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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on October 5 2022

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“You Can Always Regain Territory—You Cannot Regain Human Lives.”

The situation in the Mykolaiv-Krivoy Rog direction by the end of October 5, 2022

Today, Ukrainian formations tried to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the Posad-Pokrovsky, Andreevsky and Berislavsky sectors of the front.

The AFU acted according to the already proven tactics of using assault groups on armored vehicles of increased cross-country capability to probe the defense of Russian troops at the junction of the defending units. The enemy takes full advantage of the sparseness of the defensive formations of the Russian troops.

In all three sections, the Russian Armed Forces’ barrel and rocket artillery fired massively at the advancing AFU forces, eventually forcing them to retreat.

Despite the successful repulse of the attack, all intelligence signs indicate an imminent attempt at a massive offensive. Today, a relatively weak reconnaissance was conducted by combat.

In the coming days, the Ukrainian command will regroup forces (a tank unit has already arrived in Belogorka) and will continue to push through the defensive lines of the Russian Armed Forces.

And we should be ready for this. 

#YURI The Ukrainian offensive towards Kherson began in earnest with a reconnaissance by combat of quite a significant force. Weather factors, unusually early autumn rains, and increased density of defense, as well as artillery and air force, allows for the Russian defense to hold on so far. But the coming weeks promise to be very hot there. Another Ukrainian offensive may commence any day now near Svatovo. There are Russian advances, albeit insignificant in some other places, as the enemy exposed most of the other parts of the front except for Kherson and Svatovo direction.

A military expert has told how to conduct a counterattack by the Russian Armed Forces in the Kherson direction

The enemy managed to capture Zolotaya Balka, and now there is a probability of hitting the Russian troops from the rear, military expert Yury Knutov told the Go and See channel.

“Objectively, the enemy managed to capture Zolotaya Balka there – they landed troops, respectively, from the Dnieper on boats, plus they struck on land and managed to break through along the Dnieper. The bridgehead has now been expanded – it is unequivocally large, it poses a certain threat,” Knutov said.

Because there is a possibility of strikes from behind the Russian Armed Forces, which are located along the river Ingulets, and thus there is a possibility of withdrawal of Russian troops. This would mean retreating to Kherson, Knutov noted.

“In addition, the enemy’s advance along the Dnieper threatens to seize the Kakhovska hydroelectric power station, and subsequently to reach Kherson. Therefore, stopping the advance of Ukrainian troops is task number one,” Knutov stressed.

According to the military expert, it will not be easy to do, given that the Russian Armed Forces do not have a single front line – there are only strongholds. Usually, the enemy uses the tactics of small groups, consisting of two or three armored personnel carriers, armored vehicles, heavy machine guns, grenade launchers, and man-portable air defense systems. If they come across a stronghold, they don’t storm it but go around it, then concentrate, and thus capture the settlement, and cut the road.

“Our troops find themselves surrounded in this way, or may find themselves encircled. We are forced to pull them back so they don’t get caught in the cauldron. So the tactic works, what can be countered? Minefields in the gaps between our strongholds. Unfortunately, we do not use this experience of the Great Patriotic War, especially of the Battle of Kursk. There were a huge number of mines at the battle of Kursk, and in its time it helped us to win the victory,” Knutov explained.

He said the Russian Armed Forces need to create minefields: on country roads and forest roads, roads between strongholds, and places that are poorly shot and difficult to defend, to hinder the advance of the enemy. The main objective is to halt the offensive so that when reinforcements arrive in the form of mobilized men they can launch a counter-offensive.

“As of today the weather favors us and hinders the enemy, it has made it difficult for Ukrainian troops to advance, plus artillery has joined in. The offense… at any rate, has been blocked. Time will tell how events will develop further, but there are chances to pull up reserves in these 1-2 days to prevent the enemy from advancing towards Kherson,” summarized the military expert.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Armed Forces retreated from Davidov Brod and Dudchan in the Kherson direction.

Chronicle of a special military operation for October 3 — 5, 2022

🔻Starobilsk direction:

▪️At Kupyansk site, the 2nd and 3rd battalions of the 14th ombr of the AFU are advancing towards Orlyanka. At the same time, the brigade’s units are pulling up reserves to storm the positions of Russian forces in Tavolzhanka.

At the Svatovsky site, Ukrainian forces have gained a foothold in Novoplatonovka and Boguslavka. The APU were able to occupy Makeyevka and Grekovka, and are also moving east to the District Town, where the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation regrouped. Presumably, Ukrainian formations will soon try to make a breakthrough on Svatovo before Russian troops have time to strengthen the defense of the city.

After the loss of the Estuary and the left bank of the Zherebets River, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation retreated to Kremennaya, where engineering units are working to create a fortified area. Artillery and aircraft of the Russian forces are preventing the enemy from advancing towards the city.

