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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on February 11 2023

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‘West Will Kneel…’: Chechen Warlord and Putin Ally Ramzan Kadyrov predicts end of War

‘Europe will be fighting Russia in 5 years’ Ukrainian soldier warns


Krasnaya Gora came under the control of Wagner
Enemy channels whine about losses and confirm the transition of control
Moving on to Paraskovievka

Bakhmut from afar, heavy battles do not subside Wagner PMC continues to push through the defense.

Last day, Maxim Zhorin, a former commander of the Azov regiment, called the situation in Bakhmut and its environs very difficult.

Most of the “Orchestra” forces are advancing in the private sector and in the area of ​​the industrial zone.

“Very heavy fighting goes for every house, for every meter.”

According to Zhorin, Ukraine is losing its most combat-ready soldiers every day in Bakhmut, so there will be no one to control Western planes and tanks after the deliveries.

Battlefield Ukraine Hell on Earth

ZELENSKY, Have Pity For Your Men in BAKHMUT

“ Among the prisoners there is no one who could be called cannon fodder ”

“What is cannon fodder? What is this concept? , – Prigogine asked a question and immediately gave a definition:

“ Cannon fodder is a kind of biomass, which must fall under the shots of some kind of guns, which must turn this biomass into meat. Cannon fodder is a group of people without a brain and without control. Therefore, if an infantryman goes into battle and dies, this is not cannon fodder. This is an infantryman, a fighter! – whatever you want to call it – who went into battle .

Prigozhin said that the “musicians” will avenge the Russians executed by the Ukrainian armed forces, but they will not kill prisoners

“We will certainly take revenge, but exclusively by legal methods in terms of war and to destroy even more enemies. However, if you are asking me if we will shoot Ukrainian POWs, no. The Wagner PMC only destroys enemies during combat. Traitors must be shot,” the head of the Wagner PMC said.

A Ukrainian soldier asks his commanders to withdraw the Ukrainian troops from Bakhmut.

You bastards, the Ukrainian command, take the guys out of Bakhmut! It will be a repeat of Azovstal! Take the guys out; how many video appeals have we already recorded? Why don’t you hear bitches? Do you like it when our guys die, you bastards? Take your son or wife and take them to Bakhmut, and let them stand there!
And you fucking deputies sit in a chair and shout glory to Ukraine? You are not patriots; you are murderers; you are beasts; you are devils! We don’t ask for much: withdraw from Bakhmut; issue an order to withdraw troops from Bakhmut! Whatever the cost, it will be the right decision.
I’ll tell you another thing for sure: when the war is over, one hundred percent, there will be a sweep of our deputies for whom our heroes, our soldiers, died! Glory to Ukraine 

Russian troops are advancing in the direction of Kupyansk – there are local battles for the road to the city

 According to Readovka sources, Russian troops began to probe the enemy’s defenses. The advance is carried out along the Oskol River, our army is making its way to the village of Dvurechnaya. In addition, from open sources it is known about the battles in the settlements of Kotlyarovka and Kislovka.

The advance is confirmed by the beginning of the evacuation from the city, which was announced by the enemy Kupyanskaya VGA. It should be noted that Kupyansk itself suffered severe damage during previous battles, so for the Kiev command it is not of great strategic importance, which cannot be said from the one located in the suburbs of Kupyansk-Uzlovy, where the railway crossing is located.

Already now we can say that our army is looking for the enemy’s weak points in the Kharkov direction – at the moment we know about a local offensive and advance up to 5 km.

Russian ATTACK Towards Synkivka

Battle for Kupiansk: Dvurechnaya has become a “grey zone”, AFU fighters continue to flee

The district center of Dvurechnaya on the western bank of the Oskol River was a kind of outpost for the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It was here that the Ukrainian Nazis crossed to the opposite bank, hoping to occupy the entire Kharkov region.

In the last few days, however, things have not been looking good for the Nazis. After Russian troops destroyed the personnel of the 32nd Rifle Battalion on the eastern bank of the Oskol, it became known that the fighters of the 32nd Osb also fled from the western bank of the river. In particular, Dvurechnaya has become a kind of “grey zone”.

