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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on September 8 2022

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The situation in the Izyum direction by the end of September 8, 2022

▪️By the evening of the third day of the Ukrainian offensive in the Kharkiv region, Russian units left Balakleya. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the National Guard of the organized left the city through a corridor on the eastern outskirts.

▪️After the capture of Volkhov Yar, Ukrainian forces advanced towards Shevchenkove, where part of the AFU group blocked the settlement, while other units continued to move towards Kupyansk.

▪️Later, the Ukrainian forces split up: part of the units went to the Kupyansk-Shevchenkove highway near the village of Grushevka, occupying the settlement and starting preparations for a further assault on Kupyansk.

▪️Another part of the enemy grouping made a breakthrough to the east, starting battles near the village of Senkovo   on the banks of the Oskol River. There is a bridge in the village, the capture of which will cut off the supply of Izyum from Kupyansk.

▪️In the south-east of Balakleya, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are trying to advance towards Veseloe and Kunye, however, enemy units were rebuffed near Zaliman. In Veseloe there is a key road junction that provides communication with Izyum.

▪️To the north of Slovyansk, the Ukrainian command plans to launch an offensive against the forces of the Russian Armed Forces in Izyum in order to tie up their actions and prevent them from maneuvering. Russian artillery and aviation are intensively working in the surrounding forests.


Defense Politics:
Based on the most reliable information I can find, the map should look like this

Ukrforces basically drives thru undefended roads,  just like how Russians did in the first month of war

Izyum on verge of getting cut off though


On the Kharkov situation by @rybar

It was possible to stop the attacks on Balakleya and Shevchenko. The APU is trying to get out to Vesely from both sides and take Balakleya into the ring.
The key task for today is to hold the Savintsy — Vishnevoye line and prevent the AFU groups from joining. It is necessary to stand up and inflict a decisive fire defeat.
If it is possible to hold the Shevchenko — Vishnevaya — Savintsy line, as well as Balakleya, then a repetition of the “attack on Kherson” scenario will begin. It will be possible to seize the initiative and recapture the occupied territories, again throwing the AFU over the river.
Otherwise, the AFU can simply leave the Balaclay in the ring, advance on the Veseloe — Kunye section, reach the Oskol line and start fighting for Izyum. And that would be bad.

Bloodbath in Kharkiv region: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are suffering huge losses, hospitals have run out of donor blood

Volunteers are calling en masse to donate blood for Ukrainian militants advancing near Balakleya. Hospitals have a total shortage of blood for transfusion. The number of wounded is huge. The blood supply ran out in the first days of the counteroffensive.
The command of the AFU clearly decided to repeat the “successes” of the Kherson direction.

#Balakleya Offensive: Situation in the Kharkov direction as of 12:00 8 Sep 2022⚡️

As expected, the AFU offensive has stalled. The flying squads took everything they could yesterday, and then, with the Russian Armed Forces’ reserves coming in, they have to fight for everything in earnest.

At night there were attempts to probe the Allied forces’ defenses near #Shevchenkove and #Balakleya, but in view of the approach of the Russian reserves to the latter last night (after a forced march) the prospects for the enemy here are not rosy.

Moreover, the AFU failed to preempt our units in the area of #Savintsy and thus prevented the enemy strike units from reaching the rear of the Balakleya and Izyum groups of the Russian Forces (which was our most important tactical success amid the problems of the first two days of fighting). Now we can rely on this region to prepare for the fight with the main enemy forces, which have not yet entered the fight from Kharkov at 12.00 on 08.09, but are at a distance of 10-25 km from the front line.

At the same time, Russian aviation and artillery are operating at full strength and inflicting tangible losses on the enemy, which leaves the Ukrainian command with a choice – either to attack quickly and try, (before the RF Forces have had time to bring up all the reserves) to build on their success and crush the enemy in pieces (but this is very risky, as it could repeat the history in the Kherson direction), or try to hold what is occupied, but risk wasting their strike force, which will be hit with everything they have in the coming days.

In fact, the main part of the #Balakleya battle has not yet begun, and it may end in favour of either side. But much of their prospects (for both sides) will depend on how much strength the Allied Command has allocated to the #Balakleya direction. This is because the second enemy grouping from the #Barvenkovo area has not yet entered the battle.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the progress of the special military operation in Ukraine (September 8, 2022)

◽️ Due to high losses of the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine (AFU) that formed the basis of the attack group, Ukrainian troops have held no offensive operations at Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog direction.

