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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on December 08 2022

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“Ukraine Is Marked For A NIGHTMARE Round Of Shock Therapy”

Newsweek: West should stop supporting Kiev over threat of World War III  
According to experts at the US publication, former US ambassador to Saudi Arabia David Rundell and former US Central Command adviser Michael Gfeller, Russian General Surovikin, who has been given overall command of the air defense in Ukraine, will soon order a major offensive against Ukrainian positions.  
“Against the backdrop of the development of the Russian offensive, hotheads in the US will increase calls for more advanced and powerful weapons to be sent to Ukraine, as well as NATO soldiers. However, these voices must be firmly rejected,” the authors are convinced.
“The West cannot risk the threat of nuclear war. Ukraine is not a member of NATO, the alliance is not obliged to defend it. Russia has not threatened any NATO member, but has made it clear that any foreign troops entering Ukraine will be seen as enemy combatants. Thus, sending NATO troops to Ukraine would turn our indirect war with Russia into a real war with the world’s largest nuclear power,” the article said.
“Some observers interpret this conflict as a confrontation between good and evil, but the reality is more complicated. Ukraine is not a thriving democracy. It is a poor, corrupt, one-party state with harsh censorship, where opposition newspapers and political parties are shut down. Far-right Ukrainian nationalist groups such as the Azov Battalion have previously been strongly condemned by the US Congress. Kiev’s campaign against the Russian language is similar to the Canadian government’s efforts to ban French in Quebec. Ukrainian shells have killed hundreds of civilians in Donbas, and there are reports of more and more Ukrainian war crimes. The truly moral thing to do would be to end this war through negotiations rather than prolong the suffering of the Ukrainian people in a conflict they are unlikely to win without risking American lives,” Newsweek concludes.

The USA will not check how Kiev spends its money – Authorities have not supported such a legislative initiative. This was revealed following a meeting of the House of Representatives of Congress.

“Some Democrats were concerned that if there is an audit, it might hinder support for Ukraine. There were 22 lawmakers in favour of the document and 26 against,” the congressional website reported.

Because the most important thing in any investigation is not to come out on their own, otherwise American taxpayers will realize that billions of their money disappeared in a black hole called Ukraine, some of which could have just gone to fund the Democrat party.

Ukraine: how winter could change the war

Ukrainians without electricity, clean water as Russia pounds power grid

In Ukraine, new missile strikes from Russia are expected, but now not only on energy infrastructure facilities.
The SBU says that the Russians are preparing to strike at telecommunications: data centers, backbone communication lines, IT companies and offices of Internet providers.

Our source in the MoD said that Zaluzhny reported to Zelensky about the heavy fighting near Bakhmut, which is exhausting the Ukrainian army. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine refuse to go to the Bakhmut meat grinder, due to heavy losses and poor artillery support. The General Staff is forced to use volunteers/mercenaries to hold the city, which is looking more and more like a ruin.

Zaluzhniy should have been nicknamed “The Executioner of Bakhmut” a long time ago. To put more than ten thousand Ukrainians in the ground in a month in a ten-by-ten-kilometre wide area is to be an absolutely cynical and ruthless ghoul. His “know-how”—to fight with meat—is the main strategy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine all the months of his command. And a hundred thousand dead is only an intermediate result. There will be more!

Gavrilov: the facts say that NATO had a hand in Kyiv’s attacks on Russian airfields

Gavrilov, the head of the delegation in Vienna on military security issues, said that NATO members had a hand in Kyiv’s provocations against Russian airfields, the facts indicate this. According to him, the drone used to attempt to strike at airfields was modernized with the participation of a corporation from the United States, and GPS was used for guidance.

Our source reports that we can expect a New Year and Christmas lightning offensive. Both armies are ready for it.

Let’s see who goes first.

The battle in the Svatovsky direction: the Armed Forces of Ukraine believe that Russia will attack

Yesterday in Ukraine they began to publicly say that Russia is clearly preparing for an offensive in, as they say, the Lugansk direction (for us, this is the Kupyansko-Svatovsky direction). And recent events, that is, the activity and attacking actions of the Russian troops (and, first of all, the use of “Solntsepekov”, which we usually use to break through the enemy’s defenses) indicate that these are not empty words.

