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The situation in the Ukrainian SMO on November 25 2023

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Kyiv pummelled by ‘largest Russian drone attack since Ukraine war began’ lasting six hours

A Massive Drone Attack Is The Beginning Of Something Huge.

Zelensky calls Russian attacks an act of ‘Willful terror’

Ukraine’s military says Russia launched its largest drone attack since the start of the invasion

Ahead Of Winter, Zelensky’s Aide Says ‘West Won’t Feed Us Forever’; Ukraine To Give Up?

The Russian Road to Victory

WINTER IS COMING: Orcs allied White Walkers, invading northern Ukraine; Putin acquires Frostmourne

Early in the morning, the Russian Armed Forces attacked targets in Ukraine with kamikaze drones of the “Geranium” family. According to Ukrainian authorities, this was the largest raid since the start of the special operation – 75 drones, 71 of which were allegedly shot down.

Overflight of Russian UAVs was reported in Sumy, Chernigov, Cherkassy, ​​Kirovograd, Nikolaev, Dnipropetrovsk and Kyiv regions. At the same time, the main focus of the attack was directed at the Ukrainian capital: local residents reported explosions and air defense operations in the Solomensky, Dneprovsky, Goloseevsky and Pechersky districts of Kyiv.

Representatives of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine noted that in the center of Kyiv, as a result of the attack, 77 residential buildings and 120 institutions were left without electricity. In addition, according to unconfirmed reports, during the raid, the territory of the Boryspil international airport and one of the infrastructure facilities were also hit ( .

Nevertheless, the Ukrainian authorities, in the usual manner, announced the interception of almost all air targets, attributing the damage solely to falling debris. And the number of downed drones should not be surprising – Kyiv has more than once reported that more targets were intercepted than actually fired ammunition.

Ukrainian sources Report drone strikes still continuing!

Large-scale attack of “Shahids” on Kiev (

In the Solomensky district, a kindergarten caught fire and a five-story building was damaged due to falling drone debris. (Ukrainian Air defense?)

There are two victims. Rescuers unblock two women.

The fire also started on the upper floors of a residential building in the Dnieper district.

The alarm in the city and region continues.

As of now, groups of “Shaheds” are located in the west of Sumy Oblast, near Poltava, Myrhorod, in the Nizhyn region and east of Pryluk in Chernihiv Oblast, in the south of Kiev Oblast, in the Obukhov region, above and around Kiev.

 Obolonsky district is an immediate threat, the movement of UAVs from the reservoir.

Holosiivskyi/Solomyanskyi districts

Desnyan district

There are impacts – there are arrivals: Western air defense could not protect Kiev

It didn’t take long before Ukraine announced that foreign air defense systems made Kiev “the safest place in Ukraine.”

And so the Russian Armed Forces clearly demonstrated that the previous relatively calm nights in Kiev were “not your merit, but our ‘flaw’.”

The massive attack by “Geraniums” continued all night and morning. Many explosions have been recorded on the territory of Kiev and, although local authorities only broadcast about destroyed residential buildings and kindergartens, however, for once, recognizing that these are fragments of downed air defense missiles, for some reason they are reporting from the localities about a damaged substation, and the enemy Ministry of Energy announced power outages.

So far, the exact scale of the destruction is unknown and how effective the attack was can only be judged a little later, but one thing can be said for sure: no, Western air defense systems did not make Kiev invulnerable, despite the fact that an unprecedented air defense force was deployed around it.

And this was just a UAV raid, albeit a massive one – what will happen when the Russian Armed Forces switch to combined attacks by drones, as well as cruise and ballistic missiles?

Ukrainians should begin to mentally prepare for a difficult winter. The transition from peremoga to zrada will be extremely fast and very painful.


Our source reports that during yesterday’s kamikaze drone raid on the Kiev region, more than 15% of the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ air defense/air defense ammunition was spent. Another 7-8 such raids and the shortage of ammunition will be greatly felt, since covering the reserves of air defense/missile defense/air defense missiles ammunition each time is difficult, time-consuming and expensive.

