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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on October 4 2022

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200 THOUSAND Mobilized Russians Arrive. Federation Council Approves Donbass as Russian Territory

Russian mobilization is a game changer

Russia gives residents of new regions 1 month to choose citizenship

Ukrainian Forces Captured The First Town In Russian Territory 03 Oct 2022

The situation in the Mykolaiv-Krivoy Rog direction by the end of October 4, 2022

🔻At the Posad-Pokrovsky section of the AFU, small forces are probing the defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the vicinity of Petrovsky and Ternovye Pod. Under the Green Guy, Ukrainian formations tried to wedge themselves into the defensive lines of the Russian Armed Forces, but Russian artillery forced the enemy to retreat.

Over the past day, Ukrainian formations have managed to gain a foothold on two passages through the canal in the Petrovsky district. Full control over the site will allow you to block the Posad-Pokrovskoye — Kiselevka highway and develop progress in the direction of Kherson.

🔻The APU continues preparations for the offensive at the Snigirev site. Additional units have arrived in the area of responsibility of the 105th battalion of the 63rd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Artillery calculations of the brigade are firing guns at the positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Maksimovka and Cornflowers. Starlink satellite communication systems are being deployed at advanced strongpoints.

🔻 At the Berislavsky site, Ukrainian formations are anchored in positions abandoned by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation ( ). After the meeting of the AFU command staff in Bereznegovat , the area of responsibility was divided between the units:

➖57 ompbr: Sukhoi Stavok — Andreevka — Davydov Brod
➖46 oaembr: Belogorka — Davydov Ford — Malaya Alexandrovka
128 ogshbr and 17 otbr: Novovoskresenskoye — Dudchany
➖60 opbr: Guryevka — Ananyevskoye — Trifonovka — Kamenka — Chervonoye

Currently, communication and interaction is being organized between the divisions via Starlink terminals. MTO services deliver fuel and ammunition.

At night, the Ukrainian command intends to use UAV calculations to open the front lines of the defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, as well as send several DRGs on cross-country vehicles, using gaps between Russian strongholds.

In the morning and afternoon of October 5, Ukrainian formations intend to continue the simultaneous offensive on Mylovoye, Borozenskoye, Bezvodnoye, Karl-Marx and Bruskinskoye to reach Berislav and Novaya Kakhovka.

In addition, against the background of success in the Berislavsky sector, the Ukrainian command plans to storm Russian positions in the vicinity of Pravdino and Snigirevka in order to cut the front and create a springboard for the attack on Kherson. 

#YURI The Russians retreated to the south in Kherson region, having reduced the lenght of the front lines by half, and are  entrenching in the new defence lines, intending to hold there until the arrival of the reinforcements. Yuri, citing the British intelligence, says that almost all other parts of the Ukrainian front except the Kharkov and Kherson regions, including the borders with Russia in Sumy, Chernigov, and even Kharkov region, are exposed for a Russian possible attack. Relative calm near Svatovo, where the enemy accumulates forces, but so far does not attack. The Russian troops advance In Bakhmut, and near Donetsk, where a lot of enemy troops were moved to either Kharkov or Kherson. The Russians will have to hold their lines until the reinforcements arrive. 

Operational SitRep from the Lisichansk-Kremennaya-Svatovo triangle from Na Marshe Z:

The AFU command will not storm Kremennaya and Svatovo. The plan appears to be changing.

It is likely that an attempt by the Ukrainian army to break through to the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration will proceed through the front along the Belogorovka-Spornoye line.

This is currently the only “gap” where it is possible to break through, taking into account the Ukrainian reserves in this direction.

It also appears that the AFU will transfer combat-ready remnants from the Liman-Yampol line to this operational area.

On-site reconnaissance reports that equipment is being moved from Liman not closer to the “zero” line, i.e. to Kremennaya, but further south, towards Yampol-Seversk.

They will not move against the Yakovlevka-Belogorvka-Berestovoye line—because there the 4th and 6th Separate Motorized Rifle Brigades of the LPR are quite strong, plus not too far away, in the settlement of Victorovka, we (Wagner PMC) are already present.

It only remains for them to look for a joint between units in the direction of Topolevka-Maloryazantsevo-Lisichansk. I hope the General Staff has already calculated the operational manoeuvre for this case.

Saudi Arabia and Russia Plan Deep Cuts in Oil Production – Financial Times

They and a number of other major oil-producing countries are going to announce this at the OPEC+ summit tomorrow.

Moscow. Belgorod. Omsk. Murmansk. Pillars of light reaching into the sky. Someone has already managed to joke that it was mines with strategic nuclear weapons that were opened, and doomsday searchlights hit the sky. And some channels report that they have finally launched the Peresvet laser systems, which work on the orbital constellation of the West. I would like to believe that yes is too good to be true. Because then the belief that we have weapons from the category of analogues returns, but we began to use them. And then everything will be Russia. Except Kosovo, because Kosovo is Serbia. #Russia


By Andrey Medvedev
We are all anxiously reading the news reports from the front. We’re worried about our own. Near Kherson, Svatovo, Kreminnai. We wait for good news, but there is none. Will there be any? Who knows.

