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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on March 07 2023

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Ukraine suffer against Russia in ‘cauldron of war’ Bakhmut

Wagner Captures Eastern Bakhmut Ukraine Refuses To Retreat and Plans A Counterattack

Ukraine military won’t retreat from Bakhmut despite renewed Russian shelling

Ukraine moves to fortify embattled city as Russia closes in

Secret plan of Wagner PMC in their Bakhmut Offensive

Zelenskyy throwing Generals under bus; claiming they suggest to STAY & FIGHT for Bakhmut

Ru captures eastern Bakhmut [7 March 2023] -Russian invasion of Ukraine

Ukraine vows to save Bakhmut from falling

Ukrainian military pledges to keep fighting for city

Uncoordinated Media Battle For Bakhmut

Zelensky warns of ‘open road’ through Ukraine’s east if Russia captures Bakhmut, as he resists calls to retreat

Russian troops will have “open road” to capture key cities in eastern Ukraine if they seize control of Bakhmut, President Volodymyr Zelensky warned in an interview with CNN, as he defended his decision to keep Ukrainian forces in the besieged city.

“This is tactical for us,” Zelensky said, insisting that Kyiv’s military brass is united in prolonging its defense of the city after weeks of Russian attacks left it on the cusp of falling to Moscow’s troops.

“We understand that after Bakhmut they could go further. They could go to Kramatorsk, they could go to Sloviansk, it would be open road for the Russians after Bakhmut to other towns in Ukraine, in the Donetsk direction,” he told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer in an exclusive interview from Kyiv. “That’s why our guys are standing there.”

Some commanders and lower level officers have questioned the merit of holding Bakhmut amid a rising number of casualties and a growing risk that hundreds or even thousands of Ukrainian troops could get cut off.

But Zelensky dismissed those concerns, saying he has “never heard anything like that” from his commanders.

“We have to think about our people first and no one should be surrounded, encircled – this is very important,” he said.


Zelensky justified his decision to continue defending the city in an interview

The Ukrainian president explained that the surrender of Artemivsk (Bakhmut) would open the way for Russian troops to the key cities in the east of Ukraine. According to him, the loss of the city would change the entire situation in the Donetsk direction not for the better for the Armed Forces. In fact, in an interview with CNN, Zelensky admitted that holding the city was more important to him than losing personnel and that Artemivsk would be held at any cost, even if so bloody.

Earlier, Prigozhin reported on the creation of four groups of professional AFU fighters to hold Artemivsk, suggesting that Ukrainian fighters are not only going to hold the defense until the end but also launch a counterstrike. Spotted Leopard tanks arriving at the Ukrainian armed forces in Chasov Yar, but not yet deployed, confirm this assumption.

Additional brigades continue to arrive in Artemivsk to hold the town, but the overall situation in the ranks of the Ukrainian forces is grim, ranging from Zelensky’s conflict with Zaluzhny to the soldiers’ request to surrender the town. The mood is also grave amongst AFU fighters, who are suffering from shell-hunger and mistreatment at the hands of their commanders.

By Inna

New evidence has emerged of Ukrainian snipers targeting on civilians in Artemivsk in the DNR.
Vladimir Shatunov, who was evacuated from the city by Russian fighters, told RIA Novosti about one such case.

“A guy I know went to a shop on the 23rd. A sniper shot him dead. My wife comes back and he is dead,” the man noted.

Earlier, a townsman Yuriy Marchenko reported that two women in Ukrainian uniforms killed his wife. And another local resident said that the Ukrainian armed forces had been shelling residential areas since May 2022, and police were forcing the population to write under dictation statements that they had allegedly been harmed by the Russian military.

The West will lose in Ukraine. It remains only to determine the extent of the defeat

The Battle of Artyomovsk is the beginning of the end for Ukraine, writes former congressman and geopolitical analyst Brandon Weichert in an op-ed for Asia Times. The Armed Forces of Ukraine and NATO simply cannot withstand a confrontation of attrition.

The West has gone “horribly overextended” by supplying weapons and sending money to the Kyiv regime. Russia felt this and went for broke, slamming the window of opportunity for a settlement.

When Artemovsk falls, the Russians “severely and slowly” will go to the Dnieper and beyond. This means that “the slow and painful death of the Ukrainian state” is just around the corner.

The West will lose, and it will have to determine the extent of its defeat in Ukraine in such a way as to prevent the Third World War.

Ukrainian publications, following the Western ones, are increasingly screaming about the huge losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Artyomovsk direction.

