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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 28 2022

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Zelensky warns of new Russian missiles attacks

Putin using winter itself as a weapon in war against Ukraine, NATO chief says

Ukraine ‘must endure this winter,’ says President Zelensky

Ukrainian sources are actively peddling reports about the preparation of Russian strategic aviation for the next wave of missile strikes on energy infrastructure.

Allegedly, about 20 missile carriers are being prepared at the same time, which has not been observed before. President of Ukraine  also announced the imminent resumption of strikes yesterday. In fact, one should not be surprised at such awareness of the Ukrainian authorities. Preparations for the departure of strategic missile carriers and the launch of “caliber carriers” are accompanied by large-scale measures and intensification of negotiations, which is immediately recorded by NATO satellite and electronic intelligence.

It is impossible to carry out such large-scale operations unnoticed, however, even the fact that the enemy has accurate information about Day “P” does not give him a big advantage – the weight of a volley of aviation and navy still exceeds the anti-missile capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and therefore it will not be possible to repel an attack with any knowledge.


Ukrainian Nazi Evgeny Karas: Tomorrow there will be a massive rocket attack on Ukraine

“Probability 90%. According to many signals and wiretaps. They want to try big,” said the head of the neo-Nazi organization C14 (banned in the Russian Federation)

We are waiting for the big one

The head of the Republic of Buryatia Tsydenov spoke about the Pope’s racist comments about the Buryats.
The Pope spoke out about the brutality of Chechens and Buryats.


Soldiers from Buryatia honorably perform their duty and are an example of the best traditions of the Russian army.
Fearlessly, with honor and dignity to defend the interests of his country. To protect and protect the civilian population, as well as treat prisoners of war with humanity and mercy – this is how the Russian army fights, where hundreds of nationalities, including Buryats.
To hear an assessment from the head of the Catholic Church about the cruelty of specific nationalities – namely Buryats and Chechens protecting civilians – is at least strange.
History knows many examples of the destruction of cities, countries and even peoples by those who consider themselves representatives of civilized nations. For example, the genocide of Indians in North America. Or will someone say that the Crusades were full of virtue?! Don’t go too far into history. The capital of the European state – the city of Belgrade or the whole state – Libya was bombed without the participation of the Buryats, Chechens and other peoples of Great Russia.
And of course, the Pope knows about it.
The Russian army, including the soldiers of Buryatia, protects their country and the civilian population. Residents of Donbass lived under shelling and died by the hundreds for more than 8 years, and they were terrorized by Ukrainian nationalists under the leadership of a criminal regime and curators from “civilized” nations.
And if our soldiers were noticed, it means that they are doing their job well. Guys, we are proud of you! God be with those for whom the truth is! (c) Tsydenov 

The Pope called the Chechens and Buryats the most violent people And the hypocrisy is as mundane as it gets.

“Woe from the mind.” No less. Speaking of Chatsky’s monologue, “Who are the judges?”

It’s the same pope who legalized same-sex marriages, recognizing their legality and approving marriages in churches of these sodomites. He is the same pope who rewrote the Bible, removing all references to man and woman as well as the anti-LGBT, sadomistic, diabolic references. He republished the bible in a format that suited the antichrist, thus joining the army of the antichrist. The nest of sadomites has its roots directly in Rome and is headed by the pope.
He is also the current pope of his colleague, Innocent III, known as the organizer of the Fourth Crusade in the late 12th century and others, whose peaceful “deity” killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people, including infants, women and the elderly.

This is the same Francis (in the world Mario) publicly slapping the hand of a parishioner who believes in his sanctity because of “loss of patience.”

Maria Zakharova today: Pope: “When I talk about Ukraine, I’m talking about a nation that is martyred. If you have people who are martyrs, you have someone who torments them. As a rule, the most cruel, perhaps those who from Russia, but not from the Russian tradition, such as Chechens, Buryats, and so on.”

Some kind of absurdity: until recently, the West believed that the opposite was true, and the Slavs were torturing the Chechens, now the position has changed by 180 degrees. Liberal humanists played.

I would like to remind the Catholic brothers that the Bible says that all people have one Father. This is the beginning and end of all conversations that have any xenophobic, racist, nationalist or other misanthropic overtones.

And further. What will the Vatican tell us about the martyrdom of the multinational Soviet people? Maybe it makes sense to first speculate about Catholic repentance before the Orthodox in the 20th century, and Muslims for many previous ones?

