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How the DC Corporation Entrapped Citizens Under Fraudulent Jurisdiction to Steal Their Constitutional Rights by Making Them Statutory Citizens and Tax Slaves. How to Opt Out of Paying Federal Income Tax

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How the DC Corporation Entrapped Citizens Under Fraudulent Jurisdiction to  Steal Their Constitutional Rights by Making Them Statutory Citizens and Tax Slaves

How to Opt Out of Paying Federal Income Tax

Alexander Hamilton Federalist Papers #15

Doug Casey: America as we know it has Ceased to Exist


Doug Casey: Get Your Assets Out of the U. S. NOW

This is not merely Theory, but a Proven Real World method to become a Tax Exempt Non Resident Alien American National

See Resources tab for full Video / Document / Legal Form Archive

The American Slavery System: In Memory of Jordan Maxwell. Rest In Peace!

Your body is bought and sold through the use of the birth Certificate

Two Separate United States

The Constitutional Republic, and the Statutory DC Corporation

The District of Criminals Tricked and
Entrapped Citizens Under the Fraudulent Jurisdiction of the Illigitimate Federal Government.

Two Separate Types of Citizenship

American Nationals vs Statutory US Citizens

To Place Constitutionally Protected American Nationals Under the Jurisdiction of the Fraudulent DC Corporation, they had to Trick Citizens into Surrendering their Sovereignty by Making Them Statutory US Citizens.

Why Income Taxes Are Illegal


The Power of the Federal Government Over Citizens is Based Upon Jurisdiction.

For the Criminal Federal Government to Exercise Control Over Sovereign Citizens, it had to Trick them into Accepting their  Jurisdictional Power through an Evil Deception.

To Place Americans under the Jurisdiction of the Fraudulent DC Corporation, they had to Change our Residency Status. (National Citizenship)

How Sovereign American Citizens were turned into Resident Aliens.

The Jurisdictional Difference Between the Constitutional Republic and the Statutory United States of the District of Columbia

If you are a Statutory Person, you are a Legal Fiction and Subject to the Authority of the Federal Government / DC Corporation

If you are an American National, you are Protected by Constitutional Rights and are not subject to 85% of Congressional Laws. American Nationals are only required to pay taxes under certain circumstances.

# To Tax American Citizens, they had to Change our Citizenship Status from Constitutional Citizens to Statutory Citizens. (Classified as Alien Residents)

# If you are an American National you have been Declared a Non Resident Alien. American Nationals have Constitutional Rights. The Federal Government’s ability to Tax Non Resident Aliens is extremely limited. This is the Legal Status that you want.

Are YOU a U.S. Citizen?

May 25, 2017

What is your answer when asked: Are you a U.S. Citizen? Before answering, you must know that there are 2 jurisdictions known as the ‘United States.’

# If you are a statutory ‘U.S. Citizen,’ that means that you are subject to the monarchial powers of the U.S. Congress.

# If you are a Constitutional U.S. Citizen, you are a sovereign American with inalienable rights. Also, Constitutional U.S. Citizens do not possess the annual liability to file and pay the Federal Income Tax.

For more information, please visit our website,

With questions, please email us at [email protected].

Who are non-resident alien individuals?

How can the U.S. Federal Income Tax be Voluntary?

The U.S. Federal Income Tax is extremely limited in scope toward non-resident aliens. But just what is a non-resident alien? It may come as a surprise to many to learn that term actually describes most Americans living and working in the 50 states of the Union.

 U.S. Supreme Court restrictions on the Federal Income Tax

There have been many attempts by politicians at creating a Federal Income Tax in the grand history of the United States.

Notably, the Income Tax Act of 1894 was struck down the following year by the U.S. Supreme Court. In

1909, President Taft and Congress tried again but avoided the Rule of Apportionment. They succeeded at was creating the 16th Amendment, but it contains the obvious limitation that, since it avoided the Rule of Apportionment, it must only be applicable within the statutory ‘United States,’ which is the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories.

That basic fact hasn’t changed in the 100+ years since the creation of the 16th Amendment, despite the continued belief by many that they are obligated to file and pay every year.

Jurisdiction & The Federal Income Tax

# There are two separate and distinct jurisdictions that are named the “United States” — one the Constitutional Republic and the other being the corporate entity, the District of Columbia. The 16th Amendment and the federal income tax target only those within the corporate entity.

# If you live and work in the Constitutional Republic (50 states of the Union), the federal income tax is NOT your obligation.

More can be found at

The duality of meaning in the term ‘United States’


Jul 3, 2017

Every American knows of the existence of the ‘United States’ when referring to the 50 states of the Union. But there’s more to the story than what you’ve been previously told.

# There is another ‘United States,’ a corporate entity that consists of the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories like Puerto Rico and Guam. It is this ‘other’ United States that is the target audience of the 16th Amendment, which created the federal income tax scheme that still exists today.

# For many American Nationals, their participation in the U.S. Tax Club is voluntary, and it may come as a surprise, but those American Nationals can opt out of the U.S. Tax Club – via a seldom-discussed Congressional statute – by filing a Revocation of Election.

