this heavily fortified line. Apply pressure and force rotation from an army that is already having serious manoeuvring issues.
Then when an area becomes weekend by that rotation you push until reinforcements are allocated from another area. So on and so forth until there’s no more ability to move or reinforce, then they destroy what’s left.

Russian troops moving in the area of Sivers’k

Ugledar Maryinka Highway, 17 August⚡️

There are a number of reports about the cutting of the Ugledar-Maryinka highway in two locations at once. East of Ugledar and southwest of Maryinka.

Look at the two large arrows!

#YURI BRIEFING Brusilov offensive a-la 2022 continues. The offensive north of Kharkov develops so rapidly that, as Yuri admits, it exceeded his expectations (and he is oftenly reproached as overly optimistic in general). There are reasons to belive that the direct assault on the important Zolochev fortified area began in earnest – and if some, still, unconfirmed reports turn out to be true, the first line is breached. Enemy positions are probed near Chuguev. In Bakhmut, the Allied troops are now seen not only in the eastern outskirts, but in the northern ones, too. South of it, the Allied troops enter the long-disputed Kodema village, in attempt to squeeze the enemy out of it. Around Avdeyevka, there are indications that already the second line of defense is crumbling, as Allied assault troops enter Opytnoye. Advances continue near Ugledar, assault possible in the coming days. State of the fronts as of Aug, 17 19:00 CEST Subscribe: @war_subtitled_en, or in Spanish @rpd_es.

[Forwarded from MoD Russia]
🗓 Top News Today

📑 ( Another day of ARMY 2022 International Military and Technical Forum has come to an end. The guests of the Forum were shown dynamic demonstration of military equipment  ( air programme ( There was a high level of activity ( on the part of specialists and busy schedule of foreign delegations.

🤠On the sidelines of X Moscow Conference on International Security, Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu held talks with military officials from Republic of Sudan (, Republic of Egypt (, Republic of Burundi (, Republic of Mali (, Pakistan ( and Palestine (

🌠International Army Games continue. More than 175,000 spectators have visited the competition sites since its opening. According to preliminary results, the Russian Federation team is in the lead  ( the overall standings of the International Army Games.

💥 High-precision weapons ( have hit 1 ammunition depot of the 95th Airborne Assault Brigade near Slavyansk in Donetsk People’s Republic, destroying over 3,000 122mm artillery shells, mines and over 30 nationalists.

▫️In Soledar, during the recruitment of the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade of AFU, more than a third of mobilized citizens left their units  ( their own, leaving for an unknown destination. Brigade’s personnel strength remains below 50 per cent due to heavy losses.

⚠️ Russian Federation’s Joint Coordination Headquarters for Humanitarian Response continues to record numerous facts of criminal actions  ( Kiev regime against civilians, as well as the use of medical infrastructure for military purposes by Ukrainian armed formations.

📹 Footage of Western MD’s mobile radio system specialists ( carrying out tasks during the special military operation has been published.

Summary of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: Russian troops continue to advance

• In the Slavyansk direction, Russian troops continue to strike at the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of Brazhkovka, Dibrovnoye, Mazanovka, Dolyna and Dolgenkiy with cannon artillery fire and MLRS;
• In the Kramatorsk direction, in order to oust the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the occupied lines, the Russian army inflicts fire damage using artillery and tanks near Nikolaevka, Kramatorsk, Verkhnekamensky, Tatyanovka, Serebryanka, Grigorovka and Raygorodok. An air strike was carried out near Ivano-Daryevka and Vesely. Russian troops improved their tactical position in the direction of the settlement. Merry.
• In the Artyomovsky direction, the Russian army continues its offensive near Artyomovsk, Zaitsev, Yakovlevka, Belogorovka and Mayorsk. The RF Armed Forces used aviation and artillery to strike at the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Soledar.
• In the Avdiivka direction, Russian troops continued to carry out destruction of the positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Avdiivka, Peskov, Vodyany, Poprosnoye and Nevelskoye.
• The RF Armed Forces were successful during the assault operations near Novomikhailovka. In order to clarify the positions of fire weapons and adjust the fire, the Russian army is actively using UAVs.

A missile strike destroyed a dormitory in Kharkov, where, according to information from the allied forces, another stronghold of the UAF militants was located.

As a result of arrival in Kharkov, the hostel building was completely destroyed.  The governor of the region announced six dead and sixteen wounded.