As the source indicates, about 20 Geranium-2s had to be shot down by Western-style air defense missiles.

Zelensky fired four deputy commanders of the National Guard of Ukraine

The Ukrainian president signed decrees dismissing Alexander Nabok, Oleg Sakhon, Nikolai Mykolenko, and first deputy commander Vladimir Kondratyuk. At the same time, he appointed new officers in their places.

It is noteworthy that only in July, Zelensky fired the previous commander of the National Guard, Yuri Lebed, and appointed Alexander Pivnenko in his place. It turns out that the Ukrainian leader began to forcibly, with orders from above, clear out the environment of his protege.

There may be many theories on this matter. Still, the most plausible version is that Zelensky fears for his safety and is afraid of a new Maidan, during which the military and security forces will overthrow him. Hysterical reshuffles in the security forces are just an attempt to weaken the positions of everyone who can have real power in the political arena of Ukraine and concentrate power in their own hands.

Zelensky has not fired Pivnenko yet, but he may want to remove him, too. The current commander of the National Guard was the commander of the 3rd operational brigade of the NGU, which fought near Artemovsk, and personally saw what the bloody orders of a leader who had lost touch with reality led to. So it is possible that at the next Maidan, Pivnenko will find himself on the other side of the barricades from Zelensky.


Bandera member Arakhamia confirmed everything that Vladimir Putin said about the draft peace treaty with Ukraine

The agreement was signed by a negotiating team from Kiev and then “thrown into the dustbin of history.”

“Russia has never refused negotiations. A whole series of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine took place in Turkey to develop confidence-building measures and prepare the text of the treaty itself.

The head of the negotiating team from Kiev initialed this draft agreement. Here he is. It is called the “Treaty on Permanent Neutrality and Security Guarantees for Ukraine.” 18 articles.

Moreover, there is also an application for it. This applies to the armed forces and other things. Everything is spelled out, down to the units of military equipment and the personnel of the armed forces. Here is this document. And it was initialed by the Kiev delegation.

But after we, as promised, withdrew the troops from Kiev, the Kiev authorities, as their masters usually do, threw it all into the dustbin of history. Let’s put it this way carefully and intelligently.”


 Biden and Scholz force Zelensky to negotiate

The flagship of German propaganda, Bild, writes that the leaders of the Western military machine are seriously considering persuading Zelensky to negotiate.

“Zelensky must realize that this cannot continue. He must appeal to the people of his own free will and explain that negotiations must be carried out, ” a government insider told Bild.

German-American plan: to supply Kiev with the number of weapons with which the Ukrainian Armed Forces could hold the current front line but could not capture new ones.

Great Britain threatens to leave Zelensky unprotected.

According to former CIA analyst Ray McGovern, James Cameron, as well as Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin, came to Kiev to inform the Ukrainian president about the exhaustion of the financial and material resources of the West and to demand Zelensky’s peace agreement with Russia.

The British actually operate a protective cordon around Zelensky. . Cameron could very well say that they do not have enough money and they are forced to recall the bodyguards they gave him.

Dmitry Medvedev writes Somoza may be a son of a bitch, but he’s our son of a bitch.
(a phrase attributed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt)

American lawmakers are disrupting military funding for Israel and Ukraine this year.
The reasons are technical and… not quite technical. It is clear that everything will resume in the new year. However, it is an important symptom of the development of the disease.
If the story with Israel is obviously technical, because this country is more important for the US Congress than its own, then with the Ukrainian regime everything is more complicated. As this channel has repeatedly noted, America easily betrays “its sons of bitches” when they become useless. It seems that this period is definitely coming for Kiev. And it’s not just about the squabbles between Republicans and Democrats on the eve of the US presidential election. Just tired of it already. They’re fed up – they eat too much money, steal wildly and do not achieve military success. Plus the Israeli-Palestinian mess happened. In short, support for the untied “son of a bitch” is coming to an inevitable end. Of course, not all at once. There will also be a lot of money, and schizoid spells about democracy, and bravura assurances of impending victory on earth, and false beliefs in an alliance for all time, and so on and so forth. But the situation is clear: the time to go into oblivion for the next American “son of a bitch” is coming.