Links to other videos and documents can be viewed by going to our Resource Center at

How Can the Federal Income Tax be Voluntary?

Contrary to popular belief, participation in the U.S. Federal Income Tax scheme is voluntary to a vast majority of Americans. This video goes in depth to cover the variables regarding the voluntary nature, and the mandatory nature.

Revocation of Election: Key to Exit U.S. Tax Club

# Whether they did it knowingly or not, American Nationals made an election to join the U.S Tax Club when they filed their first Form 1040 Individual Income Tax Return.

# As the Federal Income Tax is a tax upon the National Government and those who live and work in federal territory, the U.S. Congress could allow those in the 50 states of the Union to voluntarily join their corporate entity, but in order to stay in alignment with the 13th Amendment, they also had to allow those American Nationals the opportunity to terminate that election and exit the U.S. Tax Club.

Weiss+Associates are specialists in accomplishing this. More videos can be found in our Resource Center at

Revocation of Election: The key to exiting the U.S. Tax Club

Links to the laws cited:…

Would you like to permanently leave the “U.S. Tax Club”?

No government employee or agency has EVER shown us THE LAW as it relates to an obligation upon American Nationals (those living and working in the Constitutional Republic) to file a Form 1040 without first making an election.

Most critical-thinking people can assume this equates to the fact that no law exists. If you remain skeptical, the truth is self-evident. Force your Government to answer the key element: SHOW ME THE LAW!

If they ever produce such a document, please forward it to us, because our 25+ years of research has shown that the Federal Income Tax was only levied upon the National Government without apportionment. Additionally, the National Government was ‘denied or deprived’ by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1895 of any power to impose a Federal Income Tax directly upon American Nationals living and privately employed in the Constitutional Republic.

The key distinction is: the National Government can avoid the rule of apportionment by taxing itself in their exclusive jurisdiction to which the Constitution has no full force or effect of law. That is exactly what they chose to do — and additionally they gave American Nationals the permission to volunteer into their U.S. Tax Club. That is perfectly legal.

The Federal Income Tax IS lawful within the District of Columbia and its U.S. territories, which are “states” in free association with the National Government, such as Puerto Rico, Guam, U.S. Virgin Islands, etc.

As this is a voluntary act for American Nationals within the 50 states of the Union, like what former IRS commissioners Steven Miller and Dwight Avis separately stated to the House Ways & Means Committee some 60 years apart, you can clearly see that there is NO SUCH LAW. You have to volunteer yourself into the “U.S. Tax Club.”

What constitutes a ‘trade or business’?

May 5, 2020

The U.S. federal income tax liability of nonresident aliens is very limited as compared to Resident Aliens or statutory citizens.

Here is what the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations states regarding the tax liability of nonresident aliens at 26 CFR 1.871-1(a): “Nonresident alien individuals are taxable only on certain income from sources within the United States and on the income described in section 864(c)(4) from sources without the United States which is effectively connected for the taxable year with the conduct of a trade or business in the United States.”

So, it’s important to understand the legal definition of a ‘trade or business,’ which is considerably different from the presumed definition used in everyday conversation. This means that the tax liability for nonresident aliens is extremely limited, and most American Nationals have no natural obligation to file and pay the federal income tax.

Continuing with the above implementing regulation: “However, nonresident alien individuals may elect, under section 6013 (g) or (h), to be treated as U.S. residents for purposes of determining their income tax liability under Chapters 1 and 24 of the code.”

This is the area where many American Nationals get tripped up. Many American Nationals who have no natural obligation to file or pay have unknowingly volunteered to enter the U.S. Tax Club and be treated (taxed) like that of a Resident Alien.

Fortunately, the Revocation of Election process we’ve perfected can remove those American Nationals from the U.S. Tax Club. Additional educational videos pertinent to this video—

For more links to our videos, please go to the Resource Center of our website —

Please direct all questions and comments to [email protected]

Long v. Rasmussen: Acknowledging the existence of Legal Non-Taxpayers

This landmark federal appellate court decision was clear in its ruling that legal non-taxpayers do exist and, further, that revenue laws do not apply to legal non-taxpayers. The full decision of this court ruling can be read by going to the Resource Center of our website and viewing the PDF file located in the Documents section.

Overcoming the fear of the U.S. government

FEAR is a built-in genetic trait that is the manifestation of the avoidance of getting hurt. Then, the ‘Fight or Flight’ Syndrome takes over, and the decision many times is to take flight and run from a challenge.

Dealing with the Internal Revenue Service is no different. Many sweat when they receive an IRS envelope in their mailbox. Why are people afraid of their servants? The answer may be a bit complex. Nevertheless, fear is real and must be overcome.

# Knowledge of how the U.S. Federal Income Tax came into being, that it is voluntary and how to lawfully exit from the U.S. Tax Club are the main tools used to educate Americans. Knowledge is power. Become equipped with the right knowledge. The Revocation of Election process lawfully removes you from the U.S. Tax Club. Acquiring the knowledge regarding the law helps you demolish the fear of government reprisal.