 The reaction of the Office of the President is suspiciously fast, and usually no one talks about arrivals in this city (and they are daily), but then the topic came up.  And tomorrow Zelensky is meeting with Guterres and Erdogan.

 By the way, in Ukrainian cities, and especially in Kharkiv, hostels are almost always filled with the militants of Armed Forces of Ukraine, the defense forces or even foreign mercenaries.

Estonia has announced it will carry out a complete Ukrainian style decommunisation of it’s country, removing completely any monuments, symbols or public emblems from the Soviet era to museums.

The Estonia prime minister claims this is to prevent social tensions, however this, with the visa ban enacted on Russian nationals, considering 1/4 of the population of Estonia is themselves, ethnically Russian and the crucial border city of Narva along with most border municipalities being majority Russian in population, probably doesn’t bode well for claiming social tensions

A woman from Irpyn, Kiev region, is accused for negating the claims of the supposed crimes and violence ( of the Russian servicemen against the civilian population, Kiev city prosecutor’s office said in a press-release. Irpyn, a suburb of Kiev, that is located just next to the notorious Bucha, was partly controlled by the Russian troops in March, 2022. Most probably having witnessed the situation in Irpyn first-hand, in her private phone conversations with other Ukrainian citizens she was expressing her opinion that no Russian war crimes actually took place. And she faces persecution for telling that. 

No one will be punished for desecrating the graves of Red Army soldiers in Latvia.

The prosecutor’s office closed the case against Gundars Kalve on the theft of a cannon from the memorial to Soviet soldiers in Jekabpils, local media reported.

“Grave grave desecration charges were dropped because it was not established that the accused knew the fact that the monument was erected at the burial site, and not at the memorial or in another place that is not considered a place of graves,” the prosecutor’s office said.

In other words, the Latvian Prosecutor’s office decided that the accused wanted to desecrate just a monument to Soviet soldiers, but did not know that this was a burial place. Therefore, he can not be punished.

KILLNET took revenge on Tallinn for the tank

Yesterday the Estonian authorities dismantled the monument to the T-34 tank in Narva. For some reason, the workers involved in this hid their faces in balaclavas. It was the last monument to the legendary tank in Estonia.

The mayor of Narva announced a boycott of the Estonian parliamentary elections after the demolition of the monument to the T-34 tank.

In response to such actions of official Tallinn, the Russian hacker group KILLNET yesterday warned ( the Baltic country that it’s in big trouble 😄 And today they began (  … with online payment and access to personal accounts of banks and government organizations throughout the country 😉

Estonian authorities removing the legendary Soviet T-34 Tank that participated in Liberation of Narva.

This city has 95% of Russian population btw.

Estonia to remove Soviet-era monuments to ‘ensure public order’

Lithuania is going to stop energy-intensive production

Record electricity prices are forcing Lithuanian enterprises to consider the option of stopping production, which is turning into unprofitable, said Vidmantas Janulavicius, president of the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.

“We will recommend to the members of the confederation to suspend production during the maximum price on the regional electricity exchange,” he said.
As the President noted, it is unclear what products need to be produced in order to pay off the cost of electricity.

“Under normal conditions, its share in the cost of production ranged from 8% to 20%. In the conditions of an increase in the price of electricity by 10, 20, 30, 40 times, the price of products should be increased by 10 times, and this is a collapse,” Yanulyavicius stressed.

On Wednesday, the hourly cost on the electricity exchange for large consumers in the Baltic region was €4 per kWh.

The European Parliament did not find evidence of Russian sponsorship of terrorism.

The European Parliament (EP) found no evidence of “sponsoring terrorism” by Russia. This was stated by MEP from Germany Gunnar Beck.

The deputy pointed out that the decision of the Latvian authorities to declare Russia a sponsor of terrorism is not supported by weighty facts and has no legal force.

Russian authorities set up checkpoint at bridge leading to Crimea
Following a series of explosions in Crimea, Russian forces have set up a checkpoint at the approach to a bridge leading to the annexed territory.

Russian forces are checking the documents and cars of those crossing, according to Denys Savchenko, coordinator of the human rights organisation Crimea SOS.