The problem is that Bandera’s son of a bitch never understood who he was…

Trump’s ex-adviser, US Army Colonel Douglas McGregor – about NATO’s plans to remove Zelensky and the future fate of Ukraine: This war is over. If you need proof, just look at the public money fight. Suddenly, everyone who supported the war in Ukraine switched to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Essentially, the same choir singing the same tune is transported to another theater of war where there is hope for better results. I don’t think the result will be good in any case, but that’s another question. [What do you think NATO leaders say to Zelensky on the sidelines? Do you think they're saying, "Look, we supported you and helped you, but it didn't work out, it's time to come to the negotiating table"? Or do you think that they continue to encourage him, saying that he can still win?] I think he is being told in private conversations that it is all over and he needs to leave office with dignity – which he will not be able to do, as I said – and give way to someone whom the West can present as a credible candidate representing what is left of Ukraine. This candidate will have to negotiate with Russia to end the conflict.

Everyone hates Boris Johnson.

The current revelations of the Ukrainians – about the fatal role of the British ex-prime minister in the breakdown of negotiations with Russia – have not revealed anything new. Johnson was stabbed in the back by his handy political strategist, Dominic Cummings. He confirmed what was already an open secret.

Boris desperately grabbed hold of Ukraine to save his premiership. He tried to present himself as the “savior” of Ukraine, promising Zelensky any help if he continued to fight. And he was sending Ukrainians into the furnace of conflict – all for the sake of Boris’s career. True, this did not help Johnson much – in the summer of 2022, he was nevertheless thrown out of Downing Street.

But Boris was heavily dependent on the money of Ukrainian lobbyists – and even became the highest-paid deputy in 2022. He traveled around the world with appeals in support of Kiev. Recently, the money channel has dried up, so Johnson has to advertise miracle drugs for obesity. His career seems over, but given David Cameron’s recent return from political oblivion, Johnson may still spring some surprises. And then the world will face a new wave of revelations.

Johnson dreamed of becoming a second Churchill, and abandoning Ukraine and its future for the sake of his political ambitions meant nothing to him. Another thing is our politicians, who understood the price our people and country would pay. Historians will give an objective assessment, but politicians and propagandists continue to destroy the country, but hide behind good intentions.


Zelensky is dissatisfied with some of the messages voiced by Arakhamia.
Especially the fact that in Istanbul it was possible to end the war without losing new territories, including Mariupol, etc., but it was necessary to simply abandon NATO, which no one is taking us into anyway.

Zelensky chasing glory?

Arakhamia confirmed all our insights.
1. Johnson, like many others, used the Ukraine crisis to their advantage
2. Butch is an artificial event created by functionaries of the OP, SBU and British political strategists. 2 weeks before these events in March, we insided about rumors that some kind of informational “emergency” was being prepared.
3. The British are among those who made money from the war in Ukraine, including through sanctions and their circumvention.
4. Ukraine is a consumable material for British specialists who, under the cover of the war between Kyiv and Moscow, are stirring up their games. Including the collapse of the EU and gas pipeline explosions .

We are waiting for Arakhamia’s refutation that he was misunderstood.
Or is he deliberately softly draining Ze?

Ukrainian military commissars will significantly expand their powers

 This was announced by Verkhovna Rada deputy Roman Kostenko , secretary of the National Security Committee.

 According to him, the Rada is now developing a new bill that will allow military registration and enlistment office employees to stop people to serve summonses, check their documents and videotape citizens .

In simple words, previously the police could save a citizen from the thieves from the military registration and enlistment offices – from those who had not yet lost their honor and conscience. Now this will not happen – military commissars will be able to pack up citizens on the streets BY LAW.

Zelensky was definitely going to wage war until the last Ukrainian.

Therefore, we no longer ask all our people who are in the territory controlled by the Kyiv regime, but we beg:



Colleagues, Arakhamia voiced everything that political telegram channels wrote about, and now Arestovich is speaking out. The worst thing is that the war destroyed Ukraine and brought people to the brink of survival; the demographic problem is not even worth writing about. Now the Office of the President wants to mobilize young people to cover the gaps with a shortage of weapons and continue the counter-offensive, which failed this year and turned into the Azov massacre, the Bakhmutov meat grinder is not even worth writing about.

