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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 21 2022

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Russian President Putin on Partial Mobilization

Putin declares mobilization for 300,000 soldiers! Anti-mobilization protests in several cities!


@rybar The situation in the Zaporozhye direction as of 16.00 on September 21 , 2022

In the Zaporozhye direction, the AFU is transferring forces to conduct a counteroffensive. The main goal is to disrupt the referendum on the annexation of the region to Russia. The command of the troops is carried out by the combined group “Khortytsia”.

Individual units of 65 ombr, 128 ogshbr, 102 brigade of the defense, 9 regiment of the National Guard, 15 oabr and 44 oabr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be involved in the assault of Russian positions. In addition, at least one battalion of 1 otb is expected to be transferred to this direction.

The concentration of the main Ukrainian forces is carried out in Orekhov and Gulyai-Pole, from where the main strikes are planned to break through the defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation.

Engineering and sapper units of the 65th ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are equipping spare strong points in Kirovo, Pavlovka and Komsomolsk. Communication is being established between Ukrainian compounds.

The artillery crews of the 44th brigade increased the activity of firing on Russian positions along the entire contact line, using 155-mm M777 howitzers and Krab self-propelled howitzers.

Target designation is provided by calculations of the RQ-20 Puma and Bayraktar TB2 UAVs, as well as advanced gunners in Novoandreevka, Novodanilovka and Novoselovka.

After the success in the Kharkiv region, the Ukrainian command intends to conduct a counteroffensive on the southern borders, especially against the background of the upcoming referendums in the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.

Nevertheless, the Russian troops in these sectors of the front are well aware of the plans of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. There is a systematic preparation of deep-echeloned defense lines, and continuous fire is being conducted on the incoming reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Russian forces regrouping troops in order to focus efforts on taking control of entirety of Donetsk People’s Republic, conducting aerial reconnaissance and STRIKING over 120 Ukrainian army targets as Russian troops push toward Kurdyumovka and Veseloye, Donetsk region.

Ukrainian forces redeploying in preparation for counterattack in Zaporozhye region, South Ukraine, with bulk of forces concentrated near Orekhovo and Gulyaypole, from where main attacks planned to BREAK THROUGH Russian positions and move South, Russian defenses digging in in response.


AFU entered Drobyshevo near Liman⚡️

The militants of the UG terrorist group (“Ukrainian State”) continue to advance in the Krasnolimansky direction.

Sources of the @wargonzo project on the Donbass frontline report that the fighting for Drobyshevo began this morning. On the eve of the neo-Nazis managed to occupy the neighboring Yarovaya. Despite the fierce resistance of the reservists and volunteers, the terrorists nevertheless entered Drobyshevo. Now there is fighting in the village. Half of the village is under enemy control. The situation around Krasny Liman is becoming more and more critical.

Military expert Boris Rozhin on the highlights of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine as of 22.44 Moscow time on 21.09.2022 specifically for Voenkor Kotenok Z @voenkorKotenok channel:

1. On the Avdiivka direction – no significant developments.
Fighting in the area of Pervomaisk and Peski.

2. In the area of Marinka and Ugledar – no changes.
Positional battles with sluggish attempts by the Ukrainian armed forces to probe the possibility of advancing near Pavlovka and Nikolskyy.

3. In the Artemivsk area there are battles near the Artemivsk-Dzerzhinsk highway and Zaitsevo.
Fighting on the outskirts of Artemivsk.
No significant developments in Soledar.

4. Fighting for Spornoye and Belogorovka continues.  
The enemy continues to attempt to advance toward Kremenna.

5. The enemy continues to attempt to attack Krasny Liman and Yampil in the Slavyansk direction.
There are battles for Drobyshevo and Yarovaya.

6. The front at Oskol is relatively stable.
Fighting is going on in the eastern part of Kupiansk.
The enemy continues to press on Rubtsy.
Shelling of border settlements continues on the border with the Russian Federation. The Russian Armed Forces launch strikes against Kharkiv and Chuguyev.