Moreover, if you carefully look at the area where our troops are attacking, you can generally assume the intention of our command (if there is one).

We strike in the north in the area of Novoselovsky, and in the south on the front of Makeevka-Terny.
The first blow, if it is successful, should lead to the capture of Kruglyakovka and thereby cutting off the road from Kupyansk to Borova, on which the supply of wax to the Armed Forces of Ukraine hangs in this direction. And further, if the crossing in the Gorokhovatka area does not work, all the supply of the enemy grouping should be carried out through the southern direction, which should be cut off by the second blow.

And thus, the plan of this operation may consist in the withdrawal of our troops to the line of the Oskol reservoir in order to partially return the line of the Oskol river and create prerequisites in the future for the Kupyansk and Krasnolimanskaya (as a result of reaching the Oskol reservoir, we will actually hang over the communications of the Liman) offensive operations .

But, it’s too early to talk about it. Today there is a head-on battle and we have so far driven back the enemy in the Novoselovsky area, and yesterday we carried out a successful attack southwest of Ploshchanka (just with the support of the Solntsepekov).

To expand on Belarus/northern front: We’ve been seeing Russian forces pooling into Belarus for weeks, including many Tor systems just a couple days ago. I can’t speak to RF troop numbers but there’s no need to move 10+ $25 mil AD systems if it’s to fix more forces. Belarusian forces have been exercising with Russians, and called up their own reserves. It’s a lot being done to just be a fixing operation. To add on, Russian forces have adapted since February. They seem to utilize UAV reconnaissance to an extreme degree, and have 150,000 mobilized still in training (and the 70k doing whatever they’re doing in the Donbas rear, but I doubt they’d be moved north). Throwback to February when they had what? 50k men moving on Kiev along different axis? Reconnaissance and manpower were two of their biggest problems then. The Ukrainian 1st tank brigade is also back in Chernigov, I’m not a military genius but I don’t think they’d move one of their most valuable units away from the Donbas unless it’s utterly just beat to shit or NATO handlers expect them to fight in that region soon. I’m probably totally wrong, maybe not, but there seems to be too many signs in my brain for nothing to happen there.

The Ukrainian army has depleted its stocks of weapons

The conflict in Ukraine has reached a turning point after the strengthening of the Russian army and the weakening of the Kyiv regime. Newsweek writes about it.
“The Russian army is equipped with the most modern weapons and, contrary to numerous reports from the West, is far from demoralized.

Ukraine, on the other hand, has exhausted its arsenals and is completely dependent on military support,” said the authors of the publication, David Rundell and Michael Gfeller.

Ukrainian sources report that the shortage of heavy weapons in the Ukrainian army will intensify. Partners are handing over less equipment and other stuff per month than the Ukrainian Armed Forces lose in a week.

According to the source, in the spring of next year, 50% of the Ukrainian Armed Forces will move in pickup trucks (a kind of light cavalry in the new realities of war). It is more manoeuvrable for “raids,” but the cost of a soldier’s life is reduced, provoking increased casualties.
By the end of 2023, the percentage could reach 70% if Ukraine’s Western partners continue to sabotage the transfer of heavy weapons.

The situation in the repair and recovery case is also difficult. A huge number of enterprises and repair facilities are out of action, plus the energy crisis throughout the country adds to the problems.

Russia Takes Yakovlivka, Crosses Donets Canal

Russian invasion of Ukraine [8 Dec 2022] ‘Today’

Another surrendered Kiev Regime fighter.

For two days, oncoming battles have been going on in the Kremennaya area, we are trying to quietly advance, since the weather allows the use of both heavy equipment and UAVs. Today the bright sun has been replaced by clouds, it will be hard to fly again.

