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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on December 07 2022

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‘It’s a long process’: Putin discusses escalation in Ukraine

Vladimir Putin admits fight in Ukraine is taking longer than expected

Ukraine STRIKES DEEP Russia

US reacts to strikes inside Russia as third Russian airbase attacked in two days

Ukraine is Not winning and will Not win this war

Ukraine leaves Russia no choice but total annihilation


Vladimir Putin: The war was not started by us, but in 2014, after the coup in Ukraine.  

It was launched by the Ukrainian authorities to suppress the will of the people in the Donbass.
Guarantors have forgotten that they are guarantors.  (France and Germany).  They had to return everything to the legal field – to hold elections.  This was not done.  When I remind colleagues in telephone conversations, everyone is silent – there is nothing to answer.
The nationalist groups in Poland sleep and see, in order to forget the western territories of Ukraine, which she received thanks to the decisions of Stalin after the Second World War – this is what they will lead to, the only real guarantor of the territorial integrity of Ukraine within its current borders could be Russia.
Well, this is the business of Ukrainian politicians themselves… of the future, of course – current politicians, in my opinion, understand little about this and do not think about it, although some, it seems to us, are already beginning to think.
The legitimate interests of the people and the interests of Russia to protect the people were ignored.  For all our demands, we received spit in the face.
The threat of nuclear war is growing, to be honest.

Putin means that Russia will not be the first to use weapons, and in response it will not use nuclear weapons because Russia will already be destroyed.  As it is not very fun that the first that the second.  

Putin: Russia will not use nuclear weapons first, but if it does not use the first, then it will not use the second either.
We have not gone crazy, we are aware of what nuclear weapons are.
We consider nuclear weapons as a means of defense.
We are not going to brandish nuclear weapons around the world like a razor.

Vladimir Putin: We will defend our allies with all available means, if necessary.  But we do not have tactical nuclear weapons on the territory of other countries, while the Americans do.  Did we talk about the possibility of application?  Not!  Former British Prime Minister [Lise Truss] said this, but no one noticed her statement, and when we say something, they start to scare the whole world with Russia


SMO may be a long process (c) Putin

It already is. That it would be a long process was clear back at the beginning of March.
As I wrote back then, a Syria-style conflict is waiting for us. And it is already a good idea to plan the potential course of the battle for 2-3 years in advance. The US is doing exactly that – they have a cut-off point for equipment and ammunition supply by the intensification of production – 2024-2025.
It may be noted that in Syria, it took several years from the entry of Russian troops in October 2015 to decisive military victories. The decisive battles against ISIS were fought in the autumn of 2017, and the decisive battles for Southern Idlib with KTSH were fought in February-March 2020. In the case of Ukraine, the number of the enemy is higher, the size of the theater is more prominent, and US and NATO assistance is significantly higher. But our resources are, of course, many times greater than those used in Syria.
All this requires systematic work on the front and the home front to implement a long-term strategy to achieve its goals primarily by military means, as was done in Syria. Society must realize this need, eliminate complacency and work systematically to achieve the required results that will determine the country’s future for decades to come.


Kiev is approaching an energy apocalypse, – said its mayor.

▪️”Kiev may be left without light, water and heat. An apocalypse may happen, like in Hollywood films, when it is impossible to live in houses due to low temperatures,” Vitali Klitschko said in an interview with Reuters.

Kiev Mayor Klitschko warned of an “apocalyptic” scenario for the Ukrainian capital this winter if Russian airstrikes on infrastructure continue, but said there is no need for residents to evacuate now, although they should be prepared for it – Reuters.

Josep Borrell, head of European diplomacy, on the ninth package of anti-Russian sanctions: Putin is escalating the war against Ukraine. He has used food and hunger as weapons, and now he is using winter, throwing the Ukrainian people into cold and darkness. Here in the European Union, we have said all along that we would respond to Putin’s escalation and his brutal war against the Ukrainian people. And that is why we are responding today by putting forward a 9th sanctions package against those who are contributing to the continuation of this brutal war. We propose that the Council take measures to limit Russia’s ability to finance and continue this brutal war against the banking sector, their access to dual-use technology, and the mining sector.

NATO representatives believe that the situation in Ukraine may escalate next spring. The statement was made by NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg.

During his speech, he said that Russia might “launch a big offensive next spring”. In his view, the sides now want to regroup and rebuild their forces. He added that it was difficult to predict developments in the conflict.

The NATO chief also stressed that the alliance was not going to withdraw support from Kiev. According to him, a Russian victory would increase the bloc’s vulnerability and create “serious” consequences.

Belarus begins large-scale movement of troops and equipment along Ukrainian border – CNN

“The other day, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu flew on an unannounced visit to Belarus,” the American news agency reminds /
Minsk announced the movement of troops and military equipment, citing a “counter-terrorist threat.”

The reason for such actions of the Belarusian army is the growth of tension along the border.

Situation in the #Starobelsk Direction until 14:00 on 7 Dec 2022

There are no significant changes. The AFU is attempting to break through with small forces in some parts of the front without using their main resources.

At the same time, radio communication activity has decreased throughout the front, which may be due to the switch to radio silence mode in preparation for a large-scale offensive.