7. There is no change in the Zaporizhzhya direction.
The enemy continues to probe for an opportunity to advance toward Vasylivka, Tokmak, and Polohy.

8. No change in the Mykolaiv direction.
After the catastrophe with the attack on Pravdino, the offensive fervor of the Ukrainian Armed Forces has subsided.
Positional battles continue at the Andreevsky bridgehead.
There is no change in the area of Arkhangelskoye and Olhino.

RYBAR: Fighting for Lyman in September 2022

RYBAR: Soledar Direction Chronicle of Battles, September 18-20, 2022

Address of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin:

— Partial mobilization is being announced in Russia from today.
— Only those citizens who are in the reserve, and above all those who have served in the ranks of the armed forces, have certain military accounting specialties and relevant experience, will be subject to conscription for military service.  
— Those called up for military service before being sent to units will necessarily undergo additional military training.
— All issues of material, resource and financial support of defense enterprises should be resolved by the government immediately.
— Russia has been asked to support referendums. I would like to emphasize that we will do everything to ensure the safe conduct of referendums.
— The regime of repression throughout Ukraine has been strengthened in the most severe way. The policy of intimidation, terror, violence is taking increasingly terrible barbaric forms.
— We have no moral right to give people close to us to the executioner, we cannot but respond to their aspirations to determine their own future.
— The goal of the West is to weaken, divide and destroy our country. They directly say that in 1991 they were able to split the USSR, and now it’s time for the Russian Federation itself, that it should break up into many warring regions.
— The Ukrainian people have been turned into cannon fodder.
— A new regular, as it has been twice before, a large-scale offensive in the Donbass was inevitable, and then an attack on the Crimea. And the decision on a proactive operation was necessary.
— The LPR is almost completely cleared of neo-Nazis. The fighting in the Donetsk People’s Republic continues. Here the Kiev regime has created a deep line of fortifications.
— I have already given instructions to the Government and the Ministry of Defense to determine the legal status of volunteers and fighters of the LPR and DPR in full as soon as possible. It should be the same as that of the military personnel, including medical support, social guarantees.

Ramzan Kadyrov: Supreme Commander-in-Chief Vladimir Putin’s address to the Russians today has put the Kyiv elite and all of NATO in a hopeless situation.  The head of state launched large-scale actions to protect the integrity of Russia.  These are necessary, important and, among other things, preventive measures.

 I fully support the decisions taken by the President.  We see that the current situation around our state poses a threat to its security.  I am sure it is no secret to anyone that a war has been waged against Russia over the past few years, and it was unleashed in the meanest way.  At some stage, this war carried a hidden form, but now it is obvious to everyone.

 We remember how, before the events in Donbass, the NATO bloc planned to deploy its missiles and a contingent of military forces near the borders with Russia.  Why these plans were hatched, we know perfectly well.  The alliance did not even particularly hide the desire to destroy Russia.

 As a result, plans to expand the alliance at our borders failed, and now the collective West is trying to defeat Russia by other methods – supplying the Ukronazis with equipment and weapons.  As a result, it is from NATO weapons that the Nazis kill the civilian population of Donbass and shell the territory of our state.

 The scenario is painfully familiar to the Chechen people.  In the same way, this West planned to destroy Russia through our republic.  In his speech, it was no coincidence that Vladimir Putin recalled the events when these same countries encouraged gangs of international terrorists in the Caucasus and advanced the NATO offensive infrastructure close to our borders.  They didn’t succeed.  It won’t work now!

 That is why it is very important to finish the launched special operation in the Donbass, otherwise the presumptuous enemy may come to our country, to our cities and villages, to our homes.  Carrying out NWO is a necessary measure to confront the enemy.  As our President Vladimir Putin says: “If a fight is inevitable, you need to hit first.”

 Therefore, I fully support the president’s decision to partially mobilize reservists.  We in the Chechen Republic actively participated in this process from the first day, but now we also have an order from the head of state, and we will fulfill it 100 percent!