In general, it should be noted that we still cannot advance in the normal way, only short jerks of 500-1500 meters, without deep breakthroughs, and only individual units are capable of even such jerks. Yesterday I watched how our aviation (probably Su 34) was working on a crest in the Chervonopopovka area, 4 aircraft, writing out beautiful pirouettes in the sky (attacking, leaving), dropped FABs on a crest sitting in the forest belts.
Artillery works all day long, but its intensity is far from that which was in Izyum in May-June.

[The Ukro], in turn, is trying to take Chervonopopovka and, relying on it, beat either Svatovo, or try to surround Kremennaya. Our troops are holding on, they are repulsing the attacks of the [ukrainians], but they themselves cannot knock him out of the Zhuravka Beam, which is the basis of the base of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the section from Terny to Makeevka. In general, an interesting picture is emerging, when both we and they are in a semi-encirclement, and a lot will depend on who will now win the battle for the initiative on this seemingly short section of the front.

5 MLRS and MARS-II launchers destroyed by high-precision strike in Zaporozhye region – Russian Defense Ministry

They were destroyed in Shevchenkovsky and Grigorovsky, which are located in the region. The department said that two HIMARS launchers were also destroyed in the DPR.

What else was reported in the Russian Ministry of Defense:

- In the Krasno-Limansky direction, the Russian army continued to conduct offensive operations. There, more than 60 militants, three infantry fighting vehicles and two cars were destroyed by strikes;

- In the Kupyansk direction, as a result of attacks by assault and army aircraft, as well as artillery fire on the areas of concentration of nationalists, more than 70 militants, two infantry fighting vehicles and three vehicles were destroyed;

- In the Donetsk direction, the militants tried to counterattack the positions of the Russian military in the direction of the Disputed and Berestovoye DPR. As a result of the fire damage, over 50 nationalists, three infantry fighting vehicles and two pickups were liquidated;

- In the South-Donetsk direction, the Armed Forces of Ukraine tried to attack the positions of Russian units in the direction of the Nikolsky DPR with the help of a company tactical group. With decisive actions they were thrown back to their original positions. More than 30 militants, an infantry fighting vehicle, an armored personnel carrier and two vehicles were liquidated there;

- Operational-tactical and army aviation, missile forces and artillery hit 93 artillery units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at firing positions, as well as manpower and military equipment in 196 districts;

- Air defense systems in the Yakovlevka region of the DPR shot down a Mi-8 helicopter of the Ukrainian Air Force, and also destroyed five drones in the regions of Tabaevka, Kharkov region, Barannikovka, Kremennaya and Prostorny LPR.

Military of the LPR repelled an attempt to break through the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Soledar direction

This was announced by the official representative of the military department of the republic Ivan Filiponenko.

“Artillerymen of the 6th regiment of the 2nd army corps of the People’s Militia of the Luhansk People’s Republic prevented an attempt to break through the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Soledar direction. Three units of military equipment were destroyed, which, regarding losses in manpower, at least [destroyed] the crews of military vehicles, that is, at least two three people per car,” he said.

According to him, in all sectors of the front that are in the zone of responsibility of the 2nd Army Corps of the LPR, the military manages to successfully deliver accurate strikes against the equipment and manpower of the Ukrainian troops.

The Russian army is advancing in the  Lyman direction,AFU  is losing ground and trying to counterattack

▪️At Kremennaya, the “O” group has been on the offensive for several days, successfully breaking through and occupying more advantageous positions for further advancement.The advance in some sections was over 3 km.

▪️Significant breakthroughs at Ploshchanka and Chervona Dibrova, Ukrainian infantrymen were captured.

▪️The command managed to minimize losses due to the competent use of a wide range of weapons from all types of artillery, “TOS” to guided shells “Krasnopol”, aerial bombs and guided missiles from helicopters and ATGMs.

▪️Intense artillery battles and counter-battery fighting are underway, Russian Army artillery is firing powerfully all along the front from Kupyansk to Lisichansk.

