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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on December 04 2022

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Putin is deeply committed and he cannot lose

Ukraine is stuck

Our source reports that both sides of the conflict (Ukraine and Russia) want to end the year on a winning note so that positive presidential speeches are backed up by a winning information background.

The Ukrainian Armed Forces have switched to defense in the Donetsk direction; although Bankovka demands to go forward, the weather does not allow it. In a “standing war,” the AFU has more losses due to a shortage of long-range artillery. We have written about this today.
The minimum losses in the Donetsk direction alone are over 100 dead and 300-400 wounded per day.
Hospitals are once again overcrowded.

Accordingly, the Office of the President cannot present any progress to the Western handlers. The pro-Ukrainian wing in European and American elites, meanwhile, demands this to have bargaining chips to lobby for increased funding.

We are watching how this year will end.
It is worth realizing that in doing so, the game will not be over but will most likely reach a new level.


Chronicle of a special military operation for December 3-4, 2022

🔻 Border territories of the Russian Federation:

▪️Ukrainian formations shelled the village of Tishanka and the village of Krasnoe in the Belgorod region, damaged residential buildings, gas supply and electricity lines. There are no victims or injured.

▪️The enemy attacked the village of Guevo and the Kucherovo farm in the Kursk region, civilians were not injured.

🔻Starobelsk direction:

▪️In the Liman sector, Ukrainian units launched an offensive towards Ploshchanka. Russian troops repulsed the enemy attack, forcing him to retreat with losses in manpower and equipment.

At the same time, the Armed Forces of Ukraine advanced towards Krasnopopovka. Russian units counterattacked, pushing the Ukrainian formations back to their original positions.

▪️Artillery duels continue along the entire line of contact: the Russian Armed Forces hit enemy concentrations in Ternovaya, Berestovoye, Vishnevoe and Tabaevka.

🔻Slavic direction:

▪️On Saturday, Russian rocket troops and artillery attacked the Starokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant in Kramatorsk. There was a fire at the facility.

🔻Soledar direction:

▪️On the Bakhmutsky (Artemovsky) site, clashes continue in the vicinity of Opytny. The RF Armed Forces surrounded a group of Georgian mercenaries, killing at least five people.

The Ukrainian command is transferring additional units to the site, making up for the losses incurred. In the area of ​​Chasov Yar, the enemy is strengthening defensive lines.

🔻Luhansk People’s Republic:

▪️Ukrainian formations fired rockets from the HIMARS MLRS at the settlements of the LPR: on Saturday, residential modules of the Dorinvest State Budgetary Institution in Novochervonoye were hit, on Sunday, a technical school and a student dormitory in Alchevsk were damaged. Two people were injured.

🔻Donetsk direction:

▪️Motorized rifle units of the RF Armed Forces continue to fight in the center of Maryinka. The sides exchanged artillery strikes.

▪️The enemy fired cannon and rocket artillery at civilian facilities in Donetsk, Gorlovka, Yasinovataya, Mineralny, Makeyevka and other settlements of the agglomeration.

🔻Zaporozhye direction:

▪️Russian troops attacked concentrations of manpower and armored vehicles of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Orekhovo, Malinovka, Chervonoye and Gulyaipolsky.

▪️Ukrainian formations fired at residential buildings in Mikhailovka, civilians were not injured.

Special Operation, 4 Dec 2022. Main from RIA Novosti; pub. 21:53⚡️

▪️ Russian troops are leading a successful offensive near #Artemovsk in the DPR, the Russian Defence Ministry said, destroying more than 50 Ukrainian soldiers and six armoured fighting vehicles

▪️ The RF Armed Forces repulsed attempted attacks by the enemy in the direction of settlements in the DPR, LPR and #Kharkov region

▪️ Two US-made AN/TPQ-37 anti-radar counter-battery warfare stations destroyed in the DPR

▪️ Fighter aircraft of the Aerospace Forces shot down a Ukrainian SU-25 near #Krasnoarmeysk in the DPR, air defense assets shot down nine drones and five shells of HIMARS and Uragan MLRSs, the Russian defense ministry reported

▪️ Ukrainian authorities and media reported explosions and air raids in Zaporozhye (under Ukrainian control), as well as in #Dnipropetrovsk, #Poltava, #Sumy and #Kharkov regions

▪️ Kiev, under the control of British special services and with the help of Canadian PMC GardaWorld, is preparing a provocation to disrupt a UN initiative to resume ammonia transit through the #Togliatti – #Odessa pipeline, a military-diplomatic source told RIA Novosti

▪️ According to the source, Kiev intends to blow up the roofs of the ammonia storage tanks and workshops at the Odessa Port Plant and frame it as a “missile strike” by the RF Armed Forces

▪️ Ukrainian forces are shelling #Donetsk again. One of the strikes hit a house on Chelyuskintsev Street, injuring two women.