From now on, the war will be fought not for the liberation of the former Ukrainian regions. It will be fought for the territory of Russia, occupied by a serious, strong enemy, who has been preparing for this for the past 25 years. And this struggle, of course, will require additional forces and means.

On September 21, we woke up in a new country that is not conducting a special operation, but is starting to fight for its existence, no matter how grandiloquent that  may sound.

For me, the existential nature of this conflict became clear a few months ago, when I encountered the first signs of NATO’s direct involvement in this war. Satellite images showing our positions in detail, right down to the stand-alone BMP under a tree, covered with a tarp — with target classification and coordinates, so they can be hammered by high-precision weapons supplied by the West. Each strike of which is consistent with the Pentagon, as stated by American generals.

Mercenaries, “vacationers”, “private traders” sitting on US government contracts. We saw all this in all its glory during the Kharkov offensive, which made us understand that it is impossible to fight half-heartedly against the collective West.  Errors, I know it, are now analyzed in the most serious way. And, I hope, the conclusions from them have already been drawn.  

The most Important Outcome of the Annexation of the Liberated Territories to Russia⚡️

A video has appeared online summarising what Russia will receive after the annexation of the DPR and LPR, as well as areas of #Zaporozhye and #Kherson oblasts.

It is encouraging that people are trying to clearly explain the benefits of incorporating the territories into the Russian state. However, in our opinion, the figures of arable land and number of coal-mining enterprises (whose condition is sadder than it may seem) are not the most important thing. And even population growth does not come first.

Much more important is the ideological point: the annexation of the liberated territories is a practical implementation of the idea to protect the Russian and Russian-speaking population.

This will be a signal to Russians that there will be no hated backroom deals in the issue of the liberated territories. People will be aware of a simple thing. Eeverything was for a reason and has a specific purpose, and the country does not succumb to Western pressure.

🔻 For the population of the DPR, LPR and the territories of #Zaporozhye and #Kherson oblasts, becoming part of Russia means that from now on they will no longer be in a ‘grey zone’ with unclear prospects. Yes, the shelling will not stop, but the residents will at least know that they will not be sold out during some “Minsk negotiations”.

🔻 For people in Kiev-controlled areas, it will also be a sign that Russia is seriously ready to incorporate Ukrainian territories and completely defeat the AFU, even with all the help of the West. And this could indeed be a blow to the morale of the Ukrainian formations and their will to resist.

Resolute measures to incorporate the liberated territories are at least partly the image of the future for the inhabitants of the post-Soviet space and a real alternative to Western ideology. And this is now far more important than acquired factories, agricultural enterprises or power plants.

Lavrov: With its actions to nurture a Russophobic neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine, military development, and turning its territory into a bridgehead to deter Russia, the West has left us no choice but to conduct a special military operation. Its objectives are known: to protect the population of Donbass, to eliminate threats to Russia’s security, and to demilitarise and denationalize Ukraine. All of them remain relevant and will be fulfilled, no matter how long it takes.


 And now Zelensky has everything – just a game of All-In.  Kyiv is well aware that after the New Year, its superiority in manpower will be reduced to zero, and the technical power of the Russian army, whatever one may say, is an order of magnitude greater in total, and therefore the military defeat of Ukraine during the prolongation of the war is a foregone conclusion.

 And the speech of the President of Russia put all points on this issue.

 And the only thing that can be done is to try your luck now, that is, until the moment when green leaves fall from the trees.

 Therefore, the next few weeks at the front are expected to be hot.

In a month, all the fields will become impassable as a result of the mudslide, and then the Russian troops will quickly eliminate the superiority of the enemy in manpower, and then only they will advance (in the strategic sense).

Hence the decision. In general, we are waiting for the enemy’s blows and remember that we only need to withstand his impulse for a week, a maximum of two. If there is no quick breakthrough, this will mean the end of hopes for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for a more or less successful outcome of the 2022 campaign and … agony during the 2023 campaign.

An army fights best when it knows that just beyond the hill reinforcements are on the way—reinforcements that will look to those at the front line to hold it and push forward as the new soldiers enter the fray.