♦️#Kupyansk – #Svatovo Sector:

▪️ Assault groups of the 2nd Battalion of the 14th Mechanized Brigade, supported by the 32nd Composite Battalion of the AFU Territorial Defence, are planning an offensive on the #Lyman 1st – #Sinkovka line. UAV calculations from #Petropavlovka are conducting reconnaissance on the positions of the RF Armed Forces.

▪️ West of #Kislovka and #Yagodnoye observation posts of the 103rd Territorial Defence Brigade were established, in #Petropavlovka and southwest of #Pervomayskoye the 14th Mechanized Brigade took up positions, in #Stelmakhovka the 92nd Mechanized Brigade and units of the AFU’s Signals Intelligence.

♦️#Lyman Sector:

▪️ The 25th Airmobile Brigade of the AFU continues to attempt to storm Russian positions in #Ploshchanka and a section of the #Makeyevka – #Ploshchanka road in order to continue towards #Krasnorechenskoye.

To carry out the offensive, 50 men from the 125th Battalion of the 113th Territorial Defence Brigade have been redeployed to the area of #Nevskoye, while rotation has been carried out at the support points of the 3rd Battalion of the 25th Brigade. The positions of thr 66th Mechanized Brigade in #Kolodezi have been supplied with Milan ATGMs and large-calibre machine guns.

▪️ Russian forces are attacking Ukrainian lines in the direction of #Chervonopopovka. As a result of the fighting, the AFU abandoned seven platoon strongholds southwest of #Ploshchanka.

▪️ Units of the 25th Airmobile Brigade made another unsuccessful counterattack attempt west of #Chervonopopovka. However, the offensive was thwarted by heavy artillery fire from the RF Armed Forces.

One source reports that the Russians are again massively using the heavy flamethrower system Solncek in the Donbass direction (Artemivsk (Bakhmut) area) on strikes in the forest belt and around the city.
AFU losses due to this factor are colossal. All hospitals in the region are overcrowded. For all this, Kokainsky forces the AFU to still attack the Russians on the counter, which also increases losses.
No one will give an exact figure for the AFU losses, but it is somewhere between 200 and 1,000 people per day (killed/injured).

Chronicle of a special military operation for December 7, 2022

🔻Belgorod region:

In the evening, over the village of Kuleshovka in the Krasnogvardeysky district, air defense systems shot down several shells, there were no casualties. Shrapnel damaged power lines.

🔻North Ukrainian direction (map ( )):

▪️In the Kiev region, under the supervision of mercenaries, training of UAV calculations and control systems “Nettle” is being conducted.

The training of Ukrainian servicemen with the participation of foreign instructors is also carried out in the Chernihiv and Poltava regions.

At night in the Zhytomyr region, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with the help of a kamikaze UAV “Geran-2″ hit an APU facility in the city of Korosten.

In the Kharkiv region, Russian troops launched missile strikes against the AFU facilities in Pecheneg and Chuguev.

40 oabr of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, in turn, are shelling the Belgorod region. The tip is carried out by reconnaissance groups and UAV operators.

🔻Starobilsk direction (map ( )):

At the Kupyansk-Svatovsky site, Ukrainian formations are preparing an offensive on the Liman 1st – Sinkovka line.

On the Limansky section, the enemy does not abandon attempts to storm the positions of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in Ploshchanka and the section of the Makeyevka — Ploshchanka highway.

25 the AFU ATS again tried to counterattack west of Krasnopopovka, but under heavy artillery fire retreated to their original positions.

🔻Soledar direction (map ( )):

At the Soledar site, Russian forces were able to dislodge Ukrainian formations from Yakovlevka to the east of Soledar. The village is being cleaned up.

The AFU tried to counterattack in Opytne at the Bakhmut site, but the enemy’s attack was repulsed.

Foreign mercenaries and armored vehicles are being transferred to the vicinity of Bakhmut.

🔻Donetsk direction:

▪️In Gorlovka, the Styrol chemical plant again came under the blows of the APU. A sulfur warehouse caught fire at the facility, there is no threat to civilians, as well as victims.

At the same time, at least two people were killed as a result of shelling by Ukrainian formations of the Donetsk agglomeration.

🔻Zaporozhye direction:

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation worked on enemy positions in the suburbs of Zaporozhye, Olgovsky, Zaliznichny, Gulyai-Pole and Orekhov.

The Ukrainian forces shelled Energodar, Berdyansk, Dneproprudnoye and Pologi.

🔻Dnipropetrovsk region:

At night, Russian kamikaze drones “Geran-2″ struck several targets of the Ukrainian army in Dnepropetrovsk.

The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation hit enemy positions in Nikopol, Manganese, Good Hope and Ilyinka.

🔻Southern front: Kherson direction

Artillery duels continue in the southern sector of the front: Russian troops have worked on targets in Kherson, Osokorovka, Dudchany and Berislav.

Russian Defence Ministry report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation in Ukraine
(7 December 2022)

◻️The Russian Federation Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

💥According to confirmed information, more than 70 HIMARS rockets and two MLRS rocket launchers were destroyed as a result of a ground-based high-precision attack on a rocket and artillery weapon depot at one of the depots of the ArcelorMittal steelworks in Krivoy Rog. Four more units of MLRS-type received critical damage.