But we can’t help but worry about our own, our military and civilians, those who believed that “Russia is here forever”. We think about how they are at the front, in the front-line villages and towns. And about when it will all be over. And most importantly, how it will end. Doubt and uncertainty. Fear and stress. This is what many feels.  

We are all walking in darkness.  It may get even thicker before the light flickers.  Walking in the darkness is hard, painful, and scary. But we have to walk it anyway. And we will.
But you know what’s important? One day we’ll be asked. It doesn’t matter who. Friends, acquaintances, our conscience, God. And the question will be very simple:

- Where were you (or were you) in those dark days when the front was collapsing, when there seemed to be no way out when there were only questions and no answers when drug dealers jacked up prices on medicines and body armor when sanctions were strangling us?

And we will have a lot to answer for. Some will say they were at the front. Others will say they were mobilized. Many will say that they were in their towns and villages, small towns and megalopolises. They worked, toiled, brought up children, anxiously read the news bulletins, and tried to be themselves. They collected parcels for the front. They studied tactical medicine and the rules of battle. We buried. We cried. Worried about their own. But the main answer would be the same for everyone.

“We just stayed here, we didn’t run away. We all, shoulder to shoulder met this darkness. And went, remembering at last that we are a people, human beings. Through fear and pain. With clenched teeth. And we came to the Victory, boys, and girls. Not everyone made it, but we remember everyone. And it was hard, but we made it”.
That will be our common answer.

Yes, right now we are all here. Whatever it takes. Yes, this is not how we imagined our future.  But what about now? And here we all are, on our land, in our homes, in our flats. In our mansions, even. Yeah, what do you think, all those who have mansions fled to Dubai or wherever? No, not everybody. I know a lot of people who are here in the country. They’re not going anywhere.

So we will have something to say, even if only to ourselves. That’s no small thing. To know that you were yourself when it seemed unnecessary and sometimes impossible.

Kremlin comments on Kadyrov’s call to use “low-yield nuclear weapons” in Ukraine ..An article by the Russian state media TASS agency:

The heads of Russia’s regions have the right to express their own opinion, but even in the most dramatic moments emotions must not prevail, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.
He was speaking in response to a remark by Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov to the effect that in the special operation in Ukraine “more drastic measures are needed, including the declaration of martial law in the border areas and the use of low-yield nuclear weapons.”
“The heads of Russia’s regions have the authority to express their point of view and to make assessments. After all, they are the heads of entire Russian regions, including Ramzan Kadyrov, who, as you know, has done a great deal from the very beginning of the special military operation and made a very big contribution to the campaign. And he continues doing so,” Peskov said.
It is a different matter, he continued, that “even in the most difficult moments emotions should probably be excluded from any comments.”

“We prefer to stick to very balanced and objective assessments,” Peskov explained.
In response to the question of whether the call for using nuclear weapons might be considered a manifestation of emotions, Peskov said: “We may use nuclear weapons based on what is stated in the relevant doctrine.”
“There can be no other considerations here,” he stressed.
The Kremlin spokesman reiterated that Chechnya’s merits in conducting the special military operation were “very great.”
“The whole republic continues to make a very big contribution to the special military operation. Very heroically and effectively,” he said.
According to the Russian nuclear doctrine (The Basic Principles of the State Policy of the Russian Federation in the Field of Nuclear Deterrence of 2020), the use of nuclear weapons by Russia is possible if the enemy uses this or other types of weapons of mass destruction against Russia and its allies if reliable information is received about the launch of ballistic missiles for attacking Russia and its allies, in case of the enemy’s impact on facilities necessary for retaliatory measures by the nuclear forces, as well as in the event of aggression against Russia with conventional weapons that endanger the very existence of the state.

Russian channels are massively sharing this And it might not be as complicated as our Army’s offensive plan.

🔥 Destroying Ukraine’s power supply nodes.
🔥 Hitting rail and road logistics hubs.
🔥 Destruction of tunnels and bridges.
🔥 Destruction of all buildings housing government offices.
🔥 Elimination of Ukraine’s political leadership.
🔥 Diversionary operations to undermine military supply, training, intelligence, etc. hubs in Poland, Germany, Romania, the Baltics, England… It should be a massive attack.
🌎 Internationalization of armed forces, involvement of allies: Vietnam, North Korea, armed formations from CIS countries, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Africa, etc.  
🌠Procurement and supply of troops at the expense of military allies. Nothing more to be embarrassed about.
🛰 Strikes on military satellites of western countries over Ukraine.
✈️. Air defense, a no-fly zone over Ukraine, REB.
💦 Destroying strategically important dams.
🔥 Carrying out a tightly controlled, detailed, and coordinated offensive operation.

To do this, change cadres who find such a plan unnecessarily inhumane while considering the deaths of our troops as acceptable casualties.
Introduce firing squads for war crimes and negligence in the leadership of the SSF. To transfer the authority to investigate such deeds to a specially created unit: the SMERSH.
This is in general terms.