We are one family with Buryats, Chechens and other representatives of our multinational and multi-confessional country. And together we will definitely pray for the Holy See, each in his own way, but about the same thing – we wish them not to be tempted. Amen.

Articles 106 and 107 of the UN Charter give Russia, as the legal successor to the victor of World War II, the right to take any action, including military ones, against Germany, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia. , Czech Republic, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Ukraine for attempts to revive Nazism.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres was surprised to learn from Putin that there is an article in the UN charter that allows a Russian special operation to be carried out in Ukraine.


The Nuremberg Tribunal sentenced to criminal liability all those who fought against the United Nations and committed genocide. The greatest genocide was committed against the Soviet people. UN Charter, Articles 106 and 107, gives the victors of World War II – the USSR, USA, Great Britain and China – the right to take action against the countries that fought against them to prevent actions that aim to revise the results of the Second World War. .

In particular, the use of military force against these countries is permitted. To do this, you only need to NOTIFY the other three winning countries, but not get their consent. Russia, as the LEGAL successor to the USSR, can also use force against states that want to overhaul the Yalta-Potsdam system in Europe. Russia can stop attempts to revive Nazism in Germany, Hungary, Romania, Austria, Bulgaria, Finland, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic, which acted as the protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia during the war.

The “marriage” between the US and EU will likely end in divorce, following the obvious “economic cheating” by the American “alpha-male…The US has no intention to share his income. On the contrary, he steals the last savings of his aging partner and pockets the money without any qualms,”
former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said.
The remarks were made on Monday amid media reports that EU nations are becoming increasingly angry over what they see as American opportunism amid the Ukraine crisis.

Military Expert Boris Rozhin on the Highlights of Russia’s Special Military Operation in Ukraine by 22.07 Moscow time on 28. Nov 2022⚡️

⚠️ #Kurdyumovka also taken, see 4.👇

1. #Avdeyevka Direction:

The storming of #Vodyanoye, #Pervomayskoye and the fortified area near #Nevelskoye continues. The pace of advancement is low.

2. #Maryinka:

Fighting in the centre of the city. Control of the administrative quarter is crucial to the liberation of #Maryinka. The enemy is gradually being squeezed out.

3. #Ugledar Direction:

In the area of #Pavlovka – #Nikolskoye and #Novomikhailovka, in general, no significant changes.

4. #Artemovsk (#Bakhmut) Direction:

➖ To the south of the city our troops seriously displaced the AFU, occupying #Ozaryanovka, #Zelenopolye, #Kurdyumovka (!) and #Andreyevka.
➖ There is also progress in #Opytnoye.
➖ Fighting has broken out near #Kleshcheyevka.
➖ Overall, the bypass manoeuvre to the south of ➖  ➖  ➖#Artemovsk continues to loom, which could create serious operational difficulties for the AFU if it moves towards Chasov Yar.
➖The AFU are suffering heavy losses in these battles.

5. #Soledar – #Seversk:

There are no particular changes in #Soledar, street fighting is ongoing. Street fighting also continues in #Belogorovka on the #Soledar – #Lysychansk highway. Our troops re-entered #Spornoye, fighting for control over the settlement.

6. #Svatovo – #Kremennaya:

There are no significant changes on the front line.
Enemy attacks near #Kuzemovka and in the direction of the #Svatovo – #Kremennaya road were repulsed. The enemy is now accumulating forces in the #Kharkov region for a possible resumption of the offensive against #Svatovo and further to #Starobelsk.

War Map and the Situation on the Fronts on the Evening of 28 Nov 2022; pub. 0:05⚡️

🽠Why is what is happening in #Ukraine? Is there one big reason or a set of problems? But there is a reason for sure. Maidan Nezalezhnosti or as it is called in modern Ukrainian mythology – “the revolution of dignity”. It was the Maidan that launched the mechanisms of the country’s destruction, the consequences of which we can still appreciate today. How it all began, who is to blame for it and what to do now – our material (

⚔️ The Situation on the Fronts in the past 24 Hours

⚫️ #Svatovo – #Kremennaya Direction:

The militants with the forces of two company groups tried to attack in the direction of #Kuzemovka LPR, but were pushed back by the Russian army to their initial positions near #Berestovoye in #Kharkov region. Also, the AFU advanced to attack Chervonaya Dibrova but were stopped by artillery fire near Serebryanskoye Lesnichestvo in the LPR.