The announcement of partial mobilization—whether it could or should have been done earlier is immaterial now—came at the exact right time for the Russian army facing a nearly-exhausted offensive by the best that the Ukraine could muster.

As the Ukrainian assault is now petering out—Belogorovka is the furthest they came and could have come east, and the Ukrainian defensive lines near Krasny Liman have reportedly been breached by the Russian units—the Russian forces, reinvigorated, with morale on the upswing, can now begin the inevitable push back.

Further analysis from me will follow, but it is my considered opinion that the break in the Ukrainian assault that began at the end of August was already looming, and the change in the tide has only been reinforced by the timely acknowledgement from the Kremlin that Russia has finally turned to face her foes and untied her right hand for a swing of the sword.

Reporter Rudenko: Donbass, as well as the liberated territories of Zaporozhye and Kherson, are now facing severe trials.
 The Ukrainian Nazis will try to strike as soon as possible, and with everything they have.  Everything here will depend on the courage of our military on the front line, which I have no doubt about.  There is also something to meet the enemy, even with surprises.
 Fortitude to you, men, Russia is behind you !!

On Russian Mobilization

▪️Represents incremental escalation toward a level of conflict not politically possible in late February;
▪️Preparation for mobilization was ongoing for months in advance;
▪️Preparation for referendums were also in the works in advance;
▪️This move comes after Ukraine exhausted much of its reserves on Kherson/Kharkov offensives;
▪️Western analysts doubted Russia’s ability to take Odessa and other objectives without mobilization – now there is mobilization… 

The MSM headlines don’t cover the meat of Putin’s speech. Selectively ignoring the gruesome reality of US atrocities in Ukraine, an spinning it to paint Putin as evil.

In reality, this speech signals the coming of the precipice. Putin threatening to use advanced nuclear weapon systems puts the world at risk of nuclear fallout.

Think of the timing. Midterms around the corner?


By the way, mobilization in Russia was announced only three times in history. July 18, 1914, June 23, 1941 and September 21, 2022. Doesn’t that mean anything to you?

Another maniac threatens Russia.  Have you thought about the retaliatory “crushing blow” of Russia?  

The United States will retaliate with a “crushing blow” against the Russian military if Vladimir Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the former commander of the United States Army in Europe has warned.
 Retired Lieutenant General Ben Hodges said today that any American response “might not be nuclear” but warned that if Putin uses nuclear weapons in Ukraine, the US could try to “destroy the Black Sea Fleet or destroy Russian bases in Crimea.”  Daily Mail.

A number of foreign nationals held by the Russians/Donbass forces, including 5 Britons, among them Aiden Aslin, have been released via prisoner exchange

They strangely seemed to have been transferred to the custody of Saudi Arabia of all places

A prisoner exchange which was organised with the help of Saudi Arabia and it seems Turkey has taken place. Earlier Erdogan said it would involve 200 people from each side. It involves the release of 10 foreign prisoners as well which has pissed off the Russian public

Here are Rybars thoughts on it

Yes, the Russian authorities chose the day very well. And by tradition, we learn about this from the Ukrainian and Western media.

An extremely strange and short-sighted decision to secretly arrange another exchange of prisoners from Azovstal and foreign mercenaries, the dominance of which was one of the explanations for the reasons for the mobilization measures.

Moreover, many people are particularly angry at the fact that they are changing those for whom they threatened to arrange whole tribunals, not to mention the prolonged masquerade with the “execution” of foreign mercenaries.  