According to information we have, the Kharkov brigade of the National Guard was transferred to Soledar from there a month ago, the 32nd DSB abandoned its positions a few days ago, and the 14th Brigade refused to enter the city for fear of another meeting with Russian reconnaissance.

We received this information a few days ago, but only today were we able to get a video from Dvurechna.

A number of observations of residents of territories controlled by Kyiv.

 ▪️ Those remaining in Kherson report possible signs of Ukrainian troops withdrawing from the city. In particular, the Armed Forces of Ukraine organized ATMs, medicines, products, equipment and other necessary resources.

Against this background, the local Ukrainian administration reported that a ban on photo and video recording and the use of video recorders was introduced. The ban applies to public roads, roadblocks, infrastructure facilities, general purpose facilities, fortifications or locations of concentration or movement of military units.

▪️In addition, the telegram channel Typical Odessa on this topic reported that “in recent days, trucks left Nikolaev during the day. Trucks were loaded at night with the remains of ATMs and “top-ups” from Kherson. This is a sure sign that there may be an aggravation in the Kherson direction. Or a completely hopeless scenario according to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.”

⭐️ We emphasize that these are only individual signs, as in Artemovsk (Bakhmut). The true reasons are hidden from the population of the eastern regions of Ukraine, as it was a year ago.

The Russian army continues its offensive on the Donetsk front and destroys the enemy on all fronts, – from the report of the Ministry of Defense:

In the Donetsk direction, over 140 militants, 2 infantry fighting vehicles and 6 vehicles, and 2 M777 howitzers were destroyed during the offensive of the group of troops “South”, attacks by the Aerospace Forces and artillery in a day (USA), self-propelled guns “Krab” (Poland), howitzers “Hyacinth-B” and D-30, as well as 1 AN / TPQ-50 counter-battery radar (USA). In the areas of N. p. Berdychi, Avdeevka, and Novopokrovskoye DPR destroyed 3 ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In the Kupyansk direction, the air forces and artillery of the “Western” group of troops defeated the manpower and equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the settlement. Novoselovskoye LPR, Novomlynsk, Gryanikovka, and Krakhmalnoye of the Kharkov region. Up to 40 militants, 2 vehicles, and 1 D-30 howitzer were destroyed. In the area of the city of Volchansk, Kharkiv region, 1 ammunition depot of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was destroyed.

In the Krasno-Limansk direction, as a result of attacks by the Aerospace Forces, artillery, and “Solntsepekov” of the “Center” group of troops, the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were defeated in the areas of the settlement. Stelmakhovka, Nevsky LPR, Yampolovka DPR, as well as Serebryansky forestry. During the day, up to 120 militants, 1 infantry fighting vehicle, 4 armored vehicles, 1 Grad MLRS, and 2 D-20 howitzers were destroyed in the direction.

In the South-Donetsk direction The VKS and artillery of the group of troops “Vostok” inflicted a comprehensive fire defeat on the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the areas of the settlement. Ugledar, Pavlovka, and Novoselka DNR. Enemy losses per day amounted to more than 95 militants, 4 tanks, 2 infantry fighting vehicles, 2 vehicles, 1 howitzer M109 “Paladin” (USA), 3 howitzers D-20, 1 howitzer “Hyacinth-B”. In the areas of N. p. Elizavetovka, Dobrovolye, and Novoukrainka 3 ammunition depots were destroyed.

In the Kherson direction, 2 Msta-B and D-30 howitzers were destroyed during the counter-battery fight. In the area of the city of Kherson, 1 ammunition depot of the Armed
Forces of Ukraine was hit.

Ihor Zhovkva, deputy head of Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, said this on Friday in an interview with Bloomberg ( “Now we have almost zero ammunition,” Zhovkva said.

According to him, the Ukrainian troops “run out of ammunition very quickly” due to the intensity of the fighting. He also said that Kyiv is in dire need of ammunition, long-range artillery, tanks and fighter jets.

That Ukraine has almost no ammunition left should not be a surprise, given the reporting this channel has been doing for several weeks now. Our earlier coverage consistently hammered home the material inability of both Ukraine and its NATO backers to change this dynamic on a timeframe that would be relevant for the conflict. As we rhetorically asked weeks ago, what exactly do Washington and Brussels expect the AFU to do while waiting for fresh shell batches to come in 2025?