Ready to begin executing sentences immediately!

And most importantly: extermination on the spot even for attempts to negotiate with the Nazis!

For those who are “hard” to persuade, I remind you that the entire ARMY GROUP is being prepared in Russia as we write here. Plus some additions which will make it around 450.000 people+-arriving. I hope that’s enough encouragement for most.

“What about Ukraine’s Advance in ____ ?”

When Russia advances, they do so at the expense of Ukrainian forces while preserving their own.

When Ukraine advances they do so at the expense of Ukrainian forces while Russia preserves their own.

They are not fighting for territory at this point in time – they are preserving their forces while destroying the finite reserves Ukraine has assembled for these large-scale offensives.

Asking every day/hour about Kharkov, Lyman, Kherson – this village and that village – while ignoring the logistical and sustainment cliff Ukraine’s forces are hurdling over means you don’t get it and probably won’t at this point.

Meanwhile those panicking and in hysterics are rendering themselves in service of Western propaganda – creating anger, tension, division is the whole purpose of this offensive that otherwise is unsustainable and incapable of delivering “victory” militarily.

Enemies write.  insider Our source in the Office of the President said that a meeting was held in the Office of the President with nuclear scientists and environmentalists on the track of the nuclear threat.  At Bankovaya, they are trying to find triggers that will force the West to seriously influence Russia, and not to impose empty sanctions, as was the case with the annexation of 4 regions.
 Our source in the OP said that the Office of the President is ready to create a dirty nuclear bomb to contain Russia.  A headquarters has already been set up on Bankova with nuclear scientists and the military, who are urgently preparing a group for the development of nuclear weapons.

The State Duma called for strikes on infrastructure, but the Russian Defense Ministry does not understand the need for this?  

Enemies write: British intelligence warned the Office of the President about the strike of Russian missiles on the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.
 The State Duma called for the destruction of all bridges and power plants in Ukraine.
 This statement was made by the head of the Just Russia – For the Truth faction, Sergei Mironov, when considering draft laws on the admission of four new subjects to Russia.
 The State Duma deputy said that the “special operation” being carried out in Ukraine is acquiring a new character.
 According to him, “in order to save the lives of soldiers, as well as civilians,” it is necessary to strike at the energy infrastructure of Ukraine.

Enemies write: Inside MI6 transmitted intelligence to the Office of the President and the General Staff that Russian troops continue to accumulate forces in the Belgorod region and are in no hurry to use them as a reserve.  British intelligence warns the General Staff that these forces can be concentrated for a counteroffensive of Russian troops along the border of the Oskol River in order to cut off the UAF grouping, which is increasingly stretched with only a few supply routes.  

Fire spreads after Russian Armed Forces GERAN-2 UAV hits an unknown target in the Kiev region


Local sources report attacks by kamikaze drones “Geran-2″ (Shahed-136) on the objects of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Bila Tserkva in the Kyiv region.

Several UAVs were also seen in Odessa, air defense systems are working on them. According to preliminary data, one of the drones was shot down over the village of Rybakovka.

Kiev region telegram

kiev region. We have information about several explosions in Belaya Tserkov. According to preliminary data, the city was attacked by kamikaze drones. Because of this, there are fires at infrastructure facilities. There is one victim. Emergency services are already on site, working. Information about the destruction and victims is being ascertained. Do not ignore the alarm signal – immediately go to shelter. Take care of yourself and your loved ones. The air alert continues!

The AFU plan for the offensive on Svatovo – acc to the Ukr Resident channel

“Zaluzhny is preparing a new offensive, the main goal of which is to surround Svatovo and force Russian troops to retreat. Now reserves are accumulating in Kupyansk and an attack is being prepared on the Svatovo—Kremennaya line from Kupyansk & Liman.
The AFU will continue to use the tactics of small mobile groups, which will have to go to the rear, paving the way for heavy equipment, removing enemy artillery and aircraft from the battle. Taking advantage of the absence of minefields and serious fortification lines, we quickly seized the enemy in a pincer grip. The Rus command cannot saturate the front, & there aren’t enough reserves for the defense of settlements, which opens the flanks and allows the APU to easily displace the enemy,”

Now there are artillery battles going on here, the enemy is concentrating forces and sending small groups to probe settlements along the Kremennaya – Svatovo highway. 

NATO countries and states neighboring Belarus are not just militarizing, they are PREPARING their infrastructure and their troops for WAR, we have specific data, we see what they’re doing and we are monitoring the situation, our response will be through adequate measures – Belarusian Defense Minister Viktor Khrenin.

Glenn Greenwald EXPOSES NUCLEAR WAR Risk On Tucker Carlson

Jeffrey Sachs Says US ‘PROBABLY’ Behind Nord Stream Pipeline Attacks, Bloomberg Host SHORT-CIRCUITS

“Russia won’t be defeated with HIMARS rockets”

Ukraine braces for infrastructure attacks as winter looms

Russian invasion of Ukraine [4 Oct 2022] ‘Today’ – massive offensive of Ukraine

Kherson Offensive | AFU captured 600 square miles Russians in retreat

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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