💥 Russian Aerospace Forces, missile troops and artillery continue launching high-precision attacks at AFU units and reserve forces at the abovementioned direction.

◽️ The list of neutralised targets includes the command posts of 63rd Mechanised Brigade of the AFU near Bereznegovatoye (Nikolayev region), the manpower and military equipment of 46 Airmobile, 57th Mechanised Infantry and 28th Mechanised brigades of the AFU near Sukhoy Stavok, Petrovskoye, Plotnitskoye landmark (Kherson region), Murakhovka and Ternoviye Pody (Nikolayev region).

💥 1 munitions depot has been destroyed near Murakhovka (Nikolayev region).

💥 Fighter aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces has shot down 1 Su-25 of Ukrainian Air Force near Konstantinovka (Nikolayev region).

◽️ Due to high losses caused by concentrated fire attacks of Russian Armed Forces launched at the positions of 59th Mechanised Infantry Brigade of the AFU near Ukrainka, Zelyony Gay and Novogrivoryevka (Nikolayev region), Ukrainian servicemen refused to fulfil combat tasks and commenced withdrawing to the rear areas.

◽️ The enemy has lost a total of 2 tanks, 6 infantry combat vehicles and 5 other armoured vehicles, 7 pickups with large-calibre machine guns and over 190 servicemen at Nikolayev-Krivoy Rog direction over the past 24 hours.

💥 High-precision attacks of Russian Aerospace Forces have resulted in the neutralisation of the provisional bases of the units from 95th Air Assault Brigade near Slavyansk and 81st Airmobile Brigade near Kramatorsk (Donetsk People’s Republic). Up to 120 Ukrainian servicemen, 15 armoured and motor vehicles have been eliminated.

Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile troops and artillery continue launching attacks at the military facilities in Ukraine.

💥 5 AFU command posts, including those of 72nd Mechanised, 58th and 53rd Mechanised Infantry brigades near Dzerzhinsk, Soledar and Artyomovsk (Donetsk People’s Republic), 1st Tank Brigade near Novonikolayevka (Zaporozhye region), as well as 51 artillery units, 167 AFU manpower and military equipment concentration areas.

💥 5 missile, artillery and munitions depots have been destroyed near Trudovoye (Zaporozhye region), Kurakhovo, Konstantinovka, Seversk (Donetsk People’s Republic) and Balakleya (Kharkov region).

💥 Moreover, 1 launching ramp of Buk-M1 air defence missile system has been destroyed near Belaya Krinitsa (Nikolayev region), as well as 1 air target detecting and tracking radar near Malomikhaylovka (Dnepropetrovsk region).

💥 Air defence means of Russian Aerospace Forces have shot down 13 unmanned aerial vehicles near Chervonosyolovka, Ocheretovatoye and Aleksandrovka (Zaporozhye region), Vladimirovka, Mandrykino railway station, Kirillovka and Novoandreyevka (Donetsk People’s Republic), Lyubimovka, Kreshchenovka, Kirovo and Tomina Balka (Kherson region), Alisovka (Kharkov region), Senkovka (Chernigov region), as well as Tochka-U ballistic missile near Rakovka (Kherson region).

💥 19 MRLS projectiles, including 16 launched by HIMARS, have been intercepted near Novaya Kakhovka, Molodyozhnoye (Kherson region), Novoosinovo, Grushevka (Kharkov region) and 3 rocket-propelled projectiles launched by Olkha MRLS near Antonovka (Kherson region).

📊 In total, 293 airplanes and 152 helicopters, 1,910 unmanned aerial vehicles, 374 air defence missile systems, 4,863 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 826 combat vehicles equipped with MRLS, 3,369 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 5,387 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the special military operation.

A Battle Report:
According to the Balakliya battle without emotions

The offensive in the Kharkiv region, which the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched this week, is fundamentally different from what we saw in the Kherson direction. First, it’s a completely different area. I lived here for a month and a half and I remember very well these forests, beams, hills … Using them, the enemy struck in several directions at once, pursuing the goal of cutting off our Izyum grouping from the mainland. Its supply depends on two arteries, on which the Armed Forces of Ukraine have concentrated their efforts.

The first blow fell on Balakleya. The Ukrainians tried to break into the city on the move, but were stopped by units of the National Guard. The policeman, in fact, the special forces heroically accepted the combined arms battle, preventing the enemy from breaking through. And he went around from the south, taking a couple of settlements. The attackers could not close the ring around Balakleya.