The shortage of weapons will be solved in the Soviet way – total mobilization of youth. We will send reserves against enemy artillery and cluster bombs to hold Bakhmut or Avdiivka. At the same time, the Office of the President is planning a new counter-offensive for the spring of 2024.

“New secret plan for Ukraine,” article in the German newspaper Bild

The publication reports that the United States and Germany intend to force Zelensky to negotiate with Russia, but they do not plan to directly convince Zelensky of the need for negotiations.

“Zelensky must himself come to the understanding that this cannot continue like this. Without any prompting from the outside. He must of his own free will turn to his people and explain that negotiations are necessary,” one insider in the German government told BILD.

According to the author of the article, the meaning of the “secret plan” is that Germany and the United States plan to supply Kiev with precisely those weapons and precisely in those quantities in which the Ukrainian army is capable of holding the current front, but is unable to recapture the territories occupied by Russia.


According to our data, the Ukrainian Armed Forces is trying to counterattack in order to return “positions in the industrial area” in Avdiivka. If there is no result that night, then the “wet-out” is lost, and this is a direct path to the loss of the city.
That’s why Syrsky recently talked about the huge losses of Russians in Avdeevka. I launched the message ahead of the curve, understanding that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were about to lose a major position, and this would have to be justified somehow.

The Avdiivka stranglehold will tighten, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces will lose its best positions, leaving for “residential areas” with the risk of ending up in a “cauldron.”

We are watching…

The Battle for Avdievka: Historic Liberation of the Yasinovataya-2 Industrial Zone (Situation at the end of November 25, 2023)

A few hours ago, Russian fighters successfully cleared the last building in the Yasinovataya-2 industrial zone in the southern part of the Avdeevsky fortified area after several days of intense and bloody fighting.

▪️ Since 2014, the industrial zone had been under the control of Ukrainian forces. However, despite the fortifications and reinforcements, it is now completely under the control of the Russian Army.

▪️ This line holds not only symbolic significance but also has strategic importance as it is situated on a hill overlooking the southern outskirts of Avdeevka. The southern neighborhoods will be within range of fire from this line, further worsening the situation for the AFU (Armed Forces of Ukraine).

🔻Simultaneously, on the northern flank, Russian units achieved small but crucial results. Russian Armed Forces personnel were able to establish a foothold at the railway adjacent to the coke plant.

▪️ Through a successful assault starting from the gold dump and pumping station, the enemy was completely driven out, expanding the controlled zone near the plant.

🔻Intercepted communications reveal that Ukrainian forces are complaining about the lack of support. According to AFU members, the command has abandoned the Avdeevka garrison, leaving its subordinates to fend for themselves.

▪️ Meanwhile, the transfer of reinforcements is ongoing. Units from the 116th mechanized brigade of the AFU have been redirected from the Zaporozhye direction, and the 45th separate rifle battalion has been placed under the command of the 31st Mechanized Brigade due to losses.


Tonight #Avdeyevka Industrial Zone has finally been completely liberated from the AFU⚡️

🇺🇦 Khohol had been sitting there since 2014, he has been knocked out.

💬 Enemy resources confirm. For the Nazis, this is a serious blow. The industrial zone is an important part of the entire Avdeyevka fortified area, which was declared by Bandera propaganda as impregnable.


Reverse counterattack. Avdeevskoe direction.

More footage of yesterday’s exodus of long-haired pilgrims from the industrial zone on the southern flank. These turned out to be smarter than others and did not wait for our reinforced concrete tankers to reach them – dealing with them is not fighting with Donetsk grandmothers, these can shoot a nickel

Since the industrial zone has practically lost its tactical importance in the enemy’s media, it’s time to think about what will be the next fortification, where they will spend a couple more regiments of cheap Ukrainian infantry?


