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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on August 19 2022

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As industrial zone of Soledar (, Donetsk region falls under Russian control, Lugansk Republic forces enter main city, establishing control over several streets.

Days after taking over Vershina ( near Bakhmut in Donbass region, Russian-led forces move on to take nearby settlements of Dacha and Zaitsevo, according to Territorial Defense of Donetsk Republic, threatening Ukrainian defenses in Artyomovsk (Bakhmut) from the South as reports suggest Vodyanoye and Pavlovka near Ugledar, Donetsk region also come under Russian control.

End of the day summary

 •Russian President Vladimir
Putin warned his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron that shelling of the Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant in southern Ukraine, which he blamed on Kyiv, could result in a large-scale disaster.

 •Russia has submitted a letter to the United Nations Security Council warning of planned “provocations” by Ukraine at the Zaporizhzia plant
 •President Joe Biden’s latest security assistance package for Ukraine includes surveillance drones and for the first time mine-resistant vehicles, according to a senior U.S. defense official.

 •Multiple drones shot down over Sevastopol by Russian air defense systems.
 •Russia’s Black Sea Fleet is set to receive 12 new vessels alongside additional aviation and land-based vehicles in 2022, newly appointed commander Vice Admiral Viktor Sokolov said on Friday.

 •Russian forces captured both “Dacha” and “Zaitsevo” earlier today, shifting the frontlines closer to Artemovsk.

Map of military operations 19 August

▫️ No active offensive operations were noted in the Kharkiv and Slovyansk directions over the past 24 hours. The Russian Federation’s air defence assets are working to block attempts by enemy aircraft to penetrate.

▫️ In the Artemivsk (Bakhmutsk) direction, the headquarters of the DPR declared that it had established full control over the village of Dacha and the settlement of Zaitsevo (indicated as the “southern” village). This opens up a bridgehead for the Russian army to attack in the direction of the settlements of Kodema and Mykolayivka-2, cutting off an important supply road to Bakhmut.

On the Avdiivka direction, there are battles for the settlements of Krasnogorovka and Tonenkoye in the DPR; their liberation will allow Avdiivka to be taken “in a pincer”. Reserves are being drawn in to strike at the designated enemy defence lines. A counter-battery fight is under way to stop attempts to shell the Donetsk agglomeration.

▫️The DNR’s Marinka direction reports control of 2/3 of Marinka and continued advance.

#YURI BRIEFING Kharkov – Battles for the Zolochev fortified area that covers Kharkov from the north, continue as Ukrainian command throws in reinforcements. A number of settlements possibly taken, but the control over them is still contested. South of Kharkov, Russian Army troops reported to conduct shelling and missile mine-laying, in apparent preparations for an attack. South of Izyum, first reconnaisance by combat actions performed towards Barvenkovo after days of artillery activities, results report pending. Solidar – ongoing urban warfare, the assault not started yet.  Bakhmut – an operational pause, DPR and Wagners continue battles for the nearby Kodema village, intending after finishing it off, to attack the defenders Bakhmut to their flanks and rear. Advances in Maryinka (more than a half allegedly taken). At Avdeyevka line of defence regrouping. Reports on retaking of Pavlovka near Ugledar, if confirmed, Ugledar is now surrounded from 3 directions.  State of the fronts: 18:00 CEST, August 19.

Russian troops are advancing and conducting assaults in the DPR – the main thing from the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

▪️In the Slavyansk direction, the Russian army is attempting to break through the defense in the areas of the settlements of Karnauhovka, Dibrovnoye, Vernopolye and Dolina;
▪️ in the Kramatorsk direction, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are storming in the areas ofViemkiy and Ivano-Dariivka;
▪️Battles continue in the areas of the localities of Bakhmut, Soledar, Kodema, Bakhmutskoye and Zaitsevo in the Artemivsk direction;
▪️ In the Avdiivka direction, Russian troops continue their offensive in the areas of the locality. Opytnoye, Peski and Mayorsk.