The reserves that arrived in time on our side broke through the corridor for the removal of the wounded and reinforced the garrison with units of the Ministry of Defense. At the same time, at the time of writing these lines, enemy units could not break through to the crossroads of the Chuguev-Izyum highway near the village of Veseloye. In case of its loss, the Izyum group risks losing supplies.

At the same time, the forces of the Kyiv regime tried to take control of the road connecting Balakliya with Kupyansk. On the section to Volokhov Yar, they succeeded, but to the north, in the Shevchenkovo   region, they encountered Russian paratroopers, who did not allow them to move further – to Kupyansk. There is a risk that the Armed Forces of Ukraine will bypass Shevchenkove and move towards the unspoken capital of the liberated part of the Kharkiv region. A daring offensive, in which the Kiev command, according to tradition, does not consider losses, is also held back by Russian aviation, which operates virtually around the clock.

In just three days, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to advance up to 20 kilometers in some areas. However, in this way they stretched out into two “bags” to the south and north of Balakleya, which now has strategic importance. If it is not kept, then both “guts” will connect, aligning the front. If there is a corridor to this city from our side and the approach of reserves from these “bags” it is possible to cut “cauldrons” in case our counteroffensive is launched. The situation in this area remains very difficult, but not catastrophic.


Fighting continues deep inside the city; however, the reports of the Russian forces withdrawing from Balakleya are at best premature and, at worst, false.

The problem is not Balakleya itself, but the road network surrounding it.

The Ukrainian attack vectors are in the direction of Shevchenkovo and Kunje, with the intention of cutting Balakleya off from, respectively, Izyum and Kupyansk.

While Ukrainian forces already exercise artillery firing control over the roadways connecting Balakleya from these centres (without preventing Russian reinforcements—such as they are—from reaching Balakleya), successful attacks against these key junctions will not only result in Balakleya being cut off—and eventually lost—but also in Ukrainian forces being able to plan further attacks on Izyum and Kupyansk.

While the Ukrainian army does not have the strength to go further, in my opinion, the loss of Balakleya would be a major defeat of the Russian operations in the area.

For that reason, the situation that had stabilized as merely negative yesterday has now returned to being critical.

“So, the situation near Izyum, Balakleya and Kupyansk:

The enemy did not complete the task of the day. The formations of the Ukrainian regime failed to take Balakleya, they did not even manage to enter the city at all. I had to bypass. Shevchenkovo   was also not taken by the enemy. Izyum – Kupyansk is preserved. The formations of the regime were able to put the routes from Balakliya under fire control.

The situation for our group is difficult. The problems that have been discussed for several months now are obvious both in the public space and at closed meetings.

Glory to the courage and resilience of our fighters.

At night, we will regroup and pull up reserves, inflict fire damage on the enemy, who is now in unprepared positions. It’ll be a hard day tomorrow.”

Says Podubny.

Donbass offensive: the situation in eastern Ukraine
by the end of 7 September 2022

▪️Russian artillery has been engaged on targets in the village of Gai, Chernihiv region, as well as Volfino, Manukhovka, Stukalovka, Khodino and Volkovka in Sumy region.

▪️On the Kharkiv direction, Ukrainian sabotage and reconnaissance groups have been probing the defence of Russian units in the north of the region:
— VSU sabotage groups have staged several sabotage attacks near Volchansk on the border of Kharkiv Region with Russia.
— The Russian Armed Forces have launched several missile strikes against AFU facilities in the Nemyshlyansk district of Kharkiv.

▪️In the Izyum direction, Ukrainian formations attempted to build on their success near Balakleya and encircle the city in several directions:
— The Allied forces’ reserve forces were able to repel enemy attacks near Shevchenkovo, north of Balakleya. At the same time, the enemy moved reinforcements to the area in the hope of taking control of key transport arteries and forming a bridgehead for a further offensive on Kupiansk.
— South of Balakleya, the 93rd Brigade and 1 brigade of the AFU Special Forces have taken control of Bayrak and Krasnaya Husarovka, cutting off the town from the south. The next target for Ukrainian forces should be Zaliman to the east of the city.
— The enemy’s key objective at the moment is to reach the villages of Veseloye and Kunya, which will enable it to cut off the supply of the Russian Armed Forces’ grouping in Izyum.
— The Armed Forces of Ukraine are also concentrating reserves in the area of Dolyna to hit the Izyum grouping from the south.

▪️Allied forces are fighting positional battles in the outskirts of Bakhmut and Soledar in the Bakhmut (Artemivsk) direction.