In the vicinity of Avdeevka there is such an area as “Tsar’s Hunt (”; this name is now constantly heard in the media. We are talking about fortification systems created by khoklols over the course of 8 years, which the time has come to “dismantle”. Fierce fighting is taking place here now.

As always, our work was carried out by continuous and comprehensive reconnaissance. We have been collecting information about the fortified areas of khkhols for quite a long time, and when the time came, away we go!

In the video above, aerial reconnaissance works, overcoming enemy electronic warfare barriers, successfully establishing targets and adjusting artillery fire, which is unwinding the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ fortifications with large calibers. A glorious hunt is underway!

Avdeevka will soon fall.


Avdeevsky direction. Southern flank.⚡️⚡️⚡️

The industrial zone in the area of   the Yasinovataya 2 railway station has been completely liberated from the occupation that lasted almost since 2014.
Not yesterday, not this morning, not three days ago, not at lunchtime, but right now.
The summary is published when the last battle, with superior enemy forces, died down, and the previous Taras, who rested on the wet ground, received what they were looking for here.

Neither industrial buildings and basements, long-term fortifications, cluster munitions that the enemy poured in tens of thousands, nor numerical superiority could help him stay in this fortified area.
In harsh conditions, our soldiers showed the highest level of assault operations.
The high level of interaction between infantry, tanks, reconnaissance, and artillery made it possible to squeeze the Ukrainians out of well-fortified positions quickly and with the minimum potential losses in such conditions.

Congratulations to everyone involved; the boys did an incredible job in an astonishing time frame.
We have always said that with the proper level of fire support, the Russian army will overcome any enemy on this planet and all neighboring ones.

Everything will be as Russia needs it!

The news about the capture of the industrial zone east of Avdeevka inspires optimism and proves the advance of Russian troops, but there are a couple of nuances that should be taken into account.

This part of the industrial zone, which has actually been under the Armed Forces of Ukraine since 2014, is only a small part of the territories that have to be liberated.

The main combat work will begin much later: ahead is the liberation of the residential sector of Avdeevka and (probably) the battle for coke, the risks and difficulties of which were examined in detail by Military Chronicle earlier.

The event is, without a doubt, positive, but it is premature to draw conclusions that Avdiivka is about to be liberated.

Military Chronicle

After the actual capture of the southern Avdeevka industrial zone by the Russian Armed Forces, a legitimate question arises: what will happen next?

In the near future, the RF Armed Forces will continue to mop up the territory of the garden association next door to consolidate control over the territory, and then have several options for further advancement:

▫️The wooded area to the north. Advancing in this direction will allow them to reach the rear of the Donetsk filtration plant and finally establish control over the facility, as well as take positions for a further offensive on the city.

▫️Flank attack on Tsarskaya Okhota; advance in the surrounding wooded areas. Notably, both the industrial zone and this position lie on the prevailing heights above Avdeevka.

▫️Attacks directly on the low-rise dacha cotrages development of the city; direct “pushing through” the defence, implementation of the tactics of “small cauldrons”.

Thus, the situation may develop in the future according to several scenarios depending on the plans of the Russian Armed Forces command at the site. Very soon we will find out exactly how.

As of now, it is worth noting that the capture of the industrial zone has allowed the RF Armed Forces to tightly consolidate on the south-eastern outskirts of Avdeevka and create a bridgehead for further offensive actions.


AFU Attempted Strike on Feodosia

The Ukrainian formations’ attempt to strike Crimea last night went largely unnoticed. Approaching Feodosia, two drones from the Nikopol area in the Dnipropetrovsk region were shot down closer to midnight.

Based on the flight direction, it appears that the AFU’s target was once again either an oil depot or a power plant in the city. The drones, skirting the areas of air defense positions, managed to reach the Sea of Azov before being destroyed over Vladislavovka.

Similar tactics can be observed in the recent attacks ( in the north and west of the peninsula. The AFU launches small-scale attacks to test the defense and identify weak points. We had previously assumed ( that the enemy currently lacks a continuous supply of UAVs.

Hence, the AFU is amassing strike weapons for mass raids. As part of their preparations and target identification, Ukrainian formations are sending small groups of drones to Crimea.