Map of Military Operations and the Situation on the Fronts on the Evening of 4 Dec 2022; pub. 0:05⚡️

🇬🇪 The situation in the #Artemovsk direction has long resembled Verdun in 1916. The situation for the AFU is so dire that even Zelensky cannot fail to admit it. And today some good news came out of the thick of it. Georgian Legion militants have been encircled ( by the Russian army. The information was confirmed ( by both the Ukrainian OP and the foreign fighters themselves. It is these barbarians who are involved ( in the brutal massacre ( of Russian soldiers in the #Kiev region, they also took part ( in the torture and abuse of our prisoners of war. It seems that retribution is on the way.

⚔️ The Situation on the Fronts in the outgoing 24 Hours

♦️#Svatovo – #Kremennaya Direction:

With strikes on the AFU positions near #Novoselovskoye, the militants’ attempt to attack in the direction of #Kuzemovka was thwarted. Also militants unsuccessfully tried to attack our positions in the direction of #Ploshchanka, #Chervonopopovka, as well as Zhytlovka LPR. In addition, attacks by AFU assault groups in the direction of #Kremennaya were thwarted near Serebryanskoye Lesnichestvo, and three SRGs were destroyed near Chervonaya Dibrova. As a result, the militants in this direction lost over 80 nationalists killed and wounded, one tank, a BMP and an armoured vehicle.

♦️#Ugledar Direction:

The militants attempted to break through to #Pavlovka, but were forced out by the Russian army into minefields and destroyed by artillery fire. In the #Shevchenko area, the Ukrainian attacks also ended in heavy losses, the enemy being pushed back to their initial positions by assault air strikes.

💥 A Ukrainian Su-25 was shot down by Russian Air Force fighter aircraft near #Krasnoarmeysk in the DPR. Two US-made AN/TPQ-37 anti-radar counter-battery warfare stations were destroyed in the #Grigorovka and #Markovo districts of the DPR.

🎖 Today is a tough day for Russian army aviation. Militants using Buk SAMs shot down ( our Ka-52 attack helicopter. Both crew members were killed. The eternal heroes of the sky have six Orders of Courage for two. The guys are presented with Russia’s highest awards – the Gold Stars of Heroes. Posthumously.

There are local battles.  The Russian army took the “gray zone” near Kremennaya.

 As a result of recent battles along the Kremennaya-Svatovo defense line, when the neo-Nazis managed to achieve local success, the units of the Russian Army – including volunteers from BARS-13 – not only pushed the enemy back, but they themselves were able to improve their positions – moving forward and  having occupied those territories that two days ago were considered a “gray zone”.

Dramatic drone footage reveals the sheer scale of devastation after heavy shelling in Bakhmut

The AFU’s losses in Bakhmut have been compounded by a shortage of equipment: the main thing
Due to a temperature drop in the Bakhmut region, the Ukrainian Armed Forces have a problem with spare parts and rubber for foreign vehicles, which the Military Chronicle previously reported. For a day, impassable mud alternates with severe frosts, making it challenging to use MaxxPro, Bushmaster, Sisu, and Kirpi-wheeled armored vehicles.  

The Ukrainian Army uses Soviet MT-LB armored personnel carriers taken out of storage in Dnipropetrovsk and Kharkiv oblasts to deliver ammunition, medicine, and food to the city garrison.

Forward units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces are forced to reach the battle line in civilian vehicles, causing both regular formations and territorial defense brigades to suffer heavy losses.

From 30 November to 4 December, the shortage of armored vehicles caused high losses in the 109th and 241st Territorial Defense Brigades in the southeast near Opytne, the Belarusian nationalist regiment named after Kastus Kalinouski, and the 71st Jaeger Brigade. The situation in the Azov National Battalion (an organization recognised as a terrorist organization) is particularly dire: company deputy commander Anton Radko was seriously wounded, among others. Five Georgian mercenaries from the Ukrainian armed forces’ Foreign Legion were killed while trying to escape fire on the south-eastern outskirts of Bakhmut.