The telephone conversation between Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny and the Chief of Defense Staff of the Canadian Armed Forces, General Wayne Donald Eyre, which took place this night at the request of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, was panicky.  The Ukrainian general complained that the Russians continue to advance along the entire front line – while daily they carry out about 700-800 shelling of Ukrainian positions, using from 40 to 60 thousand ammunition.
 But the most difficult situation for Bandera is in the direction of Avdeevka-Peski-Maryinka.  At the same time, according to Zaluzhny, the situation is aggravated by “the location of missile systems along the state border from the side of the Republic of Belarus, in particular, at the Zyabrovka airfield.”
 The most surprising thing is that all these details of the conversation were posted by Zaluzhny himself in the TG channel.  And obviously they are most directly related to the internal political struggle in which the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is actively involved.  It seems that with his “truthfulness and frankness” in identifying the problems of the Nazi army, he is trying to create in the eyes of Ukrainians an antithesis to the deceitful speakers of the Ze-office and even the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, in which “the Russians have not achieved success” and “there are no losses.”

Our source in the PO said that the President’s Office is trying to clean up all competitors on the political landscape of the country. Bankova is well aware that the West is used to promoting its interests through a competing political system, under Poroshenko there was Yatsenyuk, plus a group of piglets. Technologists of the President’s Office believe that the United States can prepare Zaluzhny as a competitor to Zelensky in the future, so that there is an alternative center of influence. Already, “markers” are noticeable in the Western press – the positive image of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is purposefully fueled, and criticism of Zelensky is growing.

Our source in the PO said that Erdogan brought a message from Putin, in which we are actually given an ultimatum. If the President’s Office refuses to return to negotiations, then Russia will hold referendums in the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions, after which it will include them in Russia and will already be ready to use nuclear weapons to protect the territory.


The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that in order to curb the panic, the Ukrainian nationalists of “Kraken” shot 100 servicemen who left their positions. 

Tavrida festival just finished in Crimea, it has gathered record high amount of people this year.

Here is what Margarita Simonyan (the chief editor of RT) wrote:

“Just look at this. This brings tears!
This is our Crimea.

This year there were ten times more people at the Taurida festival than last year.  Ten!

Is there anything else that needs to be said?”

When the real soldiers came out on the stage people shouted: Thank you.
And many cried… 

US on Verge of Becoming Party to Ukrainian Conflict – Moscow Warns

Washington’s continued support for Kiev during Moscow’s military operation is putting US on the brink of becoming a party to the conflict, Russia’s deputy Foreign Minister, Sergey Ryabkov said Friday.

“We don’t want escalation. We’d like to avoid a situation, in which the US becomes a party to the conflict, but so far, we don’t see any readiness of the other side to take these warnings seriously,” Ryabkov told Rossiya 1 TV channel.

“Excuse me, what kind of self-defense is it if they are already openly talking about the possibility of attacking targets deep in the Russian territory, in Crimea?” the deputy FM wondered.

Such statements are being made by the Ukrainian side “not just under the blind eye of the US and NATO, but with the encouragement of this kind of sentiment, approaches, plans and ideas directly from Washington,” Ryabkov insisted.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres appealed to the Russian authorities with a request not to disconnect the Zaporozhye nuclear power plant from the Ukrainian power grid.

 ”Obviously, the electricity from the Zaporozhye NPP is Ukrainian. The Ukrainian people need it, especially during the winter period,” Guterres said.

 ZNPP and its electricity is now Russian.  It does not belong to Ukraine.  The sooner Ukraine is turned off, the better.  And clearly convey that this is retribution for the terrorism of the Zelensky gang.

An urgent statement by Vladimir Rogov (Zaporozhye administration):

“On August 19, unmanned aerial vehicles will continuously monitor the territory of the Zaporozhye NPP in order to record provocations from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Volodymyr Rogov, a member of the main council of the military-civilian administration of the Zaporozhye region.

The probability of “a provocation against the nuclear power plant” is close to 100%.

A video surveillance would be organized to fix possible strikes on the nuclear power plant. On purpose, literally yesterday, I handed over the drones to our guys at the nuclear power plant, so that constant shooting was carried out around the perimeter for the National Guard and our security forces, so that later any arrival and moment could be recorded online.

Ukrainian troops tried to strike at Melitopol in the Zaporozhye region, four explosions thundered, the air defense system worked

In Melitopol, a terrorist attack was prevented, which was planned to be carried out by the special services of Ukraine.

Around 12 noon on August 17, the Zaporozhye region police received a message about an explosion 500 meters from the Yuzhny checkpoint of Melitopol,” said Volodymyr Rogov, a member of the main council of the Zaporizhzhya Regional State Administration.