Russian patience runs out. Only with that, I can summarize what has happened in the last few days. We tried to negotiate with Ukraine, to no avail. Instead of talking, they become courageous, with the help of gasoline from the West. So, relatively calmer options fell off. What do we have now? Russia means business, and when I said that, I mean it. First, let’s call SMO by its real name. War. Till now, it was more like a reality show and pretending to be nice and all that…After this morning’s speech by President Putin, cards are on the table. Not all, that is true. But plenty of them. We know that the significant air force is relocated near Ukraine. We know that Russia changed doctrine and is now hitting infrastructure objects of vital importance to Ukraine. It’s safe to say that such a trend will continue. TPPs, HPPs, comm relays, important road junctions, storages with strategic materials…In defense, one of the reasons why are they still not hit was, to play nice, but more importantly, you would need lots of money to rebuild them. Now, when we are in a war, priorities are changing. We need to paralyze the enemy, to make his even most basic necessities torment to obtaining them. Normal life as they know it will have to be changed from the roots. No more dancing crowds in Kiev. No more Internet access. No more water and heating. They didn’t see war, like the one they cause in Donbas. It’s time they feel it in all its power. Our next move should be to Europe. Closing the valves for oil/gas. We don’t have friends in the West anymore (question is, did we ever have them). We don’t need to feel sympathy or think badly about such a move. They sided with our enemy and they don’t deserve our pity. They want us destroyed. Instead, we will throw their industry on its knees, and everyday life will become unbearable for the majority…Their production, heating, electricity…even underwear will be expensive and/or out of reach. And European people shouldn’t blame Russia, but their own elites for that. We, we will have to endure, because we don’t have another choice. Someone will break, but that’s not going to be Russia.

Immediately upon arrival at the area of deployment, another squad of Chechen fighters began to eliminate the enemy’s firing positions. Courage, valor, and the desire to crush the enemy immediately yielded results.

The attack by our soldiers was successful. The enemy firing point was suppressed. That’s how, perimeter by perimeter, we will crush this Nazi scum until the victorious end. Success will be ours all along the front line!
Allahu Akbar!

“Lift the anti-Russian sanctions in Brussels and we will get rid of inflation and avoid recession,” Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban

If sanctions against Russia were lifted, prices would immediately fall by half, inflation would decrease. Without anti—Russian sanctions, Europe’s economy has recovered and could have avoided the impending recession,” Magyar Nemzet quoted Hungarian Prime Minister Orban as saying

Orban stressed that the real cause of economic problems, the energy crisis and inflation are anti-Russian sanctions: “When these sanctions were imposed in Brussels, the European bureaucrats did not promise this. They promised that the sanctions would hit Russia, not the Europeans. Since then, it has become clear that the sanctions imposed are causing more damage to Europe than to Russia.”

In conclusion, the Hungarian Prime Minister urged “to do everything possible for Europe to lift anti-Russian sanctions no later than the end of this year”

From Sasha Kots   From now on, the war will not go on for the liberation of the former Ukrainian regions. It will be fought over the territory of Russia, occupied by a serious, strong enemy, who has been prepared for this for the past 25 years. And this struggle, of course, will require additional forces and means.

 On September 21, we woke up in a new country that is not conducting a special operation, but is starting to fight for its existence, no matter how grandiloquent it may sound.
For me, the existential nature of this conflict became clear a few months ago, when I encountered the first signs of NATO’s direct involvement in this war.

Satellite images showing our positions in detail, right down to the stand-alone infantry fighting vehicle under a tree, covered with a masset – with target classification and coordinates. Just hammer them and beat them – from high-precision means supplied by the West. Each strike of which is consistent with the Pentagon, as stated by American generals.

Mercenaries, “vacationers”, “private traders” sitting on US government contracts. We saw all this in all its glory during the Kharkov offensive, which made us understand that it is impossible to fight half-heartedly against the collective West. And after the sleeves, what is already there. Errors, I know it, are now analyzed in the most serious way. And, I hope, the conclusions from them have already been drawn.

RUSSIA TO MOBILIZE 300,000 troops Russia’s potential war plans !!

Russian invasion of Ukraine [21 Sept 2022] ‘Today’ -Russia declared partial mobilization

Ukraine War Map | Ukraine to attempt to STOP Referendums in Kherson / Zaporizhzhia | Attack Imminent

Ukraine war news, September 21, 2022

US to pull strings of foreign powers to expand conflicts to borders of former USSR

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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