This is the Sky News article and news today.
So, I know people inside Kherson, as some of you may be aware.  They are definitely not pro-Russian, but full fledged pro-Ukrainian.  They have reported ZERO, NOTHING of anything that was described in this article.
The last time they spoke to me, they said that they were waiting for the counteroffensive, but that Russian soldiers were treating everyone well.  Rest assured, if the Russians were doing anything untoward, I would have been told.  I would therefore simply call this “lies”.

Zelensky going full nazi mode. Declaring their own people collaborators if they accept food from Russia. Ukrainians in “occupied” territories, where they can only get humanitarian aid from Russia, are automatically branded traitors and face 15 years in prison, for needing to eat.

Remember those pics from Bucha where there were empty Russian MRE boxes next to corpses of executed residents with white bands on their arms?

Anyone needs anymore proof that #ZelenskyWarCriminal?

Vladimir Zelensky wants to remove Valeriy Zaluzhny from the post of commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian troops – Ukrainian information and news portal “Telegraph”.

 ”The head of the Ukrainian army, Major General Valery Zaluzhny, can be replaced in his high post. The current commander in chief will probably be offered to take the post of defense minister. There is already a candidate for his place,” the portal writes, citing sources.  According to media reports, the current commander of the ground forces of Ukraine Alexander Syrsky can take the place of Zaluzhny.

Our source in the President’s office said that the US ambassador to Ukraine at a meeting with Andrei Ermak forbade touching the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but the President’s Office is trying to negotiate with Zaluzhny in a good way and offers him good financial compensation. On Bankova street (President’s office), they want to remove the name of Zaluzhny, Zelensky’s only competitor, from the public plane, for this they are looking for mechanisms to influence the Commander-in-Chief.

Our source in the President’s office said that the President’s office supported the strategy of the Main Intelligence Directorate for a subversive war on the territory of Russia, in addition to military facilities and airfields, industrial infrastructure will be destroyed. Due to the failure of the operation #Battle_for_Kherson, it is important for the Office of the President to create the illusion of an effective confrontation with Russia not only in Ukraine, but also on enemy territory.

Ukrainian army delivers massive strike on Energodar using heavy artillery⚡️

MELITOPOL, August 18. /TASS/. Ukraine’s armed forces have opened massive fire on the city of Energodar in the Zaporozhye Region, the city’s military-civilian administration reported.

“The armed formations of the Kiev regime have opened massive fire on the city of Energodar,” the statement published on the administration’s Telegram channel said. Residents are being asked to move to safe locations. Information on casualties and damage to infrastructure is being specified.

Member of the main council of the Zaporozhye Region’s military-civilian administration Vladimir Rogov reported that this is a second attack on the city by Ukrainian troops with the use of heavy artillery on Wednesday. According to him, earlier the Ukrainian armed forces shelled the part of Energodar where the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant is located. The official told a TASS correspondent that at least six shells exploded in the vicinity of the NPP’s premises.

Over the past few days, Ukrainian forces have delivered several strikes on the Zaporozhye NPP’s premises in Energodar, using, among other things, drones, heavy artillery and multiple-launch rocket systems. The majority of attacks have been deflected by air defense systems, however, shells hit some infrastructure facilities and the vicinity of a nuclear waste storage facility.

“The Russian army must leave the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant without conditions and as soon as possible”: Zelensky announced the preparation of the IAEA visit to the plant

“Ukrainian diplomats, our nuclear scientists and the IAEA are in constant contact, now they are working on sending an IAEA mission to the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant. Only absolute transparency and controllability of the situation at the ZNPP and around it for the Ukrainian state, for the international community, for the IAEA can guarantee a gradual return to normal nuclear safety,” Zelensky stressed.

Not a word was said about the cessation of shelling of the ZNPP by the Armed Forces of Ukraine

In Energodar, two employees of the Zaporozhye NPP were detained on suspicion of collaborating with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

 According to the local Ministry of Internal Affairs, the detainees directed strikes at the territory of the city and the ZNPP.

fall of ukraine

For the first time since the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine, the six largest European countries did not offer Kyiv any military assistance during July, writes Politico. It is noted that since April 2022, the EU’s military support for Kyiv has been declining.

RT News | Livestream 24/7

Arestovich admits Ukraine amassed its forces in the Donbass late last year.

No peace as Russian soldiers won’t stop bombarding Ukrainian soldiers

Ukraine War [17 August] – Russia opens new front on Kharkiv Oblast? Capture of Dovhenke confirmed

Russian invasion of Ukraine [17 Aug 2022] ‘Today’


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