According to him, later it turned out that one of the four pillars of a high-voltage power line was blown up. Despite the fact that it collapsed, this did not affect the supply of electricity.

As a result of the inspection of the territory on one of the three remaining power transmission towers, police dog handlers found another explosive with a timer that was set to 12:40.

Explosives specialists successfully cleared and then destroyed the explosive device.

Ukrainian security forces recruited two residents of a village in the Kherson region, they “pointed” the missiles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the target – and a family with a few children died.

Brothers Oleg and Denis Guzie, together with the wife of one of them, handed over to the Armed Forces of Ukraine the data for striking a settlement. Even after trial and imprisonment, are unlikely to be able to return to their homes – their deed will always be remembered here.

The accomplices of the nationalists on their knees tried to beg forgiveness from the women whose loved ones had died, but the grief of the residents of Brilevka was inconsolable.

The target of the Ukrainian Nazis seems to have been an important railway junction. Three or four missiles of the American MLRS HIMARS flew over it. The lives of seven people can not be recovered…

We can see that Kirill Stremousov (the deputy head of Kherson administration) was personally attending the matter.

In Odessa, a militant was beaten by his “comrades” for shouting “Glory to Ukraine”

A Ukrainian Nazi complains about other Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters who did not like such exclamations very much.
Apparently, things are getting worse and worse for the APU.

According to wartime military reporters from the field, units of the Russian army in coordination with Cossack formations managed to occupy several streets in Mr. 🔺 Soledar, where fierce street fights are currently ongoing. In the direction of the advance of the Russian units, there is a large number of uniformed bodies with personal weapons (members of the VSU). There are also prisoners. The further advance of the Russian army is hampered by a large number of minefields (+ surprise mines).
🚩 Regarding the front around Bahmut (see map) during the battle for Zaitsevo as well as in the eastern parts of the city. The pressure of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in cooperation with ČVK Wagner is most pronounced on the southern section of the front, where there is some progress.

One of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Zaitsevo voluntarily laid down its arms

The unprepared and poorly armed mobilized Armed Forces of Ukraine, sent by Ukrainian generals to die in Zaitsevo, chose life and took advantage of the offer of the NM DPR to voluntarily surrender their weapons. Before that, the artillery of the 3rd brigade of the People’s Militia dealt crushing blows to their fortifications, and then an offer to surrender was sent using the Telegram messenger. As a result, an entire unit of the Armed Forces of Ukraine laid down its arms and surrendered, and its positions came under the control of the People’s Militia of the DPR.

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict is about to go into a deep freeze, and this will affect both sides, writes the British newspaper The Telegraph.

 On the battlefield, winter tends to favor the defender, while it is harder for the attacker to move forward.  This will allow the Ukrainian army to hold on to what it has, but it will prevent it from recapturing anything from the vast territories under Russian control.

 Therefore, winter will have a strategic impact on the outcome of the conflict in Europe, and Ukraine will most likely lose there.  Europeans are accustomed to cheap Russian energy.  In June, Russia cut gas supplies to Europe by 60%.  As winter approaches, countries are scrambling to mitigate the economic damage to their already undermined economies.  The massive outburst of discontent will not go unnoticed by politicians and will force them to reconsider their already faltering support for Ukraine and sanctions against Russia.

 Moscow knows how to escalate the pressure until the European countries give in, up to and including a complete blackout.  Threatened with this extreme measure, President Putin will beckon the world community with a ceasefire on favorable terms at the G20 summit in November.  Leaders will be tempted to accept Putin’s peace proposal and withdraw their support for Zelensky.  For President Biden, this proposal will sound no less tempting than for his European counterparts, because America, too, is suffering serious economic damage.

Summary of the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Kyiv regime:

▪️ In Artemovsk, militants of Nazi battalions are stationed in the dormitory of the agricultural school, checkpoints and firing points are deployed in the immediate vicinity;
▪️ In Sloviansk, in the Lokomotiv sports complex, there is a barracks for militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and artillery and MLRS are located on the adjacent territory;
▪️ On the territory of the museum complex in N. p. The charming Ukrainian Nazis equipped a strong point and an ammunition depot, placed armored vehicles on the adjacent territory;
▪️ On the territory of private households in N. p. Novoukrainka militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have placed strongholds and artillery positions, from which they systematically fire at the positions of Russian troops.

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DEVIANT UKRAINE- Biden’s biggest welfare illegal recipient


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