The highest percentage of casualties in these units was recorded due to the use of Kornet and Konkurs RTGs by Wagner PMC units, as well as T-80BV tanks supported by D-20 and Hyacinth-B guns.

I see news that the enemy is retreating from the suburbs of Bakhmut (Artemovsk).
 This is not true.  According to my information, the fiercest battles are now going on in Opytny, the Armed Forces of Ukraine are clinging to every house, and there is not even a hint of their retreat yet.

Mercenaries from the “international legion” suffer losses when trying to break out of the encirclement near Artemovsk
Today, 21:23
Mercenaries from the “international legion” suffer losses when trying to break out of the encirclement near Artemovsk

The Ukrainian authorities confirm the defeat of the units of the so-called “international legion” in the battles near Bakhmut (Artemivsk).

Earlier it was reported that Georgian mercenaries were encircled there, the operation for the further elimination of which is carried out by the fighters of the Wagner group. The official statements of the Kiev regime state a “difficult situation”, while at the moment Kiev confirms the loss of only six mercenaries from Georgia. But it’s official…

According to information from the scene, the militants of the “foreign legion” lost up to a company of personnel killed and wounded in the battles near Artemovsk today. Several more platoons trapped in the ring are trying to make a breakthrough, but this so far only leads to an increase in enemy losses. The actions of the militants are controlled by drones from the air, which allows our troops to react without wasting time by striking in the directions through which the enemy is trying to escape from the encirclement.

Meanwhile, information was confirmed about the repulsed attack undertaken by the reserve units of the armed forces of Ukraine transferred to the front line in the area of the settlement of Kurdyumovka. A few days ago, this urban-type settlement came under the control of our troops, which deprived the AFU of the opportunity to use the heights located in the Kurdyumovka area. During the attack, the enemy lost up to three dozen 200-mi men and two (according to other sources, four) armored combat vehicles.

Earlier it was reported that the fighters of the Wagner group entered the settlements of Zolotarevka and Verkhnekamenka (railway station) what is between Lisichansk and Seversk.

A sweep is being carried out in these villages.

Representative of the AFU Command: Russian troops use Ukrainian tactics near Bakhmut
Today, 17:24

Representative of the AFU Command: Russian troops use Ukrainian tactics near Bakhmut

The speaker of the Ukrainian operational command “Vostok” Sergey Cherevaty said that Russian troops “changed tactics near Bakhmut.” Recall that representatives of the Kiev regime call Artemovsk Bakhmut.

According to Cherevaty, they (Russian troops) first tried to take the city “head-on”, and now they are conducting an operation to encircle it. A representative of the Ukrainian command states that the AFU gunners are making efforts to prevent the encirclement of the city (and the AFU grouping may also be in Soledar in this environment), “striking with precision ammunition.”


“Near Bakhmut, we see the situation on the battlefield online.”

Also, the AFU command claims that Russian troops are using “Ukrainian tactics” in the area of Artemovsk (Bakhmut). It consists in the involvement of small groups of high mobility, which are able to break through the defense in certain areas. Such mobile groups are also able to literally find themselves in enemy trenches and take positions under their control in close combat, bringing confusion into the ranks of the enemy.

  Fraught, this tactic is new for Ukrainians, but for Russians it is as old as mammoth shit

Today is a difficult day for the Russian army aviation.  Militants from the Buk air defense system shot down our Ka-52 attack helicopter.

 Both crew members were killed.  The crew of the “Beard” was the most productive crew of the group.
 They were the best of the best.
 6 Orders of Courage for two.
 Today they are gone.
 The crew was presented to the highest award and the highest rank of the Russian Federation.
 To the golden stars of Heroes.

What would the Gulf monarchies do about oil production if a price ceiling on Russian oil had been introduced twenty years ago? The answer is unequivocal – they would immediately increase the amount of oil they produce and sell. First of all, to support their main allies: the USA and the European Union.

And what happens now? The OPEC+ countries gathered for a conference, which was dedicated specifically to setting a price ceiling on Russian oil. Rumour has it that they planned to reduce production there as a protest against non-market measures taken by the West. But in the end, they decided to leave output at the same level. But even this news is not good news for the West.