The simple reality of this conflict is the higher industrial and manpower capacity of Russia will grind down Ukraine this year as remaining stockpiles are largely used up.

A Russian businessman has announced a bounty for the heads of foreign mercenaries who killed our military in the village of Petropavlovka, Kharkiv Region. One of the list is Joshua Lopez, who shot an unarmed soldier.

Since the militants work in groups of five, the price from Georgiy Zakrevsky, owner of a military consultancy company, looks like this: 500,000 rubles for the squad leader, 150k for the Yankee who filmed the killing and 100,000 ₽ each for the other three.

A few months ago, mercenaries hit a Russian BMP-2M and surrounded the crew. Ours managed to get out and fortify themselves in a brick building. The foreigners tried to storm the house several times, but all the attacks were unsuccessful. Then peace negotiations were proposed. When one of the soldiers stepped forward, Redneck Joshua Lopez pulled the trigger. Moments later the foot soldiers died heroically.

Suspiciously synchronized, the Western media started talking about the coming catharsis in the fighting in Ukraine. For example, Bild reports that “the war is approaching its climax, and Ukraine may have a very difficult time in the coming weeks.”

“The current weakness of the Ukrainian army is due to the lack of longer-range missiles.” There are not enough weapons to prevent the Russians from getting reinforcements and supplies. “But, the long-range missiles supplied by the U.S. will soon be in Ukraine’s hands,” adds the publication.

West vs. Russia, Missile strikes, Nord Stream, Fighters for Ukraine, Trump, UN

Ukraine war: Russia launches ‘massive’ drone and missile attack

The Pentagon does not object to the strikes by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Crimea.

Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Celeste Wallander said that the U.S. does not object to the Ukrainian Armed Forces striking targets in Ukraine, of which Washington considers Crimea a part.

“The U.S. supports Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty over its internationally recognized borders, including Crimea.” Ukraine has the right to defend every inch of its territory. “Provided Ukraine sees operational value in strikes against Russian forces on Ukrainian territory, the U.S. has no objections, and we do not seek to limit Ukrainian military operations aimed at achieving their objectives,” Wallander said, speaking at an event at the Washington-based Center for a New American Security.

Western media are hushing up Seymour Hirsch’s investigation into US involvement in sabotage at Nord Stream. This was stated by the German political scientist Hayk Hamer in an interview with REN TV.

“This shows that we already have very strict censorship in Europe. Democracy is possible only with freedom of speech, freedom of opinion. People should have an idea of what really happened,” the expert said.

According to Hamer, this is proof that the elites in Europe do not take people seriously now, democracy in the region has disappeared, and the media has turned into propaganda.

“In this context, Seymour Hirsch’s suppression of new details in the investigation of the Nord Stream 2 explosion does not seem surprising,” the German political scientist emphasized.

Russian offensive directions according to the New York Times

According to US analysts, Russia intends to achieve success in the east. First and foremost is Artemovsk (Bakhmut). The Russian Armed Forces are seeking to secure supply lines crucial to the military campaign. To this end, Russian forces have launched an offensive at Kremenna, through which a major north-south route into the LNR passes. The Russian army is also advancing on Ugledar in the southeast to secure a railway line to Crimea.

Russia may try to move in from the north and south to encircle Ukrainian forces in Donbass. But Moscow could also “distract” the AFU with a new front. Both Sumy and the Kharkov region are candidates for this.

Ukraine in turn has limited prospects to advance in the east, where Russia has fortified positions and established supply lines since 2014. To advance elsewhere, the AFU needs to secure positions in the Donbass without expending large forces.

Melitopol is considered the main target of the AFU (which may be a throw-in – ed.). Kiev needs it to divide Russian forces in Ukraine, weaken Russian control over the Kherson region, and reach Crimea. But Russia has also built a strong defense along the entire front line in this direction. The Ukrainian Armed Forces want to destroy it with the help of Western supplies.