More and more forces and means are thrown into the “pseudo-defense” of the city, without taking into account the facts, such as the unpreparedness of the fighters, the lack of ammunition and equipment, which is removed from other sectors of the front.

The Ukrainian military estimates the survival rate as 30/70. This information is already published by ukroSMI from the stories of Ukrainian warriors.

Today we see all the prerequisites that Artyomovsk will be abandoned. There is only one question for Ukraine’s misrule: “How many human resources are you willing to lay down for your personal gain and a beautiful picture for your Western masters?”

Scholz said that everything must be done so that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict does not turn into a war between Russia and NATO.

The Schwabian housewife is not doing well. This inflation/energy crisis will probably destroy the SPD for a decade.


Ukraine was leaked: the Americans shifted all the blame for undermining the “Nord Streams” on Kyiv

 The American media has overcome the confusion caused by Seymour Hersh’s investigation into who was behind the attack in the Baltic Sea. And they did not come up with anything better than to blame some Ukrainian “saboteurs”. Citing “intelligence data” obtained from an anonymous source. Everything is in full accordance with tradition.

Politologist Sergey Mikheev to Roman Golovanov @solvievlive:
It would seem that the serious edition of The New York Times is sculpting such a mess – this is the question of real journalism.

We conducted an investigation and found out that a pro-Ukrainian group blew up Nord Stream. But in order to carry out a terrorist act of this level, one must have equipment of incredible complexity and very serious training. And most importantly – it is necessary to draw around the finger at the same time all the most naval forces at once. Danish, Swedish, German, the whole NATO detection system. What a mysterious gang – bypassed all absolutely obstacles! Let’s call a spade a spade – it was a pro-Ukrainian group called the CIA.

Americans lie as they breathe. And with these people, once we tried, or even some are still trying to negotiate something. Hope for something. President Putin was right when he said that the empire is a lie. They don’t care how stupid or absurd the lie looks. These people don’t care about anything at all. On the American inhabitants or part of the European, mutilated from childhood by comics about Dr. Evil and superheroes – probably such rubbish can be hung on your ears.

New intelligence reviewed by US officials suggests that a pro-Ukrainian group carried out the attack on the Nord Stream pipelines last year, the New York Times reported on Tuesday.
There was no evidence that President Volodymyr Zelensky or his top lieutenants in Ukraine were involved in the operation, or that the perpetrators were acting at the direction of any Ukrainian government officials, the newspaper reported, citing US officials.
The attacks on the pipelines fuelled speculation on both sides of the Atlantic over who was responsible, with Russian officials in particular accusing a host of Western powers of being behind the incident.

So, the US still fits as the saboteur as they would be deemed ‘a pro Ukrainian Group.’ Who are they trying to fool with this article?


Situation in Ugledar: Clarification of the Situation, Morning of 7/03/2023:

Despite the gloomy approach which was taken against the recent attempts to liberate Ugledar recently; the situation has remained neutral or in favor of Russian forces. The battle of Ugledar continues. It is very difficult to navigate through misinformation with this sector, so we have clarified information.

In the area of the summer dachas, majority of the dachas are under control of the RF Forces. Unfortunately, much like Mar’inka, almost all of the properties are completely destroyed by artillery from both sides. The AFU continues to use their tactics, fighting house by house.

In the area of Ugledar, videos show that our forces are fighting within or in the outskirts of the city itself. It is premature to say battles have once again begun within the vicinity of the city.

To conclude, Russian forces have changed tactics and are having more success, using war of attrition instead of previously used tactics.

Chronicles of the Special Military Operation for March 7, 2023

🔻Prisoner exchange:

 ▪️ Presumably, another exchange ( of prisoners of war took place in Sumy Region. 130 fighters were returned to the Ukrainian side, while 90 servicemen who were sent to Moscow for treatment and rehabilitation are returning to Russia.

Most of the exchanged Ukrainians were captured during the battles for Mariupol and Azovstal.

🔻Starobilsk direction:

 ▪️ In the Starobilsk direction, the parties continue to accumulate forces, exchange artillery strikes and launch sabotage and reconnaissance groups in each other’s rear. There are no significant changes in this sector of the front.

🔻Soledar direction:

 ▪️ Part of the Ukrainian troops are leaving Bakhmut, trying to retreat along country roads and bullet-riddled highways near Artemovsky and Krasny. Individual units continue to hold the defense on the ruins of cities, winning time for the AFU to equip a new line of defense.