▪️In the Donetsk direction, the sides are fighting positional battles in the suburbs of Donetsk near Pervomayskoye, as well as in the outskirts of Ugledar. Ukrainian formations, for their part, continued shelling the DNR capital and surrounding settlements, with casualties among civilians.

▪️In Zaporizhzhya Region, the sides continue an artillery duel across the Dnieper River: the Russian Armed Forces retaliate against enemy positions in Nikopol and Marganets, from where Energodar and the Zaporizhzhya NPP are shelled.

▪️On the Krivoy Rog direction, the situation remains unchanged: Russian units hold defensive positions on the southern outskirts of Arkhangelskoye and Olhino, as well as south of Vysokopolye. Novoznesenskoye remains under the control of the Ukrainian armed forces.

Apti Allautdinov  the commander of “Akhmad” special forces:

Kharkov  is nothing extreme.

Kharkov offensive was scheduled precisely for the Rammstein meeting in order to convince the West to send more weapons. This is the price of these weapons.
Balakleya is not surrounded. The situation is not out of control and I don’t think anything extreme will happen. Our reserve has arrived in all directions.
AFU employed about 30 000 of personnel. During the last 3 days, they have lost 5000 heads minumuly. It is the truth that they had a lot of ammo.
These were the attempts to scan a few different directions and prove to the Wester partners that they were capable of some action and show that the money sent was used for something.
These are the remains of the forces that were invested into and now they are acting around Izum. I dont think that this even could lead to any drastcis change at all.

We have the advantage. Let me explain. There was a plan, it was approved by the commander-in-chief. The offensive was being prepared, we were aware of it and gave them the chance to drag their troops out to the area of our advantage, the most convenient to us, so we could eliminate them. This was the plan. It is working: the enemy stuck his head out. They have pulled out everything they have and are experiencing very heavy losses.

When you see that the enemy took over some village that can not be even found on the map, remember to lose a battle does not mean to lose a war.
I am asking everyone not to worry, the powers that follow God’s will can not lose to Satan.

Akhmad Sila, Russia is Almighty, Allahu Akhbar!

 Stay solid.

Ukrainian forces on verge of cutting resupply to Izyum after 50km dash to Oskil River [ Balakliya ]

RYBAR: Chronicle of the Ukrainian offensive at Balakliya, September 6-7, 2022 (English)

Russian invasion of Ukraine [8 Sept 2022] ‘Today’ -Ukrainian offensive in Balakliia

Report from Kupiansk Sept 8, 2022 at 1830

Kharkiv Counter-Offensive – Ukrainians take Balakliya and reach Oskil River! Kupyansk next???

BREAKING | AFU 1 Village and 1 Bridge from Encircling Izium. Russia Retreats from Balaklyia

@DonRF22 (Trusted Source) reports: In brief: The situation near Kupyansk and Izyum is difficult. The reserves are coming⁠—this is factual and true. However, the head-on battle will cost dearly. The Russian Air Force and the missile forces are active like never before.

@Dva_Majors (Two Majors, Trusted Source) report with a Balakleya and Kharkov SitRep:

🔴 Part of the 126th Rosgvardia regiment near Balakleya did not retreat. As well, in the eastern outskirts of the city, there remain several dozen PMC fighters.

🔵 The Ukrainian army has become active along the Dementievka-Udy (north of Kharkov) line, there has been fighting there since the morning. We expect the work of saboteur-reconnaissance groups during the night

🔴 The 674th Rosgvardia regiment troops fired mortars at the enemy’s advanced forces, which decided to conduct a reconnaissance battle.

🔴 The 607th special forces Rosgvardia regiment of the Federal Guard Service inflicted appreciable losses on the Ukrainian forces by firing mortars and ATGMs at the enemy in the buildings and carried out precise aiming of artillery at the enemy’s armoured vehicles.

In the areas of responsibility of these units, the Ukrainian army was unable to launch an offensive

#YURI DAILY Alea Jacta Est. The Ukrainians threw it all to the line, and commenced the main battle of the autumn. The situation in Kharkov region is serious and menacing, and may, if not remedied quickly, result in the worst defeat of the Allied forces since the start of the hostilities. However, despite it being the most serious operational crisis since the start of the war, the situation is far from certain, and the battle is not over – the Ukrainian gamble is extremely dangerous, and their current success can easily turn into an utter defeat. Yuri explain the Ukrainian strategy, the dangers posed to the Allied groups near Izyum. The Russians, on the other hand, do not seem rushing the forces from elsewhere in Ukraine, and continue, quite successfully, to advance near Solidar and Bakhmut. State of the fronts as of 19:00 CEST Sep. 8