⚫️ #Artemovsk (#Bakhmut) Direction:

Wagner PMC units are advancing in Artemovsk and simultaneously on the approaches to it, gradually encircling it. Today our forces have taken three settlements to the south of the city – #Andreyevka, #Zelenopolye and #Ozaryanovka. At the moment there are battles for #Kurdyumovka (should be also taken according to 👉 Rozhin ( and #Kleshcheyevka. Military expert Boris Rozhin summarized that the offensive south of #Artemovsk is being carried out quite successfully, but it is too early to talk about the encirclement.

⚫️ #Ugledar Direction:

At the moment, the situation in this sector of the front is stable, none of the parties has taken serious offensive actions. But in the area of #Neskuchnoye and #Oktyabrya the DPR repulsed two counterattacks by the AFU, the enemy suffered losses in personnel and equipment.

💡 With the start of the special operation, the use of weapons and equipment from World War II was immediately noticeable in the fighting. Now that the situation on the fronts resembles a war of attrition, the Ukrainian army has begun to massively supply its units with both old Soviet weapons and foreign “relics”. Where are the weapons coming from and why are they being used – explains ( Readovka.

Zaporozhye NPP remains under Russian control – Energodar administration. By @readovkanews:

The administration of Energodar reported that, despite the fakes of the Ukrainian media, the Zaporozhye NPP remains under Russian control, and the information that Russian troops are planning exits from the city is not true. They cited as evidence the plans of Rosatom to create a backup source of energy supply for ZNPP.

In addition, the administration clarified that employees, including operational personnel, signed work contracts with the new employer. In turn, the safety of the nuclear power plant is ensured in full.

A fiery hell for the Armed Forces of Ukraine: our scouts discovered a special detachment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine that was trying to attack the positions of the Russian Armed Forces on the Zaporozhye Front

With the help of a thermal imager, the movement of the enemy was detected and a powerful artillery strike was inflicted on Ukrainian militants.

Bakhmut (Artemovsk) is not only a military target for us, but also a prestige object. If it is taken, we get full control over the roads leading to Kramatorsk,” the expert said.
According to sources, the liberation of the city could take place in the near future.
“We will expect good news from this front within two or three weeks

There are various reports, including from authoritative channels, according to which the situation for Khokhol in the Bakhmut area is close to critical. Like it or not, we will see in the coming days. But if Bakhmut is taken and success near Avdeevka is added to it, then this will be the first major victory of the Russian troops after the crushing of the enemy near Severodonetsk and Lisichansk. Particularly important in this case is not even the occupation of this settlement, but the destruction of a large mass of personnel and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Bakhmut in general can be the beginning of the winter campaign of the battle for the initiative in it

Zelenskyi ignored the surrender of 4 settlements by the Ukrainian army and the plight of the Ukrainian army near Artemivsk

In his evening address, Zelensky decided to omit the defeats of Ukrainian fighters at the front from his grunt work. The Ukrainian president did not mention the loss of three settlements in the Artemivsk direction or the storming of Kurdyumivka and Kleshcheyevka.

In addition, the Ukrainian leader chose to remain silent about the terrible losses of the group’s personnel near Bakhmut. Zelensky, on the other hand, shifted the emphasis to the usual accusation of Russia’s destruction of the country and “attempts at revenge” and even mentioned the failed projects of the Neskorushimost points, which now need to be actively rebuilt due to the lack of power supply.

Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated on the southern flank of the Artyomovsky direction: details

By the middle of the day on November 28, the combined battalion-tactical group of PMC Wagner, dispersed along the T-05-13 highway, was able to break through the first line of defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the area of ​​​​n. settlements of Klescheevka, Ozeryanovka and Andreevka south of Bakhmut (Artemovsk).

Having suppressed the enemy’s platoon strongholds, the “Wagnerites” and units of the People’s Militia of the LPR were able to advance 1.5-2 km from their previously occupied positions. Scattered units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were thrown back to the area between Kleshcheevka and Chasovy Yar.

The redeployed reinforcement of the 5th Mechanized Brigade and the 112th Terodefense Brigade did not improve the position of the Ukrainian army.

The next stage of the offensive is likely to be the advancement of Wagner PMCs to Ivanovskoye settlement with blocking of the H-32 highway.


Russia Ukraine War Nov 28th

Russian invasion of Ukraine [28 Nov 2022] ‘Today’

Russia Deployed its Newest Miniaturized EW Drones ‘MOSQUITO’ in Ukraine┃MI6 & the CIA are Appalled

Ukraine to finally get long range American & Turkish missiles? | Russia advances south of Bakhmut

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