 ▪️ Ukrainian formations counterattack at the Kostyantynivka—Bakhmut highway, trying to maintain control over a possible route of retreat.

 ▪️ In Bakhmut itself, Wagner PMC fighters are advancing on the northern, eastern and southern outskirts of the city, intensifying the onslaught on the remaining enemy fighters.

🔻Donetsk direction:

 ▪️ Fierce fighting continues in Marinka in the city center. In the south, Russian troops continue to advance near the village of Pobeda, expanding the control zone in the vicinity of the village.

 ▪️ The enemy again conducted a massive shelling of Donetsk: a garage cooperative and an industrial zone in Kyiv Region were hit, one person was injured.

🔻Zaporizhia Region:

 ▪️ Ukrainian formations struck the frontline town of Pologi, damaging several residential buildings. One of the residents was injured, he was given all the necessary help.

Apparently, NATO is increasingly inclined towards a direct military clash with Russia, and therefore they began to prepare public opinion. Thus, the head of the Defense Committee of the British Parliament and former military man Tobias Ellwood openly stated on the air:

“We are already at war in Europe and supplying weapons. We need to switch to a war footing… We need to face Russia directly.”

Peskov on the words of the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry that the Ukrainian crisis is controlled by an invisible hand and is pushing to prolong the conflict

“Here we can disagree with our Chinese comrades. This is of course a joke. You know what, this is not an invisible hand. This is a visible hand. And this is the hand of the United States. This is the hand of Washington. Washington does not want this war to end. Washington wants and does everything to continue this war. This is the visible hand,” the spokesman said.

Dmitry Medvedev: We, together with other countries, can drive the final nail into the coffin of the neo-colonial aspirations of the Western world

The sharp blade of turbulence in international relations has opened the abscess of some old problems of our world. For many decades they were treated with “political plasters” instead of eliminating the causes of the disease. However, an abscess cannot go on forever. The time has come for international surgery to remove the malignant tumor of the colonial past.

One example is the withdrawal of Argentina from an agreement with Britain on the conduct of administrative and economic activities in the Malvinas (or Falklands, in the British manner) Islands. The paper by historical standards is quite fresh – 2016. But in political terms, it is rotten and stinks (as, indeed, everything that the plague hand of London has touched). The commitment of Buenos Aires to continue the just struggle for the return of sovereignty over the disputed territories clearly showed the course towards strengthening the legal personality of states and their fight against the shameful modern practices of neo-colonialism, from which many countries continue to suffer.

In the world, according to the UN classification, there are still many non-self-governing territories, such vestiges of the collapse of the colonial system in the 1950s-1970s of the 20th century. And really – do the former metropolises want to give them true freedom? Hardly.

Great Britain will never give the Chagos Archipelago to Mauritius, and France will never give Mayotte to the Union of the Comoros or the Epars Islands to Madagascar. Therefore, the Global South have only recently become stronger in their understanding of the correctness of resistance to the remnants of neo-colonial practices and the imposition of perverse cultural attitudes that come from the former western metropolises.

The main reason is that truly sovereign states are no longer afraid of the dictates of the notorious “collective West.” One’s own national interests outweigh the risks of sanctions. Fear, which even Pliny the Younger called a bad mentor in matters of duty, no longer works. Latin America, perceived by Atlanticists since the Monroe Doctrine of 1823 as their “backyard”, categorically does not accept such a status. It is characteristic that part of the elites in Western countries understand this more and more. And not only about South America. In the recently released issue of the French magazine L’Express with futuristic forecasts for the local armed forces (and foreign policy in general), there is not a single positive one. The Central African Republic and Mali, without much ceremony, have already shown the door to the French military contingents, and the government of Burkina Faso has generally decided to denounce the Military Assistance Treaty concluded in 1961. The influence of France in Asia, Africa and Latin America, like all other obese Western masters who have lost their vitality and social rhythm, is shrinking.

The new multipolar world will be much more difficult than a two-dimensional bipolar or unipolar dictate. We like this scheme. For Russia, there are no forbidden regions for dialogue, since we have never had colonies. For any questions. And if the Soviet Union actively contributed to the death of the colonial system in the world, now we, together with other countries, can drive the last nail into the coffin of the neo-colonial aspirations of the Western world.

Russians have to fight this war To The Finish

The weight of Russian manpower is crushing Ukrainians

Russia is winning two wars…

Battlefield Ukraine the JDAM

Has reinforcing troops on Europe’s eastern flank helped scare off enemies? Russia doesn’t seem to be intimidated.

RT News | Livestream 24/7


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