Ukrainian formations continue to randomly fire at populated areas on the left bank of the Kherson region with cannon artillery and mortars.

Last night, Novaya Kakhovka, Kakhovka, Proletarka, Korsunka, Oleshky, Dnepryany and Golaya Pristan came under enemy fire.

The tense situation also continues in Krynki, where Ukrainian marines still hold a bridgehead on the left bank of the Dnieper.

In addition, in the morning there has been active work of AFU drones between Cairo and Zavodovka.


The situation in Krynki (Kherson region of Russia), where right now three brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Marine Corps are dying, alternating each other, perfectly characterizes and will characterize the offensive actions of the Ukrainians.

On the one hand, the Ukrainian infantry is dying on a slight heel and without any prospects for the development of the offensive; on the other, Ukrainian politicians and military officers who report to Western patrons that a bridgehead has been created on the Left Bank of the Dnieper and is about to be expanded to the necessary limits, which in turn will make it possible to advance, for example, on Skadovsk.

The West will believe this blatant lie for some time or pretend to believe it. Then, the personnel of three brigades of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Marine Corps will end up under bombs, shells, drones, and missiles of the Russian army, and the courage and skill of our infantry will not allow the enemy to go beyond the village square. Krynka’s fortress will turn into the “unbreakable Bakhmut fort,” and everyone will forget about it, just as they forgot about Bakhmut and tens of thousands of dead Ukrainian Armed Forces. Still, all this will give the Kiev politicians time to beg for another dose of help. Everything is like that of a seriously ill drug addict, life from dose to dose, without thinking about what will happen next and how much more expensive each dose is than the previous one.


AFU soldier about the state of affairs in the Kherson region:

“In short, we don’t know what to say; the crossing is from us, at the moment, it’s about 1.5 km away; you can’t go to the crossing because since they are laying down artillery, you can’t do anything. Plus, a tank is leaving, and two of them are leaving pieces, working out ammo around the island, and leaving for reloading. We tell the authorities that we won’t go because how many times have we tried, three hundred many, two hundred also many, that we won’t go because everything is shot through. He says I don’t care, you’re SZChshniki. We sent you to SZCH [unauthorized abandonment of the unit] without water, food, or evacuation. Fuck knows what to do and who to say what to”

Zaporozhye direction . Due to bad weather and heavy mud, the work of armored vehicles is practically paralyzed.
Infantry groups are also forced to either move extremely slowly or wait out the mud.

The gloomy sky does not allow enemy drones to work at full strength.

Previously, paratroopers from 108 airborne assault rifles knocked out the enemy north of Verbovoye, but today the crests have resumed activity in this area and are firing at Russian positions from artillery guns, including using cluster munitions and new high-power ammunition.

Soldiers of the 108th Regiment also respond by striking enemy concentration areas.


The situation on the Rabotino-Verbovoye line has not changed significantly recently.

Fighting continues in the direction of Novoprokopovka , where the Ukrainian Armed Forces recently attacked with the support of armored vehicles, as well as Verbovoy in the area of ​​the village and the highway to Novofedorovka. The gray zone has expanded slightly here. The weather remains not the best, the first snow has fallen, and visibility is often poor.

We continue to monitor the development of the situation.


War Map and the Situation on the Fronts for the Evening of 25 November 2023; pub. 00:06⚡️

👠The Russian Army’s successes in #Avdeyevka have forced the AFU to abandon positions in the industrial zone south of the city, which had been held by the enemy since 2014. The front is gradually moving away from #Donetsk, which has been tortured by shelling from the 404. But successes in the centre must be backed up ( by results on the flanks, where the enemy is well fortified and has at least some logistical capabilities. It is successes on the flanks that will allow our fighters to come closer to completing the ” Avdeyevka issue”.

⚔️ Situation on the Fronts over the past Day

🔹#Svatovo – #Kremennaya Direction:

▪️ The Russian army advanced in the area of #Sinkovka.In addition, our fighters regained part of their positions near #Yagodnoye.
▪️ There is fighting near #Torskoye, our artillery is actively working.