Ukrainian formations have equipped a bridgehead in Terny, from which sabotage and reconnaissance groups conduct sorties on the Svatovo — Kremennaya road.

🔻Bakhmut (Artemov) direction:

On Monday, Ukrainian formations probed the defense of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation on the entire contact line from the Disputed to Nikolaevka II, but all attempts at counterattacks were repulsed.

The reports about the release of the Experienced turned out to be premature. A tank company of the 93rd Infantry Division of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, including 10 pieces of equipment, was transferred to the settlement.

The information published on the web about the withdrawal of enemy forces from Bakhmut (Artemovsk) has not been confirmed.

During the battles of the 53rd brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the detachments of the “Wagner PMCs”, the enemy suffered heavy losses, after the command decided to withdraw the units to the Cherkasy region for staffing.

🔻Donetsk direction:

As a result of the successful offensive, the units of the 1st AK NM of the DPR managed to occupy the territory of the village of Pervomayskoye in the area to the center of the village and the turn to Vodiane. A complete sweep of Pervomaisky will allow cutting the supply route of the enemy group in Nevelskoye.

🔻Zaporozhye direction:

On October 3, detachments of the 65th OMBR and the 102 brigade of the Defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine numbering about 80 infantry, reinforced with two tanks and infantry fighting vehicles, conducted a sortie on Russian positions in the area of Mirny, but suffered losses and retreated to their original positions.

Against the background of the ratification of the treaty on the entry of the Zaporozhye region into Russia, Ukrainian formations are planning a large-scale offensive on the most vulnerable areas of the front in the next few days.

🔻Southern front: Berislavskoe and Andreevskoe directions

After the withdrawal of Russian units to the Dudchans, it was decided to withdraw the group further due to the threat of complete encirclement. The Russian Armed Forces retreated from Dudchan, Davydov Ford, and also left Bolshaya and Malaya Alexandrovka, Staroselye, Trifonovka, Novaya Kamenka, Olgino and Arkhangelsk.

The new line of defense of the Russian forces is located on the Kostroma— Borozenskoye — Mylovoye line. The command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine intends to break through it for further access to Berislav and Novaya Kakhovka.

▪️At the Snigirev site, Ukrainian forces are preparing for an offensive. Additional units have arrived in the area of responsibility of the 105th battalion of the 63rd separate mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

▪️Three columns of military equipment are being thrown from Nikolaev: towards New Odessa, Vossiyatsky and New Bug

🔻Southern front: Posad-Pokrovsky section

The units of the 59th ombr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine attempted to attack the positions of the Russian forces in Ternovye Pody: at the moment, all enemy attacks were repulsed.

The enemy forces were able to gain a foothold on two passages through the canal in the Petrovsky area.

The Ukrainian formations made an unsuccessful attempt to attack the positions of the Russian forces near Zeleny Gai.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation decided to withdraw units of the 83rd Airborne Brigade, the 810th Marine Brigade and units of the ground forces from a number of areas in the northern part of the Kherson region.

The decision was made in order to prevent the encirclement of Russian units by numerically superior forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine after breakthroughs in the area of Dudchany and in the area of Davydov Brod. As a result of this, The Ukrainian army failed to create a cauldron.

The units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, consisting of the 128th mountain assault, 60th mechanized, 17th tank brigades and a number of other units, with the support of artillery and front-line aviation, reached the Davydov Brod – Borozenskoye – Sukhanovo – Kachkarovka arc.

Parts of the Russian army, in turn, formed a defensive line along the R-81 highway (Snigirevka – Kherson), covered by the winding bed of the Ingulets River. Thus, by the morning of October 5, the offensive fist of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was stopped about 30 km from Berislav and 40 km from Nova Kakhovka.

These cities were within the range of long-range 155-mm HE ERFB-RA and Excalibur S projectiles (range – up to 55 km) used by the French CAESAR self-propelled guns and the American M109A3GN Paladin self-propelled howitzers.

Russian Armed Forces have not yet been given the command to counterattack according to information from open sources.