By and large, the West can only hope now that Russia has pre-insured itself against this measure. And the signs are there – much of the oil goes to Asia, and there is also talk of some kind of “shadow tanker fleet” to carry Russian oil. I am sure that the number of tankers in this fleet will only increase, including at the expense of those tankers that used to carry Russian oil. They will find workarounds, use various schemes, and so on. The problem of oil insurance and transportation will also be solved, if not already solved. The market does not tolerate emptiness, especially if the main market players, such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, are rather tough on new sanctions.

These countries are well aware that they could be next. The West has gone completely off the rails in its sanctions policy and is acting like an elephant in a china shop, destroying its economies, among other things.

In general, I am sure that there will be a lot of new businesses in the world that will be busy helping Russia to sell oil. After all, there is a lot of money to be made from this, and extremely tempting opportunities are opening up for many countries that are not involved in the sanctions policy. And, as they say, you have to “watch your hands” very carefully now. Soon there will be news that Europe, which has imposed an embargo on Russian oil, is buying it anyway. Either in the form of blends or via third countries – whatever! Simply because otherwise, there could be an actual fuel collapse in many countries…

The Kremlin announced that it will not accept the EU oil price ceiling set to take effect on Monday, along with an EU embargo on Russian oil shipped by sea.

Russia has already caused huge losses to all countries by destabilizing energy market – Zelenskyy

Zelensky says level of price cap on Russia oil isn’t serious

OPEC+ stays on with production cut of 2 million barrels per day

“People come and buy things, even without electricity”

Macron says “no panic” about possible French power cuts

Russia wants to use winter to defeat Ukraine finally

“The Russians hope to use winter against us,” Zelensky warns in his evening video message.

The Kiev junta ringleader recalled his “invisibility points of indestructibility.”

“Business, people, and government must become one point of invincibility. To withstand this winter means to defend Ukraine as a whole,” uttered the main thinker from Bankova Street.

Russians have a tradition of beating the Nazis in the bitter cold.

The “refugee crisis” is another consequence of the EU intervention in Ukraine.  But Europe honestly deserved it, conscientiously supplying weapons to kindle the fire of war in Ukraine.  Now welcome millions of refugees.  

German Ambassador to the UK Miguel Berger believes that a significant number of people may leave Ukraine in the next few weeks.
 The reason for this is the cooling and damage to critical infrastructure, writes Die WeIt.
 ”We are very concerned that due to attacks on the energy infrastructure, many people will be forced to leave Ukraine in freezing conditions,” the diplomat said.
  He believes that there are no grounds for optimism about ending the war through diplomacy.

Better a reliable defense than a shameful truce.  Russia has seriously approached the issues of defense in the new territories and is building powerful fortifications.  But defense is good when it is needed to prepare for an offensive.

 This was stated by the Russian military commander Alexander Kots on the air of Komsomolskaya Pravda radio:
 “We have now begun to approach defense in a completely different way.  I traveled from Kherson to Lugansk, and in all breakthrough-prone areas, the construction of fortifications is now taking place literally on an industrial scale, and I take my hat off to civilian builders who are building trenches, anti-tank ditches, anti-tank ramparts in the danger zone, and there break into the ground concrete  Pillboxes, dugouts are upholstered with clapboard.
 Not a soldier with a shovel digs for himself, but professional builders do it all.  These “dragon teeth”, which go along the defense line in three rows for a kilometer, are concrete triangles so that tanks cannot pass through them.  All this is done by civil builders, courageous.  In fact, in the zone of destruction of Ukrainian artillery,” the military commander said.  


Only residential areas, supermarkets and walking areas are suffering, ordinary citizens are dying. We are talking about a crew that just shoots around the city.

Wildness? Hearing? Fake?
I would have dismissed it, if not for a case from life. Somehow, in May, our guys captured the Ukrainian sabotage group “Bears”. They took it in full force, together with the commander.

I worked with this group (filmed, recorded interviews, studied archives and documents). So these militants clearly carried out the task of the SBU – they violated the truce concluded by Ukraine and Donbass in Minsk, even before the SVO. They fired and provoked the DPR forces to respond.

Their sniper confessed to me in the murder of 60 of our fighters. They fired at our positions with mortars, dropped ammunition on our positions from a copter. It was their sole task. By the way, the group “Bears” seems to have changed.

So why not assign the BM-21 “Grad” specifically for the shelling of Donetsk? For what purpose? Ltd! She has an important job! Americans need our hate. To tear to life. The US will be leaving soon. Instead, there should be hatred.

Russian invasion of Ukraine [4 Dec 2022] ‘Today’

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