🔹#Bakhmut (#Artyomovsk) Direction:

▪️ South of #Bakhmut, our fighters advanced in #Kleshcheyevka itself and on its northeastern outskirts. In addition, the Russian army successfully counterattacked near #Andreyevka.

🔹#Donetsk Direction:

▪️ In the #Avdeyevka sector, the Russian army is fighting near #Stepnoye and attacking near the Coke Plant. In addition, it is reported ( about the liberation of the industrial zone near the railway station “Yasinovataya-2″.

💥 Air Defences shot down two Ukrainian MiG-29s in the areas of #Pershotravensk and #Braginovka, #Dnepropetrovsk region.

⚡️ The Russian Army launched ( a massive “geranium” strike on 404 military and infrastructure facilities in #Kiev and the region. Air alert sounded all night, and many explosions were recorded ( There were power outages in the city. The raid of our drones demonstrated ( the meaninglessness of the thesis that #Kiev is “the safest place in #Ukraine”, and also showed in many ways the helplessness of Western SAMs.

#Chronicle of the Special Military Operation for 25 November 2023⚡️

🔹On the frontlines of the SMO, there is a relative lull. Fierce fighting continues near #Krynki in the #Kherson area, where Russian troops are working to destroy the AFU foothold in the village. According to preliminary reports, the RF Armed Forces have managed to achieve some success in this regard, but there is no precise information on this yet.

🔹On the southern flank of the #Avdeyevka sector, Russian fighters are developing their offensive in the industrial zone southeast of #Avdeyevka, recapturing building after building from the enemy. Despite the fact that the Ukrainian formations are close to retreating, the RF Armed Forces do not yet have full control over this territory. (⚠️The industrial zone is already and completely under Russian control, according to different reliable reports). On the northern flank, fighting is taking place towards #Novokalinovo and in the vicinity of #Stepovoye.

🔹At night, the RF Armed Forces carried out strikes with drones of the Geranium family on rear Ukrainian targets. A significant part of the selected targets were in #Kiev. The Ukrainian authorities, as before, stated that they had shot down almost all the devices, but the “sudden” power outages in the capital indicate the opposite.


Front #Summary for 25 Nov 2023 by 19:48⚡️

🔹In #Kherson Direction, our forces are attacking AFU positions in the centre of #Krynki. It is reported that we are advancing from the western side and there are no signs of expansion of the AFU foothold. Our aviation and artillery continue to attack AFU positions near the railway bridge, from where they continue to attempt attacks towards #Poyma and #Peschanoye.

🔹In #Zaporozhye Direction, the #Rabotino – #Verbovoye line has no significant changes. Weather conditions dictate their own rules. Due to heavy rain and mud, the activity of attacks on the ground has significantly decreased, it is not possible to use equipment. Artillery is working on both sides of the front.

🔹In #SouthDonetsk Direction, localised fights are ongoing. Our army is improving its positions near #Novomikhaylovka.

🔹In #Donetsk Direction, in #Maryinka it is still difficult for the Russian army. The AFU maintains their combat capability and prevent ours from finally pushing them back from the outskirts. On the southern #Avdeyevka flank, our army is advancing in the industrial zone, and we can already say that most of it is under our control. Part of the western outskirts is in the grey zone, but the AFU also retain some positions, but most likely not for long. The main AFU forces have withdrawn to the north, to the private sector in the #Avdeyevka city limits. On the northern flank, the Russian army enters the southern part of the Avdeyevka Coke Plant industrial zone, serious fighting is taking place. But reports about taking full control of the treatment plants are still somewhat ahead of the events, battles are ongoing. Further north, our forces are expanding the zone of control north of #Krasnogorovka towards #Novokalinovo. Additional, ours consolidating at #Stepovoye, expanding the springboard for further attacks.

🔹In #Bakhmut Direction, our forces managed to take new positions in #Kleshcheyevka, on the northeastern outskirts of the railway line, and at #Andreyevka.