Pro-Russian media sources are reporting that the Russian Armed Forces are gathering forces in the Kherson region to start “destroying the Ukrainian units in the Kherson direction”

Special operation, October 5th:

▪️ Putin instructed to transfer the Zaporizhzhya NPP under the control of Russia, the station becomes the property of the Russian Federation, the company for its operation was headed by the former chief engineer of the Balakovo NPP Oleg Romanenko as well as graduate students and residents

▪️ Reformatting a special military operation into a counter-terrorist one is the prerogative of the president, while there have been no such statements, Peskov said

▪️ Certain territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions will be returned, consultations will also be continued with the population, which will express a desire to live with Russia, Peskov said

▪️ The situation on the front line in the Krasnolimansk direction in the DPR is stabilizing, the defense line is being strengthened, Pushilin said

▪️ The Russian armed forces destroyed more than 300 Ukrainian soldiers in a day, the RF Ministry of Defense reported

▪️ The head of the IAEA Grossi went to Kiev, then, presumably next week, he will arrive in Russia

▪️ Borrell said that the EU plans to launch a mission to train the Ukrainian military in mid-October, but at the same time assured of the EU’s readiness to seek a diplomatic solution to the conflict in Ukraine, “if circumstances permit”

▪️Mariupol airport will be restored until the end of 2023, it will be both civilian and military, Khotsenko, prime minister of the DPR, told RIA Novosti. According to him, the terminal itself can be demolished and a new building built, the runways will be modernized.

GB Analysis: Meanwhile, Starshe Eddy (@VysokyGovorit) warns of an impending Ukrainian assault on Svatovo, which he believes to be more likely than on Kremennay. He considers the overt preparations of Ukrainian forces in the direction of Kremennaya to be a feint.

Other commentators (Na Marshe Z) have warned that both apparent preparations—the assault on Svatovo and Kremennaya—have the appearance of being feints. Na Marshe Z, reporting from the frontlines, believes that the primary attack will be directed at the Lisichansk-Severodonetsk agglomeration along the Berestovoye-Spornoye and Topolevka-Maloryazantsevo line, where separate Russian Army groupings connect and the control over the front line is less monolithic.

Whatever the case, the fact that the threatened Kremennaya assault may be a feint has probably given the Russian Army’s 208th Cossack Regiment an opening to exploit. If indeed the Kremennaya preparations are a distraction, the Ukrainian defences in the direction of Krasny Liman along the Torskoye-Zarechnoye junction may well be light. If so, this would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of Ukrainian regrouping after the taking of Krasny Liman—whether that regrouping was done in the direction of Svatovo (with Kupyansk forces joining) or Lisichansk.

The 208th Cossack Regiment’s actions would also be supported by the fact that significant forces of the Russian Army have been moving from Russia through Starobelsk and flooding the Svatovo-Kremennaya-Starobelsk triangle, prepared to dig defensive lines and stand their ground. Valiant action in the direction of Krasny Liman may well scuttle the Ukrainian plans, whether it is Svatovo or Lisichansk that they see as the prize.

All the same, the importance of caution cannot be overstated. If this maneuver is, in fact, a planned one (and not some lark by a local commander—which I doubt) it has to be supported with artillery and troops from the Svatovo-Kremennaya-Starobelsk triangle. Sources indicate that this, in fact, is what is happening. As reported earlier, Ukrainian units along the Kremennaya-Krasny Liman path have withdrawn deeper into their position. If this is not a feint to lure the Russian forces, then this is what possibly gave the Russian command the confidence to attempt such a bold (in the circumstance of still incomplete mobilization) move.

I believe that the attack is a planned one and has the aim of dissuading the Ukrainians from offensive plans and of starting to regain the initiative. Turn them on the defensive, stall their plans, and the newly-mobilized troops, pushing up from the rear, can release the frontline forces to finally start counteroffensive maneuvers. We will continue following these developments closely.

From Starshe Eddy:

A brief update on the situation in the Kremenna-Svatovo area. Khokhols completed regrouping and concentrated forces near the village of Pervotravnoye. Forces from Kupyansk arrived there and joined up with those troops that were operating in the Liman area. The forces are large, a lot of equipment, including Caesars. The main mass of the equipment is new armoured vehicles of Western and Turkish manufacture.

The main purpose is a concentrated strike on Svatovo, with the designation of actions on Kremennaya. By the way the Khokhols are representing that the main blow is planned to Kremenna and post videos with alleged concentration of equipment and personnel, which logically should act against Kremennaya, but in my opinion it is not so. The enemy’s attacking lines are aimed at Svatovo and the offensive is likely to take place no later than tomorrow.

Cossacks launched a counteroffensive near Krasny Liman – military correspondent Lisitsyn announced the capture of the settlement of Dibrov.

Unexpected news came from near Kremennaya – the 208th Cossack regiment, also participating in the defense of Krasny Liman, launched a counteroffensive and even occupied the village of Dibrova, which is located south of the city. There is no official confirmation of the information at the moment.

Reporting from the front lines, Callsign “Pauk” confirms the capture of Krasnoye Dibrovo overnight and the Russian Army’s offensive from Kremennay toward Krasny Lima

Yesterday we reported that our troops had gone on the offensive from Kremenna towards Liman. Now a report came in that our troops had taken Krasnoye Dibrovo (Dibrovo) overnight.