◻️In Krasny Liman direction, Russian troops are carring on an offensive that resulted in gaining favourable lines and positions. More than 130 Ukrainian personnel, two infantry fighting vehicles, and a motor vehicle were destroyed by Russian artillery fire, assault and army aviation strikes during the day.

◻️In Kupyansk direction, pre-emptive artillery fire, air strikes, and heavy flame-throwing systems against accumulations of manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine near the settlements of Olshana, Kislovka, Berestovoye (Kharkov region) and Novoselovskoye (Lugansk People’s Republic) have foiled enemy attempts to attack positions of the Russian troops. Up to 70 Ukrainian servicemen, an infantry fighting vehicle, a MT-LB, two 2S-1 Gvozdika self-propelled artillery units, and three vehicles were neutralised.

◻️In Donetsk direction, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ attempts to counterattack the settlements of Pershe Travnya, Kurdyumovka, Kleshchyevka, and Maiorsk (Donetsk People’s Republic’s) were thwarted. More than 40 Ukrainian servicemen, three armoured combat vehicles, and a pick-up truck have been eliminated in this area during the day.

◻️In the South Donetsk direction, the enemy unsuccessfully attempted to retake the lost position in Novomayorskoye, Vladimirovka, and Novopol (Donetsk People’s Republic). By artillery fire and decisive actions of the Russian troops, the AFU units were pushed back to their original positions. Up to 100 Ukrainian forces were killed or injured in this direction, as well as two infantry combat vehicles, an armored personnel carrier, and four vehicles were annihilated.

💥Operational-Tactical and Army Aviation, Missile Troops and Artillery struck 79 artillery units on firing positions, manpower, and hardware in 183 concentration areas. A temporary deployment point of a foreign mercenary unit near the village of Borovskoye (Kharkov Region) has been hit.  Two US-made AN/TPQ-50 counter-battery radar stations have been destroyed in the areas of Stupochka (Donetsk People’s Republic), and Zelenyi Gai (Kharkov region). A strike on an AFU equipment recovery site near Malotaranovka (Donetsk People’s Republic) has destroyed a HIMARS MLRS and its 48 rounds. One radar of Ukrainian S-300 air defence system was destroyed near Barvenkovo (Kharkov region). A warehouse of missile and artillery weapons belonging to the Ukrainian Armed Forces has been destroyed near Orekhov (Zaporozhye region).

✈️Fighter aviation of Russian Aerospace Forces has shot down 1 Su-24 airplane of Ukrainian Air Force near Artyomovka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

💥Four unmanned aerial vehicles were destroyed by anti-aircraft defence forces in the districts of Poltava, Novovodyanoye, and Novokrasnyanka (Lugansk People’s Republic) and Ambarnoye (Kharkov region).

💥In addition, four multiple-launch rocket systems HIMARS, Olkha, and Uragan were intercepted near the settlements of Olkhovatka (Kharkov region), Pervomaisk, Frunze (Lugansk People’s Republic) and Volnovakha (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Battlefield Ukraine Dec 7th

Russian invasion of Ukraine [7 Dec 2022] ‘Today’

Russia Captures Yakovlivka (Soledar Flank) | New Russian Tanks massing (Somewhere)

Dmitry Medvedev Writes : Have you heard?
In Germany, some right-wing conspirators have decided to stage a coup. What can I say?

1. The Germans clearly have a shortage of blood sausage. There’s only liverwurst everywhere. And this is a good reason to add live blood to the liver sausage of the current chancellor. Scholz is clearly benefiting from such a U-turn. He is both a cook and a participant in the meal.

2. Naturally, the link to the Russians is hinted at. What else could it be? All evil plots, world wars, destructive earthquakes, and deadly epidemics come from us. Proud though we are, we haven’t succeeded yet. We’ll keep trying to reach Nemetland (Nemetchyna). What if it becomes a monarchy again?

But seriously, it is a clear sign of the hereditary sickness of the whole model of government in Germany. After all, these half-baked conspirators are right: Germany does not have full sovereignty on its soil. Decisions on German energy, industry, and defence are made by the “deep American state,” not by a liveried sausage or even by Washington elders in fragmentary dementia.
Although this is pure provocation and conspiracy, So get your popcorn on; the thriller will be more interesting than the notorious German series Dark.

On the “Coup” in Germany — the burning of the Reichstag re-run

Drawing parallels between the operetta “Kaiser’s coup” in Germany and the “Trumpian seizure of the Capitol” in the United States quite clearly indicates who is behind the story of the “seizure of the Bundestag”. Let me remind you that in the same basket you can put the story of the “mortar plot” of Savchenko-Ruban, who also wanted to “attack the Verkhovna Rada with mortars.”

In all cases, these “conspiracies” were used to attack the opposition and political opponents. The scheme of “Arson of the Reichstag” rarely fails — Colonel Cassad

TIME magazine names Ukraine’s Zelensky ‘Person of the Year’

Scott Ritter Q&A on Ukraine and Russia

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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