Author and founder of Casey Research, Doug Casey joins me to shoot straight about the US government debt, the future of the US Dollar, President Trump and gold. And you may not like what he has to say about any of it.


Doug Casey believes America as an ideal of limited government is long gone. The self-declared speculator and founder of Casey Research points out that personal freedom in the United States has declined dramatically over the last century.

The pandemic has accelerated that trend with unprecedented lockdowns, and the economic fallout will lead to the biggest shock since the Industrial Revolution, he argues.


# Doug Casey talks Great Reset, says we’re in for a tough time, that trends in motion tend to stay in motion, and fears the stage is being set for some authoritarian leader to rise to power. He feels the people who love liberty (e.g. libertarians) are an anomaly or rounding error compared to the rest of society.

He gives his thoughts on being an international man in the brave new world where air travel has collapsed and authority has become more digital and centralized. We discuss Ukraine…he believes the Russians are on the right side of all this. The U.S. Government is a collapsing empire and has become the greatest danger in the world today. We could be looking at real chaos over the next decade or two. He gives us some tips on surviving the apocalypse.

“Powers of Darkness” at Play with Coming Digital Dollar, It’s Game Over says Doug Casey

The U.S. dollar has been at increasing danger for decades and has gotten to a critical level,” says Doug Casey, New York Times best-selling author and host of the Doug Casey’s Take podcast.

# Casey explains to our Daniela Cambone that the U.S. government is, “terminally bankrupt,” and faces severe danger by digging the deficit hole deeper. “I think we’re going to back to gold,” as a replacement for the dollar he says. “It’s best to use a neutral currency, one that can’t be inflated out of existence or closed down,” due to foreign policy sanctions, he continues.

# Casey believes the “Great Reset” has started with the Covid-19 pandemic, and more crises to come will direct more power to governments for greater control of populations.

# The digital dollar is going to happen, “and is going to be one of the biggest disasters that’s ever been visited upon people,”

Casey asserts. I am bullish on Uranium and I think it’s, “the safest, cheapest and cleanest form of mass power generation,” Casey concludes.

The Birth & Death of the Internal Revenue Code and Introducing Revocation of Election


11,151 views May 2, 2018 The Internal Revenue Code of 1954 (what is now called Title 26 in use today) was enacted on August 16, 1954, but according to wording within the piece of legislation, ended on the same day of enactment. Weiss+Associates delves into the reasons why Congress would enact a law that ceased to exist the very day it began – a stillborn law.

READ NOTES before viewing: ‘Democracy vs Republic


Ok – she started well – but went way off track when she started talking about the US 2nd amendment as it relates to California…. Note that the 1879 CON is legally INVALID. It was never lawful in the first place. It was in effect voided in 1960 (more on this in later posts) …. Gun Rights do not need to be articulated…further the con does bot give us Rights … it puts Gov Co in a box. A Right to be armed is a Natural Right that can not be taken away! End of Story. STATE OF CALIFORNIA Corp. legislature only has jurisdiction in DC! NOT ON CALIFORNIA More here: More:

How Corporations Have Replaced Constitutional Government Courts Jurisdictions


D.C. Corporate Law vs Constitutional Law. How Corporations Have Replaced Constitutional Government Courts


The Beast Digital Bank Central Currency






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    Total 3 comments
    • Fake News = The False Prophet

      Still trying to legitimise an extortion racket by criminals then? Why are you so afraid of confronting the truth? It is ONLY violence that holds sway in ANY of it.

    • Yeah, I said it

      The history may be correct, but the people are dealing with history, they are dealing with employees who have no oversight.
      Once an IRS agent had placed their eyes on you, and decided they want to take from you, there is no regular court to stop them, their own organization turns a blind eye, assuming they did everything according to the IRS manual, the Taxpayer Advocate is only a talking head giving them suggestions for how to deal with us, no one people elected in Congress will push to get them to do right, and in Tax Court, they are “supposed to file a case” before they come after your pay, but they don’t. Tax courts are not in every town U.S.A., there are a few, and everything is done remotely.
      So when someone tells you how to avoid payment, when you get in their jaws, there is no one to help you.
      There lies the problem, you drown in your own rights.
      If the FBI has taken over BIN, maybe you’ll read the IRS Manual, it has the force and effect of law.
      It was written at a time when the dollar was worth 100 pennies, and a penny was 1/100th of a dollar.
      The dollar is now digital.
      Digits have no value, it’s a different unit of measure, depending on how it’s labled.
      Digits are called liabilities or assets on a banking ledger.
      Taxes on liabilities, and taxes on assets don’t exist.
      The IRS manual is for enumeration, and it’ was written when enumeration was a physical transfer from the bank to the patron.
      Now, it’s all on a card, the IRS is obsolete.

      • Yeah, I said it

        Now, it’s all on a card, the IRS is obsolete.
        The digital transfer of assets from our accounts to other accounts in the United States, for transfer from those accounts to accounts in Puerto Rico, are a form of money laundering.

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