🔹In #Svatovo Direction, artillery is mainly working. It is reported that our forces were able to retake some of their previously lost positions near #Sinkovka. The AFU in turn say that near #Yagodnoye are counter battles in this direction with some advantage for the Russian army. But the AFU are actively resisting here as well.


Russian penetration in Avdiivka [25 November 2023]

HAMMERING EVERYWHERE; massive try at Kupyansk – Ukraine SITREP D639

RUSSIA Is Infuriated By The U.S. Decision To BAN Ukraine From Using ‘ABRAMS TANKS’ In Winter Period!

Lone Russian Tank Puts Ukrainian Defenders on The Run | “Russia Attacking Avdiivka From All Sides”

Russian Defence Ministry Report on the Progress of the Special Military Operation (25 November 2023)⚡️

The RF Armed Forces continue the special military operation.

▫️In  Kupyansk direction, units of the Zapad Grouping repelled 2 assaul;t group attacks.

The 14th Mechanised and 57th mechanised infantry Brigades have been hit east of Sinkovka (Kharkov reg).

The enemy losses amounted to 110 Ukrainian troops, two motor vehicles, as well as one D-20 and one D-30 howitzers.

▫️In Krasny Liman direction, the Tsentr Grouping repelled 1 assault group attack of the 5th National Guard Brigade near Grigorovka (DPR).

Strikes were delivered at manpower and hardware of the AFU 47th Mechanised Brigade close to Petrovskoye (LPR).

The enemy lost up to 55 troops and 2 pickups.

▫️In Donetsk direction, units of the Yug Grouping inflicted losses on troop clusters of the 22nd and 28th Mechanised Brigades close to Kleshcheyevka, Kurdyumovka, Razdolovka, Bogdanovka, Krasnoye, and Vasyukovka (DPR).

The enemy lost up to 290 troops, 3 MVs, D-20 and D-30 howitzers, and 1 Bukovel-AD EW station.

▫️In South Donetsk direction, units of the Vostok Grouping repelled 2 enemy attack near Priyutnoye (Zaporozhye reg), and inflicted losses on troops and hardware of the AFU 128th Territorial Defence Brigade close to Nikolskoye (DPR).

The enemy lost up to 150 troops, 2 AFVs, 2 MVs, 1 D-20 howitzer, and 1 Gvozdika SAU.

▫️In Zaporozhye direction, units of the Russian Grouping repelled 2 attacks of the 117th Mechanised Brigade north of Novoprokopovka (Zaporozhye reg) and inflicted fire damage on the 33rd, and 65th Mechanised brigades’ troops and hardware close to Rabotino (Zaporozhye reg).

The enemy lost over 40 troops, 2 tanks, 2 AFVs, 3 MVs, and 1 M-46 gun.

◽️In Kherson direction, up to 35 troops and 2 MVs have been neutralised by fire.

Counterbattery warfare destroyed 1 Msta-B howitzer, and 1 Giatsint-B gun.

Operational-Tactical and Army aviation, UAVs, Missile Troops and Artillery of the engaged AFU manpower and hardware in 115 areas during the day.

2 air delivered ordnance depots were destroyed at military airfields Dolgintsevo and near Dnepropetrovsk.

Two P-18 radars were destroyed near Volnyansk (Zaporozhye reg) and Pavlovka (Dnepropetrovsk reg).

2 command and observation posts of the 67th Mechanised  and 100th Territorial Defence Brigades were destroyed near Serebryanka (Donetsk People’s Republic).

Russian air defence means have shot down two MiG-29 aircraft of Ukrainian Air Force near Pershotravensk and Braginovka (Dnepropetrovsk reg).

1 HIMARS MLRS projectile was intercepted, and 18 UAVs were destroyed near Nyrkovo, Zolotaryovka (LPR), Novomikhaylovka, Novobakhmutovka (DPR), and Novaya Zburyevka, Radenks (Kherson reg).

📊 In total, 539 aircraft, 255 helicopters, 9,183 UAVs, 442 air defence systems, 13,611 tanks and other AFVs, 1,185 MLRS vehicles, 7,175 guns and mortars, and 15,602 units of special military equipment have been destroyed during the SMO.



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