British general predicts Ukraine to lose Kharkov and Zaporozhye

The Ukrainian armed forces may soon lose control over such major cities as Kharkov, Zaporozhye, and Bakhmut (Artemovsk), British Army General Rupert Jones has said. In his opinion, these very cities may become one of the main targets for the Russian army. He noted, however, that he does not yet know where the most important battles will take place, as the sides’ plans remain secret.

“We will see a lot of speculation, bluffing, and counter-bluffing in the coming weeks. It should be clear to all of us that this will not be what we expect. It is a game of chess,” he added.

Dmitry Medvedev from his Telegram channel:

About the Circus of freaks and the new abduction of Europe

A bearded model in a green smelly T-shirt rode a circus tent in Europe. Live broadcasts, front pages of newspapers, photos with “European bosses”.

Well, in parallel, hundreds of mobilized Ukrainians are dying every day, forcibly driven to protect the interests of the ruling Nazi clique.

I have already written that the current European “leaders”, all pathetic amateurs, terry Russophobes and intellectual pygmies, will never stand even next to their predecessors. Those who, after the most destructive war in the XX century, built a new, independent and prosperous Europe. This was especially noticeable during the last “miracle” of Ukrainian extortionists. The apogee of the “circus of freaks” was the audience of a greasy green T-shirt with the British monarch.

But all the more or less adequate people, especially the older generation, living on the fragments of the great Roman Empire, now see that they have been sold some kind of cheap pornographic show. A vile and dirty fantasy that brought only problems to Europeans.

The first of them is the exorbitant rise in the cost of their lives, which, probably, they will be able to cope with somehow. Eat less, wash less often, screw gas burners…

But what can you not do for the “victory of the mythical country 404″. Don’t understand what kind of horseradish, but they say in the newspapers that it exists. So the refugees are proof of that.

But the second one is much worse. National humiliation. The old “true” Europeans could probably endure from the “Big American Brother”. He also has the main money, and the main printing press (nobody knows the fate of the euro), and a great weapon, and even the vaunted American democracy.

But when the former, but empires are driven by former losers-underdogs… Well, the former “grand duchies” – Polish and Lithuanian… this is very humiliating. Especially for the direct descendants of the citizens of the Roman Empire – the Quirits. And for the descendants of the warlike Franks and Gauls.

This reign of exalted Young European freaks will end very badly for the “old European civilization”. It is already dissolving under the onslaught of emigrants arriving from all over the world. And soon it will disappear completely, repeating the well-known myth about the abduction of Europa by Zeus. Only today, the role of the bull will be played by impudent America, which, with its mouth open with lust, is served by traitors to European interests such as Poland and the Baltic countries.

The Ukrainian war criminal Sergey Makarenko , who killed Russian prisoners of war continues to record videos and has promised to kill more Russian prisoners.

First video:
Makarenko: I have killed you, I’m killing you, and I will continue to kill you, and you have no idea how much I have killed you. What you write on the Internet about me is: “We’ll find him and kill him, and if we don’t kill him, he’ll die anyway.” You fuckheads, I’ll live forever!

Second video:
Makarenko: When we take Donbass, Lugansk, and Crimea, I want to kill more than half of the locals there.

The Ukrainian army chief, Zaluzhnyy, has said that Russia is using naval surface drones. He said this while speaking to US Chief of Staff Mark Milley.

“Shared concerns about Russia’s use of naval surface drones, which poses a threat to civilian navigation in the Black Sea,” Zaluzhny said.

Note that footage of the alleged operation of such a drone was published last night. Telegram channels reported that it had blown up a bridge in Zatoka in Odessa Region. Officially, the authorities did not confirm this.

Zaluzhny did not specify exactly where the surface drone was used. But there were no reports other than the attack on the bridge in Zatoka.

Zaluzhny also outlined to Milli the situation on the front.

“The tensest situation today is in the Donetsk direction, here the enemy is launching up to 50 attacks every day. Stubborn battles continue near Ugledar and Marinka. We are holding the defense reliably. We have managed to restore previously lost positions in some parts of the front and hold ground there. Despite constant pressure from the enemy, we continue to hold Bakhmut under control and are taking measures to stabilize the front line around this town,” the Commander-in-Chief said.

Why the Price Cap on Russian Oil Failed

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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