Vladislav Ugolny (@Zola_of_Renovation, obviously a Trusted Source) reports with a Balalkeya-Kupyansk-Izyum SitRep:

The Military-Civilian Administration of Kupyansk has announced the start of defence of the city. There’s a war correspondent Poddubny @epoddubny and my fellow OPSB veteran @notes_veterans on the ground there. So, what we know so far:

1) Ukrainian forces control at least the western and southwestern parts of Balakleya. There is video confirmation. There is no confirmation of control of the north-eastern part, including known depots. So we can definitely talk about the loss of part of Balakleya. But it is possible that our resistance remains there. We will only know for sure if there is photographic confirmation of control of the arsenal.

2) Shevchenkovo and the crossroads near Veseloye-Kunya do not appear to have been occupied by the Ukrainian army. [GB: As noted earlier on this channel, Ukrainians bypassed Shevchenko, but did not take control of it.]

3) However, the Ukrainian forces made a breakthrough between these defensive points and were able to reach Kupyask and the Oskol Reservoir. These are forward units, and they do not have absolute control over this territory. The presence of the Ukrainian army near the village of Yasinovatoe and near Grushevakha has been confirmed.

4) Izyum is cut off from Kupyansk on the right bank of the Oskol River. Supply is possible through the left bank.

5) The AFU is intensively dropping saboteur-reconnaissance groups into the Krasno-Limansky district of the DNR. I am not personally aware of the possibility of their crossing there. @Rybar reports that there is such a possibility. If it is implemented, the grouping in Izyum will find itself in a cauldron.

6) The battle for Kupyansk will take place this night. We have faith in the Russian army.

After yesterday’s Ukrainian offensive, which ended at least in part with the occupation of Balakleya and the approach of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the suburbs of Kupyansk, a serious threat to Izyum has arisen. Especially if the enemy went to the n / a Kunya, but at least at the moment the Ukrainians failed to do this.

At night and this afternoon, the Izyumsky garrison delivered and continues to deliver the heaviest artillery strikes on enemy concentrations south of Izyum, where the crests deployed yesterday in attack formations (they did not abandon their intentions). The enemy fired harassing fire at Izyum itself, in the forests on the border of the DPR and the Kharkov region, our soldiers fought, but did not let the enemy through. Khokhols tried to attack the forest, got a good pendel and retreated back.

Army aviation delivered strikes on clusters of APU equipment in the area of   the Staroverovka settlement, and indeed there are a lot of aircraft in the sky today. But it must be taken into account that crests go through forest plantations or in small mobile groups, to some extent leveling the consequences of the FAB-500 arrivals.

Kupyansk is preparing for defense and I hope they took into account the bitter experience of previous days. Izyum himself is also preparing for defense, crests, in turn, are trying to cut roads and isolate our garrisons. The Vushniks have not yet committed all the reserves into battle, and I think that at night and in the next few days they will try to hammer at us with high-precision shells of cannon and rocket artillery, since Excalibur has already been delivered to them.

If anyone thinks that the Izyum warriors are in a panic, then they are seriously mistaken. Yes, the first part of the battle, to put it mildly, was not ours, but this happens in war, and military luck is an extremely windy young lady. The main thing now is a competent analysis of what happened and correctly drawn conclusions from it. In any case, the enemy will be defeated, and the resulting slap in the face is simply obliged to bring to life those who have lost touch with reality.

It is reported that Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Zaluzhny and the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine warned the office of the President and Zelensky himself that an offensive in two strategic directions could have bad consequences.  Due to the large losses in manpower and equipment, there may be a huge shortage of heavy weapons and experienced units.  The personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, seeing and knowing all the “underground” (huge losses), will be morally broken if the territorial result is not achieved and retained.

 At the same time, there is a huge risk that the Russian army is exhausting parts of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, drawing in and knocking out the most combat-ready units.  At the same time, the attempt of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation to go on the counteroffensive with a high degree of probability has a chance of success.  The Armed Forces of Ukraine will no longer have reserves to contain the “onslaught” and a complete collapse of the defense will begin, at least in two strategic directions.

 All reserves of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are now thrown into the attack so that Ukrainian politicians can achieve their goals at a meeting with donors in the Ramstein format.

Putin says West is failing to isolate Moscow with sanctions

Putin says Russia may halt energy exports if West caps prices

Russia Cuts Gas to Europe | Euro’s Worth Less Than the Dollar

US accuses Moscow of forcibly deporting Ukrainians to Russia

The war in Ukraine will end in mid-October

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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