They are moving on.

The Ukrainians are trying to bring in reinforcements from Slavyansk via Liman. In the evening there was a column of 10 km or more. Artillery is working from the Kremennaya triangle side at the path of the Ukrainian column, simultaneously clearing our way to Liman.

It’s usually a “red flag” when someone answers a question that wasn’t asked. So when the New York Times’ CIA cutouts printed a story ( in which unnamed American spies insisted the US was totally not involved in the assassination of Darya Dugina — blaming it on an unidentified “part” of the Ukrainian government — that certainly piqued my curiosity.

Also notable is that they apparently ran this story by Zelensky’s adviser Podoliak — the same man why categorically denied Ukraine had anything to do with the car bombing — a day before publication, and claimed his response was a denial. But it wasn’t quite: he was merely saying Dugina wasn’t a strategic or tactical target for Kiev, essentially a “we wouldn’t have” line of argument based on motivation.

The whole story is basically pleading with Russia not to retaliate and trying to distance the US  from the killing. There’s only one problem: to the best of my knowledge, no one in Moscow has ever pointed the finger at Washington in this particular case. Admittedly, my knowledge isn’t perfect, but I have seen no public statements to that effect. None.

So why would US spies so strenuously deny something that no one has accused them of to begin with? Hmmm.

They write that the base of the 72nd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the city of Belaya Tserkov in the Kiev region flew in at night.

The military barracks and the airfield were on fire. There are considerable losses among officers and manpower.

I remind: the Russian population is expecting some unswers on why this doesn’t happen each 30 minutes and our troops are sustaining the satanic NATO rush being outnumbered 1 to 8 instead.

Gazprom reports one line of Nord Stream 2 may be salvageable—if so, it could be a blow to what Blinken frames as a “tremendous opportunity” for US oil & gas companies to force Germans to rely on them, and Europeans may still have some hope of pursuing strategic autonomy after all

The United States is rushing Kiev to launch a decisive battle in southern Ukraine before winter and thus deny Russia the opportunity to consolidate its power in the region. This was reported by the Financial Times.

According to US officials, the autumn slush will make combat operations very difficult, with the advantage going to those on the defensive – in this case, the Russians.

Therefore, the Ukrainian Armed Forces need to “recapture the south” before frost sets in, control over much of this territory will be crucial, according to the FT editorial board, in terms of possible negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

The New York Times ( wrote that Daria Dugina’s murder was organized by Ukrainian special services and sanctioned by “parts of the Ukrainian government”, while US special services had nothing to do with and were not even aware of the assassination attempt being prepared and were afraid of possible escalation after the murder.

Strictly speaking, it looks like an attempt to cover oneself up, especially since the NYT is the main mouthpiece of the current White House administration. However, it should be remembered that such a scenario (proactive Ukrainians decided to carry out an attack without asking permission from their masters in Washington and Langley) is possible and even took place back in 2016 with the attacks in Crimea, which incidentally involved the current GUR head Kirill Budanov and for which Biden personally scolded Poroshenko by phone.
“The United States is concerned that such attacks — while high in symbolic value — have little direct impact on the battlefield and could provoke Moscow to carry out its own strikes against senior Ukrainian officials. American officials have been frustrated with Ukraine’s lack of transparency about its military and covert plans, especially on Russian soil.

Since the beginning of the war, Ukraine’s security services have demonstrated their ability to reach into Russia to conduct sabotage operations. The killing of Ms. Dugina, however, would be one of the boldest operations to date — showing Ukraine can get very close to prominent Russians.”

Dear European there will be no nuke over Europe, over the “remaining ukraine” as we call this 30 year old scam.

The US is just bullying Germany to transfer its industry to the US. This is their plan B after the plan A of tak8ng over Russia did not work.

Unfortunately you guys are the hostages of their satanic plan now.

But no, there will be no Russian nuke over Europe, the only possible target is the US, but  they know this could only happen in case of them attacking us first. And they also know that Russian systems will reach their continent even before the already launched US nuclear missile could reach Russia, America will literally cease to exist.
This is their bluff as they can’t match the bet. Their real goal now is to destroy European economy and transfer the high tech production to the US.

They need you ruined and afraid.

And if you don’t act as they need you to they might stage a russian nuke over some Poland themselves.

P.S  Russia doesn’t need to nuke. There are Kindjals just as powerful as a mid size nuke.

Duda Calls For US NUKES in Poland.

Analyst: US fought against any peace initiative or compromise between Ukraine, Russia

New Ukrainian Offensive in Kherson Region! 04 Oct 2022

Ukrainian troops take Makiivka & Hrekivka in Luhansk Front- Regrouping for new offensive in Kherson?

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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