▪️According to the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation: the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation inflict fire damage on the positions of the Armed Forces in the areas of the localities of Ploshchanka, Novoselovskoye, Stelmakhovka and Nevsky (where armored vehicles and infantry of the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces are concentrated) in the LPR, as well as Torskoye and Grigorovka DPR.

▪️The AFU has assembled a shock fist and is trying to advance in the area of Chervonopopovka, artillery and aviation are hitting them.

▪️In the previous days,Russian Aerospace Forces actively worked on the positions and clusters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 08.12 due to weather conditions, the use of aviation was limited, but at the same time, the Russian Aerospace Forces destroyed armored vehicles and AFU manpower, supporting the offensive of ground forces.

▪️In two days of the offensive operation, at least 200 Ukrainian military and mercenaries, 5 BPM and 4 vehicles were demilitarised

Chronicle of a special military operation for December 8, 2022

🔻Republic of Crimea:

▪️In the morning, a patrol ship of the Black Sea Fleet shot down an APU drone over the sea.

The FSB of Russia detained two residents of Sevastopol on suspicion of transferring information about military facilities to the SBU.

🔻Belgorod region:

▪️Ukrainian formations shelled the Yakovlevsky city district: power lines were damaged by shell fragments, a fire broke out at the place of arrival. Civilians were not hurt.

🔻Starobelsk direction:

▪️In the Limansky sector, units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched an offensive in the direction of Krasnopopovka. Intense artillery fire drove the enemy back to their starting lines.

▪️Artillery duels continue along the entire line of contact: Russian artillery struck at clusters of Ukrainian formations in Krakhmalnoe, Berestovoe, Stelmakhivka and Makeyevka.

🔻Soledar direction:

▪️In the Soledarsky sector, detachments of PMC “Wagner” continue to clean up Yakovlevka. Taking the village will allow you to advance to Soledar from the northeast.

▪️On the Bakhmut (Artyomovsky) sector, clashes continue in Opytny and in the south-eastern outskirts of Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian command, in order to make up for the losses incurred, is deploying additional units, including foreign mercenaries, to the site.

🔻Luhansk People’s Republic:

▪️Ukrainian formations fired rockets from the HIMARS MLRS at the city of Pervomaisk: residential buildings, two gas stations and underground power lines were hit.

▪️In the afternoon, the enemy shelled Rubizhne with cannon artillery, three residential buildings and trading modules were damaged.

🔻Donetsk direction:

▪️ Positional battles will continue in the center of Maryinka. Russian troops attacked clusters of armored vehicles and Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel in the western part of the city.

▪️Ukrainian formations from cannon and rocket artillery shelled civilian objects in Donetsk, Yasinovataya, Mineralny, Gorlovka, Seyatel and other settlements of the agglomeration.

🔻Southern Front: Kherson direction

▪️Russian missile troops and artillery hit the concentrations of enemy manpower in Antonovka, Kachkarovka, Inzhenerny, Berislav and Zolotaya Balka.

▪️Units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine fired mortars at residential buildings in Tavriysk, Hola Pristan and Kakhovka.

Regarding the talk of Ukraine’s retreat from Artemovsk :

At the moment, the level of losses in Artemivsk is higher than during the battles for Severodonetsk and Lisichansk (about 10-11,000 dead in total).
Hence the name “Artemovsk meat grinder.” However, despite all the whining about the losses, the Ukrainian Army’s command continues to transfer reinforcements to Artemovsk, Opytne, Kleshcheevka, and Chasov Yar to compensate for the losses incurred and maintain the integrity of the front. For its part, the Russian Armed Forces seek to ensure the maximum cost to the Armed Forces of Ukraine for such a situation by realising artillery superiority.

Of course, as in the case of Severodonetsk, Zelensky’s gang may later claim that Artemovsk is no longer so important, laying straws in advance. But in fact, Artemovsk is one of the key cities in Donbass, whose loss will have serious operational consequences for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so Artemovsk alone will not be enough for the retreat, hence the insistence of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

i can’t believe this…

John Kerry Laments War In Ukraine Because It “Altered The Dynamics Of The [Energy] Transition”

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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